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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  August 19, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> rose: danger in the skies. one jetliner strikes runway light. a piece of another plane falls off in flight. also tonight, as western wildfires spread to more than a million acres, they're calling in the cavalry. fallen hero pitchman jared fogle will plead guilty to sex crimes. his wife leaves him. and minted ballplayers refuse to call time. >> we're going to do a couple of knee replacements this year so hopefully that will get another 10 years out of me. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. this is not supposed to happen. today, a commercial airline door landed in north carolina a few minutes before the rest of the
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plane. us airways airbus 8 three 21 was arriving from dallas, and it is the second safety scare involving the airline now part of american airlines, since the weekend. here's kris van cleave. >> reporter: the panel door in this picture fell off a us airways flight as it was approaching charlotte, north noh carolina's airport this morning. brian francis watched as it landed on the seventh green of a golf course. the airline says the door is about 15 by 16 inches and weighs a few pounds. it came off an airbus a-321 like this one carrying 146 passengers. the door covers a hydraulic servicing area. the airline in a statement says, "it would not cause a flight safety issue. but the incident comes as the national transportation safety board announced it's launching an investigation into a close call involving another us airways a-321 landing at charlotte's airported is. the pilots encountered wind sheer, as seen in this youtube
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video, that can make final approach treacherous. the plane took out landing light and it appears also came in contact with the runway. the pilots landed safely on their second attempt but the plane suffered significant damage, according to the n.t.s.b. one passenger tweeted after, "just had the worst failed landing. the n.f.s.b. has both of the black boxes and look at if anything could have been differently. charlie, the safety board has looked at 13 wind sheer incidents since 1985. two were fatal. >> rose: thanks, kris. another threat to aviation safety comes from lasers pointed at theoc ckpit. police inor tonto were targeted this week in their helicopter, but they spotted a suspect right away, hopping a fence and ditching the laser. he was arrested. turns out he's a reserve in the canadian army. hot, dry wind are blowing in the west tonight, adding to the challenges faced by firefighters. they're battling 88 uncontained wildfires that have burned more
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than one and a quarter million acres in seven western state. danielle nottingham is at one of the biggest in chelan, washington. >> reporter: after flames wind in and around the their neighborhood in chelan, sheryl and richard wynn were escorted back to check on their home today. it's still standing, but some of their neighborhave lost everything. what's the most difficult thing about this whole process? >> getting displaced. you don't have a clue. it eats on you. where are you going to go? what are you going to do? the people that lost their homes, it's gut wrenching. >> reporter: do you ever think that could have been you? >> oh, yeah. chokes a guy up. >> reporter: about 100 miles north, where overnight flames forced the evacuation of the entire town of conconnolly. meteorologist mark ruminski. >> looking at the satellite imagery from overnight last night, they were burning very intensely right through the night so that's an indication that the fire conditions are still pretty extreme. >> reporter: some relief is on
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the way. >> hey, move it. >> reporter: from the military. it's the first time in nine years that soldiers have been trained for firefighting duty, including how to deploy emergency shelters. they will soon join firefighters already weary and maxed out and bracing for more hot temperatures and stronger winds. fire incident commander rob allen: >> the next couple of days is going to be a real challenge for sure. >> reporter: the fire that burned this property is 50% contained, and it's unpredictable nature still threatens hundreds of homes in this community. charlie, 47 homes have been destroyed, and officials expect that number to climb. >> rose: thanks, danielle. the wildfires are racing through brush that's been baked dry by four years of drought. a new study says the drought will cost california close to $3 billion this year alone. ben tracy says farmers are paying the biggest price. >> reporter: it's harvest time in california's central valley. and the number one thing on
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farmer del bosque's mind is water. >> it is such a big issue that we don't even know what number two and three are. our trees are dying. >> reporter: to keep his almond trees alive, he's paying seven times more for water than he did before the drought. that's why he's left nearly 40% of his land unplanted. >> we are right now operating year to year, and if we don't have water next year, we stop operating. >> reporter: half of all the nation's fruits, nuts, and vegetables are grown here, but that bounty is on the brink. the drought will cost california's agricultural economy $1.8 billion this year and 10,000 seasonal workers will lose their jobs. more than half a million acres of land have been fallowed. desperate farmers are pumping billions of gallons of water on the of the ground every day. a new report from nasa show that's causing the land to literally sink, up to two inches per month.
