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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 7am  CBS  June 28, 2015 7:00am-8:31am EDT

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did a tornado touchdown in maryland. trees uprooted, roofs ripped off. a big mess. we will take you to st. mary's county to check out the damage. a mother and daughter are dead electrocuted after an overworked sump pump electrifys the water in the basement. after a crushing blow with the torrential rain and severe weather, today is looking like a great day, especially this afternoon. thank you for waking up with us. we will get a huge sigh of relief. >> we are clearing outs the remaining areas of flooding, we
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still have a couple of areas with flood warnings. i did want to get to that first. we have a flood warning in effect for montgomery county and prince georges county, taking a look on the map. they are very minimal. sit a flood at seneca creek, dawsonville, the one in montgomery county. see the green box just to the south of gaithersburg and a flood warning in effect in prince georges county and water street is completely covered in water. you cannot access its and that is for east central prince georges county, up ore marboro and that will continue until 12:30 this afternoon. we will see no additional rain today, just a few pop up clouds this afternoon. an awfully breezy one. 79 degrees at 1:00. the winds at 15 miles per hour, they will gust over 20 miles per hour, throughout the day
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today. 81 degrees at 4:00. now it's cooler than it has been, 61 frederick. the breeze will make it feel cooler than that. lingering areas of fog will clear it out. northern shenandoah, quarter mile visibility. we clear that out quickly. i will track them for you with the wind gust tracker coming up in the seven-day forecast. a day of cleaning up after that yesterday. the wild storms that blew through our entire region yesterday in st. maries county, houses damaged, trees uprooted. power cut off. the national weather vis is expected to visit the area to determine if it was a tornados that occurred. cameron will join us in the next half hour live from st. mary's county. >> looks like that's tornado damage. and repots of a tornado that may have touched down in
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charles county. emergency services report that several trees were knocked down, some hit homes. among the areas hardest hit, cob island to newburg. no reports of any serious injuries. a 29-year-old mother and her 4-year-old died after electrocuted outside their flooded basement. it happened in a stairwell on connecticut avenue in the chevy chase neighborhood. this was around 4:30 in the afternoon, the basement was in undated with water and became electrified. >> the floor was saturated in the basement, it's carpet and went to an outdoor entranceway, that was full of waters there was a drape, the such pump was being operated in the area. >> a firefighter attempting to rescue the pair was shocked and expected to recover. a tree slammed in to a
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house. it trapped the homeowner in the bedroom. investigators are working to determine if rain flaid a role in a crash in -- played a role in a crash in gaithersburg. investigators say it was a toyota mini van heading north, when it slammed in to a toyota camry headed west. the driver was killed, her name is not being released. police are continuing to search for a vehicle involved in a fatal hit and run friday night, 56 year old donna holiday clark of forestville was killed while she was riding her bike in capital heights. police suspect the vehicle was drag racing. the car is believed to be black or dark colored, possibly a dodge charger. it is likely to have front end damage. if you have information, call police. police looking for the person responsible for a shooting in northeast dc. late friday, police were called to the block of round street, that is where they found kevin
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cortez johnson with gunshot wounds, he died at the hospital later. for a second time in two days, a shack attack has been re -- a shark attack has been reported, a 17-year-old boy was bitten on the town of waves. the teenager had been swimming with several other people at the time of attack and bit p on his right calf, buttocks and both hands. police in new york state believe they are closing in on david sweat, the convicted murder has been on the loose for 3 weeks, on friday, police shot and killed his partner. police have set up a 22 square mile perimeter in malone new york to find the fugitive. sweat and mat escaped. the national capital barbecue battle continues today. if you missed it because of the rain, today is your day to
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taste the best barbecue in the area, 11:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on pennsylvania avenue. still ahead, planning the summer vacation on budget. keeping the keeping keeping the costs down. details on a website that could help you stay away from becoming a victim. more victims of the charlston church shooting are laid to rest as the congregation continues to celebrate the lives of those who are gunned down at a prayer meeting. beautiful day heading your way. a huge improvement from what we had yesterday. a good amount of sunshine , the breezes pick up, that shouldn't keep you away from outdoor activities including the warrior game which is are wrapping up today,, they will be doing the final events and having the award ceremony at 5:00. it is going to be breezy. 15 miles an hour winds gusting over 20 miles an hour. a nice comfortable high of 80
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degrees and lowering humidity can't beat that, another great day ahead on monday. i will tell you about that coming up
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shout out this morning. 3.5 inches of rain in buoy. a nice relief today. >> most of us picked up an inch and most of the beltway area, picked up more than 2 inches of rain. we have to clear out all that rainfall now, as i mentioned at the beginning of the show, there is minor flooding on a couple of our area creeks, so if you live close to a creek or stream, be caution as you are heading out the door, you might encounter a flooded roadway. turn around and find a different route if you find a road covered in water.
