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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  June 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> glor: the search stretches into a 9th day. more than 800 officers and agents are now trying to find those two escaped inmates in northern new york. the extraordinary scene in the country of georgia wild animals escape a zoo and roam city strooed streets after deadly flooding a potential tropical storm forming in the gulf could bring even more rain to an oversaturated south. the first spacecraft to lan on a comet thought long gone wakes up and contacts earth seven months later. and the rise of russelling as bees become even more valuable thieves swoop in to steal them. >> this is the captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> glor: hi, everyone, i'm jeff glor. and we are getting new information on the search
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for two convicted killers on the run. officers are to you going door-to-door through 500 homes in northern new york marking each home after it's searched. we are also told by law enforcement sources that motion sensors and surveillance cameras have been set up in the wads inside a search perimetre. and police have to you interviewed the husband of a prison worker who was arrested on friday. anna western certificate in west plattsburgh, new york. >> law enforcement officers continued their search for escapees richard matt and david sweat on foot and in the sky in a wadded area just a few miles west of the prison in dannemora. but the convicts, plan may have been to go far away from here. clinton county district attorney andrew wylie says the prison employee who allegedly helped them escape joyce mitchell, told investigators she was supposed to pick the two up at the power plant near the prison in her four-wheel drive jeep then drav themselve enhours away to a place they did mott name. new york governor andrew
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cuomo admitted today the two murderers could be anywhere. >> we don't know if they are still in the immediate area or if they are in mexico by now. >> reporter: so some 20 miles from the prison along the shore of lake champlain vermont state police are running special boat patrol as long the nearly 600 miles of shore-line. >> we're lacking into every possibility. >> vermont state police marine patrol officer daniel beg agency binge. >> is it possible they might make their way to the lake and leave by a boat, yes, it is possible so that's what we are out here doing. >> reporter: some residents worry the two murderers mate show up on their doorsteps plattsburgh gun shop owner mary van sold seven shotguns last we can, more than usual. >> you're better to be prepared than be caught by surprise. we won't go looking for anything, but i won't be a hostage either so it's time to carry a gun. >> hi, how are you doing. >> reporter: many in the
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community here took time to thank the hundreds of law enforcement officers working to keep them safe. they tied blue ribbons around mailboxes and telephone poles and brought food and water to the officers. if the escapees are not in that relatively contained area being searched investigators may have to cast a very wide net. law enforcement sources tell us tonight they're getting tips from at least five states. and jeff they're still considering the possibility that the escapees could have made it to canada or even mexico. >> glor: anna werner, thank you very much. and tonight the pentagon is confirming an air strike targeting al qaeda in libya. officials say as many as a dozen al qaeda members some at the senior level may have been killed. we are told the success of this mission is still being assessed. >> wet weather ahead for much of the eastern u.s. and there is a tropical disturbance in the south. nick walker of the weather channel is tracking all of this.
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nick what can we expect. >> reporter: it's a widespread area for hail and damaging winds as we head through this evening. all the way from detroit chicago st. louis to washington d.c. philadelphia and pittsburgh. and tomorrow basically the same area. we're going to add new york city in for the possibility of heavy rain and flash flooding there. mean whale nick, this disturbance, does this become a tropical storm? >> we very well could see a tropical depression or storm out of this. national hurricane center watching this area of low pressure entering the gulf of mexico headed toward texas and whether or not it gets a name, if it does its name will be bill am but even if it doesn't get a name lots of heavy rain including five to eight inches there around the houston area jeff. >> an area that is already soaked. nick walker, thank you very much. >> we are learning more about the gunmen ambushed officers at police headquarters in dallas yesterday. family members say there were signs he needed help years ago. here's vincente arenas. >> moments after james bowl wear drove up to balance as police headquarters and began his shooting spree
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officers began calling for help. >> he said he's got the van rigged for explos efs boulware fired shots into the lobby and then led officers on a 14 minute chase before stopping behind a fast-food restaurant in hutchins texas. >> there is gunfire. >> he was eventually shot by a snipe are and pipe bombs detonated by red block set his armoured van on fire. two years before the attack on police headquarters boulware had a confrontation that changed his life. it involved his mother. jim boulware is his father. >> the story is she was choked. and she yelled for help. i do know also that she broke a laptop over his head and he ended up bloody. >> reporter: an arrest warrant stemming from that incident says he left the home that day armed with guns body armour and ammunition and that he had made comments about shooting up schools and churches. the case was later dismissed. but boulware eventually lost custody of his son and grew more despondent.
