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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  October 23, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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overnight at tennessee state university. snowplows are out this morning. a full fleet of them in prince george's county. we have a crew riding with them but relax. it's just a drill. good morning. i'm andrea roane. i'm nick giovanni. welcome to the rush hour of wusa9. we want to start with our tackers. -- trackers. how is it looking, allyson? >> no snow in the forecast. we are running through a drill. nikki will explain a little later. today is going to be very nice. we're in the 60s right now. 62 for d.c. 57 for gaithersburg. 59 for frederick. temperatures aren't going to warm up much today. we have northerly winds bringing in nice cool air for the rest of the afternoon. a couple of clouds to start off your morning but a lot of sunshine through mid-morning and also afternoon. so it's going to be a nice day to enjoy. 62 by noon. your high today about 67. larry, over to you. your time 6:00. in virginia right now, we're keeping a close eye on an
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accident on georgetown pike between old dominion drive and spring hill road. sky 9 is making its way to the scene where i understand it is there right now trying to find exactly where this crash site is. i know it's hard to see but you can actually see the flashing lights. those are police vehicles and also some delays in this area. commuters along georgetown pike will need to be behindful and add additional time for your morning commute. we'll have an update for you in ten minutes. over to you. we are continuing to follow breaking news from overnight. a shooting on the campus of tennessee state university. >> nashville police are saying this may have all started over a dice game. let's bring in mike hydeck for more on this. >> reporter: four people were shot, one was killed. the others were passersby. they have nonlife threatening injuries. investigators have secured the campus and police in nashville want to be clear about what they believe the motive was. they stress this is not a gunman running through a school
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campus like we saw in oregon or arizona or other school shootings. >> we think this was an isolated shooting incident in a courtyard outside the floyd building. no other students are in danger. no other students are in jeopardy. this shooting shents was confined -- incident was confined, ice lated to the outdoor courtyard. >> at this point police are not sure if the shooter was a student and it's not clear if there has been an arrest. police are only stressing in fact that no one else is in danger. just last week three other people were shot and wounded near tennessee state university campus. that took place during a house party. live in the newsroom, mike hydeck, wusa9. we're also following some breaking news from the district. a man was found suffering from a gun shot wound near the shaw metro station. this all happened around 4:24 this morning in the 700 block of f street. the man was shot in the arm. this is a live shot of where the shooting took place. he was taken to the hospital.
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he is expected to survive. we're following a developing story out of prince george's county right now. police there are investigating a shooting in landover. a teenage girl we understand was shot last night on allendale circle. her injuries fortunately not life threatening. police aren't saying what led to the shooting. we're hearing for the first time a call a friend made to police the moment after amanda jones was murdered. she's the prince george's county mother brutally stabbed inside her upper marlboro home. 56-year-old amanda jones was heading home on the phone with her friend, a male friend who lives in baltimore at the time. he heard everything go down. he tells police they routinely spoke on the phone until she got home because the house was once burglarized. jones' ex-boyfriend now faces first-degree murder. police say he ambushed the
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victim, an attack that friend heard on the phone. >> how may i help you? >> yes, i was talking to my friend on the telephone as she was getting out of her car going into her house. this enshe started holler -- then she started hollering and screaming. >> reporter: that friend tried to get ahold of amanda jones so he dialed a nonemergency phone number with prince george's county. that lasts about six minutes. they assured him they were sending a police officer to the house but her body was only discovered the next day. i'll tell you why coming up in the next half-hour. we're live outside of police headquarters, delia goncalves, wusa9. lawmakers on capitol hill are being told they have two options now that president obama has vetoed a sweeping $612 billion defense bill. they can either revise the bill or settle a larger budget dispute. the president's veto comes as a
