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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  October 14, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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campaign 2016 will. we'll have a recap of the democratic debate complete with some of your reactions. statements from the six officers charged in the freddie gray case will be allowed in the trial. good morning. i'm andrea roane. i'm nick giovanni. welcome to the rush hour edition of 9news this wednesday. this morning's rush hour will be a mess on rockville pike because of yesterday's water main break. larry miller has an update on that. we begin with allyson rae who has today's forecast. >> thanks, andrea. today's forecast is not going to be a mess. it's beautiful out there. starting out cool but comfortably cool. 56 degrees out there in the district. we are going to see temperatures a little cooler as you head out to the suburbs but similar to how we started off yesterday. light jacket and you're good to
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go. 48 degrees for manassas. 45 for annapolis and leesburg r59. it will be a little -- 59. it will be a little breezy today from time to time but that's about it. we are starting off with a few clouds so that could make for a nice sunrise. we'll keep an eye on the tower cam. temperatures in the 60s for much of the day. we'll top out just about 70 degrees. larry, over to you. the last hour we just got video into the newsroom of that fatal traffic accident on the northbound side of the bw parkway at 32. this is video now. we have all lanes closed being diverted eastbound on to 32. then on to route 1 from there. you go on to maryland 175 and back on to the bw parkway pushing to bypass all of that by getting on to 95, traveling northbound toward the baltimore beltway. sky 9 right now giving us a live look and shows us how things are shaping up right now on the bw parkway taking into account not only the accident there where you can see the reconstruction still in place but also we have delays in that area. so you will need to be mindful
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as you heads out the door. again 9 -- you head out the door. again 95 will be the best bet to travel northbound toward the beltway. i want to give you a look right now and show you how things are shaping up on rockville pike. we're keeping a close eye if we can go back to the maps, we're keeping a close eye on the water main break affecting one lane both on the northbound and southbound side between cedar lane and pohick road. let's check in with nikki burdine live on the scene with an update on the situation there. nikki? >> reporter: let me start by saying if you can avoid rockville pike near n.i.h. this morning, i subject you do not come through here. if you -- i suggest you do not come through here. if you cannot avoid it this is what you're in for. traffic is starting to back up in one direction up rockville pike. that's because there's a water main break at the top of rockville pike between cedar lane and pooks hill road. this water main break is a -- a
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16-inch break. it happened yesterday afternoon about 1:00. crews have been working all day yesterday and overnight and also this morning trying to fix that repair. once they repair the break, they'll be putting the main back in the ground. i'm told at that point they'll actually have to shut down possibly even more lanes so that they can repair the road on top of it. there's also some buckling on rockville pike to tell you about, some things you need to worry about in that way. about 250 customers are without water. if you are one of those people without water, you could go to the wssc water station that's set up at boy that's at cedar lane and rockville pike. i spoke to a couple of people last night about how this commute is going to affect them, how this water main break is going to affect them last night and this morning. this is what they had to say. >> i was waiting for a bus for 20 minutes. then somebody came over and said there wouldn't be a bus coming. so i thought i'd walk home but
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the -- that big puddle over there is preventing me from doing that. >> reporter: a lot of frustration there and unfortunately there's going to be even more frustration this morning as crews are still working to fix that water main break. right now one lane getting by north and southbound lanes on rockville pike. again between cedar lane and pooks hill road. avoid this area if you can. if not download our wusa9 mobile app and you can get everything you need to know on traffic. back to you in the studio. we are following breaking news out of the waldorf section of charles county, maryland. fire crews are on the scene of a double fatal house fire. this happened earlier this morning in the 15000 block of poplar hill road. a woman possibly in her 60s is dead along with a young boy. four people made it out safely. right now emergency crews have shut down poplar hill road. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll update you on information as we get it and you can keep up to date on our mobile app.
