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tv   Wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  October 4, 2015 7:00am-8:31am EDT

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good morning, i'm a mike hydeck. an investigation is underway at a washington hospital center, when a altercation with security guards leaves the patient that. we will hear from the medical center. and as hurricane joaquin heads from bermuda, the storm surge become study in the carolinas. i'm meteorologist allyson rae, we have in store for you another cloudy day with drizzle, when does it end? when does the sun return? i have the forecast. >> we are ready for that. good morning, i'm mike hydeck, thank you for joining us , wusa9 and cbs throughout the morning, and allyson rae, one
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of the busier people around here, you've had more to talk about in the last week than last month. simmer pots of weather. some people do like the quality and drizzle days but when it's four days in a row it gets old. good news, we are starting to see small improvement later on today and really tomorrow. here is first alert doppler. we still cut the yellow weather alert today because your outdoor activities are not going to be too comfortable. they will not be washed out by any means, the skins game will be fine, good football weather, grab the jackets, grab the sweatshirts. it's constant drizzle for areas farther south. most areas are dry but still feeling damp out there. here we are further south toward warrenton, manassas, dale city, you can see those areas of green, here's what we will see today, cloudy skies, windy conditions, winds are still at of the northeast. is a breezy one but we are warming up. yesterday's highest work at 58,
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we are already at 57. we know we're going to be higher. little bit of patchy fog the shenandoah valley. still, coastal advisories and flood warnings are in place, waves are high, persistent northeasterly wind is causing flooding concerns. take it easy especially during high tide. as far as rain is concerned, not much added to it, about a 10th of an inch, that's why it's so quiet. temperatures day into the 60s. still cool but a little bit better. we get better weather coming up in just a bit. mike? we start with a developing story this morning, a confrontation with security guards turns deadly for patient at washington hospital center. it is not clear what led to the scuffle but we do not that dc police are leading the investigation. officials tell wusa9 the incident occurred at the hospital's main entrance on wednesday, the patient died thursday. two security guards involved have been placed on
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administrative leave while the dc police investigate. in a statement from the hospital they say the highest priority is the care and safety of every patient. we want to assure our community that we are taking the situation very seriously and working closely with mpd. and one person is dead and dozens of people were sent from their homes after a car crashed into prince george's county apartment building. police believe the driver had been shot before impact. we are live this morning at district heights with the latest. good morning, surae. >> reporter: a very scary incident. you can see crews are here right now, they have pointed out for the driver slammed right into this apartment building in district heights in prince georges county. a very scary situation. and he did not die necessarily from crashing into the building but yet he was found with gunshot wounds. you can see crews right now are going into this apartment complex. this is actually inside a bedroom. this all happened around 11:00 last night on rochelle avenue, the 1900 block in district
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heights. officials say that the driver died on the scene and had those gunshot wounds. we spoke with a resident who described the moment the car went into the building. >> it felt like a earthquake. the laws were shaking. i went and opened the door and all i saw was smoke. i looked around, there was a car. i told my wife and daughters, get out. it was a madhouse. people trying to had kids over. it was scary, we did not know if the car would blow up or anything. >> reporter: that same resident says that he is not allowed to return for a week. they are now trying to shore up this building but for now, the building has been deemed unsafe. live in district heights, surae chinn, wusa9. >> thank you. a horrific crash in fairfax county, three cars collided in lorton last night at about 9:00. and now, police say in jimmy
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aldair castro of woodbridge did not -- he was pronounced dead at the scene, the two drivers and their passengers were taken to toshe hl pitawith nonlife threatening injuries. speed and narcotics are both being considered as possible contributing factors to the crash. dozens of residents in bethesda are finally back in their homes after a gas leak that started when a hit and run vehicle sheered off a gas meter at an apartment building in the 6800 block of fairfax road. the gas company was on the seat at about 4:00 this morning, switched off service. no one was injured and police are searching for the driver. what an explosion, so powerful it blew the front of the building off in brooklyn, new york. one person was killed, eight injured on saturday. more than 200 firefighters responded to the scene where they found bricks strewn across the street and smoke pouring out of the top floor.
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investigators believe it was a gas stove disconnected improperly that was the cause. a lesson for little leaguers this morning, never give up. the season may be over for the washington nationals but you would not know it by max scherzer's performance last night, the nats ace to through a no-hitter against the mets at citi fields with 17 strikeouts. the other picture -- the other time he did it was against the pirates in june, he thanked the team for great defense. the nats win at the field 2-0. in charleston, south carolina -- >> as much as several feet of water in some places. soaking rain have closed streets, straining cars and effectively shutting down the city. much of this record drenching rain was centered in the
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carolinas but coastal communities as far away as new jersey are feeling the impact as well as persistent northeasterly wind. some are calling this a 200 year rain event. up coast in ocean city, maryland, windy with light rain overnight but on saturday a much different story. heavy wind and strong waves pounded the shoreline. small ponds could be seen up and down the beach, that's how much rainfall. lots of sand swept over the boardwalk in along the street near the inlet as well. >> i have been coming here for probably about 10, 12 years, never seen it this bad. this is not a destination place to be right now. it's not looking too good. but, it's actually looking a lot better than we thought it was going to be. i guess we dodged a bullet on this storm. >> in fact, ocean city mayor rick meehan says the beaches appear to be in pretty good shape, all things considered. research will resume today for a container ship missing somewhere near the bahamas.
