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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 10, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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it is wednesday,e jun 10th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." police swarm a small new york town in search of two escaped murderers. we are there with the manhunt. a new strategy. we'll send hundreds of advisers to iraq. and we'll reveal a new smart drone that promises aerial video as good as anything from hollywood. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. hello, drone. >> authorities are focusing on a small upstate town.
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>> police try to zero in on the two escaped kis.ller l >>aw enforcement officials are searching willsboro and surrounding woods following a tip from a resident. a major strategy. more advisers are heading to iraq. >> did you have a sexual relationship with a student. ol>> pice officer htcaug on camera pushing a teenage girl to the ground at a pool party has resigned. >> come back. >> tense moments in washington after a pair of bomb threats. >> we're clearing the floor. exit as quickly as possible. >> the threat was called in to the police. no threat was called. >> we'll try this again. >> what a h.pitc strike three called. he has done it. chris heston has pitched a no-hitter. >> it's pretty awesome. >> seinfeld what he thinks is wrong with kids today.
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>> there's a creepy p.c. thing out there that really brsothe me. >> road rage caught on camera. >> the two drivers get out of the car, start throwing punches with cars speeding by. >> all that -- >> the cavaliers take game three of the finals. >> their power chutes got tangled. >> credited with saving the life of his owner who's legally blind. figo is on the mend after throwing himself in the path of a bus. >> i'm glad i have him. i thank god too. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> lindy graham said we'll have a rotating lady. when asked for comment bill clinton said been there, done that. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is off. jeff glor of our digital network cbsn is with us. the man hunt for two killers on the run is focused on a newtown in upstate new york. a tip yesterday sent hundreds of police and law enforcement officials into wasborough. that community is about 30 miles south of the prisonen in dannemora where the two broke out. >> so far there's no sign of david sweat and matt. cbs news has learned calls were made from her cell tone to people connected as the murderers. people were told to stay home and lock the doors. don, good morning to you. >> good morning. willsboro is a town of a little more than 2,000. in fact, it's so small it doesn't even have its own police force but on tuesday law
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enforcement descended on a town by the hundreds after they pe received what was a credible threat from a person who lived on this road. in the rural adirondack foothills, officers have been walking shoulder to shoulder through fields trekking through thick swamps and forests and sweeps across back lawns looking for any signs of david sweat and matt. >> people in willsboro like jessica sousa and her son chase were told to stay inside and lock their doors. >> imagine what they could do to a kid or something. >> nicholas harris is richard matt's son. he said he doesn't know where his father may be headed. >> i don't really know. i don't know his whereabouts. i don't know why you're here. he's not coming here. >> they're poring over visitor
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locks. they're focused on joyce taylor. she has not been named a suspect. early saturday morning investigators discovered 38-year-old sweat and 40-year-old matt had escaped. they cut holes through a steam pipe and crawled through tunnels until they got outside. >> the way they did it they had help from inside. >> he's a plumber for 35 years and is surprised they had power tools to aid their escape. >> with a blinder, however they used, with the sparks the dust is unbelievable. >> investigators are looking into hundreds of leads. former new york city department of correctional director martin horn. >> until they have these two guys cornered they're circling everyplace else. eventually they're going have to come up for food for water, for
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something. >> reporter: it's very quiet here now but that's the nature of these manhunts. officials have to respond to any kind of credible lead and check it out thoroughly. meanwhile authorities admit these two men could be anywhere. jeff. >> thank you very much. this morning the obama administration is retooling in its battle against them. major garrett is at the white house with this new approach. major, good morning. >> good morning. president obama intends to send hundreds of more military adviser sa advisers into in western section. now, the plans which could be unveiled officially as early as today call for sending upwards of 500 more advisers to augment the 3,000 u.s. troops in iraq now. all the u.s. troops would remain under the same strict military
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guidelines. no frontline advising or intelligence gathering to minimize the risk of combat deaths or capture. the president said iraq must provide more recruits and use the 8,000 u.s. trained forces more effectively to reverse isis gains and the sunni strong holds in ramadi and fallujah. he raised these issues on n a meeting on the summit sidelines. the president also said this emerging retooled strategy needs to stop the flow of fighters in iraq and their new efforts to begin there and focus on the turkey border. the idea is to use turkish fighters. charlie? >> thanks. suicide bomber attacked a top tourist attraction.