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we're also following developing news out of suitland. one person was shot and killed on tangier place. no arrests have been made. police have not revealed the events that led to the shooting. turning to campaign 2016 and the race for the white house. fight night in vegas is in the books. last night's democratic primary debate come came with some memorable moments. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and even former maryland governor martin o'malley seemed to score some points over the night. what stood out on social media how clinton spent most of the evening sparring with her closest rival bernie sanders. he was the most searched candidate on google during the debate. martin o'malley closed out the night saying this debate proves this contest is more than a two- person race. >> this is the opening kickoff. for the first time tonight people see they have a choice. >> it's worth noting none ever the five candidates on stage mentioned vice president joe biden who has yet to announce whether he will launch a white house bid. some analysts say the vice president is waiting to see how
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clinton handles her testimony before the house benghazi committee scheduled if later this month. we didn't see any tweets from the vice. but a lot of you were -- vice president but a lot of you were watching and offered commences. seriously the dem debate was a conversation among people respectful of each other unlike the junior high kids at the g.o.p. debate, this from cindy. thank you very much, cindy. next, contrary to the snap cnn poll, i think clinton easily won the debate, hashtag demdebate. and from sarah, please, if you are reading this, watch the debate and decide for yourself who won hashtag demdebate. one more from jessica, staying up late to watch the replay of hashtag demdebate was so worth it. finally discusabout matter. one more, i felt the dp em-- the dem debate was lackluster and boring. but then if i were american,
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i'd vote for one of these five and not looney republicans. the next debate des moines, iowa. two key decisions came out of yesterday's hearing in the case. the judge ruled that statements made officers during the internal investigation afteay's death can be used at the officers' trials. the content of those statements have not been made public yet. judge williams also issued a gag order preventing prosecutors or defense attorneys from discussing anything having to do with this case. ntsb investigators are expected to arrive in florida later this morning as the search continues near miami for more victims of a small plane crash. >> we have another major transportation recall to pass along which will impact people here and across north america. >> it's a little cool out here ll buit's day -- to be a nice fall day. temperatures will be into the 60s as the kids head out for recess. lots of sunshine. a few fair weather clouds. it's pretty nice. i'll let you know when you need to trade out the light jacket
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for the heavier jacket. that's all coming up. >> we have the fatal accident on the northbound side of 32 and looking in the cameras or from sky 9, we just saw a few miles south that there was yet another accident. folks, stay away from the bw parkway.
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grz welcome back -- welcome back. i'm meteorologist allyson rae. things are looking fall the next couple of days and it's going to be pretty chilly this weekend. 56 degrees in d.c. a little bit cooler for manassas and culpeper you're into the upper 40s. as we go through the day for your lunch hwe'll be into the mid-60s. much ofdate is in the 60s. it's breezy at times.
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topping out near 70 degrees. we'll talk about that chill in the air coming our way for this weekend coming up. here's larry miller, though. metro riders, everything is running on schedule. no issues on the the trains or buses but the bw northbound we're haproblems. once you get to 32 it's closed and traffic is being diverted taking you eastbound on 32 to route 1. route 1 to 175. 175 back toward the capital beltway. but just south of that, there's another issue going on where we have an accident that's causing even more delays. here's a look for sky so you -- from sky 9 so the issue. south of that that other accident. it certainly is going to commuters are being asked to stay away from that section of the parkway because it's certainly going to be a frustrating day. former los angeles lakers standout lamar odom is reportedly in critical condition after being found unconscious at a nevada brothel. a new is about to take binge
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♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours.
