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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  October 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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right now at 6:00 police are searching for clues in an overnight murder in alexandria, the city's second of the year. a police chase ends with a crash near the gates of fort meade. the suspect is still on the run and now we're learning several schools in the area are closed. and cubs win. cubs win. first time saying that in more than a decade during baseball's post-season as the chicago cubs send the pirates packing. good morning. i'm andrea roane. i'm nick giovanni. welcome into the rush hour edition of 9news. let's get it started with larry mier. he's been busy with -- miller. he's been busy with traffic and overturned dump trucks. allyson rae has had a great time giving us the forecast. absolutely. my life is pretty easy this week. it's been looking pretty good. i know. i know. larry, i'm good cop. he's bad cop. we're just getting started. come winter it will reverse. 58 degrees. we're looking pretty good this morning. and tomorrow we do have a
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yellow weather alert. we'll be tracking some showers and storms in just a few minutes. looking at visibility, though, we're looking at some dense fog beginning to develop. watch out along 70, also 66 patchy fog and also through the shenandoah valley. we're into the 50s. it's pretty comfortable out there. it is cool. as we head to the afternoon mid- to upper 70s. high pressure, sunshine, it's pretty nice. i'll track the showers and storms for tomorrow coming up in just a few minutes. here's larry miller. good morning. good morning. let's start with the good news. metro riders, everything is running on schedule so no issues there. in fauquier county we have route 17, marsh road northbound closed as a result of a tractor- trailer accident regarding two tractor-trailers. this is near stribling drive. so be mindful if you're heading out in that area. police are still on scene n. southern maryland no issues along route 5, route 4, route 301. 210 free and clear of issues as well. coming up we'll take you around the beltway and show you how things are shaping up in prince george's county as well.
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over to you. we continue to follow breaking news out of alexandria along bel pays pre -- bell pre way. >> nikki burdine is live near the scene. what do we know so far? >> reporter: we know this is alexandria's second homicide of the year, that's two too many for investigators here on the scene. it is still a very active crime scene. this happened just before 11:45 last night here in the area of bel pre plaza. the entire area is blocked off with crime scene tape right off of north henry street. police officers responded just before midnight to a report of gunshots. when they got here they found a person with a gunshot wound. victim was taken to the hospital but was pronounced dead shortly after. this is a very popular area. even just this early we've seen a lot of people walking by wondering what happened. there are apartments here, shopping and restaurants. just a few minutes ago i talked to a young man who lives here in these apartments. he was with his fiance right here last night when all of a
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sudden he heard gunshots. >> as we come down bel pre, the bullets were being shot down the street at us. one had pierced the side door of our thankfully both he and his if i an say -- and his fiance are okay. they drove off as soon as they heard gunshots hit their car. police are focusing their attention on this apartment complex. they have not yet released the name of the victim. we do not have any information about a suspect. as soon as we get that, we'll pass it along you to. live in old town, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. police to our north are searching for a carjacking suspect who led them on a high speed chase from baltimore into anne arundel county. >> the chase ended with a crash at the gates of fort meade. delia goncalves is live with more on n. how did this all -- on this. how did this all unfold? >> reporter: it started around 9:00 last night. we have several updates since we last spoke about half an hour ago. six schools in the area are now
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closed because of this lockdown, an active search here at fort meade. and fort meade, the army base is currently operating under official reduced operations. that is why and that explains why we're seeing these cars coming in. we're told the drivers are essential personnel only. they are the only people allowed inside the campus. everyone leaving will be searched thoroughly. this all started as i mentioned around 9:00 with a carjacking that happened in baltimore city. police chased that suspect. it ended with a crash at an unmanned gate to the national security agency here at fort meade. that suspect ran into the campus. the search is still under way for that suspect. there are about 9,000 people who live on the campus of fort meade. everyone told to stay inside with their doors and windows locked. of course report any suspicious activity until they get the all clear. now, students, parents, let me run through the i.r.s.
