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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 5, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is friday, june 5th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." china accuses the united states of slander overnight after charges it launched a massive cyber attack against the u.s. government. 4 million federal workers may be impacted. more than 100 climbers are trapped after a powerful earthquake on one of southeast asia's highest peaks. we're at belmont park where american pharoah will try to make history with a triple crown. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> there's an tire wall blown
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off, trailers flipped on their sides. >> tornadoes carve through colorado. >> a lot of flash flooding problems in northern kansas. >> the fbi is now investigating pes rhapthe biggest cyber attack in american history. they believe chinese hackers are behind it. >> a strong earthquake has hit malaysia causing huge rock fliesy slides and stranding dozens of climbers. >> a family is calling for a full transparent investigation into his death. beau biden is remembering the morning. soldiers carried the flag covered coffin. >> nose-dived at philadelphia airport. >> serial snipers err on the loose in colorado. two dead, one injured. >> keep your eyes open. look for things that may be out of place.
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>> he misses it and they go to overtime. game one goes to the gn olde state warriors. >> this is so much fun. >> a suspect steals an ambulance for a joy ride. >> the blue angels taking miss christy knicks for a ride. >> christy are you there? >> yeah. >> all right. >> a standoff at a connecticut home. the problem, his o>> s you want the police to come and remove the cat? what is the problem? >> yeah. >> and all that matters. >> and all anyone is talking about is his upper lip. >> he's sweating in there. it must be hot. >> i'm running for your president. >> boy, is he sweating like a pig. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> unfortunately you won't be around for me to announce a possible candidacy. >> did jeb bush threaten to murder bob schieffer. >> announcer: this morning's
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"eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." we have new information on one of the largest cyber attacks to ever hit the united states government. it targeted at least 4 million federal employees around could affect every government agency. >> this morning china's government says allegations that chinese hackers carried out the attack is irresponsible. >> good morning. they say they're the leading suspects in this massive cyber attack. the u.s. government is not so sure as it was in 2014 when first the fbi and then president obama publicly blamed north korea for the attack on sony pictures.
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china is. they blamed them for infilltrate infiltrating personnel management in 2014. that same agency was struck in this attack as was the interior department. for this reason u.s. officials fear the hackers this time may well have obtained access to information about background checks and security clearances on current and former federal employees. chinese hackers gravitate to this information, u.s. officials told us to make the spies that they send to the united states look as normal as possible filling their own background files with information similar to what they gain from hacking into u.s. government computers. chinese hackers are far more interested in this data than personal financial information, officials told us. now, government officials first detected this hack in april and within weeks confirmed it penetrated the office of personnel management and the
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interior department. neither system was protected by the newest system called einstein. that system is due to be installed across all of the federal government in 2016. president obama has been briefed on all of this and the size and scope of this cyber attack is unprecedent and an embarrassment to an administration that's made cyber security a top priority. as one told us this is bad. there is no way to put lipstick on this pig. >> thanks. he's president of a private security firm. welcome. >> thank you. >> what makes this significant and troubling? >> i think it's the breadth of this the type of data that was accessed and the volume of information that was accessed. this is not the first time it's happened. the u.s. has been targeted for many years by a lot of different actors. the government is coming out as quick as they are, they're
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talking about this it's a very positive point. >> and the chinese element? >> you know they're saying it's china. with some of the allegations that we hear it would not surprise me in the least. there are a lot of people interested in this type of information. we'll see as this investigation continued where it goes. >> we just heard a major report this is to help chinese spies here in the united states. what does it tell us about the aggressiveness of china if they are involved? >> well we've looked at china for a long time targeting the personal sector. if, in fact this is china and they're targeting the type of information we hear about, information about government employees past and present, it's indicative of collecting intelligence that would allow them to have some added value as they target human beings in the future tryingt information, penetrate u.s. government agencies. >> how does this happen to the federal government sean. you would think it should be
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very concerning. you should be concerned. you're a former government employee. >> our networks are all inherently insecure and the very information we rely on every day is susceptible to being stolen or more importantly be destroyed. they have destroyed it where they have harmed hardware and stopped it from working. so it's a significant concern here and it's something we have to learn about going forward. we have to learn to better protect these attacks. >> i think you'd better learn fast. >> we'd better learn fast. it's a wakeup call. people had better take action. colorado is bracing for the threat of more tornadoes and heavy rains after day of very violent weather. listen to the sound of that. at least nine tornadoes touched down in the northern part of the stdaate maging more than two dozen homes. a cleanup is under way. at least three homes were
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destroyed in that community. that number could rise as they assess the damage today. and golf ball-sized hail battered denver and blanketed the streets. hail also closed roads where drivers made their way through the slick conditions. no injuries are reported. more than 100 tourists are trapped right now after a powerful earthquake. about a dozen climbers are hurt. it rocked asia's mt. kinableu earlier today. good morning. >> guard morning. they don't know if americans are among those stranded on the mountain. some pictures from the region show roads that collapsed from the power of the earthquake.
