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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  June 12, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> pelley: breaking news, a computer attack linked to china has stolen the most sensitive secrets of members of the c.i.a., the military, and the f.b.i. also tonight, a prison employee has been arrested for allegedly helping two killers escape a maximum security prison. did an n.a.a.c.p. official color her past? >> i do consider myself to be black? >> pelley: her parent say she's white. >> and steve hartman can walter thomas. his big dream is behind that door. >> everybody is ready. everybody is watching. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the more we learn about the the healthcare attack against the u.s. government, the
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worse it gets. today, we learned that suspected chinese hackers got their hands on the personal information of as many as 14 million people far more than we were first told. and some of that information was extremely sensitive. it came from intelligence and military personnel who were applying for security clearances. jeff pegues is following this for us in our washington newsroom. jeff. >> reporter: scott, a federal law enforcement source says the cyber attack appears to have compromised sensitive background information provided by current, former and prospective federal workers. investigators believe suspected chinese hackers accessed forms containing personal data for background checks for security clearances including but not limited to information about mental illness drug and alcohol use, past arrests and bankruptcies. law enforcement sources say the f.b.i. c.i.a., and some military personnel are believed
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to have had data compromised. u.s. officials first publicly acknowledged the cyber attack last week, but investigators believe it started last year. it was discovered in april and then confirmed in may. >> all big intelligence agencies have biographic databases on important figures. >> reporter: jim lewis who has advised the government on cyber-security for over a decade says the chinese use the information to gather intelligence. >> they're doing opposition research. they're getting into the skin of the americans so they can understand how to play with them better. >> reporter: today, white house press secretary josh earnest said the administration has not ruled out sanctions against the perpetrators. >> detecting the computer networks of the federal government is a daunting challenge, and it does require the federal government to-- to be nimble, something that's difficult when you're t about an organization that's this large. >> reporter: some c.i.a. personnel information is stored at o.m.p., but source say covert
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operatives' information is protected. scott, investigators acknowledge it will take time to learn the full extent of the attack's damage. >> pelley: and we understand the attack went undetected for four months. jeff pegues reporting tonight. jeff, thank you. there's another breaking story tonight. a prison employee has been arrested late today on charges that she helped those two convicted murderers escape. they broke out of the clinton correctional facility in dannemora, new york, a week ago tonight, and anna werner is covering the manhunt for us. anna. >> reporter: scott she's charged with felonies, which means if convicted this prison employee could herself be going to prison for years for helping others escape. joyce mitchell worked at the prison and admitted to investigators she helped plan the scaeb scaep of richard matt and david sweat. source tell us she may have may have helped provide some tools to the convicts to escape.
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sources say investigators are also exploring where their husband, lyle mitchell, also a prison employee, was himself involved. clinton county district attorney andrew wylie believes the inmates mented joyce mitchell. >> they were able to convince her to assist them in the escape, that a date was, you know-- a "go" time was established, and that she was you know, supposed to probably pick them up early saturday morning once they popped that manhole. >> reporter: and how did she explain why she backed out of the plan? >> i think she saw the light and she just realized, you know, what am i doing? you know. and so she didn't show up. >> reporter: today officers searched another area just three and a half miles southeast of the prison. investigators told cbs news they believe the two men were still together. police were searching tom maggy's property.
