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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 19, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is ayfrid june 19th 20156789 welcome to "cbs this morning." massacre faces a judge. seth doane is on a remote island in the south china sea where china is creating new land and raising tension with its neighbors. >> plus, what's going on with the recent shark attacks. two pioneering researchers capture great whiets. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> and the heartnd a soul of
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south carolina was broken. >> the nation mourns after the mass shooting at a south carolina church. >> the suspected gunman dylann roof will face a judge this morning. >> sitting there moments before opening fire. >> the devil sat there and killed all those people. hi>> t gs isoing to be a fight for some time. >> a wildfire is spreading in southern california. >> 200 campers had to evacuate. >> oklahoma texas, and arkansas flooding. talking about 10 inches of rain. the u.s. marshal adding two fugitive is totsos mt wanted list. the worst of the worst. a cruise ship crashed into the wall at eisenhower laock. >> our job is to find needlnes i a hay steak.
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>> this single-engine plane ran off the runway crashing into a fence while trying to land. the pilot was taken to the hospital. the suspects had handguns and sledgehammers. ll>> a that -- >> tiger woods shot 80. worst open round ever. >> -- and all that matters -- >> at some point we as ant coury will have to wrecken with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other countries. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> this is a violent attack on emanuel ame church of south carolina which is a symbol. >> i have to say our hearts go out to everybody in south carolina right now. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is on assignment in russia, so anthony mace season here with us.
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this morning we're getting a clear picture about the devastating damage inflicted by a lone gunman inside a charleston church. nine people were killed. this morning wie know who they are. they include the church senior pastor, three other ministers and five parishioners. >> dylann roof t 21-year-old white man accused of killing them is back in south carolina this morning. we have a new look right at the moment before the shooting. a victim posted this image of the bible study class. it includes a glimpse of the suspect in the upper right corner. you can see him sitting with the group. we have complete coverage this morning. anchor scott pelley is outside the emanuel ame church. good morning, scott. >> reporter: good morning, anthony. it's a solemn mourning here. the church you see behind me the historic 1891 building, all
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night long people have been leaving bouquets at the church steps. i see white long ribsbons on the fence, one for each person who was killed in the tragedy that has shaken the city. jeff pegues has new information. jeff? >> reporter: dylann roof is in jail. next supplying a court hearing sometime today. investigators believe he acted alone on wednesday night in this church behind me shooting and killing nine people. police brought dylann roof back to charleston last night, a city left heartbroken after one of the deadliest mass shootings in state history. >> the heart and soul of south carolina was broken and so we have some grieving to do. >> reporter: according to investigators, roof entered emanuel ame church around 8:00 p.m. he spent a full hour min gling
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with church mens before standing up saying he was there to kill. a video reportedly from one of the victims shows a small group of people gathered together inside the church all of them are black except for one man. >> why did you do it? >> reporter: it's now believe that person is the shooter. roof evaded capture for 12 hours until police pulled him over in shelby, north carolina 150 miles from charleston. >> once we got the photos out, that led to tips and led to the ability to identify him. >> reporter: one of the witnesses was debbie dills, a flowerist, who was running late for work. >> i was behind him at a
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stoplight. i thought what if what if. the only thing i could see were those prayer circles with everyone gathered around, that their prayers would be answered. >> reporter: he was arrested without incident in his car. a .45 caliber handgun matching the casings found at the church. >> the arrest of this awful man is an important part for all of us in this community to begin the process of our healing together together. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell cbs news that roof's father recently gave him a gun for his 21st birthday in april. both of his parents have been interviewed by investigators. scott, later today roof is expected to appear in court via video leak. >> jeff pegues thank you very much. friends tell us that dylann roof was a loner who was angry about racial matters. in recent weeks he talked openly
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about an attack on african-americans. adriana diaz is outside his former school the white knoll high school in lexington, south carolina. adriana? >> reporter: good morning. here five years ago. he dropped out after repeating the ninth great. a classmate said he was a pill popper who made racist jokes. they say he was withdrawn and made racist jokes about black people. dylann roof was quiet in custody and vest. but they say they knew about his scheme. >> it was a plan. he said he was planning it for about six months. >> reporter: joseph meek sailed he quote, told me he wanted to start a civil war. >> he said the black people were taking over the country and that he wanted there to be
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segregation. >> reporter: the only photo from a facebook page is one patch showing south africa's aparthe and also rhodesia also under white rule. also a photo of him on his hyundai and celebrating the confederacy. though friends say he often slept in a vehicle, he was last known to live at his mother's home. >> i know he lived there the last three or four years. >> reporter: he was arrested in south carolina with a felony drug possession. he was wearing all black. they found roof with a drug often abused but typically used to treat opium addiction. after a 14-hour manhunt roof was captured thursday about 250
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miles north of the murder scene in shelby north carolina. >> i looked over and thought why does that car look familiar to me. it has a south carolina license plate. >> reporter: debbie dills had a hunch and called for help and tailed the suspect for 35 miles. >> i don't know what i was thinking. i thought, you have do this. this is what you need to do. >> roof told authorities his middle name is storm, a name often adopted by white supremacists. scott? >> adriana diaz thanks very much. president obama is again calling for changes in america's gun laws. at the white house thursday the president offered his prayers to the victim's families and he expressed anger that gun violence is so common in the united states. >> i've about had to make statements like this too many times. communities like this have had to endure tragedies like this too many times. at some point we as a country
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will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other countries. >> reporter: this was the 14th time that president obama addressed the nation after a deadly shooting. throughout the night people came here to the church to pay their respects to the nine people who were killed. four of the victims were ministers associated with the ame church. others were shipped here week in and week out for decades. this morning we want to tell you a little bit more about them. ♪ >> reporter: the victims came from all walks of life but were united in their love of god. >> you always know your faithful people when you go to the bible study. >> reporter: one victim, 54-year-old cynthia hurd was a lifelong church member. she worked at the charleston county public library for 31 years. >> she was a character. she loved her family.