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setback to republicans. mr. obama says the measure does some good things but falls short in other areas, and that includes making it harder to close the u.s. detention facility at guantanamo bay. the pentagon confirms a u.s. service member was killed during a raid on a compound in northern iraq. the service member is the first american killed in combat in iraq since the u.s. started its campaign against isis. 70 isis captives were freed when u.s. special operations troops and iraqi forces raided the compound. a stop on capitol hill that was 17 months in the making lasted 11 hours for hillary clinton last night. the former secretary of state testified before the house committee investigating the benghazi attacks. over the course of the hearing which started yesterday morning, secretary clinton managed to avoid any political missteps. >> i thought more about what happened than all of you put together. >> clinton heads back to the campaign trail today. she has a rally in old town,
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alexandria, and it's scheduled to speak at market square at 12:30. a disturbing new report out about black students in school and at work in montgomery county. our partners at "the washington post" report that more than 25% of black students surveyed believe they've been discriminated against at school. more than 40% say they've been stopped by police. the report's authors are recommending a more comprehensive strategy in the county, across the school system and the county to improve the outlook for black children. those dreaded words, snow, sleet and freezing rain. even though it's still october, we all know their potential is just a few weeks away. >> we're seeing some reminders already across the country. today in anticipation of the first winter like weather here, transportation officials in prince george's county are going through a dry run of sorts for all their snow removal equipment. >> nikki burdine is going along for the ride with what she calls the super woman. hi, nikki. >> looking forward to a
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blizzard. >> reporter: vanessa is looking forward to a blizzard. we sent her back out to check out some of the trouble spots and we decided to bring it inside. we are in the snow command center. they call this the trip center. take a look at this, the mother board. these guys have it all set up on this screen. this is where they monitor the roads. they make sure they're actually plowed and they can coordinate with the snow-related activities and any emergencies they have. we have vincent and he is working hard this morning. this is something they do every morning. they monitor traffic all the time. of course their job gets a lot busier and more difficult when there's snow on the roads. kevin, can you see this camera? that is from a snowplow. that is one of the snow plows we were on. you saw the dry run they were going through and checking out the roads. they can sit back here and see what those drivers see. they'll of course be using that when we finally get snow. i want to walk over here and show you this. this is the situation board n. is pretty cool as well. we've seen some wusa9 tweets pop up on here, too. they are able to watch everything from twitter to
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radar to websites to the prince george's county website, everything they need to know is all right here. vanessa is still here, gietz. we'll catch -- guys. we'll catch up with her. i know everybody wants to hear from her. that is the latest from the command center. they're hard at work ready to be prepared for this winter weather. hopefully it won't be so bad. back to you in the studio. >> fingers crossed on that. >> i can't wait. >> i know you're excited about this winter. >> at least the first snowball fight. >> after that he'll calm down. 6:08. a former d.c. police officer pleads guilty to sexually abusing a child. >> federal regulators take control of an airbag
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vo: does hal parrish share our values? as mayor, parrish cut school funding nearly three million dollars. reading and science scores fell. parrish said no to opening new women's health clinics denying access to cancer screenings and breast exams. so instead of dealing with the economy and jobs parrish will join with the richmond extremists to slash education and threaten women's health care. hal parrish -- too extreme for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action
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welcome back. just about 11 minutes after 6:00. we're off to a good start. pretty comfortable. winds just turned out of the north. the cool air is still working its way in. temperature wise, probably don't need the heavy jacket today. frederick at 57. same for gaitersburg. -- gaithersburg. d.c. 62. i do want to talk about hurricane patricia and how it's going to impact our forecast coming up a little bit later. here is larry miller. metro riders, we've got a mess starting to pick up on metro with single tracking going on on the yellow line between l'enfant plaza and pentagon city. the green line can see delays in all directions, both directions due to possible congestion as a result of what's going on the yellow line so folks will have to account for that by adding additional time to your morning commute. sky 9 remains over georgetown pike near old dominion drive as
