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tv   Wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  October 10, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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and reach for the one you deserve. welcome to wusa9. thousands are expected to mark the 20th anniversary of the millman march. we are tracking that. and bruce johnson talks with ben carson. and after some rain and thunderstorms last night getting ready for a great fall weekend. get ready for those outdoor plans. i will have the forecast straight ahead. good morning and thank you for joining us at welcome back. i am mike hydeck. a little bit of a nip in the
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air. good chill. good time for the opener. >> hockey season. >> i know. look at this. how cool is this? thanks, cavs. i love some hockey. we are getting ready for a great day, too, if you are headed out to the cascades tonight bring a jacket for the way home. it is going to be the coldest night so far this season tonight. we are getting ready for a good looking day. it will be a cool and breezy one. hey, it's fall. it's october. we got to get used to the weather, right. starting off with a few clouds across the area. they are going to go away. they are looking at a mostly sunny day by the afternoon. 57 degrees. it's also pretty breezy out there. won't be breezy all afternoon but specifically during the morning hours it will be a little breezy. jacket weather for the afternoon hours. 54 ruston, 52 chevy chase and 53 for buie. showers and thunderstorms for areas in the south. they don't need rain through
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the carolinas. they are getting another dosed today. we will see increasing sunshine, high pressure, a great looking weekend. cooler today than typical temperatures. mid-to-upper 60s across the region. by tomorrow we are back to the 70s. we will get you details coming up a little bit later. >> thanks. thousands of people are -- [ technical difficulties ]. they will honor the tens of thousands of men who converged on the national mall. surae chen has a preview. some people gathering already, right, surae? >> reporter: mike, a lot of people are streaming in right now. you see the people behind me. there is also a very large police presence right here. there is an expected prayer service, sunrise prayer service in this hour as well that's expected. people are starting to fill in
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around the capitol. yes, security also will be very tight. the founder [inaudible] --. the million man march today. a d.c. mosque is bracing for counter protests. they have been in contact with homeland security and d.c. police about the planned demonstration. they are concerned about the so-called global rally for humanity. the protesters believe islam is anti-american. we are following some breaking news overnight. twin explosions at a train station in the turkish capital.
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the moment where the bomb went off. there was a peace raleigh at the -- rally at the time the explosion started. north korea is ready to start any war started by the united states. the nation marked the 70th anniversary of the ruling workers party. armored vehicles, ballistics missles rumbled through the capitol pyongyang. and crews on the scene after bridge collapse in california. nine construction workers injured after a temporary bridge collapsed in a construction zone. police have identified the knive-wielding man they shot and killed in howard county. 19-year-old gary boitano was shot after he refused repeated demands to drop the weapon. it happened as officers responded to a 911 call on
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cardinal lane in columbia. boitano was pronounced dead on the scene. the first week of the charles severance murder trial wrapped up. friday jurors watched surveillance video of a red for the escort seen minutes after ruth annlodato was killed. he testified that his wife and brothers were judges. he claims it was revenge against the elite ruling class. the question is, will things ever get better on metro? >> the united states secretary of transportation transferring metro safety oversight to the federal transit administration. the moves comes after several safety lapses including the deadly smoke incident in january. the ntsb had wanted the federal railroad administration to do the job. this morning three orange line stations in virginia will
