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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  August 26, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm derek mcginty. >> the grief is unbearable, that's what alison parker's father is saying about the wdbj reporter. >> she and her photographer adam ward were gunned down this morning during a live report and hours later the shooter, a former employee, is also dead. >> reporter: the day started normally for alison parker and adam ward when they were ambushed and gunned down by a former co-worker, one that was fired by their station two years ago. >> that's the emergency number for the georgia state patrol. >> reporter: before he went to wdbj bryce williams worked at
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stations in florida, south carolina and texas, but few will remember him for that. >> all right, guys. he's got something in his right hand and he reached for something. i don't know what he reached for. >> reporter: this is who people rill remember, the man who ruthlessly -- will remember, the man who ruthlessly took the lives of two young journalists on tv while people watched. >> it would appear at some point in his life things were spiraling out of control. >> reporter: after shooting and killing alison parker and her photographer adam ward flanagan fled the scene. a few hours later he posted a picture of the shooting on his twitter account claiming the pair had wronged him, one by supposedly making racist remarks, the other reportedly reporting flanagan to hr. >> after many of his incidents of anger coming to the fore , we dismissed him and he did not take that well. >> reporter: the shooting happened around 6:30 this morning. police found flanagan at the
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airport. >> flanagan then left the airport in a shelve sonic that he rented earlier in the month -- in a shelve sonic that he rented earlier in the month. >> reporter: -- chevrolet sonic that he rented earlier in the month. >> he shot himself. i just witnessed it. >> reporter: flanagan was flown to inova fairfax where he later died. reporting in the newsroom i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> flanagan reportedly sent a 23 page manifesto to abc news and in that he claims the shootings were a reaction to the june massacre at the emanuel church in charleston. like many jobs people in the tv news industry know people at other tv stations all across town or all across the nation and one of the reporters who used to work with alison parker is a reporter now at our sister station in charlotte. >> he talked about alison and reaction to news of her death with anchor ben thompson.
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>> for the first time today it really was somebody i knew really well. it's just horrible. it's a horrible feeling of literally being sick to your stomach. >> reporter: daniel got the news this morning from a text of a friend. he was on his way to work and had to pull over to the side of the road. dan and alison first met in the small market for tv in north carolina and moved on and up to bigger cities, dan to charlotte and alison to roanoke. >> she wanted to be a network reporter, to be the west there was ever to leave a legacy. >> reporter: fast forward to today, disbelief and anger over that dream being cut short, a person he really cared for blindsided and killed doing what she loved. >> we know what it's like to be live on television. we know what it's like to be in an interview. you're focused. you have that narrow tunnel
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vision. you are vulnerable. >> reporter: but dan wants alison's legacy to be the way she lived and not the way she died. >> she was incredibly compassionate and just full of life and took advantage of every minute of the 24 years she had. >> virginia's governor was here in washington as the chase of the shooting suspect unfolded. democrat terry mcauliffe spoke to wtop. >> it goes back to what i've talked about for a long time. there are too many guns in the hands of people who should not have guns. this is why i've long advocated for background checks. i'm a gun owner. i'm a hunter, but you know what? i went through background checks myself to get it. we've got to in america come together. there is too much gun violence in the united states of america. >> mcauliffe himself owns a rifle and shotgun but says the background check process is too brief. of course, there's no em iting if a difference process would -- no telling if a difference
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process would have prevented that suspect from getting a gun. virginia senior u.s. senator warning warner also issued -- senator mark warner also issued a statement saying this crime is senseless and our thoughts are with the loved ones and friends of alison, adam and the whole wdbj staff. we're also praying for the recovery of vicki gardner. you can leave your condo licenses through our -- condolences through our wusa9 facebook and we have the complete shooting news conferences on our wusa9 app. veterinarians at the national zoo now say they have turned their attention to the surviving giant panda cub. the really sad news earlier today, the cub had died as she spent the night with her mom mei xiang, but this morning when zookeepers swapped it out with twin, they noticed it was having trouble breathing and tweeted it, thought it was
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getting better, but then it moved on. >> the entire panda unit was filled with the best animal medical team in the world. >> a necropsy will be performed on the cub that died. the twin cubs were born last saturday night. this is not the first loss for panda mom mei xiang who is now 17 years old. she had one cub that only lived a few days in 2012 and in 2013 now 2-year-old bao bao had a stillborn twin and the first surviving cub in 2005 had to be sent back to china. . tomorrow d.c. mayor muriel bowser is set to outline her latest plans for combating murders which are up 30% in the city so far this year. now crew members say they are going to put down their weapons and in exchange ask the mayor and others to guarantee jobs and job training for young men. >> basically right now we don't have anything, anything that's a start, job training, jobs. i can't go to another young man
