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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 9, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it's tuesday june 9th 2015. welcome to cbc this morning. who helped the kill ers breakout of prison. health officials rush to find airline passengers that may have been exposed to a woman with tuberculosis. and john shows us how the "daily show" is helping more veterans break in. but today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. investigators are questioning a
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woman to find two kill ers on the run. >> theea srch isn i canada and mexico. >> you got to have a lot of help. >> federal health investigators are trying to retrace the steps of a w womanith drug resistant. the csa failed to identify 73 employees with links to terrorism. in texas hundreds of people reacting to aon cfrontation during a teen party. >> that looks like full body armor armor. came up huge. a semitruck carrying 22 pigs tipped over on a highway. >> > a airline flight is forced to make an emergency landing.
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stones in an reef and flip er ov. two woman and a six-year-old got into a brawl. they're showing the charges of the welfare of a little boy. >> i they you're lying right now. >> lying? >> yes. the interview is over. that's it. thank you very much. would you please leave. all of that matters. even trying toe com up with the shows new theme song. this is all on cbs this morning. people were like we have to call tim robins. >> that was a real movie, this is real life. brought to you by toyota let's go places.
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night welcome. convicted kill ers david sweat and david matt are still on the run. they're questions a prison employee named joe mitchel. >> how they may have helped them escape. say that is she is a supervisor in the taylor shop. it allowed them to spend more time-out of the cells and more access to tools. one used a guitar case to carry the power tool that they used to cut the way out. zon outside of the prison in new york. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the prison walls are 30 feet in places and raise er wires and flood tow ers.
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that's why these two men decided to go under to escape. they're looking at the possibility that they had help inside and outside of the walls. police continuing searching for any signs of david sweat and richard matt. >> i think that people are concerned for their safety. >> reporter: the convicted kill ers used power tools to cut through, break through a wall and climb out ton a six foot cat walk. they then cut along and chain on a manhole cover three blocks to complete the escape. one of the two things that they left behind was a taunting note. contractors have been working at
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the 150-year-old prison and that's how they acquired the power tools. a woman that was working at the prison is being questioned. the if you gofug tifs have been described as dangerous kill ers. david sweat was a burglary suspect in 2002 when he and his accomplis shot a deputy and ran him over. >> they were never supposed to see the light of day. the feeling is disgusted. i cannot believe that they're out. >> criminologist worry that the two fugitives have nothing to lose. >> they would probably do whatever it takes to avoid that. >> reporter: law enforcement say that is they spent a lot of time together inside the prison and taking the meals. now they're interviewing con
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track work ers and they're pouring over the phone record ers and the video log. >> thank you. to conceal sexual misconduct against a student. why he may want to avoid a trial. dean, good morning. >> good morning. after a week that's tarnished the record and damaged the representation, the form er speak er finally gets his day in krourt court. >> cbs news shot in video and apparently playing with dogs
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while inside of. he has obtained washington attorney thomas green. the form er speak er stands trying to steel bank withdrawals and lying about why to the fbi. the indictment say that is he made the withdrawals in 120 in the course of transferring and unofficially it was sectionsexual miss conduct. it was when he was at the high school in 1965-1981. patrick collin is a form er prosecute er and says that the trial could bring out more damaging information from the past. >> if there's a trial, i mean that the individual a will come
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out. individual a will testify and if there's an b, c, d those names come out. >> he was a figure nationally but especially in rural yorkville. gary matt lock says that he is not aware of anything. >> has this shaken your respect for him? >> i don't know if shaken. it's begin me second thoughts i guess is what i am saying. >> now hester is expected to enter a plea and if proven guilt, these could send him to prison. >> thanks. health officials are looking to come in contact with anyone that came in contact with a
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woman who had deadly tuberculosis. she spent time in missouri and tennessee and being diagnosed with drug resistant tb. she in the quarantine in maryland. david, let me begin with how serious this is. >> reporter: this is a form of tuberculosis called xd. extreme drug resis zpant that means that it does not respond at all to the four treatments for tuberculosis. there are treatments that we use that are experimental and they require significant cost and right now require her to be obtained in a facility of building ten. >> we know that she came to the united states from india and travelled to three states and putting her in contact with
