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tv   Wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  October 11, 2015 7:00am-8:31am EDT

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. good morning. i'm mike hydeck. buried alive. a trench collapse. we'll take you to the scene of a dangerous rescue. a chilly start for more than 30,000 runners in the army 10 miler. they're winding their way through the streets of d.c. right now. i'm meteorologist allyson rae. we are indeed off to a very chilly start, our coldest start so far this season. how much do we warm up this afternoon? your forecast straight ahead. no better place for sunday morning television than right here on wusa9. thanks so much for joining us. i'm mike hydeck. she's allyson rae. we had temperatures in gaithersburg in the upper 30s.
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>> a little chilly out there. absolutely. a shock to the system this morning. it is going to warm up nicely this afternoon. it is a perfect fall day. we've got to get used to these chilly temperatures. they are coming. take a look outside at our michael & son camera. it is nice and clear. the runners are chilly but hey, it's good running weather. it will warm up into the 50s by 9:00 this morning. clear skies. that sunshine is just going to hold through the rest of the day. it's picture perfect out there. topper was tweeting pictures of picking pull kings. you couldn't ask for a better weekend to pick pumpkins. 3 degrees. the dew point is low. the air is dry. we are in some places 20 degrees colder than we were at this time yesterday. so, yeah, if you're headed out early this morning, for early morning services, jacket weather probably for most of us. 41 leesburg. still in the 30s for frederick, manassas, culpeper, westminster, waldorf all in the
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upper 30s. sunshine this afternoon. no weather problems. it's going to be a nice day. we will warm up to seasonable temperatures near 70. lower 70s for the metro spots. we'll talk about even warmer weather coming up a little later. >> thank you, allyson. happen drag two big events. thousands of runners are taking part in the army 10 miler. later today the annual taste of d.c. we'll have more on both of those stories coming up. but first, this just into our newsroom. an early morning fire left a prince george's county family without a home this morning. the flames started just after 3:00 a.m. on old baltimore pike in beltsville. you can see from the video the home was heavily damaged. beltsville volunteer fire department says the residents got out safely. a trench collapsed on a man digging a water line. he was buried up to his chest. it took crews in columbia about an hour to get him free last night. the crews on the scene say this kind of escavation is among the most hazardous trenches, more
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than 5 feet needs bracing to keep the earth from caving in. only on 9, her father was found dead in a jail cell in arlington county detention facility. now the daughter of that 53- year-old inmate is speaking out. edward straughan was found unconscious in his medical cell saturday morning. he had only been in lockup for 12 hours when his lifeless body was found inside the cell. his daughter talked with andrea mccarren about the death. >> he is a person. he is somebody that was cared about. he has grandchildren. he has, you know, a daughter. he has a brother. >> straughan was locked up on a trespassing charge. this is the second death in less than two months in the arlington county detention facility. police in prince george's county say a car crash is now being investigated as a homicide. we first told but this crash last weekend. the vehicle was driven by 32-
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year-old marquida whips. he was also suffering from a gunshot wound when they got to the scene. the medical examiner office now says she was murdered. it is not over yet in south carolina. the governor is warning of even more flooding. >> they had a lot of rain yesterday again. saturday the death toll rose to 21 as more rain fell across the state. governor niki haley says three more -- nikki haley says three more counties have been declared federal disaster areas and a iewj national guard presence -- huge national guard presence remains. >> in a time like this this historic event will go down where facts will be given. the amount of flood waters, the amount of damages, the dollars of how much that was but cheese challenges are also -- these challenges are also revealing about the true heart and soul of south carolinians. that's the sorry we control. that's the story we get to tell and it's a good story and a special story. so as we are going through this, this is south carolina showing what her heart and soul
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looks like. >> saturday's rainfall brought october total precipitation in column yarks south carolina to -- columbia, south carolina to 12 and three quarter inches. that breaks the previous record of 12 inches back in 1959. more than 35,000 people are right now competing in the army 10 miler race. it is a big event and it is chilly out there. the race gets underway just before 4:00 a.m. several streets will remain closed through noon. those roads are going to be rock creek parkway, constitution avenue northwest, and independence avenue southwest. it's going to be a great day as we head throughout the afternoon. grab a fork and your appetite. this weekend is the taste of d.c. >> on tap or 70 of the best of d.c.'s restaurants and food trucks. a beer garden and a wine walk. somebody for everybody. our surae chinn is live on
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pennsylvania avenue this morning. surae, have you tried anything yet? >> reporter: not just yet. a little bit early for the wine. a little bit early for the food just yet but what more can you ask for today. this is the second and last day of taste of d.c. we are here right on pennsylvania, 6th street. this goes on from 3rd and 7th street on. a beautiful location. we've got 60-plus different restaurant, caterers and food trucks, all kinds of food happening here. it goes on from 12:00 to 7:00. the premier food festival right here in the nation's capital. we also have a hundred-plus wines and beer to try out and they've got family fun. they've got different contests going on, entertainment on the stage. they also had a ben's chili bowl eating contest where joey the chest nut ate i believe two gallons of chili. think about that this morning at 7:00. we'll have much more throughout
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the show. back to you live. >> thank you, surae. president obama is not holding back on tonight's "60 minutes." in an interview with steve kroft he disputes the suggestion that vladimir putin is undermining him in syria. >> if you think that running your economy into the ground and having to send troops in in order to prop up your only ally is leadership, then we've got a different definition of leadership. >> also on the agenda john boehner, the republican congressman, and the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. you can see the full interview tonight right here on wusa9. "60 minutes" airs at 7:30. going off the grid to save money was the goal but a solar solution is proving to be a giant hassle because of pepco. russ u.s. has more in -- russ ptacek has more in about ten minutes. how you could soon be bringing your cat or dog on
