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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 7am  CBS  June 14, 2015 7:00am-8:31am EDT

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it is 7:00 a.m. sunday morning if you're just waking up. ahead on wusa9, police are investigating a fatal shooting in prince george's county. surae chinn will be live with what we know so far. the possible evidence in the search for ralisha rudd. a heatwave in the metro area is unrelenting and today we could see severe storms in the first alert seven-day forecast. well, good morning, and happy sunday, welcome to the best place for sunday morning television, i'm mike hydeck. >> and i'm meteorologist erica grow. did you see the beautiful shot on the camera. the sun streaming through and then you go outside and you're like uhhh.
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>> it's going to stay that way? >> through the workweek. >> oh, boy. >> today the thing different than yesterday is we have a greater chance for thunderstorms and actually the storm prediction center has placed our area in its slight risk category for severe storms, now, slight doesn't mean there's a tiny chance. slight risk means that the coverage of any severe weather will be very wildly scattered, so most of us are looking at thunderstorms arriving later on in the day. we are going to see temperatures heading into the 90s once again. today's range in high temperatures between 86 and 92 degrees. current temperature is 73 in leesburg, 72 in manassas and in gaithersburg, still 80 degrees at reagan national, d.c.'s airport. 73 in hagerstown. temperatures are warmer to start than they were at this time yesterday but we have fog out there this morning, 1 1/2 mile visibility in warrenton, also thick on i-95 between both belt ways so if you're heading out on 95 north out of the city
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be cautious for that possibility of reduced visibility. you can see some of those storms that developed during the overnight hours and more storms on the way. we will talk about when we finally get a break from this coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. top story now, police in prince george's county are asking for help this morning, they are trying to get more information on a murder in forestville. one person died last night in a shooting. surae chinn is live on the scene. do we have a suspect so far? >> reporter: no suspect, no suspect information. at this point prince george's county police still actively searching for a killer this morning. police are saying they found a man shot to death here in the 7300 block of donnell place here in forestville, it's the holly hill condominiums. we have video from overnight. detectives have been looking and searching for this person responsible, they also gathered evidence for several hours at
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the holly hills condominiums. they haven't found any clues as to who may be responsible, but any information leading to an arrest they would like to hear from you, they are actively looking for this person, not a lot of information about the shooting but they also say that this was not a random act. there is a reward out there for any information leading to an arrest this morning. live in forestville, surae chinn, wusa9. >> thank you, surae. police say a wedding guest's gun went off accidentally in new york's swanky waldorf astoria hotel and it hurt four people. shooting happened last night at the park avenue hotel lobby. police say the person's gun discharged, the bullet hit the floor, and four people were hit by shrapnel either from the bullet or debris like marble and glass in that lobby. the gun owner was ready. the waldorf astoria is one of
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new york's best hotels. a d.c. man arrested for making terror threats against metro will be in court yesterday. he was arrested by metro transit police in may. he is charged with making terror threats against metro stations, buses and trains. he's currently being held without bail. a volunteer dive team from new jersey is hoping to shed some new light on the ralisha rudd case, an october 2014 lead brought the team to the anacostia river yesterday. tracked a scent for the 8-year- old up to the water's edge and at that time the city did not have the resources needed to search the river. yesterday they found a suspicious bag near the river before divers made it to the water. the team searched underwater for several hours but did not find anything else. metropolitan police department's forensic unit is now investigating that bag. 650 swimmers from across the country will jump into the
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chesapeake bay tad for a four -- today for a 4.424-mile swim. it starts at 12:30 at sandy point state park. time now 7:05, thanks for waking up with us here at ahead we are going to have the details on today's big pride festival concert. plus is u2 breaking into the gaming business? we will look at their latest project next. and also a look into the past of a man who attacked the dallas police department. you're watching wusa9. we will be right back. i'm meteorologist erica grow. it is sticky out here, muggy and that muggy weather is going to lead to the potential for some strong thunderstorms later on today. if you're heading to the capitol pride festival, make sure you have the wusa9 radar app handy so that you can keep track of any potential developing storms. today's high temperature 90 degrees downtown as that festival is taking place. the concert, temperatures should be right about 88 degrees.
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stay with us.
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this is a yellow alert day. d.c.'s most accurate weather. >> when you step outside you feel the soup and sometimes when the heating takes place later in the day we have problems. >> absolutely. and it is going to be one of those days. what we are lacking today is a strong cold front or something like that to really get the storms firing, but because of all that heat and humidity in place, we have enough energy and atmosphere to get some storms firing that could turn severe later on this afternoon. a look with the michael and thumb weather cam, a pleasant situation out there, a boater taking advantage of the calm waters of of the patomic. coffee can dehydrate you instead of providing you with more moisture which you need
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when you're outside for an extended period of time, you get dehydrated in this kind of intense sunshine and heat and humidity. 80 degrees already at 9:00 a.m., we will sit at 88 degrees by noon, 87 at 5:00 p.m. the best chance for storms will of course be later in the afternoon and the early evening, but we can't rule out that thunderstorm even by noontime. so it's hot and humid again today in our weather headlines and the possibility of severe storms in the afternoon and evening hours. the main threats from those storms will be gusty winds and hail. i don't think that we are going to see much in the way of hail. it's just a little bit too warm out there and even as you go high in the upper atmosphere you have to get awfully high up there to get the temperatures below freezing so going to be tough to see any hail today but you could get some small hail. the yellow alert is not only in effect for today, but also again on monday. it's 74 degrees right now at andrews, 72 in waldorf, 70 in
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germantown about 80 degrees in downtown washington. you can see the storms firing up along the front itself. this is a warm kind of almost stationary front, there's not a lot of movement north or south and that's what helps us determine whether it's a stationary front or not. it's that south to north movement. but you can see a couple little showers and storms starting to fire in west virginia and that is what is going to head our way as we head into the afternoon and early evening. today's high temperatures 92 in fredericksburg, 90 in downtown washington, 87 in winchester, 86 in luray. temperatures still falling into the 70s tonight. so today and tomorrow are yellow alert days. look at monday's high temperature, 96 degrees, we will still be at 94 on tuesday with the threat for an isolated thunderstorm and in the first alert seven-day forecast, slight relief on wednesday, an isolated storm and a high of 90 but then we are back into the mid-90s on thursday before hopefully some prolonged relief
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arrives friday and saturday temperatures back into the 80s. mike, back to you. >> thank you, erica. we seem to get rid of our cell phones probably every two years or so, right? before you get rid of your old phone, though, you probably know to make sure to wipe the personal information and photos off it. but as lesli foster says if you own andrea roane droid something -- an android there's something else you need too do. >> the factory reset that you think scrubs your phone apparently leaves more than suds behind. a new research says that data still is on your phone. the researchers put 21 phones through certain tests including google, htc and motorola and in each case they could recover text messages, even e-mails remained on the phones. how do you keep your data out of the wrong hands? consumer reports says remove the memory card to use with your next phone or smart it with a hammer. lesli foster, wusa9. >> thank you, lesli. u2 wants to appeal to
