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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  October 19, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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we begin with breaking news from oxon hill, maryland. that's where investigators are on the scene of a homicide involving a 14-year-old boy on audrey lane. that's near indian head highway. thank you for joining us. stephanie ramirez joins us live at the scene with more on what happened. stephanie? >> reporter: andrea, first we have new information about the prince george county fire department telling us three teens were involved here.
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they say one refused treatment on the scene. police just gave us an update telling us that the second teenager, that that person was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. and the third teen involved, a 14-year-old boy was stabbed to death after an argument inside an apartment, in the apartment building behind me. and that teen died at the hospital. we're near the 600 block of audrey lane. they are in oxon hill. around 7:25 in the morning, around the time teens are either making their way to school or already at the building, that's when police responded to this stabbing here. a male suspect is in custody. police say they are investigating how the two know each other or whether they are related. we can tell you that police say they believe both the male suspect and the victim live in the same at here. we'll have the very latest at 5:00. in oxon hill, stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news. >> thank you. to continue following thissenning story and other
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breaking news, download our wusa9 news autopsy. congress -- john kerry is exercising working together to end the senseless violence. this fight in israeli, john here's the latest from tel aviv. >> reporter: israel is placing new security posts in palestinian neighborhoods of east jerusalem after another deadly weekend. cell phone video captured the video as fire was opened up killing an israeli sole soldier -- soldier. officials say they shot and killed the attacker who snatched the soldier's gun. other amateur video shows an angry mob kicking a man thought to be a second attacker. but israeli fills say he turned out to be a migrant from north
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africa. >> private security guard shot him thinking he was a terrorist. >> reporter: security is tight at bus stations like this one in jerusalem. and police are now allowed to search people. but it's unclear if that will prevent an attack like the one on sunday. >> r. >> the government doesn't do nothing to solve the things with the palestinians. we should do it. >> reporter: the unrest erupted in jerusalem a month ago after speculation israel was plotting to take over the mosque. secretary of state john kerry says israel needs to be clear on who controls the hilltop type sacred to jews and muslims. >> we want to see calm restored and we want to see the violence stop. >> reporter: kerry will meet with israeli and palestinian leaders later this week. >> islamic state militants have launched a campaign on social media calling on palestinians to continue their attacks.
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the trial for the suspected child killer is on hold. one of his attorneys has to attend a funeral. he's charged with killing three residents over the course of a decade. 20-year-old rico leblond goes before a judge today. loved ones held a vigil for zella ziona. zella was a transgender woman formerly known as deandre smith. she was shot behind a shopping center in montgomery village last week. investigators say leblond and the victim knew each other. police say they have made an arrest in connection with the stabbing death of a man in prince george's county. 45-year-old gg marie thomas is charged with murder. the man was found inside a temple hills home. police believe the two had a heated argument that led to the stabbing. police are investigating the 125th homicide of the year. one man was shot and killed
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about:00 this morning in the 19 -- about -- about 2:00 this morning. police have not released any information about a possible motive or suspect. police are focusing their investigation on this car seen in the background although the circumstances are not clear. a family is mourning the loss of its two beloved pets. the dogs died in a house fire before 8:00 this morning along sea pleasant drive near hedge leaf avenue. that's where our reporter is, who tells us the fire chief is using this tragedy to drive home an important cold weather message. >> reporter: fire investigators here on the scene still trying to figure out what caused this particular blaze that was so intense, several people driving by during their morning commute stopped to call the fire department. this picture tells it all. it captures a danger firefighters run towards on every call. bright orange flames shooting
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from that door. the fire chief snapped the photo. >> it met them before they broke the front door. it was actually coming out of the house. >> reporter: the fire was knocked in down in two minutes but it damaged that first floor heavily. no one was home. but two dogs inside never made it out. family members arrived later, stunned by the loss, knowing it could have been far worse. the fire chief says regardless of the house this fire drives home an important message. >> a lot of people have to stay warm. but you have to remember those things generate electricity and heat, have to keep combustibles three feet away. make sure there's a working smoke alarm. >> the cause of the fire is still under investigation. firefighters believe it may have started in the first floor front room. unprecedented changes are coming to metro. the transit system will be under direct federal oversight.