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of schools in -- the list of schools in this area that are closed. this is new information we just received from anne arundel county schools. they are meade high school, meade middle school, mcarthur middle school. manorview elementary school. pershing hill elementary school and west meade early education center. if you missed any of that, don't worry. we have it on our wusa9 mobile app. that's the very latest here, i'm delia goncalves, wusa9. also happening today, volkswagen's u.s. chief is set to appear before congress. it's time to answer questions over the company's emissions cheating scandal. >> the company is already taking steps to fix the issue. >> reporter: they submitted some plans to german regulators on how it's going to comply with emissions laws there. then later this morning michael horn, the ceo of volkswagen america is going to apologize to congress and admit he knew about the problems with the automaker that helped beat u.s.
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pollution tests. roughly 11 million volkswagen diesel vehicles from 2009 to 2015 were fitted with a so- called defeat device. that allowed cars to emit 10 to 40 times the amount of pollutants legally allowed in the states. horn is expected to admit he knew about these problems in 2014, a full year before they told regulators about the issue. and you've seen it reported everywhere. this made a major impact on volkswagen's stock. the company is already setting aside billions for finals and legal costs. they're going to recall diesel cars in the european market in january. no timeline, though, for the same protocol here in the united states. live in the satellite center, mike hydeck, wusa9. the first team to advance in major league baseball's post- season the astros. a club two years removed from a 111-loss season. now add the cubs to the list. they haven't won a playoff game in 12 years. they went into pittsburgh and sent the pirates packing on their own diamond thanks to
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jake arietta. he struck out 11 batters making him the first pitcher ever to throw a post-season shutout. cubs win 4-0. they'll face the cardinals in the nlds. of course trying to end that other streak, 107 years long. it's 7 after the hour. the coast guard calls off the search for a missing cargo ship. >> the former first lady of virginia asks an appeals court do suspend her case -- to suspend her case glit' pretty comfortable -- case. >> it's pretty comfortable out here. we'll warm up nicely. a beautiful afternoon. high 77. i'm tracking showers and storms tomorrow, though. i'll let you know how it impacts your weekend coming up. >> the beltway so far so good with no major issues to slow you down but we do have a issues going down primarily in virginia. slowdown along i-95 and a major tractor-trailer accident in fauquier county. we'll get you an upda
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10 after 6:00. it's cool, comfortable. a beautiful day. we're tracking some low visibilities as you head through the shenandoah valley, as far north as frederick and areas south of 66. highs today into the mid- to upper 70s. lots of sunshine. clouds increase, though, ahead of tomorrow's yellow weather alert. i'll explain all what you need to know coming up in just a few minutes. here's larry miller. no issues on southern maryland. we're doing well along route 4, route 5 and 301. no issues on 210 either. i want to take you to sky 9. sky 9 is over fort meade. we can tell you right now we're starting to see a little bit of volume on areas of route 32. this is eastbound. also parts of 295 southbound seeing some volume as well. so be mindful if you're going
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to be heading out in that direction. delia goncalves will give us an update shortly. for now we'll send it over to you. nearly a week after the flooding began, south carolina's governor warns more floods could be on the way. >> plus, one automaker is testing out a new material for its sedan class model. we're not talking about some lighter, stronger metal. it's like cardboard.
