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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 7am  CBS  October 25, 2015 7:00am-8:31am EDT

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good morning. welcome to wusa9. i'm mike hydeck. breaking overnight, seven people shot, one dead this morning. we are tracking the latest gun violence. it is an exercise in organization. >> reporter: i'm surae chinn with live coverage of the 40th marine corps marathon that starts within the honor. stranded train cars flooded off the tracks. the remnants of hurricane patricia could bring even more rain to water logged, texas. we're tracking a little bit of drizzle out there and some cool but not too chilly temperatures. we'll look ahead to how long this drizzle is going to stick
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around. good morning. i'm mike hydeck joined by allyson rae. we'll take you out and show what you the beginning line for the marine corps marathon looks like. surae chinn is there live. we'll bring you her report in just a little bit. >> they're kind of packed in there. so jealous. it will be a good race for everybody. a good temperature to run in, too. you're not going to overheat. look at the showers on first alert doppler. it's starting to dry up just a bit. now as we begin to get ready in a little less than an hour away from the start of the race, we still have light rain pushing on through. the good news is this is not very heavy. a lot of it is pretty much a little bit of drizzle. some people might even find that refreshing for the morning. it won't last all day long. it will start to taiper off as they begin their run -- taper
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off as they begin their run. if you're running the 10-k, you might still be wet. there are pockets of heavier rainfall through the district, parts of southern maryland. 57 degrees. winds out of the south, southwest. we'll see the winds turn and kick everything out by the end of the day. we're into the 50s so that's not too bad. we'll head to the mid- to upper 60s this afternoon. but those showers are going to linger through the midday specifically for areas south of the district. it will linger there a little bit longer. a little sunshine in time for the skins game today and before the sun sets. we'll take a look at the futurecast. you can time out the drizzle and light showers coming up in just a bit. breaking overnight, two separate shootings have left one person dead and six people injured. we start in fort washington marina in washington, maryland. one person is dead. another one is in the hospital. this happened around 12:30 and park police are investigating. we're working on trying to get
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more information for you. out of southeast d.c., five juveniles shot there overnight. this happened 2:00 a.m. wheeler road and barnaby street. we are told that none of the injuries considered fatal. right now thousands of runsers are gathering for the marine corps marathon. the race gets under way in just under 45 minutes. our surae chinn joins us live at the starting line. good morning, surae. >> reporter: good morning, mike. this is called the people's marathon. it is a very popular race. you can see people trying to line up here at the start and there's at finish line across there. lots and lots of people and it starts at 7:55. the opening ceremony at 7:20. you can't really think of another more patriotic marathon than this one. it starts at arlington cemetery, hallowed ground for our fallen. and the racers, they run by our national monument, 26.2 miles
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of scenic views. 22,000 runners that will cross the finish lining. there are probably more like 40,000 runners because there's a 10k going on simultaneously. there are runners ages 14 to 82 years old. i talked to a runner who said these are great conditions, even though a few raindrops but really nice conditions, cool woalter, 50s, 60s, you can't beat it. mike -- weather, 50s, 60s, you can't beat it, mike? two virginia teenagers are behind bars this morning accused of plotting a shooting rampage at their own high school. the 15 and 16-year-olds were planning to guns and fives to attack students and staff at river bend high -- riverbend high school in fredricksburg, virginia. police were able to thwart that attack. prince william county police are investigating a body
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found in a vehicle. police are not releasing the victim's name or cause of death at this point but investigators do not believe there is a threat to the community there. we've been tracking developments all night long in a very sad story. oklahoma state university homecoming, the parade tragedy. four people including a child are dead. the number of injured is now up to 44. police say 25-year-old adacio chambers crashed into a crowd of spectators and she's now been charged under the influence. these two men are in prison charged with murder and robbery of garrett mcclease. 22-year-old earl bennette and shante gladden were charged with murder and robbery. police say the men knew the victim and that drugs may have been a motive for the crime. heavy rain will continue to
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fall through southeast texas today. the remnants of hurricane patricia combined with a definitelying storm system have caused extensive flooding in the state. some areas are expected to pick up to an inch up to a foot of rain by the end ever the day. the exowe oaf the day. the excessive -- the excessive rain is proving to be dangerous as well. a search for a dog will resume this morning. texas, amazing images as flooding caused a freight train to derail. the 64-car train was pushed off the tracks saturday. two crew mechanics were forced to swim to safety. after making landfall in mexico as one of history's strongest storms on record, surprisingly hurricane patricia left little damage. it spun inland and quickly weakened to a tropical
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depression. soldiers and rescue workers are still trying to reach some of the hardest hit areas like manzanilloat th were blocked by downed trees. no reports of deaths or injuries. over 400 exhibitors will be cooking up a storm today at the metropolitan cooking and entertaining show. award winning chef michael simon will be on hand to meet budding home cooks. we have a lot more ahead here on wusa9 this sunday morning. continuing live coverage of the marine corps marathon. also ahead, this will make you run. that's a bridge that has become home to thousands of spiders. making a difference. we'll show you what wusa9 and you, our viewers, were able to do for an elementary school in d.c. we're starting off with a little rain. kind of dreary out there this morning. not going to last
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. if you're headed out to walk the dog, it may feel raw but if you're running the marathon, this is perfect. >> i went running yesterday and it was pretty good weather. the temperature hasn't changed too much from yesterday afternoon. we are going to start off misty, dreary, but drier weather and warmer weather by this afternoon. let's take a look at first areport doppler. the rain -- alert doppler. the rain looks heavier than it is. there are pockets of heavier rainfall as they go on their journey they will run into areas of rain. and mist continues through this morning. this will linger till about midday, especially areas south of the district. then we'll see clearing skies, even a little bit of sunshine before the sun sets. we're into the 50s. 55 for leesburg. 57 for d.c. once we get everything drying out a little bit, we'll warm up to the upper
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60s. so a comfortable afternoon. the skins game will be a lot more pleasant than it is this morning. here we are at 11:00. light showers and areas of drizzle and mist will continue and slowly push off to the east and southeast. by 4:00, 5:00, we'll see clearing skies. things dry out. a little breezy at times for sure as the winds out of the northwest pick up. tomorrow we'll be cloudy and cool. temperatures not getting much above 60 degrees for your monday, but we do stay dry. better rain chances from the moisture of patricia. that's coming up wednesday. that most likely will be a yellow alert day due to the amount of rain headed our way. upper 60s today. 60 for monday. cooler and cloudy. tuesday cloudy. showers possible late for areas off to the west as the rain approaches on wednesday. then we'll cool things -- excuse me. cool things off for friday and saturday. mike, over to you. >> thank you, allyson. still to come, hands free, is it safe as it's cracked up to be? lesli foster has the consumer alert coming up next.
