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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  October 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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and homeland security are hacked and the teens would did it say they've already picked their next high profile target. a monday night mess in philadelphia. seven turnovers it the giants and eagles. advantage philly. where this leaves the redskins in the nfc east standings. it's a win-lose situation. >> they were right there at the top a few weeks ago. >> they're not far behind. we'll say that. good morning. we're glad you're with us. i'm andrea roane. i'm nick giovanni. our first order of business, you know the drill, check on weather and traffic. >> larry miller has your timesaver traffic. we begin with allyson rae and today's warm-up. it's going to be nice today for sure. a perfect fall day. temperatures are headed to the upper 60s so it's one of those great days where it's not too warm and not too cool. it is a little chilly this morning, especially with a little bit after breeze out of the southwest. -- of a breeze out of the southwest. the southwesterly winds are making all the difference in the forecast. it's 45 degrees in the district and into the 30s as you head outside into the suburbs and
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through culpeper. you're the coldest spot on the map, 32. highs today upper 60s. by lunch time we're already at the 60-degree mark. larry, over to you. metro riders, we're on schedule this morning. no issues on the rails or the buses so you're certainly good to go there. we're taking you out into southern maryland this morning, in clinton on branch avenue northbound. we have an accident that's causing delays all the way to the 301 interchange. sky 9 is making its way there and will be there within the next ten minutes. meantime around the beltway still fairly quiet with no issues around the whole capital beltway. no issues on 395 or 295 this morning. your next trafficup date coming up in -- traffic update coming up in roughly ten minutes. over to you. following the road to the white house, all signs point to former virginia senator jim webb taking the road less traveled. >> the floor was his for all of 15 minutes during the first democratic primary debate. you compare that to 31 minutes for hillary clinton, 28 for bernie sanders. webb made it clear he was not feeling the love. >> we bring in delia goncalves.
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what can you tell us about what the former senator is expected to do? >> reporter: he is expected to make an announcement today about his candidacy for president. he's staying in the race but he's changing course and ditching possibly the democratic party and hopes to revive his presidential bid. we're hearing from the jim webb camp that he could possibly be running as an independent. currently the democratic candidate is trailing in the polls with just about 1% support. his campaign is billing today's news conference as a discussion of his, quote, the candidacy. the campaign and his views of the political parties in the current election cycle. you mentioned during the last debate he did not get a whole lot of time. the other two candidates. the front runners double the
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time he received. jim webb says it was rigged toward those two candidates. i'll tell you how his displeasure may have led to this announcement later today. i'll see you in a half-hour, delia goncalves, wusa9. vice president joe biden and former president carter will pay tribute to walter mondale at the white house today. as biden continues to mull over a presidential run of his own. hillary clinton gears up for her testimony before the house benghazi committee this week. on the republican side the secret service is reviewing requests for protection from the donald trump and ben carson campaigns. federal officials are investigating a high level security breach involving the e- mails of two top national security officials. authorities are trying to locate a hacker who allegedly broke into the e-mails of john brennan and homeland secretary
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jeh johnson. it appears to be a high school student who released information of 20 people connected to the ceo. they say it was being done because, quote, innocent people in palestine are being killed daily. in a response the white house called on congress to pass cybersecurity legislation which has been held up in the senate. new details are coming out about the latest q wave of violence in vies. a gunman -- israel. a gunman killed one person and injured another. soldiers mistook an african immigrant for an attacker and shot him. then he was beaten by israelis who believe he was a terrorist. that man later died at the hospital. alarming new numbers show most americans are afraid of having their identity stolen. >> according to a new survey almost half of the country has actually become victims of identity theft or know someone who has. children fall victim to identity thieves more often