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the bar was set pretty high for this day last night. topper calling it perfect. saying it's going to be perfect. do you concur? >> i concur. pretty perfect. it's hard to complain when it's in the mid- to upper 70s. sunshine and low humidity. i don't think a lot of people say i don't like that weather. i mean, it's pretty great. we are going to see changes, though. if you're a fall weather fan, don't worry. we have a couple of days for you as well. temperatures are starting off into the 50s this morning. we're looking at clear skies. those clear skies are allowing for some fog, though, to develop this morning. so watch out through the shenandoah valley, parts of 66 and south of 66 near manassas and warrenton. 59 today. we'll see the clouds shoal increase. the report is that mostly cloudy but it's really because we're seeing a little bit of patchy fog. we'll see a lot of sunshine today. through the afternoon the clouds will slowly increase
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ahead of tomorrow's front. here it is all the way back off to the west. showers and storms will arrive for tomorrow. this will impact your drive home. what about friday night football? i think the beginning hours might see some showers around 6:00 or 8:00 but it's not going to last all night. here we are at friday at 8:00 in the morning. clouds are here. we're going to warm up to near 80 tomorrow ahead of the front. here come the showers and storms as early as 4:00. but they get out of here between 8:00 and 9:00. so pretty fast moving. the clouds will linger and behind the front fall weather fans, here you go. saturday we'll be into the 60s. a little breezy. then we'll warm up slowly only to the lower 70s by sunday. here's your forecast as we get a sneak peek of the seven-day. 77 today. tomorrow the yellow weather alert. it will impact your drive home and also the early evening friday plans, 81 degrees. by saturday, 68. it will be cool. below average. and 72 for the ravens game. larry, over to you. route 17 northbound in fauquier county, still closed
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at this point. still not giving the all clear just yet. we expect we should get it soon. of course as soon as we get t we'll let you know. mark and -- marc and vre are on schedule. an 11-minute commute from mlk highway to kendall street. a 27-minute from buckeystown pike to the beltway. volume starting to pick up in centreville from lee highway to constitution avenue northwest. a 27-minute commute. and traveling northbound on i- 95 from prince william parkway up to i-395 an 11-minute commute as you continue on to i- 395 over the 14th street bridge. you won't have any problems. traffic still surprisingly fairly light in that area. let's give you a live look right now and show you how things are shaping up here. this is south capitol street making your way into town. you won't have any problems for my friends in areas like suitland, even marlowe heights. for those of new maryland no issues as you travel again around the capital beltway here
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at river road. over to you. right now the search for survivors of the doomed cargo ship el faro is over. the ship disappeared seven days ago with 33 people on board. the crew included 28 americans and five polish nationals. we have a report from the vessel's home port in jacksonville where loved ones were praying for a miracle. >> everybody's worst nightmare just came true. >> reporter: the coast guard called off its search for survivors of el faro at sunset wednesday. >> a decision to end a search, suspend a search is painful. >> reporter: relatives of the lost crew members are devastated. mary says she takes solace in knowing her 51-year-old daughter mayor yet wright -- mariette wright died doing what she loved. >> i feel i have a rock that i swallowed and it's stuck here. i suppose that's heart ache.
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>> reporter: jack's father thinks the fight ended too soon. >> he's a fighter. >> reporter:the 790-foot container ship lost power and vanished last thursday near the bahamas in a category 4 hurricane. now they're shifting their focus to finding the ship and locating the data recorder but it's a race against time. the data recorder only emits pings for 30 days. families from florida to maine now are seeking closure. >> i just want him back. even if it's just his body. i want him back. >> reporter: cbs news, jacksonville, florida. >> president obama released a statement last night asking god to bless the men and women of the el faro and to comfort their families. people in south carolina's lowcountry are anxiously watching the rising waters this morning. and emergency crews are scrambling to reinforce several
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dams that are in jeopardy of falling. at least 11 other dams have already been breached. in some areas the flood waters are receding leaving behind massive damage and misery for homeowners. at least 17 people are now reported dead after the devastating floods. among the hardest hit areas, columbia and georgetown, south carolina. former first lady of virginia maureen mcdonnell wants an appeals court to suspend her case while the supreme court decides whether to review her husband's case. former governor bob mcdonnell and his wife were both convicted last year on public corruption charges. the supreme court has said the former governor could remain out of jail while the high court decides how to proceed. prosecutors oppose maureen mcdonnell's request, though, to suspend her case. 67 people are being told to get tested for h.i.v. and hepatitis this morning after a nurse is accused of reusing syringes while giving them flu shots. this allegedly happened during a free flu shot clinic for employees at a new jersey company. the nurse was an independent
