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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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we just feel like we know them from just seeing them on television all the time. >> a true multi-media murder, a shooting on live tv, an attempted get-away and a killer's life story playing out on twitter and now emotional tributes to the victims shared around the world. tonight we've learned that shooter talked of a race war and idolized mass murderers and now those who watched it all happen must struggle with what
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they see. >> a marvelous story tell we are so much promise -- storyteller with so much promise ahead of her who just happened to love me back. >> thank you for joining us. i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. it is a story still sending shock waves across the community of roanoke, virginia, a tv reporter and cameraman gunned down live on the morning news, the gunman a former co- worker. we have live team coverage. ellison barber is live with how the lives of the victims are being remembered, but we begin first in roanoke where garrett haake has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: tonight the eyes of the world are on this television station in roanoke, virginia. inside right now they're producing a newscast in memory of two colleagues executed today in cold blood. >> folks, these are great people and this is a close community. >> reporter: outside the gates of wdbj tonight community members gathered to remember journalists who felt like family members. >> roanoke is a very small knit community and our whole
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community is hurting right now of. >> reporter: reporter al -- now. >> reporter: reporter alison parker and photographer adam ward were interviewing a local chamber of commerce president live on the station's morning show live when a gunman opened fire at point blank range. last captured on camera was the face of his killer which helped launch a manhunt for vester lee flanagan, a former reporter at the station who posted about the shooting on social media. police caught up with flanagan as he head down i-66 and turned the gun on himself. flanagan had worked as a reporter at wdbj under the name bryce williams. he was fired in 2013 after less than a year. overnight last night he faxed a rambling 23 page suicide note said was harassment suffered at the station for being black and gay. he claimed it was the charleston church shooting in june that finally set him off. "i was already on the edge. the church shooting was the
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tipping point." he wrote. wdbj's general manager denies any harassment took place. >> he was not harassed or discriminated against. in fact, he made life difficult for some other people here, but we never sensed that could escalate to violence. >> reporter: back at the station heartbroken journalists worked sometimes through tears to put every one of the day's newscasts on the air. >> we are journalists. we do a service to our community and we need to do that service and provide that same service to alison and to adam and to vicki gardner and to their families. >> reporter: tonight that third victim, vicki gardner, is out of surgery in stable condition. the journalist you just heard from is anchoring a newscast right now, just one of dozens of staffers here showing incredible resilience in the face of something so horrible. reporting live in roanoke garrett haake, wusa9. >> alison parker and adam ward were a team and worked together almost every day the past year,
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but they didn't just work at wdbj. they lived their lives there with each other and their colleagues. ellison barber is in the newsroom with more on alison and adam and the people they left behind. ellison? >> in an instant both of their lives were taken live on the air as thousands of people watched, but that horrific moment isn't who they were. they were journalists and they had a bond that's special to this job. >> it's a quiet bond. you may not love each other all the time. you may not be on the same page all the time for a story, but you're always family. >> reporter: that's how it was for allison parker and -- alison parker and adam ward. the two spent most of their days together diligently waking up, getting in a truck and working on whatever story popped up. they both grew up in virginia and went to college here and started at wdbj as interns and it's also where they both found love. >> alison was the brightest light that i have ever met. she was the funniest kindest,
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most beautiful woman that i ever met and she just happened to love me back. >> reporter: ward with melissa ott, producer for the morning show. they had happy lives by all accounts filled with promise and opportunities that were cut short wednesday morning. ward's fiancee was working when it happened. she would have been sitting in a control room just likethis watching the feed from our fiancee's camera even after the video went off the air, but that moment isn't what they will be remembered for. ward and parker will be remembered because of these smiles. >> i've never had a better day at wdbj than last thursday, two days before my birthday, when i got to do seven or eight live shots with adam ward who kept me laughing, calm, showed me everything i needed to know. >> reporter: the work they did on air -- >> alison was a marvelous storyteller. >> hey, everyone, i'm alison parker with adam ward. >> we lost a piece of ourselves today. let's put it bluntly. we lost a piece of our family, our heart. >> even in this tragedy these
