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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  October 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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day good morning. it's going to be a really nice day. we're about 10 degrees warmer than we were this time yesterday. this afternoon above average once again. mid- to upper 70s. here's how we're start off in rockville. ashburn 67 degrees. centreville 53. springfield you're at 56 degrees. as we get the kids out to the bus stop today or if they're walking to school, temperatures will be pretty comfortable.
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58 degrees. notice the cloud cover. this is due it a front coming on through. we'll see a good mix of sun and clouds through the afternoon. highs above afternoon and higher than they were yesterday. we'll talk about changes for the weekend coming up. here's larry miller. you might see light clearing road construction throughout parts of the metro. nothing to slow you down just yet. just be mindful of that. metro riders, you're off to a great start for your wednesday morning. trains, buses running on schedule. taking you to the beltway right now, no issues in terms of accidents or incidents that will slow you down in the whole 53-mile stretch. 395 and 295 free and clear of any issues as women. here's a live look -- as well. here's a live look at how things are shaping up 066. we had earlier problems near chain bridge road on the eastbound side but looks like residual delays. for now over to you. new information this morning in a countdown of captivity here at "the washington post." this ticker outside of the "post's" downtown newsroom here tells the story of one of its own and our colleague jason
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rezaian held in iran. it reads for 441 days. of course this morning that ticker will now change to 442 daze. and on friday a sad milestone will be reached. 444 days since jason rezaian has been in jail in iran, the exact amount of time 52 americans were held during the iran hostage back in 1979. rezaian is an american citizen of iranian descent. he was reported missing july 2014. a spokesperson with the iranian parliamentary committee claims the 39-year-old journalist is, quote, part of a conspiracy to bring down the iranian government by the sinister means of improving bilateral relations. we spoke exclusively to the "post's" foreign ed toward je -- douglas jehl. >> what we didn't recognize the
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government like iran would act in this way. >> reporter: is iran prepared to release reian? their conditions coming up at 6:30. we're live downtown, delia goncalves, wusa9. about face. mayor muriel bowser has now changed her tune about the proposed exelon pepsico merger. the deal calls for exelon to invest $78 million in the city up from a proposed $14 million. mayor bowser and some consumer advocates say it is a good deal for the city, but council woman mary cheh disagrees. they says it could mean higher rates for consumers. next time you call for an ambulance in the district, could be a private company showing up at your door. the d.c. council unanimously passed emergency legislation authorizing the hiring after private company to respond to 911 calls. d.c. fire and ems would continue to respond to all emergencies. private blarnses would be used only -- ambulances would be used only to transport people who want to go to a hospital but don't require serious care.
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an e-mail distributed to u.s. capitol police rank and file warns of potential violence during this weekend's rally commemorating the 20th anniversary of the million man march. >> this e-mail was critical of rally organizer louis farrakan. it's been criticized by the capital police union as race- baiting. nikki burdine is live near capitol hill with both sides of the story. >> reporter: about 20 years ago this area was flooded with people all here for the million man march. this weekend will be the 20th anniversary and another march is planned. it's called justice or el. capital police -- are else. capital police have been told to be -- capitol police have been told to be on high alerpt. it's how the alert was sent out and the manner of it that is raising eyebrows and causing concern. first i want to give you a little background on thcht the first million man -- on this. the first million man march was 1995. it marked the largest civil rights demonstration. ahead of this weekend's rally, an e-mail newsletter was sent
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out by u.s. capitol police -- by the intelligence office of capitol police warning of potential violence and warning officers to be on high alert. it was obtained by our news partners of the warks -- of the washington post. the e-mail quoted to louis farrakahan as a person, quote, accused of inciting violence. given today's negative racial climate this rally might not be as peaceful. the letter calls farrakahan an tig i.n.s.ic, confrontational and -- antagonistic, confrontational and a race baiter. capitol police chief said the letter was not authorized by him. the labor committee says officers were off ferchldzed by the letter and called for the chief's dismissal. police aren't the only people who were offended by this. the police weren't the only people who were told to be on high alert. i'll tell you coming up in our