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the boat with 28 americans and one polish national on board went missing thursday after it failed into hurricane joaquin path and lost power to its engines. so far the coast guard found a life ring from the missing boat but that's it. there has been no communication or any sight of that ship. still to come this morning, we are going to take a look at some big stories on the web this week. also ahead, if sprint is your cell phone carrier coming your while that is about to get a little wider when it comes to covering the cost of staying connected. the president calls for an investigation into the u.s. bombing of an afghan hands didn't. afghanistan hospital. it is warmer than yesterday but still on the cool side. i wish i would have grabbed my jacket. we are in for a cloudy and breezy day, a little bit of drizzle and light showers left over but this is the last
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welcome back. first alert weather, the redskins are at fedex field today, there was concern way, early in the week, it could be impacted. should be fine today, right? >> well, yeah -- >> could be rock, cold. >> that is good football weather. you will have to be there with jackets on. it is going to be chilly but warmer than yesterday, temperatures in the low 60s which is still above average that we are making slow and steady improvements on the weather. let's look at first alert doppler, we have dry -- a little bit of rain to the south, that will missed in with that drizzle for the game today but will not impact as far as the delay of the game in any means. here we go, light rain left over in areas that are going to see some more light rain compared to the drizzle are going to be south and west of the district, this is where that last bit of moisture is
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hanging around, dale city down 95 to quantico and north of fredericksburg. christ guys are hanging around, northeasterly wind is staying, i was just outside, it is a little bit warmer, not that bitter chill that we head toward the beginning of october than it was yesterday. still into the 40s as we head into the shenandoah valley. that's where the fog is as well. highs today, back in the 60s, 64 degrees in the district, if you are heading to the game today, you will stay in the 60s. won't need a heavy coat but jacket weather. here's the setup. we have joaquin going to bermuda, low-pressure fueling on this tropical moisture for the carolinas, not a good set up for them. are stubborn northeasterly wind continues, that's why we have clouds in place, breeze in place and coastal advisory in place for our area. it is going to be another cloudy day with a little bit of drizzle. here are the improvements for tomorrow, increasing sunshine, upper 60s, not too bad at all.
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i tuesday, sunshine, 74 degrees. middle of next week looks great, mid-60s with a couple of degrees above average in a chance for rain by the end of next week. still to come this morning, the great goals hunt. our treasure hunters one step closer to finding a nazi train packed with gold bars? plus, saluting fallen firefighters. resident obama remembers those kill
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happening today, the names of 87 fallen firefighters will be added to the national fallen firefighters memorial. president obama will speak at the service at the national fire academy in maryland. the ceremony will honor 84 firefighters who died in the line of duty in 2014 and three others who died in previous years. the president says the u.s. has launched a full-scale investigation into air strike that hit an afghan hospital. the facts killed 19 people including three children and wounded at least 37 more. this is a drs. without borders hospital. the u.s. military says the taliban was the intended target but the bomb may have caused collateral damage in the northern city. the u.n. called the strike inexcusable, possibly even criminal. the vatican has fired a priest after he announced in two newspapers that he is gay. cristoff caresda worked at the
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vatican and was fired after he told reporters in poland he was proud to be a gay priest. he appeared with his partner saturday to discuss coming out and his firing. >> i came out, he said. this is a very personal decision. and the catholic church is homophobic worlds, a very difficult in tough decision. >> the firing came just before today's big meeting of the world's bishops to discuss the church's outreach to gays and more traditional catholic families. i'm surae chinn in district heights, in prince georges, a driver slams into this apartment building. that man is dead and it was not necessarily from the impact of the crash because he was found with gunshot wounds. crews now trying to shore up this building that has been deemed unsafe. we will have much more coming up in 15 minutes. live here in district heights, surae chinn, wusa9. let's get an update on joaquin. yesterday, it peaked at a
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category 4 hurricane, still very strong, now it is a category 3 which is major hurricane status but it's headed to bermuda. this is a scary situation for be muted. they have a hurricane warning in place. watch how close it comes, a member, the right side of the hurricane often has a stronger winds that are reported, 150 miles per hour gusts are right here, so they will see those hurricane force winds as a category 2 later this afternoon dennis lights off to the north and east. we will be watching closely and continuing to track joaquin. we also have updates on our mobile app. it does stay far away from our area but the northeasterly wind continues to usher in beach erosion for the east coast. there it goes right near bermuda later on. for us we had a plume of moisture headed into the south carolina area, adding up the rainfall totals, coming up later we will tell you when the sunshine returns for our weather when we get rid of the stubborn pattern that the whole eastern seaboard is stuck on.
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>> thank you. in our sunday consumer alert, now you can shop while you tweet. your favorite retailers can sell directly to you thanks to a new teacher on -- thanks to a new feature on twitter. lesli foster has more. >> reporter: you will notice these buy now buttons on retailer pros, rolling out with brands like best buy, and pacsun, but the buy now option is only available in the u.s. twitter started trying it out a year ago in they plan to expand your buying power to other businesses in the coming months. lesli foster, wusa9. sprint, if that is your cell phone carrier, he will soon be paying more, more data, more expenses. starting the 16th, in fact, unlimited data will go from $60- $70 for customers. sprint and t-mobile are the only two national carriers
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that still offer unlimited plans. coming up, a controversial app so you can rate your friends. plus, years since i was going to the library to do my homework. it was a little bit of a walk to get to the bus stop. i had to wait in line to use the computer. took a lot of juggling to keep it all together. what's possible when you have high-speed internet at home? the library never closes. it makes it so much better to do homework when you're at home. internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide.
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in case you missed it on our social media page, what's trending? not the usual reaction to a crying baby on a plane. >> that's right, do similar was
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sitting in her seat when a mother and screaming infant sat down next to her but instead of getting upset, miller asked if she could help with the baby who eventually fell asleep in her arms. the mother said this act of kindness brought tears to her eyes. next up if you're going to rob a bank, you might not want to post a picture with your stolen cash on facebook. that's what one ohio man did. after police identified him as a suspect the evidence was not too hard to find. rough weather is just about the corner and if you need these things he better order fast. >> right. if you're hoping to get the hell been signature been boost for this winter, you're out of luck. despite hiring new workers, several hundred thousands are on backorder. keep up with the stories throughout the week by liking wusa9 on facebook. you can only imagine this next story is going to end in controversy. we can rate restaurants, we can rate uber drivers but how about a terrible date or mean boss? you can only compare to your
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friends about that, right? now there is a new app that allows you to reach people. it's called peeple. it allows you to review your friends online. even though before it was launched, it sparked outrage, something this could promote cyber bullying. i agree. this story is really cool. in poland, a search for a mystery train that could be filled with pressure. >> the train was buried at the end of world war ii. elizabeth palmer has more. >> reporter: 1945, a train pulls in. and soldiers loaded up with chests of nazi gold. is a myth so powerful here in southwest poland that history buffs staged a reenactment recently. in reality, amateur treasure hunters andre richter and petra copa believe they have found a mysterious nazi train.
