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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  August 25, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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stabilization. wall street hopes for improvement as fears of economic slowdown continue to grow. a security incident on a metro bus in southeast d.c. leads to seven nights of detours and allegations of a hijacking by the transit union. it's back to school for thousands of students in prince george's county. good morning. happy tuesday. i'm andrea roane. i'm nick giovanni. our first order of business this morning to check out weather and traffic for you with larry miller and allyson rae. a nice comfortable start to the day. >> it's pretty nice. areas south and east of the district, a little more humidity hanging on but not for long. look at the beautiful start. kind after watercolorred sky. a 4r069 sunshine -- we'll see a lot of sunshine today. temperatures have dropped significantly because the north winds are bringing in nice, dry air. watch out for a little bit of patchy fog. not too bad out there but we do see patches north and east of the district and south and west of the district.
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highs today into the upper 80s. above average. lots of sunshine. the key here is low humidity. metro riders, everything is running on schedule this morning. we had an earlier issue last night with single tracking on the redline. that's been resolved so you're good to go there. around the capital beltway still fairly quiet. it's been that way all day. i don't think we can complain about it. on the inner and outer loop no issues. 295 and 395 free and clear of any problems. traveling north and southbound on the bw parkway as well as 95, everything is free and clear. from frederick toward the capital beltway, you're looking at a smooth and uneventful commute. another update in ten minutes. over you to. -- over to you. china's main market plunged for a fourth straight day one day after stocks suffered the biggest tumble in eight years. the massive selloff was triggered by fears of an economic slowdown in the
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country. the turbulence in asia has sent financial markets around the world into a tailspin. the dow plunged more than a thousand points in the first few minutes of trading yesterday. then briefly rallied back before closing the day down 588 points. some analysts say instead of being concerned, investors should focus on diversifying. >> if you're approaching retirement and you've got 80% of your money in stocks then your port knoll crow is upside down. -- portfolio is upside down. if you're 26, this is a speed bump. it means nothing. keep pouring money into the market. >> most markets around the world did close higher this morning so that's some good news. to help stabilize global markets overall, the obama administration has called on china to move toward a more market determined exchange rate. the issue is expected to be raised when china's president visits the white house next month. the smaller composite index also -- [indiscernible] other asian markets such as the
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nikkei were rebounding reversing early losses. a metro access bus has gone up in flames. investigators want to know why. fire destroyed the bus late last night on new hampshire avenue. the good news is the bus is out of -- was out of service at the time so there were no passengers and the driver was not hurt. investigators say the bus showed signs of overheating which may have caused an engine fire. >> reporter: more metro news this morning. will wmata make -- wmata makes changes to a bus route. we're talking about the w8 line. it loops around good hope, alabama and stanton road but for the next week, the w8 will skip nightly stops after 7:00 p.m. on elvins road in the shepherd park neighborhood. metro says the move comes after several security incidents, the most serious happening friday night around 10:30 when a bus was driving through that dead end road. it was shot at. a passenger was injured, ran
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off the bus and we're told the passenger is recovering right now. police are stepping up patrols. the union tweeted out that a bus was actually hijacked in the area and the union is calling for officers to ride on those buses to keep their drivers and the passengers safe. we'll have much more on what the union has to say and we just talked to a rider just a short time ago. we'll have his interview coming up at 6:30. we're live in anacostia, delia goncalves, wusa9. we could see you in guidelines today in maryland to prevent police profiling during traffic stops. the state's attorney plans a press conference to outline the guidelines. the new guidelines are aimed at preventing profiling based on race, gender and sexual orientation. >> reporter: all right, prince george's county, it's your
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turn. your summer is officially over and it's time to head back to school. we're live at langley park international school campus which also houses the annapolis road academy. here to talk about the brand new school is the principal. good morning. what is so different about this school than the other ones? >> good morning. the thing that differentiates us the most is we're a competency based learning system. it's no longer about handing in annual assignment and getting a grade. it's about what's growr imrowt -- growth been, how much you have nantzed throughout the year. that's the most exciting part about our school. >> reporter: what is an international school. >>it's composed of 100% esol students. they're from a varying range of students who just arrived to the country to students who have been here for many, many years. >> reporter: how many countries are represented? >> 19 different countries represented in our school, 13 different languages. >> reporter: that's pretty challenging for a lot of the