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hundreds of people. how contagious is it? >> well this kind of tuberculosis is just as regular tuberculosis. that's someone with the could have and it would be spread. that can stay two to three hours in the air. it's contagious and not by touch or anything like that but it's not that high risk. tuberculosis happens when people are in close quart ers together. that's why the people in her same row in the plane need to have identified and tested. people that live with her also need to be tested. >> how do you get it? >> well one in three people today have to be. you get it when somebody coughs and you enhail and it goes into
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your lung. >> is there a vaccination? >> we have one, but we need a new one here and around the world. >> thank you very much. homeland security will meet today to discuss the gaps in airport screening. kris van cleave is there this morning. >> reporter: good morning. the checkpoint like this one across the country and it screens aviation workers every time that it's updated. now we're learning that the tsa is not seeing the whole picture. according to the report the tsa does not have access to the
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entire watch list and information that swrould ties to terrorists groups airport lines and others. the report note that had the agency was generally affective but identified thousands of work er records that were incomplete and inaccurate. 87,000 files without a social risecuumty nber, and something by law that the tsa cannot retire. >> the fact that tsa has incomplete information is systematic. >> of course, the big question is how dangerous are the 73 people and the report that might tell us that was redacted. it was aware and working to correct them by the end of the year. gale. >> thank you chris. all five that went down on a plane near the
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bah ham bahamas are okay. they spotted the group in a raft. the planes pilot reported engine trouble. wow. this morning springing storms and hail and threatening states from tennessee to maine several inches of rain battled indianapolis, and they're expected to see more today. pennsylvania pushed through heavily flooded roads on monday and louisiana communities on the river are facing a clean up. it crested yesterday at 37 feet. that's the highest level since, get this 1945. the fight against obama lacks a strategy. monday's g 7 meeting with germany and they need a full
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plane. american war planes have lead air strikes for ten months and they made significant gains in resent weeks. the president says that americans must speed up with training of iraqi troops. michael slag er shoot and with malice did kill walter scott. they renewed a commitment to seek justice. >> this is just step one. we're going to patiently wait for the criminal trial in this case. this entire situation should not have occurred. this morning demonstrators
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are playing for rallies to amount police brutality. this was after a video was shone in mckinney, texas of an officer. we're in mckinney and bryan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. he spoke with investigators on monday and community leader said that they're going allow it to play out, but they think that he needs to be fired for the actions. >> our kids should live in liberty and freedom like everybody else's kids. >> they took to the streets on monday demanding justice. >> when you pull your kids on unarmed black children we're going respond. >> many believe that eric was
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man handling and pointing his weapon nearby is a disgrace and on monday local parents were fed up. >> this guy was out of control. >> 12 officers responded to a call of the disturbance on a pool party and only casebolt was seen forcing the kids on the ground. most of those were male and minorities but the fight was between two adult white woman and a 19-year-old black female that hosted the party. the actions were justified because the teens were ignoring the order. >> at the end of the day the children screwed up and they did not listen to what the police officer said. >> the fraternal officer said in a statement without a shadow of the doubt all members of the fop and pd do not conduct racial
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policing. >> reporter: casebolt may have lost the compos your because he may have felt embarrassed when he slipped and tripped. he is hiding in another part of the state. >> thank you. the u.s. woman's soccer team is celebrated the first one of the year of the world cup. they beat australia 3-1. i know i like it too. good morning in winnipeg canada. >> reporter: good morning. the american woman have never lost an opening world cup match, but yesterday's win did not come easy. thousands of american soccer fans packed into the winnipeg
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stadium and helping the first game feel like a home game. >> it was a true win for us. australia brought the a game. >> early on they were mustled. >> reporter: then three saves from american goalie. and megan's first goal of the game was followed by a perfectly placed strike from a world cup rookie. the second goal late in the second half sealed the win for the united states. >> definitely wanted to try to ters test them early and get the shots off. good or bad, does not matter. >> that's it. game over. the united states. >> reporter: what does matter is that the americans escaped with
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a dusty victory against a tough team. >> it's huge to come out and secure points in the first game. that's a lead er by the actions, and that's somebody that i want to call. >> reporter: friday the woman take on sweden. now, what makes this game so interesting is that the current coach for sweden used to coach the u.s. woman's team and lead them to the last two olympic gold medals and the final 2011 world cup. >> all right in winnipeg. we're cheering the woman on. >> that's right. oscar
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. how taking high stakes student exams. the news is back in a moment on cbs this morning.