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police at the scene stopped two of the suicide attackers. officers shot and killed at least two suspects. every year millions visit the ancient city along the nile river. another terror attack in 1997 killed 62 people. we expect to hear today from the lawyer of a texas police officer who resigned yesterday over his actions at a pool party. cell phone video captured the officer pinning a black teenage girl to the ground last week. he also pulled out his gun. vicente arenas is outside the police department where some say it was racially charged. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the police are trying to figure out if excessive force was used and if criminal charges would be filed. tuesday night's peaceful gathering outside the mckinney police department and the pool
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were a drastic contrast to the dramatic scene seen the week before. the belief cheese described eric casebolt's behavior during last week's confrontation as out of control. >> with the actions of casebolt as seen on the video at the disturbance of the community pool are indefensible. >> reporter: according to kctv said his statement was one sentence wrong. i hooesh resign my position with mckinney police department. it's sparked outrage. >> officers need to be fired now. >> reporter: and reignited a national conversation about how law enforcement interacts with the community. >> when he pulled out his gun, i thought, we needhe needs go because he's obviously lost control.
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>> the other officers who responded to the service had acted appropriately. >> i had 12 officers on the scene and 11 of them performed according to their training. they did an excellent job. >> 16-year-old mariah dickinson agrees. >> the other cops were well mannered. in 2014 "money" magazine ranked mckinney as the number one place to leaf. brian lawful meyer is the city's mayor. >> the actions of one individual does not define our community as a whole. we have to understand this we have to understand what took place. >> we've reach out to casebolt. he's not0 agreed to talk to us. meantime casebolt gets to keep his pension and benefits. jeff? >> vicente, thank you very much. not guilty is the plea this morning from former house speaker dennis hastert. he appeared in court yesterday
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on federal charges. dean reynolds is at the united states district court with hastert's next steps. dean, good morning. >> good morning. well, here at the federal courthouse we got our first good look at dennis hastert since his indictment and he was unsteady at times bewildered. a far cry from the powerful man he once was. hastert fought throu cameras as he arrived for arraignment at the federal courthouse in chicago. the man who was once in line for presidency spoke in a whisper through his attorney entered a plea of not guilty on all charges. he's free on bond, submit his passport submit to dna testing, and surrender all firearms. according to the indictment the
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former speaker faces lying federal investigators and hiding bank transactions as part of a plan to pay 3ment $5 million in hush money to one of his victims for past misconduct. it's sexual in nature and the victim only known as individual "a" was a student in yorkville. where he was a teacher and wrestling coach. the speaker who described hastert a shell of a man in court said the plea is no surprise but faces an uphill battle. >> a lot of people thought he'd walk into court and admit the error of his ways take that step toward rehabilitation and admit you were wrong. everyone has seen the evidence in the case the transactions, and the first question is how is he going to beat this.
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>> we don't know the answer for a while. in any case if convicted on those charges, hastert could face 10 years in prison and a $500,000 fine. charlie? >> dean thanks. russian president vladimir putin will meet with pope francis today at the vatican. putin arrived in italy this morning. pope francis has not condemned russia for the violence. it calls for all parties to end the fighting. they reaffirmed sanctions for russia for its actions in ukraine. this morning jeb bush has a warning for president putin. he said the u.s. will step up fights to attack the aggression if he becomes president. he spoke at the economic conference in germany. who can doubt that russia will do what it pleases if aggression
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goes unanswered. our 'lines, solidarity are essential if we want to -- >> he called to strengthen economic and security ties with east european nations. charlie, you're going to be doing an interview with him soon. >> next week. part of the east russian fed ration conference. last month's derailment in philadelphia killed eight passengers and injured more than 200 others. engineer brandon bostian says he doesn't remember anything about the crash. crews are investigating a glitch at the international space station which shifted its orbit on tuesday. the engine of a soyuz station
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unexpectedly fired. the russian space agency says the crew was never in danger. three crew members were expected to return to earth in a soyuz earlier this week. a colorado jury begins this morning with three less jurors. one juror talked about the case with her husband and others overheard it. the trial is in its seventh week. and the last of louisiana's angola three is still in prison thn morning. woodfox and three other men were held in solitaire confinement for decades in a prison in louisiana. on monday the judge ordered woodfox to be freed. his conviction was turned over twice on appeal. this morning a panel is relewised a new drug.
