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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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result of the rest of 127 people. french more pains -- french authorities are looking for is man, 26-year old, salah abdeslam, the only one of the suspected attackers still alive. one of his brothers died detonating a suicide vest. another brother told reporters the family knew nothing of his intentions. pres. hollande made a speech today calling for stronger anti- terrorism measures. he said he will meet with president obama and vladimir putin to urge a united front. president obama says that the battle will take time. >> the strategy is the strategy that will work. >> reporter: three days after the attacks people here are doing their best to return to normal.
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schools and businesses have reopened, includineiffel tower. she says, she is not afraid. >> we will live our lives. >> reporter: despite the feeling reservations at the top hotels have dropped by 50% since the attacks. one person who made it here is secretary of state john kerry to craig, wusa9. >> in a show of solidarity john kerry lit the embassy in the national colors of france while in paris he will hold talks with french officials. >> a cost of the region play stepping up patrols and adjusting to new tactics. bruce leshan rain is live at the verizon center. >> reporthe attacks are a reminder anywhere we gather we
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are vulnerable from a game to a ride at the metro. we strike in paris he said in the latest video, and then we will strike america at its center in washington. >> it makes me feel scared. >> i am not surprised washington dc is the target. >> reporter: metro transit police have added patrols across the system. but with this kind of passengers keep an eye out. >> you know it when you see it. you see in over act when
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someone leaves a package and starts to run. >> reporter: capital police say they are on the highest possible alert with more officers and more visible security. d.c. police are not saying much but they shut down the heart of the city after he is mentally disturbed woman fired a shot. despite the new video law enforcement is no specific or credible threat the united states. but this former ys, we need to take the attacks in paris and the threatagainst d.c. very of police officers across the united states have now been trained to deal with active shooter attacks. he says, police officers
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stopped in attack in texas in the month of may and they could stop another one here in d.c. live in waleshan, wusa9. john brennan complained today that leaks of excessive handwringing over spying on making it harder to detect terrorist. security has also been stepped up in new york city. today bill de blasio announced the first appointment of a new counterterrorism unit. >> we started the discussion last year and then intensified it after i visited paris in the wake of the charlie hebdo attacks. i saw firsthand what the current look of terror is a means, what it means to people in a city that was put to cause such pain. >> the first 100 members of the
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unit just completed their training. >> in the wakes of the attacks some republicans are pushing the white house to cancel plans to bring syrian refugees to america. some governors also refusing to cooperate. today, the president strongly condemned that backlash. >> reporter: the attacks have sparked a heated debate over a plan to take in 10,000 refugees. the concern seems to be whether they can be thoroughly vetted. >> [technical difficulties] [please stand by] -- >> [inaudible] >> reporter: jeb bush said the program should allow only christian refugees. >> they are being slaughtered. who would take care of them?
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>> reporter: at the summit in turkey the president did not hold back on what he thought of that. >> it is shameful. >> reporter: -- >> we don't discriminate against people because of their faith. we don't kill people because they are different than us. that is what separates us. >> reporter: if he proceeds will the plan he will face resistance from some governors who say they don't want refugees in their state. >> i care for these people but some of them could actually be isis. >> reporter: the new speaker of the house, paul ryan says he is looking at legislation to block the plan. officials incest now syrian refugees -- officials insist now syrian refugees will come to america without a thorough
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screening process. it is a process that could take up to a year. coming up larry hogan makes an announcement worthy of a standing ovation. here is a look at the weather tomorrow morning. we will come back and track the clouds and tell you when the showers will come in. we will also talk about thunderstorms that might come in later in the week. up next,
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a secret service officer charged with trying to solicit a girl for sex appeared in court today. investigators arrested lee robert moore last week saying he sent messages to an undercover police officer posing online as a teenage girl. today the governor had some good news about his health. reporters broke out in a big round of applause for the governor. >> i am very thankful to report that incredibly, as of today, i am 100% cancer free.
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[applause] >> the governor was diagnosed in june with cancer, since then he has undergone chemotherapy, three surgeries and several drug treatments. he says it will be an especially thankful holiday season. d.c. social services moved today to close a tentative city. -- dc social services moved today to close a tent city. it has grown to about 40 people with several tens. >> it is illegal to camp overnight on public space. our concern is that it is not healthy. it is not sanitary. >> all of us have different situations. after the death of my partner i could not handle
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anything. >> the homeless have been given a 14 day notice to take down the tents. that notice expired last week. the city's deputy mayor was on the scene today offering emergency services. but, he said the tent city had to go. coming up, a report on the police department response to the freddie
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more rest expected in a locker room hazing incident involving football players at spotsylvania high school. a 15-year old player is being held and charged with attempted sodomy. the attorney said a broomstick was used but there was no penetration. the incident happened last month but a video of the assault emerged on social media. >> i hope they punish them. >> i think it is crazy. it is very
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disappointing. but there is not much -- it went on for years. it is time to stop it. >> the commonwealth attorney says four players have been suspended, he says, more charges could come by the end of the week. a trial is underway for a teenager accused of killing his high school math teacher. philip chisholm is charged in the rape and murder of his teacher. he was only 14 at the time. he is being tried as an adult.'s lawyers concede he killed the teacher but he suffers from a psychotic disorder. a college in maryland suspended classes over concerns about students who may be armed with a gun. washington college notify students that a classmate had returned home to get a gun then he disappeared. police are still looking for him.