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there's video that shows mt. kinabalu. everyone is heard shouting run, run. rock slides and landfalls kept people from being able to get long. some pictures show climbers waiting to be rescued. about a dozen are injured. a ranger said helicopters are struggling to reach them because of poor visibilit there's a cold night ahead. charlie? >> thank you, charlie. a man accused of planning an isis-inspired attack says he was not radicalized by terrorists. usaama seemrahim was killeds by police. david wright was arrested, and a third man is being investigated. jeff pegues has more. >> we're learning more about usaama rahim. he's described as a promising
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student. they began monitoring him 24 hour days believing he had become radicalized by isis. last night the family left the suffolk office after watching the shooting for the first time. his family deany knowledge that he had been plotting an attack on law enforcement. >> that comes to an absolute surprise to the family. they had not perceived any conduct or change in demeanor with usaama consistent with those reports. >> reporter: in a statement the staff at the high school where rahim attended called him a bright young man who had know disciplinary infractions. his widow chose not to speak to the reporters but his aunt spoke. >> no, it is not isis. i do not believe it is. >> reporter: he became inspired
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with isis propaganda online along with his cousin david wright who's now in custody. the two spoke of a possible beheading, possibly of critic of islam pamela geller. but a voice recording says he was going go after the boys in pblue instead calling them an easier target. investigators believe they discussed attacks on victims outside of massachusetts. that third man has not been charged with a crime. investigators still have not made the video of the shooting public. we've learned that it is expected to be released sometime after rahim's funeral which is set for later today. gayle. >> thank you jeff. this morning vice president joe biden is preparing to say a final good-bye to his oldest son beau. the former attorney general lay
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in honor at the state capitol yesterday. nearby the vice president and his family stood by in silence. he's being remembered today. good morning. >> good morning. there will be a public viewing here at st. anthony padua church a roman catholic church. vice president biden greeted every one of them in a receiving line that lasted more than two hours. soldiers cared biden's casket up the steps of the state capitol. his family followed behind them including biden's wife haley and their two young children. inside the casket was draped with an american flag. vice president joe biden stood closest to it. mourning at first but later smiling and embracing family and friends in a bear hug. in a service at the
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governor jack mckalle spoke of his accomplishments. attorney general for eight years. served in iraq in 2009. a visibly moved vice president looked to the sky, perhaps seeking strength from above. >> i'm beau biden. >> beau is the second child to die too soon. in 1972 joe biden's infant daughter and his first wife were killed in a car crash. beau and his brother were injured. >> one of my earliest memories were being in the hospital. my dad always at our side. me, my brother and i, not the senate, were all that he cared about. >> at the service thursday friends and colleagues shared their memories. >> trust me. when he was there, everybody who met him loved him instantly. >> as the son of a vice president, beau biden had a secret service detailing him.
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we're told that detail will continue to accompany him until he is laid to rest at a funeral service here norah, where president obama will be delivering the eulogy. >> thanks so much. a moving tribute. a ukrainian president is warning about a full-scale russian invasion of his country fighting in eastern ukraine. russian president vladimir putin continues to deny his military is in the conflict. clarissa ward is there to get to the bottom of the claims. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the ukrainians have always claimed the russian separatists have been leading and now they have proof of that with the capture of two men they say are russian soldiers. in a kiev military hospital we found sergeant alexander
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alexandrov. we're told he was deployed to ukraine. russia said he resigned from the army last year. recently his wife appeared on russian tv to confirm the correct limb's narrative. those were not her words, he told us. those words were rehearsed. >> have you tried to call her? have you spoken to her? >> she doesn't answer the phone. >> so you believe the russian government has gotten her to say these words. >> no. >> russian soldiers are training and arming and leading the sep seppivesep rah aratists. >> we can see at least 8 thousand military personnel. >> so what's your reaction when
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president putin and the russian government say these are not active duty soldiers? >> that's a lie, absolutely. >> they say they have spotted heavy weaponry systems which had been pulled back as part of the cease-fire and there are real concerns here that this cease-fire may be breaking down. gayle? >> thank you, clarissa in kiev. this morning the golden state warriors are thrilling and thrilling is the word victory over the cleveland cavaliers in game one of the nba finals. four-time mvp lebron james put up four times for the cavs but that was not nuchlt the warriors tyke the game 108-100. reigning mvp stephen curry is playing in the finals for the first time in four years. i know we have to move on but that was amazing. i stayed up.
