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tv   Wusa 9 News Saturday at 7am  CBS  October 18, 2015 7:00am-8:31am EDT

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good morning and welcome to wusa9, i'm mike hydeck. despite being handcuffed, this prince george's county prisoner escapes and assaults multiple officers. police are searching for a gunman after a zombie festival in florida turns deadly. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn, the walk for life going on this morning to raise awareness about the bone marrow foundation and need for more donors in its worldwide registry. >> i meteorologist allyson rae. you can see surae out there bundled up, it's a shock, but guess what? only going to get colder. >> you've got that going.
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thanks for joining us. i'm mike hydeck, she's meteorologist allyson rae. calls in gaithersburg. >> you can sleep in, watches from the comfort of your bed. not so much tomorrow morning when have to get up and go to work, it's going to be a cold one. cold today as well. are frost in freeze advisory, freeze warnings in place for areas in purple. frost advisory for areas in purple through this morning and everybody is under a freeze watch for later on tonight because tonight is going to be even colder. we are looking at the end of the growing season so if you have not brought your sensitive plans in last night, it's pretty much too late. we are going to see a colder night tonight, try to save them and bring them in. temperatures will drop from freezing if not below for everybody as we head through tomorrow morning. we are about 10 degrees colder than we were this time yesterday. it's chilly. if you're getting up to go for a morning jog or head out to your morning services, head out
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with a jacket. a heavy one. below freezing at 30 degrees. and it's going to be cold today. ? in and out again, some of those nuisances sprinkles again, especially areas of to the east, he said 95.-to low 50s, that's it, our coldest day of the week. we will talk about a woman coming up. he was handcuffed in still able to sell three police officers in process of being arrested. it happened when 21-year-old givanto young was taken into custody during a traffic stop in laurel. that's when he assaulted the first two officers. on his way to prisoner processing, he escaped the police cruiser, kicks, bit and spit on the third officer. young was taste and he and the third officer were taken to hospital. happening today, a candlelight vigil for transgender person shot to death in gaithersburg. family and friends will come
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together to celebrate -- shot by rico leblond. leblond is in custody, shot today. coming up, we hear from the victim's mother as she comes to grips with her loss. started new information about that bizarre crash in prince george's county last week. the driver of this car had been shot before crashing into this apartment building in district heights, merriment. now, prince george's county police are looking for 29-year- old joseph poteat. they say he shot 32-year-old marquita wimms last weekend. wimms across the car into the building after. if you know where poteat is, please call prince george's county police. florida police are searching for a suspect after five people were shot at a zombiecon festival in fort myers. one man died at the scene, for others are in hospital with non life-threatening injuries. coming up on 7:04 now.
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stopping blood cancer and saving lives is the goal, they like you to support the cause, too. the annual walk for life is getting underway in dcm supports the gift of life bone marrow foundation. >> the event raises awareness for bone marrow and stem cell transplants. our surae chinn is lives. good morning. >> reporter: the walk starts at 8:00, you can see hains point, beautiful spot for this walk to raise awareness, to bring more donors to the worldwide registry, a need that they definitely have a need for. it is $60 for the test kit, and to process all of this. one of the unique things about this event is a matchup the recipient with the donor. so, today, a 7-year-old boy who suffered from leukemia will meet his donor. and i have ashley low, who is the donor, who basically save this little boys life. tell me, what are the emotions going for you today?
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>> right now, really excited. it is kind of emotional. really anxious, nervous, but excited to see him healthy and enjoying his childhood. so, very, very excited right now. >> do you know anything about this little boy? >> nothing. not one thing. i know he's 7 years old and in first grade. excited to meet him. >> ashley is going to be on stage meeting this first grader at about 7:32 7:45. we will be here at this hour to show that in bring that to you. back to you. >> thanks. what a special story. a candlelight vigil for remembering childhood cancer who died went on last night after the first event was shut down by secret service. hundreds gathered in lafayette park in washington for the event. in september, roughly 700 people gathered for the vigil but moments before it began, the secret service shut it down because president. barack obama was going to travel to a gala. organizers say secret so --
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service director quincy called to apologize anyone showed up at last night's event. >> i will keep you in my prayers, you keep the secret service in her purse. >> the group was so impressed with the secret service, they presented clancy with the secret service rocks award. police are looking for your help, they are trying to locate a hit and run driver. gabriel ruiz was hit as he was trying to cross a road in gaithersburg saturday. police are looking for a late ford model car with damage to the front right side. started happening today, the world of montgomery festival is family-friendly and free. it celebrate the rich diversity of the dc area with music, food, dance and hands-on class for the kids. before featured countries this year are china, el salvador, ethiopia and india. still to come, caught on
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camera, kangaroo loose on the streets of new york city. plus, a cup of coffee would be great right now, right? you know what would be better? everyone. where you can get your morning jolt on house. an army that shot at an oregon college shooting is speaking out. hear what he has to say about the deadly rampage. hope you have a cold. >> i do. it's a little chilly, i can see my breath, 42 degrees. take a look at the current conditions. went to had outside the beltway, tempera
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first alert weather time, 7:09. i was outselling cub scouts popcorn with my son, patrick yesterday and he said, daddy, is this the coldest fall ever? you know how kids exaggerate.