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disorganize, describe the baltimore police department's response to protest following the death of freddie gray. the report says the department command center was overcrowded, and officers were unsure of who was in charge. the new police commissioner says the problems have already been corrected. relatives of a man shot by police say clark is on life support. police say clark was a suspect in a domestic assault. they say he was shot during a struggle. community activist say he was shot while handcuffs, police say he was not. a gun battle on interstate 95 came to a deadly end. this happened this morning. two men died of multiple gunshot
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wounds. the road was closed for most of the day. crews have ended their search of a cargo ships the wreckage. they never found the black box. investigators are disappointed they could not locate the el faro's data recorder. the freighter sank october 1 after a lost engine power. more problems on the international space station. it took a power hit. nasa will have to send a rocket with replacement parts. the crew is not in danger, just a few days ago they repaired a leak on the space station's radiator. the government trying to save drone owners some money. they say registration will be simple
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enough. some websites are advertising they will register a drone for a fee of $25. i could take small weekends like the one we just had. >> it was a gorgeous day. we are talking about november. today was spectacular. that said, we are concerned about the three degrees guarantee. we went for a high of 65 and what i saw in my car makes me worried. we will let you know tonight at 11:00. temperature now is 65 that is a good thing. relative humidity at 30%. now is
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the time you want to add humidity back to your home. chilly tonight come in fact, it starts out clear and clouds roll in late. the bus stop temperature is 41. seasonable tuesday and wednesday with clouds tomorrow. some showers on wednesday but, right now wednesday does not qualify get for a yellow alert day. 51 downtown. upper 40s in the suburbs. 48 in silver spring. clouds come in the morning. temperatures in the 40s. the wind turns north. 43 now in gaithersburg. by 9:00 we have a little bit of sun. temperatures in the 50s. by lunchtime temperatures 55 in gaithersburg and 56 in leesburg. not a bad day. we have just been
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spoiled. 48 at 7:00 a.m. 52 at 9:00. almost 60 by 1:00 p.m. so, showers on wednesday. not a washout. warmer on thursday, upper 60s to near 70. friday, cooler, mid-50s, kind of cold on sunday. then up in the 50s on monday. what they day. >> we are feeling good about the redskins. >> more importantly about kirk cousins. >> i will be honest i was a doubter in kirk cousins. the fans are very excited. kirk cousins was sensational. a perfect quarterback rating. the victory had even more meaning for his family. we will explain next in sports. winter is coming.
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on top of all other low ford friends and neighbors offers. it all ends november 30th. if you had your doubts about the redskins and the quarterback situation those were put to rest yesterday. kirk cousins with four touchdown throws and now interceptions. they get to the win 47-14. we know kirk cousins as a quarterback but not so much as a son.
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we got a look at him giving his father the game ball yesterday. his father had undergone cancer treatments. he had a perfect quarterback rating. a special moment for the family. >> that is awesome for he and his father. it was a great family moment. they are going to far some tough moments. it was a heck of a tribute. he is a first-class individual. i am glad he is able to do that for his father. >> for years it was the complaint of i want maryland and georgetown play each other? they could never make it happen. the last time they played was in 1993. now they are trying to renew the rivalry. tomorrow night they play at xfinity center. the terps had a win over mount st. mary's last friday
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night. they have their seniors coming back also. the coach knows all about the history with maryland and georgetown. he is ready for the matchup. >> i know john has their attention for two days. you would much rather play a team after they had won by 20 the losing a tough game. but because it is an early, it is a big the game, we will be ready to go. >> georgetown lost on a buzzer beater to radford in double overtime on saturday. they may have taken that game lightly but they can not to that against maryland. -- but they can't do that against maryland tomorrow night. >> at every position they have an
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elite player. there are many things that we did on saturday that we can't do tomorrow. >> tomorrow night at 7:00 special pregame coverage right here on wusa9. jerry williams will be on the show breaking down the matchup. it should be a great night. we are really looking forward to these teams playing. >> the whole area is excited about it. >> we are glad to see the redskins win. >> smiles all ar
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>> pelley: tonight terror in paris. the victims are honored with
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silence and avenged with thunder. police go on a manhunt for accomplices. and identify a possible mastermind. more u.s. governors say no to syrian refugees. the president defends his war on isis. >> the strategy that we are putting forward is the strategy that ultimately is going to work. >> pelley: and a tale of two survivors. when you went into the cafeƩ what did you see? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. reporting tonight from paris. >> pelley: the bells here at the cathedral of notre dame tommed today --


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