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no rain falling today. we will keep the sunshine with us for the morning and heading in to the afternoon, a few of the pop up popcorn looking clouds will develop, cold air aloft, that's going to lead to tin stability for the little cumulus clouds. it's going to be breezy this afternoon. compared to yesterday, this is going to be a wonderful change, get out, nothing to cancel. 76 at noon. 79 at 5:00, that's going to drop down from the high temperature of 82 degrees which will reach at 3:00 p.m. 68 degrees, winds are light west, that's going to change, the dew point is 62, a little bit of noticeable humidity,ist not bad out there. when the dew point gets over 70, which is common, we are feeling it. 65 wall dor waldorf and andrews. 64 in culpepper. low 60s, we have drier air on the approach, the dew point is
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55 now in cumberland. satellite and radar, a wide view, our next approaching system, this going the take a while to arrive. this isn't going to swing through until tuesday. we will enjoy the drying conditions. see this system looks like a spring time nor'easter, and that's what i was describing it as yesterday. like a nor'easter but in late june. that's the way it felt at times yesterday. that's the way we are going to recover today. it's going to be breezy, but going to be dry with a high of 82. monday 86 and sunshine and lighter winds. few storms on tuesday with a high of 88 degrees. we return to a summer like pattern but no sweltering heat and humidity, the first alert seven-day forecast, isolated storm on wednesday, a better chance on thursday, the holiday weekend right now looking at a few pop up thunderstorms. three more funerals this weekend for the victims of the charlston church shooting. on saturday a service was held
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for cynthia heard, remembered as a tireless public servant. suzie jackson and sanders were also laid to rest. two people were arrested for removing the confederate flag on the south carolina state house grounds. that is bree acknowledging they were going to arrest her, she was fine with that after she climbed a 30-foot flag pole. a man was also arrested. still to come, push button pizza? oh, yeah, easy as one button, we will show you that plus what you need to know to make sure you don't fall victim to identity theft. details are coming
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we are getting off to a comfortable start. 63 winchester, 61 leaseburg and frederick. 68 downtown washington. the breeze west is going to make things feel more comfortable and we are going to see that humidity continue to lower. yesterday we had all that rainfall, we won't see a drop of rain today. the only thing that's going to be a concern today is going to be the breeze. up to 75 winchester. 74 martinsburg. the cold pull of air, will make things cooler in the mountainous areas to the west. we are going to get to the 70s,
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to low 80s throughout the areas closer to the bay. 78 at andrews. 82 downtown washington. we will reach a high of 80 fredericksburg. 76 gaithersburg. trying to do a sum i vacation on a tight budget? you can plan something for under a grand. >> reporter: look for cheap flights or something you can drive to as a first step to safe. consider camping, maybe heads for the midwest, even house swap to keep your costs down. get creative or consider a staycation to stretch those doctors further. leslie foster, wusa 9. aaa folksthe most since 2007, almost 1% increase from the 41.6 million who traveled last year. the holiday travel period is defined as wednesday, july
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1st, through sunday july 5th. accra recalling 100,000 suvs because of an air- conditioning pully, prone to loosen and break creating a hazard for other motorists. it can be fixed for free at the dealership. push button pizza , the latest internet innovation. this is a smart button, connected to the internet, letting people order everything from a car for transportation, request a package for delivery, one of the first companys to use the technology is something called telepizza, you can order a pizza by clicking the button. every year, millions of americans have their identity stolen. the government started a website helping victims alleviate the damage. >> these are fraudulent
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charges, two cars purchased in my name. >> reporter: ann says figuring out what to do next was just as hard. these are the laters i'm writing. >> reporter: the nurse is one of an estimated 16 million americans who fall victim to identity theft every year, ken of the trade commission says, once they get over the shock, they should get busy. >> longer that you wait the more damage can be done. >> reporter: most people have no idea where to start. enter identity theft .gov, a tool that provides a step by step plan sample letters and links. step one, call the companies where the frauds occurred and create an identity theft affidavit and file a police report. >> you have federal rights for example you follow the right steps. >> reporter: among them, you won't be held responsible for any charges made in your name
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and credit reporting agencies must remove fraudulent information. even with this new tool, recovering is a process that takes time and patience. >> it's going to take a long time to clean up this mess. >> reporter: victims need all identity theft .gov has information on what to do if your personal information has been compromised in a data breach as well. we are just getting started, you are taking a live look at the damage from yesterday's storms in st. mary's county. houses were damaged. trees uprooted. power lines cut after what seems to be a tornado touching down there, the national weather service is expected to visit the area. a 29 year old mother and her 4 year old daughter died, after they were electrocuted outside their flooded maryland basement. an electrocution happened outside the home in the 8800
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block of connecticut avenue, that's the chevy chase neighborhood of montgomery county. a swim ser in critical condition, after another shark attack in north carolina, he was swimming with friends in the town of wave at the time. police are closing in on david sweat, the latest on the search for a convicted killer, we will head to up state new york in our second half hour.