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(vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. allyson rae back with us tracking a gradual drop in temperatures but it's going to start accelerating pretty soon? >> no sunday effects from you? [ whistling ] >> i need you for my sound effects. i knew it was starting to make a change in the the weather
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when i went to the grocery store and front and center the fire wood. >> and snow melt probably behind it. >> the shovels are quickly coming as well. this weekend will be a the -- the fire going for sure. it's going to be nice and crisp out there. and outdoor plans will be fine. you just have to wear a couple of extra layers, that's for sure. it will be one of our cooler weekends. cool air in place. we've already seen temperatures this chilly but that was because of clouds and rain in place but not this weekend. 52 for college park. 49 for white oak. it's a nice start this morning. nothing too big of a problem.e, though. just a light jacket needed. as we go through your futurecast, just a few fair weather clouds. high pressure is rolling on in. it's going to stick around for tomorrow. so tomorrow not as breezy as it will be today and more sunshine but both days are looking pretty good to be outside. friday things will change. we have a couple of clouds headed our way.
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here comes the cold front, the one bringing all the cold air for this weekend. as far as rain chances are concerned on friday, not too great. similar to what happened yesterday. we had the cold front come on through and it brought spotty showers. that's what's going to happen on friday as well. areas north of the district have a better chance of some of those spotty showers. the bigger story with that front is not going to be the rain. it's going to the temperatures dropping behind it. a little breezy for tomorrow, upper 60s. 66. that's it for friday. just a couple of showers. the farther north you go the better chance you have. over the weekend sunny but chilly. you'll need jackets. we'll see temperatures slowly climb back to average next week. over to you. the bw parkway westbound closed at stanton road because of an accident there affecting the 94, the w6 and the w #. so for folks -- w8. so for folks that travel on those buses be mind temperature the detours will -- mindful the detours will be in place because of the accident. volume once you get over the
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occoquan making your way into newington and springfield on 95. no accidents or incidents but again volume as we get toward the height of rush hour. here's a live look from our trafficland cam to show you how things are shaping up. this is the prince william parkway. you can see the volume on the northbound side. going back to the maps we have significant volume on the eastbound side of i-66 primarily because of earlier construction that wrapped up later causing delays all the way into areas like manassas. so it's slow going as you approach the capital beltway in fairfax. get past the accident in toward the capital beltway, nothing should slow you down. coming up in ten minutes, we'll break down the commute around town showing you some of your drive times. plus, we'll have a look at how things are shaping up on the bw parkway where we have another accident impacting traffic there. nick? in the news at 6:18, the seven continues near miami for more victims involved in a small plane crash. two bodies have already been found at the mobile home park where the plane went down. don champions reports that
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officials still don't know how many people were on board. >> reporter: a nearby surveillance camera recorded the final moments of the flight tuesday afternoon. something obviously was wrong with the plane going down at an angle. seconds later black smoke rose from the scene. >> i heard it. it sounded really bad. then it came. boom, it fell on top of the house. >> reporter: domingo was just outside of his palm springs mobile home when the plane crashed right into it. photos from witnesses show the immediate aftermath with flames shooting into the area. his 21-year-old daughter bane was in her --ny ban was in her room at the time. >> i was screaming banny, banny. i went outside and couldn't do anything else. >> reporter: her body is believed to be one of two found at the crash site. the fire spread to a second home and put hours to put out. officials still didn't know how many people were on the plane. the crash happened about three
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miles away from an airport. don champion, cbs news. former l.a. lakers star lamar odom is in the hospital this morning. he was found unconscious at a brothel. police say the 35-year-old odom was found in a brothel outside las vegas. the plane was to airlift odom to a hospital in las vegas but the 6'10" player was too tall for the the helicopter so he was driven by ambulance. a court ruling regarding a wisconsin gun store could have repercussions across the country. a jury took nine hours to fine the store liable in the shooting of two police officers. the officers had filed suit claiming the store was negligent in selling the weapon. one officer lost an eye. the second was shot in the mouth mouth. >> right now it is every day. >> the gun shop was ordered to pay one officer three and a half million owe $3.5 million and his partner $1.5 million. appeals could take years. a supreme court decision is