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than adults. nikki burdine joins us with more about a campaign in maryland to stop child identity theft. nikki? >> reporter: that's right. so chances are your 1-year-old doesn't need to secure a loan or a credit card but more than 140,000 kids across the country have had someone use their information to apply for something just like that. this kind of fraud has a real impact on the rest of their lives. one 9 yearldz's identity was stolen. the theft totaled about $1.5 million. the fraud wasn't detected for ten years. now a new program kicks off today to help keep that from happening. it's called kid safe maryland. here's how it works. parents can go online to the website and request a risecuty freeze be put on their kids' information. the program also makes it easy for new parents to protect their kids. at 6:30 i'll explain how hospitals are getting involved. if you'd like more information
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on how to place a freeze on your child's information, we have a link to that on our wusa9 mobile app. back to you. the focus will be on medical marijuana today at a public hearing in frederick county, maryland. the county council there is asking the public to weigh in on whether marijuana production should be allowed on land that is now zoned for agricultural use. the land in question is located in middleton. -- middletown, rather. right now regulations allow the growing of medical marijuana only in industrial areas. the state of maryland plans to award 15 licenses to grow medical marijuana by the end of january. a piece of washington history came down just a couple of hours ago. we're talking about the sign outside the "washington post" 15th street northwest headquarters. "the washington post" reports the old sign will accompany the post to its new headquarters. that will be at one franklin square at 1301k street in northwest. at least for now looks like
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the nfc east is shaping up to abtwo-team race. the redskins not one of them. eagles and giants tied atop of the division coming out of last night's meeting in philly. this was ugly. manning was saked three times. the eagle itself sacked the -- eagles sacked the giants put [ inaudible ] 6:07. the european migrant crisis appears to be getting worse. >> people are forced to deal with even more mud slides out west. >> it's not bad out here temperature wise. from time to time there's a little bit of a breeze that makes it feel pretty cool. we're in store for a great afternoon. temperatures will warm up. by lunch time we're already warmer than we were yesterday. into the upper 60s today. lots of sunshine. a great fall day. we'll talk about even warmer
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weather coming up. >> sky 9 giving us a live look right now at branch avenue at surrats. trying to find this accident. doesn't look like they're seeing much of anything. if anything they're seeing volume. for folks that would normally travel along this corridor, add additional time to the morning commute because we are seeing minor delays. we also have delays going on in other parts of the dmv. stay with us
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manassas. ashburn at 39. lovettsville 34. laurel 39. bowie 37. temperatures today will increase to the upper 60s and tonight not too bad either. the warming trend continues. details coming up. larry, over to you. thank you. so it looks like state police telling us the accident is cleared. this is on branch avenue south of surrats so good news there. traveling northbound, we can see the increasing volume on the northbound side of branch avenue there. but again just allow yourself additional time to account for those delays this morning. we'll have an update for you in roughly ten minutes. we'll send it over to you. after ten years of conservative rule, canadians respond with an overwhelming liberal way. >> electing the s#son of a for prime minister into office. we're back with
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temperatures go up and down a lot and that's exactly what the seven day has in store now. take a look how we're starting off on your michael & son camera. it is a little crisp but we're not frosty and we're away from the 20s. no 20s on the map this morning sos that anne improvement. in some areas we're almost 15 degrees warmer than we were this time yesterday. 45 degrees here in the district. those winds out of the southwest are keeping us a little bit warmer and that's going to be the trend this afternoon and in the coming days. it is still a little cool for culpeper. you're at 32, the cold spot on the map. right through the 81 corridor, martinsburg you're 42. win chester 46. that's not too bad. temperatures continue to climb. we're at 80 this afternoon for st. louis. that warm weather is headed our way for tomorrow and into thursday. thursday will be our warmest day of the week before things change again. high pressure is in control for today and tomorrow. parts of thursday. so expect a lot of sunshine for today and also towhat happens o thursday. clouds will increase thursday into friday morning.