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>> you could say it's the coldest winter ever because you know it's only going to get colder. did you have any nuisance sprinkles coming in yesterday? >> no. the gusts of wind caught our attention. >> today is going to be just as breezy and even colder throughout the day. will be the coldest day. areas east of 95 had nuisance sprinkles coming from those low- lying clouds. that could happen again today. if you are through the mountains, that could be a couple of flurries even. we are going to say much of it a pretty dry,? in and out, sometimes it's sunny, sometimes those low clouds rolling and it becomes mostly cloudy and feels colder. 41 degrees, that air is very dry but areas east, because we have the still northwesterly wind, can't rule out stray sprinkle. i will show you on future cast 3036 gaithersburg, done northeasterly winds, bring that like effect to areas like pittsburgh college, nuisance sprinkles for areas east as well, not so much later in the day. meantime, growth coming in and
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out of the area, here we are annapolis through southern maryland, eastern shore come as far north as frederick. to the mountains, that's what are you will run into a couple of flurries. the pretty else, south and west of the district, no problem say. you can be outside, it's just very cold. temperatures stay into the lower 50s for much of us and 54 through the district. kind of cold out there. advertise this time of year were into the upper 60s. 58 tomorrow, lots of sunshine, not as breezy as we lose that wind. upper 60s return tuesday and how about 70s back in forecast wednesday and thursday? >> 70 sounds good. thanks. still to come, tech companies have voted some of the best places to work. what makes them so good? plus, as the cycle of violence continues
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like the new pumpkin macchiato dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. we've been following developments over nine in jerusalem where a month-long violence history is not stopping. five more stabbing attacks are being investigated. jonathan viggliano is there and will have more coming up in the next half hour. new york city mayor bill de blasio is in jerusalem on a solidarity mission with the country after weeks of violence. trained the met with the jerusalem -- de blasio met with the jerusalem mayor and met with victims at the hospital.
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after the college massacre, chris mintz was hailed a hero for saving lives. >> for the first time he's telling his story. as matt oliver reports, mintz says this isn't about publicity, it's about healing. >> reporter: in a powerful facebook post, chris mintz talks about how he helped save the camp it from the seeds, all with one thing on his mind, his son. after being shot five times, mintz ñclassmate, it's my son's birthday. please call my son's mom and tell her i can't pick him up from school today. >> this is going to be snyder hall. >> reporter: mintz was in the adjoining classroom when the shooter, christopher harper mercer started spraying bullets. he writes, there were gunshots. i held the door open and waited for everyone to leave safely. safely out of harms way, mintz refused to run for cover. after warning people across campus, he returned to the
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shooter. he wrote, all of a sudden the shooter opened the door and started shooting at it turned toward him. he was nonchalant like he was playing a videogame and showed no emotion. he said mercer told him, that's what you get for calling the cops. mintz told him, i did not call the cops, man. they are already on their way. >> upwards of 20 victims. >> reporter: mintz was taught in his leg, stamina, shoulder and finger as he laid on the ground in the fetal position. the shooter try to shoot his phone. mintz yelled, it's my kids birthday, man. he pointed the gun right on my face and retreated back into the class. as first responders arrived, mintz saw his friend, en emt. he says that's when we knew we were all going to be okay. mintz apologized in his post to anyone affected by the massacre and hurt by this statement. he also thinks the first responders, the medical team. he said they are the real heroes. meg oliver, cbs news, new york. >> a gofundme page has raised over $800,000 to help him pay his medical bills. we are off to a cold start
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this morning, if you're getting up early, get out the jacket and heavier one. that light jacket is encoded within 30 frederick, 36 leesburg. mid-30s as you head toward martinsburg, winchester, front royal at the freezing mark at 32. dc doing okay, bombing at 41 degrees. today, only heading to the low to mid 50s. 50 degrees westminister, clouds similar to yesterday will be low in fat comes mostly cloudy and start to clear up a bit. areas east of 95 for potomac will see those nuisance sprinkles or by chalice for your evening hours. temperatures tonight even colder, 36 dc, 30 in frederick, freeze watches in place. the more mostly get upgraded to that freeze warning. temperatures today 54, tomorrow little bit of improvement, 58 but we lose the wind. it will be sunny and really nice. by tuesday, upper 60s and the
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woman keeps going from there. we have the seven-day forecast coming up the next half hour. we are here to say enough is enough. donald trump need to stop his offensive comments. towards immigrants and women. >> protesters gathering saturday at donald trumps golf course in rancho palos verdes california. hundreds gathered to congratulate the hard work immigrants make to the economy. they were stopped by control say we need to control illegal immigration. it was more of a political rally -- as gop presidential candidate mike huckabee preached. he talked about elevating god's law during that event and raleigh. north carolina primary is coming up. heads-up for all you pumpkin lovers, your halloween jack-o'-lanterns will still be around in time for halloween but as lesli foster tells us, that may not be the case for your favorite slice of holiday
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pie. >> reporter: good luck getting can't pump -- canned pumpkin this thanksgiving, the pumpkin crop has been hit hard. ornamental pumpkins did not do so bad but the pie pumpkins were nearly wiped out. it is so dire that some firms are reportedly buying their pumpkins at auctions. to be ready for the baking season, get your canned pumpkin now. deadly you can savor the flavor and not disappointment from holiday spirit lesli foster, wusa9. tech companies, the most desirable places to work according to linkedin, 2015 most independent employers list, google, apple, facebook round out the top three. the social media site measured member interactions with employee company pages, employee profiles and job postings. generous parental leaves and cool offices are reasons companies are popular. christmas is months away but christmas presents may be heading to your door much
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sooner. the race for time for many retailers like walmart, macy's, target, they even build new warehouses to keep up with demand and shipments. online retailer amazon is using robots to pull items in the warehouse, cutting the process time from hours to minutes when it comes to processing an order. do you want a free cup of joe this morning? cozy is introducing a new specialty coffee through their wake-up wednesday campaign. customers will be able to get free coffee every wednesday until the end of the year for every cup purchased, $.10 will be part -- donated to a local food bank. moments away from the opening ceremonies of the walk for life in dc. >> the event raises awareness for bone marrow and blood stem cell our transplants. surae chinn is live in he's born with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. more than 1 million americans have some form of cancer, leukemia and lymphoma. every three minutes, someone is diagnosed with blood cancer.