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>> plus, gunfire rings out at a south carolina state fair. the latest on the police search for the shooter. >> coming up this morning, game on sunday. our 11730 a.m. sports -- 11:30 app sports team will have a live report from fedex field. check in on the ravens as they get ready as the season shifts,
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0% apr financing. ♪ who can name the third president? and the largest planet? someone we haven't heard from. anyone else? when comcast offered low-cost high-speed internet to low-income families, more than two million hands went up. and pretty soon, so did everyone's in the classroom. ok, veronica. amphibian excellent! internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. let's check in on what reds are going to -- roads are going to be impacted by the marine
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corps marathon this morning. sunday morning you to. i'm larry miller. want to let you know the marine corps marathon taking place today. so many excited runners, thousands in fact. it will cause a number of closures that are already in place. let's talk about some of the main ones. francis scott bridge is going to be closed or is closed at this point. rock creek parkway from k street to independence avenue as well as memorial bridge. there are plenty of other closures associated with the race this morning. we've posted a complete list on our wusa9 mobile app. meantime, metro really is your best course of action if you plan on heading to the race or participating in any weekend events. red line will be running every 18 minutes. orange, silver and blue line every 26 minutes. single tracking going on this weekend on the green line between fort totten and prince george's plaza. luckily regular sefs on the yellow -- service on the yellow line. if you see something we don't, you can tweet me. i'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning starting at 4:25. right now police say he are close to making an arrest in a
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shooting that happened at the south carolina state fair. a 15-year-old was shot late saturday night at the fair grounds in columbia. police are not releasing details on that teen's condition but they are confident that an arrest will be made soon. this man is accused of killing his own mother and keeping her body in a motel for a week. police have arrested charles cole of upstate new york after they say he strangled his mother to death and then stashed her body in a hotel room and then dumped it in a secluded area in south carolina. a church fire in louisiana is under investigation this morning and the congregates believe this was no accident. it took 34 firefighters five hours early saturday to battle this blaze near new orleans. the pastor at bayou baptist church in slidell says there have been several break-ins and doors shot. they believe arson could be the cause of this. continuing coverage now on that new jersey synagogue fire we showed you yesterday morning. investigators say it appears to
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be an accident. the 100-year-old temple was destroyed but firefighters were able to save a torah from the building. no one was injured in this. federal agents have destroyed thousands of marijuana plants but growers say that move was improper and unnecessary. the plants were discovered growing in tribal lands in wisconsin, but the head of the tribe says the plants were actually industrial hemp which can legally be grown under the 2014 farm bill. allyson? thanks, mike. we are off to kind after dreary start but nothing compared to what's going on in east texas and now headed into louisiana, parts of arkansas and the mississippi area. so we do see heavy rain. they already were water logged from a previous system. now they're getting the recommend facts of pa trish -- remnants of patricia on top of that where they could see up to a foot of rain adiggal. some areas have seen up to 20 inches of rain the past couple of days. this will slowly move out later today.
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but a lot of rain near new orleans, baton rouge area will continue. some of that moisture will head our way by med week next week but -- mid week next week but right now we have some light showers out there mist. you might need maybe the rain jacket, umbrella. nothing too heavy. it will linger through about midday. by the second half of the day, we're going to see a little bit of sunshine and temperatures will warm up to the upper 60s. a little chilly and a little the cloudy and misty out there this morning but winds will turn out of the northwest, kick everything out and we will see some sunshine just in time for the skins game. tonight we'll be chilly but we have chillier nights to come and we'll time out that rain headed your way on wednesday from the remnants of patricia. a look ahead on your seven day coming up a little bit later. >> thanks, allyson. the goal was to make a difference and tens of thousands of people across the united states donated their saturday to do it, including a pretty big team from wusa9 right here. it was great to meet our viewers, including angela. hi, angela this morning. yesterday as they joined the
7:19 am
wusa9 team at malcolm x elementary school in southeast d.c., we cleaned. we painted. we landscaped. we even built some wall cork boards. >> malcolm x appreciates the help from all the different entities, playworks and wusa. we are just elated. >> it was a great time. while in mclean, virginia, a couple hundred volunteers there packed school lunches for kids in need in fairfax county. the effort willhelp seven elementary schools. make a difference day was started 27 years ago but our parent company gannett. technology is steering us down the road. cars have transformed into computers on wheels. lesli foster says there's a new report out that all of this advanced technology may actually be putting drivers at risk. >> reporter: a lot of that new technology in vehicles is supposed to keep us from getting distracted. hands free voice command systems in your car are designed to keep your eyes focused on the road, but a new aaa study finds using technology to make a call or
7:20 am
change the music still poses a hidden danger. the group's institute for traffic safety says it takes nearly 30 seconds for a person to return to full attention even while their hands are on the steering wheel. aaa says the results of this study indicates that we could miss signs. we could miss people walking or even other vehicles while our mind readjusts. so make sure you use some caution when using the interactive technology when you get behind the wheel. lesli foster, wusa9. time for a look at your money. the new signup season for coverage under the affordable care act starts november 1. that's coming up soon. consumers can start browsing this week. the tax penalty for people who remain uninsured this year will go up to $695 or 2.5% of taxable income. are you missing some rich colors this fall? there's a website that can