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gamers. the online video service has announced plans to launch a separate app and website, specifically for fans of video games. youtube gaming is scheduled to debut this summer. a man is shot dead in frederick while children
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welcome back. today is a yellow alert day. i'm favorite alert -- i'm first
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alater meteorologist erica grow. the heat and humidity still in place, still 80 degrees in downtown washington. yesterday's high temperature was 92 in downtown washington. we are looking at 68 in front royal but that is by far the cool spot on the map. 73 in hagerstown and 75 right now at by wi -- at bwi. the threat for thunderstorms developing by about 1:00 this afternoon. a few pop-up scattered thunderstorms but then the activity becomes more widespread as we head toward dinnertime. up to 90 in downtown d.c. today so the heatwave continues, 85 at andrews, that cooler water influence as winds will be primarily out of the south and southeast during the afternoon and early evening today. the storm prediction center has us under a slight risk for severe thunderstorms. we will talk more about that coming up in the first alert seven day. back to you, mike. the man who opened fire on the dallas police headquarters early saturday morning was a criminal record and according to his mother had long standing emotional problems as well.
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police now identified the man as james bouldware, he has a criminal past involving multiple threats against family and community members in the dallas area. one of those cases was later dismissed. ryan new walks us through bouldware's latest incident with police. >> reporter: it was one close call after the next. >> it was very intense. >> reporter: bullets struck windows, cars and could be heard ringing out by neighbors who recorded the shootout from across the street. investigators say the gunman's rampage started early saturday morning at the front entrance of the dallas police station behind this glass riddled with bullet holes was an officer at the front desk who had just happened to momentarily leave to grab a drink when shots were fired. as officers approached the gunman, he turned and fired at this patrol car, one bullet even piercing the driver seat. two officers were inside, neither were hit. >> here with their training and that with a measure of luck and
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by the grace of god they survived. >> reporter: but those weren't the only close calls. this witness was recording the shooting when, listen carefully, a bullet flies by his head. investigators soon discovered the gunman left five bags around the police station, inside two were pipe bombs. >> i heard one of them go off when i got here. >> reporter: that one edward vasquez heard from across the street was in the police parking lot. it sent shrapnel up to 100 yards away. >> it was just like a real huge boom, kind of shook the ground. >> reporter: before the gunman led police on a chase, neighbors recorded video of him ramming his armored van do a patrol car, all along firing shots. >> that was brian new from wfaa
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in dallas. here at home a man shot and killed in frederick maryland while children were playing nearby. the brutal attack happened in front of those kids who were waiting to buy some treats from an ice cream truck. frederick city police say officers were called to the 400 block of vermont court before 5:30 yesterday. they found a 22-year-old victim suffering from gunshot wounds. he was pronounced dead on the scene. so far police have given no motive for the fatal shootings. a book more than 50 years in the making will hit shelves today. also ahead a teacher in california says she was discriminated against when she was fired after getting a divorce. her ex-husband still works for that same school. why the school says they had the right to let her go. that's coming up next. weatherwise we are in for the potential for severe thunderstorms this afternoon, you can see the storm prediction center has us in a
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yippee!! ♪ a boy who loaned a pellet gun to tamir rice, investigator warned him to be careful because the gun looked real. investigative documents released by prosecutors say tamir ice's friend had trade -- rice's friend had traded that air soft type gun for one of tamir's cell phone. he was fatally shot outside a cleveland recreation center by
7:22 am
a patrolman after the officer and his partner responded to a call about a man waving and pointing a gun. rachel dosele says -- rachel dolezal says she will address her race at a meeting. city officials are investigating whether or not she lied about her ethnicity when she applied to be on a police oversight commission. dolezal identifies herself black but her parents say she was born white. a former teacher at a private christian school in california is suing for discrimination. >> that's right. she says she was harassed by school officials after going through a divorce. peter dowd has the story. >> i was a good teacher. >> reporter: this kindergartner teacher says she worked at legacy christian academy in valencia for more than 14 years, but according to this lawsuit she recently filed, the school fired her after she got a divorce. she says her ex-husband also works at the school and kept
7:23 am
his job. >> i do believe that i was wrongfully terminated and i do believe that they had discriminated against me as far as marital status and gender. >> reporter: she alleges school administrators harassed her about the divorce, telling her if she was with the lord, she would reconcile with her husband. >> it was brought up with a biblical divorce. i was continually asked was it my fault? who left who. >> reporter: she also says school officials criticized her for wearing this elf costume deeming it inappropriate. on another occasion she says they complained her panty line was visible and that could cause one of the male parents at the school to fall or have impure thoughts. legacy christian academy declined our request for interview and sent us a statement that says in part the complaint does not accurately describe the reasons for her termination and contain many other inaccuracies, roughly 400 students attend the private k through 8 school which on its website says it is committed to sharing god's word with all of
7:24 am
our students and describes its education as distinctly christian. but ataviano claims her firing was anything but christian. >> all i wanted to do was come in there and teach kindergarten. >> reporter: she says she plans to continue teaching kindergarten at a public school. in valencia, peter dowd. the school order seniors who were enrolled in a summer business seminar class to stop raising moan to try to keep sweet fire open. the college's vice presidental for finance and administration e-mailed the school's professor on thursday to bring an online t-shirt sale to a halt. it's an event more than 50 years in the making. today harper lee's book go set "go set a watchman" finally hits shelves. it was written in the 1950s but it was never released. this was the novel that harper
7:25 am
lee first submitted to her publishers before the classic novel that she is known for. the book was released for preorder. the national park service will start repairs on the gw memorial parkway tomorrow. the repairs will take place between 395 and reagan national airport in both directions. single lane closures will begin after rush-hour between 9:30 in the morning and 3:30 in the afternoon but you should still expect traffic delays. and hurricane carlos is expected to strengthen. it's going to increase its forward speed as well over the coming days as it heads towards southwestern mexico. the u.s. national hurricane center says that the hurricane's eye is slowly drifting north and is about 100 miles south of the tourist resort of acapulco. the center of the storm expected to approach the coast of southwestern mexico late tomorrow. carlos is the third hurricane of the 2015 eastern pacific season. straight ahead in our 7:30 half hour, surae chinn is going to bring us up to date on an investigation into a murder in prince george's county this
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morning. plus a loved music teacher gets a special place named in her honor more than a year after her murder. and weatherwise it's another steamy one. we are looking at temperatures heading to around 90 degrees in the immediate metro area and any thunderstorms that develop today could turn severe. that means winds over 60 miles an hour, maybe even some quarter sized hail. stay with us. we will be right back.