7:25 am
it lies, they say, 25 feet underground here by the main railroad line on the outskirts of this town. >> is the axis of the train like this? it goes right under the road? >> reporter: they think that once the nazis had parked the train in the trench of the things, they somehow covered the whole thing up with earth and removed all traces of the track. the nazis did occupy this part of poland during world war ii and they had to retreat in a hurry. as the soviet army advanced in 1945. so, it is possible the germans wanted to hide something from the russians. >> you lay it down on the ground and then you move it? >> reporter: richter and kopre's groundbreaking machine produced an image that looks like mangold, but tanks. the british -- the polish government had the site
7:26 am
cleared, but now, the army is checking for nazi booby-traps. then what? nobody knows, they are hoping it's not a bust but a bonanza. >> how much money do you hope to make? >> $5-$8 million, he says, as our finder's fee. >> reporter: that's probably a long shot, and, yet, some money is already flowing into the region from torres who would love to see a nazi train. but for now, we will happily settle for the myth. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, poland. military explosive experts are hoping to have a search of that site finished by the end of today. topping our news at 7:30. talking roles in confusion, changes here in dc are slow to come about. we tell you where they are now. the supreme court is set to go back in session. we tell you what they will be tackling this fall. and are you searching for sunshine? i am.
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dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. good morning, 7:30. residents forced from their homes as a car smashes into their prince georges county
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apartment complex, why investigators believe the driver was dead before impact. plus, america's newest citizens sworn in on a very special day. we explain what made their naturalization ceremony so special. and, be afraid, be very afraid. wait until you see how these assumed to be parents made their baby announcement. allyson? we are still dealing with clouds and dreary weather, i have some improvement starting today. the look ahead to next week. good morning, glad you are with us on sunday morning, west place for sunday morning television, wusa9, i'm mike hydeck. good morning, allyson. >> good morning. are you ready for sunshine? everybody is. not going to happen today. still cloudy, still a little bit of drizzle out there, if anybody does see the sun today, it will be as you head off into
7:31 am
northern maryland. as we go through today, warmer than yesterday, small but steady improvements. we are into the 60s today, a little breezy and cool, good football weather for the right skins game, but it will not get back to average temperatures until wednesday. dale city, quantico, still sing a little bit of rain, we do with areas of patchy drizzle, patchy rain, especially areas of south and west of the district. still breezy, northeasterly winds are causing the problems on the coastline in through the washington channel and bay. we have these coastal advisories in place, the waves are high, northeasterly wind is causing those problems specifically during high tide. watch out for any standing water through those areas that you know are susceptible to flooding. temperatures today are going to head to the 60s, it's breezy and cool with drizzle but we are seeing improvements compared to yesterday. we will talk about the week ahead and of course updates on joaquin and south carolina coming up later. mike? top story, it sounded like a bomb went off according to people at a prince georges county condominium complex
7:32 am
when a car slammed into the building. now a mystery surrounds how this happened. the driver is dead the police believe it was not the crash that killed him. surae chinn is live in district heights with what we know so far. >> reporter: mike, the driver went right into someone's bedroom. take a look, it is now boarded up. you can see inside, someone's bed, and how close it must have gotten if anyone was inside that room. but, yes, one man is dead and there were gunshot wounds. and so, we don't know exactly how this all started, police are still investigating. this happened around 11:00 last night on rochelle avenue, and, video from overnight, you could see the car all the way inside the apartment building. you can see the tail end of the back of that car. residents here, we are told, were told to evacuate and here's what one person had to say. >> i'm just sad about the situation but i do know that whoever it was that was inside the car, just pray to god that they are okay.
7:33 am
>> reporter: but as we know, that person is not okay. police now investigating why this incident started and why this tragedy happened. out here life, we see -- out here live, we see a lot of debris from this impact. you can see the hub caps here as a some of the crews are shoring up the building that has been deemed unsafe. live in district heights, surae chinn, wusa9. one man is dead and four sent to the hospital after a violent crash in fairfax county. three cars collided in lorton at around 9:00 p.m. 19 of the jimmy aldair castro reves was driving south on telegraph road, his car slid off the road, he was pronounced dead at the scene. to drivers and their passengers were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries, speed and narcotics are being
7:34 am
investigated as possible motives in the crash. we are tracking joaquin, a category 3, massive storm heading to bermuda today. here in the u.s., the carolinas saw the brunt of the flooding from a nor'easter, now to have bands of rain from tropical moisture coming in. some parts of south carolina have seen over a foot of rain and it continues today. anyone who lives, works, shops, dines out in dc knows how hard it is to find a good, legal parking space. >> all of those signs. >> sign on top of a sign. >> now it's going to cost you more if you break the rules and they will be changing. we have more. >> reporter: the city had extended the hours to pay for parking until midnight, that would be about 15,000 of the city's 18,000 m, it has not happen as planned on october 1 because the signage has not been changed in many meters need to be reprogrammed.
7:35 am
>> that is not fair for us. i mean, it really is not fair. >> reporter: parking regulations are already confusing. >> they should look into more clear signs and updating the signs. they changed the saturday enforcement a couple of years ago, those took years to get updated. >> reporter: label phase in the change between now and june. >> they have to change 100,000 parking signs in the city and on top of that, these signs are already hard to understand. >> reporter: one of the things i want to fix are the signs that are confusing. this is one of the areas that will soon go to midnight, it says right now, no time parking, 6:30 monday through saturday, that will change. this implies that he don't have to put money in the meter but you do. the city wanted to use the revenue in the budget, about $80,000 more per week. that will not add up.