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she loved her community. >> reporter: her younger brother malcolm graham told us she was the backbone of her family. in terms of your sister, the church, the community, what in your mind has been lost? >> i think any time you can't go in the house of god and worship in peace, there's a front with the moreality of this country. >> i'm sorry about your terrible loss. >> thank you. >> the oldest, susie jackson, the youngest tywanza sanders. depayne middleton-doctor sang in the choir. e them lance worked on the church grounds reverend sharonda coleman singleton was a min store and a track coach.
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her son, you were a better mother than i could have ever asked for. this has truly broken my heart in every way possible. also killed myra thompson 59 an african-american member of a sorority and reverend daniel simmons, a retired pastor. >> he came back. he did not have do it. he did it for his own personal gratification. >> reporter: a former pastor of the emanuel church stephen singleton told us the grieving loved ones have to rely on faith to heal. >> i was telling them about praying for healing, praying not to let this make them bitter and praying to find god in this because we know that god is not lost. >> reporter: they were wednesday church people the types who go
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to the church business meetings and attend those prayer services in the middle of the week because the distance between sundays is too great to not worship god. they were the soul of one of america's great houses of worship. back to all of you in new york. >> scotts that's what makes the story so much more painful when you get to hear about their lives and how they touched people. it's hard to hear this story. thank you, scott pelley. we'll see you tonight on the people across the cities held vigils for the victims. ♪ i'm going to let it shine, let it shine ♪ >> the mourners prayed for peace while demanding justice. more services are expected throughout the weekend. with us now from the
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shooting scene south carolina governor nikki haley. governor, good morning. i know this has been a tough time for your state. how is everyone coping? >> good morning, norah. you know it's a difficult time. i think there was shock, ily was anger, and i think there was grief. but i think the one thing we know is as soon as the suspect was found and they had him back in custody, the best part is now we can start to heal and so that's where our focus is right now. >> how are the survivors doing this morning, governor? >> you know i think this is a tough time. you know, the survivors and everybody, we're trying to get as much information as we can. the investigators are still talking to them trying to find information. there are some family members of some of the victims that are starting to come out and start talking. >> there are reports, governor that the suspect said he was there to shoot black people and there are calls in your state that we need to have a real
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honest conversation about race in the country and race in particular. as a minority, how do you begin to have a conversation? do you think there needs to be a conversation at this time in your state? >> you know i think that these types of things you're always looking for answers, you're saying why what happened what can we do. we actually started this conversation. this conversation start not too long ago with walter scott. when we saw this happen, we thought one of our own had betrayed us. what i'm prout about in south carolina when we have these the conversations is pretty much people coming together. you saw democrats, republicans, blacks, and whites saying, let's talk about this. what else can we be doing. >> there are calls to take the confederate flag downcapitol.
7:16 am
>> at the time 15 years ago the general assembly at the time had a conversation. the democrats and republicans came together to bring the flag down off of the dome and put it out in front. i hope we do things the way carolineans do have some conversation allow some thoughtful words to be exchanged, be kind about it on what we're trying to achieve and i think the state will start talking about it again and see where it goechlts what i'll tell you right now is while a lot of issues are going to come up my job as governor is to bring everybody back together. we've got to heal. this is a state that's broken and this is a state that's hurt. what you're seeing is we're trying to pull that together. >> what's your position on the issue? >> right now, to start having politics conversation in south carolina, i understand that's
7:17 am
what you all want my job is to heal the people of this state. we just had a 26-year-old graduate from college. an 86-year-old grandmother, a track coach, a librarian. this is very real to us. i understand we expect to have conversations to take plaus but we in south carolina need to heal. our focus is keeping people together and heal. there will be policy discussions and you will hear me come out and talk about it but right now i will not do that to the people of our state. - >> all right. nikki haley. thank you. >> thank you for your prayers and support. we appreciate it so much. >> our coverage continues. ahead, we take a look at estate senator reverend clementa pinckney. a ship slammed into a concrete wall in the eisenhower
7:18 am
lock in northern new york near canada. they rescued 274 passengers and crews from the ship and ladder crews helped. all the water was drained from the lock and the ship will sit there until it can be moved. the threat of downpours and flooding expects to parts of the northeast. areas from st. louis to boston could see big rain totals from remnants of tropical storm bill. quiet weather has soaked oklahoma. the state was drenched by several inches of rain from the storm. flooding claimed the lives of two oklahomans including a 2-year-old boy swept away by flooding waters. fire in california is burning out of control. the fire near lake bear has affected more than 200 acres. it threatens dozens of homes and buildings. about 500 firefighters are battling the flames.