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expected next summer in a case involving the conviction after juvenile in the killing of a police officer. it's the case of harry montgomery of louisiana. he was convicted in 196 3w and sentenced at age -- 1963 and sentenced at age 17 to life in prison without parole. the high court is considering whether he should be resentenced based on a new court ruling banning life sentences without parole for people who were under 18 when they committed murder displz former virginia governor bob mcdonnell is formally asking the supreme court to take up his appeal. mcdonnell's attorneys say the se raises issues of, quote, significant importance. mcdonnell has been sentenced to two years in prison. toyota is looking to nearly do away with gasoline-fueled cars by the year 2050. the automaker is looking to produce and only sell hybrids. it's part of the effort of the
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toyota motor corporation do reduce emissions. electric vehicles weren't part of its vision. the union for air traffic controllers is warning that shortages in hiring could lead to significant flight delays he nationwide in the coming years. that's why the union is calling on congress to hold a hearing to scrutinize faa hiring. the union says they now have the smallest number of controllers in 27 years. 1.5 million bicycles sold in the the u.s., canada and mexico are now being recalled. a release lever could come in contact with the front disk brake causing the wheel to stop suddenly or prattly. 13 manufacturers are -- separately. 13 manufacturers are involved in this. one injury so far. it seems like the sky is the limit when it comes to how much binge watching you can do. vir yin america -- virgin
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america has added to that. netflix' entire catalogue is available on the carrier's wi- fi. the service is going to be free for existing netflix users through march of 2016. a plan which would have used prisoners to help battle wildfires out west is scrapped. >> plus, the president crashes a wedding party. we've got the footage. >> your morning commute could be a bit tricky and probably very stressful, especially if you take rockville pike through bethesda. i'm nikki burdine. i'll explain why and tell you what you need to know. >> it is cool out here. temperatures continue to drop into the mid-50s across the district, but we're headed to near 70 today. can't say the same for areas to the west of us and we have some cool air to our south headed our way. i'll tell you what to expect this weekend coming up. >> a lot more cars on the road and unfortunately a lot of problems. the good news no issues on 395 as you travel over the 14th street bridge but the major
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trouble spots in parts of montgomery county and prince george's count
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[ inaudible ] yesterday the chairman of the dutch safety board released its report on what caused the crash. elizabeth palmer has more. >> flight mh-17 crashed as a result of the detonation of -- [indiscernible] left hand side of the cockpit. >> reporter: the russian-made missile was fired from the ground said the board. a simulation slowed the blast a yard away from the plane pierced it with shards of shrapnel. the pilots died instantly though some passengers may have been conscious for up to a minute and a half. it crashed on ukrainian territory controlled by russian- backed separatist militias. investigators recovered as many pieces as they could and transported them to a hangar in netherlands where like a grim jigsaw puzzle they were
6:27 am
resembled. that revealed what caused the crash but not who. a separate criminal insquarely will decide -- inquiry will decide that. photos and satellite data show that a missile launcher was driven into rebel territory from russia and fired just before the crash. >> based on our research, it looks like that missile came from -- [indiscernible] that's a huge problem for russia. >> but russia has always denied that and it says the ukrainian army probably launched the missile and said it has serious doubts about the dutch conclusions. corrections officials in california have dropped a plan to use prisoners with violent backgrounds to battle wildfires. the state still plans to expand their prisoner firefighting unit. it will include inmates who have no more than seven years left on their sentences. that's up from the current five. also trending this morning
6:28 am