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here today, the awareness in the walk is to raise the recipient donors and so it's really easy. we just want to walk you through how simple being a donor is. so, we've got some here, volunteers who are going to swab, and within seconds you can be registered in this donor registry. go ahead and show us. i want to also bring in marty front, the gift of life foundation for the bone marrowo going on and how easy it is pierced my joining the registry is as easy as swapping her cheek, as it can see. cells are collected from the inside of one's cheek and then sent to the lab for processing here at our walk for life, we are raising money which ups process these test kits. once the donor goes into the registry, they are entered into an international public registry and can be called as a
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match for any patient searching around the world. >> reporter: what is your help today? >> to raise awareness about the importance of becoming a blind stem cell -- blood stem cell or bone marrow donor. some people how easy it is and educating that there are two types, peripheral blood stem cell donation and bone marrow donation and a lot of people don't realize that 80% of the time, don't mean to someone is similar to donating blood through the peripheral blood stem cells. >> we've shown you how easy it is to become a donor and register. the event starts at 8:00 it goes again -- until 10:30. back to you. we are just getting started this morning. crews are working round the clock to dig cars and clear roadways after those massive mudslides in california. details on how long that work is going to take. plus, hillary clinton will face of benghazi investigation panel next week. the men asking those questions are on face the nation today. host john dickerson joins us live with more on what he will
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be asking trey goudy and democrat elijah cummings this morning. the man as the season shifts, change is on its way.
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welcome back. caught on camera this morning, a kangaroo in new york city. >> his name is buster and he was caught on surveillance video after it got loose in staten island saturday morning. take a look. it's a little difficult. oh, there it goes. let's take a closer look at the
7:26 am
video. >> the owner had been staying nearby in the big apple, the kangaroo jumped a fence. keeping a kangaroo in the city in uphibited but is allowed state new york where the owner lives. look at him go. wow. okay coming up today, check out the bethesda arts festival. more than 180 artists will display a wide variety of artwork and crafts. and ahead in our next half hour, he stopped a terror attack in paris and was stabbed after returning home. more about the suspect to try to kill an american hero. plus, we'll head to california working up continues after that massive mudslide. maybe you can feel the air. heavy stepped outside yet? a little cold. freeze and frost adv
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good morning and welcome to wusa9, i'm mike hydeck. as family and friends come together to remember a transgender woman killed in gaithersburg, the suspect prepares for day in court. also this morning, fear and violence in jerusalem. more stabbings. what will stop the bloodshed? started plus, celebration with song. for the first time in 50 years the white house is filled with the sound of cuba. we go behind the scenes with
7:30 am
the buena vista social club. >> i'm meteorologist allyson rae. it's cold out there. that's an understatement. we know that fall is officially here and a taste of winter today. it's going to be chilly, our chilly asked day of the week. good sunday morning, thank you for joining us for the best place on sunday morning television, i'm mike hydeck. she is allyson rae. there is frost in place is below 30, one or two locations. >> that's right, first time have freeze warnings and frost watches in place. we are going to do it again tonight. if you're looking for warmer temperatures, one, next week will be too bad. we have to get her today and tonight. today will be the chilliest afternoon on the weekends won't will be colder than last night through this morning. then, we'll see some improvement. 41 degrees out there, that is one of the warmer spots. notice the wind, still pretty high at 13 miles per hour. that's going to inhibit some
7:31 am
frost from developing in the beltway. once you had outside, frost will be possible. we are a lot colder than we were this time yesterday by about 10 degrees, tomorrow we will be another 2 to 5 degrees colder. damascus below freezing at 30, same goes for slidell, 33 centers bill in leesburg. 36. they're going to head from the low to mid 50s today, that is cooler than yesterday by about five degrees. also, those nuisance sprinkles for areas east of 95 with low clouds and through the mountains, you can see a flurry. we will stay with those wins out of the northwest bringing clouds here or there, but that leaves us with another chilly manikin tonight. freeze watches in place that will most likely get upgraded to that freeze warning. then we talk about a warm-up as we get her tomorrow morning coming up later. temperatures in the 30s and 40s but people are still gathering right now on this cold morning to raise awareness for bone marrow and blood stem
7:32 am
cell transplants. they are taking part in the annual walk for life supporting the gift of life bone marrow foundation. surae chinn has details on a very special meeting that is coming up later this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you and yes, all of these folks are here for such a great cause. they are bundled up for this 5k run that will be happening at 8:00. the program starts a few minutes before that but yes, as you mentioned, a very special moment. all of these folks to witness this this morning. what will happen is a 7-year- old boy with leukemia will mean his donor for the very first time, ashley lowe, a 25-year-old from raleigh, north carolina. and as you know we already talked to her earlier in this hour. this will be a very special moment that we will capture and hopefully bring to you in just a few minutes. you know, every three minutes, someone is diagnosed with either leukemia, lymphoma or other types of blood cancer. these folks are here for such a great cause, they are trying to
7:33 am
raise awareness to increase the number of donors in the worldwide registry. live at hains point, surae chinn, wusa9. the man accused of murdering a transgender person in gaithersburg last week will be making his first court appearance tomorrow. 20-year-old rico leblond was arrested late friday and is charged with first-degree murder connected to the shooting death of zella ziona. ziona, whose legal name is deandre smith, was shot and killed thursday behind a strip mall in gaithersburg. police say the two knew each other but they do not have a motive for the killing so far. rico leblond is being held without bail right now. a massive invasion of privacy as the police looking for a college dorm peeping tom. a storm at the university of maryland said someone took video of her while she was in one of the dormitory showers last week. the student to says she saw a cell phone over the top of the shower stall capturing video footage of her. she yells at the man who had the phone and he fled the scene. university of maryland police
7:34 am
are investigating. police and suck mental have at least two sketches of the man they say step u.s. airman spencer stone. storm was held at the hero when he and two of his friends stopped a terrorist attack on a paris train the summer. stone was stabbed after a brawl outside a nightclub last month. suspects are described as two asian or filipino male adults. stone was released from hospital and is recovering from injuries. cleanup crews today will continue to dig out stranded cars in the massive mudslide that occurred in california. crews are working nonstop to clear mud and debris after excessive rainfall led to dense mud as deep as 5 to 7 feet submerged major roadways. search and rescue teams are also on a mission. they continue to scour the muddy landscapes for any individual for vehicles that may have been buried by the mudslide. officials say the process could take days. officials believe they have stopped the spread of a world
