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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 17, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is wednesday, june 17, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning" this morning. texas under water after tropical storm bill slams the state. donald trump's provocative announcement. everybody from the mexican ve gontrnme to neil young is weighing in. lifeguards in the sky. a california beach is using drones to keep an eye on sharks. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. rain is comindg an going. many are telling people please just stay home shelter in place.
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>> major flooding threatens texas. >> e allyes continue b toe on bill. still a lot of tropical moisture. >> bill will move into the northeast before it's all said doand ne. >> the search for two escaped prisoners in upstate new york is now expanding. >> they may have used joyce mitchell as a decoy. >> the fbi says the man charged in the shooting at the prophet muhammad event. >> they're investigating why a balcony collapsed. >> the st. louis cardinals are being accused by the fbi of tapping into the houston astros' computer database. >> if they did this they have to be fired immediately. >> what was that like in the locker room? >> it was chaos. pure joy. >> vladimir putin announced russia would increase its arsenal with 42 intercontinental
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ballistic missiles. >> they're not paying attention. here comes the guard. they're not going to slow down. >> all that -- >> they win the game. >> that's what we wanted to do from the get-go. >> -- and all that matters. >> this year's bill russell, mvp. >> right here. >> -- and all that matters. >> on "cbs this morning." >> thank you, donald trump, for making my last six weeks my best six weeks. >> donald trump's presidential campaign has inspired me to announce i will still be hosting the late show on cbs. thank you. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs
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welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is on assignment so thoernlts anthony mason is with us. >> good to be here. >> the tropical storm bill weakened to a depression overnight but powerful downpours overnight flooded roads in texas. >> some areas of the country could see a foot of rain this morning. this morning flash floods stretch from texas to illinois. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the rain has slowed down, but there are still plenty of submerged streets. in fact, the dangerous water prompted multiple rescues overnight. the storms didn't relent overnight. it took aim at sealy where cars made their way through nearly submerged roads. water filling the island's
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streets. tropical storm bill arrived on monday with 60-mile-an-hour wind gusts whipping palm trees. headlights poked through the nearly winding rain. >> living in galveston in the past three years, i haven't seen anything like this. >> floodwaters swept through the beachside community. the storms left behind debris soaking roads and neighborhoods. >> the waves started flooding over. >> reporter: as the system moves north it's expected to bring nearly a foot of rain to texas and oklahoma hitting some of the water waterlogged plains last month. summer classes are canceled in sealy because the rain is expected to continue. eastern parts of texas all the way to oklahoma could see tornadoes because of the storm. anthony? >> omar thank you. we're tracking bill as the storm
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tracks in. good morning. >> good morning. although bill has weakened overnight it's bringing heavy rain and gusty winds. a threat for flooding and tornadoes continues as we take a wider look. houston and dallas dealing with plenty of rain right now and that will continue throughout the day today as we look at the latest advisory. as we head into the weekend, we could see up to 5 inches. up to a foot in spots not only in texas and oklahoma but through portions of the midwest. back to you, gayle. >> all right. that's a lot of rain. thank you, lisettesette. a law enforcement agency tells cbs news they may have crossed over to mexico and they
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say joyce mitchell may have been a pawn and they escaped with somebody else. anna werner with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. since they have no concrete leads here in clichbton county law enforcement is expanding their search and theories including did the convicts have another plan to get away. just a mile from an elementary school, officers with assault weapons searched homes, garages, and sheds for any signs of richard matt and david sweat. they say joyce mitchell and they were involved in a plot to kill her husband lyle. it's something her lawyer denies. >> from what i can tell she was not in a plan to do harm to her husband. >> reporter: he says the cup really very close and he was at
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the jail to help her out. peter was a prison director for three decades. he sees problems with the fact that they were allowed to wear civilian clothes, something he he worked there. >> i've never seen that before. >> the risk with that is what? >> not being recognized and being able to get around. >> the search is now zpanding. ron hosko is a former director of the fbi organization. >> as the proive leads what they'll do is self-generate leads. this will be looking at other cases, look at how people were able to elude capture for a long period of time. that is constantly changing your appearance and blending in.