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next half-hour. live on capitol hill, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. a clinton, maryland family is asking for your help this morning finding a loved one. a man, 71 years old, told his family he was going to drive to the regional park but didn't come home. he has difficulties with his memory and needs medication for his diabetes. anyone with information is asked to call police. today the organization doctors without borders will hold a news conference demanding answers after the u.s. bombing of its medical clinic in kunduz, afghanistan. >> this comes a day after the top commander in afghanistan told the senate panel the clinic was, quote, mistakenly struck. mike hydeck has more on the latest developments. it does not sound like doctors without borders is buying that. >> reporter: they're calling for an independent investigation. they want to try to get to the bottom of this. this is a tragedy. they're there volunteering their time trying to help people. the medical clinic in afghanistan is where they want the investigation to take place. general john campbell,
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commander of the u.s. forces in afghanistan answered some questions about the bombing from the senate panel on tuesday. he said the hospital was mistakenly hit saturday as u.s. forces were helping afghan soldiers fight the taliban. >> to be clear, the decision to provide arrow fires was a u.s. -- aero fires was a u.s. decision made within the u.s. chain of command. >> reporter: now 22 people were killed, including doctors, staff, and patients. doctors without boarders says gps coordinates of the hospital are frequently shared with military officials. general campbell believes the incident underscores the challenges that remain in afghanistan. he's calling on a slower reduction in troops for the country. officials from the united states, afghanistan and nato are investigating the bombing incident. hours after the hearing the defense secretary ash carter echoed the general's comments saying the department deeply regrets the loss of innocent lives resulted from this package -- resulting from this tragic event. students across the country
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are ditching the bus and walking to school today. it's international walk to school day. montgomery county executive leggett and the superintendent will celebrate at cabin john school and they plan to walk to bells mills school afterwards. drivers are being urged to use caution this morning and this afternoon. the refugee crisis in europe seems to be getting worse by the day. >> south carolina's governor
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welcome back. it's just about 11 minutes after 6:00 and off to a pretty good start for a wednesday. we're looking at temperatures into the 70s this afternoon, but we're starting off a little bit warmer than we did yesterday. we're into the 50s.
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no more of those 30s. we did see a couple of upper 30s yesterday. not the case today. 62 degrees by 9:00. we will see a good mix of sun and clouds. we have this cold front come on through today but not with any rain. highs today upper 70s. larry miller, over to you. so far so good. a lot of earlier issues we had pretty much resolved so we're off to a great start at 6:11. here's a live look around the beltway from our camera here or a map i should say with no issues there. sky 9 giving us a live look. the eastbound side of 66, we had some earlier problems as you approach chain bridge road. that's resolved. expect residual delays as you can see on the left-hand side of the screen. we do have delays on the northbound side of i-95 as you approach dale city but that should ease up shortly. you can see the -- looks like the police car on the right- hand side of your screen there. we'll have a traffic update for you in roughly ten minutes. for now over to you. volkswagen announces a date for when its recall will begin. >> plus, your favorite pie
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could be missing this holiday
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6:15. it's time for a credibility check. 23 out of last 24 days the weather department has met the
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three-degree guarantee. >> we're doing well and we're even getting into those times where the temperature goes up and down and sometimes it gets a little harder to predict than in the summer months but we're doing great. so join topper tonight at 11:00. we'll get to the 3-degree guarantee for tonight and see if we can make it another day. we're looking at temperatures into the upper 70s this afternoon. about 78 degrees right here in the district. that's our forecasted high. let's take a look how we're starting off on our michael & son camera. we have a weak front coming on through. this front is coming through unnoticed. a couple of clouds out there. temperatures are going to be on the warmer side. and not a lot of rain out there. if you see a raindrop, it would be down through charlottesville but that's about it. temperatures are warmer than they were yesterday. 59 degrees. and also a little bit more moisture in the air. that allows the temperature into the overnight hours to stay higher. the more moisture you v the temperature -- you have, the temperature can't fall off as much as you'd like. we've been talking about the sniffling and water eyes. there you go. mold sufferers, andrea, it is very high.