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let's check out what is caught on camera. >> we will start with a fun summer tradition in spain that went awry when a bonfire exploded, too much fuel, see the bonfire was surrounded by a crowd of onlookers including children. 6 people were injured. no one was seriously hurt. check out this mom frantically running after her car as it is being stolen, her two kids are inside. a 10 year old and a 2 year old. they rolled out of the moving car, thankfully, both of them are fine.
7:24 am
they are happy to be reunited with their family. everyone, even a little girl can save the day. caught on camera this morning, the annual dock dogs competition in maine. we are seeing fido putting his jumping skills to the test. the winner is determined by the longest jump in to the pool below. sounds like a great way to cool off. >> can i watch that competition all day long. coolest thing. >> they are so cute. >> what do you think has been buzzing on facebook? . >> here are the top trending storys on the facebook page this week. anesthesiologist has to pay a man $500,000 after caught mocking the patient while he was sedated. you are in my house, that's what president obama told a woman who interruptd him during a reception for lgbt
7:25 am
pride month. and next up, kfc in the clear after a customer claimed he found a fried rat in his meal. it was just an oddly shaped piece of chicken. and do you see michael jackson doing the moon walk? it was taken during storms in virginia this week, tough to see. let us know if you see the king of pop in the clouds. check out other trending stories by heading to our facebook page. one of my friends said if you have to circumstance it will area where you are -- circumstance it circle the area where you are seeing the moon walk, it's not that clear. coming up, gunfire rings out at a gay pride parade.
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closing in, will police be able to capture a second convicted killer who escaped from a new york state prison. gay pride sell prating the supreme court. -- celebrating the supreme court's marriage decision. >> a huge improvement after the soggy and stormy saturday. beautiful sunshine, lower humidity and comfortable temperatures in the fist alert seven-day forecast. thank you -- fist alert seven- day forecast. >> huge improvement. some folks cleaning up from storm damage we got yesterday and we are looking at the flood
7:30 am
waters to reseed in a couple of spots. there are two creeks, a creek inundated with waters we have minor flooding and that won't reseed until we get to the early afternoon hours. we are looking at that breezy sunshine, low humidity today and comfortable temperatures, we will see clouds develop in the afternoon. some of the pop up clouds that form in the mid level of the atmosphere. nothing that's going to bring us rain. 79 at 1:00. 81 at 4:00. dropping down from a high of 82, reaching at 3:00, we will be down to 77 by 7:00. now it is 61 in frederick. 64 orange. 66 in lore ray. lots of low to mid-60s at the moment. on satellite and radar, see the storm system pulled i way and turning breezy on the backside. it look likes the systems we get in the spring, one of the nor'easters with the comma
7:31 am
shape. the breezes along with the heavy rainfall. this is going to get out of here and monday, looks better than today. if this is your week of vacation, you are in luck, it's going to start on a nice note. details coming up, mike, back to you. more than a thousand police officers are part of the man hunt for david sweat in up state new york, police shot and killed his partner 30 miles from the clinton correctional facility on friday. >> reporter: police set up a 22 square mile paremeter to find the lone fugitive david sweat. it's about 30 miles from the maximum security prison, where sweat and richard mat escaped three weeks ago. richard mat's life on the run came to a deadly end friday. police cornered him after a camper reported shots being fired at a vehicle in the area. mat was found near a cabin, the owner said his nephew called
7:32 am
police after he noticed something amiss. >> he heard the shots in the woods when they were after him. >> reporter: law enforcement officials say mat was armed and refused to surrender. police believe they are closing in on sweat, they say he is now alone, desperate and could leading to his capture. residents are concerned for their safety. >> we never lock our doors or windows, now we have to. >> reporter: there have been no actual sightings of sweat but authorities have a hunch she somewhere cold and alone in these woods. police say sweat is armed and dangerous, according to professional survivalists he has to be running out of energy and his ability to keep moving. 29 year old mother and her 4-year-old daughter died after they were electrocuted outside of their flooded maryland basement. the electrocution happened in the stairwell outside of the home, in the 8800 block of connecticut avenue in chevy
7:33 am