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help. they'll send you authentic foliage. the cost includes three preserved leaves that will last for three years. this might be the perfect way to pay. >> it's a face picture away. mastercard is trying out a new technology that lets online shoppers authorize a transaction with a snapshot of their face. no password or thumb print is required but would you use the app? >> i think that it would probably work really well. >> i don't take selfies myself so i wouldn't say it's what i would do. >> right now 200 people are testing the app. there's no word on when or if it will be even available for everybody. we're just getting started for the 40th marine corps marathon coverage. the opening ceremonies gets
7:22 am
under way soon. we'll have live coverage in minutes. still to come we're tracking the latest out of oklahoma where an alleged drunk driver plowed into a crowd of homecoming spectators. >> a multimillion dollar agreement in d.c. that will see first responders paid
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in case you missed it, one of the things trending on our facebook page, itself way police should -- the way police
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should pull families over. >> we all love hearing stories like this one. a texas police officer who pulled over a truck driver noticed there were three kids in the back seat without car seats. instead of giving their dad a ticket, he brought them to wal- mart where he bought three car seats for them. meet julia, a preschooler with autism and the newest muppet on "sesame street." she's being introduced as parts of an initiative to take the sigma out of autism. >> then this next one, it's a wedding gift from the bride to her dad. kind of interesting. >> on her wedding day, a maryland bride presented her pastor father with a purity certificate from her doctor to prove she was still a vir jim. the bride wanted to positive she kept a promise made to her dad when she was 13 years old. you can keep up with the the trending stories and -- with the trending stories and more by logging on to our facebook. if you're a bunny owner, general mills is holding a cast call asking bunny owners to
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submit pictures of their pets. the winning rabbit will be featured on their trix boxes. a bridge in ohio's capital might appear to be decked out for halloween but this is not the case. officials say the webs are real. >> the columbus dispatch reports the $60 million bridge is infested with thousands of web spinning spiders of different varieties. ohio state university professor david shetler estimates the bridge has anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 spiders. wow. today is your last chance to step back in time at the maryland renaissance festival. you can check out the 16th century english village in crownsville between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. still ahead this morning, gun shows return to prince george's county but with a cost. plus, the epidemic of children going hungry in america. new numbers paint a bleak
7:27 am
picture of the problem. >> not exactly the sunniest start to your sunday. we're looking at some light mist out there. i think this is the marine corps marathon getting under way. some spectators watching to see their loved ones run the race. we're looking okay for the afternoon. the skins game will be a little bit better than
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7:29 am
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good morning. this woman is accused of being drunk when she plowed into a crowded street of homecoming revelers. we're following the latest developments from oklahoma. if you're stepping outside this morning, it's a little dreary. misty spots, a little cool. but improvement by this afternoon. thanks so much for joining us this sunday morning here at wusa9. i'm mike hydeck. she's meteorologist allyson rae. what a morning we're going to have this morning. 40,000 runners moving toward the start-finish line at the marine corps marathon, the 40th annual, the on fourth largest in the united states. it was started back in the 1970's to try to make a better relationship between the military and the public after vietnam. it has grown year in and year out. what a spectacular event. we'll take you there live in just a little bit. i guess the drizzle stopped. that's good news. a lot of areas in green on
7:31 am
first alert doppler must not be reaching the ground. drier air will work its way in. it's good for the runners. they have nice chilly weather so good running conditions. there are pockets of mist. the areas in the heavier and the darker green are going to be some areas of mist. but there is some light shading of green through the district and that is not reaching the ground. so count on this little bit of misty spots and some areas of light rain continuing till about midday. if you're farther south through southern maryland, near fredricksburg, it could last till mid afternoon. areas north of the district it's not going to be too long lasting. 54 for white oak. 57 in the district. not too bad temperature wise. the clouds and that little bit of drizzle kept our temperatures up into the overnight hours with the help of the southwesterly winds. by noon the drizzle will be mostly over for most areas. clouds still hanging on. but then we're going to see the sun return this afternoon, just in time for the skins game, just in time for your evening plans and we'll warm up to the
7:32 am
upper 60s. 36 #, 69 -- 68, 69 degrees. pretty comfortable. we'll see a better chance for rain for everybody next week and it has to do with the remnants of patricia. we'll get to that in a little bit. a sad story again this morning. eight people are in critical condition and the number of injured at oklahoma state's homecoming parade is now up to 44. four people were killed when a suspected drunk driver plowed into a crowd who were just there to cheer on the hometown team. brian webb reports. >> reporter: victims were treated in the middle of main street after a car plowed into a parked play motorcycle, then crashed into a crowd of spectators at a high rate of speed a few blocks from campus. >> we could hear screaming. sounded like a vehicle accelerating. luckily this car hit a big pole or it would have hurt a lot more people. >> reporter: at least four people were killed, dozens more were injured. some victims were airlifted to hospitals in tulsa and oklahoma
7:33 am
city. >> the oklahoma state homecoming parade is probably one of the most wholesome, happy events in the country and to have it fouled up like this and these victims, this terrible tragedy. >> reporter: 25-year-old adacia chambers is in jail charged with driving under the influence. authorities don't know if the incident was an accident or intentional. >> we treat these like we would any homicide investigation. it will probably take several days to get additional information. >> reporter: the homecoming game was played as schedule just a few hours after the incident with stadium flags flying at half staff and a moment of silence in honor of the victims. brian webb for cbs news. >> sadly this is not the first tragedy to strike oklahoma state. back in 2001, ten men's basketball players were killed in a plane crash coming home from a game. then in 2011, women's basketball coach and an assistant were among four killed in a plane crash during a recruiting trip.