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he reportedly even threatened judge kim cooks who signed the final order in his custody case. >> he was angry yes. and he blamed the police for taking his son away from him. >> reporter: the only visible signs of the shooting that took place here at dallas police headquarters are the boarded up windows jeff boulware's father said he tried to talk his son out of doing anything irrational. he never dreamed he would do something like this. >> glor: vincente, thank you. heavy floods have killed at least a dozen people in the former soviet republic of georgia. the floodwaters also helped potentially dangerous animals escape from a zoo including lions tigers wolves and bears. here's charlie d'agata. >> out of know where and in the dead of night powerful flash floods swept through the georgian capital tbilisi les rescue teams raced to find survivors. a raging torrent so strong
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it tossed cars and trucks on to their sides and each other. >> more than a dozen people have died and many more are still missing. >> on this street alone there are five dead this woman said. three houses completely washed away. everyone is affected. but the danger wasn't over. dozens of animals some potentially deadly roam the streets. sprung loose in the chaos after floodwaters crashed through their enclosures. authorities warned residents to stay indoors. a bear was found taking refuge on a second story air conditioner. a roaming hippopotamus was cornered on the street lacking as dazed and confused as those around him until it was shot and subdued with a tranquilizer dart and guided away. >> ostiriches wandered aimlessly lost in the mud and debris some animals were swept away in the floodwaters and drowned. others shot dead before they could do any harm.
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residents even discovered animals washed up on their balconies. it's not yet known how many animals perished or remain on the loose. they're doing all they can to help the survivors. but the human cost is being counted too as rescuers face the task of searching for the missing among the twisted and shattered homes that lie buried beneath the mud. charlie d'agata cbs news london. >> glor: the first spacecraft to land on a comet finally sent a message home it came out of the blue this weekend after months of radio silence. here's carter evans. >> reporter: when the philae probe woke up from itself enmonth slumber on the surface of comet 67 p it sent a brief data signal back to mission control which excited scientists turned that a tweet. hello, earth can you hear me. >> i'm just overwhelmed. i'm tremblings i'm so happy. >> reporter: for british scientist monica grady who helped develop the probe's instruments, it was an you
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know -- unexpected surprise. the last tim the space agency heard from philae it was back in november after its historic landing on the comet 400 million miles from earth. but it didn't quite go as planned. >> philae should have landed in the middle of a sort of kraft erred area where it would have been in sunlight but it didn't. and so it was in shadow. >> reporter: philae was still able to capture these first ever images from the surface of the comet it also conducted experiments finding among other things water in the form of ice. but without direct sunlight to power the probe's solar panel, its battery eventually died until now. >> now the comet is much much closer to the sun. the sunlight is much stronger. and it's fallen on the solar panels and has woken philae up. >> we now have to work at how we can continue its mission given that it wasn't supposed to even be awake now. >> reporter: astra fis test matt taylor says philae's experiments on the surface of the comet could help
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explain our evolution. >> it's just opening our eyes and giving us a better understanding of how comets work and linking all of this to the origins of us and the solar system. >> reporter: in the meantime, scientists say philae's new life on a comet is nothing less than extraordinary. carter evans cbs news, los angeles. >> glor: president obama is trying to revive a trade bill that was torpedoed in the house friday. the challenge convincing members of his own parties. here's julianna goldman. >> reporter: hillary clinton told an iowa crowd that president obama should defer to members of his own party who have blocked his trade agenda. >> in order to get a deal that meets these high standards, the president should listen to and work with his allies in congress starting with nancy pelosi. >> reporter: the fight over the 12 nation transpacific partnership has created strange coalitions with the president, business groups
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and republicans like congressman paul ryan all aligned. >> republicans have delivered. the question is are the em crats going to do this to their president. >> reporter: the debate is especially heated heading that an election year because the progressive groups that traditionally support democrats argue that expanding trade and opening u.s. markets promotes income inequality and costs american jobs. >> i would hope very much that secretary clinton will side with every union in this country virtually every environmental group many religious groups and say that this tpp policy is a distance ter. >> reporter: clinton has come under fire from republicans an democratic rivals like senator bernie sanders for not taking a definitive stance on the trade agreement that she helped negotiate as secretary of state. but on sunday she distance -- distanced herself from president obama. >> no president would be a tougher negotiator on behalf of american workers either with our trading partners or
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republicans on capitol hill than i would be. >> reporter: clinton said she needs to see what's actually in any deal before she could support it. jeff the white house says the president worked through the weekend to figure out a path forward for this trade deal which would be a cornerstone of his economic legacy. >> glor: julianna goldman thank you. former florida governor jeb bush will officially announce he's reasoning for president tomorrow. he's holding a rally at miami-dade college the nation's largest public university. today bush posted his new campaign logo on twitter it says jeb 2016 punctuated with an exclamation point. exclamation points were flying after united airlines flight from chicago to london was diverted to condition da friday night. the passengers on board were not happy with their layover accommodations. here's contessa brewer. >> reporter: you will see green wilderness surrounding the small town of goosebay in newfoundland, a place so small, the military
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facilities stand out. and that's where 176 passengers were united flight 958 spent friday night. >> they left chicago's o'hare and four hours later were diverted. passengers started tweeting. stuck in canada now why? because the plane had mechanical problems. this town has two hotels so i have to sleep in the military barracks. >> goose bay actually has several hotels, a clerk says they've been booked. passengers called it an epic hail unheated barracks on a 41 degree night. >> it was very cold, yes. >> lois harper said many passengers spent their day in the heated mess hall waiting for word from the airline. >> we were not receiving any communications from united at all. >> reporter: the 11 crew members, apparently had an easier time. passenger sally coventry posted a picture on biter writing united flight crew arrived looking fresh from their comfy night in a hotel. outrage us. when bill turner gripeed
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that the crew was in a hotel while customers are stranded in a barracks, united tweeted back. >> the crew must rest in order to continue the flight. you can rest on board the aircraft knowing that they are in charge. passengers finally boarded a replacement aircraft to newark but waited three more hours in their seats to take off. after a more than 24 hour ordeal the passengers landed in london this afternoon. united says in it's official statement, we apologize to our customers for the considerable disruption to their travel plans. and will be refunding their tickets to london. >> glor: sounds like that might be a good idea contessa thanks very much. where bees are in demand bee burglaries are on the rise. and a rock targets burned on stage. when the "cbs evening news" continues.
