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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 23, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is tuesday, june 23rd, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." the united states is sending heavy weapons into russia's backyard. only on "cbs this morning," ashton carter talks about confronting putin. the governor of south carolina says take down that flag. one giant leap for high heels. a former space ex-executive is here with a new design she claims won't you have limping. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> power line is going down!
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>> holy. >> storm is barreling east. >> severe weather strikes the midwest. on>> cedfirm tornadoes blazing a path across the great lakes. >> my house was shaking and everything was breaking. it's time to move the flag from the capitol ground. >> governor nikki haley calling thee mov to the confederate flag after the massacre at the church. >> at hethe is least it can be done. >> they will give support to nato's rapid response the u.s. will provide a range of capabilities. >> closing in on two escaped killers and officers focusing on one specific area called owl's town, new york. james horner was killed in a plane crash in california. >> he won two oscarss for his work on the movie "titanic." >> morgan! lloyd strikes and scores! the usa wins and going to the quarterfinals. >> happy for my team moving on.
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not an easy world cup. > >>tom brady is appealing his four-game suspension. commissioner roger goodell will hear his case personally. >> last-second rescue in newark after this freight train barreled into a car stuck on the tracks. >> all that. >> a new report from espn claims pete rose bet on baseball when he was still a player with the reds. >> this is the last nail in the coffin. >> all that matters. >> do you think it's okay for the president of the united states to just use the word just like that? >> i think you have to put it in cot,ntexry lar. there's a difference between saying it and using. and he was saying it. >> on "cbs this morning." >> sean diddy combs was arrested after a workout from the ucla football team. combs' son is on the team. >> no matter who your dad is it goes to show you, he will way to embarrass you at school if you bring him alone. my dad used to do the same thing at clarinet practice. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by
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toyota. let's go places. ♪ welcome to "cbs this morning." the pentagon is revealing a major move this morning in response to russia's graegsaggression. the secretary of defense says the united states is sending heavy combat equipment into eastern europe. the pentagon's most significant move in the region since the end of the cold war. >> the show of strength comes as defense secretary ash carter visits estonia. margaret brennan is with ashton carter with an interview you'll see only on "cbs this morning." >> reporter: good morning. the u.s. is moving combat equipment including tanks and artillery into six countries who feel threatened by russia. secretary carter told me that financial sanctions have net i don't think caused the kremlin to reverse course. the u.s. and its allies they need a new playbook.
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russia's neighbors are nervous that they may be vladimir putin's next target. the u.s. will arm six countries, romania, estonia, bulgaria latvia and lithuania and poland. >> it's heavy combat equipment for training purposes principally. these are not forces permanently stationed there. this is a sign of say, more a different kind of footprint. lighter, more agile dealing with work ethics the little green men phenomenon we saw in crimea. >> eporter: you're talking about russia there? >> yes, indeed. many countries are concerned about that. and that is another part of nato's new playbook is helping countries that have that concern to harden themselves. >> reporter: the u.s. will store 250 tanks, armored vehicles machine guns and other equipment and move it around the six countries as needed. are you looking towards adding
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more u.s. troops there? >> no. i think exactly the opposite. that is our model is one of rotational presence. strong presence, lots of training lots of high readiness. >> joo will this provoke putin? >> these are a response to russia's provocations. aggressive rhetoric aggressive behavior, the kind of thing that doesn't belong in a europe -- and free. we continue to hope russia will continue to change course but i don't see any signs of that quite honestly right now. but we continue to hold the don't remember open. >> reporter: carter said the u.s. will also help support and arm a newly created nato rapid reaction force to respond to a threat within 48 hours. but he insists that the u.s. does not want another cold war. the u.s. wants to work with russia and need it to help negotiate this upcoming nuclear
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accord with iran. gayle? >> margaret brennan in estonia, we thank you. president obama will travel to charleston south carolina on friday to give a yulg for clementa pinckney who was murdered inside the emanuel ame church. he says they should respond to the racial killings by removing a confederate flag outside the statehouse. several presidential candidates rushed to support that move. a rally against the flag is scheduled for later today. adriana, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the confederate flag has flown on state capitol grounds for more than half a sentry. first if in front of the dome and where it stands today. the governor is calling it to be removed for good. >> it's time to move the flag from the capitol grounds. >> reporter: claims by a bipartisan and state lawmakers,
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south carolina governor nikki haley made history monday, standing up for taking down the confederate flag. haley acknowledged the flag was part of the state's rich part but said last week's shooting of nine innocent church go-ers forever changed the debate. >> take it down! take it down! >> we are not allowing the symbol to guide us any longer. the fact that people are using it as a sign of hated is something we cannot stand. >> reporter: a symbol roof proudly displayed before his deadly rampage. walmart, the nation's largest retailer announced it would pull all confederate flag merchandise from its stores saying in a statement, we never want to offend anyone with the products that we offer. still, some believe the flag shouldn't be the target. >> the flag didn't kill anybody. a boy killed somebody. >> reporter: paul graham is a member of the sons of confederate veterans. >> if i thought that this would change anything at all, i would
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personally be the first one to want to take it down but it will not change anything. what it will do is embarrass and shame people who had nothing to do with this event. nothing! >> reporter: ultimately, the decision is up to the state legislature. two-thirds must vote to remove the flag. u.s. senator and presidential candidate lindsey graham who previously defended the state's right to fly the flag now says keeping it is not an option. >> let's tu. this way. if we fail to take it down now, we will pay a price for generations. we have to get this right. >> reporter: the confederate flag is still at full staff here now. lawmakers reconvene today but a vote on the flag isn't expected immediately. in the meantime, other states are grappling with their symbols of the old south. mississippi's house speaker has called for the confederate emblem to be removed from mississippi's state flag. millions of americans face the threat of severe weather today. strong thunderstorms could roll