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the drug is an injectable medicine. it helps to lower ldl or so-called bad cholesterol which is a leading cause to heart disease. we have our first look at john kerry since last month's bike accident. he tweeted working from his boston hospital room. he chatted with senior adviser susan rice and senior staff. he broke his leg in france. >> this morning the cavaliers are one step closer. lebron james scored 40 points they bead the warriors in cleveland, 96-91. hundreds of fans took to the streets to celebrate the win. michelle, good morning. >> good morning. king james held court of his subjects tuesday night in
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cleveland doing what the superstar does best. shiepg his light on the biggest stage. it was the signature win basketball players have within waiting for. all with a four-time mvp as the architect. the warriors have a most valuable player of their own. steven curry who was neutralized by kav rear defense for most of the game but down the stretch he found his mvp form. >> steph curry found another and it's a three-point game. >> keeping his team in the game but it wasn't enough. king james turned in vintage scoring shows it. >> i always said the best
7:18 am
teacher in life is about experience. i continue to lead these guys every single night. >> lebron's teammate matthew dell a ba dough va scored in game one. he spent most of his time on the floor, actually on the floor making big plays when husband team needed it more. >> he's going to give everything he's got, out on the floor, willing to sacrifice everything for the better of the team. >> he played so hard he was hospitalize after the game tr severe cramping. if cleveland can muster two more wins it will be the first one in that city since the brown beat the baltimore colts way back in
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1966. did you see lebron. >> it was incredible. >> golden gate is a great team too. a rookie pitcher threw his first big-hit no-hitter last night. >> strike recalled. in his 13th major league start has thrown the first major league no-hitter. he finished off the mets with a streak. it was onlies hetop's first start in that. ahead,
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by nationwide
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. a sightseeing tourist sparks outrage in a washington town buried by a mudslide. >> my family died there. my neighbors died there. >> ahead, the tour guide with why he wants river rafters to see the sights. >> sponsored by -- it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided. ready to leave sticky sunscreens behind? new neutrogena cooldry sport. micromesh technology lets sweat pass throughand evaporate so skin stays comfortable, while clinically proven protection stays on. new cooldry sport. neutrogena. now at chili's new top shelf ranchero chicken tacos. stop in for lunch and tap, swipe, and go. chili's. fresh is happening now.
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one shark researcher seems to be pushing the bounds of reason. take a look at this. he was studying sharks off the coast of baja right here what a massive great white was in a metal cage. he left to give him a high five. he said's theest thing he's ever seen. >> he's a friendly great white. >> for the time being. >> right. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, an international trade group wants the airlines to change the rules for carry-on luggage. plus, the sight of a tragedy. an excursion down a washington river is accused of capitalizing
7:31 am
on a deadly mudslide. how families are fighting the tour operator. that's ahead. the "washington post" says some secret service officers at the white house lack security clearances. that's after a rush to recruit additional officers at the white house including a man who jumped the fence. several were posted to sensitive positions without competing the national required clearance process. u.s. defense secretary ash carter says for the first time gays and lesbians will be protected. they'll handle complaints as they do race color, and reriggs. britain's "guardian" said police commissioner bill bratton
7:32 am
said it's hard to hire because so many have records. as such we can't hire them. bratton says the report is incorrect and he's demanding a retraction. "the wall street journal" reports that chai nas's low internet and is a drag on businessing. 57% of european businesses in china said they are impacted by difficult internet access. 31% say they're unable to search for information or do researching. >> the akron beacon journal says they're getting a new mayor after ten weeks. the mayor admits to inappropriately touched a female. the current one takes the role today. it is recommending that
7:33 am
airlines adopt a so-called optimal size standard for these items, but the new size is smaller. oh no. than what many travellers carry now. kris van cleave is in washington. say it ain't so. >> it could be. this is my carry-on bag. i've cared it all over the world. what a leading travel group says the optimal side would look more like this. it would essentially fit inside my carery on bag. one thing they hold dear is their carry on bag. >> reporter: u.s. airlines are racking up record fees $3.5 billion last year alone. there's more incentive to carry
7:34 am
carry-on. carry-on. right now there are no sanctions but what this means is where it might fit one, it may not fit another. they issues a new guideline suggesting the optimal carry on bag size, but it is smaller than any currently allowed by u.s. carriers. >> around the world we see a lot of didn't sizes. >> chris goader is an itia spokesman. >> you can have the certainty that your bag is going to get on. >> ben writes an aviation blog for "usa today" and said the airlines realize the lack of a standardized carry on bag is a problem. >> if you start seeing global
7:35 am
airline after global airline adopt this there could be more pressure for the u.s. airlines to hit this. right now i'm skeptical. >> a businessman struggled for words with the thought that his carry on lost an-inch. >> if i lost an-inch, i'd have to check itny every day. >> reporter: so far it's a recommended guideline but eight carriers have signed on as supporters and so far the u.s. has not signed on. you can bet they're watching this. bottom line gayle and i will not be able to carry the extra shoes. >> i this is bad news. i say i can get this into the
7:36 am
department. this is very distressing. >> can't do that. >> go private. >> can't do that either. road rage apparently led to a brawl in the middle of hollywood. witnesses say the two drivers had been arguing in heavy traffic for about ten minutes on monday. one leaned out of his window and this is what happened. >> wow. punched the other guy. the fisticuffses began -- this is in the middle of the road in hollywood. the guy in the shirtd and tie beat up the other driver and got back in the other way. the other driver failed to write a complaint. >> that music is coming from the guy who shot the video. >> one would think you have the license plate there. >> it's sparking controversy at the site of a deadly mudslide. it runs through the town of oso.