7:36 am
>> it's hard to imagine that they are going to raise the finds again because we can't afford the ones they already have in place as it is. >> reporter: aaa investigates the change of the meters when they take affect will cost an average motorist $1400 a year. as for the parking fines, overstaying your payment on a meter goes from $5-$30. overstaying your stay in a neighborhood without a permit, $35. >> hank silverberg reporting. it will take until june of next year to phase in the meters and science. we are tracking metro once again this morning, they will wrap up weekend work on five of six lines today, metro says the red line will run every 20 minutes, the orange, silver and blue lines will run every 25 minutes, the green line will operate on a regular we can schedule. this weekend marks the 50th anniversary of immigration and naturalization act, a special naturalization ceremony was held saturday in glen echo's. they took the allegiance to become u.s. citizens.
7:37 am
>> i'm a proud american! i am very proud! >> president. lyndon b. johnson signed the immigration bill at the foot of the statue of liberty october 3, 1965. tomorrow is the first monday of october, traditional opening of the fall session of the u.s. supreme court. the justices return to the bench monday for the start of their new term. abortion, control and race on the agenda for the supreme court. the new term comes following the 5-4 decision to extend the right to gay and lesbian couples nationwide. today justices and other government officials will attend the annual red mass, it is celebrated each year on the eve of the supreme court's fall session. still to come this morning to doing more with facebook than just hitting the "like" button. find out more in a tech report next.
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plus, grab a bucket and shovel, we are off to a sandcastle hotel. it's a real one you can actually sleep in. wait until you see what it looks like inside. need a pick me up? how about face time with america's puppy. we tell you how this little guy is navigating the world of social media now. allyson? >> you can't get sick of that face. it is cloudy and we are sick o
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welcome back. if you have not heard, you know that wusa9's andrea mccarren is training a puppy that will eventually become america's warrior. >> the pup has become a social media star. we take you behind the scenes to show you how bunts has become so popular. >> it makes you happy. >> reporter: as bunts grows, sodas his squad. >> right now he has followers in all 50 states and 21 countries. >> reporter: followers like robin rosenberg. >> if you are having a bad day, go on andrea's page and read her blog. >> reporter: actually, it is bunts' blog. andrea type this. there is bunts with police officers, firefighters, secretary of defense ash
7:42 am
carter, homeland security secretary, jay johnson, and, taking in many dc sites. and he's the most popular guy in the newsroom. >> i'm on the blog all the time, i'm always looking for what he says. >> reporter: sandy lives in michigan and is one of many friends clicking like on his blog, facebook and instagram. >> here i am early in the morning looking for something to smile about to start my day and there he is. >> reporter: robin says he's more than a pup who just makes her smile. he is the fuzzy face of acceptance. >> as a hearing-impaired person, as a former parent of a service dog myself, it gives the opportunity for others to be accepted as normal people. >> reporter: bunce was named
7:43 am
for marine corporal. justin bunce who was severely injured by an ied in iraq. he lived in the washington area, so bunce and andrea get to spend lots of time with him. debra alfarone, wusa9. >> if you like to follow him on instagram, follow him on bunce on 9. there's also the world according to bunce, go to our wusa9 news app, the download is free. weather time now, take a deep breath, grab your sweater, it's still going to be robbed at least there's something on the horizon we can look over two. maxwell improvement here. today's improvements are temperatures, not so much the clouds and drizzle. we will be back in 60 say and by tomorrow little bit more sunshine. we are going to end the pattern that has been very stubborn the last couple of days, these northeasterly winds are causing the coastal advisories for the bay near the washington channel and near alexandria, lots of flooding there as well. we do have a little bit of rain for south and this will be the trend.
7:44 am
the drizzle and nuisance rain, nothing too heavy. the farther south and west you go the better chance you have of this. through dale city, quantico and stafford, right among 95, these will move up at that does not mean we won't have another round push through during the day specifically during the morning hours. it's cloudy out there but those clouds will break apart a touch, areas to the north in northern maryland, that's where you could see little bit of sunshine later today but more so tomorrow. 57 degrees, already 1 degree high -- about our afternoon high yesterday, still a little bit of breezy, this pattern has been so stubborn. we have a low-pressure here through the carolinas, ceiling in all of this tropical moisture. and, here's joaquin kind of adding in some extra moisture, just out here, it's well off to the east. but, here we go with stubborn high-pressure, this pattern is hard to move. we have northeasterly wind, the whole eastern seaboard is dealing with bad weather and of course, south carolina, the historic flooding there. for us, we are still in this
7:45 am
pattern but the clouds will solely break apart by tomorrow, especially for areas west of 95, we will see a lot more sunshine than what we see for the poppel -- possible days. cool out there, in the 40s in the shenandoah valley and wednesday higher for areas east of 95, a gusty day, that's why we have coastal advisories in place. take a look at the future cast come here come the northeasterly winds, cadiz guys estate for today so if you're heading to the skins game, it will be cool and breezy but i don't think you'll need the ponchos today, just some nuisance drizzle and light rain. as we go through tomorrow, clearing signs, that's good to see, no rain, upper 60s for monday and back into the 70s by tuesday. joaquin is category 3, going to slide by bermuda, as a category 2 hurricane, then takes off to the north and east. once it passes by bermuda which it is going to be a strong storm as it does, that's when our weather is going to get back to normal. here's our forecast, city for degrees and by tomorrow, 68 with more and more sunshine and 74 by tuesday, the middle of next week looks beautiful.