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ann a result -- as a result of an accident there. the westbound side of georgetown pike is closed. your next update in ten minutes. we'll send it over to you. the good news continues. maryland governor larry hogan says he feels great. >> plus, wait till you hear how long jordan fans have been lined up for chicago just for a chance to be every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty. and then, in an ironic twist
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. 6:15. allyson rae is back with us tracking a series of cold fronts knocking on the door. >> we'll have a couple. not too much rain this weekend. this weekend is looking okay. but next weekend or next week, rather, we could see another front with more moisture due to some moisture from hurricane patricia. so i do want to talk about this. this is catastrophic, devastating, extremely scary and dangerous situation. this a category 5, the strongest wind speeds we've ever recorded. 200 mile per hour winds. it's also the pressure is the lowest at the national hurricane center has ever observed at 880 millibars but there have been lower pressures in the western pacific. so we're still watching this devastating storm. it even is forecast to increase a little bit before making
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landfall. storm surge flooding, mud slides, flash floods are all going to be a big problem for the mexico coastline. the moisture will make its way to our area by next week. here's the first front headed our way for our area saturday night into sunday. it will lose a lot of moisture by the time it gets to our area. what we're looking at today is a few clouds followed by sunshine. today will be pretty nice. by tonight, though, we'll see chilly temperatures. dress for the 50s if you're headed to football games tonight. for tomorrow clouds will increase. here comes that front, the first of many for the next few days. we will see a couple of showers possible but not a lot. any showers that do develop before the sun comes up on sunday will be pretty light. so we're not expecting too much of a washout. i think conditions will be okay if you're running the marathon on sunday morning. 67 degrees today. 64 for tomorrow. mid-60s on sunday. we stay in the 60s all week. there is our better chance for rain wednesday and thursday due to patricia's moisture headed our way. over to you. looks like we have a rough
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day starting on the rails this morning. let's start with marc where we have an issue 841 camden line canceled. cal den 843 run -- camden 843 running 10 to 15 minutes late. vre remains on schedule. i-270 no major issues. earlier problems we had near middlebrook road all resolved at this point. old hundred road to the capital beltway an 18-minute commute. traveling inbound on i-66 from sully road to north lee highway a 22-minute commute. traveling northbound on i-95 on the virginia side the volume in the typical spot in dale city creeping its way northbound toward the capital beltway. if you're going to be traveling on the inner loop of the beltway from kenilworth avenue to suitland road now a 14- minute commute there. let's take our maryland camera and show you how things are shaping up outside. this si-270 here. -- this is i-70 -- i-270 here. you can see the volume starting to build up. in the news now, the latest
6:18 am
developments from southwest france. that's where at least 42 people are dead after a bus and a truck collided near the city of bordeaux. the bus was full of senior citizens taking a day -- [indiscernible] -- eight people did manage to escape n. could turn out to be the deadliest road crash in france in more than 30 years. nypd officer randolph holder was the fourth officer killed in the line of duty in less than a year. he was killed by a suspect carrying an illegal handgun. all four officers were killed by illegal guns purchased in other states. >> we have the strictest gun laws in the country and when you have lax gun laws like down in georgia, it's easy for people to guy guns down there legally and then send them up here where they're destined to end up in the hands of criminals. >> thompson announce add gun ring bust that took 112 illegal
6:19 am
guns off the streets. the alleged ring leader paid people with clean criminal records in georgia and pennsylvania to purchase firearms. they took this photo of michael bassier carrying the guns in a bag and secretly recorded him on his cell phone. >> when i'm out of state like atlanta, georgia, it's fully legal. in new york it's completely illegal. >> reporter: does it ever feel like you're fighting a losing battle? >> i don't think we're fighting a losing battle. i think it's a very challenging endeavor because each gun that we get off the street we potentially save a life. >> reporter: 90% of guns found at new york city crime scenes, thompson told us, originate from out of state. jericka duncan, cbs news, brooklyn, new york. a former d.c. police officer and church pastor faces 18 years in prison after he pled guilty to producing child