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the new plan includes surprise inspections, specified deadlines and if metro doesn't comply, they could lose funding. according to our news partners of the washington post, this is the strictest level of federal safety possible. the federal transit administration will meet with officials over the next few weeks to go over the plan. the focus of campaign 2016 shifts to capitol hill this week. that's because hillary clinton is scheduled to testify before a congress sal committee about -- congressional committee about benghazi. >> huma abedin spent six hours on capitol hill on friday, testifying before the house committee. if that's any indication, hillary clinton is in for a long day. what does the committee want to get out of her testimony? we heard from democrats and republicans over the weekend. the committee chair went on
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face the nation dismissed the notion they are politically motivated and said what he wants to know is while the violence was going up in libbyia, why was the u.s. security profile going down there? elisha cummings begged to differ about. he argued he's trying to shift back to where we should have been been all along looking at the benghazi. >> i've told my own republican colleagues and friendsut sh up talking about things that you don't know anything about. >> this is a benghazi committee. we've strayed away from what we were supposed to be doing. >> a key to the investigation clinton's e-mails and those of u.s. ambassador chris stevens. according to the congressman, his e-mails were never factored into the previous investigation. >> you can find the latest developments with the benghazi investigation along with news from the campaign trail on our
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wusa9 mobile app. personal drones are expected to be a hot christmas gift item. but there are security concerns. a weekend of fun turns violent for zombie fans. one person is dead and his family is pleading
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the search is on for a gunman who opened fire at a zombicon in florida. cell phone cameras captured the final moments of the festival as it suspended into chaos. taylor's family is coming to grips with his violent death. >> everybody is devastated. nobody was expecting that phone call. >> taylor was a football player for asa college in miami.
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allyson rae is up next with the forecast. hopefully she's feeling warmer weather on the way. >> the sun behind me feels pretty good. it's not very windy out here. but it still is cool. you need the jacket. middle of the week we're talking maybe not jacket weather? yeah, i will give you all of the details. it won't last for too long. we'll take a look at narrator: puerto rico's economy is in a death spiral. to make matters worse, washington has plans to cut another $3 billion from the island's healthcare budget. puerto ricans pay the same medicare taxes, t bureceive less than half the funding of mainland states, leaving the system on life support. more cuts will push the economy to the edge of disaster and put every puerto rican's care in jeopardy.
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washington needs to act now to save healthcare for the three and a half million us citizens of puerto rico.
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a motorist who appears to have deliberately hit a guy riding his motorcycle. it happened on saturday in texas. the driver suffered abrasions
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on his back and his girlfriend riding with him suffered a broken wrist and several deep cuts. it appears the driver veered into the lane and caughted the crash. he -- caused the crash. he said he didn't care when police told him what he might have done. the transportation department today is expected to unveil a requirement for drone operators to register their unmanned aerial vehicles. the policy comes amid growing concerns about potential collisions with commercial aircraft. >> reporter: drones don't just capture breath-taking video. they help ranchers track cattle and could help make deliveries. but privacy and safety concerns have the government eager to act. cbs news has learned the department of transportation will a nouns a new requirement as -- will announce a new requirement as soon as today. chuck schumer announced his own
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plan. >> g.o. fencing. >> reporter: that could use software to keep drones away from airports and certain government buildings. some watchdogs want limits on the fbi's ability to use drones for surveillance. some laws won't keep up with the quickly evolving technology. >> the pandora box is open. it's out. you can't get it back in. all of these kids are gonna be getting them for christmas. they are supposed to register every one of these that come in a cereal box? >> reporter: despite faa rules restricting drones near airports, pilots cited more than 600 in the first seven months of the year. >> the goal is to have that registry in place in time for the holidays. well, how is this for getting a promotional campaign off the ground -- the al nippon airways jet touched down in vancouver this weekend. the boeing 787 dream liner is
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one of three planes decorated with star wars themes graphic. the force awakens arrives in theaters in december. a police dog is back on patrol one day after almost being choked to death. police in salem, oregon say duke and his handler responded to a man acting suspiciously saturday afternoon. the k-9 was used to help catch the suspect but the man was able to grab duke by the collar. >> we deployed taser on the suspect repeatedly by all three officers. he was pepper sprayed at one point and i baton striked him myself in the hand and the wrist to try to get him to let go of the dog. >> the suspect faces attempted assault on a law enforcement animal, interfearing with the police animal and resisting arrest. it cost a lot to clean up and maintain works of art and many mums struggle to afford it. one chicago man is volunteering
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his skills. >> reporter: since 2004, he's refurbished upwards of 1500 paintings for close to 300 institutions. an estimated savings of about $5 million. but his generosity is not for the big budget institution. >> these smaller museums without a conservation department, they are lucky if they can pay for the heats and the light. >> looking at the warmth and the depth of this scene. >> reporter: joe kapler is the curator at the wisconsin historical society. >> he's treated about 6500 paintings for a marketplace value of $270,000. incredible gift. these paintings will look great and be in proper condition for decades and decades. >> reporter: on display at the museum one of bouman's favorite pieces. a towering portrait of governor and general fairchild. >> it's been a joy for me to be able to, you know, preserve cultural history to places that could never afford these
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services. >> reporter: even after countless hours of work, he doesn't seem to mind that no one knows his name. >> when people go into a museum, they are not aware of who did the conservation work. that's the way it should be. it's the artist that's important. >> reporter: the work of an unknown master preserving history's masterpieces for generations to come. parts of southern california are still a muddy mess today. four days after a 30-minute torrential downpour. this is the scene from the sky as three inches of rain turned the landscape into a mud pit. about 200 cars and 300 people were left stranded. struck driver david noe was one of them. >> i've been through hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, but this is the first for me after 31 years of driving. >> emergency workers are still examining the mud to make sure no one is trapped underneath. and volunteers are loading up more supplies to blood victims in north carolina.