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concrete canals are buckling and bridges now sit right on top of the water. water. you mean the ground is actually collapsing. >> right, exactly. >> government scientist michelle snead says in in splaises the land has dropped 10 feet. we would have many, many feet of dirt above our heads right now. >> that's right. we'd be standing 10 fight higher than we are right now. >> reporter: which may explain why so many farmers here feel they are sinking under the weight of a deepening drought. ben tracy, cbs news, california's central valley. >> rose: tropical storm danny is picking up strength way out in the atlantic. forecasters say it could become the first hurricane of the season by fridays. right now, danny is about 1300 miles east of the winwood islands, moving slowliest west, but posing so threat to land. in the midwest, tornadoes were spotted last night in wisconsin and illinois. a number of buildings were damaged, but no injuries were
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reported. in chicago, pounding rain and 50-mile-per-hour wind had fans running for cover at wrigley field. the cubs game was delayed for more than two hours as the storm blew through. one of america's best-known tv pitchmen agreed today to plead guilty to paying for sex with minors, and receiving child pornography. for 15 years, jared fogle was the public face of subway restaurants. that's over now, and he could spend more than a decade in federal prison. adriana diaz reports from indianapolis. >> reporter: in scialtion jared fogle left federal court protected by u.s. marshals. jeremy margolis is his attorney. >> jared fogle expects to go to prison. he doll his time. he expects to get well. he expects to continue to make amends to those people whose lives he has affected. >> hi, i'm jarred the subway guy. >> reporter: the former subway
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spokesman's crimes were outlined in a 12-page charging document detailing abuse of 14 underaged victims. >> jarred, do you have anything to say. >> reporter: among the allegations on several occasions between 2010 and 2013, fogle paid for sex with two girls, ages 17 and 16, who he knew to be under age. he also offered the 17-year-old money to find him another minor for sex, according to the document he told her the younger the girl, the better. 12 of the victims are from fogle's home state indiana. they allegedly appeared in photos or videos taken in secret by fogle's associate russell taylor. taylor was the executive director and sole paid employee of fogle's foundation to fight childhood obesity. taylor is accused of giving those photos and others to fogle. one of the children was as young as six years old. by entering a plea deal, fogle will face a maximum of 12 and a half years in prison. he's agreed to pay $1.4 million
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in fines, $100,000 to each of his victims. u.s. attorney john minkler: >> let's call this what it is-- this is about using wealth, status, and secrecy to illegally exploit children. >> reporter: the court will decide whether or not to accept the plea deal. charlie, until his next court hearing, fogle is under house arrest, except for approved outings. he's wearing a g.p.s. tracker. >> rose: a new polls shows a tightening race for the white house. in a match-up between the front-runners, republican donald trump trails democrat hillary clinton by just six points. clinton continues to be dogged by questions about her use of a private e-mail account while she was secretary of state. today, cbs news identified two e-mails on her server that some say contained classified information. here's jan crawford. >> reporter: the two e-mails the intelligence community says contained classified information were uncovered during an
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investigation of the 2012 attack in benghazi, libya, that killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. the first e-mail, from april 2011, was forwarded to clinton by aid human abedin, sighting intelligence reports from the u.s. afracomcommand on troop strengths. the second e-mail forwarded by aid jacob sullivan outlined reports of possible arrests in connection with the benghazi attack. the e-mails are among the some 30,000 clinton turned over to the state department from her private server. on monday, the state department said it had flagged 305 e-mails out of the 20% it has reviewed as potentially containing classified information. clinton has insisted there was no classified information on her server. >> whether it was a personal account or a government account, i did not send classified material and i did not receive any material that was marked or disigit nad you know whether