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in my community right now that's 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 years old and tell them to put their gun down if i'm not going to replace it with something else. >> they want careers. they want career-based jobs and they're willing to go through training to get these career jobs. >> the young men are part of a group called the alliance for concerned men. in 2007 they entered into a truce with a rival violent crew in the district shaw area. they say that truce did not last because the men could find no jobs or job training programs that lasted. debate is underway at three high schools in fairfax county over whether to change confederate names and symbols and the former principal 30 years ago got a confederate mascot removed. harry hullsinger removed the school's johnny reb mascot in 1986 sparking a lengthy fight, but he won. he said after removing the mascot test scores went up and dropout rates went down. the start of the school
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year may be delayed at new stafford high. construction on a new building was supposed to be done three months ago. a school spokesperson says the high school may have to start september 14th because the company building the new structure still has not obtained an occupancy permit. we found the high school's band practicing at a middle school because of all this. their booster president tells us the band is not too upset. >> i'm excited, more sleep. >> i'm taking a lot of e.p. classes, so i'll be a little annoyed if it's delayed because that's less time to learn what i need to know. >> a little annoyed. you see her smile, right? hess construction and the county are very closely working together trying to finish this thing as soon as possible and they will know by the end of business tomorrow whether the first day of school will have to be put off. virginia's colleges and universities may establish a network of shared resources and investigators to address campus
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sex assaults. the richmond times dispatch reports the idea was discussed this week during a meeting of the state council of higher education. the university president said collaborating with schools would need fewer resources to meet the title 9 requirements. ken cuccinelli was also credited with the cost sharing idea. a local bridge was renamed to honor virginia's first female state trooper killed in the line of duty. the sign for the trooper jacqueline vernon memorial bridge was unveiled today in arlington. it will be put up on interstate 395 over the bridge there over south glebe road. trooper vernon was killed in august of 1988. a commuter bus struck her after she pulled over a driver for an h.o.v. lane violation. before becoming a state trooper vernon served in the army. virginia's former governor has not met the legal standard to stay out of prison. that is the u.s. solicitor general's opinion of bob mcdonnell's appeal to the supreme court. in papers filed today with the
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high court donald verelli jr. said the case does not raise broad questions of law on which the federal court does not agree. mcdonnell asked to stay out of prison before the conviction, but if that's rejected, he could begin serving the governor year sentence. a -- two year sentence. a woman and her dogs fall more than 200 feet down a cliff. >> pat yourself on the back if
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those stairs. technicians are looking at the elevator, but there's no word yet if it will reopen tomorrow. a judge makes it official. james holmes will never get out of prison for the colorado movie theater shooting. the judge could not send holmes to the execution chamber because the jury did not unanimously agree on the death sentence. back in july, 2012 holmes opened fire during a showing of batman and killed 12 people and wounded 70 more. the judge said, "there is no punishment in this world that could equal the defendant's horrible crimes." a man working on the new stadium for the minnesota vikings is dead after a fall. the man fell 50 feet into a snow gutter this morning at u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis. a second worker was also seriously hurt. he did not fall. an investigation is now underway into whether both men were wearing safety harnesses when they were hurt. construction was stopped for the day. the coastguard airlifted a woman to safety today in california. she and her two dogs fell more than 100 feet down the side of a cliff. a man with them also fell but climbed to safety and called
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for help. emergency crews had to work around the dogs who apparently became aggressive trying to protect the victim. up next a possible way to stop the relapse of breast cancer before it even starts. >> and big changes in how cars in the u.s. get tested for crash safety. >> it's great out here, guys, beautiful evening underway, but in the tropics tracking erica, tropical storm now. she could threaten the u.s. early next week, more on her path and
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it is a small study but one full of hope for breast cancer survives. researchers in europe used blood samples from 55 women who had been treated for early stage breast cancer looking for microscopic pieces of dna linked to the cancerous tumors that had been removed. that led to the new test which correctly predicted whether or not 54 of the 55 women would relapse. >> this new technique will allow us to begin to measure whether or not that disease is coming through before it actually reveals itself. >> if these results hold, this test could help patients get treatment before cancer spreads to other parts of the body. a larger study is planned for next year. a big recall could affect you if you opt for a healthier