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take a look at that. the barge was toed about a half a mile and on board were 15 ancient figures. the idea was art with marine conservation conservation. this over turned and the statue sank head first. they will try to over turn the barge and recover the statue. that's got to be hard to watch if you're in charge of ifthe statues. >> yeah. >> welcome back. welcome back to cbs this morning. drones are helping students from cheating on college exit exams. how they're targeting test
7:31 am
takers to break the rule. uber has backed out of east hampton. says that it cannot operate under local regulations. why county officials up dated a law on car services and taxi services. a secret visit toize israel last week. the visit came a month before a deadline set for agreement that imposes a deal. cbs tampa bay says that a retired air force major was arrested for robbing real-estate agents. 54-year-old was identified in walmart surveillance. one of the woman was tied up. the boston harold has an update by a woman that was
7:32 am
injured by a bachltt. the woman's condition was upgraded from serious condition to fair. she was hit on friday by a bat that was hit by oakland's player. a federal judge ordered release of a man held in solitary confinement for more than 40 years. alfred was convict ofd a stabbing death of a prison guard. both were over turned. oscar will be paroled and the disabled sprint er known as the blade runner was sent to prison less than a year ago. we're there where the victims family is lashing out against parole workers were good morning. he was sentenced to five years for shooting his girlfriend. this as the african newspaper
7:33 am
headlines shows when he was released in august just serving one six of jail term and angering the family of the woman that was killed. ten months behind bars for taking a life. the parents are devastated that he has spent so little jail time. they have forgiven him and in a written statement to the parole board, we do not want him to suffer, that will not bring her back to us but added inconsideration of ten months for taking a life is simply not enough. the o olympian shot her on valentines day of 2013. he was copnvicted of manslaughter and sentenced to five years last year. for that he will be reedleas on
7:34 am
august 21st and placed under us hoe arrest. many here in south africa think that the story on the world stage allows him the star treatment. diane a criminal defense tone attorney disagrees. >> i don't think that it has to do anything with the celebrity status. it has to do with the parol board saying that he is doing well. >> reporter: he was shone playing soccer with a fellow inmate that's awaiting trial for murder. leaked videos like this made many think that prison life was just too easy but even though that he will be released later this year he won't be free. >> unlike the united states they can appeal an acquittal in a homicide. it's possible that he could go back to prison for a minimum of
7:35 am
15 year. >> reporter: the details have not yet to be made public. a south african report er say that is he will normally lead a normal life and get a job and start training again. he just has to report to his parole officer on a daily basis. >> thanks. reports are emerging after china china's most important test of the year. supervisors are flying drones over testing sites. seth is in beijing to show us what they're up against. seth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. to call it a big deal is an understatement. it means high test in chinese and around nine and a half million people take this exam so you can imagine doing the cheat ers and it takes a lot of work. the stakes are so high and authorities even flew a drone to
7:36 am
check for cheat ers and hovering above a test center it's supposed to detect radio signals who secretly send answers in the hidden microphones. in past years chinese police took this pen and then a scanner end side of these glasses and then a tank top. >> if you have time to make those earphones, why not put the time into studying. >> 17-year-old and 18-year-old john pu chong just got done. >> reporter: how are you feeling about the exam? >> good. >> reporter: how about you? >> excited and relaxed. they say that there were no
7:37 am
cheat ers there, but the stress is universal. >> flrthere are a lot of good students, and we hope to get a good score and go to the dream university. >> reporter: there's a lot riding on it? >> yeah. >> reporter: of the 9 million that take 2 million will not even get in. some are fingerprinted and id's are checked but phony ones get through. the ring lead er of a suspected gang was caught. they hire college students to get fake id's and take the exams for the clients. >> reporter: you read of these people trying to cheat? >> i don't read the news that much. i spend a lot of time studying.