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something is. >> reporter: but it is not just clinton's private server that may have contaped classified information. the state department filed court papers this afternoon saying it, "does not believe that any personal computing device was issued by the department" to clinton. dan ackerman is an editor at cnet. >> any time you're bringing your own equipment and using it for work purposes it's not as secure as something actually issued by the company because they take those laptops, for example, and they preconfigure them. they put their own software on them, tracking software, update software, they distribute them. >> reporter: and that raises the question how secure were her personal devices, like her blackberry, since they weren't issued by the state department? as for that server, charlie, her attorney confirmed it was wiped clean of all its data before it was turned over to the f.b.i. >> rose: but everybody is asking this question-- does the f.b.i. think they can recover any of the deleted data? >> reporter: well, charlie that's what they're look at
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right now and they're hopeful they can get some of that back or perhaps find a backup server where they could, you know, get some of that information and recover it. >> rose: thanks, jan. the earth opened again today in florida near tampa. by afternoon, the sinkhole had grown to 17 feet wide and 20 feet deep. this is the same location where a sinkhole swallowed a man who was asleep in his ped. his body was never recovered. no one was hurt this time. turning overseas, the latest victim of isis was one of syria's top antiquities experts. he devoted his life to preserving the ancient ruins of palmyra. militants who now control aassad and hung his head on a poll. here is a man who knew syria, knew antiquities, and he also knew the enemy. he knew what isis was all about. yet he stayed. >> reporter: he did, he did stay. and, you know, part of the
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reason he stayed is because he was so involved in eeforts to try to evacuate some of the most precious antiquities before isis made it into the city. they were hoping that they could evacuate them to a safer place, they they wouldn't fall into the hand of isis, and that they wouldn't ultimately destroy them and that's a decision that may have potentially cost him his life because shortly after he was captured and executed. >> rose: as gruesome as his death was, there are fatalities every day across syria. >> reporter: and i think that's very easy to forget, charliey, because isis is always going to grab the headlines with this campaign of consistently trying to shock through their brutality but the reality on the ground in syria, is the regime of assad. look at this bombing we saw on sunday. more than 100 people killed, most of them civilians. and, of course, the assad regime is the only party in this war that has airpower. >> rose: clarissa ward
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normally reporting from london and syria and war zones. it's great to have you here in new york. >> reporter: thank you. >> rose: millions of extra marital affairs may have been exposed by computer hackers. and the death of a tv crime fighter when the cbs evening news continues. it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... introducing boost 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. so it's big in nutrition and small in calories. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®. frustrated with your overactive can't handle the side effects? botox® treats symptoms of leaking, going too often, and the strong sudden need to go. ask your urologist if botox® can help calm your bladder and reduce your daily leakage episodes.
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when something works, people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with. >> rose: ashley madison is a web site that connects married people who want to cheat and not get caught. but tonight, thanks to hackers, a lot of secrets are out, and the f.b.i.'s investigating. wyatt andrews has more. >> reporter: the hack exposed around 32 million names, e-mails, and physical addresses of the people who've signed up for ashley madison. >> if you're feeling a little naughty, let's go here. >> reporter: the web site that brazenly matches people who are seeking extra marital affairs. >> ashley exists because needs often become neglected. >> reporter: some of the names and e-mails are fictitious, but
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still, millions of marriages could be in peril as spouses learn what that let's-night shopping has really been about. >> they weren't counting on a hacker to obtain that data. >> reporter: kim zetter, the senior writer atwired" magazine who first revealed the hack points to another problem. around 15,000 of the e-mails traced to u.s. government accounts, including the state department and justice deparment, and to top secret defense contractors, including raytheon. >> if those are legitimate, if this activity can be directly matched with reeld people in government and people who might hold sensitive office, that creates some potential for blackmail. >> some want to talk. some want to do more. >> reporter: the ashley madison web site has continued to operate. the company says it's closed the unauthorized access points and says the hackers are criminals, appointing tel judge, juror, and executioner. the hackers, who call themselves the "impact team" claim they're just exposing security flaws in
