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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  June 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> no evil doer, no demon in hell or on earth can close the doors of god's church. >> dahler: a day of healing a day of emotion in charleston, south carolina. >> the faithful pack a deeply moving service at the historic church where nine people were killed just days ago in a racist attack. from torrential rains to extreme heat the severe weather on this first day of summer. >> today we're announcing apple music. >> swift criticism for the new streaming service apple music. >> is corporate cash saving the monuments of rome or cheapening them? >> and middle schoolers debate whether it's time to eat their class pet. >> it would be kind of sad to kill pablo.
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>> we could eat it after it's dead. >> this is the captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" good eeping, i'm don dahler. the historic emmanuel ame church where nine men an women were killed last wednesday reopened with a service emphasizing faith and healing. >> it was a day of symbolism sights and sounds church bells ringing out across charleston, south carolina. mourners praying at the empty chair of their beloved refer rend clemente pinckney, the state senator who was among the victims. we have several reports from south carolina tonight beginning with elaine quijano. ♪ ♪ you are so-- . >> reporter: the pews overflowed sunday at the eme emmanuel church with lifelong parishners and strange ares there not just to mourn but also send a message of love and healing. reverend norwell.
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>> no evil doer or in heaven or hell can close the doors of god's church. >> reporter: just four days after a white grudgeman allegedly killed nine black church goers including the pastor thousands showed their solidarity swinging and swaying to gospel hits. ♪ you can lean on me ♪ ♪. >> reporter: reverend g the reverend led the congregation in prayers. >> we are reminded this morning about the freshness of death. it comes like a thief in the night. it's been lost. some of vus been down right angry. but through it all god has sustained us. >> reporter: the worshippers black and white lined up well before the doors opened. security was tight. police searched bags as people entered and inside officers stood watch. the crowd spilled outside.
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worshippers overcome with emotion, cried as they prayed. and stood together in grief. the reverend called on the congregation to honor of memory of the nine victims by caring for others. >> the blood of the mother emmanuel nine requires us to work until not only justice in this case but for those who are still living in the margin of life. >> reporter: an he also encouraged people to remain united in the wake of the shooting. >> if we are a people of faith, we will join hands and begin to work together. to forge a new partnership. >> yes. >> not them against us. >> yes. >> but we are the children of god. >> yes. >> who will be marching on to victory. >> reporter: on wednesday at the state house there will
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be a public viewing for the pastor of this church who was killed the reverend clemente pinckney. he was also a state senator. don, his funeral will take place on friday. >> dahler: elaine quijano, thank you. the fbi is investigating what appears to be accused gunman dylann roof's on-line manifesto. cbs news correspondent jeff pegues has more on that. >> the more than 2400 word manifesto is filled with hatred for blacks, hispanics, jews and signs of radicalization on-line. there are references to a group called the council of conservative citizens who the southern poverty law center refers to as a white nationalist hate group. the manifesto was found on a web site created in february. but former fbi profileer mary ellen o'toole who appeared on cbs's face the nation says the thoughts it contains likely dates back to the author's childhood. >> you develop your coping behaviors, you develop your outlook on life you develop an attitude towards
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violence. and all of that evolves to the point where the world is a bad place to live. the world is filled with enemiesment you hate people. >> reporter: according to the manifesto the trayvon martin case was a moment of transformation. roof's apparent searches for information lead to extremist web sites and a conclusion that zimmerman was in the right. the reference to their son angered martin's parents. in a statement today sabrina fulton and tracy martin says it is very unfortunate that an individual with such a vial mind and clear criminal intent would dare seek to undermine our mission of peace in an attempt to destroy the legacy of our son. there will be more difficult days ahead for the family members of the victims. tywanza sanders was shot and killed in the church feet away from his mother felicia family friend and local attorney andy savage has heard her describe the moment dinland roof started firing. >> there was gunfire. the pastor being the first one injured. her son thai who had been
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injured and said mom, i think i've been shot in the head said to him why are you doing this. you don't have to do this. >> said to roof. >> why are you doing this you don't have to do it. and that's when the racist remarks regarding black america were made. >> reporter: in a statement on its web site the council of conservative citizens says that it condemns roof's actions. don, the group also goes on to say that it does in the advocate illegal activity. >> dahler: thanks, jeff jeff pegues reporting. later tonight in charleston people are gathering on the arthur ravenel junior brench to hold hands-- hands in solidarity. the bridge is imthatted after former state lawmaker and outspoken supporter of the confederate battle flag. more tonight on the renewed controversy over that flag.
