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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  October 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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rry miller and the awesome -- all right. in the back. looking good today. that's right. we are tracking showers. by the way, the trophy is sitting right in front of my mirror back there. to rub it in i think. all right. temperatures are chilly, but comfortable. 49 degrees and into the 30s. here comes the remnants of patricia. that is coming up. adry day today and showers tomorrow afternoon in some areas. high today in the low 60s. here is larry with the trophy. over to you. it is prettycisey. i'm excited about it. all right. this is for charity. all right.
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thank you. all right. so-- so sky 9 is over the interloop. an update on that situation in 10 minutes. over to you. breaking news -- investigators are working to figure out why a boat collapsed off of the coast of british columbia. >> five passengers are dead. one is missing at this hour after this whale watching boat sank yesterday off of the coast of vancouver island. and crews worked through the north searching for people. this shows the moment the 65- foot boat slipped into the sea. witnesses are saying there was no time to put on life jackets before it collapsed. small boats in the area wept back and forth helping survivors to get to shore. they plan to investigate. also breaking news
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overnight. struck by by tents -- 10s of thousands of workers strike has been averted. general motors reached a deal. afinal union vote is expected wednesday. we're also following news of an earthquake out of afghanistan. the 7.7 magnitude earthquake was felt across most of southern 8 offer, including pakistan and india. this happened before 5:30 this morning. the full extent of damage is not known. we will update you as we get it. two teens accused of planning a mass shooting at a local school are due in court today. the plot involves river westbound high in fred rucksburg. a17-year-old arrested two weeks ago a 15-year-old on friday. they are charged with conspiracy to commit murder. an autopsy will be done on
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two teens found dead in a minivan yesterday. they were both 17-year-old. our news partner of the "washington post" are saying they showed signs of injuries. the search is on for the suspect in a drive-by shooting that left five people injured. it happened on wheeler yesterday afternoon morning. three men and two men were injured. they are expected to recover. prince georges county police are calling the murder of a mother of four a case of demusting violence. wilkerson was shot to death. the man who shot her is her live in boyfriend and he later killed himself. stephanie white lives next door. >> expressed my condolences to their family. >> neighbors heard three gunshots coming from the home yesterday morning. former -- coach, flip sanders is being remembered
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this morning. he died yesterday, he was diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma in june. he was 60 years old. right now, the talk of the town -- redskins. 1,202 games make up the history of the franchise. not once in 83 years have they climbed out of a wholes a deeps a one as yesterday. down 24 point to the bucs. cousins completed 33 passes that tied a record. and the 33rd completion right there. the largest comeback in history. 31-30 the final. fans took to social media during and after the game to express their surprise and emotion. nicky is live at dupont circle with reaction to yesterday's
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win. >> we like that. >> we like that. i'm glad that you guys like it. i like it. and cousins definitely liked that. let me give you a quick recap. 24 seconds left, cousins threw the touchdown pass of the game. an epic victory after trailing by 24 points. the biggest comeback in team history. now, you can imagine, people were celebrating yesterday. especially at the game. if you could not be at the game, people took the twitter and started voicing how happy
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they were about that. look at this tweet. people were happy to be shut up. their team got a win. we have been out here in dupont circle. agentleman's wife is a cowboy's fan, she is a redskins fan. that is coming up in the next half hour. back to you. this is the one type that the redskins could have used a cowboys win, too. if they beat the giants they would be tied for 1st. >> now, people are starting to book the flights for san francisco. >> all right. >> look out. >> just in case. >> all right. why not. well, it has been a long road to the hall of fame for one american country group founded in the 1940s.
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and welcome back. happy monday. the victory monday. things are looking pretty good today. we're going to see sunshine for much of the afternoon. starting off with a few clouds. look at our camera. a chilly start. temperatures are into the 50s by 9:00. and top out about 60 degrees. looking off to the south and
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west, the remnants of patricia are on their way. i will time it out coming up. here is larry miller. a new accident blocking the shoulder of the -- connecticut avenue. and sky 9 is over the section of the beltway. has not been able to find the accident yet. we have been seeing increasing volume. they are looking for the accident right now. tape are close to zeroing in on exactly where that accident is on the shoulder. not much in the way of delays. more coming up on metro. over to you. a north carolina university is placed on lockdown and students ordered to stay in place after a shooting on campus a
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the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding vote to restrict women's health clinics in manassas forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jeremyik mcpe is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate and i sponsored this ad.