chase montgomery county. it happened around 4:30 on saturday afternoon , the basement was inundated with water which became electrified. depending on where you are waking up, you are going to hear chain saws. a lot of residents around the area are out assessing the damage now that it's light out cleaning up the mess after the powerful storms that blew through yesterday. >> it was bad to the south and west of the beltway, some of us saw torrential rainfall, that includes me. other parts of the region are reporting possible tornados. the national weather service can confirm the twister has touched down but our cameron is finding damage in southern maryland. >> reporter: good morning, we are in st. mary's county, 50 miles southeast of the district. just a mile around us is where most of the damage is we found. you can see, there is a barn that has been destroyed on the property, two barns on the
7:34 am
property were destroyed across the road, two other barns knocked down by the winds as well. see on the field, pieces of the barn have been scattered, 300, 400 yards across the fields here in total, the 7th district fire department says 13 buildings were damaged in the area, three home, the rest barns, garages, and outbuildings. we have seen 100-foot trees snapped in half or just uprooted laying across the roadway. thankfully, they are saying nobody was injured. the fire department, 5- 7 hours, going door to door. i talked to the homeowner for the farm, he said he tried to beat the storm home, got in, in his truck with his dogs. the wind pushed his door closed. he couldn't get out. he had to sit it out for 15 minutes before he had a chance to run in to his home and wait out the rest of the storm. now comes clean up time and waiting for the weather service
7:35 am
to determine if a tornado tore through here. cameron tampson, wusa 9. traffic is moving along the parkway, northwest dc again. the different story after part of a tree land odd didn't roadway. -- landed on the roadway. crews removed the limbs, no one was hurt. we are hoping to learn about a drowning drowning in frederick county maryland. one person was found in the water in the dam yesterday. that's in new market. 9 pete were in a boat when it went over the dam. the 9th person pronounced dead. we are learning about the fa err and daughter killed when their site seeing plane crashed in alaska. 35 year old hugo and glenda died the crash. glenda was a social worker in montgomery county maryland. they were among 9 people killed when the plane went down thursday, the group had been on a cruise and that was an ex
7:36 am
ciewrgs. an excursion.
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, lots of sunshine for the next three days. highs in the low 80s today and tomorrow. reaching in to the mid-80s on tuesday. maybe isolated storm on tuesday. we will see the same chance for storms on tuesday in the metro area.
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7:41 am
none of those clouds will bring us a drop of rain. it's going to be breezy from time to time, the winds gusting west at 20 miles per hour. 76 at noon, 79 degrees at 5:00 p.m. that's dropping down from the high temperature of 82, which will reach at 3:00 p.m. now, it is 63 chevy chase, 66 waldorf. you will have to clean up from yesterday's storm damage. everything is pulling away, and the little bit of rain that'slingerring in western pennsylvania, that's not going to make it down here, across the appalachians, that down sloping wind, the west wind is going to dry out the atmosphere and get the humidity lower again, it's going to remain breezy detail. those breezes pull away and monday starts out with a good amount of sunshine, we will see the humidity cranking up a little bit as we head in to
7:42 am
tuesday. monday is still just a gorgeous day, see another system approaching. it is moving through the upper plains. that's going to bring us a chance for showers and thunderstorms on tuesday afternoon. for today, we are looking good, breezy, a high of 82 degrees, a few of the clouds developing in the afternoon. cool side tonight. dropping down to 62 downtown. we are drop it in the mid-50s in the outlying suburbs. monday a warmer day, high of 86. a good amount of sunshine. tuesday the heat and humidity come back. a few thunderstorms possible. high of 88 degrees. still don't have sweltering heat and humidity in the forecast, isolated thunderstorm is possible on wednesday, most of the day is dry with a high near 90. 86 on thursday. a better chance for showers and storms on thursday and friday. high temperatures remain in the
7:43 am
80s as we head in to the holiday weekend, we will see the summer like feel coming back. the 4th of july forecast, mostly dry but i can't rule out isolated storm with a high of 90 degrees. three more funerals this weekend for the victims of the charlston church shooting. a service was held for 54 year old cynthia herd, remembered as a tireless public servant. jackson and 26 year old sanders were also laid to rest. two people arrested for removing a confederate flag on the south carolina state house grounds. see knewsome after she is headed down. she climbed up the 30-foot pole, came down, there was a 30 year old man there, too. he was also arrested for helping her. she fully knew she was going to get arrested. tense moments a at gay pride event after shots were fired
7:44 am
there. san francisco police say the shooting came after a fight broke out between a group of men who wore not participating in the pride event. a vendor was hit in the arm. 6 people including the gunman have been arrested. police believe this shooting could possibly be gang related. pride celebrations across the country cheering the supreme court same sex decision on friday. saturday gay pride parades were held in serve cities including san francisco, new york city and houston. many who took part said the timing of the events perfect when the supreme court ruling friday came down allowing same- sex marriage nationwide. >> i cried. i thought of all the people who weren't able to get married or died for our rights, it was a phenomenal day. >> gay pride events were held in several citys across america. the 2015 smithsonian forecast like festival