the movie "wedding crashers" became a reality for a maryland couple when the commander in chief showed up. president obama greeted the newlyweds in davidsonville. he happened to be playing a round of golf the same day of the ceremony so decided to stop by, shake some hands and take some pictures. up next at 6:30, hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley appear to have scored the biggest points of the first democratic presidential debate. and the chicago cubs do something they haven't been able to do for more than a decade. >> 45 minutes till sunrise over the district. thanks for waking up with us. i'm nick giovanni. i'm andrea roane. larry miller has your timesaver task. we begin with meteorologist allyson rae who is getting us ready for a real cooldown. >> we're only taking this in steps. today is step one. we'll get a chance to brace
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yourselves for the real chilly air over the weekend. typical fall day today. we're starting off with a few clouds. so when the sun does come up, it might be a really nice sunrise. the clouds often reflect the sunlight nicely. 57 for frederick right now. upper 40s, the cool spot for manassas and culpeper. as you get the kids out to the bus stop, it's looking pretty g. 56 degrees by 7:00. just a light jacket needed. highs today upper 50s. we'll also see the wins pick up from time to time. we'll talk about that the big cooldown for this weekend in a bit but larry miller is a busy man this morning and here is he. unfortunately we still have that fate stahl traffic accident going on -- fatal traffic accident going on on the northbound side of the bw parkway at 32 right now. there we go. let's take our live camera right now and show you how that's shaping up. once you travel northbound on 32 traveling toward areas like baltimore again the northbound side of that is closed. traffic being diverted eastbound on to 32 on to route
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1. from there you'll take maryland 175 back on to the bw parkway. we're advising commuters take i- 95. that will do you just well as well. also looking at that situation we also have yet another accident on the northbound side at 198 so again just stay off the bw parkway if at all possible. we've been talking about the water main break that's closing one lane in each direction of maryland 355 between cedar hill lane and pooks hill road. work is still being done but it's having a huge impact on the morning rush. nikki burdine is there live to give us an update on how things are shaping up. >> reporter: a huge impact indeed. i know how you feel. all too often you can be the bearer of bad news and this morning that's my job. crews are draining water out of the water main so they can begin opening up and repairing that road on top of it. that water main has actual will been repaired and it's back in
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the ground right now. they're tightening the clamps on the pipe. then they'll have to do some road work. there's buckling on rockville pike and the road closures we told you b. right now one lane -- you about. right now one lane is getting by on rockville pike between pooks hill road and cedar lane. this is close to n.i.h. the 16-inch water main broke yesterday at about 1:00 in the afternoon. we've seen closures since then. we've seen traffic and a lot of problems. those problems will only continue for the rest of the morning. so be aware as you come through here. about 250 customers are without water as well. wssc has set up a water station at boy scouts of america. if you are one of those people, you can go there to get relief. i'm also told all walter reed staff and patient shoes give their selves extra time. they sent out a memo warning of the swaying. this is not impacting their staff today. however, they are saying they hope to be able to get to everyone who needs to come into walter reed today. traffic appears to be moving
6:32 am
along. that's because the backup is right there and it tends to bottleneck. once you get past here up to n.i.h., you should be fine but getting up to that point is getting to be a nightmare. avoid rockville pike in bethesda near n.i.h. if at all possible. if not, pack your patience because it's going to be a long trip. back to you in the studio. we're following breaking news out of the waldorf section of charles county right now. fire crews are on the scene of a deadly house fire that appears to have claimed the lives of two people. this happened early this morning on the 15000 block of poplar hill road. police say a woman possibly in her 60s is dead along with a young boy. four people made it out okay. right now emergency crews have shut down poplar hill road. we have a crew headed to the scene. we'll have an update for you here and on the wusa9 mobile app with more information as soon as we do get it. we're also following developing news out of suitland. one person was shot and killed on tangier place. so far no arhees have been made -- arrests have been made. police have not revealed the events that led to the
6:33 am
shooting. if new information that comes into the newsroom we'll pass it along. the race for the white house is the topic of discussion this morning after last night's first democratic debate. reaction is pouring in from pundits and social media. last night all five contenders including leading candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders sparred on a range of issues foreign and domestic. while many pundits believe enthusiasm is back on clinton's side, sanders is winning praise and more twitter followers for his strong debate performance. some expect former maryland governor martin o'malley to rice in the polls after his performance last night. just the opposite for rhode island's lincoln chafey some calling his performance a very bad night. >> twitter has been blowing up about the debate ever since it started. people have been weighing in on social media from last night's moments. let's take you to the tag board to see exactly what some of you are saying. mr. merryweather saying