7:38 am
>> reporter: cheating can get you barred from the exam and adults can face criminal charges, and gayle you can imagine. >> it was just frustrateing the look at the stack of books on the desk. the search continues for a hundred of pigs that spilled on to a highway. nothing like the squeal of a pig. truck carrying some 2,200 pigs lost control and crashed yesterday between columbus and cincinnati. some did not make it. others escaped into the nearby woods and a local fire chief admits that they will probably never be found. i guess that you're supposed to carry them that way and upside down since everybody is doing it. it looks painful to watch. >> you want to see more of this don't you? >> yeah. >> this little piggy went to the
7:39 am
market and this one had roast beef and this one went wee wee wee all the way home. >> hello and welcome to second grade. >> you both passed. >> thank you. a new battleground for uber. the car service say that is the town that forced them to hit the road. if you're heading off to work set the dvr so you can watch cbs this morning any time that you want. dude totino's blasted rolls. sweet. totino's blasted crust rolls... yeah. flavor at full blast the citi double cash card. it earns you cash back now and cash back later. with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn on purchases, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided.
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the rides in uber hit a road block. it's an exclusive stop and the company pulled the services from east hampton, new york. it requires every uber driver to have a physical address and we're in east hampton where they're defending their road rules. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they decided to act because uber drivers were clogging the streets.
7:44 am
for a town that relies on accommodating visitors in a high season denying a service that they're used to is already causing a headache. the hamptons are a summertime playground for the rich and famous. for a place better known for things is the talk of town. >> they're trying to intimidate us. >> reporter: that's uber and it goes far back to 2012 and looking for easy money. residence complained and now town supervisor is laying down the law. >> they have to comply like every other operator in east hampton. >> so this is not a band. >> this is not directed in them whatsoever. >> reporter: cab companies are required to have a business address there, and most uber drivers with the unique business model are not fairing well under the new law.
7:45 am
dozens were fined a few weeks ago for operating without a proper license. rather than comply last friday uber hit the brakes. they blocked the access to the town limits and sent e-mails urging customers to complain. > we had 15,000 riders last summer. there's a need for the service. >> reporter: 230 license taxis serviced 20,000 year long residence. during the summer months the population tripled. uber says that the driver decrease congestion and take potential drunk drivers off the road. >> it's an important measure and it can save lives in places like east hamp son. >> they say that everyone should play by the same rules. >> we spent a lot of money to have a license for the vehicles to maintain and uber jumps in
7:46 am
and does nothing. >> no problems with the old law and the new law makes it impossible to follow the law, so we had to shut down. >> reporter: as for the town's supervisor, he is not holding his breath in a change any time soon. >> do you feel that you will have a change of heart? >> that's up to uber. >> if they decide to pull out of the market. >> reporter: uber says that it's lawyers have been in contact daily to see if there's a change of heart. we should note that the uber drivers can still drive you to east hampton, they can not pick you up. >> yeah that does not help. uber is big in the hamptons. >> yeah, probably involves money. >> always does. >> we thank you. under fire in attack and now
7:47 am
working for john stewart. the departing host is showing how to make it in tv. coming up next. this is my favorite. i like this little girl. this young dance is earning this portion of "cbs this morning" is sponsored by toyota. let's go places.
