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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  June 24, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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automated voice: to file a claim, please state your name. carnie wilson. thank you. can you hold on? ♪ hold on for one more day ♪ really? hey, i know there's pain. why do you lock yourself up in these chains? ♪ ♪ this would be so easy if you had progressive. our mobile app would let you file a claim and help you find one of our service centers where we manage the entire repair process. things will go your way if you hold on. [ sighs ] someday somebody's gonna make you wanna turn around and say goodbye. ♪ say goodbye ♪ no, you just made it weird. . hello and thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane. the aftermath of last night's intense storms tops our news. more than two dozen people are in temporary shelters after being forced out of their homes by a fire in greenbelt.
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lightning struck the roof and sparked an intense blaze in the garden style apartment building at 209 lakeside drive. people living in 22 units made it out safely after neighbors knocked on doors and alerted them to the danger. >> as soon as you saw the fire, i just grab my baby and i just run. everything, everything is lost, completely lost. thank god that my baby is good and i am fine. >> a lot of those residents say they lost everything in the fire and many of them do not have renter's insurance. in fairfax downed power lines and trees are still causing major problems this afternoon. more than 3,000 people are without power in the area. due to broken poles and downed power lines, the intersection at braddock road and ox road remains closed and will stay that way through the evening rush hour. crews are working to make repairs. an estimated 25 poles have broken in the area. after all that turmoil, can we look forward to more days
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like today? first alert meteorologist erica grow is standing by. she has that answer. >> unfortunately, andre yarks the answer is no -- andrea, the answer is no. this is the only day well very that is completely clear. this is a plot of all the local storm reports take we received by the national weather service yesterday. the ones that have little white circles, those are hail reports of an inch in diameter or larger. the ones that look like little trees with branches on them, those are all the storm reports of downed trees or other damage such as power lines. all these ones that have a swooping kind of motion, those are the wind reports. i want to show you one area in particular that got hit pretty hard with those strong wind gusts. there was a reported wind gust of 64 miles an hour in damascus. 59 miles per hour also in the town of damascus. these are both severe level of wind gust reports n. is very close to the area where the person suffered the terrible car accident where the branch
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came down on the car. doppler estimates of how much rain we got, the purple is an indication where the rain fell at at least 2 inches in those areas. now we're back to the sunshine. it's 80 degrees in downtown washington. 77 in leesburg and win chester. the dew points have fallen, too, so it's nice and comfortable out there. as i mentioned it's not going to last long. i'll tell but the change in the weather coming up in the first alert seven day. back to you. >> thank you, erica. some of our neighbors to the north can't even enjoy today's weather because they're busy cleaning up debris up and down the east coast. wendy gillette has more on that. >> reporter: this video from cherry hill, new jersey shows the force of the fast moving storm system that passed over the philadelphia area during the evening rush hour. uprooting trees and knocking out power to hundreds of thousands. >> it came and was here and gone. >> reporter: passengers on an
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amtrak train stood in the aisles waiting after the weather shut down service between washington and philadelphia. the weather caused car accidents in south yearsy and in mk, -- south jersey and in montgomery county, maryland where one man was killed. >> the car appears to have skidded off, hit a pole, broke the pole. unfortunately some live wires, hot-wires came down on top of the vehicle. >> reporter: in another part of the county a large tree crushed an suv but no one was hurt. >> we're safe and we're okay. that's the important part. >> reporter: heavy rain caused roads to flood in leesburg, virginia. a tornado watch was issued for parts of new england. none were spotted but the high winds still brought down plenty of trees in knaub of areas, including -- number of areas including here in new haven county, connecticut good take was wind ji gillette report -- wenty gillette reporting -- wendy gillette reporting. the folk life festival is taking place on the national mall. eight right next to the national -- it's right next to
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the national museum of the american indian. it runs through june 28 and picks up again from july 1 through the 5th. d.c. police are trying to identify a man whose body was found in the tidal basin this morning. investigators on the scene tell us around this morning, a passerby spotted the body of an adult male floating by the shoreline of the tidal basin. the nearby jefferson memorial remained open to visitors as police dive crews recovered the body. the tidal basin is generally 2 feet deep in some parts, 5 feet deep in others. the medical examiner will have to determine a cause of death. people are beginning their goodbyes to the victims of the charleston church shooting. one of them slain pastor and state senator clementa pink any. within the -- pinckney. within a half-hour his casket will be escorted into the row opportunity daf the state house in -- rotunda of the state house in columbia. a horse dn drawn caisson is bringing the senator's body to
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the state grounds. lawmakers have begun debate on whether to remove the symbol of the old south. it requires two-thirds super majority vote in both legislative chambers. newly released video has surfaced of the arrest of the accused gunman in the church slayings, dylann roof. the intense search ended up on a dirt road in shelby, north carolina. he surrendered without incident. a seven of the car turned up the murder weapon in the back seat. the officers were seen congratulating each other after roof's arrest. federal prosecutors have wrapped up their investigation into a shooting outside the national security agency at fort meade in march. they decided not to file any charges against the law enforcement involved in the shooting. prosecutors say ricky hall who went by the name of maya was killed and kevin fleming wounded when an officer fired at their stolen suv as it rammed a security barrier and raced toward an officer. anne arundel county police are also declining to bring charges