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teachers, right? >>it's not challenging. they take it a day at a time. >> reporter: how many students? >> a hundred students starting in ninth grade. >> reporter: thank you so much. we'll be here all morning. the students will be riverring in just a couple -- arriving in just a couple of hours. we'll keep you updated on how their first day goes. i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. on the campaign trail, republican presidential hopefuls jeb bush and donald trump are trading more barbs over immigration. during an interview with fox news, trump insisted illegal immigrants will be out of the country on the first day of his presidency. during a campaign stop near the u.s. mexican boarder, bush said trump's plan to build a wall on the boarder is expensive and unrealistic. >> it will cost hundreds of billions of dollars and violate people's civil liberties. it will create friction with our third largest trading partner which is not necessary. i think he's wrong about this. >> the sparring is likely to
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continue today as bush heads to colorado and trump holds a rally in iowa. also this morning a blessing from president obama. cbs news reports the president has given vice president joe biden the green light to mull a run at the white house. the president traveled yesterday to las vegas. still no word when an announcement might co. the current front runner is hillary clinton for the democratic side who has been dealing with questions over her private e-mail server. thousands are people are homeless this morning because after typhoon in japan. typhoon goni made landfall there in the southernmost region bringing heavy rain and strong winds. no deaths have been reported but at least 26 people have been injured. 21 people were killed by the same typhoon when it struck the philippines. president owe -- owe president obama is pushing for more clean energy choices for consumers. during a speech he insisted that renewable energy
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innovations are creating jobs and boosting the economy. he also said they're helping to combat dangerous emissions that contribute to climate change. at this hour, tensions continue to mount along the korean peninsula. >> the pentagon says it's considering honoring the three american heroes who stopped a gunman on a european train. >> it is pretty comfortable out here. it doesn't feel as humid as it did just a few hours ago. areas south and east, upper marlboro and waldorf, you might hold on to a little more humidity for a few hours. today the humidity will drop throughout the afternoon. sunshine, a little breezy later on this afternoon. 83 to 87. every cup has a story. dunkin' k-cup packs in my life were a good fit. a single serving for myself, it's pretty special. it is like having a dunkin' store in my home which is what i've always dreamed of.
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welcome back. hopefully you're off to a good start. the weather sure is. a beautiful start on your michael & son camera. lots of sunshine. it feels nice. temperatures continue to drop off as does the humidity. 69 degrees right here in the district. we have temperatures in the 50s when you head to the shenandoah valley. by lunch time into the lower #s on. highs -- lower 80s. highs today about 87 degrees. sunshine holds. we'll talk about when rain returns to the forecast if it does coming up. we are doing really well for the most part around much of the metro but we do have some volume causing a little bit after slowdown primarily on 95 on the virginia side around dale city and woodbridge. again just typical morning rush hour commute. as you make your way toward the capital beltway and on to i- 395, here's a live look just north of duke street on the northbound side we have volume as you approach the 14th street bridge. but no accidents or major incidents to slow you down.
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traveling inbound . /-66 toward the capital beltway, just volume mainly in manassas. we'll have your drive times around the cat beltway after the -- capital beltway after the seven-day forecast. the last ebola patient has been cleared to return home. >> plus, how a drone was used to try and smuggle drugs and porn into a prison in western maryland. wusa9 is ♪
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talking weather has got me hungry today. >> hungry for what? >> talking about the baker's dozen when it comes to the 3- degree guarantee. >> we didn't know where you were going with that. meaning 13 in a row. >> bull's eye yesterday. >> right on the nose. forecasting 91. we hit 91. we're on a roll here. >> no pressure. >> i feel pretty confident today. we're going with # 7 degrees. -- w-8 7 degrees. -- with 87 degrees. >> you said that's a little breezy. could that be a factor? >> i think we'll still be okay. i don't think the winds will influence our temperature too much. we'll be okay. join howard tonight at 11:00. we'll give you the fabrication of the three-degree guarantee. we've been doing really well.