6:34 am
analysts saying hillary won but the point is thought winning the debate but winning the hearts of the people. she claims bernie nailed it. that is one opinion. jim webb isn't terribly charismatic but gave good introductory statements. some said this was mr. webb's first real chance to introduce himself to the country. and another says sanders and clinton were really strong. hashtag demdebate. one more here, james matthews saying thank you, senators for dropping the truth bombs that needed to be dropped, one of them including the e-mail scandal saying it is time to drop that discussion. some secretly recorded phone calls are now at the center of the trial of former massey energy ceo don blankenship. he's charged with conspiring to break mine safety laws and lying to regulators about safety practices. the ak sayings stem from the ex-
6:35 am
- ak sayings stem from the explosion -- accusations stem from the explosion that killed 29 miners. blankenship said he thought sometimes without federal regulators we'd, quote, blow ourselves up. it's been a tough century for the cubs. took 100 seasons before they finally clinch their first playoff series at wrigley field and did so against the cardinals. anthony rizzo breaks a tie with a shot to right. clears the way for the cubs to nantz to the nlcs for the first time since 2003. 6-4 the final. they close out the cardinals. so now they wait to see who they'll face in the championship series. mets had a chance to clinch in game four against the dodgers. kershaw having none of that. he shut down new york, gave up just one ron, logged eight strikeouts in 7 innings of work. this is all the insurance he would need. top three justin turner doubles to left.
6:36 am
to dodgers come on down. they stay alive with a 3-1 win forcing a game five coming up tomorrow. believe it or not there are tax brnearly every and anything. get this. you happen to qualify, there's even a tax break which could help you buy a brand new tesla. >> be listening for that. dissecting frogs in biology class? kids now a day dissecting yarn. -- nowadays are dissecting yarn. we'll tell you more coming up. >> problems all over the place with major trouble spots in areas of prince george's county. just into the traffic center about 30 seconds ago the bw parkway northbound is now open. good news there. but volume starting to pick up on areas like i-66 so just be mindful as you get ready
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welcome back. just about 20 minutes to 7:00. hopefully you're off to a good start this morning. it is a little cool out there. not too bad, though. 49 for white oak. centreville about 52 degrees. haymarket you're at 56. bull run you're at 54. temperatures will be into the 60s for your lunch hour. a little breezy today from time to time. we'll top out just about 70 degrees. take won't be the case this weekend. that's coming up in a bit. here's larry. sky 9 right now over the scene of that double fatal house fire in charles county on the 15000 block of poplar hill road. you can see theme zeroing in on the scene right there. police are currently on the scene. we're working to get more
6:40 am
information on thata woman possibly in her 60s is dead along with a young boy. we'll continue to keep you updated on that situation. meantime no major issues on the northbound side of i-95. on the virginia side just volume as you head over the occoquan making your way into springfield. we'll have an update on all of the major trouble spots coming up in ten minutes. over to you. electric vehicle maker tesla wants to conquer the family suv market. >> a small tax break that could have you driving a
6:41 am
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. i'm sure many of you watched the first democratic presidential debate over on cnn. we taped the show early so i have not watched it yet. i don't know what happened. but i do know that cnn released where the candidates would be standing on the stage. hillary clinton was in the center. bernie sanders was on her right making it the first time in
6:44 am
history he's been to the right of anyone. moving right along the tesla x is one of the more popular cars around. now you have an extra incentive to own one. >> julie watts explains. >> reporter: it's efficient, all electric and pricey. it turns out the tesla model x comes with a tax loophole big enough to drive a model x through. >> i don't believe it's a loophole because you're following the letter of the tax code. >> reporter: but the tax code based on the economic stimulus act of 2008 may give you what amounts to about a $20,000 discount on one of these. the catch? you have to own a business. >> the law that congress passed was to encourage business spending and to stimulate the economy. >> reporter: for farm equipment, heavy machinery.
