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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  August 19, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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you're not at all concerned? about what now?ly? oh, i don't know. the apocalypse? we're fine. i bundled renter's with my car insurance through progressive for just six bucks more a month. word. there's looters running wild out there. covered for theft. okay. that's a tidal wave of fire. covered for fire. what, what? all right. fine. i'm gonna get something to eat. the boy's kind of a drama queen. just wait. where's my burrito? [ chuckles ] worst apocalypse ever. protecting you till the end. now, that's progressive. . high drama in a fairfax county courtroom as a former officer accused of gunning down an unarmed man goes before a judge to face murder charges and collapses in court. hello and thank you for
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joining us. i'm andrea roane. peggy fox joins us from fairfax county circuit courthouse with more on what happened today in the case against adam torres and his condition now. peggy? >> reporter: andrea, i was sitting in the front row and adam torres was standing to hear the judge's decision. torres was wearing a dark green jumpsuit and the judge denied bond. then the judge set a trial date of december 14. as soon as he did that, we heard a commotion and adam torres had collapsed. ed' fallen to the -- he'd fallen to the floor and fainted. bailiffs immediately went to his aid. they called 9116789 the courtroom was -- 911. the courtroom was uncleared. rescue crews brought in a stretcher but they did not take him out on a stretcher. we believe he walked out but we understand he was taken to a local hospital and we also understand that he is doing fine.
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the 32-year-old is the first fairfax county police officer ever charged in an on duty shooting. he was fired from the fairfax county police department three weeks ago. he's charged with second-degree murder in the 2013 shooting death of john geer. commonwealth's attorney ray murrah said torres shot a man with his hands up and that make him dangerous. torres' wife and family was sitting in the front row. his attorney argued he was not a danger to the community and posed no flight risk since he has strong ties to the community. >> because of the sort of roadblocks in this case, we were delayed. i just want everybody, the geers and the defendant to have finality to this. let's get to it and put it to the people and we'll see and not delay, delay, delay. i'm hoping to speed it along but i also want to be fair and make sure the defense lass what they need. >> reporter: you -- has what
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they need. >> reporter: you think she remain in jail till his trial? >> yes. >> reporter: the commonwealth's attorney explaining how he argued in court to withhold bond and keep adam torres in jail before his trial date. peggy fox, wusa9. a traffic alert for some maryland drivers all too familiar with water main breaks. this time a 74-year-old pipe burst on gold -- goldsboro road. while it is a relatively small break, it's part of a much larger problem lurking underground. >> reporter: it only affects seven homes in the area but it's a major traffic nightmare for hundreds of drivers. only one lane open on goldsboro road and it will likely remain this way till the evening commute. sky 9 catching a muddy river returning down godle bother row road -- goldsboro road, not
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what anyone wants to see, not drivers, not homeowners and definitely not wssc crew members. >> the 50-year-old pipes and up are the type of material that they're smot not supposed to be in the -- they're not supposed to be in the ground more than 50 years. >> reporter: our streets are ripped up as a result. and even though wssc is replacing 55 miles of pipe each year, the work is slow and for a reason. >> we have to be mindful that it's $1.5 million per mile of replacement pipe. so our -- [ inaudible ] we can't just rip out all the pipes. >> reporter: in bethesda, delia goncalves, wusa9. >> wssc crews are hoping to restore water to the seven affected homes this afternoon. one lane wi remain open to both directions of traffic. prince george's county police officer steven moure is suspended without pay following a domestic incident.