7:19 am
the fire is only 5% contained at this time. >> also a california community is potentially days away from having no water. ahead, the impact of new water restrictions on thousands of >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by kohl's. find your yes. kohl's.
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the pastor and state senator killed in charleston was a dedicated servant of god and the public. >> could we not argue that america is about freedom? whether we live it out or not, it really is about freedom, quality, and the pursuit of happiness, and that's what church is all about. >> ahead, more words from the life of reverend clementa pinckney. >> the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning."
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the supreme court steps ahead. why this license plate featured the battle flag is not protected by the first amendment. plus on "cbs this morning,"
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the former guard who k
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour reverend clementa pinckney lived a life of service. a senior pastor of the ame church. we will remember the values of this leader. david sweat and richard matt escaped from a new york prison two weeks ago. only on "cbs this morning" a former prison guard gives insight into life behind the walls. that's ahead. but first it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. "usa today" says the house passed a fast track trade bill. last week they derailed the bill. now it goes to the senate.
7:31 am
they say they won't support it until they get guarantees that a worker's aid program also gets passed. julie ham p is head of p.r. and one of the most senior nonjapanese executives at toy tachlt please say she used a parcel service to ship oxy codeine to herself. he believes she's insoemt and the whole case is a misunderstanding. the company continues to stand by her. "the dallas morning news" said in a supreme court there's a fight over the confederate flag license plate. the justices voted 5-4 that state officials can refuse to issue plates which many consider racially charged. license plates belong to the government and do not amount to private speech with first amendment protection. and "the new york times" has an op-ed tribute to reverend
7:32 am
clementa pinckney. henry louis gates once interviewed him. he called pinckney a quiet impressive man. he said if he had lived he would be celebrated across the country. he was a husband, a father and a long serving legislator. >> we do greet oughtall of you. >> as mourners look back service was a word often used to describe how he lived. we're not serving the emanuel ame congregation. he served the constituency as a state senator. >> then we have moving toward freedom. >> reporter: he spoke about his goals as a leader. >> we have a legacy to uphold the people who died so we could have a right to vote t people who sacrificed so we could one day realize the dream of black president.
7:33 am
>> reporter: history was integral to his life's work. >> this is where martin luther king would come when he was in charleston. >> embracing it from his revered church while working to change history's course through legislation. after walter scat an unarmed black man was gunned down by a north charleston police officer in april -- >> it's my hope we stand up for what is best. >> reporter: pinckney pushed for more political justice by introducing his cause for police cameras. >> he brought a strongness to the community. >> reporter: armstrong williams is pinckney's cousin. he said he was most effective through his pulpit. >> he always found himself back to his church. he knew that's where he could have the greatest impact with young people adults. many needed spiritual healing. >> reporter: pinckney spoke
7:34 am
about the relevance of duty and pursuit of values no matter the cost. >> could we not argue that america is about freedom. whether we live it out or not, it really is about freedom, quality, and the pursuit of happiness and that's what church all about. >> with his church now a crime scene, the desk of clementa pinckney's state senate seat became a temporary memorial. cloaked in black with a red rose. it's a tribute to the faithful for the man who ultimately gave his life to a community where he served. >> people trusted him, they respected him, and, you know he's just irreplaceable. >> the people who knew him said he was an amazing man. he started preaching at the age of 13 received his first pastorship at 18. the irony is he would have embraced and really welcomed dylann roof and dylann roof
7:35 am
walked into the church and said which one is the pastor i want to sit next to him. >> it cease crushing to see somebody this articulate well spoken. i mean it just -- >> kind. i mean a really kind good man. a really kind good man. we also have an update this morning on those two killers who escaped from a new york prison. they are among the most wanted fuj tirchs now in the country. u.s. marshal service put david swoet and richard matt on its 15most wanted. michelle miller. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yesterday we spoke to a former prison guard who used to work at this maximum security prison p. he not only knew the two fugitives now on the run, but the married employees who are now at the center of this investigation. >> you watch. you watch the inmates and you watch the civilians.