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sunday morning, 7:30. police are searching for a killer after a man is murdered in prince george's county last night. surae chinn has a live report coming up. and we have positive news out of prince george's county too where a teacher is turning every subject in her class into a video game. another steamy one out there. the heat and humidity continue. the biggest difference from yesterday is more widespread storms that could turn severe. well, good morning, thanks so much for waking up with us this sunday morning. i'm mike mike hydeck. >> and i'm erica grow. we had temperatures in the 90s yesterday and this is going to be day four of temperatures of 90 or greater and no relief really in sight. we are going to continue to see
7:30 am
temperatures in the 80s -- sorry, upper 80s to mid-90s throughout the entire workweek, even into next weekend. here's a look at your play danner, 87 degrees -- day planner, 87 degrees at 9:00, and 10:00 a.m. a temperature of 82. so we are not getting any relief from the heat and humidity. thunderstorms possible as early as about lunchtime and extending through the evening hours, maybe even a lingering stray storm by 10:00 but most of us will start to see that activity dissipate as we head into the evening hours. right now it is 73 at pax river, 69 in westminster, 72 in culpeper, still 80 muggy degrees in downtown washington. and the visibility is reduced a li ttle bit, especially along i- 95 if you're heading along 95 in places like laurel and beltsville, you will have a little bit of fog out there. you can see the arc of the storms here, there is a warm front in place, it's kind of a stationary front at the moment. it's not moving south or north
7:31 am
at any speed whatsoever, so we are going to continue to see the storms kind of train along this front, not only today but tomorrow as well and the heat and humidity continue to build in the first alert seven-day forecast. we will talk more about that coming up. mike, back to you. >> thank you. we are following developing news this morning. prince george's county is offering a reward for any information leading to the arrest in the case of a murder overnight and it happened in forestville after 9:00 p.m. surae chinn is live on the scene. could this be random surae? what do we know so far? >> reporter: what we know is that police are saying this was not a random act, but no one is in custody right now, no suspect information to pass along, so very limited information this morning. police say that a man was found shot to death just after 9:00, around 9:10 last night. here's some video from overnight. you can see detectives were here, they were here for several hours, they spent time
7:32 am
looking for evidence here in the 7300 block of donnell place in holly hill condominiums, this is off of route 4, pennsylvania avenue. police are still actively searching for the shooter, the person responsible for this homicide. if you have any information, police would like to hear from you. there is a reward out there for any information leading to an arrest. in forestville, surae chinn, wusa9. >> thank you, surae. 7:32 now if you're just waking up. a man who authorities say opened fire outside the dallas police headquarters early yesterday morning had his van parked, he was the only person killed after the gun fire that erupted in a standoff. the suspect has now been identified as james bouldware. chief david brown says the suspect blamed police for having lost custody of his son and accusing him of being, quote, a terrorist. police sniper shot and killed him in his van early saturday morning after the department
7:33 am
felt he still posed enough of a threat. the massive manhunt in upstate new york for two convicted killers entering its ninth day and state police say they have no new leads. hundreds of law enforcement officers are scouring the wooded areas southeast of that maximum security prison where david sweat and richard matt escaped using power tools. state police say investigators will continue to search door to door and they plan to expand their search farther east today. and prison worker joyce mitchell has now been charged with smuggling hacksaw blades, chisels, a punch and a screwdriver bit to help those men escape. her lawyer has since entered a not guilty plea on her behalf. sentencing begins tomorrow for a woman who made national headlines for a scheme to steal houses. keanu johnson was found guilty of property theft in prince george's county in april. johnson and another woman, possibly stole six homes and apparently they plan to steal more than a dozen more than.