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be closed. the vienna, done loring and west falls church stations closed for weekend work. several line lines will replace orange. red, blue green, and yellow are on regular schedules this weekend. this weekend is the taste of d.c. the event kicks off this morning on pennsylvania avenue. on tap 70 of d.c.'s best restaurants and food trucks will be there. there is a beer garden with more than 50 local, national, international brews. a wine walk with more than 100 wines. in the next half hour taste of d.c. founder stewart martin will join us live into the puck drops at verizon center tonight. the cops taking on the new jersey devils in the home opener. alexander ovechkin has been with the caps for a decade. he has the most goal of any player. now it's a time for a shot at the cup. a lot of hype about the team
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this year. the puck drops 7 p.m. tonight at verizon center. let's check back in surae chen. live on the national mall. the 20th anniversary of the million man march is kicking off. police presence. people streaming in. 20 years ago this was a peaceful, large demonstration. interesting to see how the 20th anniversary goes. >> reporter: well, the nation of islam and police here are especially thinking and hoping that the same peaceful atmosphere continues 20 years later. yes, a lot of folks are here. again, filling in around the capitol at this hour for the justice or else rally commemorating 20 years after the million man march. the founder of the nation of islam louis farrakhan organized the original march. >> it's my hopes to reiterate the same thing that happened 20
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years ago for myself, and that was to motivate me to go back to my community, to go back to my family, and to do the things that i was supposed been doing as a man. >> reporter: it's been self-improvement, up lifting and building up the community. and i was in support of that 20 years ago when i was in college and that has never waned. so i will be here tomorrow. >> reporter: and she is here today. the official start of the program starts at 10:00 a.m. there is an expected prayer service, a sunrise service in the 7:00 hour. louis farrakhan is expected to speak at 1:00 this afternoon. live on the national mall, surae chen, wusa9. st ahill ead, jaw-drngoppi video of the moment of a suspension bridge gives way underneath backpackers. plus, the white house turns pink. that's for a good cause. and the divide over gun
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control in america as the president visits of scene of last week's oregon college shooting. the weekend is here. forecast time. allyson. yeah, i needed a light jacket. i thought i would grab my cavs jersey. the coldest night of the season tonight. a gorgeous afternoon. cool and breezy. we are going to be into the 60s for much. day. sunshine in the afternoon. 50s as soon as the sun sets. tomorrow 40s and 30s for
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we were just talking about, my kids are so anxious for a dog. we took my neighbor's dog for a walk yesterday. it was great. if you are taking the dog out to take care of business, it's a little chilly? >> it is. especially during the
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afternoon. temperatures aren't going to warm up much. it's typically chilly in the morning, of course. during the afternoon you will feel it when the temperatures are in the 60s and it is a little breezy. the dogs have a pep in their step when it's cool out there. and it's going to be a god look door good looking day. our michael & son camera, really nice out there. clear skies. started off with clouds and some areas are starting off with the cloud cover. it's not going to last all day. a lot of sunshine through the afternoon and a little breezy this morning. winds out of the north about 20 miles per hour. so, yeah, it is going to be -- it keeps ushering that dry air. 57 degrees out there. some areas are even cooler. 57 frederick, 52 martinsberg, 54 fort broil and tomorrow morning chilly. patchy frost possible through the areas west of the blueridge. we are going to stay pretty nice through the district. today we are looking at
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58 degrees, increasing sunshine through this afternoon. by the 12:00 hour at 62. topping out in the mid-to-upper 60s and quickly falling into the 50s as soon as the sun sets. look at these lows for tonight. we are talking 40 for manassas, 49 d.c. we haven't yet gotten below that 50-degree mark. that will be possible. 66 leesburg today. sunday another day with sunshine. monday parkies skies. it's not until tuesday we see the next chance for showers. a nice little front coming on through. so temperatures will hold above average on monday ahead of that front. 67 today. 72 for sunday and 77 for monday. we drop back down to 72 on tuesday and right down below into the 60s by next thursday and friday. >> thanks. this morning prince georges county executive will be taking part in the end alzheimer's