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>> reporter: so expand the search. this is also expanding the cost for the search. this is costing about $1 million a day. >> thanks anna. court documents accuse him of being a supporter of isis. sala raised suspicion after the police responsibilitied him on the george washington bridge with a lantern. the 20-year-old is enrolled in college. also he planned to attack people at the contest. he wanted to join isis and discuss attacking the super bowl in arizona earlier this year. an apartment balcony near
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the university of california berkeley campus may have fallen because it was overloaded with people. tuesday's collapse killed six students and seriously injured seven others. john blackstone is at the scene in berkeley where the incident had left a tight-knit community in shock. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you can see, excuse removed the collapsed balcony on the building. others have been red tagged until they can get a closer look at them. in the meantime it's become a gathering place for grieving members. as bagpipes played "amazing grace," mourners laid wreaths of flowers on the growing memorial to honor six college students all from ireland except one when this apartment building's balcony collapsed.
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>> this is a tragic day for ireland i don't think there's anyone who's not been charged. >> they were celebrating a 21st birthday. at least 13 people were on deck when it gave way sending them to the ground. five of them were from ireland, all 21 years old. the six kt wasth was from california and 22. >> i saw all the rubble on the ground and people just crying. >> you know it's a wakeup call. we're going to fully investigate this incident. with our inspectors we're not going to leave any rock
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unturned. >> reporter: about 700 irish students live in the bay area according to irish officials. others in the bay area are offering their support. >> that's why we're here is to support them. >> they're so young. i can't imagine what it's like. >> reporter: inspectors will look at the damage up close. they wonder whether rain rotted the support beams leading to the collapse. >> thank you. donald trump goes to new hampshire today for the first time as a presidential candidate. the real estate billionaire made headlines after a fiery speech when he entered the race on tuesday. nancy cordes is there what he'll campaign later today. good morning. >> good morning. normally whennal candidate enters the race there's usually a courtesy welcome. that didn't happen. while no one expects him to get
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close to winning the nomination that doesn't mean they're happy he's in. donald trump brings many things to the gop. confidence -- >> i will be the greats job os president that never ever created. >> money. >> i'm really rich. >> and a disdain for his fellow candidates. >> we have losers we have loser. the biggest loser according to trump is former florida governor jeb bush. >> how the hell can you vote for this guy? you just can't do it. >> donald trump took you on in his speech today about common core. >> i'm sorry. i shouldn't have done that. >> busch laughed it off but many worry he'll turn the primary in joke. >> welcome to a very special
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edition about stump trump. >> did he get lost in one of his own buildings. >> every election is a circuit, but many candidates and donald trump in it this is starting to rival barnum & bailey. >> it won't help woo hispanic back to the gop. >> they're bringing drugs crimes rain its. >> that's good enough to put him in ninth place. if he stays there he'll be in the gop debate which is limited to the top ten. >> it's entirely possible the debate will get out of control. >> rock legend neil young weighed in. he said trump was not authorized to use his classic "rockin' in
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the free world" when he meis made his appearance in new york. mexican authorities were not happy either. they said his comments about immigrants was absurd. the golden state warriors toppled lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers last night in game six. the score was 1050-97 to take the championship. fans celebrated in the streets. adriana -- adriana, sorry, sorry, sorry. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. it was landmark victory that's toiled the mediocrity for the past 20 seasons. the golden state warriors are the championships.
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>> it's now complete. the golden state warriors are the 2015 champions. >> reporter: the most valuable player stephen curry. >> this group is a special group. this is what we envisioned. this is what it's all t.abou >> reporter: but the cleveland cavaliers didn't go down without a fight. it just wasn't enough. veteran andre iguodala who made his first final start with the warriors in game four snatched up the finals mvp honors because of his big-time basket and hard nosed defense. it's the first time in history that a player won the award without starting the game lamt in the season.