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amtrak. >> the caps skate on verizon ice for their home opener. details on how things ended up. >> it's chilly out here. it is our coldest morning so far. of course we'll say that again this year. temperatures this afternoon are going to recover nicely, about 70 degrees across the region. lots of sunshine. a perfect fall day. we'll talk about changes, any chances of showers
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first alert weather time. if you go out for an early morning run, you will need something on your legs this morning. >> absolutely. >> it is chilly to put it mildly. >> we are looking at temperatures in some areas in the 30s still. bundle up. winter is almost here. we still have fall to get through. let's take a look outside. we're off to a good start. it is a beautiful day. it is chilly this morning. if you're a fan of the nice, cool start where it's not too cold, you don't have to do the
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ten layers, maybe just a couple, this is your morning. it's going to be nice. those army 10 milers are already out there and it's going to be a beautiful afternoon. perfect wept fora sunday. -- weather for a sunday and the ravens game as women. we haven't dipped below the 50- degree mark in the district so far yet this season and here we go. some areas we're still into the 30s. we are going to warm up nicely. when you have dry airks the temperature is able -- air, the temperature is able to fluctuate easily. we'll head to near 70 degrees for almost everybody. lower 70s for the district. 38 still for damascus. lovettsville at 36. 41 ashburn. 39 for reston and 39 for waldorf. it is going to be a chilly one. for this afternoon we're getting up to the 70s. 71 manassas. 70 gaithersburg. some of our cooler spots might stay into the upper 60s with ample sunshine it will be nice and warm. we'll stay with clear skies again tonight but not as cold tomorrow morning. just chilly. as we head through monday,
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we'll stay really nice. warmer on monday into the upper 70s. tuesday a small, small chance for showers. not too great. we're talking stray showers on tuesday and behind that front we get cold again. cool i should say. temperatures 73 today. 78 tomorrow. again 78 on tuesday. we'll have the seven-day forecast in just a little bit. >> thank you, allyson. crowds at the rally justice for es on the 20th anniversary -- or else on the 20th anniversary of the million man march. and the shooting of a young boy holding a pellet gun. was the use of force justified? we'll be right back.
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to be taking things in these own hands when it comes to gun controls. our media partners report at the washington post that the president is using executive action to strengthen background check requirements for some weapons purchases. on saturday at a fund-raiser in san francisco, the president continued his call for action. >> we know we've got to do something to prevent the kind of gun massacre that we see with growing frequency in this country. it's not normal. this is not how it has to be. this is a choice that we are making. >> the president spoke before 1300 people at a fund-raiser featuring rapper kanye west. they were there to protest violence. instead they were caught up in it. twin bombs exploding outside a train station in turkey's capital have now killed 95 and injured hundreds more. cbs news correspondent wendy
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gillette reports. >> reporter: terror interrupted a traditional turkish dance in ankarar saturday. to bombs went off almost simultaneously about 50 meters apart. many were still holding flags to be used in a peace rally that was about to start. more flags were left behind next to the carnage outside the capital city's main train station. ambulances rushed to help the more than 300 victims who were hurt or killed in the bombing. pro--kurdish activists and opposition supporters were taking part in the rally organized by the country's public workers union and other groups. it was scheduled just a few weeks before turkey's general election on november 1. the event was planned to call for greater democracy and an end to the violence between kurdish rebels and the country's security forces which has flared up since july. no one has taken responsibility
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for the attack. >> [foreign language] >> reporter: but turkey's prime minister says kurdish rebels or islamic state militants may be behind the bombings. he called for a three-day official mourning period for the vehicle tips. wendy gillette for cbs news. >> the country is three days away from an national election election. turkey's democracy is fragile and right now it looks shakier than ever. allyson? >> thanks, mike. we're off to a cold start. i should say cold and not chilly because it's the coldest temperatures we've seen all season long. we'll warm up nicely with nice dry air in place. it's only 48 degrees, the first time we dipped below 48 degrees this season and -- below 50 degrees this season. gaithersburg, manassas, culpeper and even orange might see a little bit of patchy fog out there. as we head through the day, we are headed to the 70s. lower 70s. so much of the day will be spent into the 60s. high pressure is in place, but as this high pressure pushes
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off to the east, we are going to warm up with southerly winds. that means we are going to see temperatures into the upper 70s come tomorrow and also into tuesday. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. a couple of stray showers possible on tuesday. and again on friday. but pretty nice week ahead. some good fall temperatures by wednesday. mike, over to you. >> thanks, allyson. th is is the way to kick off a season d.c. rocking the red last night as the capitals drop the puck for the first time at verizon center. they take care of the new jersey devils in front of a pumped crowd. next game tuesday against the sharks. thousands of people gathered on the national mall for the 20th anniversary of the million man march. it was called "justice or else." >> the families of trayvon martin and michael brown attended the historic rally. the crowd was younger and was less dense than it was 20 years ago. while it was made of mostly black men, there were many wep
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and children there, too -- women and children there, too, along with people of other races. among the themes was black lives matter. >> all lives matter, particularly black lives because every time i turn on the television, another black life has been lost somewhere. >> another notable difference from the original march was that minister louis farrakahan, organizer of the national islam leader, widened his sentiments to include abortion, politics and self-respect and sounded an inclusive tone. at some point most of us will get a summons for jury duty. and there are some scammer out there trying to cash in on your civic responsibility. lesli foster has more on what to watch out for in today's consumer alert. >> mike, the federal trade commission is hearing from people would say they've received calls from court officials about jury duty. the callers accuse the person on the other end of skipping that duty and claim if they don't pay a fine they could be
7:21 am