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across kentucky to maine. >> the storms has passed through the midwest turning homes into piles of debris. mike puchinoli is in illinois with a storm touched down there. mike, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the twister came through cole city late last night and one of seven reported in the state. a team will be out today to determine how strong it was. as can you see, it left some pretty serious damage in its wake. telephone poles snapped back and forth unable to stand up to the winds battering western illinois. as a string of reported tornadoes roared across the midwest. >> is everybody here okay? >> yeah. >> reporter: the rain was unrelenting as emergency crews serve this area in chicago area late monday. >> my house was shaking and everything was breaking. i thought it was windows but it was all coming out of my medicine cabinet and my kitchen cub boards and everything on my shelves. >> reporter: 70 miles northwest in sublet several people were
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trapped inside their trailers when a twister tore through a mobile home park. hours before dark clouds collided with the sunset over chicago's wrigley field, creating an orange/black sky. >> we just had a bit of a power failure. >> reporter: the sixth inning of the cubs game was delayed as nearby storms knocked out power to part of the stadium. >> clap on. that's not working. >> not working. >> reporter: the volatile weather that soaked the roadways and made it nearly impossible to see in illinois and ambushed portland michigan. roofs there torn off and businesses destroyed. the storm blew out windows and downed trees so fast there wasn't time to set off a tornado siren. >> spun up so quickly and disappeared so quickly that it was virtually undetectable ahead of time. >> as for this area more rain is forecast later in the week. this morning, hollywood is mourning the loss of one of its
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greatest composers. james horn's plane crashed in california on monday. he was 61 years old. the plane went down north of santa barbara. he composed music for more than 100 movies and included hollywood's most iconic soundtracks. ♪ >> step up on to the rail. >> reporter: for more than three decades, james horner brought films to life by creating the scores for some of the most memorable moments in movie history. ♪ >> reporter: he describes himself as a camillian and transforming into something unique for each film. an explorer. ♪ >> reporter: a revolutionary. a dreamer. in 2001 i spoke to him how he chose his projects. >> i need something i can spiritually feel like i can
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create something for. i have to feel like i'm parlt of the fusion of a film. >> i'm king of the world! >> reporter: horner's greatest success came in 1997 when he composed music for the movie "titanic." it would become the best selling sound track of all time. he was awarded two oscars including one for cowriting celine dion's "i will go on." ♪ ♪ i will go on ♪ >> i was interested in pulling something out that was very very human, very small in a way, and extremely intimate. >> reporter: in 20056 he turned his talent to television when he composed music for cbs news. he said it took rare skill to impact audience through today's use of classical music. >> when you marry the music to
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the theme somehow it transcends what it was. the two of them the two art forms combined that do it and it's -- it's something that i just am always sort of in awe of. >> we forget how much music adds to a movie. >> oh, i know! some of the greatest movies. i mean, he was just a terrific composer. >> what an amazing talent gone so young, too, at 61. >> sad to hear. all right. this morning investigators are hoping a dna discovery will help lead them to the killers who escaped from a new york prison. hundreds of searchers in s.w.a.t. gear flooded a remote hunting area of upstate new york about 25 miles from the convict's prison. anna werner is in owl's head new york. >> reporter: good morning. this is the most significant lead that investigators have had thus far. it's one that police are now hoping will allow them to close in on these two escaped prisoners. investigators searched for hours in a remote area near a hunting
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cabin 22 miles from the prison where richard matt and david sweat escaped. temporary bellinger owns a local restaurant. on saturday, a customer told him he saw a stranger fleeing his cabin. >> he said there was a water jug that they normally don't use and then sounded like a jar of peanut butter that had been opened. >> open today at some point? not at all? >> not at all. >> reporter: bellinger says investigators questioned the man at his restaurant and he was visibly shaken. >> we saw one person. of course, with all of this news and the fugitives on the run there, he was walking toward the camp not knowing if the other one was still in there. >> reporter: sources confirm to cbs news that evidence discovered at that cabin showed a dna match to at least one of the escaped prisoners. a local newspaper, the presidents republican, said they found boots and bloody socks. the paper says the cabin is leaved by several correction officers. over 2,000 leads have poured in
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over the fugitives have been on the run. >> it has generated a massive law enforcement response, as you can see, and we are going to run this to ground. >> reporte: over the weekend, a second employee at the prison % corrections officer gene palmer was questioned by authorities and suspended. he has not been charged with a crime. his attorney andrew brockway. >> he definitely did not plan to help them escape and he had no prior knowledge that they were going to attempt an escape. >> reporter: back in owl's head bellinger says that living in a hunting community, he isn't losing any sleep. >> almost all of us have deer rifles and most of us are a pretty good shot. >> reporter: we have seen a stream of police coming in this morning bringing in trucks and buses full of officers. they are clearly getting ready for a search today, but one thing that could impact that is the weather. we are expecting storms to come -- sweeping through, as you said. that makes it more difficult for the searchers on all of those police out there in he's heavily wooded areas but it could also
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make it tough on two fugitives who could be quite miserable. >> this morning, maryland governor larry hogan is battling an aggressive form of cancer. the 59-year-old took office in january. hogan announced yesterday he has stage 3 nonhodgkin's lymphoma. >> i'm going to face this challenge with the same energy and determination that i relied on to climb every hill and overcome every obstacle that i've faced in my life. >> hogan faces six rounds of chemotherapy. >> we are expecting a decision from supreme court any day now on legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide. a new cbs news/"the new york times" poll this morning shows that americans are changing their mind on this issue. 57% of the respondents believe same-sex marriage should be legal and 35% against it and 30%