7:36 am
>> reporter: james prey worked at the clinton correctional facility for seven years overseeing inmates including david sweat and richard matt. he said matt was a model inmate but he had his eye on sweat. >> he was shady. >> shady. >> he seemed to be a little more sneakier than matt. >> reporter: prey also worked with employees lyle and joyce mitchell. joyce was an instructor at the tailor shop where matt and sweat worked. >> she seemed very comfortable around them. >> did anyone know about this? >> yes. she was talked to. >> reporter: it's believed she had sexual involvement. >> i don't know how they got the tools from the tailor shop to the blocks because those are steel. they would have went off crazy in a metal detector. >> knowing the procedures for
7:37 am
security knowing the people involved, what do you suspect? >> i suspect there was probably smn else involved. >> he said another missed opportunity came after a rye yoet broke out two weeks before they escaped. >> i heard they had a riot and there was gas used in the car. they usually lock down the cells and they're searched. >> they would have discovered the hole. >> i believe if the jail was locked down like it should have been they would be have found holes in the walls. they would have found anything. >> in a statement the new york department of corrections said, quote, there are a number of probes into the escape at the clinton correctional facility. until they have concluded, we will not be able to provide information on the issues that may be under review in those investigations. anthony? >> michelle thank you. >> reporter: this morning there are growing tensions between china and its neighbors and the u.s. over disputed waters in the south china sea.
7:38 am
the chinese military is racing to build outposts on reclaimed land. nearby countries are alarmed by the territorial expansion. seth doane is on a philippine island also claimed by philippines. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. these sandy beaches are on the front line of international dispute. the chinese have been filling in shoals and reefs to create artificial islands. the closest to sus callus is called suby island. you can't see it but i can see cranes off in the distant. satellite shows dredging and equipment sheing the chinese working to build that island. they've reclachld 2,000 acres of the china sea, in the last 18
7:39 am
months building the artificial islands. they sailed they would stop creating the islands but would not stop building on the i lanlsd. here on this island the government has built homes and even school to stake its claim on the island for the philippines. >> wow incredible that seth is there on this island in the south sigh cha chief.china sea. >> and we are there. >> we are there. the water may run out in one california community. the look ahead, the bleak resolution for residents if no solution is found. can you imagine? if you're headed off to work, set your dvr so you can watch cbs news anytime. we'll be right back.
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the faucets for thousands of californians could run dry in the next few days. they may cut off water supplies in response to the historic drought. john blackstone takes us to the mountain house community an hour east of san francisco where leaders are desperate for a solution to keep the waters running. >> reporter: the busy water park in mountain house, california uses recycled water. they're threatened with having its only source of water cut off. >> it's something we don't have control over. >> reporter: a mother of five. >> i know other parts of the world go without water, but obviously that's something we're not accustomed to so it's definitely definitely scary. >> reporter: mountain house is facing the possibility of taps going dry because the state water board has ordered an end of pumping from rivers and
7:45 am
streams where the community gets its water. >> we have to cease and desist shut down the water entirely no exceptions. >> reporter: ed pattinson is searching for way to keep the water running. >> we're looking on the market. >> you're looking for extra water in california right now. there isn't any extra water. >> you know, we're in a fourth year of a drought and a lot of people are looking for water. >> reporter: mountain house is planned community and was a farm with fields. those old water rights were thought to be sacred but california's historic drought is changing the rules. at the water park sally buyers says those who live in mountain house have been careful to conserve. we. >> we have low flow toilets.
7:46 am
it's a newer community. >> what you've got to do is -- >> -- pray for rain. >> -- pray for rain. >> yes. >> he's confident they'll find water so the taps don't go dry but he too, is preaying for rain. >> i hear we could be going off the cliff. >> it's getting more severe. >> and when you see the dry crackling ground you think, whoa. >> they need to pray for rain. a tearful golfer. ahead, see
7:47 am
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,b when the youngest golfer tees after this afternoon, don't be surprised if you see him in a powerful moment of reflection like this one. >> a poignant moment in a young 15-year-old's life rarely when you think about it. he's stepping up to the tee. >> that's 15-year-old cole hammer praying just before taking his first shot ever in a major. ""golf week"" says it's a tradition ahead of every tee-off. the houston teenager qualified on a women. he was hoping to make the junior championship this summer. he's very emotional. >> a very good swing. look mental preparation. they say a lot of golf is between the ears. good for him. >> absolutely. >> he looked ready. >> i'm going to try that trick myself later today. >> we'll see if that works. shark attack sparks fear on beaches. ahead, researchers share what
7:52 am
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it is friday june 19 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." a look back at the church in pcharleston where nine people have been killed. this is not the first time mother emanuel has been targeted but first here's your "eye opener" at 8:00. all night long people have been leaving bouquets of flowers at the doorstep of the urchch. >> roof is in jail this morning in charleston. next up for the accused mass shooter,rt cou hearing today. a classmate say he was a pill popper who told racist jokes. he says he made statement about kill black people. >> people need time to heal.
