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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  June 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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explain what's next, scott? he is a road-focused kind of individual, so a lot of folks, they were very anxious that he would put a spike through this $2 billion purple line project. instead today he did give it a go, except with a lot of financial trimming. the state share of the project will be $168 million. a fraction of the original
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proposal, which it could have cost the state close to $700. >> reporter: he is the transportation secretary. >> we have reduced a number of items out of this that are producing a cadillac project and not a chevy project. >> reporter: the trimmed down purple line project at $168 million in state money would still run on the proposed 16- mile alliance inside the beltway and still have 21 stations in links to metro. but they would run less frequently and fewer cars would be purchased. >> i'm very relieved. >> reporter: supporters are relieved. >> and they may make the silver line. why wouldn't they make a purple line? >> it will be very valuable. because you can even drive and still have to ride the train. >> reporter: and so the purple line a go projected to reduce traffic on the beltway to create all kinds of economic opportunities on the alignment inside that beltway. just a huge question this afternoon. it's how much the state is
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going to ask the counties, princegeorges and montgomery to move this thing forward. the governor wouldn't answer the question. saying he is all for this that he could come up with as much as $50 million in additional contributions from the county, and also issued a statement this afternoon. and that he will do what it will take to move this forward and find the money that they will need to build the purple line. if everything stays on the track it is on right now that there is the potential that people could be riding this light rail system between montgomery county and prince george's county by 2021. reporting live in annapolis, scott broom, wusa9. >> he had a little more to say about the purple line. >> to give us an opportunity to further this about the economic
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pipeline in montgomery county and throughout the region and also improve their overall quality of life. and a part of the traffic throughout the region. and i'm very delighted. >> the maryland governor also announced today that nearly $2 billion will be spent on the road projects, including ways to cut down traffic on 270 and upgrades to the beltway in prince george's county to accommodate that proposed headquarters. the judge has decided to remain on the case. now, they are accused of killing hannah graham. peggy fox joins us live from charlottesville with details on why they said that they would not recuse. >> this was the first showdown in the jesse matthew hannah extraham murder case. the first motion, his new capital defenders presented and they lost. the judge denied their request to remove herself.
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they are capital defenders, certified handlers on death penalty cases, which is what this one is. someone in this case, they have their life on the line, the appearance of what must be avoided. he argued that because the judge's daughter was a second year student at uva last year just like murder victim hannah graham and that the daughter attended a hannah graham vigil that the judge should take herself off the case. commonwealth attorney won her argument that the judge should stay. >> the fact that the court may have a child of the same age or the same gender that is also a college student. i think the public expect that judges should be able to set those matters aside. it made me feel like bursting in to tears because i feel like this has gone on for so long. and i really want to get to a place of completion. >> reporter: we've seen them
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before they said that jesse matthew trial of fairfax last week, the mother of morgan, the virginia tech student who was abducted and murdered here in charlottesville back in 2009. now she has talked about the length of this trial that we were seeing coming up. today, jesse matthew was sworn under oath, and waived his right to a speedy trial. now, we know that there will be motions every six week and a trial date set for more than a year away on july 5 of 2016. i'm peggy fox reporting live. i'll have much more coming up at 6:00. >> thank you, peggy. now, last week matthew plead guilty with a plea and the fairfax sex assault. the commonwealth attorney said that decision to plead half way through the case surprised her. she also said she's not opposed to a plea in the hannah graham case. they upheld a key provision
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of president obama's healthcare law. in a 6-3 decision the high court saved the controversial law that republican opponents have been trying to undermine since it was passed in 2010. andrea mccarren is live with reactions to this historic decision. andrea? >> reporter: debra it means they could help them afford insurance. reaction here in washington was strong and swift. a jubilent crowd thrilled the decision. >> this means so much to young people and young people who were never able to get health insurance before. >> the reality is there are people who are now going to be able to continue to accessthey need, get the treatment that their family needs and that feels great. >> the affordable care act is here to stay. >> a major victory for