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of people who support legalizing it once held the opposite view. this morning, the u.s. women's soccer team is heading to the world cup quarterfinals. the americans defeated colombia last night 2-0. colombia had to play half the game shorthanded but the u.s. victory came with a price. jericka duncan is outside commonwealth stadium where the two teams played. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this was definitely a mismatch when you look on it when you look at the game on paper you're talking about the number two in the world versus number 28. but colombia was able to hold off the constant american attack, at least in the first half. team usa was eager to turn the pressure up. colombia starting goalkeeper was benched, suspended for penalties. her 20-year-old replacement perez was quick to the test early and often. >> another one. >> reporter: she made some
7:18 am
spectacular stops and at halftime, it was a scoreless tie. but then the game-changer. >> down she goes. >> reporter: usa's alex morgan s watripped in the box which resulted in a red card and an ejection. forward abby wambach missed the penalty kick but colombia would now be down one player for the rest of the game and making it ten players versus 11. >> morgan. >> reporter: 53 minutes into the game alex morgan scored his first goal of the tournament against colombia's third-string goalkeeper. >> lloyd strikes and scores! >> reporter: then carli lloyd drew a penalty kick in minute 66. >> we have a strong team and our depth is one of our strengths. you know the next game moving on to china, we are excited. >> reporter: that depth will be tested. megan rapino and lauren holiday
7:19 am
were suspended for cumulated penalties and will not play in the game against china on friday. >> yeah, it totally sucks. i knew that coming in and we will cheer our hearts out and be ready for the semifinal. >> reporter: rapino says the u.s. is gaining momentum. >> she was talking about being disrespected and i think we were disrespected. i don't think that was necessarily that appropriate and it showed today, which she knew better. >> reporter: friday's game against china will be a rematch of sorts. that is because the u.s. played china in the world cup final back in 1999. that was the last time the united states won the title. gayle? >> thank you, jericka duncan. we are glad team usa moves forward. >> we are too. congratulations! >> congrats is right. head of general mills says
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whoa! >> boy. two quick thinking police officers in newark delaware rescued a 76-year-old man just moments before this freight train slammed into his suv. the vehicle had stalled on the tracks on sunday. no one was hurt here. but the suv was destroyed. police officers there at the right time in the right place. welcome to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour hackers prove their ability to ground planes and delay flights. the fbi's former top cyber official shows us how airlines are to this threat. >> rapper diddy faces legal trouble this morning while getting too involved in his son's football practice and led to his arrest. the bizarre story is ahead.
7:31 am
"usa today" says the pentagon has paid syrian moderates to fight isis. pentagon expects 3,000 fighters will be trained by the end of the year. "wall street journal" says an executive for japanese air bag maker takata testifies today before a senate hearing. he is supposed to testify that takata stopped audits to save money. takata air bags are at the center of the largest auto recall in u.s. history. >> reporter: general mills will remove artificial flavors from its cereals. it will not contain green and blue puffs because it's too difficult to replicate those colors from natural ingredients from trix but they said the
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taste will still be good. >> i don't know. i just don't think you should be eating that kind of cereal for breakfast. i don't think that is helpful, all of that sugar that early in the morning. >> your choice is? >> i like raisin bran that also has a lot of sugar in it. >> you got that, charley? >> interesting. cbs news says three men who paracheweded off one world trade center was charged. it was posted online. the skyscraper was still under construction at the time. a jury found them guilty of reckless endangerment and they face up to three years behind bars. a firm altered pickwikepedia's pages. campbell's page was allegedly traced back to the company which represents her. it apparently removed a
7:33 am
reference to her album baby woman as being a critical and commercial failure. the cincinnati enquirer looks at new evidence pete rose bet on baseball. documents obtained by the espn reportedly show rose wagered extensively in the 1980 season. it provides the first written proof that rose bet while on the field. tom brady will try to clear his name this morning. the new england patriots star quarterback faces nfl comrg roger commissioner roger goodell today. >> reporter: tom brady is facing a four-game suspension for his connection to those underinflated footballs in the afc championship. well, here at nfl headquarters brady hopes to defend his legacy by arguing he is innocent. >> you know, i didn't alter the
7:34 am
ball in any way. >> reporter: at today's appeal hearing, superstar quarterback tom brady finds himself in an unfamiliar position. on defense as he fights the league's four-game suspension. >> i have no knowledge of anything. >> reporter: a league commissioned report released last month found that brady was at least generally aware of a plan to deflate footballs during the afc championship. in the 243-page report text messages show an apparent scheme in which two employees helped to deflate game balls in exchange for cash and gifts from brady and one even allegedly referring to himself as "the deflator." when investigators asked brady to hand over his own text messages, refused. >> i think the commissioner would love to get the -- but he said, tom, you have to cooperate and i don't know if tom is going to do that. >> reporter: brady has vowed to fight his suspension. commissioner goodell who authorized the punishment is also overseeing the appeals hearing. but says new information from brady could affect his final
7:35 am
decision. >> i look forward to hearing directly from tom if there is new information or there is information that could be helpful to us in getting this right. >> people will speculate that this is finally, the opportunity for the other owners to get some kind of revenge and that is so silly, because you the bell. doesn't matter if he gets four games. they still won spol championships and everybody is still trying to catch up and brady is still the greatest quarterback ever. >> reporter: the decision could take two or three weeks and the patriots report to training camp on july 23rd. if the four-game suspension holds, brady's first game back would be on october 18th against the indianapolis colts. of course, the same matchup where those deflategate accusations first started. >> thank you, elaine. poland's national airline is back in flight. hackers they say prevented crews from creating flight plans.