7:35 am
-- world texas wild fire that destroyed nearly 50 structures and scorched more than 7 miles of forest land. some residents were able to return home saturday night. officials hope to reopen portions of the area to residents today. approximately 200 firefighters from across texas have battled the blaze near austin. a massive fire in russia is still smoldering this morning. more than 200 firefighters tackled the blaze in st. petersburg. the fire erupted in a warehouse that is used to store lubricants in auto parts. no one was killed or injured in the fire. more bloodshed in the middle east as palestinian and israeli forces continue to clash in the streets. >> at least four palestinians have been killed after this weekend attacks on israelis. jonathan viggliani has the latest. >> reporter: video captured in israeli civilian pentagon moments after he shot and killed a palestinian he said try to stab him. it's one death in separate
7:36 am
attacks were several palestinians were killed after targeting police. the israeli government has labeled them terrorists, but after funerals like this one in the west bank, palestinians hailed them as martyrs. >> he is a hero now and i pray for god to accept him as a martyr, she said. >> reporter: funerals for the dead have further fueled the violence as israeli troops struggle to stop attacks without inciting more anger. but, for another day, security forces clash with violent crowds, despite the deployment of additional troops earlier this week to curb at nearly monthlong string of attacks. this protesters said he cannot because he was angry at the force used against palestinians. >> every day. every day they kill palestinians. and no reason, not anything. >> reporter: violence began after rumors that palestinian access to the mosque would be limited. israeli officials said the
7:37 am
countries respond has been appropriate. but, the increased security has been little so far to put out the fire. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, hebron. >> secretary of state john kerry is scheduled to meet with benjamin -- benjamin netanyahu coming up. coming up, dozens of residents come out to celebrate our neighborhood. we will be taking there. plus, new findings that your high stress job could really impact your health. allyson? it's cold out here, we know that. you're going to meet the jacket shape throughout the day, are coldest day of the weekend. if you are stepping outside, frederick i 30 degrees, gaitherburg at 30, westminster, into the 20s. culpepper at 31, we will let you know when we get above freezing and look ahead to the rest of th
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in case you missed it on our social media pages, somebody should be getting their money back for that five dollars so on. >> quick warning for this one because the first morning might not go so well with your breakfast. a customer at an oregon subway was in for a surprise when he found a dead rodent in his sandwich. luckily he noticed before taking a bite. very gross. music in the target speakers? sure. but porn, that's probably not what shoppers in california target expected to hear on the intercom. for 15 minutes, audio play from
7:41 am
a porn video throughout the store. investigators are still trying to figure out how this happened. was this real or a movie? and ultimate wedding crasher. >> a maryland couple had a surprise guest, president obama was golfing when he crushed the reception, said hello and shook a few hands. if you want to be the first to share these stores, like wusa9 on facebook to read them throughout the week. those are some interesting stories. >> yeah, right? >> whether time right now, that's the big story. if you are heading on a matter what you're doing you will need layers. some frost and temperatures below freezing. >> time to break out the winter coat. we will see temperatures dip below freezing. we have freeze watches in place. tonight is the coldest night of the week. today, this afternoon will be the coldest afternoon. let's take a look how we are starting off on your camera, very sunny but with still
7:42 am
northwesterly wind coming yesterday, especially east of 95, you notice those low-lying clouds working their way in, becoming mostly cloudy at times, even a bit of a sprinkle here and there, even flurries reported. that's possible again today. those low-level clouds don't make it feel any bit warmer out there. 41 degrees out there, one of the warmer spots of course in the district. below freezing for a lot of spots. the sun has been up for a few minutes. 30 white oak, 34th floor -- 34 moral. temperatures only head into the 50s, we increased temperature a good bit but still well below average as cold air sets up shop for our area. areas through the mountains, that's where you could see a couple of flurries today. areas east of the potomac, that's really 50 real light showers. nothing heavy, just going to move in with northwesterly wind. we will just take a couple of sprinkles from those strong northwesterly winds.
7:43 am
tonight, please watch is in place again due to below average temperatures and below freezing. those will most likely get upgraded to that freeze warning. conditions are imminent. here we are by noon today, cloud cover working its way in, a couple of light showers out there, especially areas east of 95, even including frederick up through hagerstown. here they go by this evening, maybe an afternoon event, because i need is to manassas and culpepper. count on those clouds coming in and making for a cool and cloudy day. as we head through the evening hours, we clear out, the wind calms down helping temperatures drop even more tonight. even some opportunities possible as we head toward the mammoth panhandle. tomorrow will be very sunny, not as breezy but still cool. into the 50s. 54 today, 58 tomorrow and upper 60s by tuesday. warm weather fans, wednesday and thursday, heading to the mid-70s. >> thanks. grateful dead bassist phil less says he's been diagnosed
7:44 am
with cancer. the rocker says he has bladder cancer. he was diagnosed in early october. tests show the cancer is nonaggressive and he will undergo surgery to remove several tumors. and now, here is today's health alert. >> reporter: good morning. celebrate the lives of breast cancer survivors, family and friends with the washington international horse show at the cancer benefit. show off her pink at verizon center this thursday the 22nd at 7:00 the end. tickets are $150. proceeds benefit georgetown lombardi's capital breast care center. it are pretty tickets online at you still have time to join your neighbors next saturday at the 2015 want to end alzheimer's at the national mall. check in is at 8:30 a.m. the walk will start at 10:00 a.m. with your choice of 1 and 3 miles options. register online at
7:45 am
have a good sunday. if you missed any of the information in andrea's health alert, go to we posted the information right there for you. limit the meat you eat from farms that give their animals antibiotics. that's what california researchers are saying now. the study shows that overuse of antibiotics in animals is linked to drug resistant illnesses in people. nearly 80% of the antibiotics sold in the united states are for agricultural use. many are the same class of drugs used to treat humans. chinese researchers say having a high stress job may be a risk of stroke. high stress jobs are defined as having high demand and little control over the work such as waitresses and nursing aides. those with high stress jobs had a 22% higher risk of stroke compared to those with low stress jobs. cancer survivors often have poor diets according to new research at tufts university.