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contractor for total wellness. employees who got shots during the clinic are being notified. >> that's unacceptable. i mean, they're supposed to use fresh needles and try to help the public, not put them in danger. >> it's unclear whether the same syringe was used on multiple patients or if several of them were reused. the health department says there is a low risk of infection because it was a syringe take was reused, not the needle. the chemotherapy treatment should be over in just a few days for maryland's governor larry hogan. he's scheduled to his his si t and final -- sixth and final round of chemo this weekend. the republican governor says he's quote, looking forward to beating the disease and continue to work hard on behalf of the people of midmerchandise. governor hogan was dying -- of maryland. governor hogan was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma in june. strike averted. the automaker fiat chrysler reached a tentative agreement
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with the united auto workers union. last week they rejected annual agreement saying it didn't go far enough. local union leaders plan to vote on the new agreement tomorrow. >> lexus has reinvented one of its popular vehicles now made completely of cardboard. look at that time lapse as it's put together. this recyclable sculpture of the is sedan is made of 1700 piece of cardboard and powered by an electric motor. it's laser cut and assembled by hand with wood glue. makers say it's a work of art and a clever way to see a work of art in a different way. europe's third largest budget aihrline is aiming to start flights as early as 2017 from smaller u.s. airports which have low fees and little international service. while some oneway tickets are expected to go for just $69,
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the average round trip will be closer to about $300. still not bad. the nominees are -- [ inaudible ] artists are eligible 25 years after their music is released. more than #00 artist -- 800 artists and members will have a say on this. the winners will be announced coming up in december. it is 6:22. president obama issues an apology. >> and tensions between the u.s. and russia are rising in syria. >> reporter: six schools closed. reduced operations at fort meade army base as police search for a carjacking suspect on campus. i'll have the latest on this breaking news coming up. >> reporter: a person is shot to death in alexandria marking the city's second homicide this year. i'm nikki burdine. we have a live report coming up from the scene.
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>> it's beautiful out here. it's cool but comfortable. we're looking at temperatures headed right back to the 70s today. we'll be into the 60s by 9:00. already staying into the 50s right now. we have big changes headed your way starting tonight. i'll let you know what to expect coming up. >> volume starting to pick up on 50 at 410. that's veterans parkway but again no accidents and/or incidents to slow commuters down from areas like crofton, even bowie, even parts of mitchellville making your way into the district. stay with us. we'll take
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defense secretary ash carter and nato defense ministers meet in brussels today to discuss russia's major escalation in the syrian crisis. moscow fired dozens of missiles at isis targets yesterday in support of syrian president bashar al-assad. >> secretary carter voiced his concern once again about the russian campaign calling their strategy tragically fl. awed holly williams reports from istanbul, turkey. >> reporter: russia says it launched 26 cruise missiles today from its warships on the caspian sea. they flew over 900 miles across
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iran and iraq hitting parts of northern syria where both isis and al qaeda linked fighters have a heavy presence. the u.s. says moscow's air strikes in syria are also targeting moderate american- backed rebels and that russia's real goal in syria is to prop up the regime. >> there's ample reason to question the strategy they're currently pursuing. >> reporter: protected by russian air cover, regime troops began a ground offensive today in rebel strongholds. opposition fighters hit back in some of the most intense fighting in several months. but after four years of bloody civil war, russia's air campaign may be tipping the balance in favor of the syrian
6:28 am
regime. holly williams, cbs news, istanbul. >> russia's military buildup include as battalion of ground troops. the white house says, though, the conflict in syria will not become some proxy war it the u.s. and russia. meanwhile president obama has issue add personal apology to the head of doctors without borders. the president is promising a full investigation into what he called the mistaken bombing of its field hospital in kunduz, afghanistan. the air attack killed at least 22 people at the clinic. the attack outraged aid groups and has complicated u.s. efforts in afghanistan. turning now to the latest from the presidential campaign trail. republican presidential candidates are pushing back against democratic calls for new gun control laws this morning. this in the wake of last week's school shooting in oregon. senator rand paul is one of those speaking out about guns. he told a radio station in iowa that, quote, gun free zone signs at schools should be replaced. >> i would have and encourage every school in america to put stickers on every window going