7:36 am
the ceo says no airline is safe. he calls the attack an industry problem on a much wider scale that can happen to anyone any time. former fbi executive assistant director sean henry is in washington and he is president of crowd strike services. sean good morning. >> reporter: is the ceo right? >> well, i think what the ceo is talking about is attacks against the business networks the commercial network as opposed to aviation inflight controls. those business corporate networks are under attack all the time just like corporate networks are globally. in this particular case it looks like a denial of service attack which essentially shut down access to the network. it wasn't actually a hack into the network where data was disrupted or destroyed. >> reporter: sean, is this a problem for all airlines? you know in this particular case, the airlines, the flights were should we be worried about being hacked when flights are in the air? >> yeah. again, we are talking about two separate networks. commercial, business networks which every company has.
7:37 am
the type of networks that have your business records on them et cetera. versus the inflight the aviation control systems. those are separate systems. so we shouldn't expect to see airplanes falling out of the sky. that being said, we know that adversaries are interested in targeting certain structure and looking at aviation on the business side and looking at the lights and power, et cetera. we have to be alert to that and constantly defending against that. organizations need to be proactive to make sure they can detect and disrupt the adversaries before their networks are disrupted themselves. >> cyberer attacks seems the store for 2015 with many concerned a big one is coming. how worried are you? >> i think that this is one of the most critical threats that we face to both economic security and national security. people around the globe are looking to disrupt organizations and steal their intellectual property be, research development and et cetera. we looked what had to opm and
7:38 am
american government and millions of records were stolen. we see adversaries every day accessing the network to steal that type much data and this is something we have to be concerned about and more actions taken on the corporate side as well as on the government side. >> it's interesting. a lot of the cyberattacks we have seen is about stealing data. what about a cyber attack that actually takes down our electrical grid and our financial system? you know, as gayle asked about, taking down airlines. what threat are we worried about there? >> yeah. this is something we just saw most recently with sony. you'll recall sony had data that rah stolen off the network but they also had parts of their network that were actually destroyed. again, this is a corporate network. we are starting to see adversaries take more aggressive actions and if they move from merely the theft to actually destruction of networks, that is where we are going to see this signature impact and why we have got to get way out ahead of this and not react, but be more proactive. >> are we out ahead today?
7:39 am
>> we are not. the adversaries, outpaces the defense. a lot of corporations who are in front of this and companies that are recognizing what the real impact is to their network and then the cascading impact on the networks. but that is the exception, not the rule unfortunately, charlie. >> very scary information. thank you, shawn henry. >> thank you. sean diddy combs faces a serious assault charge this morning. why police say he threatened one of his son's college football coaches with a piece of gym equipment. >> what? >> oh, boy. if you're head ofging off to work, set your dvr so you can watch "cbs this morning." any time you feel like it. we will be right here and we be right back. ♪
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♪ this morning, rapper sean combs has posted bail relate to serious assault charges that business mogul known as diddy was arrest monday on the ucla
7:44 am
campus. his son is on the football team there. ben tracy shows us why police say he threatened a coach with a piece of equipment known as a kettle bell. ♪ >> reporter: sean combs built his name on bad boy entertainment. >> sounds to crazy. >> reporter: while he is best known for making his mark in hip-hop music, he is also the father of a college athlete. diddy was in cuffs monday after allegedly threatening a member of the bruins ucla football staff at the school's training complex with a metal ball known as a kettle bell. combs son justin is a red-shirt junior playing defensive back for the bruins football team. >> nebraska and ucla. my son's first game. >> reporter: combs is an avid follower of the team a fixture at events, even attending practices. the 45-year-old father of six was arrested and put in the back of a patrol car. combs was taken from the ucla campus in westwood and booked at
7:45 am
the men's central jail in los angeles. he faces assault charges with one count of making terrorist threats, and one count of battery. his head of pr told "cbs this morning," quote, i'm not commenting until all of the facts are sorted out. >> entertainers don't always understand that you need to keep your distance. >> reporter: bill plasky is columnist for the "the new york times." >> he, obviously, cares about what happens to his son but is there a fine line in team sports, particularly at ucla, where the coach is the boss. once he's on that field, the coach is the father. >> reporter: according to tmz combs is accused of confronting the strength and conditioning coach sal alosi. years ago he worked for the new york jets and was suspended by the nfl for tripping a player on
7:46 am
the sidelines. jim mora said i'm thankful our staff showed the level of professionalism they did. this is an unfortunate incident. >> some were waiting for this to happen because he is so involved and so overbearing and his son is not a superstar and ucla demands excellence from everybody. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, los angeles. >> well, they said he is overinvolved and that they describe him as a helicopter parent. as a lot of parents can be when their kids play sports. i'm glad nobody was seriously hurt. >> he is saying all of the right things. >> i'm not saying anything. >> to be continued, exactly. engineering the future of folklore. ahead how science is trying to make high heels comfortable and fa shionable. >> please. >> please. >> hurry up! >> please. a video screen to keep highways safe. high-tech push
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samsung is pushing to letter drivers watch giant video screens but only when they are behind a big rig called the samsung safety truck. a wireless camera on the front catches live displays on the back. drivers can see what is happening ahead before they pass even at night. samsung says it's working with governments to try to get the green light to roll out more of this new jerseytechnology.
7:52 am
>> everybody hates to be stuck behind a truck when they are moving slow. the new concerns ahead about skinny jeans. apparently they can really hurt you! we will ask our doctor whether those worries are overblown. >> too tight for good. >> be careful, girls. you're watching "cbs this morning." we will discuss with the good doctor after the break. ♪ i can't help recalling ♪ taste bud loving, deliciously fruity, grab-and-go, take on the world with 100 calories, snack. yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it. why am i so awake? did you know your brain has a wake system... and a sleep system? science suggests when you have insomnia, the neurotransmitters in your wake system may be too strong, which may be preventing you from getting the sleep you need. talk to your doctor about ways to manage your insomnia.