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a beautiful sky on your michael & son camera. what a gorgeous start to the day. you think we'll be saying the same thing tomorrow and thursday morning and friday. the temperature dropped 4 degrees in just a few hours due to the humidity. it has started to drop thanks to the north wind and -- northerly wind and the humidity will continue to drop. you can see here on our current temperatures where the humidity is hanging on. as you head to brandywine, upper marlboro, you can see how we're still into the upper 60s. the humidity just a touch on the higher side by the shenandoah valley, still in the 50s. 57 degrees for luray. nice, dry air moving on in. that will continue to push on in for tonight. patchy fog. you can see the areas of yellow but it's not too widespread. be cautious as you head out. northwesterly winds today. no weather problems. sunshine for today. that's it. a jts breezy -- a little breezy. here's the dry air workingity
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way in with westerly winds. temperature abouts average. 84 for winchester. 38 for gaithersburg. manassas, fairfax about 87 degrees. tomorrow you can believe it, even better. 85 degrees. the humidity stays nice and low. sunshine. thursday a few more clouds. we'll get to 84. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. the nats are in town and things are looking good. here's larry miller. good morning. good morning. i'm not sure if i can top a great forecast. >> i don't think you can. >> i'll do my best. good morning, everybody. want to let my metro riders know everything is running on schedule this morning so you're off to a good start there. want to take you to i-270 traveling southbound from fingerboard road to the capital beltway a 24-minute commute. looks like we have volume . /- 66. looks like in fairfax. probably the biggest culprit at this point. but from prince william parkway to north lee highway, a 29- minute commute. traveling northbound on 95, really the bulk of the volume mainly out in dale city. it's starting to creep its way
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up toward the beltway. inbound on 50 from mlk highway to kendall street northeast, a 20-minute commute. this is from our maryland camera. a look at how things are shaping up on connecticut avenue at the capital beltway. still fairly light on the inner and outer loop with no incidents to slow you down. over to you. at 6:18 here's what's in the news right now. south korea has turned off loud speakers broadcasting cross border anti-north korean propaganda. in the -- and the north has expressed regrets for the naming of to soldiers from the south in land mine explosions. the move averts a military confrontation. an alter or hoe dox israeli accused of stabbing a girl at a gay pride parade faces murder charges. he had just been released from
6:19 am
stabbing parade marchers just years before. the 16 year-old died of her wounds. several others were injured. they gave the world a lesson in courage according to france's president. now could the americans credited with stopping a train attack be in line for more awards. the military is considering appropriate awards. the childhood friends who were on a paris-bound train when they stop add gunman asked what lessons to be learned from their ordeal, anthony sadler said, act. >> sitting back is not going to accomplish anything in times of terror like that. so please do something. don't stand by and watch. >> the u.s. airman spencer stone was injured in the attack. he's in germany where he went for a military medical check. the auto racing world is mourning the death of a british indy car driver injured during a race in pennsylvania.
6:20 am
kenneth craig has more. >> reporter: indy car driver justin wilson died monday from a head injury he received during a race sunday at the pocono raceway. a piece of debris that fell off another car hit wilson in the head. his car then careened into the wall at the racetrack. the 37-year-old was taken to a hospital in allentown by helicopter. he died with his family at his bedside. indy car officials announced his death monday evening. >> justin's elite ability to drive a race car was matched by his unwavering kindness, character, and humility. >> reporter: wilson was british but lived in longmont, colorado near denver. endy car officials say he was -- indy car officials say he was respected by teammates and competitors alike. >> he was a great guy, one of the few that really was a friend among everyone in the pad dock. >> reporter: wilson is the first indy car driver to die because of an on track accident since 2011. he leaves behind a wife and two
6:21 am
young daughters. kenneth craig, cbs news. >> a milestone in the fight against ebola in sierra leone. health officials there released the country's last known ebola patient from the hospital. the nation now begins a 42-day countdown to be declared virus free. nearly 4,000 people have died from ebola in sierra leone alone. a milestone reached by the wildfires out west. now the largest in state history has torched 400 square miles and is expected to continue growing. >> these fires, the only way to deal with them is like eating an elephant, one bite at a time. there's still a lot to eat. >> in california evacuation orders have been lifted near a ski resort called big bear lake. also in california lawmakers have approved two bills to reign in the use of
6:22 am
drones over private property. the state senate approved legislation intended to keep paparazzi from using drones to take photographs and video over private property n. bill classifies those paparazzi drones above private property as an invasion of privacy. the assembly also approved a separate bill to create air space positive private property. it would create a trespassing crime zone for operating drones within 350 feet above private property without consent. a slightly different story about drones in western maryland. investigators uncovered a plot to use greens to sneak -- drones to sneak drugs, upon geographerric dvds and a cell phone into a maximum security prison in western maryland. investigators have arrested two suspected drone operators on property right next to the prison this past saturday night just as they were allegedly planning to launch another delivery. half a million dollars in reward money is now being
6:23 am
offered this morning for information leading to the arrest of the group that hacked the adultery website ashley madison. they released details on millions registered with the site. workers lit up the sign outside the ed sullivan theater, the premier of the late show with stephen colbert inches closer. getting a look at guest list, some additional guests have been announced for the first week including scarlett johansson seen. the late show premiers tuesday, september 8. it is 6:23. this morning some disturbing news about women and heart disease. >> coming up details of a new study concerning women under the age of 55. >> reporter: i'm delia goncalves live outside the anacostia metro station. wmata makes some changes to a popular bus route here in southeast. i'll explain coming up at 6:30.