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this is overnight. we see a couple of stray showers. not a rain maker but near the maryland-pennsylvania state line through the mountains, through the maryland panhandle, you can see a couple of stray showers overnight but you'll be sleeping and won't notice them. by friday a little cooler. back to fall weather. upper 60s today. 70s are here for tomorrow and also into thursday. thursday will mainly be in cloudier and maybe a little breezy at times. friday cooler, maybe breezy at times as well. upper 60s, a nice weekend. our only chance for a good shower might be sunday night. larry, over to you. thank you. 6:16 is your time. looks like we have another issue out in maryland, this one along 210 indian highway. this is the northbound side where we have an accident there. police have not given us any indication at this point whether there are any lane closures associated with this accident but if you're going to be heading out within the next 10 or 15 minutes you will see this so make sure you're being mindful, use caution and make sure you slow down as you
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approach the crash site. sky 9 giving us a live look at route 5. we had an earlier accident that is now cleared. the problem is the the residual delays associated with that. you'll need to get out the door sooner as opposed to latetory account for the growing residual delays. we expect it to ease up with the next 20 or 30 minutes or so. of course once we start to see some progress, we'll be sure to let you know. we get a look at how things are shaping up on kenilworth avenue at eastern avenue. increasing volume as you make your way into d.c. luckily no accidents and/or incidents to slow you down. we'll send it over to you. turning now to the latest on the migrant crisis, slovenia's government is pleading for help from its european neighbors as it struggles to cope with thousands of migrants arriving from croatia. about 2,000 migrants and refugees crossed the border earlier today. they were taken to the border crossing by train. once in slovenia police escorted them on an hour's long walk to a reception center
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which is already overcrowded. the death toll from last month's stampede at the handle in -- hajj in saudi arabia keeps climbing. almost 2200 pilgrims were killed in the disaster on september 24. hundreds of others were injured. but the official saudi death toll remains at just 769 despite this latest ap report. canadians have voted for change and they did so by turning to the son of a are forker prime minister. -- of a former prime minister. we report on the longest election campaign in modern history. >> this is what positive politics can do. this is what a positive, hopeful vision and a platform and a team together can make happen. >> reporter: the polls suggested a liberal win late in the campaign and monday night justin trudeau and his party
6:19 am
got that win with the majority governance. steven harper says he has no regrets. for 78 days he campaigned with his sights set on illusive fourth term. the canadians denied that wish. >> the disappointment you also feel is my responsibility and mine alone. but know this for certain. when the next time comes, this party will offer canadians a strong and clear alternative based on our conservative values. >> reporter: harper didn't say it in his concession speech but his party put out a statement he requested the conservatives start looking for a new leader. several high profile conservative candidates spoke about the red wave, including joe al vary and chris alexander. >> when there's a way, it's very hard to stop it. that's what we as conservatives have confronted. >> i think a message of change was very much there. and that is a powerful message
6:20 am
after three terms. after years of drought the rain is coming too fast to handle in southern california. water is pooling along some streets in los angeles county and this after more heavy rain overloaded drainage systems beyond their capacity. the highway patrol is hopeful highway 58 can reopen soon. the last of the cars caught in the mud slide there last week was pulled out early yesterday. >> i turned and i looked and up the mountain there was just a river of water coming down. i was really concerned that we were going to get washed away. >> dozens of car owners showed up at the mohave airport where their vehicles were towed trying to scape off the mud and see if any of their belongings inside could be salvaged. most of the vehicles had been totaled. they need the water in walker county, texas. that's where fortunates have spent the night trying to fully contain a wildfire. it started from sparks when a truck hauling hay blew a tire. the flames quickly ripped through some 700 acres and burn add handful of nearby
6:21 am
buildings. a couple subdivisions with some 300 families in them were evacuated just as a precaution. time to check on your money. are you paying with plastic or paying by phone? apple pay launched one year ago. now android users can opt for samsung pay. but according to industry analysts pay by phone isn't catching on as quickly as you might think. it accounts for only about 1% of all retail transactions in the u.s. that said this might be the safer option. >> you look at the technology underneath mobile payments, it actually has the potential to be more secure than a traditional credit card transaction. >> that's because your actual credit card number is never transmitted. a one-time number is used instead but industry experts suggest your phone pay source be a credit, not a debit card and use additional protections like pins and fingerprints along with unique passwords for each account. your favorite science fiction fan, relative or coworker may be especially
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geeked this morning. that's because the longest trailer yet for a star wars movie debuted last night at half time at the monday night football game. right after the trailer with sound effects aired rkt tickets for star -- aired, tickets for the star wars movie went on sale and they're a tough get even for some hollywood celebrities [ inaudible ] can you hold to tickets for me? >> make it happen. >> jj being jj abrams. the seventh film in the franchise arrives in theaters december 18. it's expected to break all kinds of box office records if this is any indication. >> i wish i had that voice in the commercial... its epretty much awesome. the faa takes steps to
6:23 am
regulate drone use across the country. >> if you drive along 66 outside the beltway transportation leaders want to hear from you. >> the presidential campaign makes its way to downtown d.c. i'm delia goncalves. coming up at 6:30, i'll tell you who could be ditching the democratic party. >> reporter: children's identities are being stolen at an alarming rate but i have good news. there's a way to help prevent it and it's free. i'll explain coming up. we're in store for a great looking day. warmer weather and cooler weather. i'll time it out for you coming ♪ pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'. pick up your favorit pumpkin-flavored baked treats and beverages, before pumpkin season is over.