8:01 am
>> the first appointment was at the age of 18 and the irony that everyone says about this man is that he would have embraced and really welcomed dylann roof. >> people trusted him. they respected him. you know just irreplaceable. irreplaceable. >> they were wednesday church people because there was too much distance between sundays to worship god. they were one of the great worshippers. >> announcer: today's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by choice hotels. >> i'm gayle king with norah o'donnell and anthony mason. charlie rose is in russia this hour. he's on stage right now, you see him, with russian president vladimir putin. charlie is about to interview the president and you'll hear
8:02 am
parts of that conversation on cbs newss. >> looking forward to that. tonight, charleston, south carolina will host a vigil. a friend say 2/1-year-old dylann roof told him weeks ago he had a plan to attack african-americans. south carolina's governor says roof should face the death penalty. jeff pegues is in downtown charleston. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. roof will have a bond hearing later today. you'll recall he was picked up yesterday, waived extradition in a hearing in north carolina and later was flown back here to charleston where he remains behind bars. he's accused of crimes the major is calling pure evil shooting and killing nine people inside emanuel ame church on wednesday night. there are new images of roof that have surfaced reportedly from one of the victims showing
8:03 am
a group of people gathered together inside of a church. all of them are black except for one man, the man believed to be the shooter. this morning there's a growing memorial in front of the church. they're leaving flowers as the city of charleston grieves for the victims. police are calling this a hate crime. the investigation continues but law enforcement officers tell cbs news roof has made statements linking him to the crime here. anthony? >> jeff, thank you. we're learning more this morning about the victims killed in the bible study group. reverend sharonda coleman single singleton. her cousin zyesusie jackson was the oldest victim. 87 years old and a long-time
8:04 am
church member. jackson's nerve you was the youngest killed tywanza sanders received a degree in business last year. >> reverend depayne middleton-doctor sang in the choir and clementa pinckney was the pastor. reverend daniel simmons was pastor of another church. he was part of the ministerial staff and myra thompson was part of the african-american sorority. >> the church is known as mother emanuel. it's played in every political and social movement since it opened in 1860. elaine quijano is outside the church with its inspiring history. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. mother emanuel is the oldest ame church in the south and houses the oldest congregations south
8:05 am
of baltimore. it's survived fires, tornados, earthquakes, but nothing could prepare it for wednesday's tragedy. founded in old charleston in the shadows of one of america's largest slaf markets, the church known as mother emanuel brought together freed blacks and saves in a congregation that has stood the toast of time. >> this is a church that has been part of the long black freedom struggle for as long as it's been going on. >> reporter: he said emanuel's survival through major natural disasters has placed it on the front lines of history. it billed civil rights leaders like booker t. washington and dr. martin luther king there. his wifevhead a march organized at
8:06 am
mother emanuel. >> this is a church that has endured and in many ways spur things. >> reporter: he spoke in 2013 about what the church meant to him. >> we don't lik see the church as a museum but still a place of change and hopefully change and work on the hearted ant spirits of all people. >> reporter: at the white house thursday president obama said the tragedy will not quiet the pastor's voice. >> mother emanuel's church and con agree vags have risen before from flames an earthquake and other hard it will rise again. now, a place of peace. >> besides natural disasters the churches with burned to the
8:07 am
ground in 1882. the message is that this tragedy. gayle? >> they call it the religious rock and they will rebuild. thank you, elaine very much. our coverage will continue.
8:08 am
>> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 sponsored by choice hotels. you always have a choice. one teenager is holding people's feet to the fire. why it's important to speak truth to tolerance. that's next on "cbs this morning."