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pornography and sexual abuse of a minor. investigators arrested 46-year- old darrell best in march after two young girls reported the abuse. he knew both of them through his church. police investigating the case found child pornography on his cell phone. some of the abuse took place at d.c. police headquarters where best was a sergeant. if a judge accepts the plea agreement, best will be sentenced in january. the funeral for a man who disappeared from a picnic for seniors and was later found dead takes place today. lubin phipps was 80 years old and suffered from dementia. police say he was in the care of booedmoorhousing assist -- woodmoorhousing assisted living when he disappeared from an upper marlboro park. his funeral takes place today at largo community church in mitchellville. maryland governor larry hogan is feeling strong right now. hogan made a public appearance yesterday in baltimore, his first since wrapping up his sixth and final round of chemotherapy last week. he told reporters it's going to take time for him to get back
6:21 am
to full speed and for his hair to grow back but he says he's able to work full days feeling great. hogan was diagnosed with non- hodgkins lymphoma back in june. he had 30 days of keep therapy, three surgeries and four spinal taps over the course of the last four months. moving day for a prince george's county mother and her children. their belongings and lives turned up upside down because of flooding. you're looking at her basement apartment in congress heights. her family turned to wusa9 for help after the laundry room backed up sending raw sewage spilling into her home. the bathtub was covered in feces and maggots. she'll get some money to replace her towels and clothes. >> that is not technically a lot but for people who are already existing on such small amounts of money, that's a whole lot. >> harper and her family are expected to move to an apartment on the second floor of their building coming up
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later today. moz today is recalling almost -- mazda is recalling almost one and a half million vehicles in the u.s. because of ignition switches can overheat and catch fire. the recall impacts seven models. so far no injuries or accidents have been reported in the u.s. dealers will replace the ignition switches starting in december. the national highway traffic safety administration says people whose cars have recalled takata airbag inflaters need to get their vehicles fixed as soon as possible. u.s. safety regulators are trying to figure out how to get faulty airbags fixed faster. about 19 million cars have airbags which could explode in a crash. the defective airbags have been linked to eight deaths and about 100 injuries. the government is considering taking over management of the recall and adding repair shops to the list of locations authorized to fix the problem. a note for all holiday shoppers. starting sunday best buy is offering free shipping on all
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purchases through january 2. the electronics chain normally requires customers to spend $35 before it will ship items for free. best buy is trying to compete with amazon, wal-mart and target. want to be like mike? now you can. tomorrow nike is opening a michael jordan only store in chicago. jordan fans have been lined up outside the store since monday. you'll find number 23 inspired merchandise with the trademark michael jordan jump man silhouette. no word if he will actually make an appearance at the opening. new york, los angeles and toronto are all soon about to get stores. >> i don't think we'll ever be like mike. he's really rich off all those sales. wow. 6:23. >> the guy can dream. >> the guy can. 6:23. we say it all the time. hands free is the way to be when you're behind the wheel. >> but a new study subjects even hands free devices -- suggests even hands free devices can take your hands off the road and potentially lead to deadly distractions. >> reporter: hear what a man
6:24 am
tells police after a mother in upper marlboro was murdered. that story straight ahead. >> reporter: we're looking okay today. lots of sunshine expected through the afternoon and temperatures are going to head to the mid-60s. here's where we are right now. not much of a temperature change throughout the day. only a few degrees. 59 right now for gaithersburg. 62 for d.c. and waldorf you're at 56. i'll have details of changes for the weekend coming up. volume picking up around the metro right now. commuters heading off to school and work and in a few areas, we have some traffic troubles primarily on i-395 and even parts of georgetown pike. we're going to get you around ♪ ♪ pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored baked treats and beverages, like the new pumpkin macchiato before pumpkin season is over.