7:34 am
the charges stem from an incident in 2013 when she convinced a friend to help her steal the home of an upper marlboro woman who had died in 2010. johnson obtained a copy of a forged deed for the home and then sold the property. investigators hope a suspicious bag found near the anacostia river will lead to klaus in the ralisha rudd case. volunteer dive team to the river yesterday. seven months ago a cadaver dog tracked a scent for the 8-year- old to the water's edge. at that time the city did not have enough resources to search the river but thanks to a family friend a dive team was brought in from out of state. yesterday a member of the team found the suspicious bag near the river before the divers even made it into the water. >> looked like somebody had something in a bad that they wanted to sink. >> the team searched underwater for several hours but didn't
7:35 am
find anything else. the metropolitan police department's forensic unit is now investigating that bag. ralisha has been missing for more than a year. ruthanne la doteo was a -- lodato was a beloved music teacher when she was killed. yesterday family and friends paid tribute to the former piano teacher by dedicating a new alexandria playground in her honor. family, friends and former students were on hand for the dedication. the new interactive playground features a basketball court, bright colors and musical instruments. lodato's husband says his wife would be happy to see such a beautiful space. >> her two passions were children and music, so this kind of message is both things, she would be very pleased. i saw some of her students, former students that were here that were over there playing the instruments and they were -- and i mean she would be smiling today. >> charles severance has been charged in ruthanne lodato's
7:36 am
death and police suspect he's responsible for two other high profile murders in the area. more than 100 people renewed their vows in support of marriage equality. the ceremony was part of the capitol pride festivities this weekend held at the embassy row hotel in northwest washington. the rooftop event was sponsored by the website wedding >> we know that the supreme court has its hearing coming up and we have pride month and so i think the commitment is something that's been far and wide and there's been a need for it for so long and i think gay weddings have been number 1 supportive of that for so long so being here today to celebrate that means so much to everyone, i think. >> marriage is a civil right. having access to all the benefits of marriage is part of having access to legal equality under the law and for us as wedding professionals, you know, the more people that are getting married, the better for our businesses and we are excited to have anyone on board we can. >> the supreme court is expected to rule on the issue of same-sex marriage at some
7:37 am
point this summer. so imagine if every class in your child's school was run like a video game. that's the idea behind gamea finding subjects at john hanson prince immersion in prince george's county. >> i was excited when i found out it got to move around on the floor. >> reporter: she is so fired up about gameafying were curriculum. >> structure the class like a video game so you have different levels, you have different points that you get for doing assignments, you have multiplayer missions. >> by some estimates, 2 billion hours are spent playing games on mobile devices every year, so why not learn how to make the games too? >> they walk around a lot of times with their phone in their hand and so this is just kind of meeting them where they are. >> reporter: 6th graders at john henson prince immersion
7:38 am
program the -- playing the game teaches them the basics of computer coding at the same time. and gamification happens in all of their classes. >> that was better. >> why music? >> because it's fun and i like to make music and stuff. >> reporter: why do you find it so important these days to try to gamify almost any topic? what's the goal there? >> pretty much for motivation because the world is changing so much, they are not learning the same way i learned. >> reporter: they learn at the speed of light, only now they program that light. >> 10 times for three seconds. >> and students even track their high scores electronically like you do with a tote board on a video game. the idea is they compete and improve. if you have cool stem story send me a direct message on twitter @mike hydeck. an update on local siblings
7:39 am
that made national headlines 18 years ago. plus the search for two convicted killers enters its ninth day in new york. we are going to see where police are looking now and where the investigation stands. and later, a police officer in minneapolis doesn't protect and serve. she also pronounces people husband and wife. how she helped one couple down on their luck. that's coming up. i'm first alert meteorologist erica grow. another steamy one here in the metro area and we have the potential for thunderstorms again this afternoon and evening. but we could see severe weather later on today. today's high temperatures right around 90 degrees downtown d.c., scattered storms developing this afternoon could turn severe. we will look at them with 9 futurecast coming up in
7:40 am
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welcome back. 7:42. yellow alert day. everybody has a different way to say it. in massachusetts they say it's wicked hot. >> wicked hot. in pennsylvania a lot of people say that it's close with the humidity. that's a pennsylvania dutch thing. >> yep. >> so we are looking at another steamy afternoon. it's already awfully humid out there and that heat and humidity leads to a very buoyant air mass. the air can rise quickly and when that happens you get dodge veck tiff -- you get convective thunderstorms developing. some of the thunderstorms could turn severe later on this afternoon and early evening. we will start it off with the look at michael and son weather
7:43 am
cam. your day planner has the threat for storms developing by noon. most of us are still dry at that point in time. you'll see that on 9 futurecast but you could see a thunderstorm by lunchtime. and then right around 5:00, that's when the greatest threat for the storms arrive in the immediate metro area in the beltway and the surrounding counties. right now it's 74 degrees in college park and at andrews, it's 73 in brockville and centreville, 80 degrees still in downtown washington. you can see the arc and that is because of high pressure that's centered kind of over atlanta and the storms are just arcing around that area of high pressure. this is a stationary front that won't budge practically at all during the day today. so on 9 futurecast we are just going to watch the storms kind of making that arcing motion. here we are at 3:00 with storms through the i-95 corridor and the immediate beltway area and a few more storms in the
7:44 am
mountains that will try to hold together as they cross over the blue ridge, i think they will be able to hold together. also notice 4:00 p.m. a pretty strong cell right over prince george's county. look at how intense these thunderstorms get, a big difference from what you saw on 9 futurecast if you tuned in yesterday morning. this looks much more intense than yesterday and most of us stayed dry yesterday in the afternoon, we are going to look at temperatures just slightly cooler today because of those storms, but it's not going to feel any cooler. still going to get up into 90 degrees in leesburg and downtown washington, 89 in manassas, 92 in fredsburg -- fred dicks -- fredericksburg. check the wusa9 weather app frequently throughout the day to make sure there aren't storms headed your way. overnight temperatures dip between 70 and 76 degrees, another warm and muggy one.