6:45 am
>> for pizza ovens, equipment used in a business. >> reporter: should a luxury vehicle be considered equipment? >> it qualifies as equipment if it's over 6,000 pounds and at the time i think congress didn't realize that the suv market would explode like this. >> reporter: the so-called tesla tax break is not exclusive to tesla. it's also been called a hupper of a tax break -- hummer of a tax break because it applies to any car over 6,000 pounds. business owners who buy a heavy car can qualify for $10,000 to $15,000 in tax savings intended for heavy equipment and buying tesla's new suv is twice as nice because it also qualifies for the electric vehicle tax credit which shaves off about another ten grand. designating one of these as a business expense is perfectly legal and likely to appear on at least a few tax returns come april. good so they think the price will be $100,000, take off 25, 75 no problem for you. >> sweet deal. just got to be able to come up
6:46 am
with that 75k. oh, by the way... i can dream. time to see what our partners over at cbs this morning are covering. >> gayle king, our favorite partner and friend is live in new york with this morning's preview. hi, gayle. >> here i am live and in color in a great mood. why? andrea, ask me why. >> why, gayle? >> because oprah is coming today. >> oh! >> aha. >> but i have other news. there is other news today. hello, nick. it's good to see you, too. ahead we'll look at the big moment in the first democratic debate and talk with john dickerson about hillary clinton's performance. plus, ricky klieman on the historic ruling that holds a gun store accountable for the shooting of two police officers. and jennifer lawrence asks this question, why she makes less than her male costars. a closer look at the salary revelations. that's a good question, i think. oprah, there's only one. she's in studio 57. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 straight
6:47 am
up. back to you guys in the studio. see you at 7:00. >> she had that tendency back in the day to send out some car keys? if she wants to send 75k our way there, huh? >> days are over. >> all right, gayle, we'll definitely be watching. have a great morning. >> when oprah is on the show, come on. >> she didn't tell us why she's there. we definitely have to watch. >> absolutely. we are looking at a great day today and tomorrow and then here you go, nick, give it to me. >> [ whistling ] >> i've got that working. i have to wet the lips next time. you'll hear it in the background. >> all right. we're looking at a cooldown, a big cooldown come this weekend. so we are going to see temperatures cool off substantially from where they are going to be the next couple of days. i want you to take a good look at these temperatures n. is where we are currently. it's just a few minutes before 7:00 in the morning.
6:48 am
we're 56 for d.c. 59 for leesburg. these temperatures are eerily similar to how high we're going to get on sunday. that's it. so that's a sign of -- thank you. i don't know if you can hear nick in the background but thank you, nick, for that. cloud cover to start off on this morning. it will make for a nice sunrise. we'll keep an eye to the sky. it will be a nice day of fair weather clouds. a little breezy from time to time as well. tomorrow, thursday, high pressure is right on top of us so we're not going to see a lot of wind. we're also not going to see a lot of clouds. it will be very nice out there nice and sunny. as we head through friday, mid- 60s. that's t. a lot of clouds. -- that's it. a lot of clouds. this cold front will be similar to yesterday. better chances for some quick passing showers. your friday night football games will be final. you just want to bring the jacket. 70 degrees today.
