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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  June 5, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> rose: a new turn in the case of dennis hastert.b.i. learns of more allegations of sexual misconduct against the former house speaker. also tonight tornadoes destroy homes in colorado. denver digs out of a hailstorm. and there's more violent weather in the forecast. baby sisters joined at the abd men, surgeons perform a rare and risky operation to try to separate them. and a library with an unusual collection. steve hartman checks out the cat-a-logspp "on the road"." captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> announcer: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. the scandal surrounding dennis hastert is growing. there are more accusations of sexual abuse against the former
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house speaker. at least one case dates back to his days as a high school wrestling coach in illinois. hastert's alleged payment of millions of dollars in hush money to that individual led to his indictment on federal charges. dean reynolds has the latest. >> reporter: cbs news has learned that the f.b.i. became aware of as many as three potential victims alleging sexual misconduct by the former house speaker. law enforcement sources say one of the potential victims is the person known as individual "a," named in a federal indictment of hastert last week. that's the person who hastert was allegedly paying millions of dollars to keep quiet about prior misconduct when hastert was a teacher and wrest ling coach at yorkville, illinois, high school, well before he entered politics. word of the more expansive f.b.i. investigation came on the same day of more explosive charges from the family of an alleged abuse victim. >> he damaged steve i think more than any of us will ever no.
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>> reporter: jolene burdge told abc hastert molested her brother, stephen reinboldt, all through high school. hastert was the wrestling coach then and reinboldt was the student equipment manager. reinboldt is not individual "a" from the indictment because he died in 1995 at the age of 42 of aids, his sister said. when her brother came out as gay, she said he told her a secret. >> i asked him "stevie, when was your first same-sex experience?" i mean, he just looked at me and said, "it was with dennis hastert." and i just-- i know i was stunned. >> reporter: while reinboldt was a student he went to the bahamas with several others on the local explorer troop. hastert was on the trip as well. >> i mean, here was the mentor, the man who was, you know, basically his friend, who was the one that was abusing him. >> reporter: gary matlock was a yorkville wrestler from 1969 to 1973 and has called hastert a
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mentor. he went on that bahamas trip but recalls nothing untoward. if he were sitting right here right now what would you say to him? >> i'd say "denny, what the hell happened?" >> reporter: now keep in mind, hastert has not been charged with sexual misconduct. instead, he's been charged with violating banking laws when he made big cash withdrawals and then lied to the f.b.i. about why. his arraignment is set for next tuesday, charlie in federal court in chicago. >> rose: thanks, dean. dangerous weather is in the forecast tonight across the central and northern plains. eastern colorado is on the lookout for tornadoes. severe thunderstorms are possible in about a dozen states. today, folks in northern colorado were cleaning up after homes got slammed by tornadoes hail, and floods. adriana diaz is in larimer county colorado. >> reporter: multiple tornadoes tore through colorado
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last night dumping heavy rains and marble-sized hail by the hand full. in one denver neighborhood today, motorists had to dig out from piles of hail more than a foot high that left cars trapped in the street. about an hour north of denver, near berthoud, tornadoes left more than a dozen homes seriously damaged. some were completely destroyed. fire chief stephen charles says most residents took cover in basements or nearby shelters. no one died. >> it's a miracle. if you could see the house on the other side if there was anyone in it they wouldn't have gotten out alive. >> reporter: monica wasn't in berthoud when the storm hit. she returned this morning to find her home reduced to rubble. >> i could have been in the house. my grand kids could have been in the house but we weren't. so that's got to be grateful for that. >> reporter: next door, her niece rachel's family home was heavily damaged. >> everybody's okay. that's the biggest thing. we can replace materials. can't replace people.
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>> reporter: the couple that lived in the house behind me rode out the storm in their basement before they were rescued by firefighters. charlie, forecasters say more storms are expected for the weekend and could include tornadoes. >> rose: thanks, adriana. today, a former b.p. executive was found not guilty of lying about how much oil was spew into the gulf of mexico during the 2010 spill. weekes after the deepwater horizon rig exploded, david rainey estimated the well was liking 5,000 barrels a day. scientists later found it was more than 60,000. rainey said it was an honest mistake. china's government denied today that it had hacked into u.s. government computers saying it wished the u.s. would trust it more. but cyber-security experts say all signs point to china. and the hackers stole personal information on more than four million current and former federal employees.