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can you show us the trophy? >> oh, this thing. it's dirty. everyone's hands were on it. >> what do you think? >> it's hard to. >> he won five nba finals during his time as player but this one is different. >> it th is remarkable. i couldn't imagine we could win in our first year. >> reporter: for the cavs it wasn't supposed to be this way. lebron james was hoping to win the championship. >> when you lose the finals they are disappointing. it don't matter if you're playing in miami, cleveland, or mars. when you lose the final, it's disappointing. >> reporter: king james single-handedly willing them to two victories. this is despite two of the star
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players were out with injuries. >> adriana, thanks very much. this morning the fbi is investigating the st. louis cardinals for hacking the computers of the houston astros. jeff pegues is in washington with the secrets that may have been stole about. good morning. >> good morning. a new brazen attempt is marking territory. now they're figuring out who exactly is to blame. the houston astros and st. louis cardinals are the best in baseball. but off the feed, they were warning. last year the astros discovered someone hacked into their
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sophisticated database and ten months of service appeared online. it featured trade discussions, player evaluations, and scouting reports. at timhe te the general manager jeff luhnow discovered the attack. he had been a cardinals executive developing a sim lar base to feed fie top talents. now he's looking at the former team in connection with the cyber atachlkt baseball commissioner rob manfred. >> i think in addition people should not lose sight of the fact. who did it, what happened, is the organization responsible. >> it could turn into another embarrassing chapter in the long historic history.
7:19 am
fr now both teams are keeping the focus on the field. >> reat now we're realizing something is being dealt with. >> reporter: both teams are cooperatinge inginge inging w the fbi. arrests are a ways off. >> thank you. this morning the women's u.s. soccer team is prepared for a knockout after last night's game. >> this one wambach scores. >> it was so excited to watch her. they'll face their opponent in the 16th round. go, usa. yes, indeed.
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by petco. what we feed them matters.
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ladies and gentlemen my father, donald j. trump. >> i am officially running for president of the united states, and we are going to make our country great again. >> [ bleep ] scored his own presidential announcement. eh, eh eh i'm going to run for president. kyle in the sound booth, neil young me. yeah, yeah okay done. >> you can say there's nobody
7:31 am
like him. more to come. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up why neil young doesn't have a heart of gold when it comes to trump and the clash over music choice. plus many beachgoers are shaken up by shark attacks. many use drones to watch for the brid predators. first it's time to show you headlines from around the world. russian president vladimir putin plans toed a 40 new ballistics in. charlie will will be traveling to russia this week to interview putin. >> the "denver post" who says psychiatrist of colorado theater shooter james holmes testified in the trial she was concerned
7:32 am
concerneded. holmes told her he had homicidal talks three to four time as guy. on the day, she called holmes achz mother and police. >> london's telegraph says women who want families should freeze or reserve their eggs by the age of 35. they say a woman trying to have a baby at age 44 is 18 times less likely to succeed when she was 35. it's so unfair women have a clock and men, anthony mason, can have babies at the age of 80. >> sorry. on behalf of the entire male species, i'm sorry. >> important information. >> that's right. the "los angeles times" says oil heir andrew getty had toxic amounts of methamphetamine when he died. he also suffered of heart disease.
7:33 am
they say it was from ulcers that led to his death. they found medication in his hollywood hills bedroom. and they look at an emotional plea by two men who believe their families joined isis. their wives and children disappeared after leaving for a pilgrimlgrimage to saudi arabia. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the men alerted police after they families failed to come home after that trip and instead boarded a flight to turkey. it's believed they've gone to join him taking their young children with them. it's a plea and a narrative that's become all too tragic, all too familiar. >> i don't know what to say. i'm shaking. i miss you. it's been too many days. i don't know where you --
7:34 am
please please come back home. >> they fear they may have already lost 12 family members to isis. >> zorah and her children ages 8 and 5 and hajah, and her children ages 5 and 7 and her elder sister who took five children including 3-year-old is mail, the youngest of those missing and his 5-year-old sister maria. she's the little girl playing in the snow in this home video. their disappearance is forcing them to question how three mothers could take their young children from the peace and britain to the killing fields of syria.