7:37 am
43 people died there last year. they report that the victim's families tourned them of profiting from the tragedy. >> good, good, good. we got it. we got it. >> captain dave button's new tour on the river is facing obstacles on and off the water. >> here we go. hard, hard. >> reporter: it's promoted on sites like living social and advertised as a way to see the gigantic devastation caused by the mudslide. families are outraged is. he wife and granddaughter along with 41 others lost their lives last month when 22 billion pounds of mud gave way. he says the tours are exploiting a painful tragedy. >> right now i'm an kbri because it should about happen. >> a law firm representing the victim's families are recommending that he immediatelymeade
7:38 am
cease and desist or face charges. button is in effect trespassing. button said the tours will membership with the disaster and serve as a memorial for those killed. >> it's out of respect for the people who lost loved ones. >> he said he hopes to use the profits to help the families of the victim, possibly creating a scholarship money. >> they don't want the money. they don't want him accepting money. they don't want the graveyard of their loved ones made into an attraction. >> the tours are kurchlly on tour until the river pick backes up. but button says 730 people have purchased future trips. for "cbs this morning," john blackstone, sfrabs. ahead, why seinfeld says
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jerry seinfeld thinks young people today are too politically correct with his comedy. this time he says there is something wrong with that. he's raising controversy, calling out mill len yarennials for not being able to laugh. vladimir duthiers is outside the comedy cellar. vlad, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. jerry seinfeld still travels around the country doing stand jupp. he's known to make some surprises here at the comedy cellar but his latest comments about young people they didn't find funny. >> what's the deal with millennials. that's what jerry seinfeld wants to know. the 61-year-old comic legend
7:44 am
said last week political correctness is running amok among young people. >> i don't play colleges but a lot of people say don't go near them they're so p.c. that's racist that's sexist. >> do you ever go to a small town where they're still race imt for white people? hey, watch over there, that's where the dirty irish live. >> reporter: he thinks much of the culture is oosh. >> he avoided anger and vulgar humor. >> it would be a great if he could see me with my black friends. >> except you don't have any. outside of us you don't have any white friends either. >> hi, i'm jerry seinfeld. >> reporter: as well as his website "comedians in cars
7:45 am
getting coffee" which feature nod women and one. >> if they were really hipsters, how could they be so many of them. >> reporter: seinfeld addressed some of them in a buzz segment last year. >> to me it's anti-comedy. it's more about p.c. nonsense than you making us laugh or not. >> reporter: seinfeld joins chris rock and the cable guy in avoiding college ss. >> reporter: edgy jokes like key & peele and amy poehler. >> these are jokes. grow up. get a life. go out and get some sun, you fat loser. print it. all right.
7:46 am
>> just a few months ago the new host of "the daily show" trevor noah came under fire for some years-old tweets some found offended but in a radio interview he said i talk about the subjects talk about because for some reasons i can make funny. the ones i can't make funny, you don't hear. >> i think jerry seinfeld's humor has always been very relatable. >> exactly. >> if you want to play college campuses, play college campuses. >> there's nothing wrong with that. we'll ask top allergists why poinz ivy cases are soaring and weighing to deal with that.
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a powerful eruption from a volcano sent a massive plume into the tirr. rock slides down the 8,500 foot mountain threatened others down below. residents are on alert for an even bigger eruption. a new kind of smart drone could make aerial photography easier than ever. ahead, a u.s. drone pioneer will reveal his new eye in the sky right here on "cbs this morning."
