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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  June 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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no doubt you saw tonight's severe weather, how could you miss it? bruce johnson is off tonight. that strong storm left some of us in the dark tonight. about 25,000 without power in virginia. about 35,000 in maryland with most in the southern part of the state and another 3,000 in the district. but is the worse behind us? let's go straight to topper
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shutt. top, what's going on? >> i think we can give a little sigh of relief. the threat of severe weather is over. we still have some left over showers and storms overnight. but red alert back to a yellow alert. the flooding isn't quite over yet. here's the radar, you can see the yellows. that's heavy rain fall. not as heavy as the reds we had earlier. rain fall rates are 3/4 of an inch. we also see more showers and storms over toward cumberland. we're not done with all the showers and storms, but we are dean with the severe weather. these are flash flood warnings in effect and most of these go until midnight, which means flooding is occurring. don't cross a flooded street by car or by foot, include the district, prince georges county, and loudoun county and frederic county where they have tremendous amounts of rain. how much rain? just south of d.c. around mount vernon, rain fall 3.2 inches. that's about what we average for the month of june. that's a tremendous amount of
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rain south of town. you folks probably had the worst rain, highest winds, too. we still have a flash flood watch in effect for most of the metro area until 8:00 tomorrow morning and you see the blues and the greens. that means flooding is actually occurring already. so flooding in much of prince georges county and back into arlington, alexandria, and fairfax and prince william county. the future cast, by midnight, severe weather across the bay into the delmarva. still back to the west, not a huge deal, but you hear a rumble of thunder, it may be heavy, may be brief, but it may not be severe. everything moves across the bay and by morning on saturday for dad, it will be muggy with temperatures in the 70s. we'll talk about whether or not we end tomorrow with more thunderstorms for dad and we'll also have your 3-degree guarantee. >> busy night for you, top. our crews have been checking on neighborhoods around the area and hank silverburg is in rockville where lightning hit an apartment building and that
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set off fires. hank, what's going on? >> yeah, the storm was pretty nasty around 8:00 when folks here at the forest apartments on baltimore road were just getting ready to settle in for a rainy saturday evening. then the lightning came. the lightning struck our building and it caught our box, our cable box. the electric box. it caught on fire and we threw water on it to put the fire out. and it didn't put it completely out. it went to the walls and we ran downstairs to get the fire extinguisher and used that and it didn't take it out and it was inside the walls and so then we called 911 and we called the fire department and they told us to get out of the building and pull the fire alarm and to get everybody out of the building. they were here very quickly. >> everybody here got out okay, but the building has
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significant electrical damage and several small fires. 40 people will need another place to spend the night. just the worst example of the power of this storm. driving very slow after dark, a lightning show over washington landmarks. there have been no injuries, but thousands of people did lose power. now among the people who did lose power were those people at the forest apartments. 40 people will be able to get in tonight. pepco is here, but because of the extensive damage to the system, it could be awhile before they fix it. the good news is, nobody injured. in rockville, hank silverberg, wusa9. >> thanks, hank, let's look around the region. here's a look at the storms crossing fairfax in falls church tonight. lightning filling the skies, water filling the streets. no word of any property damage so far. now turning to mcclane. the rain was heavy, the wind was strong along those empty neighborhood streets. no reports of damage thasere
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far as we know. and, you guys are giving us some photos from social media. all our points in point of rocks, maryland, in wheaten, the metro station was mostly empty and you see those dark clouds moverring by. the spectacular images from the sky at the height of the storm. now we go to northwest where the rain was very heavy tonight along connecticut avenue in woodly park. and again, more lightning in the sky. weather may have pl ayeda part in what happened to prince william county. the gainesville, virginia, house, may have been struck by lightning. flames could be seen from the roof of the home. that's in the 13,500 block of fieldstone way. turning gears now in charleston, south carolina, cleaning crews working feverishly because emanuel ame church ready for sunday
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services. the historic church the sight of wednesday's deadly shooting that left nine people dead. authorities say 21-year-old, dylann roof joined a prayer meeting for nearly an hour before he shot and killed the victims during a bible study class. librarian, cynthia herd was among the victims. today her husband watched a steady stream of people stop outside that church to express their condolences. >> i'm proud to be a charlestonian. it shows how much we have evolved. as a race, as a people. both blacks and whites of this town, how much we finally come together. so for what he tried to do, to start some incident, all he did was bring us closer together. >> he plans to be at tomorrow's service when the church reopens its doors. meantime, the fbi is looking into a website that appears to have photos of dylann roof holding a confederate flag along with a