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into the school saying we are armed. come in at your own peril. >> in iowa yesterday, the democratic front runner hillary clinton said more guns are not the answer. she said that idea is not only, quote, illogical but offensive. up next at 6:30, a police chase ends with a crash near the gates of fort meade. the suspect still on the run and now six schools are closed for the day. lawyers in the charles severance murder trial prepare for their opening statements in just a few hours. rise and shine, dmv. it's 6:30 this thursday morning. i'm nick giovanni. i'm andrea roane. larry miller has your timesaver traffic. we begin with first alert meteorologist allyson rae. today's forecast a good one. we've got some changes, though, ahead. >> yes, we do have some big changes, just in time for the weekend. but the weather is going to be beautiful again today. and the first half of tomorrow. we're looking at another day
6:30 am
with beautiful sunshine, high pressure. 59 degrees. the weather just has been so nice all week long. it is going to be nice over the weekend. you can make those outdoor plans. it's just going to be a lot different. take a look how we're starting off with the fog tracker. it's starting to let up a little bit so no problems on the roads with the fog. highs today mid- to upper 70s. another day above average. i'll explain the big changes for the weekend coming up. here's larry miller. >> thank you so much. metro riders, want to let you know everything is running on schedule so we're good to go there. no issues on the trains or buts. in fauquier county -- buses. in fauquier county we still have that tractor-trailer accident causing issues on route 17. this is northbound also known as marsh road in this area. closed to stribling drive. it's not open yet. still closed. but if you're going to be heading out in that direction, just use some caution. police will be able to get you around. meantime we're still keeping a close eye on another accident where the showldzer is blocked on the -- shoulder is blocked on the outer loop of the
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beltway at bw causing delays right now all the way up to annapolis road. you need to use caution out there. if you're going to be traveling this stretch of the outer loop, i suggest you add anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes to your commute time to get you to work or school on time. at the beltway, this is at exit 13. still fairly light both on the inner and outer loop. your next traffic update coming up in ten minutes. we'll take you down to 95 and i- 66. for now over to you. >> reporter: we're following breaking news for you this morning. fort meade residents right now are on lockdown. the army base under reduced operations. that's why we're seeing a number of cars coming into the main gea here at the arm -- gate here at the army base. they're operating under reduced operations. only essential personnel allowed inside. anyone leaving the campus searched thoroughly. no information as well. -- new information as wep.
6:32 am
six schools closed. maede high school. meade middle school. mcarthur middle school, pershing hill elementary cool, manor view elementary school and west meade education center. a police chase ended with a crash at an unmanned gate to the national security agency here at fort meade. the spect ran into the campus. they're still searching. everyone has been told to stay inside with their doors and windows locked, report any suspicious activity until they get the all clear. now, we're also told by police several gates to fort meade are closed this morning. so the main gate here off annapolis road is going to be your best bet if you are essential personnel reporting into work this morning. again, six schools closed and residents told to be on lockdown. all of that information is on
6:33 am
our wusa9 mobile app. back to you in the studio. >> reporter: i'm nikki burdine live in old town alexandria at the scene of the city's second homicide this year. take a look. this is a very active scene. police have been here all night in the area of bel pre way which is right off of north henry street. police have been focusing on this courtyard, those bushes and this apartment. what i can tell you so far is one man was shot and killed in this area but it was a close call for two other people who were sitting out front in their car when they heard gunshots and then their car was hit. >> as we come down bel pre, the bullets were being shot down the the street at us. one pierced the sides door of our car. >> thankfully that man and his fiance who were in that car are both just fine. obviously shaken up. they drove off as soon as they heard bullets hit their car. they called police and came back to the scene. one of those men has been here
6:34 am
talking to police and helping them with their investigation. no word yet on the suspect or victim in this case. as soon as we get that information, we'll pass it along to you. live in alexandria, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. >> reporter: the jury is seated and opening statements are scheduled for later this morning in the charles severance trial. good morning. i'm mike hydeck live in the satellite center. severance is accused of can iing three poll incident alexander -- prominent alexandria, virginia residents over a ten year period. prosecutors say anger over losing a child custody battle led him to kill people who he thought were elite members of the community. between 2003 and 2014, severance is accused of killing music teacher ruthanne lodato, transportation planner ron kirby and real estate agent nancy dunning. opening statements are scheduled for 10:00 a.m. the trial is expected to last between five and six weeks. mike hydeck, wusa9.