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i was going to just watch it for a little bit, but when it went into overtime, it with us unbelievable. >> very exciting. speaking of exciting american pharoah will run tomorrow in the belmont race. michelle williams is outside belmont park. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. american pharoah is undefeated riding a six-race win streak. come saturday he'll start at the number 5 gate the most farnged position. he's picked to win at 3/5 odds but as you know the belmont station is the toughest of the triple crown races and while the odds might be in his favor. history could be stacked against him. >> they're off in the kentucky derby. american pharoah struggled early in the kentucky derby but na maged to pull it off in the end that american pharoah and victor espinoza have won the
7:18 am
kentucky derby. >> he had a much easier time at the preakness, which he led virtually from the start. now american pharoah must concur conquer the belmont station. justin zyatt's family owned american pharoah. >> he puts his ear up. he looks like he is having fun. >> affirmed was the last triple crown winner in 1978. since then 13 tleds have won the kentucky derby and the preakness only to lose the belmont. trainer bob baffert has tasted that disappointment three times in his career. american pharoah is really special. >> i've had some really good horses but nobody moves like he does. >> reporter: jockey victor espy
7:19 am
espinoza is making his third run at the triple crown. >> a lot of times it's the jockey's fault. >> reporter: some will rival for him. materiality and frosted both train at belmont park and have home track advantage. pat forte writing about horse racing for yahoo! sports. >> it feels like a boxing championship, an nfl final game an nba playoff game. it will be a great day on saturday. >> reporter: and, gayle, the winner o thf race gets a $1.5 million prize. >> you look good o it there matching the
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by toyota. let's go places. a third person is shot in a
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quiet colorado community. >> ahead, the hunt for the gunman and why police say this deadly shooting may be connected to others. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by expedia. the world is at your fingertips. download the expedia app today. americans. 83% try... to eat healthy. yet up to 90% fall short in getting... key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's.
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♪ ♪ oh, baby i'm there more often than not ♪ >> nice. some lucky travelers were on hand. they found themselves stranded at the laguardia airport. they passed the time with some competitive singing. they performed songs from their popular posts. you saw "alladin." >> absolutely. he plays alladin. i've seen it twice and i would go back again.
7:31 am
>> i've seen "lion king" nine times. >> have you really? >> every time somebody comes to town. i love broadway. jeff glor from our digital network cbsn is with us. good morning. >> hi jeff. >> how many times have you seen it? >> i've seen it once. jack wants to see "lion king." another killing may be linked to the shooter in colorado. plus the green light for a little pink pill. the fda panel approves a pill to increase women's sexual desire. dr. narula shows us the side effects. a time to look at this morning's headlines. hacking has ing
7:32 am
the report says the techniques used for oil and gas-x traction have the potential to contaminate drinking water. "usa today" says a new u.s. policy makes it hard to discharge transgender membership and women. the move puts the pentagon a. >> this morning they offer disturbing insights into man who jumped the white house fence. prosecutors are recommending 21 months in prison for omar gonzalez. he dodged skiert and ran into the east room with a knife. lawyers also revealed he had hundreds of rounds of ammunition, a machete and other weapons in his car. a judge will sentence hem on monday. the university of north carolina is charged with five violations in an academic fraud investigation. the ncaa alleges that athletes
7:33 am
in particularly football and basketball received special academic privileges like courses. they now have 90 days to respond. "the miami herald" says a homeless man faces charges after trying to stow away on a plane at a key west airport. an employee found him asleep in a cargo hold thursday. police say he scaled a barbed wire fence and climbed into the plane. they say he wanted to leave the country. there's a possible serial shooter on the loose. police are investigating whether a third shooting is linked to other cases in the area. all three happened within a 15-mile area. barry petersen is in colorado with why the shootings might be connected. barry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. well, this shooting took place, this apparent murder on wednesday. the victim was out for a late evening stroll.
7:34 am
now, they've already set up a task force on the serial shootings. the fbi, local sheriffs local police departments. now they're trying to see if this one is connected. >> there's an opportunity to feel fear because we don't know if this is related to the other shootings. >> authorities couldn't offer a solid link thursday but they admitted there are similarities between two shootings this spring and a third that took place late wednesday. >> there's a male lying on the sidewalk. he's not breathing. he's bleeding unkrollably. >> reporter: just before 11:00 p.m. police responded to a man down at an intersection in loveland. an autopsy revealed 65-year-old william connole was killed by a single bullet to his chest just a block from his home. >> whoever's doing all these shootings has something going on inside of their head and they
7:35 am
don't need to take it out on innocent people. he had just beaten cancer. he was full of life. >> reporter: in april corei romero was driving on the highway when she was shot in the neck. >> i'm on the highway and i'm bleeding from the neck. >> reporter: another victim was shot while riding his bike in may. with a third unsolved shooting the community is on edge. >> keep your eyes open. pay attention in your neighborhoods. look for things that may be out of place. >> reporter: the fbi is already offering a $10,000 reward for the arrest of a suspect in the serial shooting. as for the family of william connole jr. they issued a statement saying they were shocked as you would expect at the loss of what you would call a loving father and grand faefrmt gayle? >> thank you very much, barry
7:36 am
petersen. the so-called pinks pill is one step closer to going on the market. . after saying no twice the fda finally approved the female pill for sexual dysfunction but there are still big questions. our dr. tara narula is with us. hi tara. >> hi gayle. >> there were strings attached and concerns. you have concerned too. >> that's right. i think when you listened to the panel eists even though 18 voted in favor there was a rehn tense about it. that being said the concerns were that the pill has side effects and the benefits are marginal or modest in terms of improving sexual desire or sexual satisfying events. the population of women that this drug was studied was relatively healthy but what happened in the general population and women who have
7:37 am
other general conditions or may be using other medications some of there are a lot of questions around was this the right decision or is it when they finally approve it. >> in fact there's real questions about the side effects, right? >> that's right. the biggest concern is syncope or passing out. this isn't a drug you take at night and go to sleep. this is a drug you take and have your routine. if you pass out driving your car or pass out and hit your head it's very concerning. some of the other side effects were what happens to giving the pill to premenopausal women who are sexually active and then they get pregnant is. this going to affect the fertility and the fetus. and finally what happens with other medications. >> with all these questions, why do you think this panel approved? >> yeah. you know i think the panel really sensed that there's an unmet need an there are women
7:38 am
who are suffering from hhsd or this disorder. they heard two hours of testimony, very compelling from women. i think they felt like, you know even though this may not be the perfect or best option this is an option and we can give it to the public in a way that we protect them by having risk strategies in place in terms of watching what happens to the drug once it's out there. so they they did recommend approval with cash yacht. >> do you assume there will be approval? >> i think the fda will follow what the panel recommends. they typically do. it's not guaranteed. >> it's called female viagra but you said it shouldn't be called viagra because it's not. >> that's right. it's a complete misnomer. viagra works on improving blood flow. this drug works on the brain,
7:39 am
increasing dopamine and others. this is a completely different type of medication but certainly one that's important from women who suffer from this disorder. >> dr. narula. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> views of the golden state bridge. up next. its appears they may be putting them in danger. if you're heading off to work sets your dvr. we'll be right back.