7:34 am
we're following breaking news overnight. two separate shootings have left one person dead and six injured. we start in fort washington marina in washington, maryland. one person is dead, another person in the hospital there. now to southeast d.c. where five juveniles were shot overnight. it happened at wheeler road and barnaby street. we're told none of the injuries there are considered fatal. some 2,000 firearms enthusiasts attended the first gun show in prince george's county since 2013. the event was held saturday at show place arena in upper marlboro. the maryland national capital park and planning commission were not originally in favor of allowing the gun show so the commission didn't make it easy for show organizers. in addition to a 12,000 -- $12,000 rental fee, dealers were not permitted to sell any ammunition at the show. >> ammunition is heavy. the reason people come here is because they don't have to pay all that shipping charges. they get it out of here. they drive in, pick it up and
7:35 am
carry it out. can you buy it on the internet? of course. >> organizers were also required to pay for police officers on site to increase security. it's been more than a decade in the making but an agreement is now in place this morning when it comes to paying first responders over time. d.c. mayor muriel bowser signed the agreement with the firefighters union. under that agreement the city's 3,000 union firefighters will receive overtime work over 42 hours per week. that agreement is retroactive back to september 2001. it's going to cost taxpayers close to $45 billion. 40,000 runners are lining up at the start line. the 40th annual marine corps marathon. >> getting a little nervous as the race gets under way at 7:556789 just a few -- 7:55. just a few more minutes. surae chinn is live near all the action. >> reporter: there is a light drizzle. runners are pumped.
7:36 am
22,000 runners will be participating. about 40,000 in all for the 10k but they are all down there right now getting ready to start this race that begins in about 20 minutes. this is the people's marathon and we are again just 20 minutes away. virginia governor terry mcauliffe has a very important role. >> i'm honored to be the first sitting governor to fire off the starter pistol. it's the 40th anniversary. i have run this race. i first ran it 35 years ago in 19 # 0. i've -- 1980. i've run the marine corps marathon three times. you start in the most beautiful state in america and finish in the most beautiful state and then you get to see the district of columbia and see all the great sites we have. >> reporter: the governor taking a break this year but he has a big job, a big start to this race, number 40 for the marine corps marathon. the people's marathon. yes, things get started in just about 20 minutes. people ages from 12 to 82 years
7:37 am
old will be running this beautiful scenic route. this is also the largest hand cycle race for folks who are wounded heroes. so a lot going on today. we'll bring you more in about 20 minutes. back to you. >> thank you. hundreds of people turned out for the 29th annual walk to end h.i.v. the 5k took place on freedom plaza in downtown washington saturday. the money from the event raises money for whitman walker health which is right here in d.c. the nonprofit organization provides health care and other programs for people affected by h.i.v. and aids. the washington international horse show continues today. the show includes the best ponies in the competition. john dickerson will join us for a preview of this morning's "fay the nation." meet a high school athlete being punished for helping a fellow runner. >> cutting the cord, is it time
7:38 am
to give up that expensive cable package? allyson? it is a little chilly out here. perfect running weather and a little bit of drizzle and light rain. to be honest since i was worried about my hair getting wet, i probably wouldn't even use the umbrella, it's that light. we continue to track the light showers and a little bit of drizzle through about midday. i'll let you know how much we warm up this afternoon and when a better chance for actual good ♪ pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'.
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you can't miss that voice. adele's first song in four years has her fans gleefully crying their eyes out. her new album appropriately called "25." she's amazing. coming to the the movies bradley cooper is rolling up his sleeves in the movie "burnt" as a chef. he plays the role of a burnt out chef looking to make a comeback. it hits the movie theaters this friday. a star of the silver screen has passed away. >> maureen o'hara died saturday at age 95. she was best known for her role in "miracle on 34th st, reet "out little girl who befriended santa claus and she starred
7:42 am
along john wayne in "quiet man." she died at her home in boise. it could be a hit or miss thing for a little while. >> it's going to linger through about midday. areas farther south, southern maryland, areas south of the district, it could linger through mid afternoon. but there is improving weather as early as this afternoon into the evening hours. and then talk about a better chance for rain during your workweek. so let's take a look outside. a little cloudy out there. some light rain for those runners, but it's nothing too heavy. i think a lot of runners kind of like that little bit of drizzle and chill to get you going. makes you run faster. it is going to be pretty comfortable by tonight. we'll see temperatures increase by about 10 degrees. winds out of the southwest kept us in the 50s along with the clouds and a little bit of drizzle. light rain out there, 57. the light rain is intermittent with some drizzle and sometimes these areas of green, it's not even reaching the ground. it will scoot off to the east and ever so slightly to the southeast but there's more to come. you can see back off through
7:43 am
west virginia. we can't put you in the clear till about mid-afternoon for areas south but by midday for the district. warrenton down through culpeper and you see the darker shades of green. light rain out there but nothing is going to add up to more than a tenth of an inch. by 3:00 today, we're going to be into the upper 60s. the sun will come out for so the second half of date is probably when you want to make those outdoor plans. here are a couple ofth showers. the clouds will be here and -- couple of the showers. the clouds will be here and fading away just in time for the skins game. temperatures will be into the 60s so good sweat shirt weather. as we head into the overnight hours, clouds will return. monday will be dry with increasing sunshine but it will be cool. some places not getting out of the upper 50s. about 60 degrees for the district. that's below where we're going to be for today. for tuesday clouds increase and most areas stay dry and cool again on tuesday. it's areas off to the west that
7:44 am
could see showers later on into the evening. this is all from the remnants of patricia that will push on through on wednesday. we'll see some rain, good rain on wednesday for everybody and pockets of heavier rain. this is probably going to be a yellow weather alert day for us here across the area for everybody as the rain kind of comes down heavy at times. upper 60s today. for monday 60 degrees, dry, a little bit of sunshine by the afternoon. cloudy again on tuesday with a shower for areas off to the west. here's that seven-day forecast. it will be a warmer rain on wednesday so that's some good news if any. and we need some rain. it's been pretty dry for a while. thursday we're looking at just a lingering shower but most areas will be dry. still warm. the cool air arrives on friday and into saturday, but halloween looking pretty good. now let's get a check on your health report with andrea roane. >> reporter: good morning. hispanic and african-american communities are among the populations at greater risk of