7:35 am
like the three british school girls who made the trip earlier this year and are now believed to be at the headquarters. they're hoping their families hear the plea before it's too late. >> contact me where you are. there's no problem. please come back. >> but it's not that easy. turkey security services says they have no idea where the women and children are but what is known, in all cases once somebody enters the world of isis and comes under control, it's virtually impossible to turn back. anthony? >> charlie, you feel for those fathers. political campaigns used to march to the beat of the brass band. now they use pop country, classic rock and rock. neil young claims donald trump
7:36 am
misused one of his songs to keep on his runs campaign. good morning. >> good morning. the music can set the style, the theme, teen campaign. picking the right song can be tricky especially in the musician isn't happy about it as trump and a lot of other politicians have found out. for donald trump the song playing at his presidential kickoff the song seemed like the perfect choice talking about freedom. neil young didn't see it that way. he said trump's use of his song "rockin' in the free world" was not authorize and he's actually a supporter of bern in sanders. a campaign spokesman said trump
7:37 am
paid for and got the rights for the song. he closed with trump likes neil very much. ted johnson is a senior editor at "variety." >> donald trump's gotten in trouble with isis. they don't want to make it look like they're embarrassing a candidate they don't agree with. >> after scott walker used a song from drop kick, they literallit tweeted we literally hate you. some have gotten supportive at rallies. at his presidential announcement last month ben carson hired a
7:38 am
gospel choir who belted out "lose yourself." nearly two weeks ago rick perry took the stage to a personalized version of a country song. he made a push for teampeople to buy it. mitt romney and newt gingrich were criticized for playing this song ". >> reporter: it's been partf o it. in 2008 jackson brown, if fighters and othering asked john mccain to stop. they ran into a hiccup when bobby fairen opposed bush's use of this song.
7:39 am
>> it's more often that republicans get called into questionmore than the democrats. >> some have an easier time with the music. katy perry offer eded to write a song for clinton. clinton wrote back, you already did. "roar." >> i've been to so many campaign rallies, so you listen to about ha minutes of music before they appear. >> you have to check so you denlts get, we hate you. it's fun. >> it is. ahead, keeping app eye on sharks from above. >> i'm ben tracy in sale beach california. many used to do it noir up here.
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jie felt this kind of hit on my left leg lying a big fish coming near you or something and then it just kind of hit my arm and that was the first. i saw it when it was biting up my left arm. >> that is a very composed 16-year-old hunter treschl. cool name. from his hospital bed. he's describing the shark attack that cost him his left arm. 1 treschl a 12-year-old kerstin both lost their arms along the same carolina beach. >> ben tracy is in seal beach, california, with how lifeguards are using drones to search for drones. ben, good morning. >> good morning. so here's the problem when you come down to the beach these days the first thing you see is
7:45 am
the one thing you don't want to see. a sign like this that says they've recently seen sharks. this has been a prop up and down the southern california coast for the past year. here in seal beach they're now using a drone to keep an eye on those sharks. america has become drone dependent to helping farmers find thick trees to real estate and covering the news. >> yeah. this one is probably about waist deep. >> now they're even searching for sharks. >> we've used it for about a month. we use it to keep warning people or tell them they're there or not there. >> reporter: chief joe bailey run as lifeguard company. >> take it off from the beach, looks down a wide area and when we see the shadows h e can go down and focus in on them. so we know they're there.
7:46 am
>> the best place to spot a shark used to be here but this is no longer the best vantage. with these eyes in the sky they can now head out over the water and the outline of a shark becomes unmistakable. >> on a single morning earlier this week he counted ten great whites with hi new equipment. >> right now we have sharks 5 to 6 feet long nonaggressive, acting like normal sharks feeding on bottom fish like we expect them to do. >> reporter: southern californians should get used to seeing more of these young sharks. >> we've done a lot to clean up our water and air. that's why i think they're coming back. >> typically they don't go after swimmers or surfers but that does little to comfort some
7:47 am
beachgoers. >> probably won't go in the water if a while. probably sun bathing instead of going in the water. >> so besides looking for sharks, they plan to use it to spot dangerous rip currents or missing swimmers before they can get helicopters um in the ss up in the air. >> i don't know. i'd rather not know what's out there. >> when they say aggressive or not. >> i want to know how close they can come in. >> the answer is close. ben, thank you. don't mess with
7:48 am
>> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. remembered the choices i've made. where others are scared. to show her right from wrong. and realized my little girl had become an amazing human being who will make choices of her own. toyota let's go places.