6:48 pm
a site that offers a 100% discreet service. along with the f.b.i., canadian police are also investigating this hack. security experts call this more proof that everyone is vulnerable because here, charlie, here was the wide-scale release of personal details from a web site selling privacy itself. >> rose: thanks, wyatt. reality is about to sink in for a kid on his first day of school. his reaction is just ahead. ♪ [music]
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a safelite repair is no cost to you. really?! safelite repair, safelite replace. >> rose: in owing mills, maryland, today, there was a funeral befitting a superhero. mourners wore batman gear in honor of leonard robinson, who dressed as a cape cod crusader on the visits he made to hospitals to lift the spirits of children. >> he was a superhero, but he
6:52 pm
didn't have a power, but his power was just being himself. >> rose: robinson was killed in a highway accident sunday. he was 51. yvonne craig was best known for playing batgirl in the 1960s television series "batman." craig died this week of breast cancer at her home in los angeles. she was 78. the first day of school can be the best day in a kid's life, or the worst. sometimes both. in los angeles, andrew mckayis met a reporter while heading to prek. >> andrew, are you excited for prekindergarten? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> i don't know. >> reporter: are you going to miss your mom? >> no. >> reporter: no! ( laughs ) >> reporter: oh, don't cry. >> rose: andrew was fine, once he got a good-bye hug from mom off camera. in a moment, we will take you out to the old ball game.
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steamrollers, and erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again, but baseball marks the time. >> rose: baseball. james earl jones in "field of dreams." we end tonight on a baseball field where time stands still. here's chip reid. >> reporter: the pitching is underhand. a ball caught on a bounce is still an out. >> nice play out there, nice play! >> reporter: this is vintage baseball, the game as it was played in the 1860s, when baseball gloves hadn't yet been invented. >> yes!
6:57 pm
ploouz ( applause ) >> reporter: and the game had a language all its own. >> you have a hitter that's a stryker. >> reporter: the hitter is the stryker. >> instead of being out, he's dead. >> reporter: first baseman jacob newcomb is president of the dirigo team. the catcher is the-- >> the hind. >> reporter: so he's the butt of a lot of jokes? >> i guess so if you want to put it that way, yeah. >> reporter: just like the old days they all have nick names like red, shoeless, irish, and lefty. steve mccomber is "the babe." how long you going to stay at this? >> reporter: hopefully as long as i can. i'll do a couple of knee replacements this year and hopefully get another 10 years out of me. >> reporter: a version of baseball was first played in the 1840s but it took war to spread it around the country, according to hurler and retired navy commander john coray. >> the sport became a favorite of the soldiers, union and confederate, during periods of down time during the war. once the war ended, the soldiers went back to their homes and brought the war with them and it exploded after 1865.
6:58 pm
>> good eye! come orabbit. >> reporter: today, there are more than 130 teams playing vintage baseball across the nation, and while winning isn't everything-- >> hustle, hustle! >> reporter: winning with a spectacular play in the ninth inning is always something to cheer about, even in a gentle man's name. >> three cheers for muddville. >> hip-hip huzzah. >> reporter: chip reid, cbs news, old orchard beach, maine. >> rose: so there is joy in mudville tonight. that is the cbs evening news. i'm charlie rose. i'll be here for scott again tomorrow night, and i'll see you first thing in the a.m. on "cbs this morning." good night captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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first tonight at 7:00, d.c. deadly streak claims at life. thank you for joining us. i'm debra alfarone. >> and i'm derek mcginty. police investigating their 98th murder of the year so far, this investigation at a complex on stanton road in southeast began at 8:00 this morning but police ruled the death a homicide just two hours ago. they say 29-year-old jonathan jonas likely died from gunshot wounds. now police are pleading with anybody who has any information on what happened to him to give them a call. and late this evening, d.c. police released this new photo of a van wanted in connection with a homicide from yesterday. witnesses say they saw a blue honda odyssey drive away following a shooting outside saint luke catholic church on


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