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so if you are -- have issues with mold, grab the clean next and al -- kleenex and allergy pills. manassas you're in the 50s. even the 60s near the bay. as we go through today, a good mix of sun and clouds. we're not going to look at any rain unless you're headed way farther south through the shenandoah valley. we're talking south of luray. temperatures will stay into the 70s for tomorrow, too. taking a look at your futurecast, even by this afternoon we could even see clearing of the skies and tonight will be comfortable again, near 60 degrees. things are going to change on friday. we have the yellow weather alert day. temperatures near 80 degrees all ahead of this. showers and thunderstorms impacting your friday evening plans. it gets out of here before the sun comes up on saturday leaving a pretty chilly and breezy day on saturday. it's going to feel right back like fall. 7 # degrees. not -- 78 degrees. not feeling very fall like but it is a comfortable day.
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76 for tomorrow. 80 for friday. a big cooldown moderating temperatures by next week. your time right now 16:17. marc -- is 6:17. marc rain trieders everything is on sced -- train riders, everything is on schedule. vre on schedule as well. a 16-minute commute from collington road to fenwick street northeast. no accidents to slow you down. ridge road to the capital beltway, a 17-minute commute. we have volume delays as a result of an earlier situation. it's resolved but the delays continue. if fairfax county parkway to constitution avenue northwest a 31-minute commute. northbound i-95 from the prince william parkway to i-395 a 13- minute commute. let's take some cameras to show you how things are shaping up live this morning. this is from our trafficland cam here in dale city where we had the left lane blocked. possibly even the center lane blocked as a result of an accident. the accident still a problem. delays still growing at this point. so commuters will need to head out the door earlier to account
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for those delays as a result of that accident. meantime around the capital beltway, doing really well. really quiet out there for the most part. volume starting to pick up both on the inner and outer loop. no accidents or incidents to slow you down at new hampshire avenue. your next traffic update coming up in our 6:30 half-hour. over to you. we're seeing new reports of civilian deaths linked to air strikes by russian fighter jets in syria. russian forces carried out these air strikes this morning. at least four people are now reported dead. dozens more injured as well. the death toll expected to rise, though. meanwhile a group of monitor -- group monitoring the road says syria has launched a new ground assault on at least four rebel positions. authorities say migrants fleeing poverty, not war won't be allowed to stay. germany continues to grapple with an influx of refugees crossing the boarder. in fact each day hundreds still line up outside the main registration center in berlin to apply for asylum. federal investigators are
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in jacksonville, florida, the home port ever the sunken cargo ship el faro. some of the families waiting for their loved ones say they're starting to lose hope. >> reporter: some family members of el faro's crew are starting to expect their loved ones may never be found alive. >> i'm pretty sure there are no survivors. >> reporter: mary says her 51- year-old daughter was a ball of fire and a free spirit who loved the sea. relatives of some of the other 28 missing crew members met again tuesday night to hear more from el faro's owners. >> i can't blame them for this. it was an act of nature. >> reporter: the 790-foot ship was on its way to puerto rico when it disappeared thursday near the bahamas. it became disabled in a category 4 hurricane. searchers found bits of debris and one body in a survival suit but no signs of life. the ntsb is on site to conduct interviews and to review the
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maintenance records. investigators are looking for clues into what caused the ship to lose power and sink. >> we will be studying the meteorological conditions and all of the factors that went into the decision making to sail. >> reporter: this captain said it had to be a mechanical failure. >> those vessels are made to handle that kind of weather and they travel on a daily basis places like the north atlantic with 40-foot seas. >> reporter: the coast guard warns with every day of the crew missing the hope of finding survivors fades. >> the coast guard believes el faro is sitting three miles under water. the national transportation safety board says its priority is to find the ship's recorder. officials in south carolina are keeping a close watch on several dams around columbia, this morning. concern is they might fail and cause even more flooding. the death toll already stands at 17 from the floods in the carolinas. ernest kirby lives near one of these dams that could be a
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potential danger. >> if this bridge and lake were to go, we would be in a lot of trouble on both sides of the lake. >> south carolina's governor nikki haley has made it clear the flood waters may be receding. the crisis is far from over. in your money the recall of up to 11 million volkswagens is now expected to start in january. the cars have been linked to an emissions rigging scandal. in most cases a software update is all that's needed to fix the problem. vw admits using software to side step those emisses tests. -- emissions tests. federal regulators have proposed a record $1.9 million fine against an aerial photography company for flying drones without permission. the federal aviation administration says skypan international operated 65 unauthorized flights between march a2012nd cedember 2014 in new york and chicago air space.