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the man in charge of the golden state bridge is trying to restrength the use of drones around the structure. he believes they could be putting lives in danger. john blackstone shows us the potential problems. >> reporter: the stunning views of the golden state bridge are
7:44 am
even more impressive from a bird's-eye view. it's now becoming a favorite of drone operators. even on a fog requesty day, a drone pilot can get a clear view. but with drones becoming less expensive and more popular, it's getting a little too attractive. you've had a drone crash on a bridge? >> recently we had an inexperienced drone operator crash and hit a windshield. for those flying as a hypo the only restrictions are to stay at least five miles from an airport and below 400 feet. >> we really have no regulatory framework to say you can't do that and so it's kind of like the wild west right now.
7:45 am
>> reporter: security has also become a major concern. in a recent letter to the faa urging tighter regulations mulligan says that the bridge drones fly in restricted areas such as high security fences beyond true security sensors. if amazon could use a drone to deliver packages someone could use a drone to deliver an explosion, i suppose. >> there's not a lot we can do about it. it would be a great in the rules catch up with the technology. >> reporter: if droves are restricted around the golden state bridge. there are options. tourists who come to san francisco with a trone can find plenty scenic views from above. >> drones are so cool but in inexperienced hands or criminal intent, it's scary. >> that's really the best way to
7:46 am
refer to it. the wile west. everybody is trying to get there. they don't know how it's going to get there. >> and everyone wants one. later stephen colbert reveals his new official friend. tapped to be the late-night band and it's what customers worry about after come plaining. how he used scientific proof to prove that a waiter, get
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7:51 am
now? does that look like spit to you? >> yeah. >> it really did happen to one couple in upstate new york and science backs it up. they were dining at a chili's. they complained about poor service. when asking for a refill he found spit in the cup. they called the state police who used dna from a waiter to confirm what happened. the waiter pleaded guilty in february. in a statement to "cbs this morning" chili's says this behavior of the employee was an isolated incident and totally unacceptable but the couple said he was working there months later and they're now suing chili's. >> be nice to your waiter. >> be nice to your waiter? yes. also don't spit in burgers. >> two wrongs don't make a right. >> that's true. the declared.
7:52 am
>> reporter: is in double digits with rick perry and it's still growing. we'll ask the new host of "face the nation" who's watching and whether the entry could hurt him. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." next. ♪ expected wait time: 55 minutes. your call is important to us. thank you for your patience. waiter! vo: in the nation, we know how it feels when you aren't treated like a priority. we do things differently. we'll take care of it. vo: we put members first... join the nation. thank you. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ one of the foot's favorite rituals happens at the water's edge. here, they must look their best. smooth, beautiful skin is an advantage. the others can only hide in shame. introducing the new dr. scholl's
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it is friday june 5th 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including wounded veterans who say their country denies them the right to have children. the argument over paying for in vitro fertilization. but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> u.s. officials say chinese hackers are the leading suspects in this massive cyber attack. >> there's a sfiignicant concern. we've got to learn to better protect these attacks because we're not going prevent people from getting in all the time. >> colorado is bracing for the threat of more tornadoes, hail and heavy rain after day of very violent weather. >> they don't know yet whether americans are among those stranded on the mountain. roads buckled because of the power of the earthquake. >> his family insists his
8:01 am
demeanor had not changed. authorities believe he had becomeic radalized by isis. >> about a thousand people passed through the delaware chamber and vice president biden greeted every one of them. >> american pharoah is undefeated. he's picked to win with a 3/5 odds but as we all know the belmont station is the toughest of the triple crown race. >> the concern is the pill's side effects and the results are modest in terms of sexually satisfying events. >> imagine the day that steph curly would be doing if he didn't have such a girlie name. hash changeittosteve. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by subway. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and nor real o'donnell and jeff glor of our digital network
8:02 am
cbsn. china is proving this morning it sponsored the attack. they suspect that chinese stole east 4 million federal workers. >> sources say the cheevs went for data that other chinese hackers have previously stolen it it including job assignments performance ratings, and training. officials say china uses that information to train its own spies. the republican presidential contest is heating up. rick perry will take his new campaign on the road to iowa and new hampshire. the field and declared presumed republican and candidate is split between governors and senators. as reported yesterday jeb bush will announce his bid on monday. louisiana governor bobby jindal will make his bid soon.