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dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. the obama administration is cracking down on the growing use of recreational drones. >> the faa is developing new rules that will require owners to register most unmanned aerial vehicles. kris van cleave reports. >> reporter: the number of drone complaints to the faa has surged from 238 for all of 2014 to 969 and counting so far this year. one of the biggest challenges is finding the operator, something this registry aims to make easier. transportation secretary anthony foxx. how do you plan to enforce this, particularly with people who already own drones? what's their incentive to register them? >> we would expect retroactive
6:27 am
registration. there may be a grace period the task force will have to come up with those solutions. >> reporter: how are you going to enforce that? are you going to send the drone police after them? >> signal is when you enter the national air space, it's a very serious matter. this isn't riding your atv on your own property. >> reporter: a new task force will have just a month to recommend how the system should work and which drones should be registered. >> we can't continue to vilify this technology. it's incredible. it will be a game changer in terms of the economy, in terms of entertainment. >> reporter: michael runs the small coalition. some of its members will be on the task force. can they do that in a month? >> do i have concerns about how short a timeline this is and what it will mean for the industry? of course. >> reporter: secretary foxx gave very few specifics about the registry or what kind of information would be required and who would have access to it. the faa hopes to are the registry up and running in time for the holidays because it expect as million drones like this one to be given as gifts.
6:28 am
kris van cleave, cbs news, washington. a march is planned this evening to protest mayor muriel bowser's new policing plan. they say mayor bowser has used the current conversation about crime to propose more expanded police powers and increase surveillance. the march is set for 7:30 from congress heights to the 7th district police station. speak up, speak out. it's everybody's business. that's the plea from organizers of today's domestic violence town hall meeting in prince george's county. the event takes place at suitland high at 7:00 p.m. that's on silver hill road in district heights. among the speakers state's attorney angela alsobrooks and police sheriff melvin high. up next at 6:30, former virginia senator jim webb is
6:29 am
considering a bold move of going at it alone in his bid to become the next president. questions are being raised after a delayed response to a series of shootings in southeast d.c. good tuesday morning to you. women come back into the rush hour edition of 9news. i'm nick giovanni. i'm andrea roane. larry miller has your timesaver traffic. things are picking up on the roadways. we begin with first alert meteorologist allyson rae with today's forecast. you may not need the heater in the car this morning. >> i think maybe this morning but definitely in the district it is a little bit warmer. but this afternoon i think you'll be able to shut it off for sure. i had my heat on a little bit and then i got a little warm. 36 degrees for leesburg. 34 for manassas. 32 for culpeper. the warming trend continues. we're warming up this afternoon. temperatures heading back to average highs this time of year. upper 60s, lots of sunshine. by noon we're already warmer than we were yesterday. that's a big improvement. temperatures tonight will stay a little bit warmer again due to southerly winds keeping a
6:30 am
nice and comfortable pattern. high pressure is here. of course it's not here for too long. a cold front is headed our way. i'll tell what you that means for your weekend coming up. here's larry million gler thank you. your time right now 6:30. metro ridessers everything is running on -- riders, everything is running on schedule. we'll continue to let you know no blue line trains will be stopping at stadium-armory this morning. again we're keeping a close eye on this accident on endian head highway, mid-- indian head highway, maryland 210 at palmer road where we have an accident. not much in the way of delays but be mindful as you head out the door. up towards the capital beltway, noishes but you will see volume -- no issues but you will see volume approaching the occoquan making your way into springfield. next ten minutes we'll take you along i-66. >> reporter: the presidential campaign comes to downtown d.c., specifically the national press club. there will be an announcement made later today by former virginia senator jim webb. you may have heard and you may
6:31 am
remember that during the last debate he was not happy about the time that he did not receive to speak. well, it appears that the displeasure has led him to possibly ditch the democratic party. that's right. the former senator of virginia now considering an independent run for president of the united states. currently the democratic candidate is trailing in the polls with just about 1%. his campaign is billing today's news conference as a discussion of the race and his candidacy, but he has been very vocal in his opposition and his disagreement of the debate that aired last week with cnn, the first democratic debate. he said it was rigged towards the two front runners bernie sanders and hillary clinton saying, quote, it's very difficult to win a debate when you don't have the opportunity to speak the same amount of time on issues as the other two