7:45 am
continues today. between 11 and 5:30 p.m. this year's theme, peru, focusing on one of the diverse countries in the entire world. coming up this morning, we will take to a rally in support of the confederate flag. and violent crash in an indy car race. it's time to look at pet pics 9. send us our pet pics, use pet pics 9. we are starting off with a picture from nick, in honor of last night's emmy award winners. mere is emmy the cat. >> nicky, a bird, a plane, super kd. a picture from charlie, bear needs a pair of braces. maybe. it's a nice smile. stay with us, we'll be
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wanted to give you a wrap up of the storm damage that we saw yesterday. we are taking a live look in st. mary's counties at possible tornado damage. based on my experience, this looks like tornado damage to me. usually you will see it lying
7:49 am
in a heap or things look twisted around. straight line wind damageet gets flat ped in one direction -- flattened in one direction. we had heavy rainfall. some roadways are still covered in waters we have two creeks that are still slightly flooded. we are looking at minor flooding in prince georges. this is a estimate. the areas in purple received between 2-3 inches of rain. that includes the district. much of the beltway, also in southern maryland, very heavy rainfall, over a very large area. we had all these storm reports and every little circle that has a tree on -- that looks like a tree on top of the house, that's damage. extensive tree damage in the area, this is the area which was most likely to have seen a touchdown of a tornado, during
7:50 am
yesterday evening's storms. today we are done with it on the backside of this same storm system. it's going the get breezy in the afternoon and gorgeous. partly sunny, highs in the low 80s. winds west, 10- 20 miles per hour. it's a wonderful, just gorgeous change from the weather we had yesterday. we were not the only ones to get wild weather this weekend. whipping winds and waves on lake erie along with rains, left flooded roads and yards and basements in northeast ohio. the second storm in the buckeye state this week. >> reporter: you are still cleaning up from the last one. it's been trying all week long. >> there was so much rain that under grounds pumping stations failed as well. three sink holes opened up, 10- 20 feet in diameter and 15 feet
7:51 am
deep. knowing your family's cancer history, more on that and the details on a police and firefighter's games in fairfax county. >> good morning, how much do you know about the history of cancer in your family? what is your history week runs through june 30th and encourages everyone to be proactive. local nonprofit, chris for life colon cancer foundation and maria genetics are launching the tool. guides people through an assessment to determine if heredity cancer testing is appropriate for them. the world police and fire games is in full swing through july 5th. the best active and retired law enforcement fire are competing here in fairfax county and open to the public. 12,000 athletes, 70 countries and 61 sports covered in the events. fairfax is set to host upwards
7:52 am
of 15,000 attendees. a violent crash during the final lap of a indy race. brisco's car went airborne and did a barrel roll he did not have serious injuries. the car, not the same. nhl drafted the first ever chinese player. they chose the first chinese player ever to be selected in the draft. he is a defenseman who started playing hockey in beijing. good morning, we got a very busy day, baseball, because of what happened on saturday with all that rain. the nationals and the orioles games, postponed, rained out.
7:53 am
steven straussburg starts this afternoon for the nationals 105 from philadelphia. they won 7 straight, could end up the weekend with 9-game winning streak. orioles, cleveland playing a double header at camden yards. are you in the mood for a burger? leave the ketchup and mustard at home. >> alexandria del ray is home to holy cow, a place where aburg ser treated as a -- burger is treated as blank canvas. on this grill and griddle, burger building is an art form. the chef, the artist. >> the goal is to wow them a little bit. >> reporter: to find the wow factor, they uncovered a dozen unique combos, making the cut as the signature burgers. >> this is the holy pig.
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7:55 am
young child electrocuted during the storms yesterday and lightning was not the cause. more on that coming up. and a look at storm damage across the region after yesterday's wild weather st. mary's county. one of those places. >> reporter: big improvement today. we have lots of sunshine now. a few clouds will fill in this afternoon, it is going to be breezy. just delightful. it's going to be a great week at the beach, i can guarantee you that, tons of sunshine for the next few days. high temperatures in the low to mid-80s. maybe isolated storm at bethany on tuesday, besides that, that, it will be high and dry.