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♪ it is tuesday, june 23rd, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including reengineering high heels. a former executive at space ex is in studio 57 with a plan to build what she says is a less painful shoe. i sure hope so. first, here is a look at today's opener." >> secretary carter told me that financial sanctions have not yet caused the kremlin to reverse course. the confederate flag has flown on state capitol grounds for more than half a sent bycentury but now the governor is calling it to be removed. >> a twister came through cole city late last night and one of seven reported in the stadium. >> this ishe t most significant lead the investigators have had.
8:01 am
it's one that police are now hoping will allow them to close in. coialomb a wasble to hold off the constant american attack attack, at least in the first half. cyberattacks seems like the big story of 2015. how worried are you? >> i think this is one of the most critical threats we face to both economic security and national security. tom brady is facing a four-game suspension. here at nfl headquarters brady hopes to defend his legacy. mcdonald's has developed a new type of bicycle friendly packaging for cities overseas. they can hang food from handlebars. so if you love mcdonald's and you love bikes -- no, you don't! announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by choice hotels. ready. i'm charley rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell this morning. united states is respondsing to russian a significant buildup in eastern
8:02 am
europe. the secretary of defense tells cbs news the pentagon will send heavy weapon into six countries on russia's doorsteps enincluding tanks and armored vehicles. >> he revealed the plans to margaret brennan you will see only on "cbs this morning." she is? in estonia. >> reporter: the u.s. is moving heavy equipment for estonia and five countries that feel threatened. >> what is disturbing about an announcement like that is it's a level of rhetoric associated with nuclear weapons that world leaders have not resorted to for many many many years. and it's not the kind of
8:03 am
responsible discussion of nuclear weapons that you expect from a great world leaders. >> reporter: but you don't view that as a threat just rhetoric? >> i take it at his word that he is doing what they said they are doing. what is odd about it is the level of rhetoric. that's what is so out of tune with the times and out of tune with the way responsible world leaders have conducted themselves with respect to talking about what are very, very fierce weapons. >> reporter: carter said there is no sign yet that russia will stop its aggression, but the u.s. does want to work with vladimir putin onnish like counterterrorism and finalizing this nuclear accord with iran. he says the u.s. does not want another cold war. >> margaret brennan in estonia, thanks. interesting to hear the u.s. response after you were just with putin. >> right.
8:04 am
>> and putin is denying he is aaggressor. >> i said to him, you're an aggressor and you don't like me saying it and he said he don't. >> he said the word persistent. >> people suggesting to me even going over there, it's very dangerous to have loose conversation about nuclear weapons, the point that was made. >> all right. in other news today. south carolina's legislature meets today to face new pressure to take down a confederate flag outside the statehouse. the man accusing nine people at a historic black church posed with online photos holding the confederate flag. nikki haley said the flag cannot be removed without two-thirds vote of the legislature. governor haley's statement is being praised. james clyburn appeared on my pbs program last night. the congressman does not expect a quick decision from his
8:05 am
state's legislators. >> her speech today is the first step in what could be a pretty long drawn-out process. a lot of healing needs to take place here in south carolina and across the nation and i would hope that what she said today will start us on that journey. >> clyburn also said that president obama is quote, striking all of the right chords with his response to last week's murder. as norah made clear in a conversation here republican party seem to have clearly decided they have to get on the right side of this. >> they all got on the same page. not only got unified. >> quickly. >> unified on this issue the flag must come down. i think interesting to watch to see how quickly they can make that happen in south carolina. >> the ball has started rolling, for sure. this morning, president obama is still sparking debate after his blunt yoofuse of a racial slur. a podcast released on monday the president said racism is still deeply embedded in this
8:06 am
country and to drive home his point he used the "n" word in his conversation. no president has spoken the "n" word in years. on "the tonight show" i asked about the conversation. >> do you think we should ban it? >> i don't think it should be banned. i think language is very powerful. i agree with the president and how he used it. i thought he was very eloquent. i believe in the power of words and i don't think we should get rid of words but i think people should learn how to use them. we will be right back. >> yes. >> you said, gayle, you use it rather than as -- >> i said there is a difference between saying it and using it. >> right. >> and he was merely making a point in the conversation. i think it's important to take the context of that conversation, because when you hear it you think it's -- the president said it but when you listen to the whole conversation and the point he was making it made a lot of sense to a lot of people. >> the president is delivering the eulogy on friday for state senator pinckney which i think will be a powerful speech there. >> for sure. >> one for many people to watch
8:07 am
and learn where our country is. >> it's interesting the white house saying the president didn't plan to use it but didn't regret him saying it. millions of kentucky to maine could face dangerous and severe weather today. the system left rubble behind from damaging thunderstorms and strong winds. the midwest saw at least 14 tornadoes that mangled homes and flipped over trailers. in illinois telephone poles swung violently in the swing. coal city a tornadoes touched down 60 miles southwest of chicago. one person was hurt in the storm and thousands lost power and chicago's airport experienced delays. is style creating a safety hazard? our doctor is in our toyota green room and she breaks down one woman's close call from tight scenes skinny jeans, we should say and the lessons everybody has learned. >> are there lessons to learn?
8:08 am
. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by choice hotels. you always have a choice.