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>> reporter: so they told you they think that they're on your land? >> yes. >> reporter: town the plattsburgh supervisor bernie bassett says people here worry about themselves and the officers who are working to protect them. >> probably in the back of our mind we're all hoping it isn't my father, my uncle my brother my husband my wife who is the first to confront them. it's a very dangerous element. >> reporter: scott, joyce mitchell is charged with providing material support to these two men but officials say tonight in a news conference that's under way that this is simply one large piece of a puzzle. >> pelley: anna, thank you very much. a third suspect is in custody tonight in what the government describes as a home-grown terror plot. he's nicholas rovinski of warwick rhode, island. police say a plot to carry out an isis-inspired beheadingheading and an attack on police officers fell apart last week when one of the alleged conspirators was
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killed by cops in a boston parking lot. we have more now from chip reid. >> reporter: nicholas rovinski told investigators he was at war with those who oppose isis. the 24-year-old is accused of plotting attacks with at least two others usaamah rahim and his nephew, david wright. court papers describe wright as the leader who allegedly admitted introducing usaamah rahim to isis and meeting rovinski a year ago on social media. the three men met on this rhode island beach on may 31 to plan an attack. the target it was pamela geller, the organizeerce of the garland texas draw muhammed contest. the men wanted to behead her. but two days later raheem changed his mind. doorgd a recorded phone calls he told wright he was going to go after the boys in below believed to be a reps to police. he said he wished to meet allah sooner and leave his worldly
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life. wright advised raheem to destroy his cell phone telling him to get rid of it observer anybody get it. less than two hours later as this surveillance video shows raheem was confronted by police and f.b.i. agents in a boston. parking lot. police say he refused to drop a knife and was shot and killed when he move towards the officers. two minutes after the shooting wright allegedly sent a text message to rovinski which read, "an american took place this morning." the police and f.b.i. searched his home where they found a laptop computer that was in the middle of an update that would have destroyed all of the data. scott, it's not clear how much of that data was lost. >> pelley: chip, thank you. today, president obama suffered a major defeat on what might have been a signature achievement of his administration. in an unusual last-ditch press he went to capitol hill today to lobby for legislation that would allow him to lower trade barriers with other nations
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mostly around the pacific. labor unions and many democrats worried the bill would kill more jobs than it created. so, it was the president's own party that scuttled his top legislative priority. today, a judge cleared a university of virginia student charged with resisting arrest in march. the image of martese johnson's bloody face called an uproar. was race the reason for his arrest? martese johnson spoke with wyatt andrews. >> i'm acstatic that these charges are being dropped. >> reporter: martese johnson's elation outside of court was very different from his anguish back during his arrest. >> i go to u.v.a.! >> reporter: on the night of st. patrick's day alcohol control agents pitched johnson face-first into the sidewalk gashing his forehead. the officers thought he was using a fake i.d., and said he was, "agitated and belligerent." >> you ( bleep ) racist. >> reporter: johnson says his i.d. was real and he was singled
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out for being black. you don't think this would have happened to a white student? >> no, not at the university of virginia. >> reporter: his arrest sparked three days of protests, partly because very few students at u.v.a. are more respected than martese johnson. he's the elected vice chairman of the prestigious honor committee. he's also a student from south side chicago who thought he had finally escaped racial stereotypes. >> and i think that the moment my head hit the ground, that's when my realization came back. that's when i sort of understood that no matter where i go in my life, i'm still a black man and to a large majority of population, i'm still seen as a threat. >> reporter: no matter your level of accomplishments. >> it doesn't matter what i do in this world. i'm still an african american man. >> reporter: prosecutors also said they won't be charging the agents who tackled martese johnson, and he agreed saying there's no need to punish them. scott, johnson even said he now
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feels happy this all happened because it exposed an injustice. >> pelley: wyatt andrews with the interview tonight. wyatt, thank you. a major outbreak of bird flu is pushing the price of eggs toward record highs. we sent adriana diaz to iowa where farmers are suffering the most. >> our production is down about 60%. >> reporter: dave rettig owns rembrandt enterprises. rettig could only talk to us outside his iowa facility because it's under quarantine. so that fresh soil over there is the compost? >> that is yes. so that's got the chickens that have been euthanized. >> reporter: rettig has already lost more than eight million hendz to bird flu in less than four weeks resulting in tens of millions of dollars in losses and forcing hundreds of layoffs. nationwide, nearly 49 million birds in 21 states are now gone,
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reducing egg production by about 10%. is this worst period you've ever experienced in this industry? >> there's nothing that can come close to it, absolutely nothing. >> reporter: scientists aren't sure how the virus is spreading but rettig calls it a tsunami that's rippling through the egg supply chain from farms to food companies to truckers. how much of your business depends on chickens? >> at least 98%. >> reporter: posowns a trucking company that hauls for rembrandt. since bird flu hit orders orders are down cutting his revenue in half. do you think you're going to have to lay any employees off? >> myknoll is not but right now i've got to look at the big picture once the picture is. everybody is going to have to cut back but there could be some short-term layoffs. >> reporter: the short supply has already driven up average prices by 17 sentsz a dozen meaning the cost of the flu has spread from farm to table.