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thank you for waking up with us. i got to toot my own horn, i nailed it yesterday. the heavy torrential rain. that's where the storm damage
8:00 am
has been assessed. listen to your meteorologist. >> couple of tornados, couple of weak tornados, i thought were a possibility, that's most likely what we had in st. mary's county. a gorgeous turnarounds here with the sunrise, making for a beautiful pleasant start, a few high clouds out there. high temperatures today in the low 80s. 79 degrees at 1:00. a few pop up clouds starting to develop at that point. the winds are going the be gusty today out of the west at 15 miles per hour at times, gusting over 20 miles per hour. compared to yesterday, it's going to be wonderful, we will see low humidity today as well. nows it is 63 frederick. up to 70 downtown washington, but feels pleasant out there, humidity is not going to be an sh shoe today either. 70 fredericks bug as well. you can see the storm system pulling away, all the rain we got in the afternoon and
8:01 am
evening, is now gone, we are going to stay dry for next couple of days. we will talk about the next chance for rain coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. we mentioned southern maryland, i saw downed limbs in northwest dc. you are going to be hearing chain saws because of the clean up is what happening today. the storms blew through the area yesterday, power lines in a lot of places. >> whale many of us had the torrential rainfall, there were tornados as well and our cameron is finding a lot of damage this morning, what do you have for us now? >> reporter: behind me is as bad as you are going to find it here. we are 50 miles southeast of dc. this is a barn that was knocked down during the storm. you can see pieces of it strown, 3 or 400 yards across the field. this one of two barns destroyed on the property across the way,
8:02 am
there is a barn that you don't see the walls. the roof in tact but the walls are gone. two roads barns destroyed. 13 buildings damaged during the storm. three of them were home, the rest barns or garages or other outbuildings and 75 trees knocked down. neighbors are saying 100-foot oaks and spruces gnarled, knocked down, uprootedded and twists in ways they can't imagine. this is a suspected tornado, that's what the fire department is saying. they passed along the information to the national weather service. they will determine if a tornados touched down here. despite the damage, a mile radius, no one was injured during the storm. that's the victory here. sunshine now. maryland family is mourning the loss of a mother and a
8:03 am
daughter, electrocuted outside of their flooded basement yesterday during the storms, this happened in a stairwell outside of the home on the 8800 block of connecticut avenue, that's in the chevy chase neighborhood of montgomery county. 29 year old mom and her 4 year old daughter died after this incidents. the basement was inundated with water and some how that water became electrified. >> the floor was saturated. it went to an outdoor entrance way, full of water. there was a drain, and the sump pump was being operated. >> a fire attempting to rescue the pair was shocked. he is expected to be just fine. >> national weather service is working to find out if a tornado touched down. several trees were knocked down, some of them hitting homes. among the areas hardest hit, cob island the newburg. no reports of serious injuries. scary moments a at home in
8:04 am
wheatton on saturday afternoon, a tree slammed in to their house. the tree trapped the homeowner in their bedroom. firefighters were able to free that person and no one was injured, as you can see, the home was heavily damaged. investigators are working to determine if rain played a role in a deadly crash in gaithersburg. this was on shady grove at epsilon. a mini van was headed north on shady grove when it slammed in to a camry headed west. the female driver was killed, her name is not being released. police are looking far person responsible for a fatal shooting in northeast dc late friday. police were called to the 1200 block of rounds street. the victim identified as kevin cortez johnson and died later at the hospital. we have a missing child alert this morning. virginia state police say
8:05 am
hailey cheyenne wilson of tennessee is believed to be in the common wealth. last seen in the company of this man on the right hand side, she is 41 years years old. the vehicle they were in was recovered in grayson county, virginia, police believe the two are now on foot. >> for a second time in 2 years, a shark attack has been reported on the beach in outer banks of north carolina. it was a 17 year old boy bit bitten. he was flown to the hospital in critical condition. investigators say the teenager had been swimming with several other people when the attack happened. he suffered injuries to his calf, backside and both hands. police in new york believe they are closing in on david sweat, the convicted murderer has been on the loose for three