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police are searching for a suspect and a motive this morning after a deadly shooting in capitol heights. it happened on elkwood lane. officers arrived a little after 8:00 last night to find a man suffering from gunshot wounds. he died there at the scene. his name has not been released. a man accused of sexually assaulting two women in arlington is behind bars this morning. melvin perez bah nelia -- banilla was arrested after a three-month search for him. he's linked to two attacks, one in july and one in august. they're awaiting d.n.a. results to see if he's responsible for a third attack. officers worked with metro transit police using surveillance video to track down banilla. paper is a thing of the past on metro after four decades of use paper fare cards are going out of service of the machines at several metro stations now only dispense smartrip cards. three northern virginia stations upgraded this week. five more cities including crystal city, national airport
6:36 am
plan to upgrade tomorrow. the sale of paper cards should end by january. a number of local starbucks coffee shops may soon be able to offer you selections from its evening menu. >> we're talking small plates and oh, by the way, wine and craft beer. it all hinges on the approval of an application. >> we are looking pretty good today. lots of sunshine. high pressure still in place headed to the mid-70s. not for long, though. i'll explain what to expect tonight and into tomorrow. >> good morning. the morning commute off to an interesting start depending on where you live. if you're around the beltway, you won't have any problems. traveling southbound on i-270 from as far north as frederick, you're certainly good to go as you drive into bethesda this morning to get
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welcome back. 20 minutes to 6:00. we're looking at a good looking weekend. just a lot different thank it has been the past couple of days. it's going to be another beautiful afternoon. high pressure is still in place. sunshine. grab the sunglasses and maybe the light jacket as temperatures are sill into the 50s. 52 -- still in the 50s.
6:40 am
52 for rockville. upper marlboro you're at 54 degrees. we'll see a lot of sunshine today getting up to the mid- 70s. but clouds increase tonight keeping our overnight lows just a touch warmer. showers and storms are on their way. we have a yellow weather alert for friday. i'll time that out and what it does to your weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. here's larry miller. good morning. good morning. we have volume starting to pick up on the eastbound side of i- 66 from as far west as areas like gainesville, front royal, even haymarket. you're going to run into some volume once you make your way into manassas, even parts of centreville. here's i-66 east of 234. you can see how things are shaping up on the eastbound side there. so just get ready and be patient. traveling northbound on i-95 coming up from fredricksburg and stafford, no major issues but volume starting to pick up primarily in dale city. just the usual spot this morning. for my friends in suitland, parts of marlowe heights heading into town, no troubles. your drive times around the metro coming up after the seven-
6:41 am
day forecast. for now we'll send it over to you. a lot of us love and need coffee in the morning. >> cheers. plus, pretty soon you might be able to get a quick shot of something earn espresso at starbucks. we'll explain when we return. it's 6:41. man, this is big. what is it? the wusa9 news app. in the news secreties all the top stories, bulletins. weather, you can track the thunderstorms right along with it and get the latest warning information. traffic, plan your commute with live traffic maps. and you can watch live all the newscasts are streamed live as well as breaking news. redskins fans, we've got you covered with the scores and the latest from the locker room. this is
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now that the hat is upon my head, i'm endowed with unquestionable power. this is due to my hat's main attributes. its bigness and its furriness. [ laughter] >> any proclamations i make while wearing it are now and forever law. pizza cheese mouth burns are an acceptable reason to stay home from work. the hat has spoken. >> please welcome ben bernanke.