6:49 am
breezy at times. upper 60s. a nice day for tomorrow. 66 for friday and then there go the 50s for saturday and sunday. it will be sunny so it's going to be a gorgeous weekend. just grab the jacket and head outside. it will be nice. over to you. let's start with the good news at 6:49. the bw parkway northbound at 32 is now open. an earlier accident or an accident just south of that at 198 is cleared so you're good to go there. you will encounter residual delays this morning. account for that by adding anywhere from 20 to possibly 30 minutes to your morning commute if you are insisting upon driving on the bw parkway heading northbound toward areas like baltimore. again, you can always consider 95 as an alternate there this morning. the suitland parkway westbound between nay lore road and stanton -- naylor road and stanton road still closed. impacting bus 94 and w6 and w #. you can consider pennsylvania -- w8. you can consider pennsylvania avenue southeast as an
6:50 am
alternate. no issues on the virginia side traveling over the occoquan making your way toward the interchange. here's a live look to show you how things are shaping up. you can see the traffic starting to move in both directions in materials of volume but again no issue -- terms of volume but again no issues to slow you down. your next traffic update in ten minutes. we'll send it over to you. surely you remember the high school science class where dissecting frogs, cats and fish were part of the lesson plan. we didn't have cats. >> many of us scared by that experience. >> now there's a crafty way around that. tommy mcfly dissecting that for us. >> good morning. i can still remember the smell in biology class of those critters. now students will be putting down the scalpel and picking up the knitting needle. a vermont-based artisan has knitted critters you would normally dissect in biology class. they're not exact replicas but pretty darn close with colorful
6:51 am
organs inside. her shop is called -- [indiscernible] people are buying them as teaching tools and gag gifts. she calls her creaturessicky and cuddly. science no longer has to smell like formaldehyde. can you believe that? remember when you had to dissect things in school? in the 94.7 fresh fm studios, i'm tommy mcfly, wusa9. >> like tommy said, it's the smell from the for mall today hide that comes -- formaldehyde that comes back. repairs to fix a water main break and a hole along a key route in washington. >> plus, the next stop for donald trump is in virginia. we have the latest from the campaign trail. starting to feel a change of culture out here at redskins park after the depleting loss to the at -- deflating loss to the atlanta falcons. you could argue the redskins are looking good as a 2-3 football team but there's a
6:52 am
stat hanging over jay gruden's head. in ten years just one road win. can he get it sunday against the 3-1 new york jets? we will find out at 1:00 at metlife stad
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
if your morning commute includes driving through bethesda on rockville pike near n.i.h., i suggest you find another way. if that's not possible, let me at least tell you what you're in for. take a look. there's a water main break off rockville pike that will affect your morning commute. one lane north and southbound getting by right now. this will be a headache for you and it will be like this for quite some time. crews here now working on this water main break. no word yet on whether they plan to be finished with that. you can keep up to date on this water main break and all issues in terms of traffic on our wusa9 mobile app. back to you in the studio. we are following breaking news out of the waldorf section of charles county. fire crews are on the scene of a deadly house fire that's claimed the lives of two people. it happened early this morning on the 15000 block of poplar hill road. police say a woman possibly in her 60s is dead along with a young boy. four people made it out okay.
6:56 am
right now emergency crews have shut down poplar hill road. we'll update you on the wusa9 mobile app with more information as we get it. larry? meantime we still have that road closure on the suitland parkway. this is westbound between naylor road and stanton road. bus 94, w6 and w8 will experience delays. we'll continue to keep you updated throughout the day once we get more information. it is going to be a good looking day. 70 degrees. a little breezy at times. a few clouds. tomorrow upper 60s. not as many clouds and not as many winds. over the weekend we'll see things drop off to the 50s. it will be sunny. cbs this morning is next with a look at zimbabwe's hunting culture. money allocated for conservationists nowhere to be found. >> fly above los angeles with the lapd as they search for one of their new daily concerns, drones. >> there's a lot of traffic going on so make sure you download the wusa9 app because... >> the app is where it's at.
6:57 am
>> there it is. [ laughter] >> got it this time.
6:58 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, october 14th, 2015. welcome to cbs. hillary clinton and bernie sanders clash on guns wall street and foreign policy in the
7:00 am
democrat's first presidential debate but they agree on the e-mails. a historic ruling blames a gun shop for a shooting that seriously wounded two police officers. and oprah winfrey will be in studio 57 about a project she calls the culmination of her life's work. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. everybody on this stage has changed its position. >> draemoctic socialism. >> donnell


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