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skypan has 30 days to respond. microsoft is making some moves hoping to show apple their competitor rival. the company has introduced a slew of new products. they unveiled two new phones for one. an updated fitness band and a new tablet. microsoft also announced its first ever tablet the surface book. all these products are going to run on its latest operating system windows 10. there could be a shortage of canned pumpkin this thanksgiving. according to libby's the manufacture, it is being threatened by lower pumpkin yields. but there should be enough for halloween. you still will be able to carve them. just won't be able to put the can stuff in the pies. it is 6:22. a nursing mom speaks out when her airline offers up two unsanitary places where they say she can pump her milk. >> local health officials issue a warning about a sell knell la out-- salmonella outbreak. >> reporter: the top story at the "washington post" is one of
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their own and our colleague jason rezaian held in iran for more than a year. the "post's" plan to get him free coming up. >> reporter: police have been told to be on high alert ahead of a huge event this upcoming weekend. why that alert is causing some concern. i'll tell you coming up. >> it is a cool start. you might need the light jacket but not long. headed toed mid to -- headed toed mid to up -- headed to the mid- to upper 70s. >> no major issues to slow you down. we are keeping a close eye on a growing situation on the northbound side of i-95 out in dale city. we'll take you ther
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in case you missed it united airlines is apologizing and changing its policy after a new mom was forced to pump her breast milk in a public terminal at dulles airport. >> liz cooper is the mom of a 4- month-old. she claimed she asked a woman at the ticket counter where she could pump. cooper says the woman told her she could use the bathroom. >> reporter: liz cooper is a new mom. candice is just 4 months old but she's back to work so that means pumping breast milk on the run. >> before you even deliver they tell you breast milk is best for the baby for the first six months. >> reporter: when this newton
6:27 am
marketing and communications expert flew through dulles- washington airport on business monday, she need add private spot to pump. at logan airport they had small clean rooms for breast feeding complete with a counter, a seat and a sink. so she assumed dulles had one, too, so she inquired at the united counter. >> the service agent directed me towards the family restroom or the pet relief center. >> reporter: liz had no idea what a pet relief center was. when she arrived, this is what she found. >> the red fire hydrant for the dogs to relieve themselves. that's obviously not where i'm going to pump my breast milk for my baby. >> reporter: an open air for dogs to go to the bathroom. liz took to twitter posting these pictures and her disgust. the other option offered the family bathroom. it was dirty with no area to pump so she asked again for a spot. no luck. >> i'm not looking for free drinks. i don't want a free meal. i don't want your wi-fi or anything. i just want a secure, private
6:28 am
location for 15 minutes and i'll be on my merry way. >> reporter: with no other option she pumped in public in the terminal, a term choice she says -- terrible choice she says no mom should ever have to face just to fly. >> a spokesperson for dulles says the airport doesn't have dedicated nursing areas at this point but it is working to develop such lounges. no more pesticides for your lawn. that's the final word from the montgomery county council. a measure that bans pesticides for your lawn has now been approved. homeowners have until 2017 to phase out pesticides on their lawns. the bill's restricts do not apply to gardens or county playing fields till the year 2020. cucumbers are the source of at least one case of salmonella in maryland. that's the word from the centers for disease control. and that brings the total number of affected states to 35. the salmonella has been found in cucumbers grown in mexico and distributed by a san diego
6:29 am