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>> reporter: prince george's county students, it's your turn. back to school time. i'm nikki burdine in bladensburg. i'll have a live update coming right up. >> temperatures continue to drop this morning before the sun comes up because dry air is here. we'll talk about how long this nice weather sticks around. stay right here. we'll be right back.
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in case you missed it, 100 victims and witnesses are testifying in the final phase of sentencing for colorado theater shooter james holmes. they have a chance to speak about the shooting and how it impacted them in front of a
6:28 am
judge. >> i have wondered time and again what would have happened had i had the opportunity to intercede before holmes committed such a crime. i would have thrown my arms around him and begged him to listen to me. >> jurors have already determined holmes will spend the rest of his life in prison without parole for the the july 2012 attack. it will be up to the judge to make a final decision on sentencing later this week. it's already the number one killer of women but now heart disease deaths are among the rise for younger adults. deaths from heart disease have declined in people over age 55 but the opposite is true for people under 55, especially women. researchers say it's time to rethink strategies that focus on traditional risk factors. >> we need to look at management, sleep, all kinds of
6:29 am
quality of life issues. >> heart disease is still the number one killer of both men and women in the u.s. it's responsible for one in every four deaths. if you're the owner after jeep grand cherokee, you pay have to get it repaired due to a new recall. some 2013 and 2014 models have a tendency to roll away unexpectedly after drivers put them in park. 14 complaints have been received so far including five crashes three injuries. americans say they are sick of recalls. a new survey finds americans are less happy with their cars and trucks more than any other decade mainly because they're tired of recalls. the index automobile service score this year dropped nearly 4% to 79 out of a hundred.
6:30 am
teachers and administrators are already on the job and back to school for families in prince george's county. just in time for sunrise over the district. thanks for waking up with us. we begin with first alert meteorologist allyson rae who has better news than larry has for us. >> i don't think you can top this forecast. not only is today good but i have a string of good weather. hopefully the traffic holds for a few days as well. sunrise is looking beautiful on your michael & son camera, 69 degrees. we started off this morning into the 70s. a quick drop due to some lower humidity moving on in. still holding on to southern maryland with that humidity. frederick, 59 degrees. cool and comfortable this morning. sunshine will had. breezy through the afternoon but not too bad at all. highs today about 87. larry miller, over to you. >> thank you. this is where we go
6:31 am
downhill. and fast. looks like we have a disabled vehicle blocking the right lane. on the southbound side of dc 295, the anacostia freeway between benning road and east capitol street. hop over and still close to inside the beltway, we have an accident. we'll get more information about lane closures. we'll have an update for you in about ten minutes. we'll send it over to you. buckle up for the wild ride on wall street. that's -- that tops this half- hour of the newscast. the dow has dropped more than a thousand points but it could have been worse considering it was down a thousand points yesterday within the first ten minutes of markets opening. by the end of monday's meltdown, the dow finished 588 points down. the analysts are still trying to decipher what happened and whether this is a short-term correction or long-term
6:32 am
problem. influenced in part by china's economic woes. chinese stocks tumbled again this morning but some asian markets are beginning to show some signs of recovery. prince george's county police are asking for your help finding a missing elderly man. 77-yard robert sutherland was last seen around 7:00 last night in the 900 block of falcon drive in upper marlboro. he's 6 feet tall and weighs about 190 pounds. his vehicle is a 2000 gray acura four-door with maryland tags. if you see sutherland, you're asked to call police. >> reporter: in response to the d.c. violence, metro makes changes to a popular bus line here in southeast washington. we're live right outside the anacostia metro station and it is bustling with activity, lots of buses coming to pick up folks for their morning commute. we're talking about the w8 line which will change. it loops around good hope, alabama and stanton road. however, for the next week, that w8 line will skip nightly
6:33 am
stops after 7:00 p.m. on elvins road in the sheppard parkway neighborhood. the move comes after a bus driving through the dead end road friday night was actually shot at. the union tweeted that the bus was hijacked in the area. now the union is calling for officers to ride along on those buses for safety. i just spoke with a resident otis and he agrees. >> you've got seniors around here that need these bus services. they need to put the officers on the bus of the -- on the bus. >> reporter: he says it's simply not fair for a lot of the elderly residents who rely on that bus route to get them to their homes door to door so they don't have to do a whole lot of walking. metro, however, says this was a safety concern only for seven days. they deny a hijacking ever happened.