7:45 am
developing diabetic retinopathy. the leading cause of blindness among working age adults. on wednesday the retina group of washington with the columbia light house for the blind will provide free screenings for diabetic receipt nobody pi happening at the holy cross community clinic on montgomery college silver sprinkle pus. caring about the women we love, men against breast cancer will celebrate survivors and caregivers at its 13th annual think blue and pink gal la. the -- gala. it takes thursday night at bethesda country club. you can get information on both events on our wusa9 website and mobile app. i'm andrea roane. enjoy your sunday. more than 15 million children in the united states live without food in the home. it's -- without enough food in their home. hunger is an ongoing health risk that can cause lifelong impacts. for the first time the group says all children should be screened to identify households
7:46 am
that may be lacking adequate food. doctors could have a new tool soon for breast cancer and trying to screen t. scientists at florida international university have developed an optical hand held scanner that creates 3-d imaging in real time. the scanner will go before the fda for approval soon. and a new study confirms that knee injuries are on the rise among student athletes. researchers analyzed insurance billings for the past 20 years and they found the number of acl tears has increased nearly two and a half percent each year. speaking of running, an amazing act of sportsmanship turns into a disqualification. >> it's a story about sticking to the rules that will have you rooting for a high school runner. zach had just won the school's district meet and was on his way to the state championship. that's when he spotted a rival runner going down. he didn't think twice and went to that runner's aid. turns out the rules state you
7:47 am
can't do that and now he's been disqualified. >> he looked very dehydrated, holding his chest. i yesterday at him, is anyone going to help him? no one did anything so i jumped in and started walking beside him and i gave him a push to the finish line. >> despite an appeal to the state's athletic board, the decision won't be overturned. officials sayity the' a national rule that simply -- say it's a national rule that simply can't change. >> it is a rule that should change. he was thinking human life was more important. >> he has a good heart. that's all that matters. do you have cable or have you cut the cord? >> i haven't. a new report finds younger viewers are leading the exodus from cable or satellite subscriptions. hena daniels reports. >> reporter: when josh and ellen watch tv, they grab the remote but there's no cable box to point it at. everything they watch is online. >> when i finally cut the cord,
7:48 am
i didn't feel like i lost out on very much. >> reporter: the couple get their tv shows from online streaming services, like netflix and hulu and they're part of a growing trend of people dumping cable. a study finds 3.7% of people plan to end their cable service, up from 1.9% in 2011. >> what may be more telling, 20 % of those surveyed say they've never subscribed to a paid tv service, the big push coming mostly from younger people who never felt the need to have cable. >> i didn't have tv in college. a couple of my roommates did but i just used my computer. >> i imagine this will continue to grow. >> reporter: mike moorehouse says about 30% of people quit cable because of the cost but almost half do it because they're happy with what they can find online and the content continues to grow with more and more media companies offering streaming services. >> i do think this will be more common in the years ahead and it's really just starting right
7:49 am
now. >> reporter: cable and satellite companies are cutting rates in an effort to keep customers. analysts say that likely won't stop a steady stream of people from cutting the cord in the future. hena daniels for cbs news, new york. >> the survey also found 61% of people with cable are interested in getting a smaller number of channels at a lower price. a big morning ahead on "face the nation." republican presidential candidates donald trump and chris christie will be there. joining us with a preview is john dickerson. good morning, john. >> good morning, mike. we have donald trump. he has a lot of new things to say. we're happy he does that every sunday. we've got new poll numbers from our battleground tracker which shows where trump is, where he is relative to ben carson who's moving up in the republican race. then we'll talk to governor chris christie. he's not only running for president but he's also had some opinions about the republicans in congress and how they should get their act together. speaking of those republicans, we'll talk to adam schift on the house intelligence
7:50 am
committee both about the benghazi hearing this week and also the state of threat from terror and of course we'll have a political round table at the end. >> what about chris christie? how is his financial situation? >> chris christie has -- he's not in the kind of financial trouble that jeb bush is. jeb bush shrinking his staff, cutting their pay. taking emergency measures but chris christie has nod hat a huge haul. his cash on hand is not stacked up like, say, somebody like at the time cruz who's not ahead in the polls but has a lot of money sitting there waiting to be used. so chris christie is low in the polls and also has to use his money very wisely. but he's also working hard at that nomination doing all those town halls so he's certainly putting a lot of effort into it. >> ben carson taking over donald trump in one of the state tolls. that's pretty impressive. >> it is. it's slow and steady for ben carson. donald trump makes a lot of
7:51 am
noise. they're sort of the ying and yang of the republican race. donald trump has a lot of supporters who like his brash, forward behavior and ben carson is the exact opposite, taking every opportunity not to attack donald trump. that's not what trump is doing now. he's taking some hits at ben carson and we'll talk to him about that. >> thank you. it's going to be a compelling show as usual. don't miss "face the nation" right here on wusa9. have a great show. >> thanks, mike. donald isle talking to susan page and derek mcginty this morning on capital download. here's a preview. good morning, everyone. came on capital download, we have an indepth interview with donald trump. >> he talks about the debate and names names of which rivals should pack up and go home now. >> he shares his thoughts on potential running mates and vice president biden's decision not to run. >> that's all right here at 8:30 on wusa9. happening today, george washington's mount vernon estate hosts the annual fall
7:52 am
harvest family day. horse drawn wagon rides and early american games are waiting there now. still to come here this morning, workers at general motors could be ready to strike. we are
7:53 am
7:54 am
seconds away from the 40th marine corps marathon. >> let's head to surae chinn live this morning. good morning. >> reporter: yes, we are seconds away for the marine corps marathon number 40. >> we are 10 seconds to go.