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walk. it begins at 9:30 at the prince george's stadium in buie. will paul ryan come to the rescue for his fellow house republicans? the search for a new speaker continues. plus, the local connection to a fatal
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some local ties. karlsteven jones is now in custody. also on friday a student was killed and another person was wounded during a shooting outside texas southern university the a housing complex. the student who died was a freshman at the school. the other person is in stable [ technical difficulties ]. 145 this year alone. on friday president obama visited the scene of the 143rd shooting, umpqua community college in roseburg, oregon. he met with the victims families and afterwards the president said the nation schcome together to try to figure out how to prevent mass killings in the future. >> there are going to be, i
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think, moments as we go forward where we are going to have to come together and figure out how to stop things like this from happening. i have got some very strong feelings about this because when you talk to these families you're reminded that this could be happening to your child. >> gun rights supporters also gathered in roseburg to protest the president's visit. they had signs, flags, and many had guns in tow. ben carson is taking flack over recent comments he made about gun violence. our bruce johnson talked to the republican candidate for president. carson says more guns in the hands of trained individuals could have prevented some of the mass shootings we have seen. >> i would feel much safer if there are people in the school who have access to arms and are trained. >> the jewish defense league has taken carson to task for his
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comments that holocaust victims might have survived if more of them had been armed. it's the most powerful job that nobody seems to want. speaker of the house. republican lawmakers are begging paul ryan to end the chaos. house republicans want ryan to run after kevin mcginty unexpectedly beyond out of the race. the wisconsin republican says it's a great job for empty nesters. someone who does not have small children. he has three. the speaker of the house is on the road about 100 days a year. first alert weather time. >> all right. it is going to be a nice day today. we are definitely feeling more like fall than we have as of late. a string of above average today. right below average after that front came through and delayed some of those high school football games. we expected the storms to come through. 57 chevy chase. last little bit of rain going on through the northern neck and cloudy skies hanging on. we will see more and more sunshine as we head through the
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afternoon. it will be breezy to start. 67 degrees by the lunch hour. by 4:00 at 45 degrees. we will be in the 50s before you know it. tomorrow morning 40s for everybody, even the cooler spots could see upper 30s. 72 and sunshine tomorrow and a little bit warmer by monday. mike. >> thanks, allyson. well, the white house went pink friday evening to support the fight against breast cancer. in a tweet the white house said one in eight women in america develop breast cancer. that's why they lit the white house pink in their honor. here is andrea with your seattle health alert. >> reporter: good morning. the georgetown lombardty cancer center is celebrating breast cancer awareness with oysters and champagne. it's the girls and pearl shuck it soiree. it is happening october 14 from 6 to 9 p.m. $10 of every ticket donated to the center for breast cancer
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research. gets your tickets online today at girls and pearls d cdot come. the second leading cause of cancer death is colon cancer. this thursday night i am your emcee when the crist for live foundation holds the blue bash at the four seasons hotel. purchase tickets at chris for i am andrea roane. enjoy your saturday. i am surae chen. on the national mall hundreds of people are already here for the justice or else rally to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the million man march. a lot of people are expected to be here. there is a large police presence. in the next ten minutes i talk about a controversial e-mail that caused the capitol police chief to give an apology. i will have that coming up in ten minutes. live here on the national mall,
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surae chen, welcome back. a local family is not giving up three weeks after that i loved one went missing. they are coming together in hopes he will be found. and mourning the loss of the secret service agent who saved ronald reagan as he was shot in d.c. details on his passing ahead at 7:30. in the tech minute three ♪ hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall with a new hot or iced pumpkin macchiato.