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racist manifesto. a federal law enforcement official says the writings are in line what roof told friends. word of that website comes as hundreds of people demonstrated in columbia, south carolina, today to call for the removal of the confederate flag from the capital grounds. police are pursuing possible sightings of two killers who escaped add new york prison more than two weeks ago. one unconfirmed sighting today. the police are warning residents to be on alert. brian webb reports. >> set up a perimeter near friendship, new york, near the pennsylvania border after a possible sighting of convicted killers, richard mat, according to new york state police. it is the third possible sighting of the men in the same general area over the past week. >> we're not going anywhere. our plan is to pursue these men relentlessly and until they are in custody. >> sweat and matt cut their way out of the clinton correctional
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facility on june 6, using power tools. prison employee, joyce mitchell, is behind bars accused of helping them escape. a former prison guard says officials warned mitchell about her relationship with the prisoners. >> yes, she was talked to about getting too close to the inmates. >> prison officials also suspended a corrections officer as part of the investigation, but didn't release any further details. brian webb for cbs news, new york. investigators have sent surveillance video to a lab for further analysis. >> a review of the use of force policies by the fairfax county police department under scrutiny since the shooting of resident, john gear, almost two years ago led to more than 707 recommendations of changes in policy from the police executive research forum. john gear was shot and killed on the doorstep of his fairfax county home in august 2013 as police were negotiating with him. it took more than a year before
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any details of that shooting were released. some of the new recommendations include changing terminology on the use of tasers and the stop calling them nondeadly weapons. a tightening of the policy on firing weapons in or out of vehicles and providing training in deescalating confrontations when dealing with people with mental health issues. we are still keeping a close watch on the weather tonight. topper tracking all the activity. he's a busy man and he's back with an update coming up. and how the president plans to spend father's day and with whom. that's also ahead. >> a rash of violence in d.c. has dads and families marching
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in west philadelphia, a picnic turns tragic when seven people are shot. two of the victims are children. one just two years old was shot in the neck. five adults were also shot. the gunman used a shotgun and we're told all of the victims are hospitalized in critical condition. next time you hop on metro, you might want to think twice before checking your e-mail or thumbing through instagram. they are seeing an up tick in the number of iphones being stolen. cops say it all happened when the train pulled into a station just like that, one or two
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people will hold the doors. others inside snatched the phone and then as you'll see in a second, they all take off. metro is asking anyone who sees suspicious activity to report it to transit police and here's a note, it's not a bad idea to activate that find my iphone feature right now. well tomorrow there may be a barbecue or two in their honor, but today instead of relaxing, dozens of dads hit the streets. stephanie ramirez tells us why. >> no greater day for black men to stand up and say we will be better than how we have been. >> through the heat and blaring sun, several dads and their families marched more than half an hour through the streets of southeast. many of the men members of different organizations fighting for the youth throughout the city. >> the problem we are having is the lack of fatherhood. >> led by the calvin woodland senior foundation, they started
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where malik was supposed to finish up the school year. the teen was shot and killed over a belt he wore. southeast is also where the d.c. reporter was shot and killed when she was used as a human shield. >> we are not, you know, on top of this, we're going to see something more horrific than what we've seen. >> ward 8 alone saw more than 20 homicides since the new year, but what's just as frustrating for him is no one knows much about any of the other victims. >> we are right now. >> here wasn't about race or the community versus police. it's about the community coming together to tell everyone watching your life matters. that's what ken burton, jr., says someone did for him. >> i was told i wouldn't do anything but be on the streets and go to jail. you know. what are you doing now? >> i attend college in minnesota and i'm a double major in human
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communications/social work. >> stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. >> the grouping participates today in conjunction with this afternoon's march, police are still also searching for the suspects wanted in charnise milton's murder. announced a mediated settlement to use the women's hunt open. today's resolution was a result of hundreds of hours of negotiations involving that college. the local county attorney and a nonprofit group who tried to save the bedford, virginia, school. presented to a judge on monday for final approval. this is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa9's first alert weather. d.c.'s most accurate. >> have to say, i like seeing yellow alert, that red was scary earlier. >> it was a little scary. i tell you what, everybody saw
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some sort of severe weather tonight. the threat is over, we're in pretty good shape. we'll start with the 3-degree guarantee. thank you. the drum roll. we went for high of 92. so that's good. we're going for a high of 94 tomorrow. okay. so howard is going to inherit that. if his back gets better. here's a look at the storm reports. check this out, this is why we said everyone is on some sort of severe weather. hail, funnel cloud, in fact, about 7:44, they saw a funnel cloud around. we were on the air at that time. so, possibly a few small tornadoes tonight. this was a tree down over in manassas park and we had a report of winds up to 60 miles per hour in that area in parts of prince william county and also into parts of fauquier county. yes, we had hail downtown. we had hail almost an inch in diameter. almost the size of a quarter in georgetown.