company. straight ahead at 6:30, d.c. mayor muriel bowser negotiates a settlement with utility giant ex lon. but this morning -- exelon. but this morning some are criticizing the move calling it a backroom deal. "the washington post" unveils a new banner to remind everyone in d.c. about a reporter being held in iran. welcome back into the rush hour edition of 9news. i'm nick giovanni. i'm andrea roane. larry miller has your timesaver traffic. he's been busy this morning. he's just been en-- she's just been enjoying her job. first alert meteorologist allyson rae is here with today's lovely forecast. >> it's so nice. we'll get a little more active weather wise come friday and into the weekend. in the meantime we're going to enjoy another great day. temperatures are running a lot warmer than they typically do this time of year. it's cool out there for sure but definitely not with the chill we had yesterday morning. we're at 59 degrees. so we're about 10 degrees
6:30 am
warmer than we were yesterday. 55 for damascus over through laurel 57. andrews 61 of the if you're walking to school today, temperatures are looking okay. we'll be into the 50s. clouds, though, and we'll head to the upper 70s by the time recess comes around. we'll talk about those changes for the weekend coming up. here's larry miller. we're keeping a close eye on a situation on the northbound side of 95 at dale city. on the northbound side again where we had an earlier accident blocking a lane. looks like it's cleared up but the delays continue. sky 9 is over that scene right now. so we're able to see the situation there. looks like that is the accident on the showldzer there. -- shoulder there. you can see the delays bumper to bumper. no issues on the capital beltway. no issues on 210. much of prince george's county doing well this morning so you're looking at an issue and
6:31 am
problem free commute. i want to give you a live look and show you how things are shaping up from our trafficland cam. if you're going to be traveling if laurel toward the 11th street bridge, no major issues but expect volume delays as you get toward kenilworth avenue at eastern avenue. coming up in ten minutes, we'll take you out toi-66 and -- out to i-66 and show how things are shaping up on 270. over to you. >> reporter: new information and a countdown of captivity at "the washington post." check out this news ticker. folks are very familiar with it but it's very different this morning right outside the downtown newsroom. it tells the story of one of their own and it is a story of jason rezaian. you can see the ticker is actually scrolling through. it's not consistent but it is scrolling through right now. you will see it as it scrolls through past that area that jason rezaian has been held for 441 days as of yesterday. 442 days later this morning.
6:32 am
on friday a grim milestone, 444 days since he's been in jail, the exact amount of time 52 americans were held during the iran hostage of 1979. rezaian is an american citizen of iranian descent reported missing july 2014. though he is accused of conspiring to take down the iranian government, he denies any wrongdoing. we spoke exclusively to his boss foreign editor douglas jehl. >> what iran has said is that he's been charged with serious crimes. we believe they include espionage. >> reporter: the iranian president says that he will release rezaian in exchange for 19 iranian people who are imprisoned here in the u.s. but the post wants to put pressure on the iranian government to release rezaian without any conditions. stay on top of this story on wusa9's mobile app and of course you can always go on twitter under the hashtag
6:33 am
freejason. i'm delia goncalves, wusa9. >> reporter: good morning. this is mike hydeck live in the satellite center. if you live in d.c. your electric bill won't go up till march 2019 and i'm get a check of about 50 bucks, two of the promises pepco and exelon are making to try to get a $6.8 billion deal done. now d.c. mayor muriel bowser is supporting the union of these two power giants. she opposed their initial deal. exelon now, though, says... >> that includes immediate rate relief. that includes firm and trackable reliability commitments, low income and consumer protections and jobs for our underserved and underrepresented communities. >> in the short term they have put a little dress on this deal. it's fancy and looks nice. >> reporter: that's councilmember mary cheh. she believes rate increases will be a reality in the near future. also this deal does not shift
6:34 am
iewf towards wind and sow -- enough towards wind and solar. the deal still has to be approved by the public utility commission. maryland and delaware action however, are already on board. live in the satellite center, mike hydeck, wusa9. >> reporter: nearly 20 years ago the million man march was held here in d.c. and now this weekend on the 20th anniversary, another rally will be held, this one called the justice or else rally. in anticipation of that rally, capitol police officers were told to be on high alert. that is upsetting some people. first a little bit of background on the million man march. it was first held here in 1995. hundreds of thousands of people were here on the national mall making this the largest sif rights depend -- civil rights demonstration. this year the rally will be called justice or else. capitol police have been told to be on high alert. that's unusual especially when we have big events like this in d.c. but it's the way police have gone about alerting their