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authorities say it happened monday night in calvert county. officers there arrested him and charged him with two counts of assault of his ex-wife and son and one count of child abuse. he touched sick children in our area and his death affected people around the world. funeral services for the man known as the route 29 batman are taking place at this hour. for years lenny robinson dressed as batman to visit scores of children at local hospitals. last sunday robinson was killed when he pulled over his batmobile along i-70 near hagerstown. he was checking the engine when another car slammed into his. showers and thunderstorms are heading our way. erica grow is tracking it all and she joins us with your first alert forecast. >> andrea, definitely looks more busy tomorrow, but today, yeah, we could see some pop-up showers. maybe even you might hear a rumble of thunder. currently already at 82 in frederick, gaithersburg and leesburg. winchester also sitting at 82 degrees. 48 right now in downtown
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washington. -- 84 right now in downtown washington. but that's only half of it. the dew point is oppressive so we have the really heavy air mass in place. the dew point 75 in frederick. 73 in leesburg. 72 in d.c. and tappahannock. also with a dew point in the 70s. we're also keeping an eye on tropical storm danny. this storm does not look to affect the continental united states at all, but it will head toward puerto rico and the lesser antilles as we head into the weekend. so the tropics are starting to get active now that we're heading toward the peak of hurricane season which by the way usually coincides with labor day. on first alert doppler, you can see a three-hour loop of the pop-up showers starting to develop. not a lot of activity, though. that's why it's tomorrow that's a yellow alert dai. i'm going to track -- day. i'm going to track the thunderstorms that come along with the first alert seven-day forecast and the yellow alert. jared fogle who became known as the spokesman for subway restaurants is in an
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indianapolis courtroom where he has agreed to accept deal in connection with child pornography charges. he will also register as a sex offender. adriana diaz is at the courthouse in indianapolis with the the latest. >> reporter: former subway spokesman jared fogle is expect to plead guilty to child pornography charges during a court appearance in indianapolis. prosecutors released documents wednesday laying out the charges against fogle. they accused him of traveling to new york city to pay for sex acts with minors. fogle is also accused of knowingly receiving child pornography secretly produced by russell taylor, the executive director of fogle foundation. the court appearance comes six weeks after federal agencies, computers and other evidence from fogle's home. two months before the raid, authorities arrested taylor on child pornography charges. >> hi, i'm jay read the subway guy. >> reporter: -- jared, the subway guy. >> reporter: he became a household name more than 14
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years ago for subway after he lost over 200 pounds. the company tweeted we no longer have a relationship with jared. we have no further comments. the government will not recommend a sentence of more than 12 and a half years in prison while fogle will not ask for a sentence of less than five years. an aggressive cancer regiment is paying off for maryland governor larry hogan. he now says his cancer is 95% gone. the governor finished a third round of chemotherapy and tells our news partners at the "the washington post" that, -- that he, quote, aced his tests leaving doctors shocked. the republican governor announced he was being treated for an aggressive form of non- lodge skins limp foam -- non- hodgkins lymphoma. ohioans are mourning representative stokes. he became ohio's first black
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member of congress and one of its most respected and influential. republican governor john kasich called him a giant who led by his confiction. the democrat head add house committee that investigated the martin luther king, jr. assassination in the late '70s and he complood there probably -- concluded there probably had been a conspiracy in the the case. he was 90 years old. coming up, how a healthy school lunch could reduce the number of obese children in the united states. but first, see how authorities are using
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dramatic images out of most company shows soldiers destroying 140 todges of drugs. the spectacular burn was held on the u.s. border in tiawana. mexico's attorney general personally presided over the incineration of 71 tons of marijuana, cocaine and meth am
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met fiends. -- methamphetamines. since their president took over in december 2012, authorities have seized more than 2500 tons of drugs and also nine million pills. rescue teams are continuing to sift through debris of a passenger plane that crashed into a remote area in independent nearby ya. the jet slammed into -- indonesia. the jet slammed into a mountain over the weekend killing all 54 people on board. more than 70 rescuers reached the site on tuesday after being hindered by rugged forested terrain and bad weather. as the hunt continues for the suspect would bombed the hindu shrine in bangkok, family and friends of those killed in the blast remembered their loved ones. it killed 20 people and wounded more than 120 others. the investigators are focusing on a yellow shirted man seen by a surveillance camera leaving a backpack at the blast spot. then walking off a short time before the explosion. so how will storms moving in affect the evening commute?
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erica's forecast is up next. >> we'll be talking about those storms tomorrow. today you can't rule out a pop- up shower, but it's just steamy out here. a reminder that summer is not over yet. i'll tell you when we return to some cooler, drier weather coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast.