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against the officers. big news in the world of supermarkets. the european owners of giant food and food lion announced their companies are merging. the new company would own more than 6500 stores in the u.s. making it one of the nation's largest supermarket chains. expects say this will allow the new company to better compete with the likes of large retailers, like wal-mart and costco. nearly a third of americans say they don't have emergency savings that will last more than six months. and one in four americans say they have no emergency savings at all. those are the headlines from a new stad from the report finds americans are saving at the lowest rate in five years. it also shows millennials are the most likely age group to have savings that would cover them up to five months. he probably thought he was helping his fellow drivers but a seattle man is facing a large fine for warning drivers about a speed trip. daniel gekko made a handwritten sign with a marker on top of a
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rubbermaid container. it read in part "cops ahead" but city law outlaws any signs or devices that regulate traffic. >> if i can help some people like not get ticketed and fined and bothered, you know, it's a good thing to do. >> the specific issue is that he was giving instructions to motorists through the words that he chose, like "slow down" or caution." >> he plans to appeal the $138 fine levied against him but he says he has no plans to stop warning motorists about speed traps but he will take the word "stop" off his sign. to wrigley field in chicago now and a fantastic play by a fan. >> reaches. >> did you see it? >> never missed a beat there. he used his free hand to catch the foul ball. he took it right out of the
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first baseman's glove. the umps ruled it an out for lmpleghts a. -- l.a. coming up on wusa9, the french go into emergency mode following reports the nsa has been spying on its last three presidents. but first, emotional survivors of the boston marathon bombing get the opportunity to directly address
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convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev will be formally sentenced to death today. but before the sentencing, survivors and family members of the victims had the opportunity to directly address the young killer. kenneth craig has more. >> reporter: first on the stand this morning in a boston federal courtroom was crystal campbell's mother. her 29-yard daughter was killed during -- 29-year-old daughter was killed during the boston marathon bombing. she looked directly at dzhokhar tsarnaev and said what he did
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was disgusting. the father of the youngest victim 8-year-old martin richard said tsarnaev chose hate, destruction and death. those family members were among dozens of victim impact statements before a judge formally sentences the 21-year- old bomber to death. a jury recommended the death penalty in may after 14 hours of deliberations. the panel rejected the defense argument that tsarnaev was under the influence of his older brother tamerlan who died in a shootout with police. dzhokhar's attorneys never denied his role in planting the pressure cooker bombs that killed three people and injured 264. survivors who spoke after the jury's ruling agreed with the decision. >> i'm grateful that they came to that conclusion because for me i think it was the just conclusion. >> killing people is wrong. >> reporter: the death sentence goes against the grain in massachusetts and protesters gathered this morning outside the courthouse. tsarnaev was given a chance to
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speak before the sentencing but it was not clear whether he would take the opportunity. kenneth craig, cbs news. >> tsarnaev's death sentence will be subject to an automatic appeal. an emergency meeting was called by french president hollande today following reports the national security agency has been spying on the last three leaders of his country. [indiscernible] -- following the revelations in a wikileaks publication. a french official said he and president obama are expected to talk about spying claims sometime today. erica? >> andre yarks the drier air -- andrea, the drier air has moved into the metro area making it a very pleasant afternoon. the mold spores are still high from all the heat and humidity we had over the past several days. but now temperatures are going to be on the downward trend. we'll talk about that coming up in the
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it'sen ec pleasive novel about sexual abuse in the catholic church and it's dedicated to the pope. it's called "the black wall of silence." we say good morning and welcome to father paul. you said this is the closest thing you can imagine to having a baby. how long did it take you to write the book and was it difficult? >> very difficult. it took about three years. >> a long gestation period. >> it is, yes. i never had a baby but i know for my family members, my sisters what it's like. this must be what it's like. >> it's a very difficult subject to talk about but you chose to write it as a novel. why? >> to allow people who read it
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to enter into the story, identify with one of the characters, get in touch with their feelings, anger, grief, fear, hope, and discuss these things in the church, these sexual issues in the church which the pope wants us to do. i thought a story would be better than these headlines they see. >> you're saying the pope wants us to do but in fact starting on the front line with the clergy as you can see with the cover of the book, the priests, the collar is muzzling the priest. does that mean a majority of priests think they cannot speak out about things that are important to them because it's a conflict in loyalty? >> i actually think so. that's what the black wall of silence suggests like the blue wall of silence in the police force. if you have a rogue policeman who does something harmful, often you see the police force close ranks around it, protect the institution. so the same thing is going on in the church. loyalty trumps honesty. and especially priests i think