arrested and they tell you you must pay that fine immediately with a reloadable card. if this happens to you, hang up and call the police. court officers will never call or e-mail you or require payment if you miss jury duty. but if you don't show up, you might get a letter telling you to come to court on another day to explain why you missed that first appearance. lesli foster, wusa9. >> reporter: can't think of what to eat or cook today? how about coming to the taste of d.c. and have them do it for you. sounds like a great idea? i'll have more on the taste of d.c. coming up in the next ten minutes. back to you. >> see you then. thank you. also ahead, the o'malley campaign. a volunteer is waking up behind bars. we'll tell you what he is accused of doing. >> trump on the stump in the south. we're on the campaign trail with the g.o.p. presidential leader. details ahead
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this morning a wusa9 call for action. tracking a new pepco technology that is keeping customer off what is supposed to be a new money saving grid. >> investigative reporter russ ptacek goes solar to -- russ -- owe russ ptacek goes solar to get that customer plugged in. >> reporter: the customer is
7:25 am
producing more solar power than they're using and those extra kilowatts can be sold right back to pepco. then explain it $1600 bill. >> we put the -- flipped the switch and thought everything was fine. >> reporter: but her brand new solar power system sat idle for months. >> it was ridiculous. >> reporter: pepco had never installed that special meter that sends power forwards and backwards to conneck her to the grid and then? >> every time i get a bill it was a seamingly random number. $441. then it said $1300. then it said $1600. >> reporter: when she tried sorting it out with pepco. >> it was extremely aggravating, first that you couldn't get in touch with a live person and they didn't answer their voice mail. >> reporter: so she reached out to wusa9 call for action and we went to pepco. >> we need to improve and we've made improvements. >> reporter: pepco acknowledged karen's not the only one complaining. at a recent d.c. public service
7:26 am
commission hearing, pepco's d.c. solar power customers testified about connection delays, billing problems, and bad customer service. >> the teams are staffing up more. >> reporter: pepco blames it on the solar program more than doubling in the past year exceeding staffing plans. have you increased staff since we first contacted you? >> i would say yes and continuing. >> reporter: installers of the third-party solar equipment say even with the cost of the lease, average customers are saving about 15% a month but that's only if the power company connects that meter. i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek, wusa9. >> pepco says it has upgraded its green power hotline and is committed to returning and resolving all the solar related customer inquiries within three business days. if you have a problem or want to volunteer for our call for action team, it's easy. go to wusa9 and click on the call for action link or you can call our hot line.
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coming up in our next half- hour, political outsiders. donald trump and ben carson face the nation. we'll have a preview. >> plus, will paul ryan take the job he doesn't want? the search for the next republican house speaker. >> have you stepped outside yet? these guys have. these are the people running the 10 miler, the army 10- miler. it's chilly out there. i'm sure the spectators are all wrapped up with their lattes in hand. it's going to be a chilly start but the rest of the day ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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welcome to wusa9. i'm mike hydeck. can a man that stabbed a metro rider 30 times stand trial? details on the judge's decision. are you going to run for speaker? >> i'm not. >> why not? >> because i don't want to be speaker. >> will paul ryan change his mind about the house speaker's job and come to the rescue of his fellow republicans? meet canada's most famous astronaut. how he went from being a space odyssey to a star singer. i'm meteorologist allyson rae. it's chilly out there. have you stepped outside? have you felt the air? it's cold. it's our coldest start of the season so far. how much do we warm up? your forecast straight ahead. >> that was a picture of the
7:31 am
army 10-miler. when you're packed that tight at the beginning of a race, it warms you a little bit but then the wind kicks in. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm mike hydeck. she's allyson rae. it does not seem to be too windy. >> it was windy yesterday morning. some people say this weather is perfect for running. i think it's a little chilly but that's just me. it is going to be a perfect fall day, though. so get your outdoor plans ready. it's going to be really nice this afternoon. seasonable testimonies. we're looking at -- temperatures. we're looking at temperatures around 70. here's another look at the army 10-miler. i'm sure all the spectators and those waiting for their loved ones to finish the race are saying hurry up, it's cold out there. we'll see temperatures warm up nicely. it goes up and down very easily because of dry air in place. some areas are still in the 30s right notice. take a look at this. we're almost 15 to 20 degrees colder this morning than we were at this time yesterday. here in d.c. just about 9 degrees colder. that's with the norm wind and
7:32 am
the dry air -- north wind and the dry air set up. once the sun gets going, we'll see temperatures head to the 50s. by the time 9:00 rolls around for the district and maybe a little later, about 10:00 for other areas. as we look through the afternoon, nothing but sunshine. nothing but great weather. if you're headed to the ravens game, it's going to be perfect football weather. temperatures will stay about 70 degrees for most areas. so most of the day is going to be spent into the 60s. we'll top out about 72, 73 degrees here in the district. we have warmer weather for you warm weather fans and more cool weather for the fall weather fans all in the seven-day forecast. that's coming up a little bit later. >> thanks, allyson. a man charged with killing a passenger on board a metro train independence day has been ruled competent to stand trial. the judge ruled that 18-year- old jasper spires will proceed, the trial that is. although spires of hearing both male and female voices, he was
7:33 am
able to provide a coherent account of the details of his case and the court procedures. spires is charged with first- degree murder in the death of 24-year-old kevin joseph cutterland on -- sutherland on board that red line train this summer. a campaign volunteer for democratic presidential candidate martin o'mally gets arrested on feal -- o'malley gets arrested on felony pornography charges. he was o'malley's virginia campaign train. the campaign has severed all ties with teegarden now. this morning three orange line stations in virginia are closed. vienna, done loring and -- dun loring are closed. the red, blue, green and yellow lines will run on regular schedules. closures like those in virginia this weekend and continuing disruptions on metro
7:34 am