8:09 am
a murder investigation spanning two countries finally leads to an arrest. >> i'm peter van sant, 48 hours. we have a big break in the case of a beautiful missing california woman. when yvonne baldelli disappeared from a tropical paradise her ex-marine boyfriend became tight-lipped. >> we would like to ask awe couple of questions. >> that is coming up on "cbs this morning." ♪ listen up team i brought in some protein to help rearrange the fridge and get us energized! i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength to keep you active. come on pear
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8:13 am
what do you think? >> i don't know man. don't ask me because i don't give a -- i can't look. >> those are too tight. way too tight. like way too tight. you need to upgrade. >> clearly a problem with their jeans. >> way too tight. >> new research claims skinny jeans can put the squeeze on your health. australian experts reported on monday that a woman literally
8:14 am
wouldn't walk after wearing a pair of tight denyims all day. dr. tara narula joins us at the table. when you know the jeans are too tight, they don't all of a sudden become too tight. >> this was kind of a perfect storm as things combined to make this case happened. a 35-year-old australian woman who was wearing skinny jeans and went to help a family member move in her home and she was squatting several hours and moving things in and out of the cupboard. the jeans were starting to get too tight and she couldn't walk and fell on the ground for several hours. they took her to the hospital and had to cut her jeans off because her legs were so swollen. what essentially happened was she had damage to two of the major nerves in the lower legs as well as the muscles. essentially ended up with something called compartment syndrome. >> don't you have warning signs that my feet are numbing up maybe i need to stand up and take off my jeans? >> absolutely. you should pay attention if
8:15 am
you're feeling like you're swelling or feet are numb or tingling. by squatting you're putting pressure on one of the major nerves that supplies intervaion to the lower part of the legs. you're decreasing blood flow in and out and causes swelling to the muscles of the legs. when you add to the skinny tight jeans, you're essentially creating a tourniquet on your arm if you were bleeding. no fluid can go in or out of though lower legs. the legs build up and compresses the blood vessels and you get a vicious cycle. this is the extreme of something that could happen. >> is this a really really big issue? >> charley, only a big issue if you put on your jeans and go squatting for hours which most people don't do. the bigger issue people have with skinny jeans is something that actually affects the lateral femoral nerve that runs into the pelvis or outer large side of your thigh and that can get compressed by tight jeans
8:16 am
and by felts and spanx and anything that compresses your pelvis and you can get numbness and tingling. >> if you get that take your jeans off. >> or go to sweats. this is an extreme case. what about tight clothes people wear to work out or girdle-type material that people use. >> joan collins was rushed to the hospital years ago because she said her dress was too tight. >> people can get pressure and pain and heartburn and for the nerves they can get that nerve syndrome. >> for a man, tight jeans would be a no-no, right? >> depending on the man. charley, do you wear skinny jeans? >> no! >> he wears dad jeans! >> this was a very very rare incident. >> we are laughing about it but this is a rare thing. the takeaway though, if it feels too tight, as charley
8:17 am
said, take it off or move it down. >> i think those jeans are too tight. % >> i'm so glad you said that because i was thinking it and wouldn't say it. >> we are here. we are here. >> thank you, dr. tara narula. how a space ex-veteran hired an restaurant to bring the women's footwear into the 21st century. you're was chingtching "cbs this morning." we will be right back. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by finish. y if you're a smart shopper. then, why are we buying cascade instead of finish? the amazing clean of finish was rated a best buy three years in a row. switch and see the difference. i try hard to get a great shape. this... i can do easily. new benefiber healthy shape helps curb cravings. it's a clear, taste-free daily supplement that's clinically proven to help keep me fuller longer. new benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do. i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet... that it was damaging the enamel.
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of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price, only when you book direct at
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♪ tonight, a special tuesday edition of "48 hours." new developments in a deadly international mystery. yvonne baldelli vanished in 2011 at a tropi last to see her alive is her ex-marine boyfriend. we started bring you "48 hours" reporting on this case three years ago. now here is a preview of tonight's telecast. >> reporter: authorities and members of yvonne baldelli's family have had many questions for brian brimager. after he returned from panama in 2011 without his beautiful girlfriend yvonne baldelli. did you murder yvonne baldelli? did you have anything with her disappearance? >> yvonne's stories is what her
8:22 am
life was like down there and i could close my eyes like i was there. i would imagine. >> reporter: but when those happy e-mails stopped, that's when yvonne's family flew to panama to find her. they printed flyers scoured the neighborhood where the couple lived, and even ventured into the unknown. >> we are in central america in some judge, in some swamp, looking for yvonne. this is unbelievable. >> reporter: photos that the family thought had shown yvonne's life in paradise really hid a story from hell. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: cbs news consultant don winter talked with neighbors. >> they could here altercations screaming and yelling, glass breaking, people slamming up against the building. >> reporter: with yvonne still missing, brian brimager an ex-marine, wivas ling the good life in southern california.
8:23 am
>> his life is going on like normal and our nights will never be the same. >> reporter: the fbi was soon on to his game. after discovering he had hacked into yvonne's e-mail account and was impersonating her, federal officials arrested him for obstructing their investigation. but they also believed he had murdered her. mr. brimager killed police baldelli and sgofed of her body in an unknown location. >> reporter: the search for yvonne continued. finally, two years after she disappeared, a worker found her remains in the judge not far from where she and brimager had lived. panama finally charged brim ager with murder. after years of legal maneuvering, the u.s. is now taking over the case. >> federal grand jury has charged a retired marine with murdering his girlfriend in panama and dumping her body in the judge. >> reporter: brimager will stand
8:24 am
trial in the united states for the murder of yvonne baldelli which took place 2,000 miles away. >> what a story. peter van sant is with us. what is some of the strongest evidence until the case? >> they have a machete he told after he left panama and they have found that machete and they are matching up the notches on it to the remains that were discovered. inside a military style duffel bag that is identical and a photograph one he took down toith him. >> oh, my goodness. that is terrible. >> when is the trial coming up? the trial is coming up this fall. >> sad, sad story. >> it's terrible. >> he also by the way, posed as her using her computer in the united states this is absolutely verified sending out e-mails that she had run off with another man. there is a very strong case. brimager claims he is innocent. >> you can watch peter's pull report "devil's
8:25 am
8:26 am
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♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour remember this history making moment in soccer? >> score! >> go ahead. >> you go ahead. >> it says gowea. >> i'm so excited about this story. >> brandi chastain what she wants young girls to take away from that iconic theme. "wall street journal" says alexander hamilton has a major new supporter for his position on the 10 dollar bill. former federal reserve chairman ben bernanke pleads to keep hamilton on the money. he wrote hamilton's demotion is intend to do make room to honor a deserving woman on the face of our currency.