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8:13 am
activist and nobel prize winner appeared on "the daily show" last night. she's the subject of a new documentary and host jon stewart asked her about her ability to stand up to the powerful. >> you don't hold back. you met with president obama and said, man, drone strikes, no beno. you don't know spanish but you said, no don't do that. when you went to nigeria, you said to goodluck jonathan you have to do more and listen to your people. you can also see -- there's a footage -- goodluck jonathan is like, what? he was kind of taken aback. it's beautiful and con size honesty. >> i think you have to sometimes ignore all the formal stuff and tell the truth. >> boy, you really are a teenager that. is what they do, i think. >> yes. so be straightforward and telling the truth that this is going wrong. and i think it's important for
8:14 am
the world leaders to think that their decision -- what's the impact of their decision on common people and who gets affected. >> you know -- >> i remember when you interviewed her a couple years ago. >> malala turned 18 next month and to think she has that much poise and self-confidence to stand up to president obama and say we need to change policy on drone issues she has a lot of moxie. >> she was so poised. how old was she when you talked to her? >> 16. >> she seems like she was born poised. >> there's a new dock men tray coming out that is extraordinary. >> i saw a trailer to it last night. it's amazing. yes, i can't wait. >> all right. she's the shark who became a social media star. you may be tracking mary lee's every move. i am a twitter follower. the guys are in the green room to show how she's traveled 20,000 miles in three years, plus their new shark expedition. that's next on "cbs this
8:15 am
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8:18 am
>> we're going to need a bigger boat. >> i love that line. >> it never gets old. >> no. >> it's been 40 years since
8:19 am
"jauss"" "jaws" inspired fat nation in sharks. two teens lost limbs sunday in north carolina. then a 10-year-old was attacked wednesday off daytona beach shores, florida. in 2012 cbs brought you a story of fishermen from o hsearch. they caught a 2,000-pound great white. they've been tracking him. they were part of that unprecedent mission. guys, we welcome you back to the studio. >> thanks for having us. >> i want to talk about what you do but before we do that, can we have a moment about "jaws." do you cringe and they you're killing us here? >> we've been trying for a
8:20 am
decade to undo everything "jaws" did. what we're trying to do undois undo what "jaws" did. >> peter bentley who wrote "jaws" eventually turned around. >> and his wife continues to carry that legacy today. >> chris and brett, when we hear the shark attack stories -- >> children who lost arms. >> lost two left arms in waters that were very shallow it does seem to still scare the bejesus out of people it's very common this time of year between north carolina and florida to and florida. there's a muks millimeter amount of bait which brings the predators in. what was unusual here is it wasn't a grab and release. we've seen up to 50 a year.
8:21 am
this was a little more traumatic and the families are in our thoughts. it was actually a bull shark which is the difference. >> why are they going after humans? >> i don't think it's just humans. >> there's a lot of life at the same time and the conditions were kind of good for that. there's more chance of interaction when there's a lot of people in the water and there's that much bait. >> you have some user conflict issues there right? you have people fishing in the same area where people are fishing. a lot of what we were talking about last time we were here in southern california when you've had fishermen fishing for sharks in the same area. that doesn't pass a lot of common sense. bad things happen. >> it's interesting you said. grab and release. that's typically what they do. when most people think of a shark attack, they think they're going to get eaten alive.
8:22 am
>> right. usually they see they've grabbed the wrong thing. there are dozens and dozens of these grabs and releases going on and there are a few stitches and people go home. >> do you think the two in a short span do, you think it was the same attack? >> absolutely not. >> i think it's a big leap. i think there's more sharks in there. >> you have a lot of life piled in there, bait game and predators. >> we mentioned mary lee, the shark you tagged who has her owner twitter account who has 80,000 followers of who i am one. >> wait, before we go on. mary lee is named after? >> my mom. >> it's extraordinary to see how far she travels and how quickly she travels. >> that's a perfect example of what we're talking, "jaws." jaws establishes this territory and there are things that
8:23 am
happens. when you follow mary lee, she makes these massive migrations the united states swinging to newfoundland back off florida now. mary lee is really crucial. this is three years sin we started working with yu on this story. our goal at that time was to figure out where these giant where do they give birth. where do they mate. mary lee is coming up on completing that first full migratory cycle. and if she returns to cape cod this fall, it will really put the pieces of the puzzle together only mating and so forth. >> and, brett, what have you learned from her migration, where she's gone? >> that's being seen, you know right now. it depends on what you're looking for. you know that's the great thing about what we've got going here. you can have so many people asking different questions, what are they learning. you know t scientists are looking for what they're living. >> and a few things i think we
8:24 am
learn is the cape cod white shark should be the united states. >> last time you were here we said we need a boy shark. >> we need to get some male sharks tagged for insure but we like mary lee. thank you. you can go to our facebook page right now. chris fisher is ready to answer them. that's she's a shechanic. she's teaching a lot of folks what to do with their cars and breaking stereotypes along the way. >> absolutely, yes. >> i'm michelle miller. that story's comng up on "cbs this morning."