are taking their toll on ridership. metro is admitting those issues are to blame for years of steady decline in the ridership numbers. metro riders doubled between 1995 and 2009, but in the last five years those numbers have fallen consistently. and not helping that it's also getting cheaper to drink these days despite a penny increase in the price of a gallon of gas, aaa says $2.24 is still 8 cents below the national average. the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas includes $2.22 in baltimore and $2.33 in hagerstown. motorists in the state are paying $1.01 less than this time last year. take a look. you're looking live at the army 10-miler race. lots of people getting bundled up out there. police say several streets will remain closed through the noon hour. so that's five hours till now. rock creek parkway, constitution avenue northwest
7:35 am
and independent avenue southwest are some of the roads affected. it wasn't too long ago that d.c. was a dining out dead zone but quickly the district is becoming a culinary destination. >> this weekend is the best eatery of the district and they're serving up what they've got to offer. our surae chinn is live this morning with a taste of d.c. good morning surae. >> good morning. you know this event has been happening since 1989, more than 25 years. amazing. it's the largest one on the east coast and the mid- atlantic. i have stuart martin, the ceo of taste of d.c. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> reporter: great. so day two, tell us what we can expect here. >> we can expect a lot of food. great weather obviously which is great for us and then over a hundred different beers and a hundred different wines to try. >> reporter: we can't forget the food, right? so we're standing by some of the outfits here. we've got man an know -- maggiano's. give us a taste. >> these are some of the over
7:36 am
60 restaurants. we have pinch dumplings which is new to the taste of d.c. they make awesome dumplings. district donut, locally based. they're incredible. their creme-brulee are incredible. and zenebech is ethiopian. >> reporter: tell us about the entertainment and what family fun we can expect. >> acts are going on on the main stage all day long. we have three different enter statement stages with live music all day from 12:00 to 7:00. we have our culinary stage with chefs doing demonstrations throughout the day. >> reporter: all day long 12:00 to 7:00. tickets are $20. children are $10. 5 and under free. there are some package deals and discounts out there. live here on the national mall,
7:37 am
surae chinn, wusa9. >> thank you. it is the most powerful job nobody seems to want. speaker of the house. and republican lawmakers are begging paul ryan to end the chaos. this morning there are some signs he might come to their rescue. here's more. >> reporter: paul ryan is in seclusion with his wife and three children contemplating his next move after a bah raj of house -- bah raj of house rebs begged him to on owe barrage of house rebs begging him to run. >> he has the statute that he could overcome a lot. >> reporter: are you going to run for speaker? >> no. >> reporter: why not? >> because i don't want to run for speaker. >> reporter: while paul ryan has insisted he doesn't want the job, cbs news has learned ryan is seriously considering a run. >> he's going to decide does he want to come in and try and herd these unhearded animals or not. >> reporter: former house
7:38 am
republican tom davis says ryan is the clear choice, but says the position could jeep dietz his political -- jeopardize his political future. ryan a candidate for vice president in 2012 may be eyeing a future white house run and a stop as speaker is not on the tactical road map. >> a lot of people who have been his friends won't be his friends after a couple of decisions. >> reporter: even if ryan decides to run, the same group of hardline conservatives who discouraged majority leader kevin mccarthy from running may not give him the number of votes to secure a win. but if ryan does not jump on board, it's unclear what the republicans plan to do. in washington, cbs news. donald trump is stumping in the south this weekend. trump rallying a crowd of thousands at a campaign event in georgia on saturday. before the event trump said he was leading in every single poll despite not having spent any money on ads.
7:39 am
>> i'm not going anywhere. i'm leading in every single poll. i'm leading in every single state i'm leading and i'm leading by a lot. we have the biggest crowds, bigger than sanders by far. the only problem we have with the crowds as we get to the convention centers in every city and the convention centers aren't big enough. >> and neither is his ego. the last few weeks he has hired staff members in several southern states to go along with staff in south carolina which hosts of course the south's first primary. still to come this morning, a thermostat that just got a whole lot smarter. we have some advice on pick be the right gadget to keep you warm this winter. >> plus, 2016 will be the year of the outsider according to john dickerson. he will join us live to discuss "face the nation" and why trump and carson are so popular right now. >> the duke and duchess do their part to change the stigma of mental health.
7:40 am
we'll tell you who they met with coming up. >> it's pretty comfortable out here but i'm in the district where it's 4 degrees. some areas -- 48 degrees. some areas are -- excuse me -- are still in the 30s. now it's clear. we're going to look at a nice day today with lots of sunshine. i'm going to get a drink of water and have your seven-day fore
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7:42 am
7:43 am
loring. 7:43. here's andrea roane with today's sunday health alert. good morning. on wednesday, join the office of disability rights and columbia lighthouse for the blind for white cane day. it's a rally in celebration of the independence and self- sufficient courage of the people who are blind or have low vision. the free event starts at 2:30. call 202-481-3880 for more information. this friday morning i'll be your emcee when georgetown lombardi hosts the eighth annual gift of life breakfast. it benefits the capital breast care center. proceeds will provide free breast cancer screenings, patient navigation and transportation assistance to underserved women in the dmv. for more information call 202- 687-1377. i'm andrea roane. have a good weekend. in other health news this morning, nearly nine million children in america are at risk for measles. according to some new research
7:44 am
from emory university. the study also found that nearly 25% of children 3 and under are at risk for the highly congress teenagous illness. re-- highly contagious illness. bike riders who wear helmets reduce their chances of having a severe traumatic brain injury. after an accident by almost 60%. researchers from the university of arizona also found that helmets reduced facial fractures by 26%. researchers looked at more than 6,000 bicycle accidents and found only one in four riders were wearing helmets. and there's a new study that finds the biggest stress that high school students are facing by far is preparing for college. 71% of high school juniors and seniors reported worrying about colleges, including the application project and the cost. by comparison 19% listed dating as very stressful. 16% said it was athletics. the duke and duchess of cambridge are marking mental health day. on saturday they met with some young people who were suffering
7:45 am