8:06 am
weeks. police set up a 22 square mile perimeter. they are trying to find the lone fugitive. it's 30 miles from the maximum security prison, where sweat and richard had escaped. two people arrested after one of them removed the confederate flag outside the south carolina state house. see there on the pole, that's bree. when she got to the bottom, she acknowledged she knew she was going to be arrested and climbed 30 feet up the pole to get the flag. there was a man on the ground who helped her. both arrested. to the other sides of the flag, hundreds often people in alabama, south carolina gathered to protest the removal of the stars and barsm the grounds of capital buildings following the recent mass shooting at the charlston church. 50 flag defenders rallied at the south carolina state house in columbia. three funerals held for r the victims of the church
8:07 am
shooting. heard is being remembered a as tireless public servant. suzie jackson and 26 year d ol sanders were also laid to rest. if you are just waking up, happening today, the would police and fire games continue, events will be held between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. across fairfax county. map metro is increasing service on the silver and orange lines. the local students are learning to reach for the skies when it comes to their work the classroom. you won't believe this report. a relaxing holiday turns in to a bloody nightmare. we will hear from one of the
8:08 am
tourists who had a brush with death. mike, the world police fire games happening this weekend, and we also have the warrior games wrapping up this weekend, quanco, virginia, a beautiful day, i'm sure that lots of the it will games yesterday did not take place as well because of the torrential rain. breezy today, it's going to be great, 80 degrees at 3:00. 79 at 5:00. this summer take flight, without having to take a flight. because all the thrills you need are right here at busch gardens, and water country usa. in williamsburg, va. like the daring new coaster tempesto. so ride together
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no more rain. one of the things we need to be concerned about is left leftover rain. >> flood warnings. those are for creeks, one of the creeks water road in prince georges county. covered with water. happily named. that's a result of yesterday's very heavy rainfall, some areas picked up more than 3 inches yesterday. i told you yesterday, that's what was going to happen. 1-3 inches some small isolated areas would receive more than 3. we are looking at a beautiful sunny stat to the day, the breezes are going toup this afternoon. a little bit of cold air aloft, will produce cloud cover, if the afternoon hours as well. nothing that is going to bring
8:12 am
us a drop of rainfall, will reach 76 degrees by noon, 79 at 5:00. that's dropping down from our high temperature of 82, reaching at 3:00. it is 62 german town, 63 fairfax. 63 leaseburg. 66 in owings. 68 annapolis. satellite and radar, see our storm system pulling away. looks like one of those springtime nor'easters with the comma shape. the backside of this produces wind, and you can see our next arriving system, smaller and summer like. i wanted to show you the winds , the winds gust tracker. we will see the winds gusting in excess of 20 miles per hour, this is 5:00 p.m., looking at wind gusts 23. the winds settle down quickly. back to sunshine on monday. we will see the winds diminishing tonight. clouds developing this
8:13 am
afternoon, 2:00 p.m., here you see the clouds in place over the metro on sunday. that clears out as we head in to the overnight hours as well. overnight, area of high pressure gets closer, setting down the winds and keeps the skies clear, it will allow our temperatures to dip in to the 50s in the suburbs on monday morning, monday afternoon, we are back to the 80s and really nice weather in store for monday. if this is your weekend, it's getting off to a beautiful start. it is awfully breezy. monday 86. slightly below average. lots of sunshine, and humidity remains comfortable. tuesday, that system approacheses that's going to bring us a chance for a shower or thunderstorm. 88 degrees. where we stime of year as far as the high temperature and getting the humidity, back in the forecast, nothing too drastic. it's not going to be soupy on tuesday and wednesday, high temperatures near 90 degrees.