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adriana diaz, cbs news, rembrandt, iowa. >> pelley: tonight, the u.s. women's soccer team is playing sweden hoping to go 2 for 2 at the world cup. there are new rules this ye year to protect players from concussion, and it turns out women are at greater risk. here's jericka duncan. >> you see her just go up. >> reporter: violent concussions and blows to the head have created what many consider a silent epidemic of concussions in women's so. u.s. defender becky sauerbrunn says fifa put players on notice. >> we had a meeting with them and they are very adamant about what they would call yellow cards, red cards, things like that, just to protect us. >> the. >> reporter: briana scurry led america to the world cup title back in 1999, but a knee to the head five years ago ended her career and left her with
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debilitating depression and anxiety. >> it was a very dark time for me because days go by, weeks go by, months go by and i wasn't getting better. >> we don't really know what the clear short- and long-term risks are of concussion. >> reporter: neurologist james noble says concussion research remains woefully inadequate, especially for women. a big problem he says,ing is no two concussioning are alike. >> it really confound the whole matter of trying to identify concussion in an objective highly accurate way. >> reporter: who years ago when u.s. forward abbey wambach was hit in the head pie a kicked ball a referee actually waved off the team trainer who wanted to check her out. >> any sort of head, concussion issues it's a big deal. we want to make sure everybody leaves the game in as good condition as they came to it. >> reporter: briana scurry's concussion caused nerve damage which could only be repaired by a risky surgery. >> when you see a kid get hit in the head or their head bounces
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off the ground or something, a jolt, take a minute. you know, take a time-out. go in there check on that kid see if they're okay know what you should do. >> reporter: fifa has since changed its rules allowing referees times to stop the game three minutes up to three minutes is the amount of time, scott. some health officials say three minutes is not enough time. >> pelley: jericka duncan at the games in winnipeg, canada. jericka, thank you. did a civil rights leader lie about her race? and nowhere to go but straight up. when the cbs evening news continues. or a mouth breather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. when you're not confident you have complete visibility into your business, it can quickly become the only thing you think about.
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and visit our website to learn how you may blbe ae to get every month free. >> the debate over race took a strange turn today when the parents of a civil rights leader in washington state claim that she is white not african american. here's ben tracy. >> the work that we're doing is so necessary, and essential. >> reporter: rachel dolezal has led spokane's chapter of the n.a.a.c.p for the past six and a half months. >> if i was asked i would definitely say that, yes i do consider myself to be black. >> reporter: but her biological parents say that's not true. her birth certificate lists her parents as ruthanne and larry dolezal. they say rachel has been estranged from her family and is misrepresenting major portions of her life. >> our daughter is primarily
6:48 pm
german and charlie d'agata and of european descent. >> so she's white. >> she's white. >> reporter: these are pictures of rachel dolezal when she was growing up in montana. >> she's a blond blue-eyed freckled-faced girl growing up. >> reporter: dolezal's parents adopted four black children when she was a teenager and she was briefly married to a black man. she attended the historically black howard university on a scholarship. she also claims to have received hate mail and that a noose was left at her house. police never made any arrests. her claims have ignited a social media firestorm. one black woman tweeted "she constructed an identity and used fake stories of victimization for personal gain." and a white man wrote "pretending to be black is not okay." in a statement the n.a.a.c.p said "one's racial identity is not a qualifying criteria or disqualifying standard for n.a.a.c.p leadership." organization stands behind her.