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7:52 am
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it's tuesday june 9, 2015. happy honey. there's more news ahead and veterans getting a start on the "daily show." john stewart says that he is helping them find their way in life. first the eye opener at 8:00. investigators are looking at the leads and the possibility that they had help inside and outside. drug resistant to tuberculosis. it does not respond at all. form er speak er finally gets his day in court. these charges which if proven could send him to prison. the bigue qstion is how dangerous are the 73 people and the reports that might tell us that was redacted. they're going to allow the
8:01 am
process to play out. they have already come to the conclusion that he should have fired. the americanan wome hav never lost an opening world cup. yesterday's win did not come easy. en sedtenc toiv fe years for shooting his girlfriend and when released in august he would have just served 304 days. they decided to act because uber drivers were clogging the streets. >> we have a lot of money to have a license here. uber jumps in and pays nothing. give three points. >> okay. how about glasses. >> hi did the repair. >> this morning's eye opener at 8:00 is presented by subway. i am charlie rose with nora
8:02 am
o'donnell. there's no sign of david s.w.a.t. or sweat or richard matt. >> they're trying to trace the power tools and the daily news says -- waiting for the launch of apple screening music later this month. >> today we're announcing apple music the next chapter in music. >> apple music will debut later this month. users will get a free trial. after that it will cost about $10 a month. it offer access to tens of millions of songs. >> the announcement came yesterday in san francisco where females took the stage for the first time. jennifer bailey the vce
8:03 am
president of apple went fist and then apple revealed the health kit app will protect reproductive apps. woman make up 30 percent of the apple employee. a panel set to vote on approval. nearly one in three american elevated ldl or bad cholesterol. our doctor is a cardiologist here in new york city. good to see you. >> good morning gayle? >> well it's been really hot by one player. now we're at an exciting time and we're posed to see a new class of drugs. this is called the pcs and the two drugs up for approval are ant antibodies that we use in
8:04 am
cancers and not necessary in cardiology. they target proteins so in this case they target the pc skprks the blood. by doing so they take it out of the circulation so that our body can more affectively clear ldl or bad cholesterol. while they can low er 30-40 percent, they can low er in about 60 to 70 percent. >> do you see it replace something. >> that's a great question. we see them working and they're in many cases affordable and well tolerated and tried and tested in terms of showing us the events of the cardiovascular disease over time. this new class is going to be tarted for three groups. one is patients that have conditions that they produce a lot of cholesterol. that is about 1-500 americans. then these are ones at a high
8:05 am
risk. they're on high doses and we can not get the cholesterol available. so it's going to approve them in july and august. accord to go the drug companies, they would like to get them rolled out at that point. >> what about side affect sns. >> well it's like flu like symptoms and there's a signal of memory impairment that we need to see longer term follow up regarding. >> so it's not a pill? >> it's not a pill. it's ingestible medication that's given every once two weeks or a month. >> i thought it was a pill. >> it's under the skin injections. >> expensive? >> very expensive. this drug could be anywhere from 500 to a thousand dollars a month. we're not likely to see a generic version because it's a antibody. we have sort of have that in the
8:06 am
class as well. certainly we're going to have to have more day tota to see if that is true. >> lucky to have you. >> thank you. >> thank you so daily show host john stewart opens up to "cbs this morning" helping american's veterans find victory on the job front. >> getting in and having active voices is a process. you have to pursue and getting the voices in strengthens
8:07 am
a new look at a murder plot. remember this the millionaire, the model wife and a hit man. we will have a preview on that.
8:08 am
you're watching "cbs this morning."
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8:11 am
8:12 am
a training the iraq army and we already spent the entire country would be the frequent and flow erring blossom that we planted there. and then we could have gone back to the original plan for the region and wait until it comes out of oil and stop giving hit about it. >> daily show john stewart known for the wars in iraq and afghanistan and a strong supporter of those in the military. they showed how they're helping veterans find the jobs and jim, good morning. >> good morning. when american partners connect vetd veterans with the business leader, he decided to go a few steps furgther and assign the military men and woman and the competitive business of
8:13 am
entertainment. before those lucky enough to support the tickets to a daily show taping and support from john stewart, they're greeted by juice teen. >> we have been getting a lot of offer and it's so generous. >> entertaining delivery and all her own. >> it's like something carved out. we have got that. if it's a shirtless guy behind a rainbow, we also got that. >> how did you get here? >> it's been a wild ride and amazing to know that i was going to be apart of something that was so brilliant. i felt so lucky, and i cannot express that. >> lucky because a path in television was not a traditional one. >> you were an active duty marine for how many years? >> four years. i was there in afghanistan.