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jeff pegues reports on what they were looking for. >> reporter: a federal law enforcement source says the attack against the office of personnel management began last fall. experts say it bears similarities to earlier attacks against hiewk companies anthem blue cross and premera. all the hacks appear aimed at personnel records and not financial information. jim lewis has advised the government on cyber-security for over a decade. he says china is using the attacks to gather intelligence. what are they doing with this kind of data? >> they're collected huge amounts of data and they're mining it to see if they can find interesting patterns to get a sense of who their opponents are. >> reporter: in the wake of high-profile attacks like those on target and sony-- >> now with the maiority of what we do is following i.p. addresses . >> reporter: the f.b.i. has stepped up the recruitment and training of new agents in cyber crime. assistant director james turgal says he's looking to hire 700 new specialized cyber agents every year but finding them is a challenge. >> i'm competing with fortune
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500 companies that can pay twice what i can pay or three times what i can pay on the federal pay scale. and i lose those candidates to the private sector and some other government agencies every day. >> reporter: every day. >> every day. >> reporter: the f.b.i. has 13,000 agents. charlie, within a few years the bureau would like about 4,000 of them to specialize in cyber crime. >> rose: thanks, jeff. a familiar figure from the saddam hussein regime has died. as foreign minister and deputy prime minister, tariq aziz was the english-speaking voice of the iraqi dictatorship in the days leading up to two gulf wars. aziz was christian. he had been on death row for persecuting shiite muslims. tariq aziz died of a heart attack today at 79. the deadline to complete a nuclear deal with iran is less than four weeks away in return for curtailing its nuclear program, punishing section
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against iran would be lifted. the u.s. and iran have been at odds for decades but elizabeth palmer ran into some american tourists in tehran. >> so, ladies and gentlemen, i hope you enjoyed the visit. >> reporter: the main danger facing americans in tehran is legendary traffic congestion. ruth ruth and tom clayborn. >> most of our friends say why are you going there and indicated they worried about us and that sort of thing. >> reporter: but they were keen to see a country largely off limits for more than three decades. iran has some of the most spectacular sites on the planet. this year, roughly 2,000 americans will come to see them. that's double the number that came in 2014. now, there are some places that aren't on the tour. and one of them is the former american embassy behind me, closed since 1979. it is still officially anyway, referred to as "the nest of
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spies." events like the u.s. hostage taking in 1979 or the hard liners who chant "death to america," remain politically sensitive. >> we didn't hear any "death to america." in fact, we heard just the opposite. i think the average iranian in the street is excited about the possibility of a nuclear deal with the united states. >> reporter: ebrahim pourfaraj is counting on a deal. you say this is the biggest hole in tehran. >> yes. in the middle east, actually. >> reporter: the biggest hole in the middle east. he runs one of the biggest tour companies in iran, and he's invested in this vast construction project that will be by 2017, a 54-story hotel and conference center. so you really are hoping, needing the sanctions to be lifted. "we'll carry on in any case," he says "but without sanctions doing business will certainly be easier and more tourists will continue to come." elizabeth palmer, cbs news,
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tehran. >> rose: today giant cranes raised a chinese cruise ship and turned it upright. crews are now able to search for more than 300 people still missing. only 14 got out alive including the captain. more than 100 bodies have been recovered. the ship capsized in a storm on the yangtze river. we have a remarkable s share with you from haiti. two weeks ago two baby girls underwent a risky operation and our dr. jon lapook was there. >> reporter: there's nothing unusual about twins holding hands. but six-month-old infantses marian and michelle bernard share much more. they are joined at the abd men. they are minutes away from one of medicine's rarest and riskiest operations improbably, the 2010 earthquake that brought so much death and destruction to haiti also helped bring michele and marian a shot at a normal
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life. their chance lies in the hands of dr. henri ford. born in haiti he and his family left this pourt-au-prince neighborhood in 19 see if sphoo. he became an ivy-league-trained pediatric surgeon. now chief the surgery at children's hospital, los angeles. he rarely returned to his home country. that changed when the earthquake struck. >> i arrived the second day that the airport opend and pretty much went to work and spent two absolutely grueling weeks the toughest ones of my life. but when it came time to leave i recognized i couldn't just say "yes, dimy share" and it's over. it wasn't a one and done thing. >> reporter: when michele and marian were born, their doctors asked him if this risky operation could be done in haiti for the very first time. the procedure would require sophisticated medical care in a country where millions still lack even basic health care. did you ever think when you got that e-mail, "are you kidding ?" >> yeah well, you know, it was a challenge. but, you know, by nature,
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surgeons love challenges. >> reporter: the twins' parents are no strangers to beating the odds. after the earthquake, david was buried under rubble for seven days before being rescued. because of the earthquake, the haitian government and the nonprofit group partners in health joined forces to open a modern teaching hospital in central hate ne2013. >> the holy father, his brother's just fine. i know he's going to continue to guide us. >> reporter: ford put together a team of more than two dozen volunteer health professionals from the united states. they trained for months with haitians for the procedure they would attempt today. >> i think we are just about ready to roll. >> reporter: to avoid confusion everyone is color coded. red for marian's team. yellow for michele's. a line is drawn to show the surgeon where's to cut. >> what we found was pretty much as expected. >> reporter: things go smoothly until michele's blood pressure drops. because the twins still share a liver, fluids go from michele's
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blood stream into marian's. the remedy is to complete the separation and to do it quickly. >> we now have two babies two independent, living organisms. ( applause ) >> reporter: nearly seven hours after marian and michele bernard enter the room together, they leave in separate cribs. their parents are overwhelmed. >> i'm very happy. very happy. >> reporter: what does it mean to you to come back here and do an operation like this? >> it's extremely gratifying. there's something special about coming to haiti to operate on haitian children with haitianaitian anesthesiologies because i feel that i'm contributed to the future of this country. >> reporter: the healthy girls are set to be discharged from the hospital any day now. ♪ then came the rain and washed the spider out ♪ >> reporter: a homecoming made possible by a native son coming home. dr. jon lapook, cbs news, haiti.