8:03 am
john dickerson of "face the nation" is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm assuming you'll be seeing a lot of new hampshire in life. >> if you stand still long enough in manchester, a candidate will roll right by you. >> let's hear about jeb bush. has he hurt himself or gained by waiting this long? >> he's probably gained the most by taking the most of the loser of the fund-raising rules. he may have bruised himself ever so slightly in kind of maintaining that charade for a long time. he told bob schieffer i hope to be a candidate. that's like me saying i hope to be on this broadcast this morning. he was a candidate. he's doing everything that a presidential candidate does but maintaining the charade of not yet oh facially announcing he's a candidate allows him to raise money in different kinds of ways bigger amounts of money buchl that's probably something only the "insider"s will care
8:04 am
about and his campaign will be over bigger issues. >> what do you make of the fact that rick perry is entering other than people talking about how hot it is. is he better prepared the time around? >> he says he is. that's a big pitch. he has to recognize he didn't do so well in those debates. he's now said he's been studying for three years. he makes it a part of his gum. he basically says you can't just kind of show up in one of these campaigns and be president. he argues that he got the decision-making experience when he was in office and over the last three years he's been meeting with experts and going to school on the topics. that's his case and we'll see whether he's faster on his feet than he was last time. >> i know you're speaking with new jersey governor chris christie for sunday. is he going to announce? what's the latest on his campaign? >> he's another one of these who's doing the dance.
8:05 am
he at least has the excuse of local politics in new jersey. he wants to get through the legislative session in new jersey before making a decision but he's in new hampshire so much his son joe said it's his new home and so he was at a town hall last night looking every inch the presidential candidate. so all signs are he's going to jump into the fray and join the ever increasing republican field. >> mr. dickerson, i'm looking at the styled section of the "washington post" here. look at this. a full page thing. it says basically that he has a face made for television. >> talk about you, john dickerson. >> yeah. charlie, what am i supposed to say to that? people usually say i have a face for radio. >> it also says that you -- >> it's nice of them to they. >> it talks about your love fur politics and your relationship with your mother who was a great reporter. it's a very interesting profile of a man who's stepping into big shoes on sunday and we certainly
8:06 am
wish you luck on "face the nation." we hope that you'll be able to as norah will tell you, watch "face the nation" this weekend. >> cheering you on john dickerson, cheering you on. >> thanks all of you. i can't wait to you know join you back there at the table. aisle bring you some of this ivy from behind me. >> it almost looks like an english estate. so pretty. and be sure to watch john dickerson host "face the nation." along with governor christie and governor rick perry he'll be joined by mike mccaul and bill de blasio. >> and stephen colbert introduces us to his new band leader. >> people keep asking me and i want to introduce you to this
8:07 am
guy. >> hi. i'm jon batiste. ♪ >> how can you go wrong. he's from new orleans. his band will join the broadcast. stephen colbert debuts september 8th. >> he's got something about him, ba teat already. >> jon batiste. >> he jumped right into it. >> a young guy. >> a jazz artist. >> i like it. a new $25 blood test is being called one-stop shopping for our history of viruses.
8:08 am
the government treats veterans' war wounds but will not help them battle
8:09 am
infertility. >> having to accept they have these types of injuries is one thing but being told you're not going to get the help you need to be able to work with what you've got? it's very insulting. >> ahead, the effort to change a law to help some military couples. you're watching "cbs this morning." aren't you christen press? that's me. great to see you off the soccer field. what's that sunscreen? it's coppertone clearly sheer. lightweight, breathable protection. your skin looks amazing - not greasy. try it.
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in our "morning rounds," a major new breakthrough in diagnosing disease. you can treat every virus you ever had using a single drop of blood. our dr. david agus is with us from los angeles. good morning. >> good morning, norah. >> this is incredible. what can we learn from all the viruses we've had. >> there are about 200 viruss that affect human. every time you have a virus you make an immune response making antibodies in the blood. this test can look at all of them. one drop of blood can tell you every virus you've been exposed to. it will tell you what you've been exposed with and what you may be infected with now. it's going to be dramatic going forward. p>> can anybody get the test right now? >> not right now. it's going to be $25 on the
8:14 am
market. it's under going reviews. every year you go to the doctor we're going to take a drop of your blood and get your viral history for that year. we know certain diseases like asthma and diabetes type 1 may show what you've been affected by. this is going to be a very important part of medicine going forward. it's big data for all of us. >> dr. agus one of the big concens with home testing dna is that it can give us a lot more information but scare people a little bit if all that information wasn't put in context. is that a concern of yours here at all? >> you hid it. that word context is key in medicine. this test will be done by physicians where they'll look eight. on average an individual has ten virus families they've been infected with during a lifetime. some much higher. the key is that context.