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>> 1500 protestors gathered at south carolina's state house yesterday where the confederate flag flies high. for many the flag represents hate and intolerance. >> intolerance that drove 21-year-old dylann roof to allegedly gun down nine people simply because of their race. but two-thirds of the state legislature has to vote to remove the flag. this weekend two republican state senators said they would introduce bills to do just that. but to some the flag is a historic symbol that commemorates fallen soldiers from the civil war. randy is a member of the sons of confederate veterans. >> i have 57 confederate relatives fighting in the war, 16 of them didn't come home. >> anger has grown against symbols of the confederacy since wednesday's shooting. last night a confederate memorial was spray painted with the words black lives matter and in a separate instance protestors burned confederate flats don doyle
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teaches history at the yooferted of south carolina. >> in the year 2000 under tremendous pressure the state legislature agreed it take it down from the dome where it had been and to place it here where we stand behind the confederate monument. >> on friday south carolina senator lindsay graham suspended-- defended his state. >> that is what the state house agreed to do. >> but yesterday morer-- normer candidate mitt romney twited take down the confederate flag, to many it is a symbol of raix hatred. president obama kpliped good point, mitt. >> the governor has yet to weigh in but told the new fridays that his focus is on recovery. >> my job is to heal the people of this state. i'm taking political calls at this point. >> the confederate flag was a relatively rena decision to the 1 of 0-year-old capitol. don, the flag was first displayed here in 1961. 100 years after the start of the civil war during the civil rights movement.
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>> dahler: thank you so much. >> today police in new orleans recaptured a suspect accused of shooting and killing a veteran officer taking him to jail. travis boys was hand you have kd in the back of a patrol car when he made his deadly escape. here's kris van cleave. >> reporter: it was a rookie officer who spotted the escapee 33-year-old travis boys boarding a city bus still wearing a set of busted handcuffs. after a brief chase he was arrested accused of killing officer darrell holloway a 22 year veteran whose three children spent father's day grieving. the mayor. >> he was a good man. he was a good father. our hearts break for him and his children on father's day. and i just want to say that thises with really a dispicible and cowardly act. >> reporter: police say friday boys was arrested for aggravated battery on a woman. hours later early saturday officer holloway was driving boys to jail. about halfway into the six mile drive the cuffed
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suspect managed to get his hands out from behind his back and somehow got possession of a gun. there was a struggle and holloway was shot in the chest. the officer's weapon was not used. investigators recovered two other guns one believed to be the murder weapon. new orleans police superintendent michael harrison. >> there are safety concerns procedural concerns between training and internal investigations, we're going to find out how that happened. >> reporter: court records show boys had a history of escaping police. after being treated at a hospital he's facing first-degree murder as officers remember their fallen colleague. >> you couldn't be around him for longer than a minute or two without becoming his friend. we're all going to miss him. and new orleanss will miss him. >> a man his mother says dedicated himself to new orleans and died protecting the streets he called home. kris van cleave cbs news washington. >> dahler: a wildfire east ofs will and less is proving difficult to fight. the so-called lake fire near
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big bear now covers 25 square miles and is just 15% contained. nearly 1900 firefighters are battling it in steep difficult terrain. nobody has been hurt but several campsites have been evacuated. >> rough weather briefly knocked out power at the kansas city airport today. part of a larger system causing extreme heat and thunderstorms throughout the middle of the country. eric fisher is chief meteorologist at our cbs boston station wbz eric what can question-- what can we expect. >> we want to focus on one dominant weather feature that will control a lot of the weather, big ridge of high pressure over the middle of the country will pump up a lot of heat in the west, more continued heat with southeast and with the strongest jet stream winds are here, across the northern tier states a highway for storms and severe weather that we'll see over the next few days. tonight focusing on the northern plains and down into the ohio val he especially for damaging wind gusts could see isolated tornadoes. tomorrow a dangerous severe weather day from the uper mississippi valley into the great lakes.