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it is wednesday, june 10th 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead, including a smart drone that's taking video to dramatic new heights. the developer will unveil it here in studio 57. but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. law enforcementce desnded on this town afternoon receiving what they describe as a credible threat from a person who lives on trohis ad. a plan calls for sending upwards of 500 more advisers to augment the 3,000 u.s. troops in iraq. for the police department they're trying to figure out if excessive force was used and if incrimal chargesul shod be fired. >> in convicted he could face
8:01 am
ten years in prison and a $500,000 fine. a report this morning fails to reveal if the amtrak engineer was using his cell phone. they said the optimal side would look more like this. it would essentially fit inside my carry-on bag. his latest comment didn't find if they were funny. >> dunkin' donutss is considering door-to-door service. that's great. i'm not sure dunkin' donuts runs on dunkin' if thank mate it too dunkin'. >> narrator: "cbs this morning" sponsored by . sources tell cbs news this
8:02 am
morning cell phone records connect two escapes killered to a prison employee. they may have gotten help from joyce mitchell. she reportedly tell phoned them. police poured into this small town after getting a tip. don dahler is 30 miles south of dannemora dannemora. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. over 400 police officers swarmed the fields and the woods and the farmland here after they received a tip about two suspicious men who ran when they were spotted. residents are asked to stay indoors and lock their doors. there were snipers in full camouflage in the woods and late last night they packed up and left. meanwhile we're learning a little more about how these men might have made their escape.
8:03 am
i spoke with a man who had been a 35-year long employee at the prison. he had been a pipefitter and he said judging from the cuts made he believes they used a blinder with a cutting blade on it and also he said that there were very strict rules at the prison about the tools, that they had to be tagged signed in and out, and if any went missing, the prison was shut down. no one was allowed to leave until they were found. for your that reason he believes the men had outside help. jeff. >> thank you very much. this morning the obama administration is planning a course of correction of isis in iraq. they would train iraqi troops at a new base in anbar province where isis has made big gains. they want to stem the flow of foreign fighters in iraq with new efforts focused on the borders of syria and turkey. >> hundreds of miles away isis
8:04 am
has a strong foothold in libya. holly williams has more on how the local groups are getting ready to battle isis. good morning. >> good morning. we're told isis advanced 20 miles yesterday, seizing a power plant from this just outside sirte. they have even vowed to one day conquer europe. in this libyan workshop and like a scene from mad max they recycle weapons for the fight against isis. bullets are cleaned and recartridged and this manager showed us these heavy machine guns stripped from tanks and helicopters. they'll be mounted on pickup trucks for use on the front line just over 100 miles away.
8:05 am
these men are determined to stop isis getting any closer. >> i will kill them. >> you will fight them. >> forever. forever i will fight them. >> reporter: many here in libya share that resolve but since the downfall of the country's dictator libya's descended into a chaotic civil war and in the as gained a foothold seizing towns and cities. they announced their arrival with trademark brutality. two videos showing the beheadings of christians. we're told isis is a cancer and libya the weakened body it's invaded. >> the country like this. they're not strong enough. >> isis is coming.
8:06 am
>> this time isis is coming after the war. >> reporter: a senior u.s. official tells us that so far isis has fewer than 5,000 fighters in libya and estimates that half of them came here from other countries but in the few months they've been operating here, the extremists have made rapid gains. jeff? >> holly williams thank you very much. michelle obama's last graduation speech of the year might be the most meaningful. she spoke at martin luther king jr. college prep. two years ago hadiya pendleton was killed by random gunfire. mrs. obama talked about the toughness of a hostile environment. >> maybe you've been tested earlier than a lot of o'young people. may visit have more scars than they do or you feel more tired than someone your age should ever really feel, but graduates,
8:07 am
tonight i want you to understand that every scar that you have is a reminder not just that you got hurt but that you survived. >> hadiya was killed just a few days after marching with the school drill team in the obama's 2013 inaugural parade. >> she was speaking from the heart. >> i bet her coming there to speak to them too, meant a lot to them. poison ivy is branching out. we'll show you what may be causes cases to soar and how your reaction in
8:08 am
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in our ""morning news"" leaves of three, let them be.
8:13 am
california, alaska and hawaii. researchers say the risk from high allergy plants are getting worse every single year. dr. clifford bass is an allergist and clinical professor at the nyuo of medicine. we heard about this from a producer who shall remain nameness eva who came in with welts. it's more powerful. why is it? >> it's the triple threat. it's becoming more prevalent. climate change warmer temperatures carbon dioxide levels are rising. they're expecting to double. they tell the plants to grow bigger leaves and the poison ivy itself is more powerful and supercharged. that's what we're worried about. people who work outdoors they're more exposed. we have strategies to help people. >> tell us one more time. how does it work?