from mental illness in london. the royal couple heard the stories of former patients who now volunteer to help others that are battling the diseases like depression, ant and by polarrism. -- bipolarrism. >> in the past, depression and anxiety i tried to take my life two times in the the year of 2012. it was like quite a difficult time for me. the challenge has been finding a safe environment and finding a place where i can feel comfortable enough to reach out and talk to someone. >> the royal couple also joined students for a workshop to educate young people about emotional health. first alert weather time. army 10-miler. some of those took off in the 6:00 hour this morning are finished now. it is no joke when it's that cold in the monk. >> especially when -- in the morning. >> especially when you're still sweating and it's chilly. you need that mylar jacket that
7:46 am
they give you. it will be cold till about mid- morning and then absolutely perfect fall day. if you're waiting to do the outdoor plans, the pumpkin picking, maybe you want to head outside and enjoy the taste of d.c., it's going to be a beautiful afternoon. i've seen a lot of people pulling out the fall boots and sweaters, a perfect day. it is going to warm up as early as tomorrow. here's a look outside. yeah, it is going to be beautiful. you see the sun shining. with the dry air in place, we are going to warm up this afternoon. it will be a slow and steady warm-up but we're going to get there to near 70 degrees which is seasonable. that's our typical high for this time of year. 48 degrees in some areas still into the 30s this morning. 37 for manassas and culpeper at 38. frederick and gaithersburg at 39. close to 40. we'll get there soon probably during the 8:00 hour. highs today into the 70s. a few degrees above average actually. tomorrow even warmer. so if you like the warm weather, monday and tuesday are going to be your days. if you like the fall weather,
7:47 am
getting in the spirit, wear your fall clothes. next week or the end of next week is going to be your forecast days so we have something for everybody. when you get the fall fronts you warm up ahead of them and cool down nicely behind them. we do have high pressure in place. we're getting those nice northerly winds. as we head through the next couple of days we get some southerly winds and that will warm us up to the upper 70s. as far as cloud cover goes, none today and none tonight. however, with a southerly wind tonight we won't be as chilly first thing tomorrow morning. a couple of clouds on friday afternoon but still a fair weather day. as we head through tuesday, tuesday we have a very small chance for showers, specifically during the morning hours. not a lot of people are going to see those showers. as we head through wednesday, we're going to cool right back off into thursday and friday. here's the next coup of days. 73 -- couple of days. 73 today. 78 for monday and tuesday. nice and warm for you warm weather fans.
7:48 am
then we see the temperatures fall right back off. by wednesday back down to near 70 degrees. another good looking today. all in all the next seven days look pretty good. 66 for thursday and 66 again for friday. friday we have another front headed your way so another chance for a small shower, stray shower. so chances don't look overwhelming, just not a lot of moisture with this. it looks to hold off to the north. by saturday, next saturday only 62 degrees. it could be even cooler than that but i'm going to hold off on dropping that below the 60- degree mark just yet. mike, over to you. >> thanks, allyson. it's a man who traveled into space and now he's a star. he's releasing an album from out of this world. >> reporter: when canadian astronaut chris hatfield blasted off for a five-month stay on the international space station in december 2012, a few thousand people followed him on twitter. >> we had a million pretty much by the time we settled back on earth. >> reporter: how does that happen? >> all i was really doing is saying i'm a fellow human being
7:49 am
doing something very unusual, very new and you are welcome to come along and look if you'd like. >> reporter: oh, they did, through the snapshots he tweeted and videos he posted exploring everything from making a sandwich in space to crying in zero gravity. hatfield provided new views of life from space with a remarkable accessibility. >> this is crowd control to major tom,. ♪ you really made the grade. >> reporter: it was his performance of david bowie's "space odyssey" done at his son's suggestion that launched his popularity into a new orbit. ♪ it's time to guide the capsule if you dare ♪ >> reporter: the video has been seen on youtube more than 26 million times. what is going on there that has so grabbed people? >> i sang it and i could hear how the environment much to my surprise had crept into how i
7:50 am
interpreted the song. >> on. ♪ you and i, you in your bedroom and me up in the sky ♪ >> reporter: this friday he will release an album of 12 songs written and recorded in space. ♪ and likely land upon the bed ♪ ♪ lay down to sleep ♪ >> reporter: a 53-year-old retired canadian astronaut and his guitar is leading a new generation of space lovers positively star struck. ♪ lay now down to sleep ♪ >> reporter: jim axelrod, cbs news, toronto. science sure can be fun, can it not? well, some hands on science experiments with real scientists prove to be an amazing opportunity for some gaithersburg cub scouts. and this trip to a rockville lab was not just about beakers and bunson burners. >> reporter: intensity, enthusiasm, and wonder. >> what did she make? what is it? >> reporter: it's the way
7:51 am
science should be according to michael. >> i like science when it's hands on. i don't like it when it's just explaining and you don't actually get to do what they're talking about. >> reporter: the gaithersburg fourth grader and his fellow cub scouts had all the science they could handle at johns hopkins university wet lab in rockville. >> kind of looks the same all the way through? >> yes. >> reporter: they learn extracting the d.n.a. from a strawberry. but nothing is more fun for 9 and 10-year-old boys than pulling apart a hair ball coughed up by an owl. >> they get a whole bunch of fur and bones and they can't digest. >> reporter: believe it or not kids start thinking about their career in fourth grade so now is the time to reach out to them. exactly why johns hopkins connects school groups with real scientists.
7:52 am
>> sometimes kids are afraid of science because there's a lot of information, a lot of things you need to know and in fact it's very approachable. >> reporter: and if you teach it this way, thought provoking, too. >> oh, you broke it. >> so cute. if you'd like more information on the wet lab at johns hopkins in rockville, i have a link on my facebook page. if you have a school stem story, reach me there, too, and send me a direct message. still to come this morning, sometimes you need argument reassurance -- you need a little reassurance that it's going to be okay. check out this super cute video of bei bei. >> reporter: coming up
7:53 am
7:54 am
♪ hand-crafted...layer by layer. the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall with a new hot or iced pumpkin macchiato.
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>> reporter: a thermostat that works with apple's home kit the you can enable, disable and ajust the thermostat making it a great choice for ios users. beyond that it has a lot of the usual features you would expect. it as an -- it has an accompanying app and automatically adjusts the temperature when you're away. look out for the learning thermostat. it has a fresh design with a larger screen and slimmer profile. besides the usual smart learning features it can integrate with the security camera and the smoke detector.