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president obama. >> we finally declared that in america, healthcare is not a privilege for a few, but a right for all. >> reporter: chief justice john roberts wrote the majority opinion. saying congress passed the affordable care act to improve health insurance markets, not to destroy them. >> just being in the room and having to uphold that history as it is happening. as well as how animated it is in its decent. >> reporter: the ruling prompted fierce reaction from both sides. >> we are opposed to how the supreme court has ruled today. we feel that it is a tragic reversal of the rule of law that they have made a tragic strike against the rule of law. >> this is the second time the court has kept the president's healthcare law alive. republicans quickly blasted the ruling and the republican national committee issued a statement this afternoon, saying if we want to fix our broken healthcare system, we will need to elect a republican
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president. reporting live from the supreme court andrea mccarren wusa9. thanks, andrea. an unarmed black man has died after being shot by baltimore county police. he was killed at 8:00 a.m. officers respond today a domestic situation at 1:00 this morning in owings mills. what they described as a defensive position, and they thought he had a weapon. cops say they have respond today many calls of domestic violence at that same home. police say two of those officers are white and one is black. prince george's county bureau, an internal audit has found that about three out of every ten police car dash cams aren't working right. the department says a part of the problem is a limited budget for repairs and replacement. some of those dash cams are several years old and they don't make the parts for them anymore. the department plans to phase out those older dash cams and replace the aging patrol cars with brand new ones. >> we would likely get, you
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know, approximately 100 new cruisers in 2016, allowing us to phase 100 of those older cars out, getting us close to, if not meeting that 100% goal. >> they began installing the dash cams 15 years ago now. today more than 1,000 of those patrol cars have dash cams. >> christopher barry is heading to jail. the only son has beordered to serve 15 days in jail for violating their probation. just last month pleading guilty to an assault inside the downtown bank that he served his sentence on weekends. he's been ordered to start serving his sentence next friday night. right now montgomery county police are looking for witnesses including an assault turned deadly. 60-year-old bradley combs died in the hospital after being attacked on ridgeline drive in montgomery village june 12. someone beat combs in the head and face while he was walking home at 10:40 that night. police believe there were people there that saw what happened, urging witnesses to give them a call. new information tonight on
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a construction zone crash that killed a worker this morning in laurel. an investigator say the tractor trailer driver of charlotte, north carolina was headed north on i-95 right neither icc. now, he allegedly drove through the construction zone and then crashed in to two work trucks, which killed a worker. police are looking in to this one. a driver fighting for his life after a tanker truck overtuhappened this morning on club hollow road and blocked off several streets in that area. crews have since contained the resulting oil spill. well we are just getting started on wusa9 new hads at 5:00. coming up at 5:30, we'll go inside the mind of a man accused of killing three alexandriaresidents. plus, topper is back with that severe weather that may be headed for our way. a statue vandalized in richmond. funerals began for the victims of last week's deadly
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church shootings. i'm marley hall with the latest coming up.
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mourners are paying their requests to the nine people murdered during the emanuel ame
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church last week. president obama will travel to charleston tomorrow to eulogize one of the victims. marley hall reports from charleston. >> reporter: and through tears, mourners said good-bye. the 70-year-old worked at the -- emanuel ame church in charleston for decades. >> due to the victim of hate who could be a symbol for love. that's where she was in life. >> reporter: not far away, servicing for the 45-year-old, the mother of three and their minister at the church known as the mother of man -- emanuel was laid to rest in her sorority colors. >> any time you have that angel, you have to be happy. >> reporter: they were among nine people killed during the historical black church last wednesday. there will be seven more sad good-byes in the next week. and some people here in the charleston area, they will pay their respects at more than one. >> reporter: some of the victims families and friends
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are now leaning on their faith to heal. >> and that is the key. as they unlock the door. >> reporter: the body of the state senator was returned to his hometown church in richland for the last time. and so friends could pay their respects. >> he grew up to be everything that we thought and knew that he could be. >> reporter: later this evening, a second viewing will take place at emanuel ame church. president obama will eulogize him tomorrow. marley hall, cbs news, charleston, south carolina. cbs news and wusa9 will carry their remarks live. police in richland are trying to figure out who vandalize add statue. the phrase black live matter was discovered on the statue of the confederate president this morning. the vandalism comes one day after the governor said that he did not support a petition to of the confederate figureoms fr their avenue. 400 people have signed that petition so far.