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have trouble saying anything that they really want to say maybe about their beliefs about sexual issues, including sexual abuse as well as the people in the church. so we're trying to pull open that black wall of silence so we can have an honest discussion in the church. >> father zach also has his own sexual orientation to deal with, the progress tag i.n.s., as well -- protagonist, as well, a lot going on. you have dedicated this book to the pope. what else is interesting recently the pope established a tribunal to deal with the bishops who especially have kept the coverup going of priests abusing young people in their clergies. do you think that pope, is this a change for him having this tribunal and do you think he can help the church break through this wall of silence? >> i think the pope is really doing all he can. i sent him a book to see if i could be part of that, breaking through. but he's doing everything he
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can, i really believe. and will he be able to break through by himself? no. he needs everybody taking the risk to do this in the church so we can be trustworthy again, so people can believe in us. a lot of people have these images out there like all priests are pedophiles. they see -- [indiscernible] things like that. all priests are gay. people have these strange stereotypes. we need to be finding a way to help people talk about this. this is my goal with this book. >> the book again is called "the black wall of silence." father paul morrissey, thank you so much for being here. >> it's so great to be here. thank you. >> you're welcome. let's go to erica for an update. >> this is a pleasant update if i ever had one. we have the sunshine sticking with us through the rest of the afternoon and evening hours that will make for a pleasant night, by the way. 87 degrees at 3:00. 85 at 6:00. 78 degrees at 9:00. mostly clear skies remaining with us through the entire day. right now it's 80 degrees,
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partly cloudy at the airport with a dew point of 63. that means that we barely even have a heat index and that light breeze out of the north is going to continue and actually increase a little bit as we head into the afternoon. that's going to keep things nice and dry because as the wind comes down from the north or the northwest, it brings in lower humidity air. right now it is 75 degrees in gaithersburg. 79 in manassas. 77 in leesburg. our temperatures for most of the area heading to numbers that are just a little bit above average for this time of year but compared to the 96 degrees we had yesterday, this is a really nice treat. high pressure in control right now. unfortunately it's not going to last long, though. on 9 futurecast, we'll keep things clear tonight but as we head into thursday, another cold front is on the way. the storms won't arrive until we get to the late afternoon, early evening hours. i do think that we'll see this activity around sunset or later for the most part. everything starts to push away as we head into the early morning hours on friday, but then more showers arrive on
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friday afternoon, maybe even a rumble of thunder so the unsettled pattern comes right back so we have this one day to really enjoy. today's forecast high # 2346 leesburg. 83 in -- high 86 in leesburg. 83 in hagerstown. we'll get to 63 in leesburg and manassas. down to 70 in downtown dng. so maybe a little -- d.c. so maybe a little too warm to let the fresh air in. on thursday we're back to 90 degrees. we will see an isolated thunderstorm potentially before sun set but then more rain arrives at night. then on friday another isolated storm is possible. a high of 87 degrees. that 90 on thursday is the only day in the 90s in the entire first alert seven-day. both saturday and sunday highs of 80 degrees. unfortunately along with nice cool weather we will see more showers and thunderstorms, especially on saturday. maybe a lingering storm on sunday. then temperatures getting warmer
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we want to let you know about an event at the washington humane society. it's called whiskers and whiskey. lauren with the humane society and -- [ inaudible ] -- join me with more. we have max joining us. >> the most important guest here. >> that's the best thing about this. humans can bring their canines. >> they can. it's included in the cost after ticket. if you go online and purchase your $15 ticket, it include as cocktail and you can bring your pet. we will have adoptable dogs there. however, all of our adoptable animals, we have hundreds looking for a home. they're all on our website.
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>> what else can people expect? we see this wonderful spread here. >> lots of snacks for people and for dogs as well. so we are going to bring our all vegan, no animals in our foods. all of our items are are vegan and vegetarian. we're going to have nachos, quesadillas. we'll also have some of our signature sweets. we'll have our calvin cookies and treats for the dogs. >> it's a bargain at $15 a ticket? >> it is. part of the proceeds go to benefit the washington humane society. it's a good opportunity for us to partner with several businesses in the community, like sticky fingers to just kind of bring awareness to homeless animals and just the fact that people are giving back. >> a portion of the food purchases do go right directly towards -- back to the animals so we're excited to be a part of that. >> when you say you're benefiting the washington humane society, how is the money actually used? what do you do? what do you need at the
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society? >> we oversee everything from animal control to putting animals up for adoption and that includes all the medical care that might be necessary after they walk through our doors. any animal in the district that is homeless ends up with us. and we make sure that we give the care it needs to be made available for adoption. >> with the animals coming, any animal can come, whatever you consider your pet you can bring along? >> i would suggest it needs to be on a leash and, hey, you know, if you have some other pig or something else you want to bring that's at your discretion i guess. >> tell us about some of the things -- you said the quesadillas. what is this? >> nachos. it will be a fun night. we'll have drinks and pop and we wanted to make sure we had fun finger foods. we have fried tofu with house made pickles. we also have our quesadilla which is filled with black beans, nondairy and of course treats. >> that's it.
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max, thank you very much. you've been a very good guest. that's it for wusa9 news at noon. the next news is at 5:00. we're always on at have a great afternoon.
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>> lily: joe? [ cellphone rings ] >> cane: [ sighs ] voicemail. >> lauren: why didn't you leave a message? >> cane: 'cause it's obvious to me she doesn't want to talk to me. that's why. >> lauren: lily is angry, and


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