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absolutely a day to be very aware of changing weather conditions and following the warning. the south, the heat 90s to triple digits and expecting record highs especially in the carolinas for the first full day of summer. >> dahler: eric fisher thank you. in an open letter today pop superstar taylor swift said she is he holding back her latest album 1989 from apple's new streaming service apple music. here to explain the controversy, business analyst jill schlesinger. so day leff-- taylor swift is a successful multimillionaire why is she take on apple. >> she says it is unfair that apple is not paying artists during the free trial month period for the 9.the 99 streaming service. apple says wit a second you artists should be able to eat those three months. we pay you 1.a% more than all the streaming services. you should be happy and we're gos to bring you lots of new customers. we have a lot of independent artists also making the same complaint. >> dahler: are they worried will this make an impact on their streaming service. >> i don't think apple is
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really worried when you think about it. although they are $194 billion on hand they could pay these artists but they say look, we are bringing something very different. we're bringing this massive customer base. will you get paid. and frackly for apple even the bad press is not bad because more and more people are going to actually come to the service and look at it. >> dahler: apple tends to be a trendsetter. what does this is a for the music streaming industry and does it bode well for the smaller artist. >> streaming is here to stay and right now small artists aren't making a huge living on the streaming industry but consider this apple has 800 million credit cards on file. if they were to just get five percent of their user base, we would be looking at 40 million new streaming customers, they would generate $4.8 billion and you know what, right now the streaming industry in total is only 1.87 billion so apple could be a game changer. and that could be good for smaller artss. >> dahler: jill schlesinger, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> dahler: if you toss a
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the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. >> dahler: strong words today from pope francis for the world's post powerful nations speaking in the city of turin the pope suggested pore could have been done to stop the holocaust. questioning why the railway lines carrying prisoners to con citizen-- concentration camps were not bombed. he also criticized present-day leaders who advocate peace while profiting financially from war. >> maintaining rome's historic landmarks takes alot more than three coins in a fountain. and a lot more than the italian government can afford given recent economic woes. so officials there have turned a corporate sponsorship. here's more. >> reporter: the only water flowing at the trevi fountain is across the street at a souvenir vendor. the famous roman landmark is shrouded in scaffolding.