8:14 am
the oil is the villain. >> that's right. it's the oil in the plant. it protects the plant. whelp it's disturbed by touch or contact, it's released to get us. it causes an allergic type of reaction. the bottom line is looking at the plants knowing what you're seeing, spreenlting exposure and there's several things we'll talk about in a minute how to prevent it from getting worse and,000 treat it if you do get it. >> let's talk about it now. >> okay. your number one rule is 1 hour. if you can wash the ivy -- that's if it's visible. it can land on a chair or bench. you want to wash it in the first hour. that can dramatically help you avoid it. there's a block that's an over-the-counter cream that
8:15 am
prevents the poison ivy oil from getting on your skin and staying there. in going golfy, if you're exposed f you have a history -- my wife does. every time we go out to a place in connecticut or sits on a bench, she get it. it doesn't discriminate. the key is wash it off. your clothing. you need to change. the reason is it it may stay on our clothing for up to five years and you can put a golf club in the garage and you're fooling around in the garage and you have a horrible rash. very common. number one outdoor skin allergy in the world. >> eva came up to me and i said, do we want to stay away? can it spread to other people potentially? >> well, if it's on the contact it can. the bottom line is some will not be many times they do. you want to wash your clothes in
8:16 am
hot water, your gloves and things. keep them outside. it's here. know what it looks like and do the right thing. again, calomine oil, cool compresses. the important thing is being aware of it. >> thank you. >> thank you. 10-year-old turns her lemonade stand into a high-grow high-growing business. again, bee sweets. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> reporter: cbs "morning rounds" brought to you by k9 advantix ii. by bayer. it's broad-spectrum protection k ills fleas ticks and mosquitoes too. k9 advantix® ii. for the love of dog™.
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v there is evidence your kids may not be wasting their team when they're buried in technology like smart phones. nearly a third of the teens surveyed use what they learn online to live better. jim axelrod is here with a ground wraiking way to help teens find high-tech help when they needed urgently. good morning. >> good morning. it's call crisis techline and it helps to find them whatwhere they need them on their phone. >> sometimes a cry for help barely makes a sound. just ask darryn. >> someone might text in i can't take it anymore. i don't know where to turn.
8:21 am
>> darryn is a council already for crisis tech line. theed you of a woman named nancy loveland. she's the owner of, the largest youth line in the country. they get all kinds of text. >> the worst message we ever got was from a girl who said she was being raped by her father. it was when we got that text message that everything changed. >> when do something got that text, they did the only thing they could do at the time and sent her the name of a rape >> we didn't hear back. the next day we sent it to her again and we didn't hear back. we've never heard back from her tochl this day i don't know what happened to her and it wasn't enough. >> so loveland did more. coming up that very day with it couldn't get any easier for people to reach out. punched up the left side of the
8:22 am
numbers bottom to top 7-4-1-7-4-1. >> one of the ma tras is to meet people where they are. >> where are they these days? >> they're texting. >> she butz in charge of training counselors. designing new techniques to foster intimacy through the keyboard. >> the skills of active listening, pair frayraphraseingparaphrasing seeking to understand. >> normally in a conversation you might be getting it by going. . h, i get it. you don't have that luxury here. >> reporter: it launched in two cities. within four cities they were in area cold in america. grew faster in facebook with zero marketing. >> what do you think that is generating this degree of sadness, anxiety, depression. >> you know when asked a question like that it used to be someone like me would guess
8:23 am
and say i think it's a whole bunch of various factors. what's exciting about crisis text line, we actually have the data. >> that's the game-changer. each day 16,000 text messages are exchanged with the crisis counselors. 6.7 mill upmessages since they started. >> when we started we thought bullying was going to be a major issue for texters. it turns out that's only 2.5% of our conversations are about bullying and 30% are about depression and suicide. >> reporter: bob philbin compiles all that data from the millions of texts which create as much deeper inspiration pool about despair. algorithms track not just about location but word choice. >> every day at lunchtime we feel a little psyched. they're texting us from the
8:24 am
cafeteria. they're sitting around friends but they're texting us. >> no one hears you. >> yep. >> they handle more than 100,000 message as day but no matter how many they get there's one text that nancy loveland thinks about every single day. that first one. >> do you still think about it? >> all the time. i have no idea. i hope that she sees this and realized that she inspired this and that we're going to help a ton of people. >> ultimately crisis text line then links those reaching out to organizations to real people that they can connect with to get help. crisis text line is growing so fast loveland just recently left her post as ceo of do something else to the text line. ahead, the next generation of drones right here in studio 57.
8:25 am
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welcome to "cbs this morning." there is plenty of news coming up this half hour. you get look at the news camera room. this one is called the solo and it's practically flying itself in our news room. plus a little girl stung by success. now he cease hoping to build a lemonade empire. that's ahead. right now it's time to show you this morning's headlines from around the globe. vincent maoussetto.