6:32 am
did. they had both 30 minutes. jim webb had about 15 minutes. his announcement at the press club scheduled for 1:00 this afternoon. we'll stay on top of it on our wusa9 mobile app. back you to. while webb speaks, the nation is still waiting for word on whether vice. joe biden will launch a presidential bid. the latest university poll shows support for the current democratic front runner hillary clinton would dip if biden were officially in the race. the vice president is said to be in no rush to make a decision, though. yesterday he mentioned his late son when he spoke to members of the military at the white house. >> our son was a good man but no different than every one of those in that case soldiers who got off that flight with him. >> on the republican side, donald trump continues to lead. he's wound virtually every national poll for four months. the secret service is reviewing requests for protection from trump and the better carson -- ben carson campaign. >> reporter: somebody might be
6:33 am
using your child's social security number right now to apply for a loan, a credit card, to buy a house, even to stay in the u.s. legally. in fact this kind of identity theft happens to children even more so than adults but now in maryland there is a way you can prevent it. today a new program launches called kids safe. here's the idea. parents can go online and simply put in a request to freeze your child's information. hospitals are getting involved in the program now, too. now, new mothers will be given information as they leave the hospital. the staff are clear and -- the stats are clear and shocking. more than 150,000 kids identities are stolen each year and the victims are getting younger and younger. the percentage ever victims under the age of 5 has doubled in the past couple of years. the good news is this program is available now and all you have to do is go online and put in that request and it's free. we have a link to all this information on our wusa9 mobile app. back to you. the relative of a shooting victim says it took 20 minutes
6:34 am
for a rescue crew to pull up to the shooting scene in southeast d.c. two people were shot just minutes apart last night in southeast. boapts were said to be con-- both were said to be conscious when taken to the hospital. winfield robinson tells us one of those victim is his 25-year- old nephew who was shot in the stomach and back. four fire trucks and police officers got to the scene relatively quickly but not the rescue crew. police are also investigating a shooting near southern avenue and 23rd street. it's not clear if these two cases are linked. kevin davis has been sworn in at new head of the baltimore police department. davis was the interim commissioner till the city council voted to confirm him. last week a group of protesters stage add sit-in at city hall to protest this appointment. a 48-year-old man is charged with stabbing and killing a teenager in oxon hill. police say sean crawford stabbed and killed 14-year-old keyshaun mason at a home they shared. crawford is the live-in boyfriend of mason's mother. police say crawford got into an
6:35 am
argument with mason along with an 18-year-old and stabbed them both. mason died at the hospital. the 18-year-old is recovering. crawford is now charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder. the charles serving answer murder trial re-- severance murder trial resumes today. it was suspended yesterday because defense attorney joe king had a death in the family. he is charged with killing three persons over the course after decade. police are asking for your help to find nation elderly man. tough' seen him, they -- if you've seen him, they want to hear from you. # 2-year-old kenneth huff -- 82- year-old kenneth huff was wearing a blue shirt, blue jeans and gray shoes. if you've seen mr. huff, please call prince george's county police. tonight vdot plans to meet with commuters to talk about what it wants to do with i-66 outside the beltway. state transportation officials will go over the preferred plans for improving 25 miles of the interstate between the
6:36 am
beltway and u.s. route 15 in haymarket. the meeting starts at 6:30 at vdot's northern virginia district office at 4975 alliance drive in fairfax. you can also watch a live stream of the 7:00 p.m. presentation at zac efron, tommy mcfly and wax? what do they have in common? >> we're about to find out during this morning's mcfly report. >> this breeze is just add something chill to the air. temperatures are not too bad. near 40, into the 40s for the district and a couple of 30s to the suburbs. we're headed -- look where we're headed. a nice recovery and winds will relax this afternoon. 65 to 70 degrees. we're getting warmer and we're not done warming up yet. larry? >> we're off to a great start this morning. we had a few issues pry fail in southern maryland but -- primarily in southern maryland but looks like they're starting to ease up a bit and traffic starting to pick up and causing some delays all over parts of the metro.
6:37 am
we'll get you around
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welcome back. the wind is picking up making it feel a little bit chillier.