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>> i was hoping to throw a coin in. >> it's broken. >> reporter: broken but being fixed. although it is not the city tossing its kins in. instead a well placed sign lets all without visit italian fashion house fendi is picking up the tab. >> reminded me of being back home it's the next target center or gillette stadium or what you have. >> reporter: in rome national treasures are getting a corporate makeover. and getting your name on a piece of history is as easy as logging on-line pick interesting dozens of landmarks and dropping a few million dollars. it's part of italy's so-called art bonus program which allows businesses to pay for a landmark's repair in exchange for a 65% tax credit. the monuments will keep their names but a court see plaque will be placed on their sides. it didn't take long for tourist attractions to attract corporate sponsorship. bulgari is spending nearly $2 million to restore the nearly $300-year-old staircase. >> a few steps down the road
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luxury shoe company todd is paying nearly $30 million to fix the colosseum. gladiators like val tino dilornezo who run rome's oldest gladiator school says he is grateful todds is stepping unbut is angry the government let thical see up get to this state. >> if the government have no reason or money to give for the-- the restoration for the colosseum sex nod no good for us. >> reporter: but preserving the past comes at a cost. it lee has the most unesco heritage sites in the world and is already spending $140 million to fix the crumbling pompeii. in all billions of dollars are needed for the country's 49 other sites. >> that is the gt did-- gdp of a small country in eastern europe, for example. >> luka who specializes in corporate art partnerships says the extent of repairs requires extreme measures. >> i don't want to think what would happen if the
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corporate sponsors were not there. >> reporter: the skoflding around the trevi fountain hasn't stopped tourists from snapping photos and making a wish. their coins hitting the dry fountain like an empty piggie bank. >> swrn than vigliotti, cbs news rome. >> up next a sweet victory for historic women's college on the verge of closing a1c is not at goal with certain diabetes pills or daily insulin your doctor may be talking about adding medication to help lower your a1c. ask your doctor if adding once-a-week tanzeum is right for you. once-a-week tanzeum is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes along with diet and exercise. once-a-week tanzeum works by helping your body release its own natural insulin when it's needed. tanzeum is not recommended as the first medicine to treat diabetes or in people with severe stomach or intestinal problems. tanzeum is not insulin.
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least for now in the saga of sweet buyar college of the 114ier old women's college in virginia had announced it would close due to money problems setting off several lawsuits. but an agreement has been reached and the school will be allowed stay open for at least another year pending the approval of a local judge. a scare followed by inconvenience for passengers on united airlines flight this weekend. it was headed from rome to chicago but only made it to belfast because of an unruley passenger. by the time he was off the plane, the flight crew had maxed out their flying hours so passengers had to camp out at the airport. united is refunding the cost of the flight. >> the summer solstice tradition was observed in southeast england. more than 20,000 people gathered at stonehenge on this first day of summer to watch the sun line up with the monuments heel stone as legend has it pagans once did it archaeologists believe the monument was
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6:27 pm
in the eat, why why in the. >> it's finals weeks but 7th and 8th graders at the ella baker school have bigger fish to fry. >> it would be sad to kill pablo. >> we could eat it after it's dead. >> i don't know it has pros and cons. >> to eat or not to eat. that is the question. and pablo a 13 inch tilapia is at the heart of it. during a class field trip to new york's china town last month math teacher michael bought five tilapias as class pets four died leaving pablo the sole sur viv to win a place in their hearts. >> keeps people laughing sometimes, makes the room seem alive when everybody is just sitting there doing their work. >> reporter: the fishy friendship flourished until the teacher proposed a faustian dilemma. >> should we eat it or not. >> he decided let his institutes make the tough call. >> it would show that their voice matters. their voice dictate was we
6:28 pm
do in this classroom. >> since i put him in the tank he's like my own little child. just because he is a fish didn't mean he doesn't have a life. >> what is the point of us doing all this work raising him to plate size and just deciding to let him live. >> that's what you think. >> reporter: emotions boiled over. >> you will not cry if that stupid fish dies. no one cares no one cares about pab lo pablo can go. >> as the debate goes on time is running out. they must decide before wednesday's end of school barbecue. will the menu feature chicken or fish. >> dahler: if the class decides not to eat pab lo will be donated to a farm in brooklyn. that's the "cbs evening news." later on cbs "60 minutes." i'm don dahler, cbs news in new york, have a good night. captioning sponsored by cbs
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we've got breaking news at this hour. we're told there's a large police presence in the 600 block of maryland avenue southwest. and our garrett is live on the scene. garrett what's going on there? >> reporter: well, deborah, bruce, a massive police presence here. police responded to a call around 4:00 this afternoon. it is for a barricaded subject. as you look behind me, you can see the entire block, completely taken up with law enforcement vehicles ranging from the capital police to mpd, fire and ems. the helicopter is circling the building, appearing to be the office building off the corner of sixth and maryland. showing that it is an


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