7:56 am
honeywell's lyric thermostat uses geofencing to know when you're away. you can set either a 500-foot or seven-mile range. when you're out of range it goes into an away mode and back home home mode will kick back in so that it's warm when you get home home. check this out. this is the national zoo's bei bei. look how cute he is. this is how much the panda has grown. before you didn't even have its real spots yet. the zoo's chief veterinarian settled the panda cubbie massaging two pressure points at the base of his skull good some things are just universal. a human would love that. bei bei loves it. closed his eyes and rested his chin on the doctor's hand and just relaxed. just adorable. coming up in our 8:00 half- hour, we dig into this year's taste of d.c. we head back out live with chin chin. >> plus, the president goes one
7:57 am
on one with 60 minutes. a preview of the very frank conversation he had on syria and vladimir putin. >> and take a live look at the army 10-miler. i think a lot of you are starting to finish up the race. it's gorgeous out there. still pretty chilly, though. we'll take a look at h
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. i'm mike hydeck. taking in the taste of d.c. thousands will experience the best rest student -- best rest students -- the best rest restaurants and more. only on 9, a family is speaking out after their father dies in jail. we have a preview of
8:01 am
tonight's indepth "60 minutes" interview. have you stepped outside yet this morning? maybe you can feel the draft near your door. it's chilly out there. we have a nice day for your sunday. i'll have the details straight ahead. thank you for joining us for the best place for sunday morning television, wusa9. i'm mike hydeck. here's allyson rae. a chilly start for the army 10- milers. it will warm up layer today. >> yeah -- later today. >> we are going to see temperatures in the 70s. it is the coldest start we've seen all season long. 30s still out there and a coup of 40s as well. -- couple of 40s as well. first time we dip below 40s degrees this season. all the spectators, the loved ones out there, they really are loved ones. they're standing there in the cold with their lattes cheering on about 35,000 people so it is going to be a great day. we're looking at a lot of sunshine, a perfect fall afternoon. warming up to near 50 now for the district. we are going to see a lot of
8:02 am
sunshine today. temperatures are so much colder than they were at this time yesterday. almost by 20 degrees for some areas, especially farther south and west. still at 39 for rockville. 38 for damascus. 37 for lovettsville. 42 for fairfax and 42 college park. dress in layers. it will be key today. it will feel nice and warm in the sun but it is going to be seasonable. it's going to be in the 60s for much of the afternoon. if you're looking for a reason to wear those winter boots, wear them because you're not going to need them tomorrow. 64 degrees by noon. we'll stay about 72, 73 degrees in the district today and 69 by 5:00. not as cold tonight. we have a big warm-up before get to those details on the seven day coming up a little bit later. >> thank you, allyson. you are looking live at about 35,000 people compete in the army 10-miler. the race just got under way at the pentagon. several streets will remain closed through tonight today.
8:03 am
the affected roads include parts of rock creek parkway, constitution avenue northwest and independent avenue southwest. so grab a fork and your appetite. this weekend the taste of d.c. on tap, 70 of d.c.'s best restaurants, food trucks, there's a beer garden and a wine walk. surae chinn is live on pennsylvania avenue with more of the taste this morning. good morning, surae. >> reporter: good morning. and now we have a wonderful bird's eye view of taste of d.c. and what a gorgeous day this is turning out to be. we see all the tents lined on pennsylvania avenue, 3rd and 7th street, 3rd and 7th. we have a lot of restaurants. they're just starting to set up now. behind the camera there are so many other booths and different restaurants, caters, even food truck -- caterers, even food trucks are being highlight. you can taste everything from donuts to dumplings, thai food, all different types of cultures
8:04 am
are right here. there is a stage closer to the capitol. that's all happening today and throughout the day. yesterday there was a chili eating contest. ben's chili bowl. joey the chus nut ate -- chestnut ate more than two gallons of chili. can you believe that? i'm so glad i wasn't there to see it. today there's so much going on and things start at 12:00. 12:00 to 7:00 tonight. tickets are $20. $10 for children. 5 and under are free. live here on pennsylvania avenue, surae chinn, wusa9. an early morning fire has left a beltsville family without a hope. the flames broke out just before 3:00 on old baltimore pike. if you can see the video, you'll see that there was a heavily damaged roof to the hope. the home's residents did appear to get out safely. a dangerous rescue in howard county after a trench collapses on a man who was digging a water line. it took about an hour for howard county and ems crews to
8:05 am
get the worker out of the ditch. he is expected to be fine. he was in chest deep. this kind of excavation process is among the most hazardous. tranches more than 5 feet deep require bracing to prevent collapse. for the second time in less than two months, an inmate has died at the arlington county detention facility and only on 9 that man's daughter is now calling for answers. police say 53-year-old edward straughan was found unconscious in a medical cell saturday morning before he was transported to virginia hospital center, deputies and nurses tried to resuscitate him. he died later at the hospital. >> all they could say to me was that my father was intoxicated. he was going through alcohol withdrawal. >> police says that straughan had a history of medical problems. he was being held on a trespass charge. trump, carson and the search for the next speaker of
8:06 am
the house. john dickerson is joining us now with a preview of today's e's a lot to talk about. donald trump and ben carson are both at the top of our new cbs news poll which we'll also talk about. we'll talk to donald trump about his campaign, how it's going. also some foreign policy. then ben carson will talk about his provocative remarks this week about gun control and the holocaust and that speaker race, we're going to talk to the congressman from south carolina who is one of those conservatives who's been pushing the leaders to do more and then of course we're going to haconversation about foreign policy and domestic policy. >> john, this outsider mentality is interesting. instead of tiptoeing around the controversial topics, they continue to double down on their statements and surge in the polls. do these candidates have more freedom than the traditional inside the beltway types? >> they do have more freedom and that's awfully appealing because a lot of the people i talk to in both parties talk about how they can hear
8:07 am
politicians talk for 45 minutes and not hear a true thing come from their mouths. these outsider candidates sometimes say a true thing under seven seconds. so that's very appealing. the big question then, though, is after you get past that and those frank statements that make -- that are so pleasing to people, what's their view for governing, what do they understand about the real challenges the country faces and what are their plans. >> john dickerson, we truly appreciate your time this morning. don't miss john right leer on wusa9 on -- here on wusa9 on "nation the nation." hello there and get morning. on capital download, we talk to presidential contender ben carson on why he thinks army schools would make states safer and we'll hear from ben bernanke and why he thinks more corporate executive shoes have gone to jail in the aftermath of the great recession. that's all coming up right here at 8:30 on wusa9.