8:15 am
a that's what's going to happen with research over the next year or so. >> i want to figure out why i want to know every virus i've ever had. why does that help me? >> it may say, gayle, when gayle was exposed to these five viruses before she was 20 it may inspire these going forward. it's going to know a lot more about gail so we can personalize treatment for gayle. >> the more you know the better you can treat it. >> more information, more context. dr. agus. thank you very much. reading, writing and what some are calling a revolution air approach to education. >> we're inside a school with no principal, no grade level, no bells, but it's winning over the hearts and wall lets of some of the biggest names in silicon valley. we'll take you inside ahead on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: cbs "morning rounds" sponsored by new flonase
8:16 am
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8:19 am
servicemen and women who are wounded in war have to rebuild their lives. the goal of having a family keeps many of them going, but an act of congress prevents some of those veterans from using in vitro fertilization. jan crawford is in washington where there's a growing effort to try to change that. jan, good morning. >> good morning. these stories are heartbreaking. these veterans have sacrificed
8:20 am
almost everything for our country and now they have these life-changing injuries prevent them from having children naturally but a law from 20 years ago is forcing the v.a. to say you're on your own. as they look toward their future alex and holly dillman always dreamed it would include children but in a second tour in afghanistan alex was critically injured by a roadside bomb. he had 25 surgeries and spent more than a year in the hospital. what carry them through it were their dreams. >> we talked about what our life was going to be like when we got out of the hospital. that was getting a house, that was getting our dog. that was alex returning back to work getting a career. and that was having a child one day. >> reporter: but that dream drifted further away when they were told alex's injuries left him paralyzed. >> we can't even try to have kids on our own because of his
8:21 am
injuries. we can't. we have got to utilize the technology offered to us by in vitro fertilization. >> reporter: the dillmans are not alone. the wars of the last decade brought home thousands of veterans like alex who suffered detrimental bomb injuries that prevent them from conceiveing. they instead face a harsh reality. the government does not cover the expense of in vitro fertilization so they can have children of their own. >> having to accept that they have these types of injuries is one thing but saying you're not going to be given the help that you need to be able to work with what you've got, mine it's very insulting. >> reporter: the v.a. can't help because conservatives in congress 23 years ago passed a law blocking it from paying the costs of ivf treatments for veterans. >> it's just appalling. >> washington senator patty murray has worked for five years
8:22 am
to change the law. >> i'm so frustrated because it just seems like it's something so common sense, so right, it seems like what the country should be doing. >> reporter: they'll pay for treatment as long as they're in active duty but for some that's something they can't take advantage of when they're in recovery. >> it's really unrealistic for soldiers in my position with the types of injuries they have to be juggling both those things rehab and trying to start a family. >> reporter: six months before he was discharged from the army, the couple went through their first round of ivf. when it failed they quickly tried another before the government's window closed. >> not only are we going to the ivf which could be stressful in and of itself but we were doing so under the pressure of needing to have them done prior to him retiring. i mean that's a lot of pressure. and then there's the emotional component of being reminded that we can't do this ourselves.
8:23 am
>> reporter: there now is bipartisan support for change but the roadblock today is cost. the proponents question who will pay for the treatment which cost $10/,000 for treatment. >> they're hiding behind right now funding. >> you see the money issue, oh, we can't afford this, is just an excuse. >> when it comes to taking care of our veterans money should never be an excuse for procedures that allow them to be whole again. >> reporter: the dillmans are trying again in their new home built by a veteran's groom a nuri al malikiry is furnished with books and clothes and a crib that lays empty. >> it's been stressful, we even had to sacrifice and we're ready to move on with our live and have a family just like anybody else and have that dream. we want the american dream. >> now holly and alex are starting another round out of pocket this month and i're hoping for a boy. if all goes as planned it will
8:24 am
be christopher in memory of christopher who died in a blast. he said christopher gould had the heart of a lion something he hoped will be passed on to his son. gayle? >> one more reminder that it has consequences. >> i like that when it comes to senator murray. when it comes to taking care of veterans, money is not an issue. e defies common sense. >> i hope somebody steps in immediately before congress can. >> to make their lives whole again. >> jan's story is going to make a difference. thank you, jan. a man found out he won the lottery. >> i thought my heart stopped. i grabbed the ticket. >> he's walking around in circles. why he waited weeks to claim a $136 million prize. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." it's a great story.
8:25 am
8:26 am
puerto rico's healthcare system is on life support... putting three and a half million puerto ricans at risk. it's an outrage. puerto ricans are us citizens and pay the same medicare taxes, but receive only half the federal healthcare funding as the other 50 states. the headlines tell the story.... "unfair treatment from washington"... "thousands without medications"... t'"is a crisis that could imperil the whole economy." president obama must act now to protect care for three and a half million u.s. citizens. before it's too late...