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's
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deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. many cars made today have hands free technology which is designed to keep driver's attention on the road and safe. >> hands free can actually be more dangerous than distracting than originally believed. kris van cleave reports. >> reporter: one in ten fatal crashes in 2013 involved distraction. distracted drivers were blamed for more than 3100 deaths and an estimated 424,000 injuries take year alone. >> oh, my gosh, i guess that is a stop sign. >> reporter: researchers now believe many hands free voice command systems in cars or the
6:28 am
ones built into smartphones can be so complicated, they leave drivers with a sort of lingering technology handover. >> oo hangover. >> that's a demanding task as demanding as trying to balance your checkbook while driving down the road. >> reporter: driver distraction lasted up to 27 seconds after finishing a task. the lag time is sort of dialing back into okay, i'm on this street. i'm going this fast. this is what's going on around me. >> all the things that would make you a safe driver are temporarily put on hold when you're engaging with the voice- based system. when you hang up, now you have to pick up all those things you've been letting go. >> reporter: older drivers tended to fair worse but the duration of the distraction very based on how difficult the system was to use of the but at 25 miles an hour, 20 seconds of distraction would take you the distance of about three football fields. kris van cleave, cbs news,
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washington. straight ahead at 6:30, another school shooting. one person killed, three wounded overnight at tennessee state university. three officers in the freddie gray case ask a judge to despise assault -- dismiss assault charges. good friday morning to you. just about 45 minutes till sunrise over d.c. i'm nick giovanni. i'm andrea roane. larry miller has your timesaver traffic. marc riders have some issues this morning but we begin with first alert meteorologist allyson rae with today's fall forecast. thanks, guys. today will be pretty good. we're looking at a lot of sunshine through the mid- to late afternoon all afternoon. just a few clouds leftover from the front that came on through bringing some cooler air for today. temperatures are comfortable, one of the the warm e starts we've had to -- warmer starts we've had all week.
6:30 am
in the district we're about 62 degrees. not going to increase the temperatures too much today. by about 10 degrees on afternoon. so that's a little bit smaller of a margin we typically see. 62. your high today mid- to upper 60s. mid-60s for the suburbs. tonight will be chilly. if you're headed to friday night football games, dress for the 50s. i'll talk about your weekend chances coming up in just a bit. here's larry miller. thank you. 6:30 is your time. marc train riders, it's a mess now. camden 841 canceled. 843 running 10 to 15 minutes late. luckily vre is doing well. we had earlier issues on the yellow line. that's resolved. you will see possible delays on the green line due to residual congestion so be mindful of that this morning. taking you to the maps right now, we're keeping a close eye on georgetown pike between old dominion drive and spring hill road. sky 9 gave us an imagine of
6:31 am
that a -- image of that a while ago. this is the capital beltway. no accidents and/or incidents to slow you down. your next traffic update in ten minutes. over to you. police are investigating a fatal shooting at tennessee state university in nashville. >> officers say four people were shot, one of them killed. mike hydeck is following this for us right now. mike, what exactly happened? >> reporter: what we know so far several shots were fired. police say this started over a dice game at the school. the person killed apparently was part of that game. the other people shot were all women who were passing by. their injuries are nonlife threatening. police want to stress this was not a violent mass shooting situation like we've seen in other college campuses this year. they say this was a personal dispute. >> this appears to have occurred over a dice game outside -- in an outdoor
6:32 am
courtyard. this did not involve some gunman who was running through the campus, running into buildings, that type of thing. >> police stress the campus is secure and no other students are in danger. they're not saying if the shooter was a student at tennessee state or even if an arrest has been made. they are continuing to stress the campus is safe right now. live in the newsroom, mike hydeck, wusa9. >> reporter: new information this morning for the first time we are hearing the phone call a manmade to police -- man ahead to police the moment a mother in prince george's county was murdered. 56-year-old amanda jones was brutally stabbed inside her upper marlboro home at the time the mom was on the phone with a male friend who lives in baltimore. he called a police non- emergency line about 25 minutes after his call with his friend dropped. and he couldn't get a hold of her. jones' ex-boyfriend who has a long rap sheet now faces first-
6:33 am
degree murder for attacking jones, an ambush that her friend heard play out on the phone. >> she was screaming to the top of her voice sounded like she was fighting somebody. he must have been in the house when she got in there. >> reporter: he said she screamed at the top of her lungs. we now know mitchell cole, the suspect charged in this case was waiting inside the house a good 30 minutes before that attack. but it wasn't until tuesday that her body was found. police based on that call thought it all occurred outside, went to the home, didn't see anything, left. it wasn't until some parents tried dropping off their children at the victim's unlicensed day care on tuesday morning that they called her adult daughter who eventually went in the house and found her mother's body. there is a vigil outside the home set for tonight at 7:30. hear the calls, the police calls on our wusa9 mobile app and much more on this story. for now we're live outside of