6:34 am
we're live in anacostia, delia goncalves, wusa9. a hearing is set for this morning for a man accused in the murder along the busy h street northeast corridor. hector felix is accused of stabbing eric lee smith after an argument over a bag hitting a child on the bus. he is due in court at 9:30 this morning. a woman is telling a terrifying story about being attacked in an arlington park. it happened just after 8:00 p.m. friday at luber run park. the woman says a man grabbed and groped her as she was holding on to her 3-year-old daughter. the woman screamed for help and the attacker ran. this is the sixth attack in arlington park this year. we should know the final decision today on pepco's plans to merge with exelon. the public service commission plans an open meeting at 11:00 this morning followed by a vote. critics say the proposed $6.9 billion merger would lead to rate hikes and other problems. among those opposing the merger, the office of people's
6:35 am
council, maryland's consumer advocate. prince george's county students, it's your turn to head back to school. today is the first day of school. summer break is officially over. here now to talk about all the exciting things happening here at prince george's county schools is kevin maxwell, the ceo of prince george's county schools. very exciting first day of school. we have a lot to talk about, especially these two new international schools. >> it's wonderful. i love the first day of school. it's always a great feeling, anticipation and stunt. >> reporter: you're excited every year. we met last year and you were just as excite then. >> absolutely. i've been doing this a long time but i still get excited for the first day of school. >> reporter: this is a big deal in prince george's county. sounds like it's really needed. >> it is really needed. we are celebrating last year when we got the word that our official status for graduation rates was up 2.4% the fir year. when you look -- first year. when you look at numbers for
6:36 am
groups of children inside of that, special education went up but our international students dropped over 8%. so if we're really going to be successful with all of our children, we have to start trying different kinds of things. we looked at schools and the district had been looking at schools even before i came back to work here no new york city and the schools are also in san francisco, oakland, d.c., northern virginia. we really liked the model and we saw that students in those schools in new york, for example, were outperforming or graduating at a higher rate of over 30% in some of the schools. so we were really impressed with the model. so we connected with international schools and the carnegie folks gave us a $3 million grant to get started. >> reporter: we are excited to see some of those kids n. fact, one kid -- kids. in fact, one kid is already here. >> he's so excited he didn't want to miss a thing so he's here an hour early. >> reporter: that says a lot.
6:37 am
thank you so much, dr. maxwell. we'll find that kid and find out why he's so excited to be at school. it is the first day in prince george's county. we'll keep you updated on how the kids arrive and get their day started. i'm nikki pure dine, wusa9 -- nikki burdine, wusa9. >> that is great. hope the spirit continues all year long. >> on lombardi time there. it's 6:36. don't let the start of school get you down. rock out the 5 seconds of summer on the rock out with your socks out tour. >> the tour is coming to jiffy lube live september 6. if you'd like a chance at winning two tickets, text the key word "summer" to 25543. >> the weather is looking great for the first day of school for prince george's county. we're looking at temperatures into the upper 78s on this afternoon -- upper 80s this afternoon. could you ask for a better day? sunshine, a little breezy at times through the afternoon. it does get better.