8:08 am
this morning three orange line stations in virginia are closed. the vienna, dunn loring and west falls church stations are closed through the end of today. the silver line trains will replace orange line service this weekend. the red, blue, green and yellow lines will run on regular weekend schedules. still ahead this morning, tom hanks is helping out with homecoming. details on a big surprise he had for a high school class. >> plus, we'll take you to a cafe that helps people with autism put the puzzle pieces together. >> retailers are already rolling out their holiday push to try and get shoppers to buy gifts earlier than ever this year. i'll have that story coming up. >> it's not too bad out here but you know what? i'm in the district. in the suburbs we're still looking at temperatures into the 30s. we're headed to the 70s. here are your forecasted highs town by town. 73 in the district. 71 for manassas. frederick 72 and gaithersburg
8:09 am
about 70. i have a look ahead to ♪ ♪ pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored baked treats and beverages, like the new pumpkin macchiato before pumpkin season is over. without the internet i would probably be like a c student. internet essentials from comcast has brought low-cost high speed internet into the homes of hundreds of thousands of low-income families. it lets students do homework and study at home. so far more than two million people across america have benefitted. internet essentials is going to transform the lives of families. i see myself as maybe an entrepreneur. internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide.
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. welcome back. developing news overnight. a suicide car bomber has targeted a convoy of cars. a few civilians were injured in the blast which rocked the city early this morning. the taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. it happened during the ongoing battle for the northern city of kunduz.
8:12 am
a plane crash with two people in northern california, two people were on board, the federal aviation administration spokesman says the plane crashed in south lake tahoe on saturday night. the small aircraft had just taken off from the lake tahoe airport when it crashed into a vacation home. >> it scares everyone because the airport is central. airplanes take off and land from all directions so it can happen to anyone. >> the status of the to people on the plane is not -- of the two people on the plane is not clear at this point. no one on the ground was hurt. the ntsb will be investigating the crash. my god bless her and all that sail in her. >> it took first lady michelle obama three cracks with the sham bane bottle to christian the u.s.s. illinois. it's named after obama's home state. the vessel is the 13th in the
8:13 am
virginia class of submarines. president obama is not holding back on tonight's 60 minutes. in an interview with steve kroft, he disputes the suggestion that vladimir putin is undermining him when it comes to the situation in syria. >> you said a year ago -- if you think that running your economy into the ground and having to send troops in in order to prop up your only ally is leadership, then we have a different definition of leadership. >> also on the agenda, john boehner, the republican congress, hillary clinton, and donald trump. you can see the full interview tonight on wusa9. "60 minutes" airs at 7:30. how would you like to help us make a difference at ward 8 elementary school. wusa9 will be taking part in "u.s.a. today"'s make a difference day. it's in partnership with play works d.c. they'll be transforming the school yard. we'd love for you to join us and learn how you can become a part of this special day of
8:14 am
giving back. d.c. was rocking itself red. the -- the red. the capitals kicked off their season on a high note. they took care of the new jersey devils 5-3 in front of a pumped up home crowd. next game tuesday night against the sharks. go caps. sunday night 3-2 play november match saturday night at the rose bowl ended in stunning fashion. three goals in extra time. the winner get as spot in the 2017 confederations cup. halloween is still two weeks away but the stores are already getting ready for christmas. >> i saw halloween candy in august. so now we're talking christmas. in fact some outlets have been trying to attract holidacustomers since the summer. >> reporter: fall just started but you can already find holiday items on sale at many
8:15 am
stores, including this k-mart. >> i can pick things up one at a time instead of putting the money all out at once. >> reporter: more americans are planning to shop for the holidays earlier this year. about 32 million have already started and more than four million say they're already done. >> i started the end of august because i have 365 days. i know christmas is coming. >> reporter: traditionally stores waited till after thanksgiving to roll out their holiday push. now some retailers are advertising online and in stores earlier to attract shoppers. amazon and wal-mart started offering black friday style deals online back in july. >> it's ridiculous to think about christmas now. >> reporter: and k-mart rolled out its holiday layaway plan this summer. >> k-mart, no money down layaway. >> reporter: holiday shopping is becoming a year round event and many shoppers like it. >> i think for people it's
8:16 am
stressful. they can get things done efficiently on their own time frame. >> reporter: still not everyone is sold on the earlier holiday -- [ inaudible ] >> i don't think about it until the christmas songs and han came songs come out -- hanukkah songs come out on the radio. it is what it is. tom hanks is making headlines again. >> just last week the actor showed his good samaritan side by tweeting about a college i.d. he found when walking around in new york central park. now he's reaching out to students at a fresno, california high school that shows tom hanks movies at the theme for this year's homecoming . >> it's really good that he put all of his energy and soul into that video to show the kids he's grateful of what they started here. >> i thought it was going to be really short but it was really
8:17 am
long. >> pretty cool. hanks sent a seven-minute video after a student contacted him about attending their homecoming festivities. he politely declined but sent the video from the set of his upcoming movie called "the circle." he sent an autographed typewriter to display in the school's showcase. speaking of cool, that's the way this morning started. we had 39 degrees in gaithersburg this morning. >> lots of 30s. very chilly. we'll say that time and time again as the season rolls on. a little bit of a shock. it's one of those mornings where you just don't want to get out of bed. we'll warm up nicely. if you decided to sleep through the cold, you'll see a nice afternoon. 77 degrees expected for most areas. we'll city in the low 70s for the district. the army 10-miler, perfect running weather. temperatures are chilly but when you're huddled together, it starts to be a little bit on the warmer side.