8:14 am
>> prove vance was not a walk in the park. >> no it was very very difficult. i was 23 or 24 at the time. i am so grateful for that time and loved what i did there. >> because among other things that time as a marine is what earned her a shot at the daily show. >> to me it's opening up those avenues that just were closed down. >> john stewart launched the veterans program three years ago and since then 75 veterans have gained exposure and jobs that are often elusive to those without the right connection. >> the big banks recruit from the ivy league colleges. you go to a college without that, you may be intimidated. you spend a day in the bank and say oh half of these guys are
8:15 am
ied id iots. >> we can help them get their foot in the door. >> day sli show staff ers manage the six week program which looks to recruit men and woman who are de desissive under deadline. >> there's no ie d's or a threat to us but we have a sense of urgency. a lot of the veterans do appreciate and understand that if you're going work 110 percent, make it right there's going to be stress. i think for them it's a refreshing type of stress. >> 30 opercent of those have landed a job at a number of outlets. >> it's going to be the two out there. >> two of them at the daily show. >> too cool. you're going check in with her. >> before he became an associate
8:16 am
producer he lead a platoon in iraq. >> you saw combat? >> yeah. we were in a connect environment. >> what does that mean? >> hairy. >> from the very beginning they're trained to take the initiative and lead in the apps of orders. veterans is a population and have the initiative. >> stewart and his staff kept the program for veterans under wrap while being developed. now they're hoping to share it with anybody willing to follow the lead. >> this is not charity. they're more than qualified for this. this is not in here that this is not accomplish. >> just ask her.
8:17 am
>> awesome guys. thanks so much. we're going to get started soon. thank you. gave me my dream job, and i can't wait to see what else is in store. >> now, expect for the first day the six week program takes place after hours, so that it does not interview with the vets that have day jobs. >> that's another reason to love john stewart. such a great program that he is doing. >> the kind of stress that they can handle. >> do you think that she is going to end up a stand up comedian. >> she is going to end up where she wants. >> many of the companies do not want to hire anyone but a veteran. and then a fairy tail marriage. cottonelle cleanripple texture gets you cleaner, but will it make people confident enough to go commando? how was your wiping experience?
8:18 am
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to show her right from wrong. and realized my little girl had become an amazing human being who will make choices of her own. toyota let's go places. almost sixty million americans are affect
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8:21 am
tonight a special edition of 48 hours. a man falls out of love with his wife and divorce is not an option. instead he hires a hit man. a firsthand look at inside the troubled marriage. here is a preview. >> my name is richard firm man and i was hired to murder his
8:22 am
wife. it was not a joke to him. he was serious. >> in 2004 when fashion model got married and had a family no one could have predicted that the fairy tail would turn so dark. >> everything that we're doing, she is recorded. >> she was so afraid of her husband, that she started to record his melt down and in this incident he fired a nanny that the children loved. >> you don't understand you can't be here. >> you can't do that. it's not a toy. >> rich was dina's friend and business partner and a form er military man. >> with my military background he thought that i was perfect. he wanted me to plant drugs in her car and follow her around
8:23 am
and call the police. i had her house keys. monica's car keys. credit card statements showing me where she has been. >> things escalated until one day the special mission became murder. >> he wanted her dead. he did not care how it was done. beat her up. cut her head off. put her in a ditch. >> did you ever say how would the children feel if they lost their mother? >> more than once. >> what would he say? >> they would be better off without her. >> he said that he would take care of her, but not the way that he expected. >> why are you still alive? >> normally when it's a 48 hours piece, it involves a dead person. >> no one dies. >> she is still alive. do we credit the police or change of heart. >> i guess good luck. by the grace of god, she is
8:24 am
alive. the da was set off and they set up a sting operation. she is in hiding and safe with her children. it's amazing and the hatred was so breathtaking. he want withed to pay $80,000 to have her infected with hiv and then he wanted her gang raped and beaten up. there were in a nasty divorce, and she wanted primary custody. he considered himself the mast er of the universe and someone was going to take half of his assets. >> thank you. you can see the full report and don't you want to know about this millionaire, model and the hit man tonight on special edition of 48 hours at
8:25 am
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8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." men's warehouse found er is in studio 57. you're going like the segment. i am stealing george's line. also the star of nurse jackie takes us inside the final season. how her own recovery helps her portray an addict. it's time to show you the headlines. remember vincent the prosecute ers that putman son behind bars. he died over the weekend and it was based on the convictions of the free follower of the 1969 murders of actor sharon tate and six others. the new york times says that more airlines are removing fair
8:31 am
information from websites. delta pulled out of and dropped out of trip adviser last year and it's going charge $18 fee for booking on other sites. airlines are try to go boost income from their own website. how the triple crown winner american pharoah would fare against the 1973. it turns out that american pharoah would have been a distant second. meantime a spokesperson said that those that spent $2 did not cash in the tickets. that left $315,000 unclaimed. >> i know that it was fun to watch it. >> i got mine. >> how much did you beat? >> i bet 300 and won $380. >> we're going out sfwhen?