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it is wednesday, june 17th 2015. and welcome back to "cbs this morning." there's more real news ahead, including donald trump's presidential run and why some say he'll make it hard to take the campaign seriously. but first here's today'sey "e op ener" at 8:00. >> the storm made its way here. last night the rain slowed down but there are still plenty of submerged streets. >> although bill has weakened overnight, there's still heavy rain. >> youw, knoce sin they have no concrete leads, law enforcement forced to expand their search and their theories. >> crews have removed collapsed portions from the balcony. >> baseball has a history of individuals and teams willing to bend the rules but a new digital
8:01 am
theft marks uncharted territory territorys. >> when you come down a beach one thing you don't want to see, a sign like this where they've recently seen sharks. now they're using drones to keep an eye on the sharks. >> the golden state warriors are world champions. >> dorld trump goes to new hampshire today for the first time as a presidential candidate. >> first thought. >> my first thought? >> yes. >> that somebody would hold a sword, i'd run at it. >> announcer: today "eye opener" at 8:00 presented by toyota. >> i'm gayle king with norah o'donnell and anthony mason because charlie rose is on assignment. tropical bill could cause flooding that could affect
8:02 am
millions of americans in several states. the storm weakened overnight after coming ashore in texas. waves slammed the gulf coast as downpours caused homes to flood and many lost power in the area. >> bill could dump a foot of rain in some areas. flash flood warnings are on alert for texas and parts of illinois. >> if donald trump has any doubts about running for president, he's hiding tackle es tuday? a loud fashion. >> i will build a great, great wall on the southern border and i will have mexico play for that wall. when is the last timybe anody saw, let's say, us beating china in a trade deal. i beat china all the time. i will be the greatest jobs es prt identhat god ever created i tell you that. i don't need anybody's money. it's nice.
8:03 am
i'm really rich. 8, now, i'm not doing that -- i'm not doing that to brag because you know what? i don't have to brag. the american dream is dead. we will make it great again. thank you very much. >> who doesn't love a circus norah? what are they complaining about? >> i know right? presidential campaign they're always close to a circus. >> you're absolutely right. >> he says he doesn't need to brag. >> but then he does, a bit. he's the richest person who's ever run for president. whatever his net worth is. he says it's about $9 billion.
8:04 am
less than half not even. he wants to be a popular but wants to say he's really really rich. his entire career has been not only being rich but representing being rich. he's very good at getting attention for himself. he likes to be in the public eye. we have a brilliant piece by my friend who says you can scoff donald trump. but we're all sort of donald trump now in the world of self-branding, selfies, social media. everyone in the world is saying look at me look at me and that's what e he enhe is done it for jeers. he does create a mix. he can affect the wild card. >> again, elites dismiss him.
8:05 am
a lot of people in america love him. he's got the highest unfavorable of any republican. he's got the highest number that say they would never vote for him. but on a national basis, he could get into these debates. fes he's if he's on the debate stage, he will make a big ruckus on it. >> he says the most provocative things. he says when mexico are bringing people they're brunging drugs and crime. how can you succeed when you say things like that? >> you can't become a prmt president saying things like that. how can you get people to nod their heads and say yes.
8:06 am
that's the populist donald trump. he taps into a deep vain that's out there among some member voters and they will agree with him. they say donald trump, you're right. that as much as anything else. he has a great life already. >> he wants oprah to be his vp. she's got a great life to. donald trump is not a dumb man. if you put oprah on the ticket you're not dumb. >> we could put her on a ticket. >> there's nothing i'd like to see better. >> always great to have you here. >> it is afwrie agreement.