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what is money? okay. does it have any entrain sis value? >> it's good because other people take it. >> exactly. >> some profound questions on colbert throughout the first couple of weeks. what is money? you have to like how he's mixing it up with his guest selections, not just doing musicians and actors. bringing on the former fed chair. well double. -- well done. charlie rose is live with a preview of what's coming up on cbs this morning. good morning, charlie. >> good morning. new attacks by russia in syria. republican presidential candidate john kasich is here with us in studio 57 and this, did donald strum's name lead in- - trump's name lead investors to lose thousands. and director danny boyle joins
6:47 am
us to talk about his new movie called "steve jobs." the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> opens in theaters this weekend. >> lots of buzz about that. credibility check now. bull's eye last night. >> bull's eye. we went with 78 yesterday. the clouds would not budge all morning. i knew they were going to clear up a little bit. maybe i should bring it down a little bit within the 3-degree guarantee but the skies cleared up and it was a beautiful afternoon. we hit the bull's eye. we're really getting our stride. join topper tonight at 11:00. our stride continues. we're forecasting a high of 75 today. it is going to be a nice warm day across the region. some areas will reach the upper 70s. we see a lot of sunshine but the reverse will happen today. the clouds are going to increase through the afternoon even more so than what we're seeing this morning. just a couple of clouds out there. this is all ahead of our yellow weather alert for tomorrow.
6:48 am
we are going to see some showers and storms or a streak of absolutely picture perfect weather. it's going to come to an end tomorrow. short lived, though. 59 degrees out there. a little bit of patchy fog through frederick. other areas are doing okay. temperatures are starting off in the 50s. 50 for frederick. 53 for culpeper. manassas at 52. annapolis you're at 57. we're headed to the mid- to upper 70s today. showers and thunderstorms are on their way for tomorrow. your drive home and the beginning of your friday evening plans will be impacted. take a quick look at your futurecast. gorgeous today. no problems. sunshine. enjoy lunch, dinner outside, anything outside. by 8:00 tomorrow, we're already seeing the clouds and a couple of showers through the west earlier o. by late afternoon -- earlier on. by late afternoon the showers and storms arrive getting through by 8:00 or 9:00. the beginning of the football games might be wet but they're not going to last all night. 81 tomorrow. 68 saturday. back to the 70s by sunday.
6:49 am
traveling northbound on i- 270 toward frederick, you run into some issues because of an accident at 85. drivers are being forced to get off at buckeystown pike to continue on with the rest of their commute there this morning. so just be mindful of that. looks like we have volume on the southbound side for those of you traveling from frederick making your way toward the capital beltway. we can see here a little bit of volume on the southbound here at middle brook. you can see at one point it was certainly stop and go but looks like it's starting to improve which is good news there. back to the maps right now. no issues for marc. for those of you traveling on marc and vre, everything is running on schedule. traveling inbound on 50, no issues for you this morning as you make your way from collington road to penn street northeast d.c. you're looking at now a 22-minute commute. just looks like wurntion you get to the -- once you get to the beltway, will you run into volume but it eases up a bit as you get closer to town. from old hundred road to the capital beltway a 29-minute commute. eastbound on i-66 expect volume in areas like centreville and
6:50 am
parts of manassas. from sudley road to north lee highway now a 43-minute commute. we'll send it over to you. we told you earlier starbucks locations in other states have begun serving beer and wine. >> now a handful here in our own neighborhood could be on their way to popping some bottles. tommy mcfly on the pulse of this in the 94.7 fresh fm studios. who's going it? >> if the latte isn't good for you late in the day, there are five d.c. locations that have applied for their license. one in dupont circle, one in penn quarter, one in georgetown and one in chevy chase, d.c. they won't be able to serve you craft beer and wine right away. there's still a big process involved that has to take in public comment and those comments are available to be made until november 23. virginia, don't worry. they didn't leave you out. two different locations in arlington are also applying for liquor licenses as well, this all according to the washington business journal. pretty soon you might be able to have a wine meeting instead
6:51 am
of a coffee meeting. back to you guys. >> it only seems like a matter of time when you consider the brand of starbucks not just about the coffee itself but providing you a place to go in the morning and afternoon. >> i remember when martinis went the way -- now they're coming back, craft beer lunches. >> wine in the morning, nick? wow. >> thanks, tommy. >> cheers, tommy. charlie rose was just talking about this. four years after the death of apple -- former apple ceo steve jobs, a new movie is about to open about ♪
6:52 am
pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored baked treats and beverages, like the new pumpkin macchiato before pumpkin season is over.
