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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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they are getting more intense with the heavy rain between rocksville and fredericks, up 270 going home with a slow ride. down to the south and west, weal move towards virginia and take a look at all the lightning. just in the last hour, to get the kids inside and if you hear thunder, you could be struck by lightning. in terms of the flash flood watch, they would cover the entire immediate metro area, but it doesn't mean that folks to the west and the south won't see the heavy rains here tonight. prince georgs county and howard county as we'll come back and talk about the storms when they will end. but i will say that it looks like they will be bearing down including fedex field by 7:00 p.m. >> all right, thank you.
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the former president jimmy carter is speaking out about the recent cancer diagnosis. he took on the news conference today where he would discuss their health issues rather bluntly. >> reporter: he walked in full of energy, becoming clear he's taking the diagnosis head on. >> i'm ready for anything. >> reporter: he talked about the diagnosis, saying at first he thought it was confined to the liver. telling him that it spread to four spots. >> we hoped that it would come. and that i would have been as blessed as any other human being. >> reporter: they started radiation on thursday. and says that he is going to have to cut back on some of their international humanitarian work. carter was upbeat when he would talk about it here at the center and even drew laughs,
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when asked about that one thing in his life that he wished he would have done differently. >> i wish we would have had one more helicopter to scare the hostages as we would have been rescued and reelected. but that it may have been it. >> reporter: he says so far he feels good and that he has not experienced much pain. >> reporter: and carter, he has a family history of cancer, his father and three siblings, they all died from pancreatic cancer. the prime minister of greece has resigned, calling for a new election within his own party over the country's economic bailout. in a televised address, he would defend their negotiating tactics, saying that they got the best deal possible for their three-year bailout from the other euro zone country. an election will be held within a month. bob mcdonald is saddened that the federal appeals court will not allow him to stay out of jail while taking his public convictions to the u.s. supreme court. their ruling means that he'll likely need to report to prison
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within the next few weeks. his attorneys, they have asked the supreme court justices to stay the lower court ruling to grant him bond while pursuing the appeal. but legal experts say that's a long shot. we are following the developments in the murder near the metro station. dc police have identified a suspect wanted in the shooting death of the american graduate, as he is marcus king, a 19-year- old of northwest dc as police say that he is one of the people involved in that gunfight in which a stray bullet struck and killed 23- year-old matthew slosky last saturday afternoon in the 1800 block of seventh street. anybody that knows anything about where that 19-year-old might be, you should call 911. the man charged with killing the uva student might have been on his way to mexico when they caught up with him last year in texas. >> that's new information as it came out today during a pre- trial hearing in charlottesville. testifying that they found him with a map that had routes to mexico. when they caught up with him in galveston. and also at today's hearing,
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they would ask the judge to let matthews appear in court in his street clothes, instead of the jail jump suit, shackles, handcuffs. the judge said no at least for now, but he faces his trial next july. in new hampshire a teenage girl who said that they raped her, they broke down on the witness stand under questioning by the defense that made her sob. she told the court that she was violated in so many ways. she was 15 at the time of last year's alleged attacks. 19-year-old owen labrie is accused of raping her just two days before graduating from st. paul school as a part of the senior salute in which they would try to have sex with underclassmen. a fast moving wildfire, they will continue to adspre through washington state and their cascade mountains. three u.s. forest service firefighters, they've been killed near the town of twist, after crashing their vehicle and the shifting winds put them in the path of the flames. four others were injured. >> i mean the fire someone
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thing, but the loss of life, that it is the worse case scenario. >> you can always rebuild a home, but you cannot rebuild a life or family. >> reporter: today washington's governor, they would praise the courage of those thousands of firefighters out there on the front lines, saying that the death and the destruction caused by the wildfires have burned a big hole in the state's heart. only on 9 tonight, a war veteran with one cause to help all veterans get the healthcare that they will deserve. the man that fought on the battlefield, they are now fighting for change in their affair system. just one step at a time. >> he's determined to spend his days in the va offices until they would get the help they need. as they tell us that his journey began 1,500 miles away in texas. >> reporter: with only a backpack, amare williams said good-bye to his family, left his home in texas and started walking to washington, d.c. on july 27. >> i feel like the 10th mile. >> reporter: in hopes of