7:45 am
a yellow alert day because of threats for those strong to maybe even severe thunderstorms this afternoon and early evening, then monday we could see more scattered storms, primarily because it's going to be so darn hot, a high of 96 degrees and an isolated storm is possible on tuesday with a high 94. in the first alert seven-day forecast, slight relief on wednesday just an isolated storm and a high of 90 but surge again on thursday. that warm front kind of wavering around and then finally i think it will slip to the south a little bit, friday and saturday high temperatures returning to the 80s and it could be completely dry on friday. wouldn't that be nice? back to you, mike. mt. ranier park rangers suspended their search for missing climb 22-year-old kirebufis. the body was recovered from the mountain yesterday evening. his two companions made it safely to camp on friday. bufis disappeared on thursday as his team was descending. there were high winds and low
7:46 am
visibility at the time. new york state police say they plan to expand their search farther east today for those two convicted killers who escaped a maximum security prison near the canadian border. investigators are also going to keep going door to door. today is day 9 of their search. keith mcgill verifiry walks -- mcgilvery. >> extraordinary and unusual and almost impossible to duplicate. >> reporter: in the early morning hours of saturday, june 6th, richard matt and david sweat pulled off an elaborate plot to escape from the clinton correctional facility in dannemora, drilling through walls and a steel pipe before fleeing from a manhole. >> could be literally anywhere. >> reporter: sunday with a search underway, new york state police reveal early clues to how the prison break happened. officers continue to search dannemora for the missing men
7:47 am
monday. and investigators and governor cuomo say they suspect the two killers had help. we also learned that prison employee joyce mitchell has been questioned about her possible involvement. by tuesday 400 officers are in on the hunt with a focus on willsboro, new york about 40 miles from the prison. wednesday a tip the escapees had headed for vermont and the announcement prosecute both state -- from both state governors of a partnership for a cross border investigation. thursday crews dropped everything to search burton island. >> i can tell you with conviction that while we really appreciate the tip and it was a good tip, it turned out not to be one that we are considering live right now. >> reporter: as it and other vermont leaves fall short, schools in the school district closed for security reasons. friday check points are still up and a methodical grid search continues. >> vast area, a tremendous amount of wilderness, very rural area, so it's a methodical search so it will
7:48 am
take a lot of time. >> reporter: and by night fall the first arrest in the case. >> today we have arrested 51- year-old joyce mitchell of dickinson center, new york. >> reporter: she is accused of helping the convicted killers escaped. she has pleaded not guilty to all of these charges and she was held on $100,000 bail. >> that was keith mcgilvery reporting. 800 law enforcement officers searching for those two prisoners. hillary clinton's presidential campaign officially underway. former president bill clinton and daughter chelsea were among the thousands of people who showed up on new york's roosevelt island for a rally yesterday. hillary clinton talked about providing opportunity for all americans and the need for fairness in the u.s. tax system. she says that the job of president is a tough one and she is up for the challenge. >> i may not be the youngest candidate in this race, but i will be the youngest woman president in the history of the
7:49 am
united states. you know by now that i have been called many things by many people. quitter is not one of them. [ cheering and applause ] >> touchette. she also points out that she intends to be the first grandmother in the white house. every two seconds someone in the u.s. needs blood and the red cross is always looking for donors. i've been to the e street donation center many times and they are always looking for more donors. andrea roane explains. >> good morning, 108 million units of blood are donated worldwide every year. if you donated blood recently, you may be hearing thank you for saving my life. that's because today is world blood donor day. the pan american health and world health organization are behind this initiative that praises blood donors and encourages those who haven't donated to consider it. the ultimate goal is to have all blood transfusions from
7:50 am
unpaid volunteers by the year 2020. regular unpaid volunteers are the safest group of donors. the prevalence of blood born infections is lowest among the group. so far only a dozen countries in the americas have tips for 100% mark. so think about donating today. i'm andrea roane. two of the nation's first black sextuplets are poised to graduate high school in d.c. the 18-year-old siblings will attend howard university in the fall. jackie thompson, the mother of the sextuplets made history when she gave birth to six children. straight ahead, a minnesota police officer helps a couple who are down on their luck say i do. plus why your favorite seafood restaurant may be hiking their prices on their menu soon. we got a busy sports day coming up. nats and brewers finish their series in milwaukee but the story will bryce harper play?
7:51 am
he was hit by a pitch last night. we will have our nba analyst in to talk
7:52 am
7:53 am
living in a home with family is the dream of two newlyweds who have been living on the street for two years. they tied the knot in a special ceremony. reg chapman has their story.
7:54 am
>> today an exciting day, is really is . >> reporter: david and jessica have been waiting for this day for quite some time. >> i know both of you have been tested with many hardships along the way, but your love remains strong. >> this union is the end result of years of working together to overcome obstacles, daughtry and williams are homeless. >> the time i've known you, you shared a caring and compassionate side and it's been fun chasing down bad guys together. >> reporter: daughtry was recognized for helping catch a group of young people who were stealing phones from people on nicollet mall. he was panhandling and dropped everything to help. >> i ran them about three, four blocks, caught them in the car parking ramp and took the phone from him. >> reporter: three years later he was hoping to take jessica as his wife but there were many roadblocks. >> really didn't care about our situation or anything. >> we weren't members. >> one church said we ain't members of their church so they can't do it. >> we are just people off the
7:55 am
street. >> reporter: it was sergeant katie blackwell who stepped up and made it possible for this exchange of vows and rings. she got ordained online so she could help someone who has helped others. >> it makes me feel good that david once helped us on the police department and i can help him out. >> reporter: now they are married they can get into a family shelter. the next step, jobs, temporary housing and eventually reuniting with their two children. straight ahead at 8:00, we are going to hear from volunteers who may have made a break-through in the search for ralisha rudd. and a live report on the suspect in prince george's county. there was a shooting there overnight. it's another hot and steamy day and temperatures heading to around 90 degrees throughout the metro area. thunderstorms are more likely today than they were yesterday. keep that in mind that we could see severe storms as we head into the afternoon and early
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
good sunday morning. coming up on 8:00 on wusa9, crab cake prices, could they be on the rise? it's possible. we will tell you why coming up. i'm debra alfarone at arlington elementary school and i will tell you why these kids are singing their hearts out coming up. weatherwise going to be another steamy one. i'll tell you about the threat for thunderstorms as well in the first alert seven-day forecast. good sunday morning. thank you for waking up with us. no better place for sunday morning television. wusa9 and cbs this morning. i'm mike hydeck. >> and i'm meteorologist erica grow. in for another round of thunderstorms. most of us were spared. you didn't have any rain yesterday? >> no rain. tons of humidity, it felt like it was going to percolate any minute and then nothing. >> today similar to friday where we had more activity. however, we could see some
8:00 am
severe thunderstorms. the conditions are ripe for maybe some heavy downpours, some strong winds and maybe even large hail. the criteria for a severe thunderstorm includes 60-mile- an-hour wind gusts and quarter sized hail. i think it's much more likely we would see 60-mile-per-hour gusts or maybe even higher as we head into the afternoon and early evening. but here's a look at that day planner, already 82 degrees at 10:00 a.m., by 1:00 we could see some thunderstorms popping but the activity looks to be centered more between the 7:00 -- for the 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. hours and high temperatures today reaching to about 90 degrees downtown. we will be at 89 by 4:00 and 84 at 7:00. maybe a lingering storm at around 10:00 but most of us will start to dry out as we head into the evening. right now it is 74 degrees in culpeper, 77 in fredericksburg, 77 in mart tinsburg name -- martinsburg. we had fog down toward
8:01 am
warrenton earlier and fog up towards frederick but now the areas are starting to improve as far as visibility is concerned. however, the humidity is very much still in place. on satellite and radar, you can see that arc of storms to the north and east of us, a center of high pressure to our south bringing those storms around in a clockwise fashion but some of those storms are going to start to sink into the metro later on this afternoon and we will talk about that coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. mike, back to you. our top story now, police in prince george's county are trying to talk to anyone who could have information about a fatal shooting last night in forestville. this was in the 7300 block of donald place, that is where we find surae chinn. surae, what do we know so far? >> reporter: well, we are waiting for police to release the identity of the person who was found dead here in the 7300 block of donnell place here in forestville. it all happened around 9:00 last night. police are saying this was not a random act.