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like the new pumpkin macchiato ♪ ♪ dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted
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just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. >> reporter: we've been following some breaks news for you. the fort meade campus here in laurel is on lockdown. residents told to stay inside with their doors locked, windows locked. police searching right now for a carjacking suspect who fled inside the campus and has been missing since 9:00 last night. you see there is activity, cars coming into the main gate here off of annapolis road. this is the only gate open. the army base operating under reduced operations. only emergency and essential personnel allowed inside. six schools closed in the area because of this locked down. an active search. we have all of those schools listed on our wusa9 mobile app.
6:55 am
>> reporter: breakingover night one -- breaking overnight. one person is shot and killed in alexandria. police just wrapping up the scene at the bel pra plaza, a shopping center. it happened about 11:45 last night. police responded to a report of gunshots. when they got here they found one person suffering from gunshot wounds. that person was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. this was a close call for a couple who was in their vehicle right here in front of this apartment complex. the bullets actually hit their car. they are just fine but again police investigating the homicide. if you have any information, you should call alexandria police. back to you in the studio. >> reporter: defense secretary ash carter and nato defense ministers meet in brussels to discuss the escalation of
6:56 am
russia's presence in syria. volkswagen's u.s. chief befores congress for the first time today to answer questions about the company's emissions cheating scandal. in prepared marks michael horn apologized for the issue. he said he knew about the problem more than a year before volkswagen told regulators. company has admitted to rigging millions of diesel cars with software to beat pollution tests. temperatures today mid- to upper 70s. gorgeous sunshine. we'll see clouds increase later on tonight ahead of tomorrow. yellow weather alert day for friday. showers and thunderstorms will impact the second half of your day. if you like cool weather, saturday is your day. 68 degrees. larry, over to you. a few issues here and there but nothing major going on, but we do have one accident blocking the shoulder of the outer loop of the beltway between the 95 interchange and new hampshire avenue. just give yourself a few extra minutes to get out the door. also know that there's just the typical volume in that area causing a little bit of a slowdown. once you get past it, shoe be good to go.
6:57 am
>> thank you -- you should be good to go. >> thank you, sir. >> no problem. cbs is next with the latest on air strikes in syria as tensions continue to escalate with russia. >> and they have more on the bombing of doctors without borders clinic in afghanistan. download the new wusa9 app. it's new and improved. you get traffic and weather updates. >> the app is where it's at! >> nailed it. >> sort of. >> kind of. but we got there. we'll keep on working on it.
6:58 am
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captioning funded by cbs good nyma, it is thursday, october 8th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." russia missiles and bombs with a wide ranging offensive. t they may be using american weapons. what north carolina did to shore up this dam. >> cbs investigates while some investors lost big money betting on donald trump's brand. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. 14 dams have collapsed since the weekend and 62 others on the verge of being pushed to their limits. the death toll continues to rise in south carolina.


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