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airbnb. you can live like a local. a few tips. read the reviews, plan your check-in process well ahead of time and make sure the rental has everything you need. finally, one of my most coveted traveling resources is four square. find recommended restaurants, points of interest, and attractions. most places have reviews and tips. if it's a restaurant you are going to find out what dishes people love most. in san francisco, i am sharon pro fis. now to caught on camera. the horrifying moment a bridge collapses under the feet of a group of tourists. all caught on camera. >> right. four french travelers on the bridge in new zealand national park when the cables gave way. the new video that has been uploaded to youtube by adrian whistle. he was walking along the
7:26 am
suspension bridge. this is right before the disaster strikes. this is bad. so on his blog whistle talks of hearing a thud just before they were plunged into water 28 feet below. unbelievably none of them were hurt with serious injuries. happening today the 11th annual buddy walk at george mason university. it raises funds and awareness for down's syndrome association in northern virginia. the million man march. the 20th the anniversary. also a d.c. mosque is bracing for counter protests. and north korea flexing its military muscle on the 70th anniversary of the ruling monitoringers party. and if you are headed to that buddy walk at the fairfax campus at george mason university some great cool weather at 59 degrees by 10. it will be into the 60s by the
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starting at $79.99 a month. plus get $300 back with a two year agreement. get out of the past. get fios. this saturday morning welcome to welcome back. i am mike hydeck. in a few hours tens of thousands are mark the 20th anniversary of the million man march. surae chen is there live. plus, mourning the loss of a secret service agent who helped safe ronald reagan's life. and we will find out more
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about the taste of d.c. that's coming up today. and i am meteorologist allyson rae. we are in store for great fall weather. it has been very warm as of late. not today. i will give you the details straight ahead. thanks for joining us. maybe we can put the rain gear away for a while, yeah? >> yeah, it's going to be a great weekend. sunshine. good fall weather. have you picked your pumpkins yet? >> no, we are going to do it tonight. >> today is a great day. tomorrow it's going to be nice. tonight is going to be our coolest night so far this season. we are talking 40s and even 30s for some areas. upper 30s though. our michael & son camera, we are looking good. perfect timing. the cavs have theiring opening day at 7:00. if you are headed to the game on the way home make sure you have that jacket with you because it's going to be a little cold out there. all right.
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looking at clear skies. a few clouds hanging around across the area. more and more sunshine to wrap the day. 57 degrees out there. it's nice and cool. we are not going to see the temperature warm up much today. staying in the 60s. we will add about 10 degrees to at best. 48 for frederick, 53 waldorf and 55 manassas. the carolinas seeing another dose of rain. they don't need it. a lot of sunshine today. later on today. and also tomorrow. nice temperatures. it will be below average. a little breezy to start. but it won't be as breezy by the afternoon. by the lunch hour 60s. topping out into the mid-to-upper 60s. and coming up we will take a look at how low we are going to go to tonight. it's going to be a chilly one. >> thank you. they are already filing into the national mall right now and tens of thousands are expected to be here to mark the 20th anniversary of the million man march. it's called the justice or else
7:32 am
rally. it's not without controversy after a newsletter associated with the u.s. park police warned about the potential for violence. surae chen is live on the national mall with more on this. good morning, surae. >> reporter: good morning, yes. the capitol police had to deal with that controversy leading up to this historic event as people are streaming in. they are not really talking about this at this moment. but yes, just yesterday there was some response. the capitol police had to do some of that damage control this week after an officer in had the intelligence division sent -- [ technical difficulties ]. >> reporter: that the nation of islam leader louis farrakhan has been accused of inciting violence against caucasians. they met for six hours and at the end of it the capitol
7:33 am
police chief apologized. >> this statement characterized louis farrakhan in a very uncomplementary manner. it advised those of us with him in ways that were completely inappropriate. >> reporter: so they put that aside and now folks are focusing on the message today. justice or else. and they are anticipating the 1:00 event with louis farrakhan where he will give the keynote speech. there is a prayer service this morning as well as the 10:00 official start of this program. live at the national mall, surae chen, wusa9. they are holding the million man ranch rally. a d.c. mosque is braceing for counter protests. it's been in contact with homeland security and d.c. police ba planned demonstration
7:34 am
there. they are concerned about the so-called global rally for humanity, which used facebook to organize anti-islam rallies in 20 cities this weekend. a family is not giving up hope that a relative missing for three weeks will be found. a vigil held friday night for 80-year-old lugan phipps. he has dementia and disappeared september 18. >> we just continue to pray and, you know, try to keep the group strong so that we can move forward. today is officially the completion of week number three and we are starting week number four. >> he disappeared during an outing to watkins regional park. they took a group of residents there for a picnic. he has been called a hero. jerry parr, a secret service agent who helped self a wounded
7:35 am
ronald reagan during the 1981 assassination attempt has now died. cnn reports he died of congestive heart failure. he was 85. nancy reagan said on friday that parr was one of my true heroes. crews on the scene of a bridge collapse in california. nine construction workers were injured after a temporary bridge collapsed in a construction zone about 50 miles southeast of los angeles. we are working now to find more about the extent of the injuries with this. north korea says it is ready to fight any war waged by the united states. that's the warning supreme lead are kim jong un has as they mark the 70th anniversary of working party. a d.c. man is learning about the district as no drone zone the hard way. police handed howard sullivan
7:36 am
an 85-dollar citation and confiscated his drone. sullivan said he did not know about the no-fly zone for drones when he flew his. also a 15-mile no drone zone around the white house and reagan national airport. it's like crack on steroids. that's what prince georges county police are saying about synthetic marijuana. cops announced on friday they seized more than 1600 pacts of the drug in temple hills, capitol heights and district heights. the drugs seized add up to a street value of $33,000. >> the potency of this is unreal and almost mimics pcp. especially when we have to deal with individuals who is have taken the synthetics. it sets them over the edge. >> prince george county police officers say synthetic marijuana isn't a widespread problem in the county. they aim to keep it that way.