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welcome back. it's 20 minutes to 7:00. the sun is up and things are looking good. temperatures, we are into the 50s for some areas through the shenandoah valley and also through frederick, 59 degrees. it's 55 in luray. great weather today. lots of sunshine. it's going to hold. a beautiful shot from our michael & son camera. we're headed to the upper 80s today. by your lunch hour lower humidity. it will be a good one.
6:41 am
larry miller, over you to. want to let you know we have an accident on branch avenue. this is the northbound side at the capital beltway. some slight delays as you approach the crash site. north of that should be good to go. along 210 no issues. route 4, also 301 problem free. here's a live look at 301 at route 5. you can see pretty heavy volume but no issues in that part of town. along the capital beltway over the wilson bridge, we are good to go with no issues around the whole 63-mile stretch. for those of you in areas like sterming, chantilly and -- sterling, chantilly and leesburg, no issues at church road. we'll have the drive times coming up after the seven-day forecast. over you to. gas prices are falling all over the country. while that's good news to most of us. >>it's proven to be a financial setback not just for investors but a
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wusa9. our time 16:44 -- is 6:44. a ball of crude isn't what it used to be. that's having a big impact on motorists and workers in the oil industry. >> as paul murphy reports from new orleans, what's good for drivers isn't the same for the state's economy. >> reporter: louisiana could soon join about a dozen other states where gasoline is now selling below $2 a gallon. we found a mini price war waging with price at the pump at some stations running as low as $2.02 we are gallon. >> we needed the break. finally it's looking like we're going to get it. i hope it with last for a while. people down here could actually use it. >> i go to school and i have to go backwards and forward. i go and pick up my grand he babies. for me -- grand babies. for me to saving extra money on gas is very helpful. >> reporter: while consumers are enjoying the price break at the pump, some say they feel a
6:46 am
little guilty because the low price of oil is causing some cutbacks and layoffs in the local gas and oil industry. >> i do feel for them a little bit but anything we can save is good for us. >> reporter: shell and sherve ron recently -- chevron recently announced job cuts in louisiana. >> that's what we're seeing. the same thing in lafayette where they lost about 600 jobs. the question right now is how long is this going to last. >> reporter: louisiana state budget is pegged at $62 per barrel of oil. right now prices are hovering around $40. that means state budget cuts could be looming if oil prices don't rebownsdz. >> we originally -- rebound. >> we originally thought we would end up at $55, $60, even $65 at the end of the year. >> some major pros and cons there. time to see what our partners over at cbs this morning are covering. >> norah o'donnell is in new york. she has our preview. good morning, norah, who was up laith doing the cbs evening -- late doing the cbs evening news
6:47 am
last night. >> i know, double duty. good morning to you. >> what a trooper. >> good morning to you. ahead we're at the new york stock exhange this morning. we're also talking to jill schlesinger about the huge drop in the market and what if may mean -- it may mean for your portfolio and outrage after a police officer is caught on camera pressuring drivers to purchase tickets to a fund racer. and why some restaurants will do away with tips and maria from "sesame street" is going to be right here in studio 57 fulfilling a childhood dream of mine. the news is back in the the morning. we'll see you right at 7:00. >> there was a collective ah. >> we love maria. absolutely. >> remember elmo? mr -- maria, maria. allyson rae back with us
6:48 am
now. we've seen one kid show up for school in prince george's county but for everyone else making their way to the bus stop, much more comfortable today. >> no excuses, kids. it's the first day of school. it is going to be really great and right through the rest of the week. we have good weather to enjoy. >> getting in the groove. >> we are getting to the end of -- the end of august so this is getting to a more active time of hurricane season. this formed last night. if you went to bed before 10:00, you didn't hear this. tropical storm erika has formed. kind of a similar location that danny was but it's going to move just to the north of danny's track and slowly strengthen as it makes its way to the leeward islands north of puerto rico, north of espinola and by saturday or sunday we're looking at a category 1 hurricane. here we go with our forecast for today. lots of sunshine. enjoy it. winds out of the northwest will
6:49 am