8:31 am
he wrote the headline headless body in topless bar. it ended up on a t-shirt and ended up in movies. >> a frozen 28-year-old woman who's not being named delivered a healthy boy in 2014. the woman's right ovary was removed when she was 13 before starting chemotherapy for sickle sell anemia. doctors in belgium restored her fertility by restoring the tissue. belgium uses a coin that commemorates the battle of waterloo and france is not pleased. they used the coin to mark the 200th anniversary of napoleon's defeat at waterloo. they rejected another coin back in march. the oakland a's brett lawrie sent flowers to taniaya carpenter on tuesday along with a note
8:32 am
sending my thoughts and prayers. carpenter remains hospitalized. her condition was upgraded to fair. lawrie shattered a bat and flew into the stands and hit her in the face. >> that's great. "the wall street journal" shows us a new oven that you can get. it can identify about 15,000 frozen foods from frozen pizza to salmon. it includes probes and touchscreen cooking. the cost of convenience. it's a little pricey. it's 1,500. >> and "variety" says homer and marriage will be living separate lives. his narcolepsy strains the
8:33 am
marriage. marriage leaves and he falls in love with his pharmacist. they won't say if they get back together. a golden retriever threw himself in front of a small school bus to save his legally blind owner on monday. figo got between audrey and a bus right before they hit in danbury, connecticut. stone is recovering from several broken bones. figo escaped with a cut on his leg. he refused to leave stone while first responders treated her. >> i think got that i have him and that he survived too and i love him. >> the driver says he didn't notice either of them in the cross walk. he has been cited and is off duty this morning. >> that's unconditional love. she said they have a very strong connection. would barkley do that for you? >> i hope so. we like them because they're
8:34 am
unconditional, don't we. >> yes we do. >> a new drone from a pioneering american company. it hopes to raise the bar in aerial photography while making it's easier. 3-d robotics carries two commuters and a go procamera. drones are expected to be hot sellers this summer and through the holidays. the faa is testing them now to find a balance between safety and fun. chris andersen is ceo of 3-d robotics and we welcome him to the studio again. what's different or smarter about these drones? >> the first thing we did a couple of years was got robots to fly. that was hard. then we put cameras on them and then we realized there's more to putting cameras in the sky.
8:35 am
steven spielberg is going to have cameras in the sky. what makes it a great shot is all the complex things they've developed oefrp the software. >> you push a bob? >> you don't need a skill. they'll now be mareking movies. >> exactly. that's already the case wchl very many cameras and films are of robot arms and films become more scripted and more cd they have to become robotic to hit the marks, to hit the point at the right moment because the cg has to catch up. now the aerial cameras have to do the right thing. >> who are you targeting? >> me. >> says charlie rose. >> exactly. so gopro. they've sold millions of cameras. this is your epic life. now, you know that's -- so
8:36 am
there's this notion. youtube and instagram and you know and all these facebook the ability to tell your own story cinemaing to graicily. it lets you have a selfie stick. got help us. so as people want to tell their own story better they want better tools. >> you're also limited by the reach of the law. i mean if everyone has one of these in the back of their yard and flying them around the neighborhood how you do work around this? >> it's called recreationial use and the law allows you to fly them under 400 feet. you can't fly over other people backyard. a lot of people are concerned about privacy but in fact safety already stop ss you from doing that. >> i am concerned about safety. i think the other day there was an american airline pilot
8:37 am
talking about a drone being up here. could it be sucked into an engine and take a plane down or can bad guys do bad things with it. i'm so concerned about that. >> right now they're going to get smaller. they're unlikely taking out a plane. that said, it's bad thing. there are two things going on. one of them is accidental. sort of what we call mass jackassery. >> we've got a lot of that. >> i like that. say that again. >> mass jackassery. you used to report skills. so we as an industry have to you know coach people on what safe and response isible is. >> we had a story about china monitoring students to catch cheaters. there's a race to look at how
8:38 am
they can be used. on the other hand they're trying to figure out safety and other means of making sure that this progress is not daenchs or even illegal. >> yes. we can't wait for the regulations to kauch. they operate too slowly and there's too many of them. we have to understand what does safe and responsible mean. >> that kind of self regulation. >> exactly. >> we can't regulate that. >> right. the brilliant authentic about these drones is they connect to devices. there's an app and the app talks to a cloud. so every time you turn around it sends four data points to the cloud. who's flying what what are you nighing, wherend and when. the cloud can send back red, yellow or green. red means no, it's not safe for you the untrained pie lot fly in
8:39 am
this location. or yellow it might be safe but the neighbor here had declares knoll. >> it still seems like the wild west. >> it does. >> people like the wild west. >> they do. the wild west is wonderful and you say you can't wait for regulations but don't there seem to be some sort of basic rules in place here? >> there are. under 400 feet. you can't fly over 400 feet. so those are the rules. they even been in place for 30 40 years. what we have here is not a law problem but enforcement problem. >> and same's club figures it's going to be a big item for them. they're pretty big. >> yeah. >> from what to what? >> some go from $300 to $600.