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two people have made impressions on millions of people. one of the anchors at wdbj told us this is a moment and these are people no one will forget. the station will get back up and keep going but never forget. reporting live in the newsroom i'm ellison barber, wusa9. >> thank you, ellison. let's get to an update on the third person shot, vicki gardner, the woman interviewed. she was shot in the back and has undergone surgery at roanoke memorial hospital. tonight they tell us she's in stable condition. gardner is executive director of the smith mountain lake regional chamber of commerce. the ward calls her a bright light in the community and everybody in town they say is pulling for her full recovery. >> tonight we've heard from president barack obama on the attack. the president called the shootings heartbreaking. >> gun violence is in the environment in this country every single day and some of this violence can't be prevented, but a whole lot of it can if we are doing a better
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job of making sure that people who have problems, people who shouldn't have guns don't have them. >> tonight the atf says that vester flanagan did purchase the gun he used legally. it's just not clear yet where he bought it. virginia governor terry mcauliffe also called for increased gun restrictions. in a radio appearance today mcauliffe talked about his state's horrible history with mass shootings including the virginia tech massacre which killed 32 people in 2007. mcauliffe noted the state's gun control laws actually got weaker after that attack. >> it just breaks your heart and you think of the families and so many friends and co- workers who were impacted by what happened today. >> virginia does not require background checks for purchases made at gun shows. it also does not prevent domestic abusers from purchasing guns. a moment of silence was held tonight at nationals park for the victims of the shooting. fans and players took some time to remember those lost in the violence before the game against the san diego padres.
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new tonight we're hearing from the family of vester flanagan. a family spokesperson in san francisco read a statement just a short time ago expressing grief and sadness. >> it is with heavy hearts and deep sadness we express our deepest condolences to the families of alison parker and adam ward. we are also praying for the recoveries of vicki gardner. our thoughts and prayers at this time are with the victims' families and with wdbj television station family. >> flanagan had been fired from several jobs and was known as a troublemaker. now while workplace shootings are not new, we've heard before about disgruntled employees who use violence as retaliation, it is still rare in. 2013 just 9% of all workplace deaths were homicides, but when it does happen most of those deaths were from gunshots. women are most at risk because of domestic disputes and our coverage of the shooting
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continues. still ahead we'll take a look at what happens when violence l. devira bra alfarone will look at social media and its role in today's attack. >> and you can get the latest on the attacks in virginia by downloading our news app and signing up for the breaking news alerts. we'll have 24 hour updates on the investigation and the condition of the survivor at we have some breaking news to tell you about right now. the coastguard is searching for a missing teen who was swimming in the potomac river near mount vernon. first responders were called around 8:30 tonight and as we speak, crews are both on and along the river searching for the boy. we will continue to update you on this story throughout the newscast. and tonight we're learning new details about the national zoo's efforts to save that little panda cub that passed away this afternoon. one of the two cubs mei xiang delivered last saturday. according to our partners over at the washington post, zookeepers knew they had a problem at 7:15 this morning. the cub was le nationallic and
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having -- lethargic and having trouble breathing. the crew pumped oxygen into the incubator and gave him antibiotics. by noon the cub seemed to rally, but by 2 p.m. the cub went into cardiac arrest. the staff attempted some gentle cpr, but at 2:05 that little cub was gone. >> the superhuman effort that that staff made to keep this cub alive, then when we realized the cub wasn't going to make it, it was devastating. >> one comforting note, the little cub spent its final night in the warm embrace of its mother. we can also tell you zookeepers report mei xiang's other cub looks strong and robust tonight. we just got word from the national park service that the washington monument will reopen tomorrow morning at 9:00. as we take a live look at the landmark, we can tell you that the elevator acted up again late today. fortunately no one was inside
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at the time, but crews had to escort 23 visitors down all of the 897 steps. crews went to work on the elevator glitch. the stock market broke its losing streak, the dow is urging 600 points higher today, the third biggest gain ever and the best day in almost four years for the market. stocks are still rebounding from a six-day slump set off by concerns about the health of the chinese economy. we'll see if it holds up tomorrow. tonight hillary clinton addressed the campaign that's dogged her campaign for president. tonight at her stop in 0 with she said she understood -- in iowa she said she understood why people had questions. she said, "it clearly was not the best choice. i should have used two e-mails, one personal, one for work. i take responsibility for that decision." it's found that some seers on clinton's e-mails contained classified information.