6:40 am
ashburn you're 39 degrees. we'll head to the 50s. by lunch hour we're past where we were yesterday. the southwesterly winds are doing us a favor as far as warmer weather today. upper 60s for your highs. a good bit of sunshine. we'll talk big changes come the weekend. what that means for your weekend coming up in a bit. let's go over to larry. good morning to you at home. wants to let my marc train riders camden 843 is running from 30 to 35 minutes late this morning. make sure you get out the door a little bit earlier and account for that this morning in terms of your morning commute. vre is running on schedule. sky 9, how much, giving us a live look at how things are shaping up on 50 at 202. traffic is starting to pick up as you approach the capital beltway but no accidents or ?efnts to slow -- incidents to slow you down. we're off to a great start. from our trafficland cam, we get a look at how things are shaping up over the key bridge as you make your way from rosslyn to georgetown. no issues this morning. traffic is flowing freely in all directions.
6:41 am
so we're off to a good start. earlier issues in southern merchandise midhave all but wrapped up -- maryland have all but wrapped up so we're good to go there. -- [indiscernible] educates teenagers on driving safety, distracted driving and ways this can he empower their peers to make smarter decisions on the road. they talked about how technology is contributing to a culture of unsafe driving. one teenager shared his experience. >> at the age of 17 i was in a traffic crash when a distracted driver hit our school vehicle head yo. i was -- head-on. i had a traumatic brain injury and other critical injuries but the most important thing is my life changed. >> reporter: gl in 2011 more than 3,000 teens were killed because ever distracted driving related crashes. it's officially halloween in one california community. >> also coming up, the twinkle in his eye and those wash board abs. our producer is quick to point out most commonly known as zac
6:42 am
efron will be on display in the district. we'll explain after this.
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a popular halloween attraction is back in river siedz, california. it has more lights and music than ever before. this year's version also includes pyrotechnics to go along with the thndousas of led lights and singing pumpkin faces synced up with hit tunes. last year you may recall a show a little different from this one was shut down because of noise complaints. this year the creator has a permit and will only run the shows on weekends. >> couldn't stop at music and lights. kick it up a notch with pyrotechnics. >> all there for you. time to see what our partners over at cbs this morning are covering. >> our favorite partner and friend is going to tell us all about it. that's gayle king live in new york with a preview. good morning, gayle. >> we are here live and in color. don't you find everybody is trying to kick it up a notch
6:47 am
with something. >> that's what i'm say. ain't no party like a halloween house party. >> so true. ahead we are tracking down claims that teenage hacker targeted the c.i.a. director and the homeland security secretary. the latest on that investigation. plus, amazon fighting back months after a major "new york times" expose. we explain why the online giant is taking -- now taking a stand. chelsea clinton, usher? ledge taker linebacker ray lewis, what do they have in common? they're all here today in studio 57. >> wow. >> that's what i said, too. it's going to be crowded up in here. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 on the dot. >> in the words of ed full advantage, you've got a -- sullivan, you've got a really big shoe on this morning. [indiscernible] >> you know, nick, you have to keep hope alive. come on. >> that's what it's about.
6:48 am
much appreciated, gayle. >> we'll definitely be watching. you have a good morning. >> see you guys. allyson rae back with us now talking about temps going up on a tuesday. >> i knew you were going to say that. [ multiple voices ] >> i almost said it this morning when i saw the temps. but i said i was just going to wait for nick to say it. temps are going up on a tuesday. temperatures looking -- [ multiple voices ] >> they continue to climb on wednesday and thursday as well. beautiful start this morning from our michael & son camera. nice sky, kind of a water painting there. it's going to be a nice afternoon. lots of sunshine, a few fair weather clouds, 45 degrees. in some areas this morning we're almost 15 degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday. but still pretty cold out there for culpeper 32. that's our coldest spot. no 20s. tomorrow morning we'll add
6:49 am
another couple degrees as well. 45 in d.c. we'll head to the upper 60s. that's a nice recovery. when you add at least 20 degrees to the daytime temperatures it's a good day but temperatures off to the west are even warmer. we're going to get even warmer come wednesday and thursday. high pressure is in control. it's going to stay in control for today and tomorrow. and with that we'll get the swer winds. our warm -- southwesterly winds. our warmest day comes on thursday ahead of the cold front. thursday night into friday, not a lot of rain but it will bring a drop in the temperature. not too much. this one is a little more manageable. still feeling like fall and not a sneak peek of winter this weekend. it will be pretty g. upper 60s. no -- pretty good. upper 60s. no weather problems. if you are looking for rain, i don't really have it now. 73 for wednesday. 76 for thursday. this weekend pretty g upper 60s -- pretty good. upper 60s. sunday night is our best chance after shower and it doesn't look that impressive. i'll keep an eye on it for you and keep you up to date. larry, over to you. thank you. those of you hopping on the