7:55 am
>> reporter: 10 seconds to go before governor mcauliffe fires that pistol. they are pumped. >> the 40th marine corps marathon is in mission execution mode. >> reporter: and it's started. runners are on their way. 22,000 marathoners are now making their way. it's going to take 20 minutes before all of the runners pass the start. this is the people's marathon. some of the runners' favorite because it goes through all the scenic national monuments through virginia and d.c. and they are on their way. look at all of them go. >> they finally get a chance to burn off some of that nervous energy that they've been waiting for so long. >> reporter: absolutely. they are so pumped. they've been jumping up and
7:56 am
down. you see all the colors. 9,000 marines are joining this journey, 26.2 as they go through arlington and the national mall. then they run up the big hill. great weather. just a little bit of a drizzle. cool temperatures. they're ready to go. this is the fourth largest marathon in awfully the united states, the ninth largest marathon in the entire world. it was started back in the 1970's to tie to repair the relationship between the military and the u.s. public after vietnam. it's since been used as a recruiting tool over the year and it is one of the most popular marathons in awfully the until. we'll take -- all of the united states. we'll take you back out there live. coming up in our 8:00 a.m. half-hour, two teens are waking up behind bars this morning
7:57 am
after they threatened to attack their own high school. >> plus, this man is learning a valuable lesson. do not drive on flooded streets. we're going to head to texas where the rain is still falling. >> some light rain out here in northwest. and i think those runners are going to run into some pockets of light rain instead of that drizzle. here's a look at first alert doppler. it's not going to last all day. if you have plans to head to if you have plans to head to the skins name, i have
7:58 am
all of our legendary racing heritage. & all of our pioneering four wheel drive experience. come together in one amazing new vehicle. this is the all-new gle coupe.
7:59 am
a mercedes-benz suv with the heart and soul of a race car.
8:00 am
welcome to wusa9. they call them the ground pounders, a term for infantry troops and also applies to the 40th annual marine corps marathon. 40,000 runners. just got under way. we'll take you live to the course. also ahead this morning, two teenagers are waking up behind bars after a plan to attack their high school is
8:01 am
foiled. christmas comes early as a canadian town comes together to honor a sick boy. a little dreary and chilly this morning with some wet weather. it's not too heavy, though. improvements by the next couple of hours. i'll give you the details coming up. thank you so much for joining us 8:00 this sunday morning. i'm mike hydeck. she's allyson rae. a drizzly start for the marine corps marathon but perfect running conditions if you're doing 26.2. a great day. >> sometimes the chilly weather makes you run faster. >> you don't overheat so you have a chance to pace yourself. it's pretty good. >> it's going to be good weather unless you don't like the dreariness. we will see better weather by the next couple of hours, even into the afternoon. let's take a look at first areport -- first alert doppler. it kind of looks worse than it is. there are some pockets of heavier light rain i guess you could say. it's all relative. most is a little bit of mist and there will be some areas pushing through. those runners that are really fast, it might still be
8:02 am
drizzling when they're done but those runners doing the average four, four and a half hours, it's going to be probably dry by the end of that. it's going to last till midday. areas farther south, they will last a little bit longer. taking a closer look, you can see the heavier pockets for warrenton, right along 66, right through the district it is very light right now but they are going to see a dose of heavier stuff coming within half an hour. 54 degrees for white oak. 54 for reston. 55 for dulles. temperatures equal across the board. after the rain pushes out, we'll see the clouds linger and we'll head to the upper 60s. not a bad afternoon. even a little bit of sunshine just before the sun sets. 58 degrees with still showers lingering by 9:00. by noon most areas will be dry but southern maryland, fredricksburg, northern neck, you'll still see a little bit of drizzle out there and some sunshine by 5:00. if you're heading out for the skins game, hopefully a win. not too bad at all. we'll talk about a better chance of rain from patricia. the recommend facts are headed our way -- remnants are headed
8:03 am
our way. virginia governor terry mcauliffe hit the starter pistol a few moments ago and thage marine corps marathon is under way right now. if you're 14 and older, you're allowed to participate. we'll take you back there live in just a little bit. breaking news from overnight now. two separate shootings left one person dead and six injured. we start in fort washington marina in washington, maryland. one person is dead and another one in the hospital. park police are expected to share more information later today and we'll bring you an update on our app and of course wusa9 news at 11:00. now to southeast d.c. five juveniles were shot there overnight. it happened on wheeler road and barnaby street. we're told none ever the injuries are considered -- of the injuries are considered life-threatening. police near san francisco are searching for a gunman after a double shooting in a parking lot in a northern california shopping center. one person is dead and another wounded. this happened about 35 miles east of san francisco on saturday night. students at a virginia high school will be heading back to
8:04 am
class tomorrow as they try to make sense of a plot against them. police announced on saturday they arrested a 15 and a 17- year-old plotting to attack students and staff at riverbend high school in fredricksburg. both teenagers are locked up at a juvenile detention center. police made the arrests well before the attack could have happened and no one was in danger. prince william county police are investigating a body found in a car saturday evening. is was located on hamilton drive in dale city. police have not identified the victim or the cause of death. according to authorities they do not believe there's a threat to the community, however. these to men are in prison this morning charged with murder and robbery of a man named garrett mcclease. earl bennette and shante gladden have both been charged with murder and armed robbery. montgomery county police say both men knew the victim and they think drugs could have been a motive for this crime.
8:05 am
we keep showing you the live shot all morning long. runners in the marine corps marathon are making their way through the streets of d.c. now. >> some of the fastest runners will cross the finish line in arlington around 10:30 this morning. pretty fast. surae chinn is live with more. good morning, surae. >> reporter: good morning. when those runners come to the finish line, they will be receiving this beautiful marine corps marathon ruby red bling as the director calls it for its 40th marine corps marathon, the people's marathon. and, yes, the runners are off right now excited. it will take again minutes for all of them to come through. 22 ,000 marathoners, about 40,000 runners in all today participating in events throughout virginia and d.c. the first runner predicted is to cross at 10:15 and also at 10:30. we'll be here to find out who
8:06 am
does that and who makes the race possible for 10:15. all of the folks, too, are gathered. all the family and people, fans, lining up cheering their loved ones o. this is a special -- ones on. this is a special occasion and you can't think of a more patriotic marathon when you start here at arlington national cemetery and you go through all the national monuments. people returning 14 to 82 years old. we'll have one more live hit coming up in minutes. back to you guys. >> thanks, surae. a woman is waking up behind bars this morning accused of killing four people in a drunk driving crash. police say 25-year-old adacia chambers crashed into a crowd of spectators saturday during the oklahoma state university homecoming parade. three people died at the scene and a fourth, a 2-year-old child, died later at a hospital. 44 people were injured in the
8:07 am
crash. this weekend tens of thousands of volunteers across the country joined the largest volunteering day in the whole nation. >> all in an effort to make a difference. 24 years ago "u.s.a. today" backed by gannett and tegna, our parent company encouraged people to give up their saturday. we were packing lunches for needy school year. >> this year we're doing a project where we fill bags full of food which will help seven elementary school here in fairfax county. it will be enough meals for weekends for seven schools for the entire year. >> we here at wusa9, mike and i were both there, spewing up the mall -- sprucing up the malcolm x elementary school in d.c. it was fun. >> it was a lot of fun. heavy rains are expected to fall again in see texas.