8:32 am
>> when ever you right. netflix is trying to acquire a new brad pitt movie. it will be released on the music at the same time that it hits the theater. it's part to change the way that they're distributed. san francisco says that a squirrel caused a massive power outage in the area. it darkened streets and 45,000 residence were left without power for hours. specific gas and electric says that the squirrel damaged equipment in a substation. crews restored power late monday. in south, joey's husband has taken her last name. she secretly married him in 2013. she tried to talk him out of it and saying that it might be e mass ka lating.
8:33 am
he said that he did not care what people think. >> good for him. there's a new hope for amputees. they have created the first leg that can feel sensation. doctors required in a patient's thigh and connect to stem lay tornados on the limb. they help to maintain the balance. that mean that is they can slip on ice and see if they're walking on gravel or sand or grass. the new leg helps the pain and that's felt after an amputation. >> wow. wow. wow. technology. >> amazing. george zimmer gained fame from men's warehouse. you're going like the way that you look. i guarantee you. he created and now zimmer is back. >> he hopes that his business will take the art of tayloring into the 20th century. he sends taylors directly to
8:34 am
customers. had he is the found er and chairman. welcome. >> good morning. >> we're the uber of tayloring. you tell us where to come. you give us the day and hour. >> does this mean that a lot are looking for work and go? >> we expect to have a thousand by the summer and 1,500 by tepidhe enof the year. they're not just regarded inngstores. the hours are not resistant. this is a way for taylors to
8:35 am
enter the 21est century. >> i think that this is a great idea. >> there was a sense that i had that tailors needed somebody. i am a cross behind the god father or the pipe piper. they trust me. they feel that i have their back. that's one of the things that i think is very important to hourly workers. not just their wages. >> yeah. >> but the con sis tentysistency. >> you see the style is changes and men do not have to wear a
8:36 am
sult suit to work. is there a need out there? >> yeah there is. we have a lot of people tail o oring the shirt. if you get into shape and lose weight -- >> he say, no i have not. >> no i can look at it and see that he has. >> hey. >> you can look and see. >> you're a fit man, that means that you have a lot of shirts that are full. >> he is actually right. i love clothes to fit and well cut and all of that. i am not a perfect size and between this and that. talk about why you were kicked out of your own business? >> well, in the modern world, it can happen that a founder can be removed. really it comes down to founders
8:37 am
are often thinking in terms of a shareholder model verses the stakeholder model and reverse. where i am trying to make sure that the employee group and the customer group and the communities in which we dness and the supply ers were all being recognized where as most ceo's are only interested in maximizing the shareholder value. >> and the company said that mr. zimmer would not accept full control and they have no choice but the terminate him. >> it was about the ego. what does it take? >> that was not accurate what they said. when they decided on this there was no discussion. they brought me and in and actually said that we're putting your furniture in storage, and you're done. >> so when that happens toe you bitter
8:38 am
and angry? are you like how did this happen to me i hired you guys? >> just hours. not a long time. i have young children and i recognized when i got home that evening that i could model for my kids exactly how to bounce back. >> what percentage did you own? >> well at the time i was like four percent. >> what did you want to model for your children? >> when adversity happens, how to react. you shall not just say i am a victim and sometimes happened to me. i should be all right. >> you said that i like the way that you look. i guarantee it. >> do you have a new tag line for this one? >> we don't have a formal one. >> give us the informal one. >> i got your back. >> you have a great voice.