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this month in family health, we're focusing on back to school topics. according to the centers for disease control and prevention, child hoold obesity has doubled in the -- childhood obesity has doubled in the last 30 years. healthy school lunches can help bring down the numbers and here to talk more about that is registered dietician wendy
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johnson from inova loudoun hospital. wendy, thank you for joining us thank. what are our -- this afternoon. what are our kids eating and drinking that is contributing to this childhood obesity problem. >> a lot of times parents are packing juices, drinks, such as gait aid. we need to -- gatorade. we need to keep it simple. >> one of the things that is really a problem, kids are at school almost more than they are at home. do the schools generally offer better, healthy options for young people these days? >> yes, the school lunch program that the president has set forth, the schools are generally meeting those at this point. our kids now have more fresh vegetables and fresh fruit options to have at school each day. >> we want to know about the things that should be in the school lunches. so some kids do go to school with their lurches packed at
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home -- lunches packed at home. what should be in that lunch bag? >> we want to make sure we pack protein every day because it helps with the sustaining power of the brain but energy throughout the day. so good lean protein with whole grains such as whole grain breads or crackers. in addition to a fresh fruit or raw vegetable item that they can pack in addition to milk or water would be a great suggestion. >> wendy, we're almost out of time but one thing we have to let people understand is that bringing down the weight of young people is not something that's going to happen overnight and it's not going to happen with a diet. so what are the best tips you can offer parents, school administrators, and those who are preparing meals at school to help bring these numbers down and keep them down? >> consistency of healthy eating. parents working with their children to develop meal plans. we can print up the menus on a monthly basis. review it with your children. help them pick healthy selections each week or at home plan lunches together and let
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them be a part of that selection and talk about healthy choices. in addition, you can also look on your local school's website. they do have some education talking about healthy menu items, healthy snack selections that can aid you in packing those lunches or choosing the selection at your school. >> wenty, thank you for the good -- wendy, thank you for the good advice, registered dietician. >> thank you for having me. smoking and light drinking can increase your chance of cancer. female smokers who had up to one drink a day and male smokers who had two drinks were at increased risk of developing alcohol-related cancers. in women they can include breast cancer. teens who use electronic cigarettes may not stop there. a study that looked at students in ten los angeles high schools found teens who used e- cigarettes were significantly more likely to begin smoking than those who never used electronic cigarettes. gas explosion at a motel
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near seattle, washington, has left a worker seriously burned. it happened at a motel 6 and destroyed part of the building. firefighters were called to the scene after a motel worker who is also a former volunteer firefighter smelled gas and helped clear the building. >> we got all the guest to the upper parking lot of burger king. we've been out there approximately ten minutes and the explosion happened. >> no motel guests were hurt. this afternoon the red cross is finding alternate housing for them. an urgent evacuation order was issued overnight for the town of can knoll la, one -- canoli, one of 17 fires burning in washington state and dozens more burning in the western u.s. one of the most devastated areas is chelan washington, where more than 100 national guard members have been brought in to help. and much needed supplies are heading for the international space station. this morning nassau launched a rocket in southern -- nasa launch add rocket in southern japan loaded with supplies and
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equipment. the launch is significant buzz a russian supply launch failed last april and a cargo ship was lost in june. we have the muggies here but also looking at a tropical storm rumbling in the atlantic. >> that's right, danny officially became a tropical storm and it's expected to become a hurricane but is not expected to impact the continental u.s. that's good news there. we'll still keep a close eye on the tropics. this is the time it gets the most active typically. it feels tropical out there with all the heat and humidity in place. let's take a look with the michael & son weather cam. you can see just a couple of breaks in the clouds but the mostly cloudy regime has really set up shop. it will be 86 degrees at 3:00. 77 at 6:00. most of us won't see a thunderstorm this afternoon, but you might get a quick shower. maybe containing a heavy downpour so keep that in mind. we are looking at a very humid atmosphere. it's 86 right now but with a dew point of 72, it feels like 92 degrees.