6:35 am
officers that is raising eyebrows. an e-mail sent out from the intelligence office obtained by our news partners at "the washington post" the e-mail warned the nation of islam who is conducting this rally, the leader louis farrakahan has been accused of inciting violence between caucasians and police officers and this rally might not be as peaceful as the last one. oargers say this al ,ers say this rally is intended to protest the failing education system and police brutality. the chief of police said it was never approved by him. it does not reflect the view points or values of capitol police. some said it was race-baiting and some even asked for the resignation of the chief. i want to tell but a tweet i just got a few minutes ago when i posted about this story. somebody said not a single incident of violence happened in 1995 so why are police on high alert now. that is a common concern i've been getting and obviously a common concern by police who again say this letter is race-
6:36 am
baiting. that's the latest on capitol hill. i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. a 17-year-old is recovering from gunshot wounds this morning. that teen hit on a maryland bike path. it happened near eva turner elementary school around 3:00 yesterday afternoon. charles county sheriff's office says two suspects shot the teen in the leg after demanding the victim's bmx bike. the 17-year-old was able to get off the path and back to the road for help. a $25,000 reward is on the table for information leading to an arrest over a deadly shooting at a gas station. the victim 22-year-old christopher ealey. he was shot inside the station on walkers lane in forestville. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. jurors are still being questioned in a high profile triple murder case in our area. charles severance is charged with killing three prominent people from alexandria. nancy dunning, ron kirby and ruthanne lodato. all three were shot in their homes in broad daylight. severance's lawyer says their client suffers from schizophrenia but they don't
6:37 am
plan an insanity defense. this trial is expected to last six weeks. a resource rocket set to launch from nasa's wallops island on virginia's eastern shore could be a colorful show. the rocket will release clouds of barium vapor into the sky which should produce multicolored patches of light. that vapor is used to study wind in space. it's scheduled to take off between 7:00 and 9:00 tonight. a number of saturday night alums -- saturday night live alums will
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welcome back. it's 20 minutes to 7:00. we are off to a good start. it is cool outside but it's not -- but not that chill in the air we felt yesterday. these are typical temperatures for the post part for this time of year. rockville you're at 56 degrees. white oak you're at 56 as well. college park you're at 58. we're going to see more clouds today than what we saw yesterday but still not a bad day at all. we'll see a good mix of sun and clouds through the lunch hour and thereafter. highs today upper 70s. we are warming up ahead of a cold front. i'll let you know what that means for your weekend in just a few minutes. here is larry miller. good morning. good morning. no issues around the capital beltway. free and clear of any issues. good news there. 395 as well as 295 both on the d.c. and maryland side good to go. i want to show you how things are shaping up over the wilson bridge. for those of you making the commute from alexandria into
6:41 am
oxon hill, no problems. all lanes of the wilson bridge are open. expect volume on the inner loop of the beltway. want to take you to sky 9 where we're keeping a close eye on volume on the northbound side primarily at dale city where we had an earlier accident. the accident is clear but the delays continue. you might want to hop on hov if you want to get to work on time. coming up after the seven-day forecast, we'll break down drive times and have a look at how things are shaping up on marc and vre. over to you. a celebrated comic and saturday night live alum makings an appearance. >> tommy mcfly has more coming up. >> this is big? in the news section all the top stories and bulletins. you can track thunderstorms and get the latest warning information. traffic, plan your commute with live traffic maps and you can watch live all the newscasts