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a little bit of fall. >> you, it felt good out there. we are getting, where did the time go. it is the end of october. it feels pretty good out there. afall day today. sunshine, fall temperatures, stay dry today. not the same as tomorrow.
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the remnants of putrace trisha -- patricia will work in tomorrow. jacket weather for a lot of us. 49 for washington, d.c. hey. we're almost in december. look at your futurecast. by 12:30. the clouds are starting to drift to the south with ample sunshine for maryland. by the time you head home from, with today, you might need the sunglasses. this evening clear skies. by tomorrow morning, 6:00, the clouds are back. acloudy day tomorrow. and a little cooler evening. not getting out of the 50s on tuesday. here are the showers they will work their way in on tuesday afternoon for areas in the shenandoah valley. areas to the west are going to see higher amounts of rain. tuesday evening after the sunsets here are the showers pretty light. and turning mederate and heavy
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at times on wednesday. and 6:30 in the morning a wet commute. on wednesday a yellow weather alert day. it will rain on day. by the evening hours it will continue. this is wednesday and thursday. getting out on out of here. awarmer rain with the help southerly winds. we kick everything up by thursday and a nice day in store for the trick or twitters -- treaters an extra hour of sleep. all right. now, sky 9 is showing us volume in the core door at this point -- corridor at this point. a27-minute commute at this point. and in centerville this morning
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to 27th street. a45 minute commute on that stretch. along 95 as you approach the capital beltway. again-- they are problem free. but watch out for that volumes a folks get ready to head to school and work this morning. back to you. national headlines the search on for a gunman after a shooting in the north carolina campus. one student was injured at north carolina central university in durham. the campus was put on lockdown. it was lifted. the lawyer of the woman accused of plowing into a group
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of people at the oklahoma state parade. was not drunk was at the time. chambers is charged in the case. her attorney says that she doesn't remember much of what happened and could have blacked out. >> and doing that entire interview, i was not satisfied at all that -- >> chambers will be in court today. in hong kong, 120 people were hurt. the foil was traveling from a have to hodge cong. and the ferry lost power after the collision. this morning five victims in critical condition. afghanistan is pleading with the u.s. for help. he says that the country is becoming a safe haven for terrorist. al qaeda has reestablished a
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presence in afghanistan and the islamic state group is a seriate threat. this is after president barack obama said troops will stay in afghanistan through next year. people in the houston area are ngmopi up and counting up their losses after devastating floods from he patricia and another storm. there were several high water rescues and cars were towed from flooded streets. in san antonio a man was repushed -- pushed into a drainage ditch was found alive. brown was inducted into the hall of fame before his death in june. and martin was also honored. kim kardashian celebrates a birthday and a baby shower.
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we're going to start with blurred lines being cleared up for us. >> very clear. we all remember this case with robin thicke. all right. the state of marvin gaye sued them saying they stole a song. the family got money. the big news today, video from the deposition with robin thicke has gone public. we knew what he said a few months ago. he was high and drunk for every interview he did promoting the song. but it is different to see him say that on video. there is a smugness. it is a matter of fact. >> he is a liar. >> yes. the lawyer said do you consider yourself an honest person, he said no. >> real talk in the court room. >> were you high on vicodin and
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drunk. >> yes. >> all right. why did he hook up. >> he is like i got to throw it out there. what am i going to do. really strange. especially a fan of robert thing. -- robin thicke. she is a party guy. >> what is janet jackson going to do with the voice. >> it happens with so many artists going on vocal rest. so like any part of your body, you have to lock it up. she is on vocal rest this weekend. and her show is huge. everyone is so obsessed with it. so fans will be disappointed. she will get it together. >> and kim kardashian. ababy shower and a -- birthday celebration. and big and over the top. >> you are so excited about it. >> the fun things is, she threw
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out bands. that would be heaven or hell. having brunch and spending the weekend and kim and kanye. >> good to see you. >> of course. days away from open enrollment.
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narrator: for st supports school funding. thinks women should make their own health care decisions. and favors background checks on all gun sales. hal parrish? as mayor, he slashed education. fought to block women's health clinics. parrish gets an "a" from the gun lobby - they oppose background checks to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. virginia extreme or mainstream? vote mcpike for virginia. feinblatt: everytown for gun safety action fund sponsored this ad.