8:07 am
they ordered a plane bound for milan earlier this morning after they stopped for tea. the first lady brought gifts for prince jormg and princess charlotte but did not meet the young royals. she also met village david cameron. she helps girls around the world get an education. >> i have to admit seeing her with prince harry, i'm a little jealous. >> i like prince george too. and the mom. >> we're moving on. after a visit from folk hero bob dylan. >> and tillen said i'm getting red to. the song was "desolation row." >> ahead we'll
8:08 am
>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by choice hotels. you always have a choice.
8:09 am
a new supermarket is offering other stores' leftovers at a huge discount. michelle miller is in a grocery store. >> these slightly ripe bananas and collard greens for families in need. we i'm show you what's on the menu ahead on "cbs this morning." when were you first considered a family? when you fell in love? when you got married? when you had kids? when did you first fight
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a new grocery store is on a mission this morning to solve two problems. preventing tons of food from going to waste and offering healthy alternatives to families who might not be able to afford traditional stores. michelle miller is in dorchester where that idea is being put to the test. good morning. >> reporter: yes, i am.
8:14 am
and good morning, anthony. this is the daily tachblt while looking like a boutique market it's the first felly not for procht riper than you'd expect and tuna closer to out of date. what's being tested in the 3,500 square retail praise could change the way average americans shop for food. strieb what has been available in the past. >> unhealthy food. cold cuts, pizza, greasy fried food no vegetables. >> reporter: the fouchblder spent 30 years with trader joes
8:15 am
grocery stores. it h e said it offers low income families quality food at an affordable price or it's to close to expiration and them reselling them at rock bottom prices. they're saying -- their words not mine -- you're selling rotten foodnear rotten food. pasta for $2 and eggs which has srjed in price are just $1.29 a dozen. if not for the daily table, all of these products would have been closed out.
8:16 am
>> we're literally wasting a rose bowl stadium full of food a day. >> more than 160 billion dollar a year. yet for one in six americans nearly 60 million people, there is no access to healthy or affordable food. he's trying to take a bite out of that by helping people who fall through the tracks. >> it reaches the working poor. wouldn't go to a supe pantry. i like coming each day. people like her holding doubt a full-time job with two kids to feet. >> finding the items at a regular supermarket that are a good price is difficult.
8:17 am
>> i love it. i think it should be in other communities. >> that's his plan. he has received e-mails that show interest in the formula. across the country. >> i thit's great. >> thought bananas look fine with me. >> you could do a mean boyne bread, banana mrs. tracy. uno that. would you sign a waiver to let them get in? rikky klieman with that. >> and what to do if you're the host this prom season. that's next on "cbs this morning." coppertone sport sunscreen puts a breathable layer on your skin to help keep it hydrated by holding in natural moisture while providing protection from harmful uv rays. game on.
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♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. >> wow. >> oh man. >> that party seen in "16 candles" might be a real scenario. a growing number of taking action before anybody shows up at the door. a "new york times" looked at
8:22 am
liabilities of teenagers. one host said i wanted my official responsibility to end at the door. these are good kids and they're in high school but you have to lay down the law. good to discuss. >> nice to see you. >> thank you. >> what are these waves about? >> what these waves are about is that if you're a social ghost. that is you're the parents having a party is that parents are afraid of two things. number one as we saw in the movie, your house may be trashed or some damage may occur, but number two, what happens afterward. is there a possibility of an accident afterwark. so the social hosts are saying, look i'm going to to do the best i can. i don't want to be solely
8:23 am
responsible. i want your parents to sign a waiver that if something bad happens we're all sharing the responsibility. >> i like the idea. i have two teenagers and ten were looking at drops things off a roof. what's your liability? >> it could really be substantial. what we have to look at is you have both civil laws and criminal laws especially if we're dealing with something like hole. alcohol is. where it gets more complicated is after the person leaves. i have a little bit of advice here beyond state laws could get you into trouble. number one is should you have the party?