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on the eve of president obama's visit to new orleans for the anniversary of katrina, we'll take a look at how the rebuilding efforts is going, so many promises made, how many were kept? >> and the duggar family now hoping for repentance and change after josh checks into rehab, the plan for recovery after his fall from grace. >> and new information confirming what you've been suspecting, yes, traffic in d.c. is really getting worse. we'll tell you who we beat for this troubling title. >> just out here on the weather terrace doing a little watering. it's been dry and rain chances stay low but really comfortable. open the windows and enjoy it, 50s in montgomery county, 72 downtown. we do have some heat in the seven-day and the 11:00 update does have
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continuing coverage now of the day's big story, an on air double murder, the execution of two local journalists didn't just play out on live tv. horrifying videos were shared on social media over and over again today. >> it's actually kind of controversial and it has a lot of you talking and our debra alfarone exploring it tonight. >> reporter: and wusa9 has made the decision to not show that video on tv, on our website and through social media. just to be clear, you won't see the video in this story either, but you'll hear strong opinions about the sharing of it after
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facebook and twitter reacted quickly to take them down. while we may prefer to think about how virginia tv journalists alison parker and adam ward lived, a youtube video showing a former colleague killing them on live tv being shared over and over again on social media is threatening to keep the focus on how they died. add to that the gunman posted his own point of view video of his deadly act. >> it would take some forethought to consider using social media as if doing this live on traditional media live tv was not enough. >> reporter: twitter reacted. atlanta amy says will not watch the wdbj shooting. it will only further my disappointment in people today plus enough with the shooting other people, people. another, don't share the video of the shooting. it's understandable that people are curious, but let's not forget that these are actual people, #wdbj. >> we have a right to show it.
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there's no question the first amendment protects that right to show it, but the question is it the right thing to do? should we be showing it? >> on the flip jason says i think people 18 plus should see the point of view video. they need to see how violent guns can really be, not how they are glamorously portrayed on tv. taylor weighs in, how about all you don't watch the video, don't post the video types be quiet and let folks decide for themselves what to do or not do? in the end each journalist, each news station, each person makes their own choice. wdbj is a sister station to us. many of us know people who work there. i know i do and our thoughts are with them all. tonight the museum added alison and adam's pictures to their journalists' memorial. debra alfarone, wusa9. >> let's grieve with our friends in roanoke tonight and we'd love to hear what you have to say about the question of showing and sharing the video of that attack. add your voice to our facebook page. join the debate.
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this saturday marks the 10 year anniversary of hurricane katrina and some towns hit hard by the storm and flooding are still struggling to rebuild after all this time. one of them is bay st. louis, mississippi. it took a beating from the powerful winds and storm surge. katrina destroyed hundreds of homes along the town's beach boulevard. one of them belonged to charles gray. >> when i came back, the only thing left were door steps. >> there are still many empty lots in bay st. louis, but there is progress being made. habitat for humanity has built 140 new homes in what is considered a flood free zone and crews have used construction technology designed to help structures survive powerful storms. well, it has been a brutal week for former 19 kids and counting reality star journal duggar who has now checked himself into rehab. one week after josh admitted to having an account on the cheating website ashley madison the family says he's checked himself into a long term treatment center.
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on their family website the duggars say it will be a long journey toward wholeness and recovery for josh and asked for everyone's continued prayers. if you're worried about getting to work on time in the morning, you're not alone. now there's no evidence we are really suffering on our commute. the latest traffic study shows we beat out l.a., san francisco and new york for having the worst rush hour congestion in the country. those backups lead to an extra 82 hours of sitting in traffic per year for us. the average american commuter loses 42 hours per year stuck on the road. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> we can say the weather this week has nothing to do with the bad traffic. >> no, no, no. maybe if you've got the sun on the horizon. >> that's the only problem. >> yeah, real nice, what a great. we had a 14 day streak going on the 3-degree guarantee. i forecast a high of 84 and some temperatures like dulles only got to 79.