7:37 am
7:36. happening tonight the capitals hit zoverin center home ice taking on the new jersey devils. puck drops at 7 p.m. the leukemia lymphoma society hosts light the night walk. it's calling for all local residents to join the fight against blood cancers. the leading cause of cancer deaths of americans under 20. the walk steps off at 7. still to come here this morning, a country's history being destroyed. how the conflict in syria is making an impact on many had historic sites. plus, if you thought your commute around the dmv was bad, check out this traffic jam. almost 50 lanes. allyson. guess what day it is? it's opening day. all right. let's go caps tonight. i need a light jacket. this seemed to do the trick. temperatures into the 60s today. a little breezy at times. but tonight if you are going to the caps game grab a jacket. on the way home very chilly. we will talk about
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a good saturday morning. i am larry miller. if you are heading out it weekend expect road closures as a result of the million man march. also expect some adjustments on metro. let's talk about them. vienna, west falls church those stations are closed this weekend. for orange line commuters to and from on the orange line up want to board the silver line because the silver line will be replacing much of the orange line this weekend. also on sunday metro is going to open up at 5 a.m. for the army ten miler. pretty exciting. and if you are running that race, good luck to you. see you bright and early monday morning at 4:25. take a look at this video. in beijing, china, thousands of commuters were trapped in a 50-lane highway between beijing
7:41 am
and hong kong. the massive traffic jam caused 50 lanes to merge into 20. this is according to the "people's daily." brutal. you might be digging into breakfast this morning, but never too early to plan the next meal. we have a suggestion for you. this weekend is the taste of d.c. joining us live is the event ceo stuart martin. good to see you. how are you? >> [inaudible]. >> all right. we are having -- stuart, if you can hear me, we are having problems with your microphone. we will try to get that fixed. let's talk about weather now -- >> wusa9's first alert weather. >> so much going to on. we have the million man march anniversary down on the mall, the taste of d.c. with nearly 100, you know, brewers and restaurants and food trucks and things outside to do some stuff.
7:42 am
how do you prepare weather- wise? >> prepare with maybe a light jacket. we saw our friend with a fleece on. it is going to be cool this morning. we are going to see a nice cool day. it is below average, but not by much. let's take a look outside at aur michael & son camera. also we have the buddy walk for our down syndrome association in northern virginia. that is at the george mason university fairfax campus from 10 to 2. great weather for that as well. light jackets this morning. maybe the fleece. a light jacket for this afternoon. and tonight, if you have evening plans, it's going to be a little chilly. coldest night of the season so far. 57 degrees. we have winds out of the north ushering in more, cool, dry air. temperatures across the region are dipping or flirt being the upper 40s. now that the sun is out we will start to warm up a little bit. 54 ashburn, 49 for buie. pretty chilly there. the rain and thunderstorms came through yesterday as expected.