7:46 am
the study found cancer survivors consume less fiber and a more empty calories. researchers say cancer survivors are at increased risk for a variety of health problems, and eating a nutritious diet can help prevent or delay the onset of those problems. dozens of dc residents in ward 7 advantage of a crisp all day to celebrate their neighborhood. the fourth annual hillcrest community day got underway in washington saturday. there was live music performances, pumpkin decorating and community information on emergency preparedness. wusa9 reporter helped plan the event. buena vista social club buzzed through the white house this week. >> it marked the first time a cuban-based local -- musical act performed. weijia jiang reports. >> reporter: considered a
7:47 am
musical phenomenon, they brought together the many names of the golden age accused the music in the 1950s. the group has tore the world for nearly 2 decades. on thursday, the group performed a gig they never thought possible. >> give it up for the buena vista social club. >> reporter: the band became the first cuban musical acts to play at the white house in more than five decades. >> can you describe the moment that you heard president. obama invite you to perform at the white house? >> it made me happy that i was going to play in such a place that has such influence. >> reporter: over the summer, u.s. in cuba restore diplomatic ties. many do this historic performance as a further sign of thawing relations between the two former cold war enemies. american university professor anna sarah. >> it is cautious, it is symbolic, international collaboration.
7:48 am
>> reporter: the bands leading lady, 84-year-old omara portuwando is helpful. >> we are cuban and want to continue with our culture, friendship and relationship. >> reporter: sodas president obama. >> for nearly 2 decades, this group has been a symbol of the strong bond between the american cuban people. >> reporter: in fact, the band broke through the cuban embargo when introducing their music to americans 20 years ago. >> i do believe that music unifies countries. >> reporter: now, they are on a farewell school -- tour in the us. a poetica by overlapping risks, a new beginning. weijia jiang, cbs news, the white house. >> the group formed to celebrate the end of national hispanic heritage month. the newly installed cuban ambassador. to the united states, jose cabarras, was also there.
7:49 am
it's not unusual for a cell phone to get warm but a number of iphones our become too hot to handle. apple customers have reported the iphone 6s overheat and in extreme cases starts to smoke. yahoo tech editor dan tynan says he knows why. >> there's a lot of chatter online about people not being able to touch their phones because they are so hot. the processor has gotten so powerful that the phone can't handle the heat. >> some ways to stop your phone from overheating? turn off the unnecessary apps, and lower the brightness level. time now for a preview of capital download. here is susan page and derek mcginty. >> today on capital download we are talking to bernie sanders top political strategist about that first democratic debate. >> and at this point there are competing types of republican candidates were in -- running. we will discover which face of the gop has the best chance to
7:50 am
win. >> that is all right here, capital download, 8:30 on wusa9. hillary clinton is about to testify on benghazi and stay the top republican and democrat on a house select committee is joining face the nation. john dickerson joins us now with a preview. good morning, john. >> that's right, we have tried dowdy, chairman of the house select committee on benghazi, and elijah cummings, ranking member, they are going to talk about that. mr. gowdy has troubles on his hands with political charges against his committee, he talks about why those are false. and of course, mr. cummings argues this is a political witch hunt. the testimony coming up by hillary clinton is seen as a political hurdle for her. she has been preparing. who also talk to david axelrod coming him credit strategist about that debate but also the coming benghazi hearing. finally, bob woodward will join both our political panel and also we will talk to him separately about his great book, "the last of the
7:51 am
president men". we thought we knew everything about watergate, there's more in his book. >> let's talk about benghazi. is it possible to separate the facts of the investigation from political agenda we keep hearing about in the media only? >> it's almost impossible. that is a big challenge for mr. gowdy. to basically somehow allow the facts to live on their own outside of the political swarm. when you have members of your own party including the majority leader suggesting that there is a political tinge to this investigation, that come in today's media environment, is almost impossible to get past. but, that is a big challenge for the chairman. >> what about hillary's strong performance in the debate on the issues? is this going to help her survive these other ancillary things? >> i think it helps her. it solidifies her support among certain democrats but there are challenges ahead. this testimony is a challenge on the -- on thursday.
7:52 am
and so, i think it was an important sure enough of her campaign, many people i have talked to said it's the first time she looked like a front runner in command of her moment. that doesn't mean she does not have challenges ahead both on the question of emails and benghazi, but also the cut and thrust of the normal campaign race. >> john dickerson, we appreciate your time this money. don't forget to watch at 10:30 right here on wusa9 on face the na
7:53 am
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off. in san francisco, i'm sharon profis, for cbs news. topping our news at 8:00, we hear from the family of a transgender woman gunned down in gaitherburg behind a shopping plaza. a community comes together to help the owner of a pizza shop hit by burglars several times in the last couple of days. allyson? it is cold out here but it's beautiful. lots of sunshine, grab the heavier jacket and had outside. temperatures are headed to the 50s. however some areas could see a couple of those nuisance flights showers later on thi afrnoon into the ev
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
welcome to wusa9. the family of a transgender woman shot and killed in montgomery county speaks out
8:00 am
about their loved ones murder as they get set to remember her spirit. saving lives. that's what this walk is all about at hains point. i am a surae chinn. the story coming up. >> here in alabama without the right kind of id, it's nearly impossible to vote. >> hillary clinton says alabama's voter id law is a blast from the jim crow past. i'm meteorologist allyson rae. take a look outside. beautiful started the day. just really cold out there. we let you know when warmer weather returns. sunglasses and winter coats are what you need. good morning, i'm mike hydeck. welcome to sunday morning on wusa9. she's allyson rae. you can feel the breast miss -- risk miss of the air. you will need gloves if you go outside.