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fees. -- bee thieves. here's john blackstone. >> when the almond orchards blossom in california bee colonies are rented and brought in from across the country to pollinate the flowers. colony collapse disorder the mysterious ail am that kills so many bees is no longer as deadly but bees are still disappearing. falling victim to bee russellers koddy williams is with the stanislaus county sheriff's office. >> technically it is similar to a cattle rustle. >> stolen cattle are easier to find. the beehive boxes all look the same and you can't put a brand on a bee. >> you can't identify a bee. so they'll be in a fresh box and they'll be gone forever. >> the rustlers aren't after honey, they want money. bee keepers charge up to $200 to rent a colony for a month. >> personally i have had bees stolen three years in a row now. >> bee keeper orrin johnson
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has 500 colonies. >> i have seen cases where a bee keeper will unload his bees at night in the orchard and low and behold a thief has come right in behind him loaded them on another truck down the road and rented them to someone else. >> sheriff's deputies caught a man loading a truck with nine of john ton's hives. pedro magion pled guilty to a charge of grand theft. johnson is pleased he didn't get off with a misdemeanor. >> when you work hard to get your bees in good shape and you go to check them and they're gone someone has stolen them, there is not too many words that describe your feeling. >> reporter: indeed, bee rustling is a crime that can sting. >> got me. >> john blackstone, cbs news san francisco. >> glor: up next here the monumental task of cleaning the st. louis arch. forget about it. tylenol was ok, but it was 6 pills a day. but aleve is just 2 pills all day. and now, i'm back! aleve.
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some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need... ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza. it's covered by most health plans. >> glor: a scary moment at a rock concert inng eland last night. michael f clifford of a band fiveon sec odsf summer walked right into a jet of flames of,. singeing his hair and facial. the concert had to be stopped. he later tweeted this picture, but he says not as bad as it looks and he's doing much better now. >> it is all for a good cause, but it still hurts. >> glendale orazietti mayor jeremy weiers on the wrong end of a taser a donation went to a local charity. the money is believed to be
6:23 pm
from disgruntled fans of arizona coyotes hock tee team up set because the mayor wants to disolve the team's lease. as you see a few minutes later, the mayor is doing just fine. a single gunshot injured four at a wedding this weekend at new york's famed waldorf-astoria hotel. a wedding guest says the gun went off in his pocket. the bullet hit the floor and grazed a woman's head. three others were hurt by debris. the gun-carrying guest is charged with reckless endangerment. >> and like anything else, the st. louis gateway arch does not clean itself. these guys have to climb more than 600 feet up to do it. this video just released by the national park service shows how dangerous it is. while they're up there, workers also perform other jobs like checking the arch for core rose. >> still ahead a family of fans sticks with team usa all the way. botox® treats symptoms of leaking going too often, and the strong sudden need to go.
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6:27 pm
lifetime. >> the summer vacation means disney for some this family is committed to following team usa all across canada for as long as they can. ten-year-old may give us the grand tour of their humble home away from home. >> is this where you sleep. >> no, i sleep in that bed. >> there is little elbow room and no television or computer. but that's part of the plan. >> when we're at home it's work there's school and so this has been great to our only mission is to be together. >> at the game the hemphills join tens of thousands of american fans. players say it's like having a homefield advantage. defender meghan klingenberg. >> we love absolutely love our fans. we've been walking around the city and you can just see people in red white and blue and we absolutely love it. >> passing time between games, the hemphill girls
6:28 pm
kick it around with mom. >> do you think this will ever happen again? do you think you'll make a tradition. >> tradition, never. >> yes. >> no. >> i'm not sure if we could do that. >> even if the rest of the family isn't down with that they clearly know how to get down. >> say what? >> jericka duncan cbs news vancouver. >> glor: that is the "cbs evening news" tonight later on cbs, "60 minutes." and first thing tomorrow cbs this morning. i'm jeff glor in new york. scott pelley will be here tomorrow. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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a woman's body was found in a lake in springfield, virginia and now the task of finding out who she is. hello i'm debra alfarone. >> i'm bruce johnson. we're going live to springfield, virginia in just a moment. but first no let up in the heat and humidity. >> howard bernstein tracking some strong thunderstorms tonight. what's going on howard? >> no more warnings in effect. during the 5:00 hour with these storms that came through dc over towards bowie with heavy downpours as well. now we're watching everything move from the southeast at 20 miles an hour as we may see that back in western maryland in here. that we may see an isolated shower left over here in washington and this evening as we want to point out for you in southern maryland and some


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