7:46 am
a little well-deserved, i think. 74 by wednesday, next chance for rain arrives next week. good morning. attorneys making a difference. on wednesday, the seventh, join me and my buddies from the federal practice group at a happy hour fundraiser. the benefit for the prevent cancer foundation is at the daily grill at 1200 18th street northwest at 5:00 p.m. next saturday, the cancer leukemia and lymphoma society is taking steps to end blood cancer. the walking montgomery county begins at 5:00 p.m. in the maryland town center on maryland avenue. if you can't make that one, the dc like the walk is saturday, october 17 also i 5:00 p.m. at freedom plaza. to register for a walk, go to and other health news this
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morning, dramatic increases in the use of toxic chemicals are threatening our health and that of our unborn babies. a group of international obstetricians and gynecologists say miscarriages and birth defects are just some of the bad results went to pesticides and pollutants. able to smoke reduced nicotine cigarettes lower their dependence on nicotine and reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke each day. the study found that smoking like cigarettes did not have the same results. researchers suggest this is because smokers use those just puffed harder. infants can be protected from asthma if they acquire four types of gut bacteria by the time they are four months old. researchers at british columbia say most babies naturally acquire these four bacteria from their environment but some do not. back to our top story now, one person is dead, dozens of people sent away from their homes after a car smashed into a prince georges county apartment building. >> police believe the driver had been shot before impact. our surae chinn is live this
7:48 am
morning in district heights with the latest. >> reporter: it is truly a mystery here in prince georges county, a man is dead after he slammed right into this bedroom in district heights off of rochelle avenue around 11:00 last night. no one was hurt, that was reported, that was living inside the apartment complex. but, the driver is dead and when chris came to the scene they found the driver with gunshot wounds. right now, crews, you can see, are covering up the debris that they found, some hub caps and stuff from the bedroom. and right now, residents are told not to come back for several days. we'll have much more coming up in 15 minutes before now, live in district heights, surae chinn, wusa9. >> thank you. still to come a new baby can be a scary experience and so apparently can be the baby announcement. wait until you see this. coming up in the tech minute, three little-known facebook features. and as we head into break, it's time for pet pics 9.
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>> let's see who we've got this one, send us your pics, #petpics9. here is jack the cat. [ laughter ] >> we love this one. thank you, charlie is begging for a skins win over the eagles. #petpics9 is where you contend that one peer >> all right, go, skins. look at this one, this pup just adopted, reggie white. >> somebody is an ♪ when was the last time you felt... free. it's time to uncover that feeling again. with the compassion and strength of a name... most accepted by top doctors and specialists. and the power of a card... that opens doors in all fifty states. giving you the freedom to love to dream to dance like no one is watching.
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carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless.
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you can do a lot more on facebook them just like, message and share comments. we have three tips that will make it easier for you to stay connected with friends. >> sometimes, you don't always have time to read links. for that there is a feature that will let you save pages for later reading. tap the arrow at the top right corner of the post and hit the save option. any post you save can be found in the app later backyard to more and then saved. if you want to keep tabs on a post without having to like or comment on it, there's a feature. this can be useful when a friend elicits suggestions or you want to follow an interesting conversation. just hit the arrow in the top
7:53 am
right corner of a post and choose turn on notifications. and for all of you emoji lovers, you will be happy to know that all of the emojis on your smartphone keyboard work with the facebook app. it will work different but will definitely show up. for more facebook tips and tricks including security settings, head on over -- in san francisco, i'm sharon profis. >> we all get them from time to time, how do your friends make a baby announcement? maybe with a traditional one on facebook or a postcard that get sent peer >> one california couple has gone in a completely different direction. >> i can feel it grow inside of me. what's happening to me? >> all right, parents to be broke their big news with a three minute horror movie. they are videographers and say their movie reflects their sense of humor.
7:54 am
>> we knew it was a little weird but then again, people know us as being a weird couple. >> the video has gone viral. so far more than 875,000 people have watched this. >> the lighting is spectacular. >> of course, that was pretty good. sand sculptures have taken childhood fantasy to a new level. >> they've created the first real-life sandcastle hotel. it has a draw big -- you can spend the night in a specially built room deep inside the massive sculpture and it's made entirely of sand. tons and tons of sand were brought in to make this a reality, it was then in force with wood for safety. it's truly a one of it kind hotel stay, you imagine there is probably not a shower in your hotel room. that might be a no-no with all of that sand. topping our news at 8:00, english football fans get a chance to welcome the nfl to london. plus, a patient dies after a run-in with hospital security.