7:43 am
lingering showers near richmond and norfolk. we are looking at a few lingering clouds and more sunshine as the day unfolds. clear skies and also the winds calming down and the dry air we have in place tonight is going to allow a perfect recipe for a chilly one. 64 this afternoon for martinsberg. 66 leesburg. 64 for andrews. typically this time of year we are about 70 degrees. not too far off. look at these lows for tonight. it's going to be a chilly one. 49 the first time below that 50-degree mark for the season in d.c. areas west of the blueridge could see patchy frost for first thing tomorrow morning. ed from rick 39, hagueers 43, manassas at 40 degrees. a cool one first thing tomorrow morning. if you are doing the army ten miler maybe layer up a little bit. looking at futurecast and we will see clearing skies today as early as 10 it to 11:00. nothing but sunshine out there. clouds linger south. clear skies and that allows for
7:44 am
that chilly start tomorrow morning. clear skies for the rest of the day. the ravens game will be great. as we head through monday a little bit warmer ahead of the next front. that arrives on tuesday and brings the next chance for showers. thunderstorms not as likely as last night. but showers for tuesday afternoon. 67 degrees today. 72 for tomorrow. a little bit more average for this time of year. upper 70s. a warm one on monday. that's going to be the warmest day of the week. back down to near average temperatures for the rest of the week. best chances for rain on tuesday and another small chance on friday. for years d.c. has been known as the power center. this is where the laws are made. probably in the last decade or so it has turned into a foodie destination. great restaurants, food trucks, lots of things for ep currians. stuart martin is the ceo for the event d.c. let's talk about the restaurants and things that will be today. good morning, stuart. >> mike, how are you?
7:45 am
>> so what is going to be involved? i heard joey chestnut is going to be here. what kind of restaurants? wines? beers are going to be represented in the festival today? >> yes, sir. we are on pennsylvania avenue between 3rd and 7th street northwest. we have got over 60 different restaurants plus over 100 different food vendors. 100 different beers to try. 100 different wines. of course, today is the chili eating championship featuring joey chestnut. he is going to try to eat two gallons of chili in under six minutes. >> we have been talking for years about the taste of d.c. seems like it has mushroomed into something huge in the last few years. it's gotten bigger. is it my imagination? >> yeah, it has. our mission is to showcase d.c. as a culinary powerhouse and be a gathering place for everybody interested in food, wine, and just really embracing d.c.'s
7:46 am
culinary community. >> best of luck. taste of d.c. ceo. appreciate you joining us this morning. okay. do you below freezing that -- do you believe that black friday is month away? lesli foster tells us what to buy and what to save in today's consumer alert. >> you don't want to push off shopping plans by a month if you are in the market for key items like a new set of wheels. the 2016 models are out. so dealers are slashing prices on their 2015 inventory. score big onnd of the season camping gear, too. jeans will cost you 40 to 60% less in october. and the cooler weather will even usher in some new discounts on patio furniture. of course, before you buy anything, do your research. that way you will know whether you can save more online or heading for the stores. lesli foster, wusa9. retailers are counting down until christmas and this year
7:47 am
americans are expected to spend more than last year. the national retail federation predicts an increase of 3.7% on spending last year, which is a little less than the previous increase. one reason. americans have come to expect deep discounts and crazy deals and that cuts into the profits for retailers. if you have netflix get ready for a price increase. the online streaming video service is going to raise the price of the most popular plan from 8.99 to 9.99. the company says it needs to cover the cost of creating new original shows and increase licensing fees. chuck e. cheese working to cater more to moms and dads. if you have to suffer through a trip to chuck e cheese, they are testing lattes and cappuccinos. the average child wants to visit there once a month, but the parents can only stand it about three times a year. notice i'm speaking from experience. how would you like to help
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us when it comes to making a difference at a board a elementary school. coming up october 24th wusa9 is going to take place in make a difference day. they will be transforming the recess yard of the malcom x elementary school. we would love for you to join us. log on to and learn how to be a part of this special day of giving back. new video shows how a ancient landmark has become a casualty of serious war. >> militants are systematically wiping out the heritage. >> reporter: paul mira's art was the crown jewel of one of syria's most cherished archeological sites. >> when you destroy cultural heritage all that is left of a people, you are in effect destroying their cultural