8:18 am
we're already at 50 degrees. we have very dry air in place. temperatures fluctuate easily. tonight will not be as cold but it will be chilly again this evening with clear skies and calm winds and dry air. perfect recipe for another chilly one. 41 right now for gaithersburg. congrats. you're out of the 30s. frederick and manassas an martinsburg still into the 30s. also through westminster, down through the shenandoah valley, you're into the 40s. 44 for andrews. ap annapolis at 50 -- annapolis at 50 degrees. this whole week is looking okay. we have a little bit of a temperature roller coaster but each day is going to be pretty nice. we'll -- we're on the front side of this pressure. and through tomorrow and tuesday and that's where we're going to warm up ahead of our next front. our next frontal system. it happens typically in the fall months. with you have these fronts coming through all the time. so today we'll head to the upper 60s topping out in the
8:19 am
lower 70s. notice those winds, though, turning out of the southwest. that's going to keep our temperatures just a little bit warmer this evening. it's still going to be chilly if you like that morning chill. it's just not going to be into the 30s as we saw this morning. so by 7:00 if you're headed to taste of d.c. and headed out and going to stay a little bit later, you might want to grab a light jacket, even though it will be warm in the sun today because the temperature will start to fall off pretty fast after that sun sets. take a look at your futurecast. we're going to stay with clear skies today and tonight allowing for that chilly start. a couple of fair weather clouds will move on in for monday. maybe a stray shower for the northern neck but it will be a dry day. tuesday is our next front. we stay rather warm monday and tuesday ahead of this front. a small chance for a shower on tuesday. not very many people will see rain. but we cool right back off by wednesday into the rest of next week. you'll see it on your seven day. 73 for today. 78 for monday. 78 for tuesday. so each day is really great just a little bit different. it will be warm for monday and
8:20 am
tuesday, very typical for fall weather on wednesday, 70 degrees. then we're going to cool off into the 60s. saturday it's going to be chilly, 62 degrees. but the sun is out and it will be nice. so enjoy the next seven days for some good fall weather. mike, over to you. >> thanks, allyson. love this next story. a cafe in upstate new york is a lot more than just a cupcake shop. check this out. it's called puzzles based in scen effectdy where half -- schenectady where half the stuff has autism. -- staff has autism. >> a lot of us are exposed in our everyday lives but it's really great to put a face on that and to know that the person bringing your lunch may or may not have special needs and that's just normal. >> the cafe offers pet therapy and other programs for those -- [indiscernible] the cafe has received over 600 applications. checking the morning's top
8:21 am
stories. a man had to be rescued after a trench he was working in collapsed around him. crews in columbia, maryland had to work for an hour to free the man saturday evening. he was buried up to his chest and is expected to be fine. volunteer for the campaign of martin o'malley gets arrested. michael teegarden is in jail without bail. more than 35,000 people are competing in the army 10-miler. right now the race got under way. initially the first leg at 6:00 a.m. the bulk of the competitors took off at 8:00. it started at the pentagon. you can skip the wait line for brunch. >> absolutely. taste of d.c. is the place to be. let's check in with our surae chinn one last time. good morning, surae. >> reporter: good morning. the chefs are arriving and they're setting up right now for a really big day. it starts from 12:00 to 7:00.
8:22 am
i'm hear with sylvia. tell me what you're going to be doing today? >> obviously we have a booth here and we have a great menu that we're offering for anyone that's coming to the taste of d.c. but we also are doing later tonight a full father demo. -- culinary demo. we'll be on the culinary stage and we'll talk about how to make marinated sliced rib eye. it's a very traditional item. [ audio difficulties ] i'll show you how to make it at home and how you can enjoy a real korean authentic experience at home. >> reporter: there are so many side dishes and different spices and sauces. can you explain -- [ audio difficulties ] >> absolutely. there's about eight different side dishes that we traditionally offer at the restaurant. >> reporter: it's confusing. >> it's a lot. it's pretty overwhelming. we put out a pretty colorful spread. all the side dishes are veggies and really the highlight is the
8:23 am
meat that we have grilling at the table. and then you're basically getting your veggies in but getting your meat in as well. it's just -- there's no rules about korean barbecue. you just make your own rules. [ no audio ] still ahead this morning, 278 obstacles, a grassy slope and your wife on your back. wait till you hear what the first prize is for coming across the finish line first. it's about time for pet picks 9, my favorite part of the morning. if you're looking for a smile, here you go. this is from andy. this is their daughter and their doggie on a lazy saturday. >> and those happen to be my kids. super cute. >> and sammy's morning stroll from james.
8:24 am
a beautiful picture. thank you, james. >> one last one. lazy days of fall. we all love those. thanks for
8:25 am
not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number...
8:26 am
she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. save $600 on the #1 rated bed, plus 24-month financing and free home delivery. only at a sleep number store. . it's a test of strength, endurance and your relationship. >> i think the last one is key there. 50 couples taking part this weekend in the 16th annual north american wife carrying
8:27 am
championships in maine. strap and steph competed against 30 couples if as far away as florida, south carolina and north carolina. they claimed their first place prize in the 270-yard obstacle course. >> come out of the block and you're all ready to go. you keep going up and keep going up. once you get to the very top of that hill, you ran out of gas. we're going to make a tradition of it now. >> here's the key here. this is the fun part. the two took home -- the wife, sam or steph, her weight in beer as well as five times her weight in cash for a grand total of $750. >> p
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
ben carson says arming kindergarten teachers world make kids safer in schools and federal reserve chairman ben bernanke says more executives should have gone to jail for their role in the great recession of 2008. i am susan p and this -- susan page and this is capital download. . good morning. and welcome to capital download. derek mcginty is off this week. i sat down with ben carson who is second only to donald trump at the top of the republican presidential field. >> we are in a new york city bureau for federal reserve chairman ben bernanke. thank you for


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