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are streamed live as well as breaking news. redskins fans we have you
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welcome to the late show. i'll stephen colbert. here's my anguar tee. if i don't deliver tonight's show in one hour or less, it's free. >> we're here with president bill clinton. mr. president, 2016 election is quickly coming upon us. who do you like for 2016? [ laughter] >> and please try to be impartial here. who do you think is the most qualified to hold office in
6:46 am
2016? >> the lady i saw singing on saturday night live. [ cheers and applause ] >> that val woman was wonderful. she was really wonderful. >> maybe you want to take a drink with her. >> yeah. [ laughter] >> colbert also asked the former president if he told donald trump to run to which president clinton said no. just saying. time to see what our partners over at cbs this morning are covering. >> gayle king, our good buddy and partner is live in new york. she has our preview. good morning, gayle. good to see you. >> he was very entertaining on colbert last night. it was good tv. tell low, andrea and nick. always good to see you both. ahead republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson is here in studio 57. we will ask him about his controversial comments on the oregon shooting. plus, paying more for less. consumer reports shows us how deceptive the packaging is in hiding a shrinking product. and we hate when that happens. and we're going to take you to
6:47 am
las vegas today where casinos are betting on new video games that require skill and not just dumb old luck. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 straight up. so, nick, next time you go to vegas, we're going to make sure you're a little smarter when you win your money. >> i'll have to be a lot smarter. thank you, gayle. >> we're here to help. we're here to help. see you guys. >> all right, gayle, we'll be watching. have to say good morning to regina with the national catholic association. that's where i was monday night. she loves nick. and she loves the team. so good morning, regina. always good to see you. >> making me blush. >> he always keeps me on my toes. >> keeps us smiling. >> that's what we do. >> we did have a big twitter thing a while ago when nick caught me off great. he said allyson is so great today.
6:48 am
you should fear the deer. he said i ran into deer so that's all we have to worry about. >> guess what i ran into? not literally but i saw in deer. >> you about the that up. >> look who's talking now. >> i'll do it again. time-out. moving on. >> moving on. i have a gorgeous picture for you on our michael & son camera. nice clouds always makes for a nice sunrise. there you go, nick, fear the deer. we're going to see a great looking day today. temperatures are into the upper 50s and it's pretty comfortable out there. it is cool, that's for sure. you might need a light layer or light jacket but you'll be able to take it off very fast. we'll see temperatures warm up to the mid- to upper 70s. 52 for martinsburg. a few take clouds. we have this front coming on through. not a lot of moisture with this front so you're barely going to notice t. just more clouds than what we saw yesterday. yesterday was hard to find any clouds out there and we're going to stay warm again tomorrow. even though we have the weak
6:49 am
front come on through, it doesn't do too much for our temperatures. similar to thursday. we'll stay into the mid-70s. upper 70s to mid-70s for thursday. by friday we get even warmer, near 80 degrees. upper 70s for most of us but that's all ahead of a front that will come on through impacting your friday evening plans. showers and even a couple of thunderstorms will be possible. getting out of here around midnight on saturday and -- or midnight friday into saturday. saturday will be much cooler and breezy. it's going to feel like a good fall day. perfect day to go pick out some pumpkins on saturday. 78 today. 76 for tomorrow. a little bit warmer on friday. then drops the temperature for saturday and moderating back to the 70s by sunday. time for traffic. here's larry miller. good morning. good morning. thank you, allyson. time right now 6:49. marc train riders everything running on schedule. ser running on schedule -- vre running on schedule as well. traveling inbound on 50 you will see volume once you get inside the beltway but nothing to fear.