7:49 am
identity. >> reporter: the looting of a rocks national museum in 2003. hehe. >> for every antiquity they destroy on camera, thousands line their coffers. >> reporter: a cbs news investigation confirmed that last month when smugglers offered our team ancient roman he mosaics stolen from syria. it's a booming trade. a smuggler says the terrorists are making out like bandits. if you find an artifact, you take 80% and isis takes 20%. their fate is increasingly in the hands of isis. alex ortiz, cbs news. i am surae chen on the national mall at the justice or
7:50 am
else rally commemorating the 20th anniversary of the million man march. i am joined by two people who were here 20 years ago. thank you so much. tell me, describe the energy 20 years ago and the difference you might feel this time around. >> i guess because it was the first time having the million man's march, the energy at this time of the morning was more pumped. there were a lot of more people here. i see them coming together now. i think mr. farrakhan had a fantastic message that he wanted us to take back to our communities. if we would have followed through with it, we may not have had to have a second million man's march. i think it's important to follow through with what he puts out for the day. >> i feel the same way. when the million man march took place the first time i was really excited. and i am just as excited today because we know that this march for this time, i think it's
7:51 am
going to be worth our time. >> reporter: and a lot of people i have talked with, progress has been made. we have so much more to go. tell me, do you think we've seen enough? or what are your hopes coming out of this? >> well, we want to come together and we want to try to do something to-our community. and we -- this is something that we really need to do. >> reporter: we have known for many years since slavery that something needed to be done about our situation. the united states of america will not change that image if we do not make them. it's not a thing of them just giving it the way they should. it has to be a forced thing. >> reporter: thank you so much. folks will be able to watch everything on the jumbotron. louis farrakhan speaks at 1:00. surae chen, wusa9. all right. thanks, surae. after shia labeouf was arrested in austin, texas, for having a little too much to
7:52 am
drink, he was taken to travis county jail and charged with public intoxication. he was in town for the austin city limits music you festival. randy quaid taking into custody friday night while trying to cross from the united states -- to the united states from canada. the independence day actor was detained by troopers at a vermont crossing days after canadian officials said he would be deported. he is wanted in california on felony vandalism charges. the new james bond movie is a month away from release. >> spector may be the last to star daniel craig as 007. the 47-year-old actor tells britain's time out he would rather slit his wrists than play the secret service agent. his comments were met with angry backlash, many criticizing him for being insensitive about
7:53 am
mental health issues. you can see craig when spector opens coming up in november. and actress selena gomez is fighting a real life battle with lupus. gomez, who is 23, told billboard her 2014 stint in rehab was to get chemotherapy. lupus is an autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system attacks its own skin, joints, and internal organs. this is a good watch. madam secretary will be on madam secretary. madeleine albright will play herself on sunday night as episode of the cbs drama where she councils her fictional protege. a training facility for "american ninja warrior" is getting prehistoric. see this ninja source in
7:54 am
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as we look forward to our sunday morning show tomorrow, president obama goes one on one with "60 minutes" steve cross. hear what he has to say about syria and russian president vladimir putin. he is the man who traveled to space and turned into a star. and now canadian astronaut is releasing an album out of this world. we will hear from him on wusa9 on sunday morning. join us tomorrow morning starting at 7 a.m. this next video is guaranteed to make your
7:57 am
saturday morning. >> this is a much must watch. someone had a training program affiliated with "american ninja warrior." decided to give it a go while dressed in a huge t-rex costume. it looks like it's already hard enough to try to navigate. maybe this could be a new breed of dinosaur? american ninja rex? >> i love it. i have to show my kids that. we have to say go caps. >> thanks for the jersey. make sure you bring a sweater if you are headed out. enjoy your day. >> that's a wrap saturday morning. our next news is 11:00 p.m.
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good morning. it is october 10 2015 welcome to cbs this morning saturday. is the worst yet to come? more rain comes into south carolina carolina's hardest hit flood areas. plus break news. a rally for peace is targeted in turkey's capital. >> plus massive, majestic and still holds the record for speed crossing the atlantic. so why is the


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