8:25 am
8:26 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour shifting gears with a female auto mechanic. she's shifting gears. the family shows what it's announcement go 2-0. >> what a nice father's day story. the "new york post" looks at backlash that may remove alexander hamilton from the $10 bill. a portrait of a woman could take his place. the california chapter of the alexander hamilton appreciation society says taking off the person who created the treasury
8:31 am
department makes no sense. taking taking andrew jackson off the bill would be better since he hated paper. many dobld's is expanding allday allday-breakfast. next year it expands snooki just say? it did always both mer that it ended at 10:30. everybody's on a different schedule. >> amen. the coach band pablo sandoval for using social media. he checked his phone during a visit to the clubhouse. the team found out after a blogger noticed sandoval had liked photos of a woman leashing a legacy and the blogger tweeted about it. sandoval apologized. >> busted. and london's "independence"
8:32 am
says a man cut his possessions in half after a breakup with a girlfriend. he made a video of his project called for laura. it shows him using saws and nierchs to cut into chairs and beds and tvs. heartbreak cause him to cut his calf in half too. the items are on sale. he cut in half a teddy bear. i think he has anger issues. >> it's a little funny at first an and then. >> you're cra-cra. >> what is it again? >> cra-cra. also known as crazy. when you're driving along and the check engine light comes on do you know what to do? >> no. >> do you have a mechanic you can trust? >> no. >> those are important questions especially for women who can be charged an average of the $3 more than men for auto repairs but michelle miller shows us how the philadelphia woman is
8:33 am
slamming the brakes on sexism at the garage. >> things i would not touch are your brake fluid. >> trees banks knows what she's doing under the hood. >> we know the conditions and ignore it like some of our boyfriends. >> she shares that knowledge for free at monthly clinics. >> there's certain things women need to know about your car. one of them is the year make and model. >> but it was not always that way for banks who was anything but a gear head. >> i feared the auto mechanic and waited until the last minute. i put up something that said my car needs an oil change but i going to get a mani psh pedi and did. she's an engineer and used to work as a chemicals engineer at dupont. >> why did your car imtim date
8:34 am
you? >> i think it's culture. it's for guys. let a man handle it. i always felt taken advantage of. >> tired of feeling ripped off when she took her car to a mechanic, she went back to school studied to be an auto tech and worked for free on the weekends at a repair shop. a rarity because the car repair world is dominated by men. women make up less than 2% of automotive service technicians and the mechanics in the united states. >> that just gave me the idea that said i em go doing teach women and i started building this vision for this women that was going to educate and empower women. >> reporter: that vision became girls auto clinic. >> women will take care of a $300 bag better than they take care of a $25,000 car, you know and that's a shame. >> reporter: francine edwards always relied on her husband to take care of the car.
8:35 am
she took the class to save money. >> every class, you need a new filter and while we're in there we need to change this because if we go back it's going to be another $75 service charge and i'd be look, okay. >> reporter: baenks aimed to take the intimidation factor out of auto repair. >> what happens when you're sick and your nose is clogged, right? you can't breathe. clogged and dirty, your engine can't breathe. >> reporter: she wants to change the way women approach mechanics and the way women approach mechanics. >> why just women? >> it's not just women. i love men. i cater to women. i know what it feels like, the stereotype of women. how do you know. >> everybody asks you a question about their car. >> right. >> sounds like you have a vote of confidence going here. >> yeah. that's the point here is to feel good about your car. challenge
8:36 am
change the relationship you have with it. the first time i was able to change my life i felt so good. i am woman, hearmy roar patrice, 1, car, zero. i don't want any of you to feel like there's judgment here. >> for "cbs this morning" michelle miller. >> she's great. >> when i got my driver ice license, my father would not let me learn,000 drive a car until i learned how to change a tire. >> have you had to? >> i haven't had to but i learned when i was 15. jim kelly shows us the unbreakable bond with his family after cancer tried to tear them apart. next an
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
o6 well, we have had amymy baby boon this week. we want to congratulate producer molly and her husband mallo who welcomed a girl named margo. also supervisor john power and his wife joanna. say hi to calvin and yesterday jeff glor and his wife nicole became the proud parents of their second child victoria.
8:41 am
>> congratulations. >> congratulations. >> i apologize for the bags under my eyes here. >> you didn't give birth to the baby, all right, mister? >> i'm complained i'm tired. she's like, are you kidding me? >> what a nice father's day. >> i love the picture of jack the big brother looking at his sister. >> he's so so happy. >> but jeff is here for more than to say, look hay a baby. hello, jack big brother. we've got a different kind of celebration heading into this father's day weekend. last spring we showed jim kelly. he took on his toughest opponent cancer. they found strength is that spans generations. jeff, hello, hello. >> hello again. after months of radiation and chemotherapy doctors told jim kelly he there was no evidence of cancer last november and he
8:42 am
had another test confirming that. he had a recent change in life. >> how is this father's day for you? >> i feel better than i did last year. >> reporter: he didn't think he'd make this father's day. enduring the worst of it he was so sick he couldn't even eat. >> when they were putting in a feeding tube i thought okay this is not good. when they broke the news to me i really broke down. i don't know if i cried that hard ever. >> yes you did cry. >> i thought, okay this is the end. >> reporter: it was not. today more than a year after kelly's most serious battle with oral cancer began, doctors say there is no evidence of the disease in his jaw. his daughter erin has written the book about his journey called "kelly tough." she remember as point when she struggled to write a message to a card on her dad. i love you more than a million footballs. >> that seemed like the perfect thing. he was a quarterback. he loves football and i remember