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dolezal also serves as chair of the independent citizen police commission in spokane. scott, the city is now investigating whether or not she lied on her application by listing herself as african american. >> pelley: ben tracy, thanks very much. and we'll be right back. from centrum. a complete, and tasty new way to support... your energy... immunity... and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. song: rachel platten "fight song" ♪ two million, four hundred thirty-four thousand three hundred eleven people in this city. and only one me. ♪ i'll take those odds. ♪ be unstoppable. the all-new 2015 ford edge.
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propane attentions. one person was killed and 20 others were hurt. passenger jets are not supposed to be able to do this. a boeing video shows its new 787 taking off in a nearly verticalollowed by a series of of steep banks all part of a rehearsal for the paris air show. boeing hopes the display will help it sell a few planes. meeting the queen is a big honor, but in wales it turned into a royal pain for six-year-old maisie gregory. she gave the the queen a bouquet and curtsied, and as elizabeth turned to leave the soldier saluted and knocked the hat off maisie's head. walter thomas straps himself into a bucket seat to fulfill his bucket list. that's next. ugh! heartburn! did someone say burn?
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>> pelley: we end tonight with-- let's call it nona-genaria. former president george h.w. bush turned 91 today. no sky diving this year, just a quiet celebration in maine but another 90-something wanted a big bash and he got it. steve hartman met him "on the road." >> nice day out. >> yeah. >> reporter: aside from the occasional rousing game of pinochle. >> i got a pair of those. >> dorothy and walter thomas of woodstock, illinois say their lives are typically ho-hum. but that changed a few weeks ago when walter, at the age of 91-- >> my turn. >> reporter: decided to do something drastically daring. >> you ready grandpa? >> reporter: he strapped himself inside a junk car and prepared to cross off the only thing on his bucket list.
6:57 pm
>> i'm glad he get to do what he always wanted to do. >> reporter: and just what was that. >> one two -- >> reporter: you won't believe it. >> three! >> reporter: back to that in a minute. first i have to tell you how this got started. a ba year and a half ago walter of of riding in the car with his granddaughter becky when he said something really strange. he said, "you have ever wondered what would happen if you ever drove through a garage door." >> i told her it was one of my fantasies. throw it in reverse and go right through the door. >> reporter: becky said a smile came across his face. >> reporter: just like that. >> you didn't see him react to anything like that ever before. >> reporter: becky and the rest of the family found walter a car and garage that needed a new door anyway. >> everybody is ready! everybody is watching! >> is everybody out of the way? >> yes! >> reporter: so with the coast clear walter thomas went from pinochle to white knuckle.
6:58 pm
>> oh! >> oh, my gosh! >> reporter: and when he emerged, the smile was back. >> grandpa, you did it! >> reporter: in spades. >> look at you! >> it was like he was a little boy again. >> reporter: the video has now gone viral and while walter has inspired many he has mostly inspired himself. in fact, during our interview with his granddaughter, walter interrupted saying something about sky diving. >> i haven't heard that one yet. >> reporter: are you serious about this, sky diving. >> i would try that. >> oh, my gosh, grandpa. >> reporter: sounds like a follow-up. here we go. steve hartman, on the road, in woodstock, illinois. >> pelley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news, all around the world i'm scott pelley, and i'll see you sunday on "60
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believe it or not, this was a pretty standard water main break and this began as a pretty small hole. i'm mola lenghi. coming up next i'll tell you where it all went wrong. >> reporter: a woman who lost her life on suitland parkway is the fifth loved one a local family has lost to car crashes within a year. i'm surae chinn, that story coming up. >> maryland weighs in on the free range parenting debate with a clarification for moms and dads. >> is this naacp leader black or white? well, depends on who you ask. first tonight at 7:00 hat, shade, even ice cream, d.c. area residents and visitors are finding it will take more than that to keep cool. thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm derek mcginty. it felt like we were in


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