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but before we get to the first alert, we're going to be three degrees. >> we are. you know that there is nothing really bad right there on radar that i would not be doing that. so a tough forecast with the clouds today as we went 84 for the high and we'll let you know what happened tonight at 11:00. right now, a live look outside at 85. and that will be well for us, right? >> yes, it does. winds are out of the south at 9. you u can see that everything is generally green, which is light activity on the doppler 9,000 until the last few frames, then a little bit of yellow popping up. as the storms get closer, i'm afraid some of them could be heavy and severe. and yes the best chance for the severe weather tonight by far and away is well south of town.
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but still, we're going to watch these and those flecks of yellow on frederick. they will zoom in a little more. nothing severe, but just heavier downpours. everything pushing off to the east, southeast at 20 miles an hour. so all of this is going to roll on through the metro area at about 5:28. even in to dc by 6:12. by the time you get to dc it will be 6:12. then they could become a little more intense as we will follow them for you, no worries. the threats, hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes are not out of the question, but we could almost cross that one off. critical times though, now until midnight, so it is not just an evening thing. friday, not a washout. actually you might be able to cut that grass tomorrow and play 18 holes.
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here is the future cast tonight. see what i mean? these pretty big storms, right over town. do you see the reds and the oranges? stretching back west of fredericksburg to put it back in to motion. by 9:00, it will be hammering southern maryland. but you folks are not under the severe thunderstorm watch, still be advised that some of these could be heavy and severe. certainly down across the river in to the northern neck. showers at the light garden variety, pushing finally across the dome to take it before we sound the all clear. 75 tomorrow morning, skies returning partly cloudy. by 11:00 it will be 79 and partly sunny skies. not really a bad day tomorrow. but the yellow alert is all ready for saturday as we did that yesterday and just kind of planned as washout on saturday if you get a couple of hours that's a bonus.
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sunday looks okay. a couple of clouds early and then 82, not bad. the next seven days, very nice near 90. then 92 on tuesday. upper 80s on wednesday. just a few isolated afternoon storms. track metro tonight. the board of directors, they have approved a plan to eliminate the cards, announcing plans on more than 500 vending machines, dispensing the cars instead of paper. they say that the move, they will basically take that agency to position their system for a next generation of electronic program. they use the system and they are also digging a little bit deeper today. starting today, one-way fares went up by $1. going towards expanding the services to help offset the increase of the cheaper mark pass that could be used on weekdays that also went in to effect today. costing $60 and good for five days. why whole foods and their
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high prices may be a criminal. >> we already knew that. plus, why he cannot be saved from the big house off to jail. and shark sighting close off the water to swimmers at the maryland beach. be s
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breaking news out of florida, where they were accused of stealing more than $300,000 and has been caught. he is accused of using a skimming device on atms all across the state, now awaiting for extradition. shark sightings have shut down the waters to swimmers. they uploaded this image late last night. they are all of the same hammer head sharks. the good news for those swimmers if you can call it, generally only attack humans when provoked. >> me too. in tonight's consumer alerts, ending in the negative territory, the nasdaq slid ten points. known in some places maybe
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around here as whole paycheck. now they are accusing whole foods of routinely overcharging customers. the grocer overstates the weight on prepackaged foods like meats, bakeries, overpricing coconut shrimp by as much as $14. whole foods denies the allegations. ford now recalling the redesign 2014 escape for the ninth time. the instrument panel may not work as intended, increasing the risk of a crash as they had previously been recalled for air bags, fuel pumps, and defective door latch problems. and mitsubishi recalling 460,000 cars because the air bag can push the sun visor in to passengers and cause injuries if they crash. the callbacks include certain 2000 to 2005 eclipse, eclipse spiders, chrysler sebring and dodge stratus models. americans throw about $640
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worth of food away each year. the american chemistry council says 79% of people that were polled were upset about the personal financial cost of wasting that food, while a third were concerned about the environmental impact. research shows about 20% of wasted food ends up in landfills. dustin diamond has been ordered to spend the next four months in jail. >> diamond, known as screech from the tv comedy "save by the bell." apparently stabbed someone at a bar fight in milwaukee. he maintained it was an accident on a christmas night and happened while he was trying to protect his girlfriend. nonetheless, diamond was found guilty of carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct. he's suppose to report to jail on sunday. straight ahead yet another contender gets ready to jump in to the 2016 presidential race. plus, a second prison employee, now charged with helping those killers escape. what he's accused of doing. the chilly words