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finding help for his ailing body. >> the first ten miles was just me. and i was just an angry vet. >> reporter: that anger softened with each painful step. his journey took a turn that surprised even him. >> you're doing a great job. >> reporter: the support from strangers and the other veterans overwhelmed him. >> like this is for all of us. >> reporter: he reached knoxville, tennessee, thought about giving up. >> my knees have been killing me. >> reporter: but he pushed on and thought about the veterans that feel like the va system failed him. amare spent a year in iraq. >> i kill people for a living. >> reporter: returned home in 2004 a different man. >> we already go to hell and back. >> reporter: for more than a decade his claim would be lost or denied. he has logged roughly 1,500 miles in though weeks, despite a decade of frustration. when he arrived in dc on friday, he took a moment in awe for the country he fought for. >> i started crying. >> reporter: he's been coming here for days now to the
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veterans affairs administration. coming here at 8:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon. and he hasn't made much progress. >> i know that up there within this building they could fix my claim if they wanted to. >> and because of our cameras, this exchange. >> wow. >> 1,500 miles? >> yeah. that's a reason right there. >> it wasn't just for me. >> i guess that it would be different. >> i can win this battle for all of us. >> reporter: in northwest washington, surae chinn wusa9. >> well, the va says that they will be working on amare williams case that it is a shame that it took a tv crew to cut through the veterans affairs, still wondering about the comrades who are not getting the care they deserve. coming up, the mother charged with murdering her three sons over the past year. and also ahead, st. louis, they are hoping to avoid a second night of the violent protest following another deadly police shooting. yeah, derek, it is
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beginning to buzz behind me as the lions and the skins are getting set to kick it off at 7:30. who is going to play and who won't. i'll have an update in just a second. our first look at the new york prison escapee, david sweat since he was recaptured
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sweat was captured when he was shot and wounded two days later. accused of killing her three sons. brittany did not enter a plea today in court today, she smothered one son in july 2014 and another one of them in april, but no conclusive evidence at the time they were killed. they claimed she did it because she was jealous of the attention that her husband was playing with the children. a judge ordered a baltimore police officer charged with attempted murder to be held on $1 million bond.
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wesley kagel shot a burglary suspect in close range after being shot and wounded by the other officers. kagel is a 13-year veteran of the force. in st. louis, the mayor is calling for calm today in the fountain park neighborhood, where an 18-year-old was killed by police. officers say that the teen, they pulled a gun on the other officers, as they would shoot him as he ran from a house where a search warrant was being served. they fired tear gas on the demonstrators who were throwing bottles and bricks at them. at least nine people were arrested. an investigation is underway after a fire in the town of quantico that will leave one man dead. i'm vanessa herring, i'll have details on that coming up. but up next, firefighters injured and people are displaced after the fire broke displaced after the fire broke out in
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sfx: music throughout displaced after the fire broke out in ♪ sfx: crowd cheering sfx: crowd booing ♪ sfx: crowd chanting sfx: crowd cheering music stops sc johnson, a family company.
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four firefighters, they are hurt, after battling the complex, two of them released from the hospital, but they are being treated for the
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significant burns, 22 people have lost their homes, working to find them a place to stay. an investigation is underway after a fire there left one person dead. >> they left several people without a place to call home. they have more on the investigation and the emergency response. >> the red cross was here, providing assistance as people mourn the loss after -- of a well-liked neighbor. >> reporter: the fire happened here on the corner of broadway and second avenue. living there with her tenants, trying to rescue one of them. >> you could smell the smoke and you couldn't breathe, to get to the floor, try to come up there and track you out. >> reporter: the man is identified as the 69-year-old who did not make it out. >> and we've got prince
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williams county and the criminal investigation. we've got their forensic science division as well as the county and fire marshals office conducting the investigation. >> reporter: they believe that this was tragic accident. >> i don't know if that is what happened if they were smoking in that bed. the cigarette caught on fire. >> reporter: and while they mourn the loss of the well- liked neighbor, the red cross is helping those people that live in the building. >> we take care of those immediate things, so they would have a sense of okay, i've got a meal with clothing for my kid and a place to sleep here tonight and so that the families, they could then begin to think about what is my next step. >> reporter: five other people were inside that apartment building, escaping the fire without the serious injuries. >> reporter: the victim and the people that escaped that fire were not members of the military.