7:55 am
what we are learning about this developing story this morning. we are still dealing with clouds this morning, cold temperatures and a little bit of drizzle in light rain out there, especially for areas off to the south. changes are coming. i will let you know how soon. we'll be right back. hey, everybody, huge football sunday, washington will coming in philadelphia to fedex field for a battle. on the college ranks, will we see a new quarterback for the university of maryland? we will check out that. and of course, the nats finishing up a very long season in
7:56 am
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good morning, it's 8:00. i'm mike hydeck. a confrontation with security guards turns deadly for a patient at washington hospital,
7:59 am
what the hospital is saying about this incident. we are waiting for police to release the identity of the driver who crashed into this apartment building, that person was found with gunshot wounds. i'm surae chinn with a live report coming up. and a violent crash in fairfax county leaves one man dead, sends four to the hospital. what police believe may be behind this accident. it is the beginning of october and it feels like november. i have changes in the forecast and i think a lot of people are going to welcome. like you are with us this sunday morning, i'm mike hydeck, she is meteorologist allyson rae. that's what? the nfl is on this morning, later on channel 9. weatherwise, cold, raw. >> yeah, it's like we are in london, actually, they have pretty good weather for the game. but for us, still uncomfortable out there. i do have changes, though, they
8:00 am
will be slow to arrive, still on the cloudy and grizzly side today. the improvement we will see today is the temperature. we are going to see the temperature increase by about 5 to 7 degrees, getting a little bit warmer than yesterday but still with that persistent northeasterly wind causing coastal flooding issues and also that little bit of drizzle and the clouds just hanging around. closer view just west of 95, north of fredericksburg, dale city, quantico, off to the west heading down warrenton down 17, dealing with light rain. areas south and west of the district say have a better chance of those showers coming on through. another gusty day if you're headed to the skins game, probably sweatshirt weather for sure. 57 degrees but we are heading back to the 60s today. it's not going to feel like the 60s with that persistent wind but we are starting to get better every hour. the sun will return tomorrow. into the 40s in the shenandoah valley, patchy fog, in the 50s
8:01 am
for most areas. here are the highs today, not too bad at all. i don't think it's umbrella weather but areas to the south might need that umbrella, depending on how much you can deal with. little bit of light rain. 61 leesburg, 62 manasses, 70s back in the forecast, i will have an update on the week ahead, joaquin and also the flooding rain in south carolina, that's all coming up later. might? >> thank you. now to our top story this morning, an altercation with security guards lead to the death of a patient at washington hospital center. washington hospital officials tell wusa9 the patient died thursday following an altercation with two security guards the day before. the incident occurred near the hospital's main entrance. the two security guards involved are on administrative leave while dc police investigate. in a statement, medstar says our highest priority is the care and safety of patients. we want to make sure we take the situation seriously and are working closely with mpd. dozens of bethesda
8:02 am
residents are finally back in their homes after a gas leak. it started when a hit and run vehicle sheered off a gas meter at an apartment building in the 6800 block of fairfax road. the gas company was on the seat and about 4:00 this morning, switched off service, no one was injured. police are still searching for the driver. one person is dead and dozens of people were sent out of their homes after a car smashed into a prince georges county apartment building. >> police believe the driver had been shot even before the impact. our surae chinn is live this morning in district heights with the latest. >> reporter: prince georges county certainly has a mystery on their hands because we are not exactly sure what happened here at this apartment complex but it started somewhere around here. this dramatic crash went through the fencing and down this big, huge hill. into an apartment building, into someone's bedroom. a pretty dramatic drop right here, and of course, that's why some folks say that it sounded like a bomb going off.
8:03 am
one person is dead, when crews arrived, they found the driver with gunshot wounds, this all happened in the 1900 block of rochelle avenue in district heights around 11:00 last night, the car, you could see all the way inside that person's bedroom, you can only see the back end of that car. a resident describes what he felt when he was inside of the apartment during this dramatic impact. >> it felt like an earthquake. the walls were shaking. it was going in my neighborhood, i went and opened the door, all i saw was a smoke. i looked around, it was a car. i told my wife and daughters, get out. and they were just met houses. we were, like, what is going on? we did not know if the car would blow up or anything. >> reporter: and back out here live, this is at least a 10 foot drop, this car that went careening into this apartment complex.
8:04 am
police again trying to figure out exactly what happened. we are waiting to hear the release of the identity of the person who was shot and also found dead inside the apartment building. live here in district heights, surae chinn, wusa9. a horrific crash in fairfax county, three cars collided in lorton last night. police say 19-year-old jimy eldair castro-rivas of woodbridge was driving south on telegraph road and did not negotiate the curve prior to lockport place. his vehicle slid off the road and smashed into to others. castro-rivas was pronounced dead at the scene. the other drivers and passengers wereen taka to hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. speed and narcotics are being contributed -- considered as possible contributors in the class. the president will speak today as 87 firefighters are added to the national fallen firefighters memorial. the event takes place this afternoon at the national fire academy in emmitsburg,
8:05 am
maryland. people who are gathering will honor 84 firefighters who died in the line of duty in 2014 and three others who died in previous years. we are looking live this morning at myrtle beach, south carolina this morning where this historic flooding has turned deadly. two deaths are linked to the heavy rains in the carolinas. wind and wet today at the shore and will stay that way for much of the day. this is the fourth consecutive day of rainfall in the region. in charleston, south carolina, wet weather causing flooding in parts of that city that are usually high and dry. a number of areas flooded inasmuch as several feet of water. soaking rain closed streets, stranded cars and effectively shut down the city. sudden heavy rain around the french riviera have killed at least 10 people there including some who were trapped in cars. the campsite, and a retirement home. six people missing are feared dead, they have not been confirmed. the region received the equivalent of two months of rainfall in less than just two hours.
8:06 am
the search is going to resume for that container ship somewhere near the bahamas. the boat with 28 americans and one polish national on board went missing thursday after it failed into the path of hurricane joaquin and lost power to its engines. so far the coast guard found only a life ring from the missing boat and that's it. there has been no communication or any side of the ship since. sunday, and the big game of the day in sports, tea, crumpets and touchdowns in london, the nfl -- nfl hall of famer's dan marino and curtis smart on downing street, the new york jets and miami dolphins face-off that webley stadium, coverage starts right here on wusa9 right after capital download this morning. never give up. that's the lesson for little leaguers, nationals ace max scherzer is on fire after pitching a no-hitter last night against the mets at citi field. he has already thrown when this year, he did it in june against
8:07 am
pittsburgh. this was his third no-hitter in nationals history, the nats beat the mets 2-0. happening today, the inaugural navy mile on pennsylvania avenue. navy mile is designed for all ages and abilities. the event benefits the u.s. maple sea cadet corps, maybe harbor safe and memorial. it starts at 8:00 a.m. still ahead this morning, chips and dips. we are not talking about a tailgate party, we are talking about changes to the way you pay with credit card very soon if you have not already. dozens are sent to a hospital after a roof collapse in a north carolina high school. a little chilly out here but we are seeing the temperatures go back to the 60s today, the clouds, the drizzle, the mist is still in the forecast, ♪ pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored baked treats and beverages, like the new pumpkin macchiato
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like the new pumpkin macchiato dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. welcome back. several dozen students in north carolina are waking up in the hospital this morning. more than 25 were hurt when a truck drove into a cemented awning. the awning fell on students standing beneath it as a band competition was underway. the accident could have been much worse if it was not for the weather. the event normally attracts bands from 30 schools but several of them pulled out because of the rainy weather. people at a church through driver sent scrambling when a car plowed into a building there. six were hurt in the accident in suburban chicago saturday.