8:08 am
-- in southeast texas. tropical storm patricia has called flooding all across the lone star rain. some areas could pick up as much as a foot of rain. a homeless man was looking for his dog believed to have been washed away in the flooding. the search for him will resume this morning. check out these amazing images in texas where floogd caused a freight -- flooding caused a freight train to derail. two crew members were forced to swim to safety. and you're looking at a man swimming in the road right in the center there. the driver admits he wasn't paying attention when he drove into the water that filled an underpass in houston. luckily he got out of his vehicle and was able to swim to safety. after menacing hpt hurricane patricia, it left little damage. soldiers and rescue workers are still trying to reach some of
8:09 am
the hardest hit areas likes mans zee know -- manzanillo. an agreement is in place when it comes to paying first responders overtime. d.c. mayor muriel bowser signed the agreement with the firefighters union. under the agreement the city's 3,000 union firefighters will receive overtime worked over 42 hours a week. the agreement is retroactive back to december 2001. it will cost taxpayers close to $45 million. developing right now, a strike looming at general motors. workers will walk off the job tonight if a deal can't be reached by 11:59 p.m. a big stumbling point is how much the auto joint is paying its -- giant is paying its staff. happening today, over 400 exhibitors will be cooking up a storm today at metropolitan cooking and entertaining show. award winning chef michael simon will be on hand for bufding cooks to learn some -- budding cooks to learn some
8:10 am
things. it runs from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the washington convention center. we'll introduce you to a group of seventh graders who are taking their science class to a whole new level. >> plus, katy perry joins hillary clinton on the campaign trail, gives her an early birthday present. find out what it was. >> the rain picked up here in northwest, but still pretty light relatively speaking. and those runners are still looking at a little bit of drizzle and pockets of lighter rain. it is going to kick out within a few hours. i'll time it out on the all important futurecast. you can take a look at when your town will be a little drier and when
8:11 am
8:12 am
♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.]
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take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. grz hillary clinton getting star power behind her presidential bid. not only former president clinton campaigning with her in iowa, yesterday katy perry performed at the event. she gave clinton an early birthday president. clinton is turning 68 on monday. what a better way to celebrate the fund-raiser for her presidential campaign. the event was taking place in midtown manhattan. hillary clinton had katy perry. donald trump lad an older version of wonder woman. he focused on former florida governor jeb bush.
8:14 am
>> bush has no money. he's cutting -- he's meeting today with mommy and daddy and they're working on their campaign. >> wow. trump also took a stab at hillary clinton over the last benghazi hearing saying she was asleep at the wheel as secretary of state. ahead in the week, we'll have an eye on the g.o.p. field as they debate this wednesday on cnbc. we'll follow that now. paul ryan is expected to be voted house speaker this week. a secret ballot will be held wednesday to elect the next g.o.p. house leader but the party could be over before it even begins. a november 3 deadline to extend federal barrowing to avoid a government default is quickly approaching. john boehner may be stepping down but not before he addressed an issue that is near and dear to his heart. in his last weekly address, boehner promoted expanding school vouchers here in the district. the soon to be former speaker said one of his final acts is
8:15 am
to introduce legislation to expand the program to allows low-income families to choose the schools that are best for their kids. marine corps marathon is under way. ideal conditions for running. if you're going out walking the dog, it's kind of raw outside and tailgaters for the skins game at fedex field today expect what? >> they'll be a little chilly and still thatth bit of drizzle will stick around while they're tailgating but once the game gets under way, it will be drier. clouds will linger but by the time is starting to wind down maybe by the second half, we'll be looking at some sunshine and warmer temperatures. we only are going to increase by about 10 degrees but when it's drier out, a little bit of sunshine, upper 60s will feel pretty good compared to what we're seeing right now. the drizzle will continue. areas south are going to keep it a little bit longer even but through the district and especially areas off to the north, midday we'll be done with this little bit of rain and drizzle for this morning. this is all there from a cool front -- all from a cool front. no, sir going to drop our temperatures till tomorrow and
8:16 am
tuesday. i mentioned some of the runners will run into more light rain instead of the drizzle. here it comes right through the southern part of the district and right along 66. dale city seeing some of the light showers as well right through upper marlboro. areas south of the district, you're going to see that linger a little bit longer. temperatures are pretty consistent across the boards. 59 for winchester. 55 for manassas. 57 for d.c. later on today as you start to see a little bit more sunshine farther north, you could warm up a lot faster than areas off to the south. we are going to see some sunshine later on taking till about 3:00 mainly 68 degrees. winds will stay out of the northwest. tonight we'll be chillier than it was this morning, especially with clear skies and calm winds. here comes the rain. it continues to push off to the east and southeast. so by 11:00 already starting for see drier conditions off to the north. through the afternoon we'll dry out in the district first. clouds will linger for a little bit. there will be moments of sunshine just before the sun sets. tomorrow clouds quickly return. tomorrow will be a cloudy day,
8:17 am
a dry one and cool. many places not getting out of the 50s on monday. we'll stay about 60 degrees for the district. clouds are here for much of the day on tuesday. we do see some showers enter the area well off to the west on tuesday but areas -- all areas on wednesday seeing a good amount of rain from the remnants of patricia. those are headed our way, going to give us good rain channels, the best we've -- chances, the best we've seen in a while. 60s for monday and tuesday. wednesday will be wets, most likely a yellow alert day and we'll drop the temperatures again by friday and halloween. mike, over to you. >> thanks, allyson. learning about science in class is one thing. getting a chance to practice it in a high-tech lab takes education to another level. a one of a kind experience for seventh graders is called frontiers in science and medicine. >> you're going to work together. one of you will hold the strainer. >> reporter: what's it like to be a scientist? came do they do -- what do they