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a sinkhole swallowed a police cruiser. it opened without washing. he crawled out, got onto the roof of the cruiser and pulled himself out of the hole. police say he's oklahoma. >> my goodness. that's got to be one of those things, how did that happen. >> i'm being swallowed. >> by the road. >> not a good feeling. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour a school in a class all by itself first on "cbs this morning." the former google executive disrupting education. can personalized teaching and a high-tech team give kids an edge in the digital age? plus our new hero. a grandmother of ten just ran a marathon. she's traveled down tougher roads. we'll introduce you to the 29-year-old who refused to let
8:31 am
life slow her down. >> i love her. i love harriette. a pew poll finds 72% of americans believe those who need certain requirements should have a way to stay legally. 27% say they should not be allowed to stay. 2% said they >> houston affiliate khou says doctors made history with a first skull and scalp transplant. jim boysen left the hospital thursday. the surgery took 50 hours. more than 50 people took part. he also received a new kidney and pancreas. he suffered a large head wound from cancer treatment. federal safety officials are testing touch sensitive contact points on the starter or gear shift to test alcohol levels in the bloodstream. those above the legal limit would not be able to start the
8:32 am
vehicle. they say a fake whale that was supposed to scare off sea lions went belly up. it was brought to to chase away hundreds of sea lions linking on a dock in astoria but took on engine trouble and flipped over before getting there. >> they're going nice try. an entertainment weekly shows the first official photos of the unauthorized "full house" story. it will be a tell-all. some fans are commenting on the strange similarities between the unauthorized cast and the fictional tanner family. the fixture who played uncle joey was unfazed. he said quote, this is hysterical. >> these are two different things. >> yes. two different stories. >> leave it to a plumber to
8:33 am
stash millions behind a pipe in his basement. >> all this time these tickets are sitting there. i'm looking at the ticket and i said nobody's in the newspaper for winning it. let me check this. maybe i won second prize or something like that. i thought i was having a heart attack. my heart stocked. i figured i'd grab a ticket figuring they'll find it in my hand. >> he did not have a heart attack but he did have a winning power ball ticket, get this worth $136 million. he stored it behind a pipe for safekeeping after buying it in march. he's sharing the jackpot with his son. >> he only started checking because his truck broke down and he thought well i could use some extra bucks. let me see. >> i'm very happy for him. >> what a great character. >> today is graduation day. an unusual -- >> he was cool right? >> i was checking out the son with his sunglasses on.
8:34 am
>> you like the hat. >> you like the hat a lot. today's graud yags day. an unusual k through 8 school in california. there's only one graduate. he's part of an experiment in san francisco who could redefine how you get an education. ben tracy takes us inside alt school. >> when kids arrive at this school, the first thing they do is swipe in on a tablet on the wall and then grab their own tablet for class. >> here we don't do textbooks. we do computers and i really live that. >> zev is 13 yieshs old. he's the only eighth grader and about to become the first grad yacht of alt school in san francisco. here there are no bells no, principals. there are two teachers in every classroom. the kids are a mix of ages and grade levels. >> do you ever have a time where there's a row of desks and a teacher in front of the room talking to 30 kids? >> no. there's not even 30 kids in the
8:35 am
classroom. >> reporter: alt school is only two years old. part school part startup. it's an incubator where the kids are the beta testers. >> we see ours as building an operating system to enable a 21st century education. >> he's the founder and ceo. he made his mark in the tech world at google where his job was to make the internet more personal experience for becoming a parent made him want to do the same for education. >> we used to have one-room school houses and then we went to this factory model and we've had it now for a hundred years. we feel like education models expire after a certain point and we're past the expiration date for this model and the only way to do that is have the schools themselves be constantly changing. >> reporter: at alt school they're doing just that. teachers customize lesson plans for each child depending on how fast they're learning.
8:36 am
they load them with subject cards. >> my friend she gets a little harder math cards because she's on a different level but i get a little easier cards than her. >> reporter: this is all made possible by something the kids never see. an army of programmers and engineers in another room who are tracking the students' progress and helping the teachers with technology. these cameras record their teaching sessions so they can review it later. >> i'll go back and they why is it that that was such a successful lesson. what might i share with other teachers to help them understand how to do something that i feel like i did really well. >> reporter: alt school is still in the process of becoming accredited but has already been dubbed what silicon valley thinks will save education. funding has come from many including zuckerberg.
8:37 am
the school says it is in line with national common core standards but the kids choose what to work on and at what pace. there are periodic tests but no report carts. >> can you say to parent categorically this works? >> we ka k say to a parent kids love going to alt school. >> some kids would say they love going to chuck e. cheese. how do you gauge this outcome and say the child is better educated? >> they have accomplishments in terms of what they accomplish each week and they look at how they're progressing. >> reporter: just two years in it's too soon to know if the alt school approach works but he plans to take the first four old ones and work with tiny schools across the country. he hopes that will bring the $21,000 tuition down and make alt school more than an alternative for the rich. he wants them to get the education he says their futures demand. >> they're going have to shape
8:38 am
the world they live in for their own benefit and for the benefit of those around them and this is where that preparation starts. >> for "cbs this morning" ben tracy, san francisco. >> look. i think it's great they want to spend millions on education. >> i do too. two things that i're focused, education and the environmental. >> i love that they get their own personal touch and no report card. >> i like it. >> coming up something else we like. >> something else we like. an amazing 92-year-old who just made marathon history shares the inspiration that helped her cross the finish line. >> and this is what got you through the race. >> yes. and some very fast pieces too. ♪ >> wow, ahead, the
8:39 am
8:40 am
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for any athlete finishing a marathon takes grit and special willpower. that wasn't a marathon that. was a horse. there you go. this morning people are still talking about -- >> it is a marathon.