8:02 am
we are just off of route 4 pennsylvania avenue in forestville and police are not releasing a whole lot of information but video from last night, you can see detectives were combing the areas, there were technicians out here for several hours trying to find out anything they could, talking to witnesses and also gathering evidence here last night . we know there was a reward out there for any information leading to an arrest but so far police have not released any suspect information if they have that, we have not been told. but, again, if you have any information, police do want to hear from you. in forestville, surae chinn, wusa9. >> thank you, surae. he was trying to help the kurds fight islamic state terrorists, now the body of a massachusetts man back home. a turkish airlines plane carrying the body of 36-year- old keith broomfield landed at logan airport in boston on saturday. his body was then taken to a funeral home. broomfield was killed june 3rd in syria and is believed to be
8:03 am
the first u.s. citizen to die while fighting alongside kurdish forces against isis. his parents say he had no military training but he felt compelled to fight against what he considered was evil. he went overseas back in february. the massive manhunt in upstate new york for two convicted killers is now entering its ninth day. and state police say they have no new leads. hundreds of law enforcement officers are scouring a wooded area southeast of the maximum security prison where david sweat and richard matt escaped. they used power tools to get out. state police say investigators will continue to search door to door and they plan to expand their search farther east today. the manhunt has residents there on edge. some are saying they feel like prisoners in their own home. a volunteer dive team spent hours searching for the remains of 8-year-old ralisha rudd this weekend. the teen from new jersey -- the team from new jersey alerted d.c. police after they found a bag that appeared to be tied to two bricks in anacostia river.
8:04 am
stephanie ramirez reports from kennewick park where that discovery was made. >> i was shocked that it was right there. >> reporter: jerry boyland is the captain of the water recovery unit that volunteered to help ralisha rudd's family search kenworth park along the anacostia river saturday which they still did after discovering this, a suspicious looking plastic bag that he says is exactly what they were looking for. >> it looked like somebody had something in a bag that they wanted to send. >> reporter: the whole reason the team was here is because of brenda brown, a good samaritan who befriended the family once the girl disappeared over a year ago. rudd's suspected murderer, khalil tatum committed suicide in kenworth park so rudd got a volunteer group from maine to search the area last october. >> the dog picked his scent up here. >> reporter: she says a cadaver dog tracked the scent up to the water's edge but the city didn't have resources so she turned to the volunteer
8:05 am
dive team begging for their help. >> we would be remiss to ignore what this dog detected. you see her on my shirt. this is who i sleep, this is who i see when i sleep. this is who i hear when i wake up. >> reporter: no one hoping for a discovery more than rudd's family, her grandmother melissa young came to watch the search in person. >> whoever is home where i can see her smile or talk or whether it's sad and i have to help my daughter make them type of arrangements, i just need my closure. i just want my baby home. >> reporter: for now, police are no longer blocking this area so we were able to come back. they did bring in a forensics team to take that piece of bag in question away and that is the only thing they took from this area here. at kenworth park, stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. d.c. police were not involved in the search before the suspicious bag was found, this was a complete volunteer effort. south korean churches are holding services to pray for a
8:06 am
swift end to the mers outbreak that has killed 14 people there. members of the community church in seoul used hand sanitizers as they arrived to pray and many wore facemasks during the service. the correia centers for disease -- korea centers for disease control and prevention confirmed seven now cases of mers bringing the total now to 145. new york senator chuck schumer wants airlines to scrap a proposal to reduce the allowed size of carry-on luggage. he warns that a 20% reduction would force travelers to pay more for a checked bag fee or spend money on millions of new pieces of luggage. democratic senator says it's just another way for airlines to make money at the expense of travelers. the trade association for the industry wants to standardize carry-on signs to 21 1/2 inches by 13 1/2 inches and a depth of 7 1/2 inches. maryland representative john sar bane -- after giving
8:07 am
careful reconsideration to a bid. represented maryland's third congressional district since 2007. the announcement in march she would not seek reelection in 2016 has generated interest from other house members in a rarely open maryland senate seat. and crab season as maryland off to a slow start leaving some restaurants still waiting for their local supply. low crab populations in the chesapeake bay mean some restaurants have not yet added crab to their menus while others are shipping in crabs from out of state which causes the price to surge. the capital pride festival continues today with a concert.