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a nonprofit group say their normal focus on is clearing debris were chainsaws. this time around people needed help with clean drinking water. the group is serving up hundreds of meals to flood victims. too much rain there and we're in for a little dry spell. >> absolutely. not much rain in the seven-day forecast. we can count on a dry rest of the week. our next chance for rain is on the seven-day, but i'm not too impressed. we'll get to those details coming up. let's take a look at how nice it is. this is our lows from this morning. how low did we go? well, we were away, well away from a record low in the d.c. area but many spots, if not almost everybody dropped by low the freezing mark. not in d.c. 37 degrees. but 32 for leesburg. into the 20s for martinsburg and winchester. southern maryland, upper 30s.
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it was a cold one this morning. now the coldest morning of the week is behind us and we'll slowly warm up. even well above average by midweek. a lot of sunshine out there. that's gonna help warm us up. but southerly wind are gonna help us warm up in the days to come. 50 degrees and the good news, the wind is a little bit calmer. blustery over the weekend. it will be cool. you probably need the light jacket. some people didn't have a jacket on. if you need a jacket, it's going to feel okay in the sun with the winds as light as they are. by the middle of the week, i don't think you will need it through the afternoon hours. right now we're still in the 40s for gaithersburg, baltimore, up through hagerstown and 50 for manassas. average highs, upper 60s. >> we are ally well below average. highs in the middle 50s for the valley, down through southern maryland, knit misdemeanorle 50
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-- in the middle 50s as well. where is the warm weather gonna come from? southerly winds will keep on fueling on in as high pressure moves off to the east. look up to iowa, st. louis, in the 70s and that is a sign of what's to come behind this high pressure. no weather problems. a lot of sunshine. this high pressure is pushing off to the east. on the other side of that high pressure, that's when we get the southerly winds and we stick with those winds until our next cold front on friday. that will bring colder weather but nothing like the weekend and this morning. so for tonight, we'll start with a little bit of a warmup. tomorrow morning when you step outside, it will be chilly. 35 for manassas. 40 for andrews. so for tonight, as you head out for the lunch hour, much whamer. by 1:00, 63 degrees. notice the winds out of the southwest. they are still here. upper 60s for tomorrow. pretty much a seasonable day
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for tuesday. but those winds will keep us warmer again on wednesday and thursday, ahead of the cold front. 74 on wednesday. if you are a warm weather fan enjoy these last 70-degree temperatures. you never know when they are gonna start to fade away in that seven-day forecast as we head into november. 74 for wednesday. thursday, 76. then comes the cold front. by friday, we drop down to 64. that's warmer than today. it's not a drastic drop in temperatures. our next chance for rain comes on sunday. not too great. we'll keep an eye on
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you've probably seen boat races that are a lot faster
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than this one. but take a look at these competitors in the fifth annual huge pumpkin regatta. the regatta took place in utah. >> they are pretty awkward to row. and it's pretty interesting to see these guys really try and win. >> of course, the regatta follows the giant pumpkin growers competition to see who can grow the biggest pumpkin. they are all afloat. >> all winners, then. 58 degrees today. it's definitely cool. it's our coolest day of the week. then we start to warm up. 69 degrees by tomorrow and into the 70s for wednesday and thursday. that's gonna feel real nice. another cool front for friday. good friday into the football weather for the games. >> not bad. that's why layers are so important. that's it for wusa9 news. we'll be back at 5:00.
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we're always on 24/7 at the wusa9 mobile app. have a great afternoon. see you later.
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>> victor: you made progress on stopping the virus? >> adam: no, not yet. but i'm feeling a breakthrough coming on real soon. >> victor: oh, yeah? >> adam: yeah, absolutely. >> victor: you know, our deal was that i paid your bail and then you would stop the virus. >> adam: i mean, i'm honoring the deal. >> victor: really? >> adam: yeah. >> victor: or you're lying to me because you can't really stop the damn virus. you can't stop the monster that you and ian ward created. >> kevin: i came to make sure chloe was okay, and she's checked out. have you seen her? >> chelsea: oh, i'm so sorry, kevin. i think this is my fault. >> kevin: you stopped chloe from putting a bullet in adam even though he deserved it, so you have nothing to apologize for.


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