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jobs in the days of "ozzie and harriet." the economy created 280,000 of them last month not enough to meet demand, so the unemployment rate ticked up to 5.5%. jill schlesinger on where folks are finding jobs in the 21st century. >> the way 27-year-old whitney holtzman found her previous job surprised even her. >> i happened to be looking on craigslist one day and came across a position for social media coordinator for major league baseball. >> reporter: on craigslist? >> on craigslist, which completely blew my mind, and in fact i wasn't even sure it was legitimate. >> reporter: it was and she was hired. the job hunt has gone digital because that's where the recruiters are. 73% of them have hired through social media sites like linkedin facebook, and twitter. and 44% said recruiting this way increased both the quality and the quantity of candidates. caroline ceniza-levine is a career coach. >> i'll go on linkedin and i'll look for people from companies that are competitors to my
6:48 pm
clients. i will look for people who have skills. i'll look at specific key words. >> reporter: this technology is akin to online dating. employers comb through millions of resumes to pinpoint the best potential match while job hunters spend hours spiffing up their online profiles to hook as attractive as possible. do they have to do it this way? >> yes. so they have to do it this way. even if you're pounding the pavement and you apply to your local store, if your local store is a branch of a much bigger company, they might even ask you to apply online. >> reporter: whitney wasn't even searching for a new job when she read. a digital marketing agencies while waiting for a plane. she immediately contacted the c.e.o., gary vaynerchuk. >> i got on the plane bought wifi figured out gary's e-mail address and e-mailed him out of the blue saying i just read about you at gate "e-"4 and i need to come work with you. >> reporter: it worked. she is now an account manager there. but for those who think the art of personal contact is dead, rest assured that technology can
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life begins with a howl, we scream, shout shriek with joy. until, inhibition creeps in, our world gets smaller quieter, but life should be loud. sing loud, play loud, love loud. dentures shouldn't keep you quiet life should be ringing in your ears. live loud, super poligrip. >> rose: if you can judge a horse's body language, american pharaoh is feeling good about his run at history tomorrow. he took a brisk jog today around the mile-and-a-half-track at belmont park. after winning the kentucky derby and the preakness, american
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pharaoh could become the first triple crown winner in 37 years. there is no winner in our next story. a security camera capture aid truck driver in it argentina delivering beer. when he clipped one of the stacks here, tried to catch it, then disaster struck as the dominoes fell. it wasn't just the beer that spilled. we suspect there were tears as well. file this under nice try. astoria, oregon has too many sea lions. the people who run the port want them out. their solution? scare them away with a fake killer whale that's motorized and made of fiberglass. they launched it. the sea lions grew silent but fake willy took on water and flipped over. the seals stayed put. the forecast for the final two minute of the broadcast is unusually warm and fuzzy. steve hartman is next.
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and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. you are still wondering who wrote the book of love, well, we can't help you. but we do know of a library that will lend you some. steve hartman found it "on the road." >> reporter: in las cruces, mexico, there's a library with no books but a great story. a library with nothing to read but that you have to check out. a library for people who just want to take a few minute to sit down and get lost in a good kitten. >> yes. i have the sign-in and out sheet. >> reporter: you pull one off the shelf? >> pull one off the shelf. >> reporter: becky garcia is
6:57 pm
the kitten librarian. >> madam of the cat house whatever. >> reporter: wow. let's go with kitten librarian. >> kitten librarian say little nicer, yes. >> reporter: she is the receptionist at the dona ana office building where a couple years ago county officialinstalled this kid kitty condo in the lobby. the catses are from a local shelter and they're available to any employee looking for a moment of purrr bliss. angela roberson is a community planner and regular at the kitty library. she readily admits that her productivity goes down during these brief sessions but says her job satisfaction goes way up. >> it definitely releaves stress. i mean, how could it not when you have a little fuzzy thing that you can take back to your office? >> it makes what could otherwise be a boring work die kind of fun. >> i think it shows that the county does care. >> reporter: and carolina not just for the welfare of its workers but its homeless animals as well. see, when the county set this up, it had a secret agenda.
6:58 pm
officials knew if people just took a few minute to hold these animals that a bond might form. and in fact, to date, 100 kid kittens have been adopted from the library. >> the joy the smiles, i've seen so many smiles. >> reporter: and it's that kind of outside-the-cage thinking that folks here would like to spread across the country. imagine a nation of librariesicatering to those who just want to curl up with a good person. steve hartman, "on the road," in las cruces, new mexico. >> love comes in all forms and all shapes. sometimes two legs, sometimes four legs, sometimes with fur. that is the cbs evening news. for scott pelley, i'm charlie rose. i'll see you monday on "cbs this morning." good night.
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>> tonight tanner roark and wada and it's a rematch from nationals park. >> [ music ]


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