6:50 am
camden line train, train 843 returning 30 to 35 minutes late, one of our colleagues checked in with us and told us about the delay. we hadn't heard it from marc so good news there. we appreciate that. vre is also running on schedule as well. traveling southbound . /-270 from middlebrook road to the capital beltway now a 15-minute commute no major issues . /-66 but volume starting to pick up primarily in manassas at this point and it's starting to work its way eastbound. it starts to get heavy as you get in the beltway. from fairfax county parkway to 20th street northwest a 27- minute commute. northbound on i-95 on the virginia side from dale delivered to i-395 a 16-minute commute. if you're traveling on the bw parkway, no issues but expect volume as you approach the 11th street bridge. over to you. zac efron has come a long way from his days on high school musical. >> just ground up right before our eyes. today efron turns 28 with a party here in d.c. tommy mcfly has all the details in the 94.7
6:51 am
fresh fm feud crows. >> he's getting waxed for his -- studios. >> he's getting waxed for his birthday. the wax statue is being unveiled to the world today in downtown d.c. which is kind of exciting. they say that 20 different artisans took over 250 different measurements of the real zac efron to make the wax zac efron. he won't be half naked like most of his movies. he will be in a tailored gray suit. the real efron for his birthday was asking his peeps on social media to make a donation to stand up to cancer in honor of his cousin emily who lost her battle with cancer very early on in life. zac is turning on his ?birthda and making it something pretty exciting for everybody. he's also right now on the set of neighbors two. happy birthday, zac. enjoy the wax. no birthday candles should get too close to his waxed face. >> word to the wise.
6:52 am
>> keep the flames away. >> i don't know. i just don't get it. >> temper your enthusiasm, andrea. great abs, though, for sure. it 16:62 -- it is 6:52. we'll soon have to deal with higher shipping rates. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working
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and reach for the one you deserve. >> reporter: chances are your baby doesn't need a credit card or morning loan but they -- mortgage loan but they might already have one. that's because child identity theft is at an all-time high. thieves stealing children's social security information. maryland introduces a new program called kid safe. you can freeze your child's information. we have a link on our wusa9 mobile app. >> reporter: the presidential campaign heads to the national press club in downtown d.c. former virginia senator jim webb expected to ditch the democratic party and possibly run as an independent. he's hoping this announcement will revive his bid for president of the united states. that announcement will be made around 1:00 this afternoon and
6:56 am
we'll stay on top of all the action on our wusa9 mobile app. back to you. vice president joe biden pays tribute to former vice president walter mondale at the white house today, this as he continues to mull a presidential run. the buildup comes as hillary clinton gears up for her testimony before the house benghazi committee later this week. pretty soon you'll have to pay more to ship with ups. rates across the board will increase by nearly 5%. starting december 28, ground rates and other charges will go up. the new prices are being implemented as revenue has slowed. take a look at your seven- day forecast. not too bad at all. we'll see temperatures slowly clip. upper 60s today. today is probably the biggest jump. 70s for wednesday and thursday. a cold front doesn't bring rain but cooler weather for friday and a nice looking weekend. the biggest headache this morning is going to be westbound on 50 at 202 where the shoulder is blocked as a result of an earlier accident that has been moved to the
6:57 am
showldzer. we have he -- shoulder. we have residual delays. you can see how things are picking up on the westbound side. get out the door earlier as opposed to later. that will be your best bet. cbs this morning is next with more on who hacked the secret service's head of the c.i.a. e-mail account. >> and the latest on oscar pistorius who has been released from prison now on house arrest. and make sure you get the wusa9 app because the app is? >> where it's at. ♪
6:58 am
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good morning, it is tuesday, october 20ing, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." an embarrassing hack attack on the director and homeland security chief t. hacker claims to be a teenager with another target in his sights. a key family member backs biden for president and chelsea clinton is here to discuss the challenges in her mom's campaign. also in studio 57 today, music star usher, legendary linebacker ray lewis. >> we begin with today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> you guys, say you were able to hack into his personal inbox, how difficult would you say it is? >> oh, it's


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