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the new sign up season for the affordable care act begins november the 1st there. is nanu calcue -- new calculated. premiums are expected to go up
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in 2016. and the tax penult for people who are not insured will rise to $695 or 2 1/2% of taxable income. toyota is riding high after coming out on top in worldwide vehicle sales. the auto1/2 million vehicles in the first nine months of this year. that out paces general motors and volkswagen. well, there were a couple of new additions as that box office this weekend. majority of movie-goers wanted to
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see the martian. well, if you can't make it out to new england for the fall foliage left it come to you. all right. this will send you foliage for $19.99. that's right. the cost includes preserved leaves powered by -- >> okay. he said it. i won't repeat it. 6:26. coming up.
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up next at 6:30. >> come back of the century. the redskins historic win on tampa bay may have salvages the season and saved jobs in the organization. >> all right. wake up washington. >> thank you for being with us. larry miller has your time- saver traffic. he is a champion if you have not heard. and first allyson rae with the forecast. yes. off to a good start. is cloudy out there. but not cloudy for the rest of the afternoon. increasing sunshine today. 42 for laurel. here comes the remnants of patricia. this will arrive tomorrow afternoon for areas off to the west. for many of us, i will time that out for you coming up in a bit. enjoyed to, it will be dry, not too bad at all, temperatures a
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few degrees below average. 62 degrees. all right. here is larry miller -- excuse me. who? >> larry miller. >> all right. dancing champion. all right. thank you very much, i appreciate it. 6:31ism we have the shoulder blocked on the eastbound side of i-66 this is -- between centerville and fair fact -- fairfax county. give yourself time for your commute. alive look right now shows you how things are shaping up here. this is 95 on the virginia side approaching springville. again, just volume will slow cow down a bit. more coming up. over to you. we begin with breaking news now at 6:30. investigators working to figure out why a tour boat capsized off of british columbia.
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>> five are dead after the boat carrying 27 people sank. canadian coastguard crews worked through the night. the moment the boat slipped into the sea after making a may day call. there was no time to put on life jackets before the boat capsized. smaller boats in the area went back and forth helping them to shore. officials with the safety board plan to investigation. police in pris georges county are investigating a murder suicide. neighbors along joyceten way is inothing the women killed was wilkerson. happening today, a new legal challenge to the affordable care act. today is the day people can start checking next year's premiums ahead of the sign-up period that starts november 1st. the pacific legal foundation is
6:33 am
filing the latest appeal to overturn the law championed by president barack obama. the suit claims the -- act is illegal because it requires the constitution to originate in the house of representatives. the sign -- all signs point to paul ryan to be e-- eselected for speaker this week. congress has until november 3rd to extend borrowing to avoid a default. the road to the -- white house is bringing bernie sanders to virginia ons wednesday. he will talk about issues facing young people like college and if
6:34 am
incomeinequality. and in other news. joe biden is discussing his dissection not to run for vice president. he said he didn't run because he couldn't win. and the loss of his son made it hard to start a campaign. >> any parent listening who lost a child, it doesn't follow schedules of primaries and caucuses and contributors and the like. >> his announcement last wednesday -- um, pundants argued that biden's window of opportunity had passed. the vice president is adamant he will not end his 43 year political career quietly. he would not say what candidate he would endorse. the district's snow preparedness plan this morning at 11:00. 800 workers did a dry run exercise on friday to go over
6:35 am
their route and looking for potholes and obsic students. friday, do-or-die, and the redskins coach declared a code red for the team going into sunday's game. with the team down at 24 points, many fans were panicking. >> nobody blinked according to coach. including cousins. the comeback kid. the largest comeback in history. people are talking about it this morning. all right. we are joined again with the -- the video that want viral. >> what a sweet victory it was. redskins' fans will be walking into work with their heads held high. that was a gray win and much -- great win and much needed. after trailing by 24 points, the redskins pulled off the biggest comeback in history.
6:36 am
24 seconds left. and cousins through the third touchdown bass to get the win over tampa bay. and fans are still celebrating. >> the redskins finally won a good game. down to the last-seconds and it was an excellent game. i could have enjoyed it. very much enjoyed it. it gave me a lot of confidence and they have skill. >> reporter: now, only he is a redskins' fans, but his wife is a cowboys fan. so they have a fun rivalry. she is up det because the redskins won and the cowboys lost. he was enjoying the redskins victory, i'm sure. all of the other fans are as well. wusa 9. still to come --
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welcome back. 20 minutes to 7:00. we are off to a good start here across the area. afew clouds that will not last all day. temperature-wise it is chilly out there. 36 for fredricks. and washington, d.c. just under 50 degrees. it will be dry today. 60 degrees. lower 60s. we will talk about the shower and temperatures coming on up. here is larry miller. we have the soldier of the -- shoulder of i-66 blocked because of an accident and heavy traffic in the area. sky 9 is over the scene. so the accident is on the shoulder. that's the good news. but again heavy traffic in the area. it is slowing the community --
6:41 am
community down. and meantime, around the beltway, we are issue and problem free. a live issue shows you how things are shaping up. halloween is four days away, but some parts of the country are being overrun.