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i was sweating it out this afternoon, but some good things can't come to an end just yet, 82. so we were within 2, 15 in a row and long term we're 36 out of 39. we've been doing real well and weatherwise doing real well, right now 72, but this is at reagan national. you got that heat island effect from the asphalt and the city, but when you get away from the city, look at the difference. annapolis, the bay keeps them 67 but 60 in culpeper, 61 in winchester, 49 in the mountains and davis, west virginia, low 60s. it's going to be a delightful night, partly cloudy skies, by morning mid-60s in town, but lots of 50s again in many of the suburbs and yes, there will be 40s for sure in the mountains. erika tonight looking a little bit better, but this is deceiving. the circulation is a mess with this storm, still a tropical
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storm but a weak one and that's good. we could use the rain, but the wind could be devastating if this thing were to become a real big hurricane, doesn't look like that's going to happen. we've got tropical storm warnings in an teague, what barbuda -- antigua, barbie barbuda, all the way to port -- barbuda, all the way to puerto rico. thursday night it will get north of hispanole. looks like it will be real close to nassau by sunday lunchtime and this is different than earlier. it's making more of a turn at least on the official track away from florida parallelling the coast. this trend continues and i think it will. we could get this thing more on this track than on that track and that would be good news and would spare florida. it's been 10 years really since
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we've had a landfalling hurricane in the u.s., really amazing it's been that long, clear to partly cloudy, nice and cool, 55 to 65. the afternoon see push, low humidity -- superb, low humidity, 85 on friday, got a stray storm saturday. we need the rain, but rain chances aren't high, a little warmer, 88. heat and humidity builds, summer is not over, 90 sunday, should be okay saturday night up in baltimore for the game and low 90s monday, tuesday, wednesday next week. >> heating back up. nats needed to keep the streak going tonight and they had some chances. >> they did. at least they showed us some fight tonight. they were on a good journey winning three in a row, hit a little bit of a snag, but the nats did claw their way, they tried to anyway, to victory. we'll have highlig
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> as the days tick away, the washington nationals are
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focused on the task at land but are well aware they have -- hand but are well aware they have a huge september series coming. max scherzer's start so the aces can be in line for that series which means gio gonzalez got the nod tonight. he gave up four runs in 4 1/3. bases loaded in the 7th, bryce harper singles to right, span and werth motor around to score. rendon gets to third. yunel escobar, a 3-0 count and he swings, grounds to the ending inning. nats lose 6-5. mets win. washington trails in the east by 6 1/2 games, getting tougher. o's in kansas city, chris davis had a 10 game and the birds win to snap their six-
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game losing streak. junior galette was signed baggage and old for his pass rush. we expected to see him play on saturday, but his season is over before he plays a snap. galette suffered a torn achille's in practice today and is out for the rest of the season. on the opposite side of the ball we've hurt coach gruden share the praises of the two backup quarterbacks. >> i'm excited for the opportunity to continue to compete and let jay make the decision, but i think both colt and i want to make him say boy, i'm excited for whoever has to go in and play because both these guys have played really, really well and i feel like both of us have done that to this point. >> washington's next opponents the ravens will bea motivated
11:27 pm
team looking to even race their debacle in philly. coach said washington is a much better team on film than people are giving them credit for. >> watching washington play, they're 2-0 and i look at the tape and say the people writing this, i don't think they're really watching the tape or paying attention to what kind of team this is. it's a very good football team. finally ghtonit this football team decided to pull a prank on their quarterback, division 3 center college in kentucky. the quarterback takes a? and ey all just lie down -- takes a snap and they all just lie down. practice gets a little mundane, got to have some fun with it. the quarterback is all he can do is pump the ball like really? >> i got to hope the ravens do that on saturday because when a coach says oh, they're way better when people think, that's what they say before they're about to beat you down. >> don't say
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we just don't want this weather to end. >> i know, i know. i'll give you two more days and by the weekend temps start to creep up. beautiful again tonight and tomorrow, a lot of 50s tonight, even more 50s tomorrow night with the 60s in town and they we creep up upper 80s saturday, night sunday and the heat is back next week and just some isolated rain chances. >> it's been a tough day. we're going to pray for better news tomorrow, everyone. you have a good night. >> good night, everyone.
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