8:39 am
>> when george is calling, i know that it's you on the phone. you have an unusual voice. >> thank you very much. joining for nurse jackie. what does she think about the
8:40 am
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♪ show times and nurse jackie injects dark humor in prescription drug for the seventh and final season. she is a lying, pill popping er nurse whose addiction is exposed. now she is fighting the nursing license by being drug tested at work. usually, nothing goes easy for her. here is a preview of the episode. >> if it still closes i will never work again. there's no way on the planet that i would do that. it's the one thing and you know that. >> i do not understand how you keep on getting in the situations. >> because i am an addict. it's my life. it's cost me everything. every relationship that i have had including with you. this is not something to take away. i will likely have the cravings
8:44 am
for my whole life but right now i am clean. >> i know it was a tough scene. welcome back to studio 57. i go back and forth about jackie. you like her. you get annoyed with her, and pull for her. that seen with zoe and she looks up to her. >> right. >> how do you describe her? >> me or jackie? >> both. i will start with jackie. >> okay. good. you know i think she saw early on she saw some of herself in zoe. just excited, confidence willing to do whatever she needs to do to get the job done but she is still or certainly at the beginning was naive about a lot of things less so as we end the series. >> it really shows how a functioning addict can work. >> that's what is so amazing
8:45 am
about the show. that she can do the job so well and then approximate outbe out of it. >> they can get way for from it. >> and people think that they're not addicted. >> yeah, i think that there's a denial and watching that scene, jackie believes what she is saying if you can convince yourself. some parts of jackie know that things are bad. in order to get through the day, you have to put it behind her. >> is she a tough character for you to play? >> no i loved it. i am not that person and it was refreshing to do it and, you know know. >> do people still call you carmella. >> do you get a lot of hey jackies. >> how long did it take before
8:46 am
switching? >> almost like you would think. it was three and a half years and started to switch over to the other side. >> it was eight years with the sopranos. >> well we would have these year long ties were we were not sure if we were coming back so a ten year period. >> now that jackie is ending are you ready? do you feel that it's the right time? you and eddie are getting together. your relationship with eddie is very troubled. >> what can i say. >> i feel that i am blessed in the show. >> are you ready for it to end. do you feel that the time is right? >> i trust the people in charge that know when it's time to walk away, you know i love to work and i particularly loved this job and showing up to work everyday. such i am a worker bee, i would
8:47 am
do this for ever. when they say walk away while people want to see it. >> tell me having a dog inspired you to adopt children? >> wow. well you you wonder how one will do at having a dependent since i was an independent worker and actress. i had a dog and this whole thing blossoms inside of you that you did not know that you had. i did not want to go right there. i thought if this is what happens with a dog, imagine. you turn to the person that you hope that you would be under the circumstances. like that kind of love that you -- that parents talk about. you did not think that you would put yourself in front of a car for anyone. >> but you would. >> just knowing that not even a second. it's crazy. we're built to accommodate that.
8:48 am
>> but what does the ending mean? how do you think that it ended? >> well talking about trusting the people in charge. there was so much that went on and i have no idea what it means and the arch so when i read the thing they don't get it at all. let's start shooting. there's a little bit of that and i heard david explain that live goes on with the sopranos but as the audience we're not to it. >> it was voted one of the most favorite shows. >> they say that it will be authentic and you will understand it. >> i feel like that. >> well, congratulations. so great to have you. you can watch the final season of nurse jackie and it's a
8:49 am
division of cbs. fighting over a small deer and see why it's creating a stir. that's next on cbc this morning.
8:50 am
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a small deer is getting used to fame and no name for the baby fawn that visited in the zoo in new york. he weighed one pound as part of the rare southern family. >> your kids and everybody else. >> that does it for us. >> at the beginning did you say happy let's say this is your tv. and these are the channels you pay for with cable. maybe you're getting tons of science and animals when you're really into movies. or every children's show on the planet,
8:53 am
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>> on the doctors: an elementary school safety drill with real guns. >> did the school go too far
9:00 am
here? >> and two decades ago an unthinkable crime changed his life forever. >>my father pour kerosene on me and then lit a match and went across the street to call the police. >> this couple lost 252 pounds. >> how is life different since you lost all of this weight? >> on the doctors. ♪ ♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ ♪ [ applause ] ♪ ♪ >> all right. how could ice save your family's life? well, i will tell you later in the doctors prescription. but first, safety is the #1 concern for teachers and parents alike. but did one middle school go too far in an effort to keep their


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