8:11 am
a woman in her 70s crashed into the front of the building, landing in the atrium. dozens of people were on site at the time. six were transported to local hospitals with non- life- threatening injuries, thankfully. the woman appeared to be leaving the parking lot after receiving a donation at the church. vice president joe biden could announce within a week whether or not he is running for president in 2016. three people familiar with his deliberations tell cbs news the announcement is just days away. two of those people said he is leaning toward entering the race. still, they caution, that family considerations remain the overriding concern and it would be has risen that he does not run if he chooses not to. meanwhile the vice president spoke last night at a human rights campaign dinner in washington. he spoke about the progress of the lgbt community, during the event, apple ceo tim cook was awarded the organizations visibility award. and if you are a vegan or
8:12 am
vegetarian, there was only one place to be this weekend, saturday was the seventh annual dc veg fest, more than 100 vendors offered vegan and vegetarian food samples. there were also booths offering begin bath and beauty products. thousands showed up despite the weather so that's good. organizers say it's all about educating people about plant- based foods. >> this has been going on for seven years, and, this year was a little touch and go with the weather, but it happened, and we could not be happier. and rescue animals were up for adoption, it's hosted by a nonprofit called compassion over killing. sunday is tailgate party day but have you ever heard of a sunday wine down instead of a wind down to get ready for the start of the work we? >> oh yeah. >> you have heard of that. have you? with a glass or two? >> just a couple. why not change it to saki sunday. the japanese rice wine is growing in conception, it has
8:13 am
soared to 2% in just a decade. >> i'm seeing a broader awareness, broader interests. >> one reason saki consumption is up because more people are keeping -- eating japanese food like sushi. in our sunday health alert, families who have a rare inherited form of alzheimer's disease are taking part in a trial that aims to uncover the secrets of this deadly memory robbing disease. the results of the study could lead to breakthroughs not just for them but for everyone who suffers from the condition. kenneth craig introduces us to one family taking part in the trial. >> reporter: marty's family has a rare form of early-onset alzheimer's disease. the 36-year-old could find out if you will also get it, but he chooses not to know. >> becoming closer and closer to the age of onset is kind of, like, a huge storm on the horizon. and, some days i want to know if that storm is real and if
8:14 am
it's going to hit me, and other days i'm terrified to know. >> reporter: familial alzheimer's disease accounts for just 1% of all alzheimer's cases. his grandfather had it, his father suffered from the brain destroying condition in the early 50s. his mom, fawny, takes care of him. >> he has to be fed. he has not been able to speak since last june. >> reporter: familial alzheimer's disease is caused by an inherited gene mutation. >> if you have one of these genetic misspellings, you will develop alzheimer's disease. unfortunately 99.9% of the time. >> reporter: reiswig is taking part in the intermittently hair inherited alzheimer's study. a recently showed that range scans can pick up changes 20 years before the first symptoms show. >> our genetic opera might be the solution for so many other people and might actually help your alzheimer's. >> reporter: and, he has advice for alzheimer's sufferers and their families.
8:15 am
ask for help when you need it. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> 5 million americans suffer from alzheimer's disease and that number is expected to more than double by 2050 as the population ages. first alert weather time, sunday is here as the wind out your day, if you want to watch the nfl on your couch it's a good deal and you can do it starting at 9:00 right here on wusa9. >> you know it's a good football say when it starts at 9:00 in the morning. fruit football weather if you're into that. it does feel like november out there. if you are searching for more typical weather this time of year, sunshine, 70s, it is in the forecast, just slow to arrive. the subtle changes for today, getting back into the 60s, that's an improvement. let's take a look at where we are starting off on first alert doppler, a couple of showers areas further south, areas of south and west of the district have a better chance than some of these more nuisance showers
8:16 am
streaming on in, a similar data yesterday but we won't have the constant drizzle. just passing drizzle throughout the day for everybody. here is a little bit of light rain just south of warrenton, near 17, also just west of 95 and we could see a couple of bands pass on through. no specific placement of those, we can't really time it out. it's going to be intermittent. things are getting better, areas even off to the north near the mason-dixon line could even see sunshine later today. not much but we are getting there. 37 degrees right now, 1 degree shy of where we topped out yesterday, we were at 58 for the high, it's going to be a warmer day but still on the cool side especially with northeasterly winds still 20 miles per hour, gusting near 30, still a little chilly. temperatures across the region still into the 40s into the shenandoah valley and 54 in manassas. here's the setup and this is why it has been set -- stubborn, we have joaquin, now category 3 moving to bermuda later this afternoon.
8:17 am
it will be category 2 once it enters the area, shared environment and colder environments will begin it, but so powerful. stubborn high pressure, this is fueling in the easterly wind for us and look at this moisture in south carolina, it is not going anywhere. this is a huge problem for south carolina. for us, we are still dealing with a little bit of clouds and we will see a little bit of that green, a little bit of that moisture streaming on in throughout the day. take a look at futurecast as we go through this afternoon drier than yesterday but still on the cloudy side. temperatures go into the 60s. by tomorrow, 7:30, starting off cloudy but, hey look, a little bit of sunshine for the afternoon, as the day unfolds, more and more sunshine will occur and by monday, 70s and sunshine. 64 for today, 68 tomorrow, tuesday, 74, middle of next week looks beautiful and by friday, next chance for rain. >> thanks.