8:24 am
>> of course if you want the party v the party. number two is please look at your state law. you have to know what your social host liability is but you also need to know criminally. >> are these legal waivers enforceable. if they sign a waiver and they drink at your house and drive away aunt get in an accident are you still responsible? >> you might be. the law in many states 31 to be exact, has said if you're a have the responsibility. all these other parents, all these kids, they don't have a duty under the law. >> okay. rikki klieman, thank you. great information. she's the queen of the beach book, best selling
8:25 am
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. 0-5. >> i think the phone is off the hook. i do think it's off the hook. i'm being serious. it looks like it's off the hook. >> last night in baltimore the philadelphia phillies were having a communications problem. when they tried to call the bull pen to get another pitcher nobody answered. you can see why. the phone is off the hook. he got their attention by waving a white towel. it doesn't matter because they lost. hey, hang up the phone. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in thiskck and roll's greatest artists, some who you don't
8:31 am
know, see how the nashville katz force critics the to change their tune. plus best selling novelist ellen hilderbrand is live. learn how she trampled over the double mastectomy by staying mama strong. that story ahead. "the wall street journal" says google street and hyperplay helps a child's development. they found that it encouraging a kid to explore and take risks as long as the child is having fun. >> did you do silly slide? >> you know i did. >> that's because you're a good dad. "the boston globe" says tom brady receive 1 hunl$,000 to speak. a school spokeswoman said his
8:32 am
appearance was sponsored by school ticket sales and sponsorship. tuna crab are washing up in orange county. waves of small red crab started covering the beaches a few days ago. they're not strong enough to swim away. the value, more than $300. the store is offering unlocked over night for sailors and fishermen. payments go in the honesty box. >> they stoedle knitted hats? >> it is london. a video asked 7,000 about their fee lines. they reported more energy and happiness and less stress.
8:33 am
a researchers call it a forex of physical pet therapy. >> i've about been licking out, me to. >> >> and they're gets laughs over the donald trump white house bid. >> comedy guys what? what the can it be? they did they have to? they really don't have to. i am officially running for the president of the united states. thank you, thank you, thank you. >> he's putting me in some of kind of comedy hoss pit. >> that's right everybody. that's right. donald trump announced today. >> which by the way a tra diggsally means six more weeks of comedy. >> that a grade line.
8:34 am
>> we're thrilled this morning to welcome in the queen of the summer novel back to studio 57. she takes readers to nan kuk it and this time the was a deeply personal revelation. she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. >> my diagnosis came three week ago. it's been very very fast. nobody prepares if you for it and i have so many friend and that. the reason you found out is you're the only one who can feel good in your body. >> let's go back.
8:35 am
many were in the fetal position. you were so calm so comb posed. whelp like baelk at the clifr. i had no idea what was coming. >> what happened from there? >> i left new york. i flew new boston. i understand went a six-hour surgery and wand to given a shout-out to them. they're blond brilliant mothers. i woep up and said it feels like concrete breasts with barbedwire. so much pain. and then in october once my implants were in i had a life-threatening infection on the left had me flown in an an
8:36 am
mark to it and my left breast cow.h.o. came out again. so u i'm probably the only person who lost three brefts this year. >> you were lop sized for three months. >> lopsided. i had a prosthetic breast. my teenage boys would throw it at each other. i'd say can i please have my breast back. now i'm fully hill think, reconstructed and cancer-free. >> and i asked is it okay to hug you and you said. >> you and your kids talk about being mama strong. where did you get that from. >> my daughter did that. for them that was my default position because they're my children and they conot imagine anything else. the think that saves you is the normal see of my life.
8:37 am
i wrote two novels this year. once i was able i wrote two novels. >> was this kind of an escape for you? >> it's a wonderful escape. it's about people who gossip and i las vegas on nantucket which is four miles wide and 13 miles long and is a finchfish bowl. they ask what's going on. >> we talk about each other. >> this book the girl's friend is having an affair and the best friend. norah can appreciate this. she says anyone woman who has a brentz fren she knows.
8:38 am
>> i don't have the luxury of that because i write two a year but i have fop inprey. the telephone, the internet and in madelyn's case she gets the pen out of the drawer decide to reorganize the drawer. >> you write in long hand. >> how do you pull that off. >> i know. people think it takes a long time. i write it all in a notebook. that way i can do it on the a beach. i'm going to right today in the car service. >> on big yellow pads and i transfer it to a notebook. >> some say it's one of the best ways to do it because if you can right quickly it flows out better than typing. >> it flows out and i think it's because it's old.