6:42 am
the washington post endorses democrat jeremy mcpike for state senate. applauding mcpike's "ideas about getting traffic moving." the post warns republican hal parrish "holds rigid positions against medicaid expansion and common-sense gun safety." and parrish was the deciding vote to restrict women's health clinics in manassas forcing women to go elsewhere for cancer screenings and birth control. jeremy mcpike is the better choice. i'm jeremy mcpike, candidate for state senate and i sponsored this ad.
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[ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do business travel on your terms. acela. take off. ét we are just a few days away
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from halloween and ghosts are showing up across country. >> that is true, in reno thousands of zombies were spotted chasing humans around. >> tonight has been a showcase of nonstop zombie action that started with a 5k run. >> we had about 150, 200 zombies chasing me down the street. that was awesome. >> reporter: that's the beginning and then they gathered under the reno arch to a flash mob-style dance to thriller. >> reno is the most fun place. no were where everyone will get dressed up, lay on in the street. >> reporter: and even folks from out-of-town said the zombie crawl is unlike anything they have been to. >> seeing all of the people in their costumes and everyone embraces the halloween spirit. >> this some my first time.
6:46 am
i had friends coming here a couple of years. i wanted to come here. >> reporter: he was not the only one having fun with his costume. >> everybody looks amazing. everybody puts so much effort into their outfits. >> with thousands of people expected through the night at bars this is the biggest yet. it is expected to get bigger from here. >> people are telling us over and over again, they met their significant others on the crawl. we want to see people like that. enjoying each other. >> all right. amarriage made in zombie land. time now to see what our partners at "cbs this morning" are covering. >> charlie rose is live in new york. good monday morning to you. >> good morning. we are following the deadly whale watching tragedy off of
6:47 am
the canadian coast. and more from noah's "60 minutes" interview from joe biden. and also this on "cbs this morning." we go into inside of boeing. and finally, urban meyers in studio 57. that's live and more. and mora o'donnell over? weekend? >> yes. benefit for women. >> what a nice conversation. >> yes. that was a great interview. >> that was great. >> all right. charlie. >> we learned a lot about things with the family we didn't see. >> and the vice president setting the record straight on a lot of things he said, people were quoted. it was good to hear him come out and correct the record. we will be watching. dollar thank you. allyson rae talking about a nice cool start to the week. >> thought a bad day at all. today is nice, clouds turn to sunshine this afternoon.
6:48 am
temperatures will be about 60 degrees. lower 60s for some of us. and then talk about the remnants of patricia. now, how we are starting off today. into the 40s and 30s. in the afternoon, 60 degrees by 4:00. and notice the increasing sunshine by 4:00. so your drive home you might need to sunshine. to areas to the north you will see the sunshine. by tonight, 6:00, clear skies and chilly again tonight, back down to the 30s and 40s and a few degrees cooler. cloudy skies. they are here to stay for tuesday. the temperatures not of the 50s on tuesday. a chilly one. showers arrive this is 5:00 off to the west. this is earlier after the sun sees on tuesday. here are the remnants of patricia.
6:49 am
wednesday morning 6:30, rain is heavy at times. 1 to 2 inches of rain. some some areas to the west more than that. it might not rain rain de-- day, but you will need the umbrella. the showers will push in. and 62 today. 59 tomorrow and a warmer rain with? southerly wind. we stay warm on thursday. and cool off on friday. halloween, 64 degrees. larry, over to you. thank you. everything is running on schedule this morning. metro riders nothing to worry about. a lot of the earlier issues wrapped up. everything is doing well on the rails. traveling northbound on i-95
6:50 am
closer towards the capital beltway. you will see nesincreasing volume to 395, now a 10-minute commute this morning. which i have been there, spent time there yesterday, it was nice. 23-minute commute. now, a live look right now at i- 66 as you approach the capital beltway, the eastbound side here. the shoulder was blocked as a result of an accident, that is cleared. but commuters will need to add additional time to get to your destination on time. you have to account for all of that. so from our traffic camera. this is kenweather avenue. when sun leb -- celebrity chefs come to town. where do they -- eat. >> yes, tommy is live. >> all right. we spoke about a whole bunch
6:51 am
of stuff. how it is being a brand new single mom and also, of course, where she ate in town. >> i don't know, there's something about a steak in washington, d.c. at bourbon steak in particular. >> to you realize the power you wield them. you show up somewhere and you have this stamp of approval. [ laughter ] >> all the time. all the time. >> do you find people come up to you and ask for advice. >> i'm newly divorced. it is a year. i'm still learning. i never say i'm an expert. there is a lot of wisdom in it, in my cookbook, happy cooking. it is important to help each other. we need each other. >> if you missed her in town this weekend she will be back on november 7th. signing that brand new book. happy cooking. back to you guys. >> all right.