6:34 am
police headquarters, delia goncalves, wusa9. three of the six pliferls charged in the fredz di gray -- police officers charged in the freddie gray case are asking for some of the charges to be dismissed. brian rice and sergeant alicia right and michael porter want the assault charges dropped. they argue they didn't commit any crime when they failed to buckle up gray in a police van. gray died a week after suffering a spinal injury during a 45-minute ride in the back of that police van. now to the search for the next speaker of the house. wisconsin representative paul ryan says he is, quote, ready and eager to run for the job. the chairman of the house, ways and means committee formally declared his candidacy yesterday. you remember his terms. he first wanted to secure the support of three key republican groups. he will face an election next week. hillary clinton joins other democratic presidential candidates and president obama at the democratic national convention's women's leadership forum in washington today. secretary clinton's appearance follows an 11-hour showdown
6:35 am
with the republican-led house committee investigating 2012 benghazi attack that left four americans dead. following her testimony, republican committee chairman trey gowdy admitted the hearing yielded no new information from clinton. today prince george's county is holding a dry run to prepare for snow season. >> nikki burdine is live in prince george's county with a look at what that means. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, it's a dry run so what that means is that about 400 provideees are out here -- employees are out here driving around in their snowplows making sure they're ready for when we do have snow. it's beautiful right now and alongside me is the first lady as i said of snowplows, vanessa. how do you feel this morning? >> i feel real good. >> reporter: why do you feel good? >> because we're getting to know our routes. >> reporter: you love that. >> yes, i do. >> reporter: what is your favorite part? >> controlling the roads. >> reporter: she controls the road. you control your destiny. i'm just kidding. vanessa, tell me about this. this is your baby behind us.
6:36 am
>> yes. >> reporter: this is your baby. what do you love about this truck? >> well, this truck has the camera in it so when the citizens say we're not doing this street, this he can actually see the road and what we have done. >> reporter: you have a name for this truck. >> no, i don't. >> reporter: let's name it. let's name it something. let's take nominations. we'll take suggestions from people. we'll name vanessa's truck because it's your baby. you have to have a name for your baby. when she goes out on the roads this morning, she's checking out some of the trouble spots so when we do get snow, she's ready. what elare you looking for? -- >> what else are you looking for? >> steel plates, potholes, trees hanging, high manhole covers. make sure that we prepare for the winter. >> reporter: getting ready for the winter so that you can get around safely. that's the latest here from prince george's county. we'll be hanging out with vanessa all morning. back to you in the studio. 6:36. coming up it looks like the field for the 2016 democratic
6:37 am
presidential nomination could shrink even more later today. >> we're about to get reaction to adele's brand new song a couple years in the making. >> sky 9 giving us somewhat of a look at i-66. looks like the camera paneled over to the -- panned over to the street below. there you go. we're back on the interstate there. no issues on i-66 as you approach the capital beltway. all lanes of traffic are open. as you can see, it's starting to pick up all around town. we do have a few trouble
6:38 am
vo: does hal parrish share our values? as mayor, parrish cut school funding nearly three million dollars. reading and science scores fell. parrish said no to opening new women's health clinics denying access to cancer screenings and breast exams. so instead of dealing with the economy and jobs parrish will join with the richmond extremists to slash education and threaten women's health care. hal parrish -- too extreme for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad.
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welcome back. just about 20 minutes to 7:00. we're off to a good start. just a few clouds. let's take a look at your forecast for today. a good fall day in store. we'll see a lot of sunshine after the sun comes up. it is warming up to the mid- to upper 60s. the northerly winds will keep it nice and cool for those friday night football games tonight. coming up in just a few minutes, we'll talk about hurricane patricia and how it will impact our forecast next week coming up. here is larry miller. good morning. blue line commuters on metro, trains to and from virginia will operate via the yellow line bridge. be mindful of that. we still have residual delays on the green line because of
6:41 am
congestion on the yellow line this morning. want to give you a look the a our maryland camera showing how things are shaping up on the inner and outer loop of the beltway at new hampshire avenue. again just volume starting to pick up on the inner loop. we'll have your next traffic update in ten minutes. we'll send it over to you. virginia leaders prepare to discuss the future of transportation across the commonwealth. >> plus, we'll take a look at a new plan to help clean up the anacostia. we're back after n. it's 6 -- after n. it's 6:41 -- after this. it's 6:41. this is big. it's the new wusa9 app. all the top stories and bulletins. weather, you can track thunderstorms along with it and get the latest warning information. plan your commute with live traffic maps and you can watch live. all the newscasts are streamed live as well as breaking news. redskins fans we've got you covered with the scores and latest from the lo like a lot of little circular dots. itchy, burning.