8:14 am
thursday, there is going to be a better chance for the storms and the all important 4th of july holiday weekend, isolated storm on saturday. friday a lybetter chance for -- little bit better chance for storms. tourists caught up in the terror attacks are describing the blood bath. tourists say a gunman opened fire at a beach in a popular holiday resort killing 38 people. ross thompson who remains in the hospital barricaded himself inside a room, trying to escape. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. those are the screams of over
8:15 am
1000 people after a fire broke out, you can see the flames in the video. a concert in a water park. look at those flames. 200 people were injured. 83 seriously, when this fire broke out saturday night, this was an accident an accidental explosion. a blaze broke out at a manhattan high-rise. you can see the smoke billowing out of it. this is the upper west side. there were no major injuries and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. talks in europe over how to save greece from defaulting on the debt, collapsed saturday. greeks got in line trying to withdrawal cash worried the banks might not open after this weekend. greece may have to abandoned the euro. finance ministers refused a request from greece to keep
8:16 am
talking for another month. greece has to make a lone payment of $1.6 billion by tuesday. here now, suzanne, derrick w a preview of the capitol downloads. >> how are you? we will talk to bob corker, ahead of the deadline for the iran nuclear deal. he says if he needs to, he has the votes to block it. >> a lot of activity with the supreme court. the rulings on the affordable care act and same-sex marriage. also coming up on face the nation,ion will be joined by congressman cummings and paul ryan. a discussion on the next steps of the same-sex marriage debate with chad griffin. president of human rights campaign and moore of the southern baptist convention, face the nation coming up on wusa 9 at 10:30 this morning. sometimes getting kids interested in science,
8:17 am
technology, engineering and math can be a challenge. a teacher found a way to give stem a real lift. >> i'm going ask you to trace the ribs off of the blue print. >> reporter: few 6 graders get an opportunity like this. >> when you heard you were going to physically build an airplane, you thought what? >> is it going to fly? i highly doubt it was going to fly. expect unexpected. >> you can say getting a chance to build an airplane qualifies as unexpected. for most of us, our first experience with flying is like tbab gab rielle. thanks to lacy, the young
8:18 am
ladies at excel academy have a loftier perspective now. >> i learned vocabulary words, fuselage, lift, propeller, cockpit. >> reporter: they will be taking apart this aircraft, manufacturing new parts, and reassembling it. >> every square inch is made by hands. the techniques, they will use throughout the process of the aircraft. >> reporter: they read the blue prints, cut the metal, build the wings and prepare for lift off. >> do you think lit fly. >> my intention for this plane is to fly back and forth through the farm. >> it's going to fly. >> mr. lacy is a flight inspector. he knows how to make stem cool in school. do you have a cool stem program? sends me a message on facebook
8:19 am
or twitter. weather news, california is sinking as the drought continues to dry up the sunshine state, rain falling now. brian in san francisco has more. >> reporter: the wife and i were sitting here watching tv, we noticed there was a fine crack that you can see the white showing up. >> reporter: it started with puzzled homeowners. then this were busy contractors. >> we could stand out by the sidewalk and look underneath the house. that's how the soil shrunk. >> reporter: as more homes till, sink and crack, a prime suspect has been cited underground. >> it's just moving so fast
8:20 am
now. we believe has a lot to do with the drought and the aquifer being sucked out. >> the foundation follows, especially on the older homes. >> we are seeing subsidans. >> chackingtracking the rate of defense. >> this is on highway 152. a chunk of the valley that is sinking quickly, the brighter colors show you where it's sinking fastest, a foot per year in this case. so quickly, scientists are having trouble keeping up with it. >> one other place i can think of is sort of outpacing our rate of subsidans, mexico city. >> reporter: the visible side was this broken concrete. as this canal fails to meet the
8:21 am
area's demands, the problem is hitting home. those sinking houses across the street from an industry desperate for water, digging a record number of wells reaching deeper in to a sinking water table, one deficit that can't be erased but an el nino winter. scary sign, no water. one of our favorite people recognized for her work in jo urnalism, the local news emmies coming up next. sends your photos to us, using hash tag pet pics 9. this is, who is this?
8:22 am
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and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee. a big job ahead of many residents some in st. mary's. a lot of cleaning up to do after the massive storm blew through yesterday. >> some of us saw the torrential rainfall. that's what happened in the beltway. some other parts of the region, had tornados yesterday, the weather service will confirm whether twisters touched down in maryland, that's where we find cameron thompson. good morning. we are in clemmonson, st. mary's county, for a mile around us, is where most of the damage was. no injuries thankfully, 13 buildings damaged, this barn, one of the worst hit knocked down, pieces of it thrown.
8:26 am
another barn was damaged as well. 75 trees around the areas gnarled and twisted and uprooted. was this caused by a tornados, national weather service will here to figure that out. last night was one to celebrate, when it came to journalism be one of our own. the 57th national academy of television arts and scientists held the annual chesapeake emmy awards. see our own, andreia accepting her award. she won the prestigious board of governor's award. she has been such an active and important member of our community for the past 30 plus years she has been at wusa 9. i feel blessed to work with her.
8:27 am
>> congratulations. terrific honor. final look at the seven-day forecast for today. it's going to be breezying as good amount of sunshine this morning. clouds develop this the afternoon. no rain today or tomorrow. today's high 82. feeling cooler because of the wind. 86 degrees on monday. less breezy, tomorrow maybe perfect by your standards. >> the gnats have a double headser and orioles because of what happened yesterday.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
senator bob corner says -- corker says if the president makes a bad deal, it could be bad. >> and the supreme court makes land mark rulings on gay marriage. i'm susan page. >> and i'm derek mcginty, and this is capital download. good sunday morning to you, and welcome to capital download where we're coming off a huge week in political news, noticeably upholding the subsidies with the affordable care act. >> and the confederate flag, i spoke with bob corker


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