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all right, at this very moment, we are tracking light showers across most of the metro area. everything pushing off to the south and east. they'll be in the district here shortly and fairfax shortly and in to prince george's county. nothing severe just yes. we'll zoom in. once you hit north of the area up 270, you'll have wet roads going home. windshield wipers are on and lights are on. heavier activity, moderate back up here. everything pushing off to the south and east. the good news for us, a severe thunderstorm watch, but far to the south. including our friends in st. mary's county and the northern neck area and points south until midnight. not to say that severe weather knows to stay in that particular area, but that the good news is the biggest threat for the severe weather will be in to southern maryland across the northern neck. we'll come back and tell you what they would do with these
5:30 pm
storms as they would move through tonight. we're not out of the woods by their evening. we'll talk about the weekend with the other system headed for our way. >> thanks, top. we are learning more today about what may have gone on inside the mind of the accused triple murderer. charged with killing three alexandria residents that wrote extensively in the decade of those killings to take place that some of that is coming out in pre-trial hearings. he was in court today for the latest. hank? >> reporter: well debra, the prosecution in the case has thousands of pages of writings, blogs, e-mails, all attributed to him. dating back in decades. those writings were characterized as a manifest to hate. he never reportedly mentions the victims, but writes extensively about utopian elites. >> they were all well known in alexandria and all lived within a few miles of each other. severance lashes out at the judicial system, which denied him custody of his child.
5:31 pm
more on that will come out at the trial. but in one of the pre-trial motions, they have provided a glimpse of what is in his mind, what he was thinking. a month before he was murdered in 2013 and a decade after nancy's murder, writing that he received no satisfaction. and after a revenge killing. murder is good. court justice is bad. and elsewhere a chilling photograph for the people in the neighborhood where all three victims live. introducing murder to the safe and secure neighborhood, that they would do it again and again and again and violence and increased uncertainly among the status quo oppressive elites. chilling, says a neighbor of ron kirby, also a friend of ruth anne lodado. >> the people he ended up killing were really good stewards of the city and the neighborhood. that makes it even worse. >> reporter: he has not been convicted of anything at this point. his defense team wanted all writings that were not dated to be admitted to the trial as the
5:32 pm
judge ruled that the jury could hear about it. >> reporter: and now also today the judge ruled perspective jurors would be told during jury selection, but they would not apply it in this case, set for october and that it could last for six weeks. hank silverburg wusa9. >> thank you, hank. the judge has allocated as much as $50,000 for the defense to conduct their own investigation of the case. while a suspect is in custody tonight after two women were allegedly sexually assaulted and robbed that the call came in about 3:00 this morning and about an attack on the street northwest near the north where they made several calls to dc police, but so far it's the only information that they are releasing. a second prison employee that is now facing charges in connection with that big prison escape. the prison guard out on bail this morning and after being arrested late last night. now, authorities say that he delivered tools, hidden inside frozen meat to those inmates. kenneth craig reports from new
5:33 pm
york. >> jean palmer was lead away late last night. the prison guard willis afternoon on charges connected to the escape of convicted murderers, david sweat and richard matt from the clinton correctional facility in northern new york. palmer's attorney says that the client is cooperating with police and will plead not guilty. >> he's devastated and embarrassed and sorry for the attention that he's getting right now. accused of smuggling in tools, in frozen ground beef. mitchell duked his client in to giving the meat to the inmates. >> mr. palmer did not know that they had conned them in to giving them the contraband to these two individuals. that he burned and buried paintings, receiving after the pair escaped. the authorities, they say that
5:34 pm
the terrain and weather have posed major challenges. >> we'll be relentless. >> reporter: police say that sweat and matt may still be together or they might have split up. >> reporter: as of now he's charged with promoting the contraband and official misconduct. yet another gop candidate is getting ready to announce their presidential run. expected to make it official next tuesday. he is taking a bit of a hit, the grand jury indicted them for intentionally causing the problems in new jersey. the pilot of the u.s. fighter jet crash -- killed in a crash is being identified as an iraqi. the f-16 went down in the desert last night, igniting a brush fire. the pilot had been training in the u.s. for nearly four years. the jet crashed while being
5:35 pm
refueled. the pilot was the only one on board. despite attempts, the obama administration has identified it as a serial abuser of human rights. just days before the nuclear talks are expected to resume. and breaking news from the national cathedral with the debate over the flag that will be hitting very close to home. that two stained glass windows e arr honothem and should now be removed. in those windows, they show that flag as well as general stone wall jackson and robert e. lee, installed back in 1953, but the reverend says that the time has come to now take them out. urging the cathedral governing bodies to remove them. what is that in the water? a submarine? >> yes, it is.