8:01 am
>> right. your hands are going to be a little chilly. a lot of festivals going on today. great falls weather. beautiful to start. some areas will see low clouds filter on in, the coming mostly cloudy at times. we had some of those nuisance sprinkles yesterday. that's going to happen again today. frost in freeze warnings in place this morning until 9:00 and tonight, it gets even colder. a freeze watch in place tonight for almost all areas and it's going to be a few degrees colder but then things warm-up. wind will calm tonight helping things drop off a little bit. it's sunny out there, out there to speak of, 41 degrees. nice and warm in the district but once you had outside of the beltway, it drops off. 32 rocks bill, laurel at 34, -- still not above freezing after an hour after sunrise. ashburn at 37. we have strong northwesterly wind again today, giving some like affects the buffalo down through erie, even as far east
8:02 am
as state college. that will bring some clouds for areas east of 95 but even northern maryland. highs today, 50s. middle 50s at best. be chilly out there, especially with the wind factored in. lower 50s for much of the afternoon. i will let you know how cold it gets tonight and when the 70s are back in the forecast coming up. today, family and friends will come together for a candlelight vigil to remember a transgender person shot to death in gaitherburg. zella ziona, whose legal name is deandre smith, was shot to death by 20-year-old rico leblond on thursday. he is now in custody charged with first-degree murder. smith's aunt says her family is grappling with their beliefs, she believes this murder was a hate crime. >> when you're transgender, gay, straight, whatever, all lives matter. >> leblond has significant criminal history including theft and attempted murder charges. he will be in court monday. police are searching for a gunman after a zombie festival in florida turns deadly.
8:03 am
also, despite being handcuffed, this prince george's county man was able to escape from a police cruiser and assault several officers in the process. 21-year-old giovante young was arrested in laurel during a traffic stop. that's where he assaulted the first two officers, been on his way to prisoner processing in hyattsville, he escaped the police cruiser and assaulted a third officer. he kicked, spit and that the officer. he had to be tased. both young and the third officer were sent to the hospital. the hunt is on for a man police say fatally shot a woman. she then crashed her car into a prince george's county apartment building. it happened last week in district heights, maryland. now police are looking for 29- year-old joseph poteat. they say he shot 32-year-old marquita wimms. wimms then crashed her car into the building. police want to hear from anyone with information on poteat's the whereabouts. right now police are
8:04 am
looking for your help in locating a hit and run driver. gabriel ruiz was fatally struck as he tried to cross annapolis road in bladensburg saturday. police say they are looking for a late model ford car with damage to the front right place. several people remain in the hospital and one person was killed after an accident in baltimore. told you about the crash yesterday morning. it happened late friday when an suv was driving in the wrong direction and smashed into a church van carrying six children. the driver of that suv, 49-year- old charles coleman junior died from his injuries. officials say the extent of the others injured ranged from non life-threatening to very serious. 8:04 now. stopping blood cancer and saving lives is their goal and they would like you to help support the cause. the annual walk for life is getting underway right now in dc and supports the gift of life bone marrow foundation. >> the event raises awareness for bone marrow and blood stem cell transplants. surae chinn is live at hains
8:05 am
point this morning. good morning. >> reporter: we just witnessed this beautiful moment, we saw 7- year-old phineas meet his donor, it was a wonderful moment. we had 7-year-old phineas. hi. >> hi. >> he's alive today because of ashley lowe, 25 years old from north carolina, not too far, actually. tell me the moment. and you have been waiting for this for a long time. >> i guess two years. it was incredible. phineas is a little shy but i'm going to make him warm-up to me. >> you have been thinking about this and in fact you have such an incredible story. you also lost a child to leukemia. >> yes, we did. back in 2006, we lost our 2- year-old daughter to leukemia so when we found out that our son also has leukemia, it was completely unreal. and i just, when i heard that,
8:06 am
when we got that diagnosis i was, like, okay, it looks like we get to lose two kids. >> reporter: my goodness. tell me this moment and what you would like to say to ashley. >> this is a great moment. it's so wonderful that ashley was brave enough to step forward and go through with a donation. and, we are just thrilled to meet her. phineas is thrilled to get moving. >> reporter: all right, thank you so much. anything else you would like to say to mom? >> i was so excited to meet new guys and see everyone here healthy. >> what did you whisper to ashley on the stage? >> what did i whisper to ashley on stage? i whisper thank you. >> reporter: thank you. that's what today is all about. this 5k run to raise awareness and bring more recipients and donors together and save lives. live at hains point, surae chinn, wusa9. >> thanks, surae. great story. hundreds have gathered for
8:07 am
a candlelight vigil to remember children who died from cancer. the event in lafayette park in washington last night not only remembered loved ones lost to the disease, but also those still fighting. liam gold's sister, natasha, has inoperable brain cancer and he says the disease has changed everything. >> you are thinking, how does this happen to our family? ys? why our family? but then you realize, it can happen to anyone. and everyone needs to come together to stop it. >> in september roughly 700 people gathered for the vigil, a moment before it began, the secret service shut it down because president obama was going to travel through their near to a gala. organizers say secret service director joseph clancy called to apologize and even showed up to last night's event. apparently, the dough must be awfully tempting at mama's
8:08 am
pizza in dc. crooks have robbed the place five times. the owner, she's not giving up and not giving in and neither are her customers, neighbors along martin luther king jr. avenue in south east. >> reporter: we are in an area that's rough, and we still love this place. everybody is very supportive. >> they come together to wrap ourselves on somebody who has supported our village, who came here when nobody wanted to be here. >> the village set up a gofundme to help refine some of the money she's lost. they are going to install security features. the page has raised more than $2100. an awful invasion of privacy has police looking for a college dorm peeping tom. a student at the university of maryland set of someone took video of her while she was in a dormitory shower last week. the student says she saw a cell phone over the top of the shower stall capturing video footage of her. she yelled at the man who had that phone. he took off.