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i was just out on the terrace. i can attest to that. it feels awfully soupy out there. it's because the dew point is above the 07-degree mark. so -- 70-degree mark. earlier in the week it was in the low 60s but now it's risen to that miserable level. we call it oppressive humidity when the dew point is as high as it is right now. that's helping keep our-month- old count on a moderate to high side as well. we need -- weed pollen is also moderate #oright now. so two potential allergens that might be giving you fits right now. the current temperature is 81 degrees in chevy chase. 80 in reston, arlington and fairfax. already 82 in leesburg and 82 degrees in waldorf as we. on satellite and radar, this is the warm front that is lifting toward us. you can see just light pockets of shower activity. this will make its way toward us and move through as we head into the overnight hours. then the cold front will approach and i'm see that here on 9 futurecast. so very spotty activity. that's why today is not a big deal. it's as we head into thursday we have the clouds in place and then the cold front starts to
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make its approach. you see the yellows and oranges. that's always an indication of some heavier rainfall with the potential for thunderstorm activity. it pushes out as we head into friday and we'll return to that sunshine and get some lower humidity in here as well. but not today unfortunately. we're going to be stuck in that soupy atmosphere. your forecast high 83 degrees in gaithersburg. 84 in manassas. 83 in culpeper and we'll get up to 88 in downtown washington. no relief overnight. maybe just a quick sprinkle or shower passing through. it's going to remain very humid tonight so the ac is definitely going to be in full effect as we head into the overnight hours. 70 for your low in culpeper and winchester. 70 in frederick and gaithersburg as well and 74 in downtown washington. thursday is a yellow alert day. today we just have that isolated shower. maybe a rumble of thunder with a high of 88. on thursday as the cold front approaches, we'll drive in a better chance for those showers and thunderstorms. you could see a shower before noon but then as the cold front
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arrives, we will see showers and thunderstorms during that evening commute on thursday. everything moves out early friday morning. you might get away with a completely dry drive to work on friday. then beautiful sunshine returns with a high of 87. in the first alert seven-day forecast, i wish i could show you how much these dew points are going to lower as well. it's going to feel refreshing by friday afternoon and saturday. it's going to be just gorgeous with a high of 86 degrees. 88 and still very pleasant on sunday. we won't return to the heat and humidity until next monday. stay i believe in america. we invented the lightbulb! we built the first skyscraper and the assembly line. we were the first to fly and walk on the moon.
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and made the first cellphone; and dreamed up the internet. then why can't we lead on energy? clean energy! when we lewead, put america to work. that means jobs. lots of them!
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okay! fun's over. aw. aw. ♪ thirsty? they said it would make me cool. they don't sound cool to me.
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guess not. you got to stick up for yourself, like with the name your price tool. people tell us their budget, not the other way around. aren't you lactose intolerant? this isn't lactose. it's milk. ♪ when you think of fair food, what comes to mind? corn dogs? funnel cakes?
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erica is going mm-hmm. this week at the texas state fair, they've unveiled a few glorious gut busting combinations. eight are vying for the big text award. they -- tex award. they include lobster, a smoking bacon margarita and deep fried alligators. >> most people don't have alligator on a regular basis. so the name itself is intriguing. it maying something that -- it may be something that you want to try just because we're at the fair once a year and it's so good. >> alligator is good but -- well, we'll try. only eight dishes made it as finalists after more than 50 entries. the next two chefs will take home the most creative trophy. >> i had more than my fill over the weekend. one last look at the seven day. it's definitely still warm and humid today. a high of 88 but it's not going to feel like that it's going to
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feel like in the 90s. the cold front moves through on thursday. it will return refreshing behind that on friday. >> you're still thinking about that turnle cake. >> oh, my gosh. i'm a fan. that's it us for. we'll be
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>> victor: call paul williams right now. tell him all about marco annicelli. tell him about all the dead people on that boat and about kelly. >> jack: all that blood is on your hands -- every single death you set in motion. >> victor: and who would be extradited and rot in their bloody jail cell?! not me -- you! >> jack: this has gone on too long. every day i am lying to the people i care most about. >> victor: oh, my god. it just breaks my heart to hear that! why don't you make the call? call paul williams. call him right now. tell him. who is gonna protect your family when marco annicelli... >> jack: i shouldn't need to protect them! look, you created this monster. you pull the plug already. this is not my problem. >> victor: it is our problem, jack. you and i need to stop that guy. >> jack: no, no, no, no. we are not a team. you are a menace to everything


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