8:31 am
bernanke instead has another suggestion. quote, replace andrew jackson, a man of many unattractive qualities and a poor president. replace him from the 20 dollar bill. >> a lot of people now for that. "the washington post" tells bus a transgender former navy s.e.a.l. who is running for chronic. christian beck is challenst steny hoyer for the democratic seat in maryland's fifth district. two years ago, beck publicly came out as a woman and she was formerly christopher beck and was a member of s.e.a.l. team 6. first lady michelle obama is the guest editor of the july/august issue of "more." she shares personal pictures and discusses the challenge of balancing family life with her official role. she says it's a familiar role with women. she writes quote, too often as women we simply refuse to acknowledge the complexity of one another's lives. that's true.
8:32 am
>> absolutely. >> very true. interesting to see how the girls have grown. >> i know. >> looking at them grown is kind of fun. women's footwear could take a big step forward this morning. marilyn monroe was rumored to say give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. sales hit $25 billion alone in this country last year and includes high heels. on the street and on the screen, they may come with consequences. >> i'm talking about a woman's right to shoes. >> oh, my god! these are gorgeous! >> shoes like these should not be locked in a closet. they should be living a life of scandal and passion! >> hello, lover! ♪ ♪ ♪ and when the night falls loneliness calls ♪ >> what are we going to do?
8:33 am
walk? >> my feet are wrecked. >> why are you walking around in pain? just admit the shoes were a bad idea! >> i am not in pain! ♪ ♪ you wear those shoes and i'll wear that dress ♪ >>. [ screaming ] >> don't mess with me! >> ow! >> i'm fine. i'm cool. i'm good. >> i know. we have so been there. comedy aside, america's emergency rooms saw more than 120,000-related injuries between 2002 and 2012 and something former executive dolly singh knows very well. she redesigned the high heel
8:34 am
into something more comfortable. good morning and bless you, my child. this came out of personal frustration for you, yes? >> yes. i'm worked in a lot of campus and walking three or four miles every day and a personal frustration. i figured it was time to solve it. >> you solved it by doing what? or you think you're solving it by doing what? >> i'm trying to solve it. my background is recruiting. i've been able to put together some very talented engineering teams in the past. what i decided to do is use those talents to put together a really diverse group of people to attack the problem in way it hasn't been approached before. >> you have a former nasa astronaut and orthopaedic surgeon and what do they know about high heels? >> not a lot about high heels but know about engineering and human body and it was about redefining the problem. we talked to our engineers about building it the world's smallest chassis or a tiny bridge that fits inside of a high heel and not them focused on the fact it's a high heel. >> when you had all of those
8:35 am
engineers unpack a normal high heel what did you discover? >> one of the first things i discovered is inside of your high heels you are basically standing on a thin metal plate so there is no structure so it doesn't take an engineer or rocket scientist or an astronaut to figure out you can probably do better than this. we are using an advanced polymer. it's a ballistic grade plastic and precision formed and changes the way that the structure loads. you basically want to provide more surface area and match it to the geometry to the underside of the foot more effectively because that will change the way the load distributes. no most cases when you're on one of these, 80% of your weight at your toes. our structure brings it down to 50%. >> what is the experience for nasa people who tried the prototype or the product? >> the way i like to describe it we are trying to create a stiletto that features or functions like a wedge. most women stand on this will
8:36 am
say it feels ike like you're standing on a wedge and not a stailetto stiletto. >> i like this shoe of mine. by the end of the day i am hobbling. nobody looks good when they are hobbling. he makes no apologies saying it's uncomfortable and i don't want anybody to think it's uncomfortable. can you make anything this pretty and gorgeous and still be comfortable? people say they can do it but i haven't seen it. >> that's our goal. we hired our first guest designer who is nick larusso. he spent the last year of design at jimmy choo. we want to walk the line and thread the needle better than anybody else has before. you look at the pieces they don't look orthopaedic. our job is tighten that envelope more over the next few months and get to finish pieces that look pretty close to that. it won't be this skin yip. the difference this is much wider and it's skinny across the side which is the more important perspective but wider across the back because that lateral destability causes a lot of
8:37 am
ankle injuries that everybody has. >> dolly, everybody wants to know cost and when available? >> collections priced between 350 and 950. >> 950 is high! >> 350 to 950 is the classic american luxury bracket. day style is 350 and red carpet closer to 900. >> when available? >> this fall we occupy our first registration list for our debut and all will be designed by our designers. >> this is all on the website? >> on our website, yes. >> i'm size 8 1/2. >> 8 is easy. 8 will come first. >> 8 is easy? okay. >> with footwear you have to rebate r&d with size. >> i got big feet i know. i wish you luck. >> thank you so much. i really appreciate it and thanks for having me. >> thank you dolly. we showed you earlier how the u.s. soccer team is gearing up to face china friday in the
8:38 am
world cup quarterfinal. who can forget team usa's epic 1999 dramatic shoot-out in ben tracy takes us back to the rose bowl. the champions who gave the power of women a kick-start. >> chastain will take it. >> reporter: july 10th, 1999. pasadena, california. >> she missed a penalty kick against china and they lost that game. >> reporter: more than 90,000 fans nearly silent, and then this. >> goal! >> everything from the whistle going forward to the kick and then the ball going through and hitting the net was slow motion. but then once it hit the net, then it was just like, i mean, everybody behind the goal was going like this. bang you know? fourth of july! >> reporter: a moment brandi chastain has replayed in her
8:39 am