6:52 am
thank you, tommy. it is 6:51. the full extent of the damage is not known. we will update you with more information as we get it, but we are learning that 12 students have been killed in this earthquake. well, search and rescue efforts continue this morning off of the coast of british columbia. this is after a fatal tour boat accident. it was carrying 27 people and sank on sunday. officials with canada's transportation safety board plan to investigate. the united autoworkers and general motors reached an agreement that avoided a strike. the proposed contract covers nearly 53,000 u.s. autoworkers.
6:53 am
details are not released yet. but uaw is saying local union leaders will meet on wednesday to approve the agreement. sign-up season for coverage under the affordable care act begins november the 1st. but people can start browsing this week. premiums are expected to go up in 2016. and the tax penalty for people who are uninsured next week will rise to $695, or 2 1/2% of taxable income. the 2016 presidential race continues to heat up as both campaigns pounce on each other in light of the recent high poll numbers. with the iowa caucuses 99 days away. we are showing hillary clinton 3-points ahead of bernie sanders in the key state. on the republican side, ben carson is tied with donald
6:54 am
trump. a new local partnership will have benefits for veterans. today maryland department of natural resources is teamed up with warrior canine connection. they are relocated their head quarters to the state park. today, a celebration of the life of a little girl known as the warrior princess. family and friends are remembering maddie who died at the age of 10. organizers are asking people to wear bright colors. she lost her battle with leukemia last week after going into remission five times. visitation is this afternoon and evening at greats luth -- grace lutheran church. there will be a new study on brain development and substance abuse. this is one of 20 research institutions that will follow 10,000 children. a ribbon cutting is
6:55 am
planned this morning. a the university of the district of columbia. other leaders will celebrate the grand opening of a new wing on the campus. it will allow for 1100 additional students and 13 additional classrooms and labs. the ceremony is set for 10:00 a.m. how about this, a small piece of auto history is about to return to hot or showrooms. the first 2016 camaro rolls off the line in michigan today. this is the first time since 1972 it is produced in the u.s. the base price is $18,000, but $12,000 to upgrade from a v6 to a v-8. the red skins are making team history yesterday. down by 24 points. it was over, right? no. no one blinked. cousins took matters into --
6:56 am
his own hands. the largest comeback in history. 31-30. the lesson of the game, you need a game one, turn to a florida gator. of course. of course. all right. look at the forecast today. today looks good. 62 degrees. and starting off with clouds and sunshine for the afternoon as early as lunchtime. tomorrow cooler with clouds and showers from patricia are walking in for tuesday evening and all day wednesday. halloween, though, looks pretty good morning, an extra hour of sleep this weekend. >> all right. rocking and rolling throughout the metro at this point. the biggest delays is on 295 on the maryland side. that is the b.w. parkway. and right now, this is on the beltway here in new hampshire avenue. no major issues but a slow down on the inner loop here. this is 295 here. as you approach the 11th street bridge it is slow going in certain areas. s of rock creek valley elementary, just one second,
6:57 am
the school is closed today due to the flooding in the building. all other schools are on time. dancing champion. >> yes. "cbs this morning" is up next. they will have more on the interview with vice president joe biden and the flooding in texas from hurricane patricia. >> and another high school football player died because of injuries on the field. captions provided by: caption colorado, llc. 1-800-775-7838. ♪ ♪ pumpkin excitement is back at dunkin'. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored baked treats and beverages, like the new pumpkin macchiato before pumpkin season is over.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday october 26th, 2015. welcome to cbs. an all-night search for survivors after a whale watching boat sinks off canada's pacific coast. >> vice president biden opens up to us on "60 minutes." what you didn't see last night about the presidential race and his family and the bin laden raid. >> the world health organization says processed meat as bad as smoking. our dr. david agus has a reality check. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. at least five people were killed when a whale watching boat sank off the coast of western canada. >> the search for s


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