5:36 pm
even from around the world. all right, so now what exactly is that human powered submarine race? well, let them explain. you design it totally, human powered and you go 100 meters. >> and the fastest team, they do win as they also have awards for innovation and design and many contestant wills go on to careers in engineering and the marine scientists. straight ahead, distracted driving, the new research that shows there's a lot more going on inside our cars in just hectic times. the downright creepy reason that one family left their million dollar dream home.
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sc johnson, a family company
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we're starting off with a story in tonight's trending news. the family has left their million dollar home in westfield, new jersey. >> yeah, this is like something one out of the new horror style movies as they've got children. ever since they moved in, some
5:40 pm
mistear -- mysterious person calling themselves the watcher has been sending them letters, the watcher, claiming that the home is in the subject of my family for decades, "i've been put in charge of watching and waiting for the second coming." have they found what's in the walls yet? and i'm pleased to know where are name now and the name of the young blood that you have brought to me. the mayor addressed that issue at a special meeting. >> our police department conducted that exhaustive investigation, based on the circumstances, and the evidence made available. >> well get this, that was nothing. they knew all about the watcher, but they said nothing. coming to a cbs station near you. finding your roots, after
5:41 pm
determining that the episode that would be made to ben afflict, violating their standards. reported that he request that it will be kept off of tv. all to start shooting that fourth season. well, it was six years ago, could you believe it? six years without michael jackson has been blow up on twitter. >> one user writes i cannot believe it's been six years already. the legend never dies. and they write forever that you'll be the king of pop. another tweeter posted this quote from mj, something that he lives by every day. that it is bet to -- better to fail than to succeed in imitation. and there are smart phones, smart watches, now from england comes the idea for? the smart condoms. they came up with the concept that changes color and when it comes to be in contact with a
5:42 pm
sexually transmitted disease orb infection. the students behind the idea won first prize in that competition along with $1,500 and a chance to meet prince andrew. but okay, what does it have to do with each other? >> coming up, one local draft prospect was actually at last night's game as we will talk about why. topper with the latest of the storms stil
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
topper shutt is the watcher when it comes to weather and that is correct. right now it is quiet. with that said you have a wet commute home on i-56. but nothing heavy and nothing severe just yet. a live look outside and the live michael and son weather cam. it is 85. the dew points, they're rising. and so it is getting a little more humid outside. still nothing crazy. the winds are out of the south at 9. and the focus tonight in terms of the heavy weather and the severe storms will be along the frontal boundary, a warm front, which is right now down towards charlottesville. but with that said, getting
5:46 pm
light activity, it'll be a wet ride outside as well. that's about it. it'll be rolling right through the district and eventually in to bowie and mitchellville in about 20 minutes or so, about half an hour or so. just west of germantown. but again the good news, that the atmosphere is now unstable for us. this is all headed towards fairfax and dc and in fact on the storm tracker in to dc by 6:52 in to bowie and probably about 7:32 maybe a little sooner than that actually. we're going to continue for you, the yellow alert tonight where the threats are still hail damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. that you can all cross off of i- 70 at this point, critical
5:47 pm
time, so it is not just an evening event, continuing for midnight. it won't be a wash out, but you'll take advantage of that as it looks like saturday could be a washout. 8:00 tonight, future cast is very true on producing a heavy cell over on top of dc at 8:00. you'll see the reds and the yellows there and the oranges. we are still going to watch these second system as they will be rolling on through. temps, upper 70s to the 80s. then by 9:00, you can certainly see the heavier storms, the magenta south of fredericksburg, where the severe thunderstorm watch has been posted. but even with that said, pretty dark reds with the big time storms over towards la platta and st. mary's county. this is 9:00, big storms that are still possible on the east side of 95. and then by 11:00, some light showers along i-95, all the heavier activity is finally moving across the bay in to the delmarva. then in to tomorrow morning, some leftover clouds, but notice that it is generally dry