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alternative to bacon. kraft times foods is recalling more than 2 million pounds of its turkey bacon products. they could spoil before the best when used by date affecting products to use by may 21st and august 26th. you can call the relations center with any questions about the recall. not backing down seems to be the theme for donald trump in republican campaign 2016 show nothing signs of regrets following his latest on air confrontation. trump dismissed anchor jorge ramos at a news conference after ramos did not wait to be called on and just stepped up questioning trump. that led to the gop candidate kicking ramos out of the press conference. larry savatos studies politics at university of virginia and said trump's battles likely will catch up with him sooner or later. >> the more controversies that
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donald trump is in, the less likely it will that be voters concerned about electability will choose him. >> so far these dust-ups are not affecting trumps in polls. he holds a wide lead in new hampshire, the very first primary state. the crash tests performed by the insurance institutes for highway safety, iihs is shifting its focus now to which models best prevent accidents. >> technology available to us today that wasn't 30 years ago is making it possible to focus on crash avoidance. >> 14 vehicles with auto brake technology have just earned a superior ranking. the technology stops a car before a front end collision. those earning this high ranking include models from acura, bmw, mazda and the 2015 mercedes cla, c and e class cars scored the highest. iihs will open new facilities
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to better test all this new technology next month. speaking of cars, if you're just getting home, it could be thanks to d.c.'s traffic and now there's even more evidence that we are really suffering around here in our commutes. the latest traffic study shows we beat out l.a., san francisco, even new york city for having the worst rush hour congestion anywhere. those backups led to an extra 82 hours of sitting in traffic per year for us here in washington. the average american commuter only loses 42 hours per year stuck on the roads. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> that's a colossal waste of time. >> yes, it is. so what about the 3-degree guarantee, my friend? >> eye let you know at 11:00. i was -- i'll let you know at 11:00. i was forecasting a high of 84 today. some places didn't get out of the 70s today. it was a beautiful afternoon and tonight is fantastic.
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if you don't have the windows open, maybe it's because of the ragweed, but if you don't suffer, open the windows. it's beautiful. our relative humidity this afternoon has been running in the 30 to 40% range, delightful. it's jacket weather in the mountains, 50s now. they'll easily be in the 40s tonight. everybody else is in the 70s, a gorgeous evening underway and tonight told you they'll be in the 40s, 48 if not 45 in places like oakland and davis could be in the low 40s. we'll stop at 65 in town and on the bay in annapolis, but look at all the 50s mainly west of i- 95, low 60s southern maryland and the eastern shore. erika has had a tough time in the atlantic east of the islands today, still a tropical storm. the last couple of hours notice those darker cloud tops? that's a sign of taller thunderstorms shooting near the center of erika. so perhaps erica will maintain
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itself. that's what the hurricane center thinks. we've got tropical storm warnings up toward antigua and barbuda, the virgian islands and puerto rico. thursday at 8:00 we're talking as it goes toward anguilla and toward the virgian islands thursday evening. after this when it gets into the central and northern bahamas, it does have a better environment. so if it survives the next couple days and there's a possibility it won't, it could make a beeline for somewhere off the florida coast as we head in toward monday afternoon. you notice in five days out the spread of accuracy is 240 miles. so that's a long way to be off. got to watch it, no time to panic yet but definitely to watch. 55 to 65 with a few spots cooler, a real nice night. tomorrow a superb day for august or september.
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we start in the 50s and 60s, get to the upper 70s, low 80s. still going to be nice friday and saturday we warm to the upper 80s, slight chance of a storm. we could use rain. same story monday, tuesday, wednesday, only slight afternoon shower chances, but the heat builds and a little humidity. summer is not over. we'll be back in the low 90s. >> no kidding. >> it's august. it's great to have it, but can't hold onto it too long. >> who knows? erika could be a problem. could be it the latest environmentally friendly fad? >> do you like the passaaadd?
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certainly not the way you would think of to protect a building from a wildfire, but that's not stopping the forest service. >> the crews are wrapping historic cabins and lookout towers in tin foil. the forest service says a royal of multi ply foil costs less than $400 staffers use duct tape to seal it up and it has actually worked in the past.
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maybe folks will come home and their house will be cooked rather than burnt. >> as you said, maybe it's for the aliens to know where they can go. >> that's all for our news at 7:00. we're back at 11:00. >> make it a great
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tonight, an "e.t." exclusive. brick's ex at her grave site with cameras in tow. the video you'll only see here. was it staged or was his pain real? >> then, new details on the young reporter and her camera man murdered live on air. we are talking to the victims' family and go inside the mind of the gunman. >> a disgruntled employee. he got his gun. he then flipped on his cell phone so he could video the entire thing. >> plus, the victims' tragic love story. >> they both were in love. >> the cameraman engaged to his producer. her staff party just hours before watching her fiance die. plus, josh duggar enters rehab as an adult film star


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