8:09 am
university of maryland police are still investigating. 8:08. happening today, the annapolis powerboat show at city dock. check out the latest boats and accessories between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. still ahead this morning, a surfer is lucky to be alive after a shark takes a chunk out of his leg. was, forget christmas. wait until you see this light display that's all about halloween. allyson? >> wow. it's pretty cold out here. if you want to do something outside, go for a jog, morning hours might be better before those winds start to pick up is afternoon. only into the 50s, not much
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
and oregon college student celebrated as a hero for confronting a gunman at umpqua community colleges telling his story. in a lengthy statement posted on facebook, army veteran chris mintz describes the october 1 shooting. mintz, who helped classmates to safety was shot several times but he says he was threatened by the gunmen after he told the shooter it was his child's birthday. a man working inside a smokestack on yale university campus in connecticut has been killed. the worker fell from a ladder down into the chimney about 50 feet and became stuck at the bottom. the man in his 50s was working to upgrade yale's central power plant. not to campaign 2016,
8:13 am
democratic presidential front- runner hillary clinton is speaking about voter id laws. clinton says the state decision to close 31 drivers license offices and require proof of citizenship to vote is a blast from the jim crow past. she fired a shot at gop rivals over the issue. >> when asked recently about voter id laws, senator. marco rubio replied, what's the big deal? john kasich restricted early voting in ohio after the 2008 election when 77% of early voters in the most populated county were african-americans. >> clinton's alabama trip a frantic postdebate blitz, headlining seven events in four days in four states. >> we are here today to say enough is enough and donald jumping to stop his offensive comments towards immigrants and
8:14 am
women. >> protesters gathering saturday at donald trumps golf course at rancho palos verdes, california. several hundred gathered to highlight the contributions immigrants make to the economy. they were met with opposition goers who say there is a need to control illegal immigration. a surfer is lucky to be alive this morning after being attacked by a shark while surfing in hawaii. collin cook says he was waiting for a wave, and what is believed to be a 12 foot tiger shark bit his leg. >> pretty much out of nowhere, it felt like a truck ran into > doctors had to entertain most of cook's left leg after the attack and his hands were also injured when he punched the shark. which is often what they tell you to do, if you are, god forbid, in that situation.
8:15 am
to punch it in the nose because it disorient it and it will take off. probably saved his life. >> i hope to never be in a situation. weatherwise, chile, frost in some places, temperatures below 30 in some locations, gaitherburg saw 64. whether it's taking the dog out, your dog is going to go to the front stoop and go, yeah no. >> my doctor that yesterday morning, it wasn't even that cold. it's going to be even colder tomorrow. this one not too bad, you can stay inside, have the coffee and wait until it warms up a bit. tomorrow morning, get ready as you head out for work or school, even colder. beautiful sunshine out there right now but like yesterday, started off with sunshine, strong northwesterly winds bringing in low-level clouds and even a couple of sprinkles out there. you are going to notice that especially areas east of the potomac later on today. sunshine out there, if you're trying to do anything outside, i mentioned before, the wind will pick up as the day goes on pretty want to go for that morning jog, in my feels pretty called this evening with the wind howling as high as it will be. 41 degrees, winds out of the northwest at about 10 miles per hour. temperatures 30, slidell below
8:16 am
freezing, 32 springfield, here are the strong northwesterly winds, plus like fx now, through erie, buffalo, state college and even pittsburgh. those northwesterly wind will usher in the low-level clouds in spring go. west virginia to announce will see some sprinkles as well. after that -- this evening where was the clouds and rain for areas east of 95, high- pressure rolling in the rest of next week. sunshine and a warm-up. temperatures tonight back to below freezing, even a couple of degrees colder. we have a freeze watch in place. you those sprinkles. not everyone will see the mostly cloudy skies at times. 12:00 today, mostly cloudy. here comes a light showers and a couple of spring go through the maryland panhandle and mounds. notice south and west of the district, no problem, chile and breezy day. areas in baltimore, frederick, annapolis, eastern shore, even southern maryland, we could see
8:17 am
a pit -- quick passing light sprinkle. still make those outdoor plans for tomorrow morning talking 40s, 30s, upper 20s before you head out the door. going to be a cold one. after tomorrow morning, coldest morning of the week, we warm things up slowly but surely. if you for degrees today, 58 tomorrow, upper 60s, suitable day on tuesday and how about 70s? short-lived but wednesday and thursday before the next front, a dry one for friday and saturday. investigators will be the first to tell you their work is almost nothing like what you see on tv shows like "csi", on this week stem is cool in school, i stop by arlington high school where high scores on the map behind a murder investigation. >> you have a bloody sheet. >> bullet casings can tell you about. >> reporter: they put together the pieces of a murder mystery. >> we will use this and take it to the forensic analysis team. >> reporter: inspecting the pattern of blood spatter.