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good morning. today on "great day washington" kevin costner will be here live with his coauthor to talk about their new geographerric novel. >> we're going to have a game truck party right here live. >> plus, have you ever wanted to make a difference? make a difference day is saturday. we'll talk about how make a difference day started and we'll tell you how you can join wusa9 to make a difference at a local elementary school. >> join us on "great day washington" live at 9:00 only on wusa9. virginia governor terry mcauliffe will be focusing on traffic next week. the annual governor's transportation conference kicks off monday at the virginia beach convention center. the governor will be joined by u.s. secretary of transportation anthony foxx and virginia department of transportation secretary aubrey lane. tomorrow election offices across virginia will be open for the start of in person
6:46 am
absentee voting. absentee voters must first complete an application after filling out their ballots. elections offices will also be open next saturday, halloween healed of the november 3 general election. d.c. water plans to show off results from a major project. crews are building the first street tunnel under the flood money bloomingdale neighborhoods. they completed the first streets and river tunnels that will host waste water during storms until it can be treated. 6:46. time to see what our partners over at cbs this morning are covering. >> norah o'donnell is live in new york with our preview. good morning, norah. >> good morning to you, nick and andrea. ahead, hillary clinton's 11- hour marathon on capitol hill. hill. we've got a rare look inside the command center running the
6:47 am
air war against isis. david martin previews his 60- minute report. bradley cooper, a georgetown grad will join us right here in studio 57. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. hope you have a fabulous weekend. >> same to you, norah. >> big names rolling through cbs cbs. >> bradley cooper, a fellow georgetown grad. >> doing it big. a big weekend. you are talking about the marine corps marathon, make a difference day. going over to malcolm x elementary. >> i've been keeping my eye on the rain chances for sunday morning. there could be light showers for the marathon. i think most of it would happen before. this system has changed a lot so we'll keep you upto date. you can always check our mobile app. i think the marathon will be just fine. maybe a light shower. maybe that will feel kind of good. probably not but you know. i do want to talk about hurricane patricia. this storm is catastrophic.
6:48 am
it is very dangerous, very scary situation here n. is a category 5, 200 mile per hour sustained winds. that is the strongest wind speeds ever recorded. the pressure continues to fall, the lowest that the national hurricane center has ever reported. it has been lower through the western pacific but regardless it's moving through the coastlines of mexico. mud slides, rainfall, storm surge all going to be a problem. it will dissipate fast but it's moisture -- but its moisture will head into the u.s. come next week and even our forecast next week. so we're looking at this front headed our way. it's really going to lose a lot of moisture but the time it heads our way saturday night and into sunday morning. so our forecast seems to be okay for this weekend. 60s are here and they're here to stay. 67 degrees today. lots of sunshine. 64 for tomorrow. clouds will move in tomorrow afternoon ahead of that front. sunday morning before the sun comes up, a few light showers. not too big of a deal.
6:49 am
lingering shower on monday. there's where patricia could bring some of its remnants or moisture for wednesday and thursday for our area. we'll keep you up to date. over to you. time right now 6:49. we have a bit of a meltdown going on on metro this morning. all blue line service temporarily being rerouted on to the yellow line. commuters would normally take the blue line, you will see yellow line trains. you want to transfer at l'enfant plaza because of some issues going on at pentagon city. so this is certainly going to affect a lot of commuters this morning. again all blue line service temporarily rerouted to the yellow line. you'll transfer at l'enfant plaza. that is just into the traffic center from metro this morning. want to let you know around the capital beltway in terms of your traffic, no issues on either the inner or outer loop but we certainly have volume starting to pick up in some areas, primarily in town as well. on 395 we have an earlier accident just before the 14th street bridge making your way into town.