8:08 am
caps off a 12 day of celebration of pride in the nation's capitol. this is the 40th year of the event. still ahead, workers in los angeles are looking at a pay raise in the next few years. we will explain. plus a huge honor for a former united states representative gabrielle giffords. we will take you to the christening of the navy's newest ship. and a fun father's day gift turns into a potentially dangerous situation after these photos go viral. why people are so upset about this batman themed photo shoot. the capital pride festival continues today and also there's a concert at 1:00. so let's get a look at that forecast for the capital pride festival and concert. by noon it will be hot and steamy, 87 degrees, and with the heat index, it's going to feel hotter than that. the best potential for thunderstorms arrive later in the afternoon toward the early evening hours so hopefully as the concert is wrapping up. but you can always keep an eye on any developing storms by using the wusa9 radar app, we
8:09 am
will track those storms for you coming up with the first alert seven-day forecast. stay with us. we will be right back.
8:10 am
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keep an eye to the ski or get the wusa9 app with the
8:12 am
radar on it. >> it's really handy for being able to track storms, you can zoom in and get a closer look at your own neighborhood and hit that little button to loop the radar so you can see what direction they are moving. >> yep. >> any storms that develop today aren't going to be fast moving storms, there isn't a lot of energy in the upper atmosphere to make things move along so that means that we could see heavy downpours that lead to maybe some ponding on the roadways. we also have the threat of some strong wind gusts this afternoon and the criteria for a severe thunderstorm could be met with a couple of these storms. so here we are looking at the day planner with our michael and son weather camera, 80 degrees and a stormy start at 9:00 a.m., we are going to look at hazy sunshine until about noon when the clouds will start developing and we could see thunderstorm activity already at noon. look at these temperatures, 88 at noon, 87 at 5:00. our high temperature today 90 degrees, which will reach -- which we will reach at 3:00 in the afternoon. right now already 77 degrees in
8:13 am
croftton and andrews, 74 in germantown and reston, 79 at dulles. 82 degrees in downtown washington. on satellite and radar you can see some of the storms starting to pop already as well. we stayed mostly dry on saturday. that's not going to be the case today. here with he go with 9 futurecast looking at the storms as they pass through. if you are making travels along i-95, it's already going to be active as we head toward the noontime hour and if you have relatives who are heading home from the beach, make sure that they know about this storm threat because, of course, the gusty winds could make it difficult to cross the bridge across the chesapeake. look at the storms developing in the mid-afternoon along the i-95 corridor and through the beltway. we are also tracking a few more storms that are moving across the blue ridge as we head into the later afternoon hours. this activity will progress toward the beltway in time for dinner and it could be an active late afternoon and early evening. so you'll want to check out that radar app and also check in with howard bernstein later
8:14 am
this evening for an update on your forecast. forecast highs for today, up to 90 in d.c. and leesburg, 86 in winchester, 88 in frederick, so a lot of us don't get up to 90 degrees today but in downtown washington where the official records are kept the heatwave continues and then overnight tonight temperatures only dipping into the 70s so you don't get any relief during the overnight hours. you will want to seek air- conditioning if you don't have it in your home, you will want to seek it out, go to the mall or go to a library, go somewhere where you can get some relief from that heat stress on your body. this is a prolonged heatwave. you can see we get all the way up to 96 degrees tomorrow, it's another yellow alert day with that threat for some scattered thunderstorms. in the first alert seven-day forecast, still in the mid-90s on tuesday, a little bit of a reduced threat for those storms and then just a small intrusion of some cooler, drier air on wednesday, still slight chance for a storm, a high of 90 degrees and the heatwave continues all the way through next thursday.
8:15 am
by the time we are done with this heatwave it's going to about 10 days long, a high of 94 degrees on thursday and then we are back down to the 80s on friday and saturday, but even then, it's still in the upper 80s, still above average for this time of year. mike, back to you. >> thank you, erica. well it was supposed to be a father's day gift, but now it's causing controversy for one family. john cocoa shows us a photo shoot that has derailed the family holiday. ep>> rorter: these pictures were just supposed to be a father's day gift. >> yeah, i was really nervous because it was actually a surprise. >> reporter: roxanne daley set up the caped crusader photo shoot for her husband mike, a massive batman fan with him dressing as the dark knight, his son fin is the boy wonder robin and roxanne -- >> them rescuing me as the damsel in distress . >> reporter: the couple posted the pics online, an meet hid with friends and family. >> exploded within minutes. >> within hours it went viral. >> they had 200,000 likes. when we woke up the next
8:16 am
morning. >> reporter: but with all the attention came criticism, saying the dailies were putting themselves and their baby in harm's way and promoting illegal activity. >> the people that don't like it are going to be the most vocal. >> reporter: they say that's when it began to spiral out of control. >> some people posted our address on the internet, make threats, say they are going to show up to the house in the middle of the night. >> i was begging him to go to a hotel for the night because i was terrified. >> reporter: according to wisconsin law, only railroad workers or an authorized newspaper reporter can walk along or on train tracks but the family says they had no idea about that and never thought it would come to this. >> these people were doing it in the name of advocating train safety but putting us out there and almost encouraging people to come and harm us. >> my main objective was surprising mike with a really cool photo shoot and memories that we can keep forever. >> wow, that's kind of scary that people took it to that level. goodness. well, positive news, some workers in los angeles will be getting a raise.