5:48 pm
with temperatures in the upper 60s and the lower 70s. not bad. temperatures in the mid-70s with them trying to become partly sunny by 1:00 and temps by 1:00 and about 80 degrees. tomorrow is not bad. a couple of isolated showers tomorrow. nothing severe. and again that i would try to take advantage of that as saturday does not look good. day planner, 72 at 7:00, and upper 70s with partly sunny skies by 1:00 p.m. there's your yellow alert for saturday. showers and storms all day, cleaning up quite a bit. morning clouds, maybe a shower, lower 80s. and the next seven days, monday night, near 90 with isolated storms. upper 80s on wednesday near 90 on thursday and all with just a few isolated afternoon storms. ignoring warnings about the risk of distracted driving behind the wheel.
5:49 pm
the safety administration says that distracted driving costs 3,100 deaths in 2013. they show that the problem goes far beyond texting. reporting from washington heights. >> reporter: as many as one in ten drivers, 10% could be doing this. video chats on their drive home according to a survey. by at&t. the same survey found 61% admitted to texting and driving. a third checked their e-mail behind the wheel, and 17% admitted to taking a steering wheel selfie. and despite the widespread understanding of the dangers of distracted driving, we're doing it anyway. 22% surveyed accessing the social network while driving gave addiction as the reason. >> in essence it is a drug or what i call a digital drug. >> reporter: dr. david greenfield founded the center for the internet and technology addiction at university of connecticut. >> and this is thcircuitry.
5:50 pm
>> there are apps that have been made available, but they struggled to catch on. one australian company has a different solution. its developing a steering wheel mounted device, tracking your eye movement, triggering an alert when the person behind the wheel shows signs of distraction or being drowsy. if you're dialing your phone, you're about three times more likely to crash. if you're texting and driving, that's up to 23 times more likely. >> and the other finding of the survey, 30% of the drivers who admit to checking twitter behind the wheel were doing it all the time. and despite the fact that 46 states prohibited texting and driving. well, looking for the inexpensive airfare to the caribbean, here is your chance. low cost airline norwegian air is launching nights between baltimore and the islands of
5:51 pm
guadeloupe. fares are $79 one way. >> yeah. >> the airline will also offer similar flights from new york and from boston. hundreds of people in los angeles county are back in their homes tonight after being forced out by some raging wildfires. look at those blazes. well tonight firefighters say that they've got the 380-acre fire. one woman said she was so scared she couldn't even cry. the cause of the fire is still under investigation tonight. the washington nationals are slowly plucking people off the disabled list. ryan zimmermann is slowly adding. giving them the day off to rest up. however, they're available off the bench if needed today. nats starter entering the game with a scoreless streak of 34
5:52 pm
1/3 inning, adding to that today. throwing five franchise records of 39 1/3 scoreless inning. ian desmond seems to be breaking off of his slump last night. today, a two-run shot to give the nats the lead. right now it is 6-0 nats in the sixth. the nationals had some fun last night hosting the college rivalry night at the pack. the university of virginia and virginia tech fans and alumni dawned their school colors, while cheering on the curly ws. on hand to get them started is justin anderson, there to throw out the first pitch as he actually asked the wizards john wall for advice. and probably not the best person, considering his infamous blender on the mound, but all worked out just fine. check it out as he made it across the plate, no problem and in to the fellow ua alum. touring the country, touring out for the nba teams,
5:53 pm
including the wizards, where tonight he'll learn his faith during the draft. >> and this is a dream of mine as i just remember growing up, shooting right in front of my house and all of that is starting to come for something. i'm blessed and fortunate. and sitting here with open hands and waiting for whatever, wanting them to call my name. >> from l.a. to dc, he's been everywhere, considered a late round pick by most people. and wizards, of course, with the 19th side. but he might be the sleeper in tonight's nba draft. >> somebody that they might be looking at. >> he could be if he is a small forward and that he could possess some of the qualities that they will need to fill out the roster. we'll see what happens as they would all start tonight at 7:00. of course, the virginia cavaliers, they already have plenty to celebrate. their baseball team won the national championship title last night and the first in school history. we'll have more on that coming up in sports. and also coming up new at 6:00, the maryland governor, they would have potentially positive news about their battle with cancer. but coming up next.