countless time. she along with mia ham and scurry and kristine lilly and their teammates have become what is called the greatest women's sports team in history. >> the new world cup champions the united states of america! >> reporter: did you have awareness at this time this team was really doing something for women sports in general? >> i think we were all really enthusiastic but i'm not so sure that we knew that it was going to cause this revolution or this immediately love for women's soccer. >> reporter: you can credit some of the love to this iconic image of chastain ripping off her jersey plastered on newspapers and around the world. >> i hope that young girls who see that picture see a little bit of themselves. they see strength and power, a lifelong journey. the willingness and the confidence that it takes to, you know, be seen. >> the shot. >> reporter: inspiring this goalie stunning save during penalty kicks. she went from obscurity to
8:40 am
celebrity in one game. >> guy got out of his car and running still and doorpe ondn a ran over to me and high five great job! you're awesome and runs back to his car. i'm like did that just happen. >> reporter: she suffered a career ending concussion in 2010 but now hopes younger players can learn from her accomplishments. >> i want my legacy to be that inspiring. i want to inspire age 40 on as i did from age 40. >> reporter: she was just 14 when she played with the 1999 team and now the current captain of the u.s. women's team. >> we just captured america at that moment and realizing women can play a sport, nevertheless soccer and dawg so much fan and so much awareness to the sport. it was unbelievable to be a part of that that team. >> reporter: brandi chastain retired in 2010 and is now a mom and a coach. how badly would you like to be playing on the field this year? >> you have no idea.
8:41 am
i miss playing every day. but i'm kind of satisfying that need to be on the field with coaching. >> reporter: how do you think your team the 1999 team would stack up against this team? >> it's a no contest. >> reporter: the current team would win? >> oh, no! i said no contest! >> reporter: apparently, you can hang up your cleats, but not your competitive spirit. for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, pasadena. >> i admire these women so much and i just think they are such an inspiration to not only young girls, but to, you know, our age too. they are just terrific terrific athletes. >> an inspiration to me! >> yeah, to men too, exactly! >> that exhilaration when she took hfoff her shirt, you could feel the joy. students who learn the main course. tomas has been cooking since the tender age of 14. i'm michelle miller. we will show the high school
8:42 am
that helped her earn her "chops"
8:43 am
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8:45 am
♪ high school graduation season this morning is in the home about 80 new york city high school seniors found their passion in the kitchen instead of the classroom. they take their next steps
8:46 am
tomorrow after studying at food and finance high michelle miller shows us how their future is heating up. >> honestly i've never found this place if i had never found this place, i think i would have been a low life kid. >> reporter: jason found his salvation in the heart of health kitchen. his mother dora paralyzed since he was a baby was his inspiration for going to food and finance. he's been cooking for her since he was 9 years old. >> she loves to eat. every time i cook for her, she is like jason, what is that? like, i want some. you better give me some! >> reporter: like him, 400 other students come across the country here to create their own recipes for success, where subject like knife skills and precision and baking are added to tradition courses like english and math. the chef techeds to the class.
8:47 am
how do you create a crippleurriculum that prepares the kids for today's world? >> you have to learn thousand speak. you have to learn how to function in an environment that is crazy and still keep a level head. >> reporter: 80% of students at this school are considered economically disadvantaged. so kids rely heavily on scholarship competitions to further their education. senior darwin is headed to one of the best culinary schools in the world. >> i currently just won a full ride to the school. >> reporter: what kind of money are we talking? >> $107,000. >> reporter: what do you do to win that scholarship? >> i think it was my cake that knocked them out of the park. >> reporter: by senior year, students must leave behind their classroom test kitchens for internships in local eateries. >> might be hot in here somehow.
8:48 am
>> reporter: this celebrity chef mark murphy has hired six food and finance students. >> for me it's a business decision. i need cooks. i got a willing and able body that wants to cook and learn and wants to work for me it's great. >> reporter: shina thomas graduated from food and finance in 2012. >> food and cooking is a major part of my life. >> reporter: she was the first-ever teen champion on the popular food network show "chop." >> congratulations. >> thank you! >> how does $10 sound? >> on tv, sleepless nights and giving up weekends and time hanging out with friends and going to family functions, all of it but i can't see myself doing anything else. >> reduce the liquid. >> reporter: jason competed on the show last year. >> i was on "chop." >> reporter: you didn't win, though? >> jay, you've been chopped. >> after doing "chop" i really found out that cooking is my
8:49 am
passion. i can honestly to myself i say to myself i can really cook. like my god, this school taught me so much, i can really cook. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," michelle miller new york. >> what a great piece by michelle miller and producer sam kula! fabulous piece! loved it. >> turn around and take a bow! >> she has been working on this for a while. >> we love all things chef and food-related. great job, sam! you're watching smt. >> sam, turn around!
8:50 am
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>> i had tow quit my job.
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>> it was devastating. >> gum disease, so advanced her body was wasting away. >> her husband is away, fighting for our country. >> we gave lori the makeover of a lifetime. >> physical activity so strenuous, it drives kids to vomit. >> kids are penalized for, forgetting their homework? >> on the doctors! ♪ ♪ doctor, doctor gimme the news ♪ ♪ [ applause ] ♪ ♪ >> missing homework assignments come with consequences, but should they include physical activity so strenuous that it drives students to vomit? >> a texas mom is furious over the extreme discipline her son received after missing a math assignment. she says her 7th grader told her the


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