8:18 am
a big change in the way you pay is now here but are we ready for the switch? thursday was the deadline for storms to have -- stores to have terminals they can read the new computer-chip credit cards. a recent poll finds only 27% of retailers have those machines and 64% of the credit card users have not gotten the new chip cards, yet. the cards have a built-in computer-chip, instead of swiping, you will dip according to one of these new terminals. of the stores have to have these new terminals in place or face consequences. >> they will bear the liability in case of credit card fraud. that is a big shift because in the past, banks have born most of that liability, so it is obviously a big deal for merchants. >> if you have not received those new chip cards yet, you can still swipe in will not be responsible for fraudulent charges. not all classes can be as exciting as gym or study hall for some, but some teachers are working very hard to keep students engaged. a local chemistry teacher got created by putting a new spin on an old lesson.
8:19 am
>> i mean, chemistry is not everyone's favorite subject. >> reporter: minana o'donovan is on a mission to change that. the girl carrying chemistry teacher at blair high school noticed something about her students, that gave her an idea. verot, >> i see her coming with that stuff from the art department, it's heavy. i'm, like, why can't they be happy when they leave chemistry class? >> reporter: she connected with ceramics teacher, jonathan and the two molded a unique plan. chemistry meets pottery. and something interesting happened. >> it should be 6.17. >> reporter: students create a formula for the glaze and color, if their math does not work, the final project does not either. clay and calculations proved to be a fun connection. >> hey, two or three times i think we had to remix our solution until we finally got the color that we wanted. >> our colors can change based upon how much iron is in the
8:20 am
clay. >> reporter: what also changes? student perspective on science. >> what i learned is that a science mixes with everything. science is involved with every subject. you can use mathematical equations to solve the simplest problems in everyday life. >> reporter: even changing the mood of your students. >> i think we are getting there. i think that, like, connecting this to something they like, something they don't like, it will make them were excited about chemistry. >> it proved to be so successful they're looking for more ways to collaborate. if you have a cool story, send a message my way, find me on my facebook page. now face the nation this morning because of football from london, but, we will be here at 8:30 with capital download. >> good morning. today on capital download, we'll hear from and romney about how life's challenges can affect everyone and how she had to overcome many of them. >> and we find out how you run for speaker of the house and the problems the next speaker will face. >> all of that right here on
8:21 am
"capital download", 8:30 on wusa9. a check of top stories, a confrontation with secret regards turns deadly for a patient and washington hospital center, it happened wednesday at the hospital's main entrance. it is not clear what led to the scuffle initially, we do know that dc police are leading the investigation. a horrific crash in fairfax county, three cars collide in lorton at 9:00 lifetime, 19- year-old jimy eldair castro- rivas was killed, other drivers and their passengers have non- life-threatening injuries. i'm surae chinn in district heights, maryland. a driver is dead after crashing into this apartment building, when crews a large, they found gunshot wounds, that person is dead. this all happened around 11:00 last night on rochelle avenue, in district heights, prince georges county, maryland. we are waiting for police to release more information, the identity of the person, what happened and why.
8:22 am
dozens of folks have been told not to come back for several days because the building is unsafe. live in district heights, surae chinn, wusa9. still ahead this morning, puppy power. this fierce little puppy takes on some big, bad bears. we will show you this david and goliath matchup coming up next. but first, pet pics 9, thanks for sending in your photos. >> if you need a smile on a cloudy day, take a look at this pet pics 9, this is lily. what a cutie. good morning. thanks to maria for sending that in peer >> kristin, thank you for sending us henry who patiently waits for the coffee to brew. >> and here is -- oh, my gosh, these are adorable, trigger and rowdy, two old friends with new bowtie callers. precious. thank you. >> send your
8:23 am
what can i make for you? how about one of our delicious reuben sandwiches? loaded with your choice of tender corned beef or oven roasted turkey breast. we top'em with sauerkraut and swiss cheese, drizzle on our thousand island dressing and toast'em to perfection on your choice of freshly baked bread. don't miss the corned beef reuben and the turkey reuben. both won't be here long, so try one today! subway. eat fresh.
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welcome back. madam. secretary. comes back to cbs tonight. >> but with a very special guest, the one and only morgan freeman not only appears on the season premiere but he directs the show featuring tea leoni. >> i have never directed a tv show. i did not think it was going to be difficult to work with actors who already have experience with each other and with the show, the timing, with everything.
8:26 am
>> now, "madam secretary" premieres this evening right here on wusa9. the next story is a fun one, this is small dog is being hailed a hero. >> the pup scared away three bears from a home in california. here it is. >> look at the size of the dog. >> it's a french bulldog whose name is jewell. he's 20 pounds. look at him go, he did not hesitate to let loose on these bears who wandered into their family yard. he bravely chases them off, even chasing one bear five times his size, this bear starring defense in order to get away from this miniature hometown. even the owner says he was surprised to see the pup was protecting his home so fearlessly. >> she was not having it. you are not coming on to our property. blew me away. i cannot believe that she turned into a wolverine. >> those little pups are very feisty. hernandez believes the some of the neighbors who see roaming
8:27 am
bears could be the reason why they were in his yard. >> a lot of attitude for a little dog. whether time before we go. >> a little crazy, still cloudy, cool and breezy though not as drizzling as it was yesterday. tomorrow: big improvement, we will see little bit of sun, 68 degrees, look at next week, monday, tuesday and wednesday. >> off days are tuesday, wednesday and thursday. good to plan that one out. >> mike may not be here on tuesday. >> we are out of time for another weekend. thank you for waking up with us your sunday morning. our next news is not until 11:00 tonight. >> enjoy the football. >> that's right. capital download is next and jets and dolphins coming up next right here on wusa9. have a great day, everybody.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
ann romney shares her experience with medical and political struggles. >> and we'll talk about who is likely to be the next speaker of the house and the challenges he'll face. i'm susan page. >> and i'm derek mcginty. and this is capital download. good morning, folks, welcome to capital download. a wealthy, privileged woman who endured struggles most will never see and this week she opened up to you. >> good morning, derek. ann romney talked about her battle with ms and her son's interest in politics. the last time i interviewed you in 2012 during the campaign, you talked about wanting to write a book, not a campaign book, but a book about your struggle with ms. it's called,


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