8:17 am
los angeles mayor eric gahr sey set -- gradually raise the minimum wage to $16. says the wage increase will enable working families to lift themselves out of profit. the increases would begin with the wage of tends 50 cents next july followed by annual increases to eventually get it to $15. former representative gabrielle giffords of arizona is being recognized with a navy shipped named in her honor. the uss gabrielle giffords is currently at a shipyard in mobil, alabama. it's the navy's 10th literal combat ship designed to operate in shallow waters near the coast. giffords was badly wounded in a 2011 shooting that left six dead and 13 injured in tucson. one u.s. senator says that the opening of a u.s. embassy in havana for the first time in 54 years is, quote, imminent. senator jeff flake of arizona made a short visit to havana
8:18 am
with fellow senators suzanne collins of maine and pat roberts of kansas. they were gauging progress on talks to restore normal diplomatic relations between the u.s. and cuba. after meeting with cuban officials, flake predicted that the opening of both a cuban embassy in washington and a u.s. embassy in havana will occur in the very near future. group of 4th and 5th graders from arlington may be wise beyond their years. they are singing their hearts out to tell every one of us that we are good enough exactly the way we are. >> spent the afternoon with a group of students from drew middle school to get the inside scoop on an antibullying video they are hoping will go viral. >> who says you can't be the best? >> reporter: meet francis, ethan -- they go to drew middle school and they have a simple message. you're special. >> you're unique. i'm good enough just the way i am. >> who says you can't do things? they are just putting you down
8:19 am
so you put yourself right back up. >> you've got every right ♪ ♪ to a beautiful life ♪ ♪ come on ♪ ♪ who says, who says ♪ ♪ you're not perfect ♪ >> reporter: each one sang a part of the selena gomez song "who says" that alone is brave. >> a little nerve racking at times. >> ♪ who says you're not potential ♪ ♪ who says you're not presidential ♪ >> anyone who believes or anything like that don't think, don't do that. >> i don't have the same thing as someone else. it makes me feel like i'm not special but i really know that i am special now. >> i really was happy when i got to be able to edit it and film it. >> reporter: they not only sang and acted, they filmed and edited too. >> i think that filming was the most fun part and finally getting it right after so many times. >> it was really fun part to sing. >> you're a good singer. >> thank you. >> and they learned what others
8:20 am
say about you is none of your business. >> i'm stronger than him because he's making really weak choices. >> when people put you down, you can get right back up. it's your choice, not anybody else's. >> debra alfarone, wusa9. >> ♪ who says you're not ♪ ♪ not beautiful. >> one of the students moved so she couldn't be a part of this story. meet matilda the aleian cat -- alien cat. earned her name from her very large glassy eyes. her unique look may make her look adorable but she is actually suffering from some health problems. matilda's progressive genetic eye problem requires her to take medicine to stay pain-free but she will most likely need surgery in the future. her owners have set up a go fund me page so they can care for this little alien cat as long as she is here. well, don't forget, capital
8:21 am
download is coming up next, here's derek mcginty and susan page with a preview. in a bit vermont center bernie sanders talks about his presidential campaign and now he says -- and how he says he can win this thing. >> and we will hear from both sides on the debate over president obama's decision to open relations with cuba. >> that's all right here on wusa9 8:30, capital download. it is going to be hot with a chance of storms. you heard erica say it this morning. if you're planning on hanging around the national mall, we are going to tell you about a new way to get around and it might be a lot cooler than walking. plus this couple breaks a world record as they tie the knot. we are going to tell you about their one-
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
welcome back. 8:24. the national park service is going to start repairs on the gw memorial parkway tomorrow so if it's part of your commute, take heed because it could take a long time to get home or get to work. the repairs will take place between 395 and reagan national airport in both directions. single lane closures will be after the rush-hours, however, 9:30 in the morning through 3:30 in the afternoon but if you've ever been on that road you know you should still expect delays regardless. tourists hoping to see the lincoln memorial, the capital building and everything in between now have an easier way to get from here to there. the new circulator bus drives around the national mall, starts today.
8:25 am
the rides cost a buck. it's a good deal. there are several stops along the mall. you can take upwards of an hour if you decided to walk from one end of the mall and see those attractions. >> sounds like a good idea to me. they are making a difference by pulling their weight and then some. hundreds of people raised money by pulling a 72-ton plane at portland maine's jet port. this was the 10th annual ms plane pull to benefit people suffering from multiple sclerosis. the national ms society says 3000 people in this state are affected by this disease. organizers are hoping to bring in about $40,000 altogether. that is quite an impressive feat. a 103-year-old man and a 91- year-old woman got married in britain yesterday and they became the oldest newlyweds in the history of the world. george curby and doreen lucky have been together for 27 years but they finally tied the knot yesterday at a hotel in southern england. with a combined age of 1094 years, the pair beat the
8:26 am
previous record held by a french couple francois fernandez and madeline franso who had a combined age of 191 years. the couple reportedly have seven children, 15 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren between them. many happy returns for them. >> how cute. >> they are. i hope i'm still kissing my husband when i am 100 years old. >> absolutely adorable. >> yeah. so if you're headed outside, you have outdoor activities whether you're going to a barbecue, maybe you're going to and from church or any other religious services today, eye to the sky is important. >> eye to the ski especially as we head into the afternoon and you can keep that wusa9 radar app handy so you can track storms as they develop. looks like it will be from the mid-afternoon onward. that will be the worst of it. and the first alert seven-day forecast, 90 degrees today, and you see that little weather alert in the upper right-hand corner, it is a yellow alert day, the potential that our thunderstorms could be severe this afternoon. so that means we could have strong wind gusts, maybe even some hail but heavy downpours
8:27 am
are very likely and the storms continue tomorrow. the heatwave continues all the way until friday. >> so the wusa9 app is very important. you can track the storms, zoom in on the radar in your neighborhood. if you're headed out on the golf course it's especially important because you need to stay away from possible lightning strikes. >> if you hear thunder that means you are close enough to be struck by lightning that should be your signal to head inside or head to your car. we are about done, capital download with derek mcginty and susan page is coming up followed by cbs sunday morning. and of course "face the nation," they will be talking about 2016, hillary just made her first big campaign stop. >> that's right. >> she is erica grow. i'm mike hydeck. have a great day, everybody.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
senator bernie sanders gaining ground in the race to become the democratic nominee for president. >> and now that sanctions have been lifted on travel to cuba, are americans ready to add it as a top vacation spot? i'm susan page. >> and i'm derek mcginty. this is capital download. good morning and welcome to capital download. all right, senator bernie sanders has always been considered a long shot democratic presidential candidate, but he sure didn't sound like it when you talked to him this week. >> yes, he says he has a plan to win the democratic nominees. >> you got the biggest crowd in iowa


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