8:40 am
ours that's going to be selling in best bye under $300. >> how much under. >> $1. you can look at that kind of range. >> what made you ask how much under. >> i don't know. >> they're very cool things. i want people to be responsible. know where they can and can't. >> otherwise there'll be jackassery. >> mass. >> mass. >> you press a button and you get the shot. >> thank you very much. >> good to see you again. can a 10-year-old help stop a crisis by selling lemonade? i don't
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
i'm coming. you're a little high. yee-haw. >> a little too close to disaster. two base jumpers in arizona planned a dual jump. one was jumping from above and the other from a lower point but their chutes got tangled about 200 feet from a boulder field.
8:45 am
they spiraled down. one of the chutes caught on a rock face and they were able to untangle and no one got hurt. they weren't seriously hurt. glad a drone was there to catch it all. >> you've got to see it. the massive decline of the honeybee is raising new concerns. even the white house is taking notice on this. recently, the steps to protect the pollinators. vicente arenas met one girl in a fight in a way that might surprise you. >> reporter: don't let this 10-year-old vendor fool you. michaela ulmer is the owner. >> i'm the founder and ceo of it. >> that's a big title. >> it is. >> reporter: she was stung. >> i would freak out about the
8:46 am
bees, like overreact and then my parents did some research so i would be less afraid and doing that research i found out how incredibly important pollinators they are and that they were decides and sew i decided to create this. >> she dug up an old lemonade recipe from her grandma's cookbook and added honey. bee coopers have reported losing 42% of their colonies since last year. scientists suspect pesticides maybe behind the decline which may threaten our food supply since bees pollinate crops. >> the pesticides get into their brain and they can't get back to their hives or they have it with them and return to the hive and the whole hive dies. >> she started brewing bee
8:47 am
sweet. within a few years they had a company on their hands. >> we donate a portion of the profits we made with organizations that help to make the bees. >> some kids your age wouldn't want to give any of it away but you're giving a chunk of it. are you okay with that? >> i am. it's solving a problem in this world, that's what keeps me motivated to do it. >> reporter: whole foods market heard about her efforts to save the bees and is now selling her lemonade in 32 stores in 42 states. >> she's asking about logistics or what retail should be or margin. she's incredibly shark. >> reporter: michaela's family helping her run the growing business that's on set to sell nearly 140,000 bottles. even with with all this work
8:48 am
she tries to do something she enjoys. >> whether it's rollerblading or a sleepover. you create a balance because she's working as hard as she's playing. >> reporter: they'll debut two new flavors this summer. >> what do you think. >> it makes me want to grow my business. >> and her work continues, hoping to create a little more buzz for the bees. >> thank you. >> for "cbs this morning," vicente, arenas austin texas. >> incredibly shark is not the word for it. this is the most amazing person we had through the week. >> midway through the story charlie asked how old is she. ten going on 25. don't you love how she said i'm the founder and ceo. >> grow the business? my goodness.
8:49 am
>> and i want to taste the lemonade. >> good for whole foods. >> congratulations. and her parents. do the research. >> supporting her well. we'll show you how a 102 yrmd woman just defeated the nazis. that is next on "cbs this morning."
8:50 am
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this morning a 102-year-old student is the oldest to ever earn a doctorate. one man stood in her way. hitler. she wasn't allowed to attend because she was part jewish. rapoport said she didn't get the ceremony for herself but for evan who suffered. >> how great. >> how great were these two great stories? >> absolutely right.
8:53 am
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>> on "the doctors." >> the relaxing spa activity that caused this man's sudden death. >> there needs to be safety checks. >> we are in the process of determining exactly what happened. >> then, >> the story that's making headlines. >> the eating disorder you never heard about. >> this is what we want everyoneto w knothis. >> plus, the surprg isinway an esthetician can save your life. >> have you had a chance to thank her and tell her -- ♪ ♪ >> how could you save 347 billion gallons of water this year alone? the answer is in the "doctor's prescription" later. divorce can be devastating but new research suggests many women are surprisingly prepared. >> ladies, if your mare riagis on the rocks, there's a good bet you have a plan b on standby to replyoace anur m. a recent u.k. study found half


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