6:50 am
from collington road to fenwick street northeast, a 19-minute commute. we have a conflict on i-270 where we have a report of an accident on the southbound side in urbana. the police disputing it but we have multiple reports that something is going o. i'll check on that for -- going on. i'll check on that for you. germantown road to the capital beltway, a 26-minute commute. from chain bridge road to 20th street northwest d.c., a 24- minute commute. and northbound on the 95 side in virginia from gordon boulevard up to i-395, a 11- minute commute. let's take some cameras and show you how things are shaping up outside. this is live from sky 9. still have delays on the northbound side of the -- of i-95 in dale city. expect that as you make your way up toward the capital beltway. shof really going to be your -- hov is really going to be your best bet. trace yay morgan is set -- tracy morgan is set to make one of his post-accident appearances. >> he's stopping by the kennedy center. tommy mcfly has more on this
6:51 am
visit in the 94.7 fresh fm studios. good morning. >> so great to see he's doing better and on the mend since the crash of 20146789 he will be here -- 2014. he will be here for the mark twain prize honoring eddie murphy this year. morgan and murphy have worked together over the years. he's going to be here. he will be up on staining doing his thing and will be joined by other comedians who will honor eddie murphy like arsenio hall, kathy griffin and trevor noah, the new host of the daily show. it happens october 1. that's the kind of weekend you can keep an eye out around the city because there's a lot of famous folks coming to town for the mark twain prize. back to you. >> no tickets available. >> star fudded. it's -- star studded. it's been over 440 days since "washington post" reporter jason rezaian has been held in iran. >> what steps the post is
6:52 am
taking to make sure everyone in d.c. remembers. we'll be back. it's 6:52. what a difference a win makes for the redskins. of course knocked off philadelphia to improve 2-2 with the 4-0 falcons standing in their way on sunday. >> we're even up in the division. we're right in the middle of the pack in the division. it's been such a short season. we still have a ways to go. we're right in the thick of things. >> you look back at the games you lost and you try to -- if we did this and this, chances are we'd be 4-0. that's the way pro football is right now. >> skins and falcons should be
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
the top story here at "the washington post" is a story that is running on their ticker. it is a story of jason rezaian. their reporter, our own colleague, held in iran now for 442 days. they are putting pressure oned iranian government to free jason without any conditions. he will be make a grim milestone, 444 days on friday,
6:56 am
the same amount of time during the iranian hostage in 1979. follow the story on our mobile app wusa9. back to you. >> reporter: this weekend will mark the 20th anniversary of the million man march here in d.c. ahead of that anniversary will be another rally called justice or else. ahead of that rally some controversy. it all started with an e-mail that was sent out to capitol police warning them to be on high alert that this rally might not be as peaceful as the last one. the e-mail also had some strict criticism for the leader of the rally saying that he has been known to incite violence against police and caucasians. chief of police says he never approved this e-mail and it does not represent their views. mike? i'll take it. thanks. we are looking pretty good today. cool but comfortable this morning. we're headed to the upper 70s. a good mix of sun and clouds. tomorrow mid-70s. then we have a yellow alert for friday with showers and thunderstorms for the afternoon but leaving us with a cool and
6:57 am
breezy saturday. larry? looks like we have delays on the southbound side of 95 on the virginia side for commuters coming from laurel making your way toward college park. you definitely are going to run into that so just be mindful. i might want to hop on 29 as an alternate at this point. cbs this morning is next. a chance to end the curse. cub fever sweeping chicago. >> indeed. plus a new generation of gaming. arcade style slot machines we'll be talking about. remember to download the wusa9 app. >> because ♪ pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored baked treats and beverages, like the new pumpkin macchiato
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, october 7th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." ben carson ignites controversy ab houtow he would handle a mass shooting. the republican presidential candidate is in studio 57 to respond. south carolina with historic flooding. >> and investigatinew slot mach vegas we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. guns don't kill people. >> dr. carson faceow


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