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that was at about 7:26 and 7:25 around national zoo. so, we had it all. a little quieter right now. a live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam. it couldn't be much more humid. still some light rain and kind of muggy. okay, here's the radar, over the past hour, there are still flood warnings in effect until midnight for arlington and the city of alexandria and the district. flooding is still going on. we showed you how much rain we think fell, 2 to 4 inches. we talked about 1 to 3 generally falling and that panned out. we'll zoom in a little bit. heavy rain in laurel and moderate rain in rockville and germantown. light activity as you get toward fairfax. heavier activity in yellow and the real heavy stuff is in orange and red. thankfully not too much orange and red left. we'll track it for you, it could go up toward dayton and maybe randallstown by 12:01 or so. as it moves through howard county into carol county, baltimore county. so, the severe weather is over.
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the threat is over, except maybe flash flooding. left over showers and storms overnight, but again, nothing severe. hot for dad. it will be okay, but hot. 90 to 95. mainly dry with isolated thunderstorms. so, here's a look at the future cast. 8:00 tomorrow, i think we're in good shape. some showers back in the mountains, but partly cloudy skies, muggy. temperatures in the 70s to start and by 1:00, we're 88 already downtown. 85 in gaithersburg. 87 in leesburg and manassas and by 6:00, 92. a couple showers popping up here and there. nothing like tonight, but we'll have a couple isolated showers and thunderstorms as you are trying to cook out for dad. right now, the future cast keeping most of them along the border. but again, i wouldn't get too hung up on that. they could be between frederic tonight. down load our weather app. you can track them along with us. by 12:30 tomorrow night, 82 still downtown d.c. and 70s in the suburbs.
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overnight, mostly cloudy, muggy, a left over shower or thunderstorm. temperatures in the 70s. winds will turn north, northwest at 10. by morning, an early shower possible. 70s and 80s. almost 90 by lunchtime. partly cloudy, hot, isolated storms. a little bit breezy. high temperatures 90 to 95 and winds west, northwest at about 10 to 15. okay, here's the day planner. 76 to start. maybe a shower. 80 by 9:00. you know it's hot when it's in the 80s at 9:00. 88 at 1:00 p.m. the next three days, we're looking at 94 tomorrow. 93 on monday. and 97, probably the hottest day of the week on tuesday. only relief, some isolated thunderstorms, that's it. next seven days, by the way, we have nats on 9 tomorrow. who knows what the nats will do tomorrow after today. looking at temperatures, maybe dipping a little bit on thursday, back in the low 90s or around 90 next friday and
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saturday. essentially, i mean, 6 out of 7 days will be 90 or higher. >> wow. i'm so glad that we didn't hear about anybody getting hurt or anything like that. >> no injuries. >> it was really scary earlier. i hope everyone is safe at home. >> i think so. >> good job. >> thank you. >> did you take a break at all? >> not really. >> you know who else isn't taking a break? he is taking a break, president barack obama is spending father's day weekend golfing in california with his high school buddies. >> that's perfect. >> but his wife and daughters are away. they are on a european tour. president obama landed in palm springs. golf courses in that area come under criticism. california's drought crisis. there's that. yeah. we have a lot of water here. i have nothing to transition for you for. >> i was going to transition to matt. he was awesome, and d.c. getting treated to history.