6:50 am
the accident is clear but the residual delays continue. so you'll need to account for that by adding additional time. i suspect this will start to ease up a bit. of course we'll have additional traffic that will start to make its way into town as well. sky 9 is checking on a possible bus accident right now involving a car. we'll bring that to you as soon as we get that in about ten minutes. over to you. we've been waiting just a little while for this. finally overnight adele dropped the first single off her new album. >> "hello" is the name of the song off the album "25" which comes out november 20. tommy mcfly is in the 94.7 fresh temperature m studios with the -- fresh fm studios. we know how you feel about this. >> we're playing the song like every hour this morning. it is so fantastic. adele's new song is out. we showed you the music video
6:51 am
earlier for "hello." it's very woodsy, earthy. she actually recorded the video in canada which is fantastic. naturally there are wise crashers on social media over the whole thing. craig says he hopes to buy adele's two albums. looks like she's fallen on hard times with her phone. she has an old school flip phone. how about this one. more proof that her magic -- proof of her magic powers. she's even soothing the baby. . [ inaudible ] it's a huge day. happy adele day. back to you. >> doesn't sound like a real pick me up song. make sure you're drinking some coffee to get going while listening to it. >> hello. >> hello. >> tommy's enthusiasm makes up for everything, right? prince george's county transportation officials are preparing for a winter in the
6:52 am
dreaded -- and the dreaded four- letter word. >> plus, is the democratic party preparing to shrink its field of potential hopefuls down to three? we'll talk
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> reporter: she screamed at the top of her lungs and hung up the phone. it disconnected in fact. that's what a baltimore man tells police after his friend amanda jones was murdered inside her upper marlboro home.
6:55 am
police have now charged her ex- boyfriend in connection with that murder and tonight friends will remember the mother in prince george's county outside of her home at a vigil tonight. we'll have details on our wusa9 mobile app. nikki? >> reporter: it's 06 something degrees out-- 60 something degrees outside but you might see a few snowplows on the road. that's because in prince george's county crews are out getting ready for the severe weather this winter. they'll be doing dry runs. about 400 employees are out here working today doing the dry runs looking for trouble spots. we also have crews working inside the command center to make sure they are ready for when severe weather hits. back to you in the studio. later today former rhode island governor and u.s. senator lincoln chafee is expected to make an announcement about his presidential campaign. last night he tweeted, i look forward to seeking a dmc -- speaking at a dny women's forum. i'm address my future in the
6:56 am
campaign there. polls show him pulling at zero or 1%. vice. joe biden announced wednesday he wouldn't enter the race and on tuesday former virginia senator jim webb dropped out and said he's considering running as an independent. some pretty good weather over the weekend. today 67 degrees and lots of sunshine. for tomorrow a little bit cooler with increasing clouds. by sunday morning a couple of early morning showers, nothing too heavy and then we'll see increasing sunshine by the afternoon. we still have the problems on metro again. blue line service temporarily rerouted to the yellow line. commuters will be able to transfer at l'enfant plaza. sky 9 giving us a live look right now at the beltway at 29. you can see the volume there. again no issues around the capital beltway so we're doing still fairly well along the beltway but we certainly had our issues this morning, especially on the rails. this morning is next.
6:57 am
they have the latest on benghazi and the presidential race. what are we talking about this weekend? >> don't forget to join us. we start at 7:00 a.m. both saturday and sunday. rain maybe or no? >> we're going to be tracking the chance for showers saturday morning. i'll keep my eye on it closely for the runners. >> remember on download the new wusa9 app to get weather, traffic updates any time, any day because the app is where ♪ ♪ pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored baked treats and beverages, like the new pumpkin macchiato before pumpkin season is over.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday october 23rd, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." hillary clinton faces a marathon interrogation on the deadly benghazi attack. we ask the house committee chairman whether he learned anything new. >> flash flooding threatens millions in the south and torrential down pours threaten millions. bradley cooper and seinna miller are back in the kitchen. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> i don't know whethert tha is funny. >> i'm sorry. a


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