5:54 pm
>> the drought is drying up their largest lake. and the officials, they fear that they could create a health crisis. i'm chris martinez. i'll explain
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
if that thing dries up, it could have catastrophic consequences. >> water once covered this vast desert, which stretches for
5:57 pm
miles on the south shore of the scene, in imperial county, california. >> they have proceeded out and about at this point. >> reporter: during the drought the runoff has dried up. the environmental professor timothy grant says that has been left behind with dirt filled with arsenic, pesticides, and other dangerous chemicals. >> these chemicals are so fine that once they become airborne that they could travel over eporter: they warn that the toxic dust could create the air quality disaster, threatening the health of millions in the southwest. many living in the area say that the dust is already making them sick. >> there have been a lot of respiratory issues that people have runny noses and coughing. >> you get this dust that will come up and that they will kind of float away. >> reporter: environmental expert said that the entire eco system is in jeopardy. >> and it could potentially pose a threat to health. they could pose a health to crops with the dust going on top of the crops. >> reporter: and more than 100 years ago, after the colorado
5:58 pm
river breached the canal wall that it was once a popular tourist destination and it has become a critical habitat to hundreds of species of birds. but without the end to the drought that this one is thriving their habitat that is slowly dying. chris martinez, cbs news, imperial county, california. >> and the water agencies have been reflownishing the lakes with the lingering drought, making the water so scarce that they would plan to stop that in two years. and a yellow alert is going to continue, why? because they could become heavy as they move right through the metro area at 8:30. we'll track it hour by hour for you and to give you an idea over the weekend as well. the purple line will get a green light for maryland's governor, but only if the costs are there. i'm scott broom in annapolis. reaction to the governor's transportation announcement today. we could be in for the nasty weather tonight. topper says that the good chance that they could see hail and damaging winds before it is all said and done. thanks for being here, i'm
5:59 pm
derek mcginty. >> and i'm debra alfarone. doppler has doppler 900 that could show you your evening. >> reporter: all the severe weather for the time being is south of us. the bad news, this will impact your ride home no doubt. pretty much wet roads up 270 and up 95 as well. we'll zoom in a little bit and get towards rockville and germantown. we'll zoom in a little bit more. everything pushing off to the south and the east as these showers are benign, intensifying over the next couple of hours. that's why we're concerned about them. but just a little activity, and in poolesville. certainly enough to slow you down. and that we would have that anyway. the severe thunderstorm watch, the threat that we would agree with it. and over in to the northern neck, technically it does
6:00 pm
include st. mary's county until midnight. not to say that we cannot have the severe weather outside of this, but that this will show you and i think that it will be a pretty, i agree with it. that most of the severe weather will be south of us tonight. we'll keep an eye on it for you. it's not an evening thing either, that it could be severe by 10:00 to 11:00 until midnight. and in fact that the future cast is on developing pretty heavy storms. maybe not severe, but the heavy storms, right around dc on the future cast. you'll see the yellows and oranges, and so the ones right now that are just kind of benign and green that they could develop in to a heavier line as we would get in to the 8:00 to 9:00 hour and that could really hammer you folks in to southern maryland by 9:00. we'll come back and finish tracking those hour by hour. we'll also look ahead to your weekend and have your three- degree guarantee. >> thank you, top. the judge in the jesse matthew and hannah graham murder case will stay on


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