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an almost perfect day. and when you get doused in
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now, wusa9 game on sports
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brought to you by exfinty. >> so how is it possible to be disappointed with a no-hitter? when you're one out away and on the doorstep of a perfect game and then you hit a batter, that's when you may get disappointed. matt scherzer will live with that, but he lives with history, captivating d.c. on an early saturday evening. scherzer elected once again at nats park after his one hitter where he struck out 16 against milwaukee's last time out. he had ten more strikeouts as he was cruising. perfect through 8 in the 9th. scherzer chasing perfection, and loses it right there. jose tabita leads into a pitch. the perfect game is washed out. but still a chance for a no- hitter. josh harrison gets into this fly ball to left, but michael taylor makes the catch and matt scherzer throws a second no- hitter in nats franchise
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history as the crowd goes wild to steal that cliche. teammates love it and he gets doused with gatorade and then they get him with the chocolate syrup, just for extra measure, so matt max has been something special for the nationals this year. >> my last two starts, i mean, this is some of the best baseball i've thrown. best pitching i've done. you know, i feel like i'm executing with all my pitches. i continue to keep get better and shows you hard work pays off. >> every time he takes the mound, a way to get him out, and he exercised that again today. we have seen it the last two starts especially. >> it's unbelievable watching. it's a blast. i mean, there are no words to describe how he did it and hard work pays off. hene's o of the hardest workers on the field. >> you will see bryce harper back as well. you can watch them right here on wusa9.
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coverage starts at 1:30 p.m. now before he caught scherzer's no-hitter. wilson ramos giving back, helping coach kids at a charity camp this morning. also on hand, nats pitcher to show the young kids how to play the game. camp benefited dreams for kids d.c. back to the diamond, o's north of the border taking on the blue jays. game tied in the 9th. caleb joseph breaks a tie with the inside out. base hit to right. he just beat the throw. orioles up 3-2. later in the inning, manny ripping the double to left. ryan flairty and caleb joseph will score as the birds go on to win 5-3. i still call it sky dome. feels like the college world series has been going on for ever. getting close to the finals. cavaliers trying to get there for a chance to advance to the world series finals. standing in their way once again was the florida gators. elimination game from omaha,
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van deer built vanderbilt. virginia drops their ticket to the championship round, and you have to love the sound of that ping. bases loaded, with the fly ball to right. deep enough to play the run giving virginia a 5-4 lead. now josh ward gets richie martin to ground to 2nd and that ends the game. virginia heading back to the championship series against vanderbilt. this has been a weird u.s. open. lay out in washington state at chambers bacon fused many. jason day playing on despite a bout with vertigo. it's been a strange couple of days. u.s. open, what a story for jason day, becoming a player with vertigo, but he's getting hot on the back nine. despite being 100%, good enough to be tied for the lead. this guy right there, another big story is jordan trying to
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win a second straight major. gets 4 under as well. four-way tie for the lead. after the round, jason day didn't speak to the media, but his caddy did. >> a lot of people, spend the time and you know, in the bedroom with the drapes drawn and get over the recovery period, but it's the u.s. open. you know, he's played well in the u.s. open before and he's playing well in this one. >> amazing story. he's getting dizzying spells on the course and falling down, but he's getting back up. >> it's amazing. >> that's your competitive spirit. >> absolutely. >> try to get a golf ball dizzy. >> i couldn't hit it. >> and then you had to come to work. looking outside now, what a night. do we catch a break for father's day? someone knows at this table. he's back in
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tomorrow is father's day, how are we going to do? >> it will be hot. i couldn't squeeze it on to my seven-day. the beginning of summer at 12:38 in the afternoon. so, 94 tomorrow. it will feel like midsummer. an isolated storm for dad. the heat stays with us for much of next week. >> thank you for watching. we'll see you back here tomorrow. you can always get updates on our app.
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