8:39 am
that's how i learned. >> what flowed out for me page 143. this is my favorite page. >> you have a lot. >> she tried to imagine herself going on "cbs this morning" with gayle king norah o'donnell and charlie rose. gayle king is going to go nuts over it. she and norah fight over it. >> it was a joy. >> i want to to go over your breast experience. there were two women sitting in the front row. >> yes. 12 days after the surgery i had drains in which were too awful to explain. they were tied tomy dress and i was on painkillers and i wasn't supposed to be traveling ought all. in a lunch bag, one had no hear
8:40 am
one had cheryl hair. they said we have had double mastectomies and 30 round os and we came around to show you elin, you're going to be fine. it was the kbras and strength of women far sicker than i was coming to give me support to make me think i can do this. >> someone is watching right now. >> thank you so much. >> "the rumor." >> ma ha strong. >> coming up one of
8:41 am
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in 1969 bob dylan did something extraordinary when he went to nashville. he left his band to go play with the nashville katz. the hall of fame is dedicated to dylan, johnny cash and their
8:45 am
session. now in their 70s three of the cats reflect on their amazing careers. ♪ there they're some of nashville's most legendary musicians. charlie mccoy played on charlie jones' classic "i stopped loving her today." and he played on tami why net's "d-i-v-o-r-c-e." few knew about the sessions group who became known as the cats. >> how did you feel about being in the shadows? >> that's what we do. >> the songed a the artist were the picture and we're the frame. >> but that began to change in 1965 when charlie mccoy was invited to sit in on a recording session with bob dylan in new york and dylan said i'm getting
8:46 am
to record this song. why don't you get your guitar and join along. it was "desolation road." >> reporter: dylan was so impress he recorded his next three albums in nashville. >> he came in february of 1976 and the first became a masterpiece. blond on blond. the next was dylan cats and the nal vish cats. the curator says dylan was among the first to credit mufgs on his album cover using authors like mccoy and charlie daniels. >> what did it mean for you guys. till then the rock press had shown little respect for nashville. >> i wrote articles cookie cutter records, assembly line music, all business no art. >> that's how you felt you were
8:47 am
reviewed though. >> but when dylan came it was loom like these payment sate wait a minute. if he's going there, i'm going somewhere. >> nashville cats. >> where did that come from? >> a hit record "nashville"." >> it was a lovin' spoonful hit in 1966. ♪ they could pick more nuts ♪ >> he said he was just writing about what musicians were talking about. usually main performances. a few years later johnny cash began broadcasting his show from nashville.
8:48 am
people flock to the city now to road. >> i met my home and i found a way. >> charlie mng co-was the hand. >> that's the one i sang. >> neil young came to town. >> he had one "keep many searching for a heart of gold." it was the biggest in the nation. >> the nashville cats were on the maps. >> what did it mean to be playing with each other, good as you are all are. you know man, every time you go to work everybody's going to be
8:49 am
a great. >> it was so cool to see them play at ryman auditorium. it's mazing what they've given us over the year. >> that we didn't know about. >> johnny cash said dylan did so much for nashville and hi goept. >> that's a good thing. >> you're
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. . well, it's been a good show. anthony you're going to join us for the next couple of days. >> i'll be back tomorrow. >> more anthony. in the meantime to tune in to "cbs evening news with scott pe."lley
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>> how much more pain do we have to endure until we get there? >> infertile couples get candid. >> we want to be parents.
9:00 am
>> how the doctors are giving them hope. >> months of linivg with mystery hives all over her body. >> you never know what to expect. >> hoe w thdoctors are helping her skin. and suffering from seever memory loss: tomorrow when you wake up will you remember being on the show. >> can tweeting help him remember? >> on the doctors. ♪ ♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ ♪ [ alause ] >> poor vision obvious can be an inconvenience. but a 4,000 inconvenience? hear why one man's eyesight left him whining about his bill. >> he ordered what he thought was an in


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