8:18 am
do every year? seeing more than meets the eye with ultrasound or radiation equipment. chemical reactions. >> that's so cold. >> reporter: this is as good as it gets for pea who wants to be in the medical field one day. >> we learn things about our genes and other things about science. >> reporter: at frontiers in science and medicine, scientists across the region give seventh graders a day in the life type experience. this group studies how proteins in the brain connect to alzheimer's disease. >> what the scientists and instructors here are really good at doing is taking these high level scientific principles and bringing them down to the seventh grade level. >> reporter: what's it like to be a scientist? at least now they have an idea. >> i like to experiment with
8:19 am
new things. it's really cool. >> they also got a chance to go to a local lab and spend some time there to show that there are jobs here in the region if they choose science as a career in college. in about two hours, the first runners should be crossing the marine corps marathon finishing line in arlington. it's going to -- it's been a good event so far. >> surae chinn is live this morning at the marine corporation marathon. good morning, surae. >> reporter: good morning. can you believe it we're 23 minutes in and runners are still passing the starting line. they're all down there, pumped and ready to go. they are off now. they are starting right here at national arlington cemetery for the 40th marine corps marathon. you can't think of a more patriotic marathon than this one. starting here and passing through all the national monuments and paying tribute to our wounded warriors and our heroes. it is chilly. there is a light rain, but these runners got this. they have this in the bag.
8:20 am
this is their mission today. and, yes, the first runner is expected to cross the finish line at 10:15. quite a monumental task. live here in arlington, surae chinn, wusa9. >> thank you, surae. checking the top stories, one person is dead another in the hospital after a double shooting at prince george's county. 1230 fort washington marina in washington, maryland is where this happened. park police are investigating and we're trying to get more information on this story for you. in southeast d.c., five juveniles were shot overnight there. it happened at 2:00 a.m. wheeler road and barnaby street. we're told none of the injuries is life threatening. prince william county police are investigating a body found in a car saturday evening. the vehicle was on hamilton drive in dale city. police are not releasing the victim's name or the cause of death right now. the streets of one canadian town were decorated and people were out celebrating but not for halloween. >> they were taking part in a christmas parade and for a good
8:21 am
reason. we tell you how one town is helping young boy get what could be one of his last wishes. >> reporter: 7-year-old evan opened his christmas presents today. >> i said to him, merry christmas, evan. the first thing he said was merry christmas, mommy. it's been a very special day obviously, a very busy day. >> having all these people come together and want to make a parade for evan is amazing. >> reporter: evan and his family had to celebrate christmas in october. doctors say because after brain tumor, evan has had since he was 2, woants make it to the 25th of december. -- he won't make it to the 25th of december. so his hometown has come together in the most remarkable way to celebrate christmas in october with him. [ sirens ] >> reporter: evan got his very
8:22 am
own parade. >> we had almost 240 floats apply to be in this parade. we had to cut it down to 25 because the essence of this entire thing is evan. >> how nice to be able to celebrate christmas early for him. >> i just think it's cool that the comol community is coming together for one little -- whole community is coming together for one little boy. >> reporter: he has undergone 30 rounds of chemo and radiation. they're told there's nothing more medicine can do. >> we've had a lot of memorable moments in seven years. truthfully tons, but this one definitely one that stands out for all of us. >> merry christmas, ho ho ho. >> reporter: when santa pulls up to your door and invites you for a ride, there's no illness in the world that can keep a boy and a small town from believing dreams do come true. >> that was candice daniel reporting. happening today, manassas fall jubilee. the family friendly event
8:23 am
features live music and entertainment, hand made crafts and a variety of foods. it runs from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. still to come, halloween isn't just for kids. four-legged friends get into the act, too. speaking of such friends, it is pet picks 9 time. send us your pets in a halloween costume next week. that will be fun to check out. let's see who we have. hank had a blast at our wedding. look at him all dressed up. handsome hank. washington humane society girdy is a 9-year-old girl looking for a home. hi. >> we have another one. this is from mickey mcgee, 17 years young. the dog's name is mickey from miao. relaxed there hanging out on a sunday. >> one final one, charlie sent this one. lucy and boozer chilling out this morning. >> oh. >> thanks so much for is sending in your pi
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
finally this morning, halloween definitely for the dogs. >> absolutely. a new york city tradition continued saturday with the 25th annual pumpkin square halloween dog parade. i love this. thousands of costume canines marched to participate in the country's largest halloween parade for dogs. >> we have a lineup of people and their dogs ready to enter
8:27 am
the contest from reality t shh shows to maybe -- reality shows to maybe politics, who knows what we'll see. >> the pope. >> they competed for thousands of dollars in prizes and bragging rights for the year. >> hysterical. have you ever degreed up your job? >> absolutely. he doesn't mind. i put him in a tux for my wedding. he looked pretty ?az ji-- >> pretty snazzy. grab the rain jacket and sweat shirt. it will be chilly. the rain will linger through about midday. then it will dry out. we will warm up. you can dress in layers. enjoy upper 60s later on tonight. that's it for the sunday edition of wusa9. she's allyson rae. i'm mike hydeck. hope you have a
8:28 am
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donald trump says he is so far ahead some of his opponents might as well give it up and did hillary clinton pass a big heardual the benghazi hearing? i am susan page. >> and i am derek p and this is -- derek and this is capital download. [ music ] good morning and welcome to capital download. for the past three months donald trump surprised the fund minutes and himself by ride -- and the pundits by riding high. >> i sat down with donald trump to talk about it. >> reporter: you look at our front page on wednesday it


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