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it could get a little messy out there, particularly at the game here tonight. >> yeah, we are kind of worried about the game as they would move in around 6:50 to 7:00 and the kick off is at 7:30. so it is not a good time as we would have severe thunderstorm warnings out to the west of us, we'll show you that in a second. getting a little dark here down to 84. the dew point is miserable, mid- 70s. just uncomfortable really if you will southeast at 8. here is our flash flood watch, covering the entire metro area, but i wouldn't get hung up on if your county is not flooded. heavy rains now in prince williams county back in to faukeer county with some big boomers with flooding. severe thunderstorm warnings right now until 7:00. including manassas and much of prince william county until
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7:00. again, that i went in and saw a little bit of hail with this storm as you can see that tremendous amount of rain and tremendous amount of lightning just to the west. we talked about this earlier, getting more intense, including manassas until 7:00. it means that it will be in progress for you folks to get ready around 28 in manassas heading your way, getting hammered with the big time rain. one-inch hail, they will automatically trigger the warnings. just to the southwest that it could possibly be a problem for you as it would move eastward to help you get bigger. and it will be the next half hour or so we'll widen back
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out, track this storm for you looking at maybe 7:02 right now around the district. and then about 6:39, which will be a huge problem for the counties, oh guess what, that you had be outside that flash flood watch as they do not know just to produce that rain inside that area, the northwest. please do not cross by foot as we've got them in the forecast for the game. the 70s and the 80s, muggy. we're looking at the flash flood watch going on and now until midnight. so we are up to 79 by 11:00 in that day planner, 83 by 1:00 and then beautiful on saturday,
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87, still nice on sunday. that'll be coming back to town here in time and beautiful on tuesday, wednesday, thursday, a little bit hot on monday. >> and to answer a question asked many times, yes, we are ready for some football. >> that's good to know, it's almost that time as we are getting closer to the pre- season game for number two as we should see the starters for a little longer bit of a time. and what
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it's almost game time for number two as they will be hosting the detroit lions. dave owens is live at fedex field with what to look for in tonight's game. >> reporter: a quick weather update with some dark clouds above fedex field right now, so fingers crossed, that it doesn't get too bad out here. if i would have a theme for tonight's game that time is of the essence. he doesn't have a lot of wiggle room here and throwing eight passes like what he did last week that they will not get it done. if i was the offensive coordinator going in to tonight's game, my strategy would be this. robert let it rip. >> reporter: and the fire storm that took off with what i said, you know, i know what i meant. >> reporter: it's been another tough pr week for robert. you can expect that unrelenting spot like tonight as well. many outsiders would believe that they need to fire more
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ammo than what they did against the browns. here is robert's goal. >> you can say what you want about their pre-season, but we want to get in and get out to make sure to put together a good drive. that you want us to get in. >> reporter: he wants to work on connecting with number 88 more. >> the pass is invented for garcon. >> i want more touches, because they would have done that with the receiver as well, and a strong receiver who would do great after the catch. >> reporter: the run defense was impressive. holding the browns to just two yards a pop. this week, veterans like ricky says that the challenge is more than just detroit's running game. >> we are home now and that it is one of the hardest things for us, the crowd noise. that i hope he would get a lot of peel there, but now coming back home, that they should be a little bit comfortable, but don't get caught up in all the fans. >> reporter: ricky, he doesn't need to worry, kb that there are not a lot of people here. quick scratches for them. they are not going to play.
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calvin johnson won't play either. full report coming up at 11:00. back to you in the studio. >> all right, dave, thank you so much. stay out of the wet weather there. be careful. all right tiger woods said he wanted to listen to his body to make sure that he felt healthy enough before committing to the championship. the first time playing in this career as he'll need a top two finish to avoid missing the fedex cup playoffs. that's good. the first round for tiger. you cannot really beat this on their first hole of the day and their third shot. who will need that putter when you can just haul it out as they would pull it out for birdie and then at 18, their ninth hole. more conventional at this time sinking that birdie put just six under 64 today. that's the round of their career in two years, which is two shots off the lead. a great story coming out of charm city. the 28-year-old henry rudia called up just days ago by the orioles. they came up big for his team with the walkoff home run. the first home run of his
6:27 pm
career. and then of course it was time to get by. >> and you have been working hard, man that you had a setback with a great year in aa this year and now reyou' about to get that up high, baby. >> first of all what flavor pie did you get? >> whatever. [ laughter ] >> okay. >> and he didn't really care as he was having a great night and that they would catch that home run ball to give it back. henry teared up when he found out he could give it to his son as he would be like my dad's first home run in the major. >> it was a walk-one win -- a walk-off win to help them. >> it doesn't happen every day. a big night for them. >> the cbs evening news is next. >> we're back at 7:00 with your only local news. we'll see you then. >> come
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>> rose: the wildfires turn deadly. the victims, three firefighters, caught in a hell storm. >> these fires have burned a big hole in our state's heart displr also tonight, jimmy carter on the battle of his life. >> i'm ready for anything. i'm look forward to a new adventure. >> rose: bush v. trump in the battle for g.o.p. hearts and votes. and a goofy idea leads to serious progress against a cruel disease. >> what if it would change the world? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. the flag at the landmark space need nel seattle was lowered today to half-staff in honor of three firefighters who died yesterday in the battle against a wildfire in


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