8:43 am
a mile and a half. >> a mile and a half. about one amazing competitor at the rock 'n' roll marathon. we heard how she broke the record at 92 and we wanted to learn more about her. mark strassmann introduces us to the north carolina woman. >> reporter: runners usually race against the clock, but in san diego's marathon harriette thompson defines time for more than six miles. >> they say go harriet, go harriette. i don't think there was anyone who didn't know who harriette was. >> they cheered her on. at 92 she's the oldest woman ever to finish a marathon. >> i remember seeing this stuff falling down. they had confetti like lindburg
8:44 am
with his ticker tape reception. it was fun. that was a complete surprise. >> she didn't listen to an ipod. she played music in her head. sergei rock mon november's d major. >> this is what you played before the race. >> yes. and some fast pieces too. >> she's a classical pianist who for decades performed around the world. playing a concert she said, is hearder than distance running. it takes more discipline even when you set the record as the oldest female marathoner in history. does that matter to you? >> not at all. >> this isn't a story about running. it's really a love story. >> yeah, it is. >> did you think about him during the race. >> oh, he's with me all the time, yeah. >> he is sidno recommend husband, her husband of 67 years. but cancer also runs in this
8:45 am
family. sidn o sidnor died from pancreatic cancer. her son has colon cancer. harriette herself is a two-time cancer survivor. those stockings on her legs cover open wounds from radiation treatments. since 1999 she has ron this marathon 16 times and raised 100,000 dollars$100,000 for the leukemia and lymphoma society. >> i think i'm going to do it. i doan think i can't do it. i'm going to do it. and that helps, you know to be positive. >> you're still running marathons. >> well, one a year. >> i'm going to have a hip replacement next week. some people would say, what is wrong with this picture. >> in a couple weeks, you'll be all right. >> so if i get the hip fixed with the right attitude will i be running marathons at 92? >> absolutely. never fails. >> if she's still able her goal
8:46 am
is to race again in san diego next year when she's 93 and set another marathon record for the ages. for "cbs this morning," mark strassmann charlotte. >> there's a role model. >> right. it just goes to show you. >> i liked her before. i love her now. >> i like everything about her. everything. >> she's a hot babe too back in the day. >> yes. most unforgettable moments in the week coming up.
8:47 am
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thank you for joining us. be sure to tune in to the "cbs evening news." i'm filling in for scott pelley. we'll see you next week. >> take i easy. >> a knife attack. >> we believe we've had success. >> the senate pushed off their vote and that gave senator paul the opening he's been waiting
8:50 am
for. >> i'm not going to take it anymore. >> i'm beau biden and joe biden is my dad. >> success is when you look at your son or daughter and realize they turned out better than you. >> sepp blatter doesn't mean fifa is fixed. >> bruce always had to tell a lie. caitlin doesn't have to. >> caitlin is free. >> is that the final straw that convinced you to get rid of it? >> yeah. >> what would have to happen to choose not to run? >> i've learn not to answer a lot of hypothetical questions. >> i'll be honest. i'm going to miss being in the middle of things and i want all of you to take a bow. >> big shoes you have to fill, young man. >> very large shoes.
8:51 am
if i could just get a paddle and row down they're so big. ♪ >> at what point when you're training a horse do you know that it's got potential to be a champion? >> american pharoah has won the kentucky derby. >> the good ones they'll just toss up. they breathe different air than the rest of them. >> hello, f-35. how are you. >> there's two enemy aircraft. are you ready to fire? >> i'm ready to fire. can i just play with this for a moment. >> yes. >> wow. >> can i just play with this for a moment. >> i wrote that down too. women everywhere are going, yes, you can. >> you have countless medication options. >> won said this morning get me a housekeeper and a babysitter. >> great minds think alike.
8:52 am
>> she has a certain pain demeanor around the office that says you've never held a gun. >> is that me? >> this is your third movie together. what is the heart at what has you two working together? >> he's blackmailing me. >> you've got to see the photos. >> welcome to "the late late show," everybody. ♪ baby baby baby ♪ >> everybody's watching this show going, really? that guy? shouldn't he be delivering the tv? >> all that -- >> it's ridiculous that socially, technically we're the same species, you do know what i mean? i'm the one holding the hair driver. >> -- and all that matters. ♪ >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> that's why you guys are so
8:53 am
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>> how often would this procedure cost? >> the surgery that could stop her seizures she didn't consider until after she was a year old . >> a mom racing to save her daughter gets an ultimate medical miracle. >> the breakfat food that saved a child's life.>> this is actually a genius thought. >> on the doctors. >> ♪ ♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ oh! hello, everybody! thanks for being with us. all of the hot topics that effect your health, from the amazing to the strange, and we have the biggest stories. they are ripped from the headlines. >> ripped! >> first up, it's fall, it means a lot of you are breaking out th


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