8:18 am
sketching the dimensions of a crime scene. >> you turn it on and it tells you how far away things are. >> reporter: instead of words, these students whose mostly math to tell the story of the last moment of this fictional victim's life. her first internship was in a morgue, add math and science credentials and they get a realistic view of crime fighting at the arlington career center. >> a lot of it is about corroborating or refuting a story. someone is likely to say the other person came at me so i was defending myself. if the blood spatter tells a different story, the evidence doesn't lie. >> reporter: she says when students need equations to figure out the end of a compelling story, the drive to get the math right comes naturally. >> i like chemistry and physics so things like this make the subject to see more interesting. >> reporter: i have honestly been obsessed with the whole dna creasing and things like that. that is a clear i'm looking at. >> reporter: it would be nice if we did not have to solve murder mysteries but because we do, it's good they know the
8:19 am
math to get it done. >> i love it. it's my favorite class. >> their investigation isn't over. they are going to a medical examiner's office to work on real cadavers and soon. if you have a cool story, send me a message on facebook. we'd love to hear from you. coming up today, a candle light vigil for a transgender person shot to death in gaitherburg. family and friends come together in germantown to remember zella ziona, whose legal name is deandre smith . she was shot to death by 20- year-old rico leblond on thursday. he's now in custody. 21-year-old geovante young is in jail after assaulting three officers in prince george's county. he escaped after a traffic stop. police in florida are searching for a suspect after five people were shot at a zombiecon in downtown fort myers. one person died at the scene, for others are in the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. dozens of people are on the
8:20 am
road already taking part in the annual walk for life here in dc. >> they are all bundled up for a great cause. the event raises awareness for bone marrow and blood stem cell transplants. surae chinn is live at hains point. good morning. >> reporter: walkers are on their way right now, a 5k run and walk for a great cause, to raise awareness to bring more donors to the world right registry -- worldwide registry and save lives for people suffering from leukemia, lymphoma and other blood cancers. a few minutes ago, we witnessed such a beautiful moment, a 7- year-old boy, phineas, who had leukemia two years ago, his mom found out that he suffered from this horrible, horrible disease. and, today, he met his donor for the first time, 25-year-old ashley lowe. and we talk to them a few minutes ago and they said this is all about saving lives and they connected today and they are so thankful.
8:21 am
1 million americans suffer from blood cancers and every year, about 150,000 people are diagnosed. so again, what a great day at hains point. and now they are on their way walking and running. live here at hains point, surae chinn, wusa9. still to come this morning, forget christmas lights. halloween is where it's at for this california family. we show you how they celebrate the spookiest of holidays coming up next. plus, how many crab legs do you think you could eat in one sitting? find out how much these folks a coming up next. before we had to break, pet pics 9, @petpics9 is where you can send pictures. we would love to do that. >> this is family, he looks good, just chilling on the stoop. >> thank you, cassie, for sending in clara's picture. clara has a new boss and is apparently very happy about it.
8:22 am
>> very happy about it. this is from tonya, this is livie, an sh
8:23 am
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get out of the past. get fios. do you like crabs? how many can you eat in 14 minutes and 20 seconds. >> these are stone crabs. they are really hard to open. that is how long it took one florida man to down 25 stone crab claws. they have kind of a machine, that's easier. more than 30 contestants cracked and a waste -- eight --
8:25 am
8 their way through crap. this is part of a florida keystone crab eating contest, the winner was aaron suklas. >> in my family if you don't eat the stone crabs fast, you don't get any. you've got to be bang, bang, bang. >> a little crap on his face there. >> saving it for later. the contest coincides with the start of stone crab season running from october to may. target just under two weeks away from halloween and you might be seeing declarations pop up around your neighborhood. we have some. >> some housooes lk better than others but in california one famiasly h taken hallo tweeno a whole new level. crystal cruz has more. >> reporter: it's back. the singing halloween house of riverside, and this year there is some new creations. a brand-new firelight has been added to thousands of l.e.d. lights and pumpkins singing to hit tunes. >> oh, it was like free life,
8:26 am
all my favorite songs. >> reporter: friday night's debut almost postponed because of light rain, but wind up early with umbrellas. >> started raining a little bit but we're okay. we got through it. >> reporter: last year the show was close right after the opening show because of noise complaints. this year the show creator says he has a permit and plans on only running the show on the weekend. >> i think we did it right this time. we went and got permit first, went to talk to our counci, lman paul davis, and made sure that we crossed our t's and dotted our i's with eveinrythg. >> this year, the street is blocked off for safety reasons during the half-hour show to keep the large crowd off the street. from the sidewalk, the crowd danced and took pictures of the popular halloween party house. >> how cool. >> that is awesome. how much did it cost them to build it, sync it to the music, the light and everything.
8:27 am
>> and then the power bill after that. but, hey, everyone had a good time. temperatures today 54 degrees, cool and breezy, we will see clouds increase, a couple of showers possible. flurries in the mountains. >> flurries? what? >> in the mountains. areas tonight, freeze watch in place, it's going to be called, if you forgot to bring the plants in, bring them in against mine or bring them in for the first time. tomorrow, not as breezy, a little bit better and we start the warm-up tuesday. it's a short-lived cold snap. so glad you are with us. we are just about out of time. she's allyson rae. i'm mike hydeck. our next newscast is on 11:00 p.m. stay up-to-date with -- >> our news app. >> where it's at. ctakear
8:28 am
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polls said hillary clinton was last candidate standing following last week's democratic debate. but our first guest this morning would beg to disagree. >> and gop voters are divided over which contender to nominate. today we are joined by a political expert who said that's no accident. i'm susan page. >> and i'm derek mcginty. and this is capital download. good morning to you and welcome to capital download. last week it was the democrat's turn. debate night vegas style, and susan, you were in the house. >> there was gambling in that casino, derek. i talked to bernie sander's top strategist. he agreed to help us break down what happened. welcome to


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