8:43 am
just stopping and looking aet this card and just not knowing what to say and what to do. i just broke down crying because it hit me how much father's day and how much every day means to me. >> and so you wrote. i love you more than a million footballs. >> i did. it reminded me of when i was little. >> reporter: erin just finished her soft more year of college. sister cameron, sophomore year in high school. her family including jill is back in orchard park no longer in new york city. >> to see him struggle like this is very difficult. >> it has been the kelly's second struggle a terrible disease. their son hunter who had a rafr neurological disorder called crab a died at the age of 8 in 2005. >> jill, you said to me last year that what happened with hunter changed this man. how much has what's happened the
8:44 am
last year changed? >> it's interesting. erin and i had this conversation. with don't remember the jim before the cancer. we look at the pictures. obviously he's different in that sense but he's just a different person. >> i'm more patient with people than i was in the past. i'm more forgiving to people now that i've been through a lot. a lot of that comes from her. >> reporter: jim told us he's tried to put everything on his life in fast forward. more family trips especially. >> hold it tight against your shoulder. >> reporter: including hunting trips with erin. >> your turkey call is great. erin, are we getting her working on that? >> she's doing the slight pretty good. she's getting use od to it. she's doing a good box call. the think is you should have heard me before i hat my prosthesis. it's a little better but i can
8:45 am
still call them in. >> is daddy still as tough as he was? >> i think he's tougher. >> are you tougher in. >> i think i am. i love knowing every single day when i wake up that he's healed and that he is cancer-free. you know we're in the kitchen doing pushups on the counter. he's like, okay erin let's go. i've got to get my string back up. >> you're doing pushups together. >> yes. father shsh daughter bond. >> training. >> yes. getting him back to full health. >> reporter: jim still has cancer checks every three months and medication every day. but every moment he treasures because it's one he treasures because he thought it's one he might not have. >> i wish cold wake up every day and not have pain but i have come to the conclusion that will probably be my life but i'm here. that's all that counts. >> wow. >> boy. that's a beautiful story to see the family together that way.
8:46 am
>> yeah. it always puts things in perspective. great father's day story. up next we'll look at the most unforgettable moments of the right now ven rizois offering unlimited talk and text. plus 10 gigs of shareable data. (yeah, 10 gigantic gigs.) for $80 a month. and $15 per line. more data than ever. for more of what you want. on the network that's #1 in speed. call. data. and reliability.
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charlie as you heard is in russia right now interviewing vladimir putin. this is a live look. the russian president is at the st. petersburg economic forum. the interview is streaming live and you can watch it at >> all right. that does it for us. charlie will be back here on monday. thank you, anthony. great to have you here. as we leash you here let's take a look back at the week that was. have a good one. >> several people down. >> you can't put your mind around it, this kind of evil,
8:50 am
because it is so horrific. >> innocent people were killed in part because someone who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hands on them. >> there's been an all out manhunt for the suspect. dylan storm roof is now in custody, picked up. >> mitchell has appeared in court but the two men she helped to escape are still nowhere to be found. >>t wen a step further in the relationship with these two individuals. >> she's very upset, very weepy. >> police received the report of a balcony collapse. >> there isn't a person in ireland who hasn't been touched. >> al qaeda already picked a susoccesr to replace him. >> what we're seeing is the outer ba nds. >> linking in galveston, texas for years, haven'tn see anything like this. >> three children under the age of 17 have been bitten by sharks. >> at first i thought he was
8:51 am
biting at my arm. >> i'm the best player in the world.pit's that simple. >> the golden state warriors are the 2015 champions. >> can you show us your trophy? >> it's a little dirty. everyone's had their hands on it. >> wambach, 1-0, u.s. ♪ fire on my feet ♪ ♪ i feel like it ♪ ♪ >> meet this tiny star of the baby watch campaign. have you seen this face? it's over here. she tried to imagine herself going on "cbs this morning." gayle king is going to go nuts. she and nar rah will fight over it. >> as we often do. >> how science tiff lick accurate is this movie? >> not particularly. >> i want to go with you and the
8:52 am
kids. >> okay. gayle will be like ahhhh. >> what does it do for you? >> makes my heart happy. i was taught to never quit. >> what does coming to nashville mean for you guys? >> i thought it was enormous. ♪ >> i will be the greatest jobs president. >> i'm really rich. >> some republicans say they're worried trump will turn the campaign into a circus. >> who doesn't love a circus norah. ♪ >> she's captivating, mesmerizing, and that's what got her in the commercial. what brings monterey to life is her expression. >> all that -- >> some day, gayle. >> -- and all that matters -- >> gayle in a bathtub. >> -- on "cbs this morning." i thought you were gayle with a baby. that would be a
8:53 am
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>> if it's happening we are covering it on the doctors.
9:00 am
>> when one size fits all only fits small. >> girls felt they needed to starve to fit into the cl othing. >> a woman with a genetic condition giving her a dramatllicay different appearance. >> i am the only one that looks like me. >> the cream that promises to perfect your complexion our producers put the miracle blur creams to the test. >> on the doctors. ♪ ♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ ♪ >> one of the hottest teen clothing retailers in the u.s., is cloaked in controversy. lect's heckit out. >> ask any teen what the hottest fashion brand is da toy they will tell you brandy melville . you don't need a big pocketbook to purchase the cl s othebut you need a small waistline to fit into them. the company says their


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