bring in the dew points in the 50s. when it's into the 50s, that means dry air, comfortable air and that's on our way for today and will stay for the rest of the week. into the 80s this afternoon. temperatures continue to fall throughout the next couple of days into the low 80s by the end of the week. headed to the nats game tonight, enjoy t. you might want to pack a sweater. 87 for today. 85 for tomorrow. 84 for thursday. a little hotter and more humid over the weekend with a shower or two. larry miller, good morning. good morning. of course good morning to you at home. metro riders, we're doing really well. no issues on any of the trains. some earlier issues last night on the redline with single tracking resolved so you are good to go there. i'm tripping over my words this morning. traveling southbound on i-270, a 47-minute commute to the capital beltway. volume on i-66 inbound toward the capital beltway. from lee highway to north lee highway you're looking at a 54- minute commute. traveling northbound on i-95
6:50 am
from dumfries road to the capital beltway, a 17-minute commute. expect volume in areas like dale city, woodbridge, even newington. should ease up ever so slightly once you get in toward the 95 interchange. i pound on 50 from collington road to penn street northeast, a 21-minute commute. let's show you how things are shaping up on i-270, traffic starting to slow down ever so slightly as you approach the capital beltway going through rockville making your way in toward bethesda. here's a live look now from our trafficland camera. 395 over the 14th street bridge, got some volume there but nothing to really slow you down in terms of accidents or incidents. we'll send it over to you. today maryland's top law enforcement officer will tackle the discriminatory profiling during traffic stops. >> which way vice president joe biden could be leaning when it comes to a potential run at the white house. we'll talk about a possible sign.
6:51 am
over 30 million people play fancy football including a large number of the nationals clubhouse. scherzer, ryan zimmerman, bryce harper were in attendance. for harper -- [ inaudible ] this guy had the nerve to sit next to jordan zimmerman wearing a freddi freeman jersey but it's all for a good cause. the draft benefits the
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> reporter: i'm delia goncalves live outside the anacostia metro station. riders on the w8 bus line not happy this morning because metro announced some major changes to that line starting at 7:00 p.m. that bus line will no longer go down the elvins road area off stanton road. this comes after a bus was shot at friday night. a passenger was injured. so changes to that bus line for one week no longer going on evl -- elvins road after 7:00 p.m. >> reporter: prince george's
6:55 am
county parents rejoice. it's back to school time for your kids. today is the first day for all kids in prince george's county. we are live at the annapolis road academy whichs shares a campus with one of two brand new schools. these schools are itself international schools. students who come here are actually part of a community whose first language is not english. educators tell me they hope this will help raise their graduation rate for those students even more. back to you in the studio. now to exairn 2016. according to -- campaign 2016. according to cbs news, president obama has given vice president joe biden the green light to mull a run at the white house. biden's family could play the biggest role in his decision making. maryland becomes the first state to issue its own guidelines to try and prevent discriminatory profiling by police. the new guidelines will be unveiled by maryland's attorney general. they're similar to ones issued by the u.s. justice department. target will pay $2.8
6:56 am
million in a discrimination settlement. the retailer was cited by the equal employment opportunity commission for using tests in its hiring process to screen out applicants based on race and gender. get ready for some great weather. i think everybody is ready. 87 degrees. low humidity today and right through the weekend we'll stay with that great weather into the low to mid-80s. over the weekend a little hotter and slightly more humid. want to give you a quick update. looks like we have a water main break closing ritchie marlboro road on the eastbound side at the beltway where we have two lanes closed. commuters will need to be advised as you hit out the door this morning. cbs this morning is next. more than 800 people have registered as presidential candidate. we thought it was just the guys on stage. >> progress in the polls for one 15-year-old third-party candidate. they'll talk about you know who. >> i'll be back with larry with
6:57 am
traffic and weather. >> if you haven't done so already, be sure some of my competitors plan to reduce the use of antibiotics over the next few years. but what are you having for dinner tonight? try perdue® simply smart and harvestland®. two trusted perdue brands of chicken raised with no antibiotics ever.
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captioning funded by cbs >>oo> gd morning. it is tuesday, august 25th, 2 9 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." chinese stocks hammered again overnight and will u.s. stocks hit after a huge plunge. >> a fourth american hero after the train attack in europe. a book club booted from a napa valley wine train. >> we look at today's "eye opener." your w iorldn 90 seco nds. >> the dow trying to recover from a


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