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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  November 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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france has 3500 troops operating in mali and four other neighboring countries. in 2012 the french military intervened to push out extremist that seized the city's and towns in northern mali. after today's attack al qaeda's demand for their prisoners to be freed. >> tonight officials are trying to verify the status of all american citizens in mali. all of the americans are said to be safe.
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of mali the heartbreak over the massacre was almost too much to bare. >> no one is safe in my country right now. i feel so sorry, you know? it is too much. >> reporter: many from mali now living in washington say their country is peaceful. they say the radisson blu hotel is new. >> reporter: caters to western tourists. >> and caters to western
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tourists. -- and caters to western tourists. in june, mali's government signed in agreement with the rivers they are giving many a sense of hope that calm had triumphed over violence. >> i am at a loss. this is affecting my family and friends. my sister worked close to the hotel where this happened. i am totally astonished. >> reporter: late this afternoon mali is ambassador shared his thoughts. >> what the terrorists want is to create on security -- is to create a sense of no security in mali. the will to fight against terror is very strong in mali. >> reporter: the ambassador told us a few minutes ago when there is at insecurity over terrorism there is a steep decline in
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investment, which is very harmful in a country by mali. when there is no investment he says there is misery. that misery begets more violence. reporting live from the embassy of mali, andrea mccarron, wusa9. >> the president of france had pledged to offer support he can to mali. he has dispatched in elite paramilitary group trained in hostage rescue. tonight, people in paris marking one week since the terror attacks. the death toll reached 130 today. >> i just think about all of the people that are dead. all of the families that have been affected. >> french lawmakers voted to extend the state of emergency another three months. police have conduct it nearly 800 raids since then, including the one that killed
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abdelhamid abaaoud. police are still searching for a terrorist a terrorist to slipped away after the massacre. while the man held for him has extended to the netherlands authorities admit they have no idea where he is. we have numbers that indicate terror threats have had little effect on visitors to washington. scott broom is a live with the story. >> reporter: we reported that some schools were canceling trips to washington but the actual numbers were some indicator that most people are choosing freedom over fear. >> you can't be held hostage by this. life has got to go on. >> reporter: travelers headed to the area today. >> i hate to fly but i felt secure. >> most likely nothing will happen.
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>> i will not live i will not live my life like that. >> reporter: these are the sentiments proven out by the numbers. dismissed sony in reports -- the smithsonian reports its numbers are running unchanged, the metro system shows numbers of riders up slightly this week. this comes in the wake of video threats from isis that washington will be targeted. it is a threat to a threat to visitors told me they told take lightly but not so much that they consider washington off-limits. >> i will not stop my daily life because something might happen. anything can happen at any moment. >> reporter: the only visible acknowledgment of all of the threats have been flags at half staff here in washington. coming up at 6:00 the ultimate soft
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target which was proven today in mali, hotels and what guests in washington are thinking about. reporting live, scott broom. >> there will be a lot of people traveling in the next week. right now, homeless people in a tent city along rock creek parkway are being evicted. crews are dismantling the tents and tossing debris into trash trucks. the city health and human services department has declared the site to be unsafe and unsanitary. the people have been living there for up to a year in some cases. >> i am not going to the shelter. >> they have bedbugs. would you go to one? >> the deputy mayor brenda
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donald says all 40 of the people who have been there have been offered space in shelters or apartments. most have chosen to remain on the streets. bruce johnson was there when the evacuation to place. he will have more reaction coming up at 6:00. a a post being on a gyrocopter gave washington quite a scare several months ago. today, doug hughes pleaded guilty to flying an aircraft without a pilots license. hughes, plans to march back to dc before his sentencing at the front of a parade of thousands demanding finance campaign reform. we have more from the courthouse. >> reporter: he is not going quietly. he is facing as much as three years in prison for his a gyrocopter flight up to the capital capital. he is promising to stay out of trouble for now but his supporters are threatening
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civil disobedience. he smiled and waived a protest sign after pleading guilty. he is not your standard convict. >> if i had to choose between saying i feel remorseful or spending 90 days in jail i will spend the 90 days in jail. >> reporter: are you afraid of going to jail? >> of course. >> reporter: but he said he was not afraid when he flew his gyrocopter to the white house. the stunt sent security scrambling and forced a lot of soul-searching about what was supposed to be the nation's most secure airspace but, hughes says he was just trying to deliver letters demanding campaign finance reform. >> people who were complacent before are not complacent now. >> reporter: as part of the deal prosecutors dropped one half dozen charges that could have earned him a decade in prison but now he
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is planting more protests. just before his sentencing and the anniversary and the anniversary of his flight and prosecutors say he may be hoping to turn the proceedings into a circus. >> i disagree with anyone who thinks representing democracy is a circus. >> it will be the largest sieve is disobedience agassi -- it will be one of the largest civil disobedience stands. >> reporter: live in the courthouse in dc, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> the attorney says hughes puts put himself and countless others in danger. the prosecutor helps the play will deter anyone else.
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we know the names of the victims of an atv crash who were killed after hitting in suv wednesday night. one of them is crystal goff, the 31-year old lease behind two children. the other victim is gene hutchinson, he was a father of five. wusa9's loved ones have set up a gofundme page. a guilty verdict for one of the son of bob mcdonald. a judge found robert mcdonald guilty of driving under the influence last year. donald's license was suspended for a year. his attorney says he will appeal. we are just getting starting here at wusa9. they fairfax police officer charged with murder wants out of jail ahead of his trial. a virginia mayor taking back controversial comments about
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syrian refugees. temperatures are going to fall very quickly. this is wisconsin avenue. temperatures 50 by 6:00 but 46 by 8:00. the suburbs will be in the 30s by 10:00. we will come back, we are tracking some snow that will have a big impact on our weather late in the weekend. she was near death but in order for her to live someone else had to die. how one woman is grateful for the man she never met.
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cleanup underway at howard university after a car crashed
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into a dormitory. police say no one inside was hurt in the accident. the person behind the wheel is charged with reckless driving. david bowers apologizing for comments he made about syrian refugees. on wednesday he suggested the refugees should be treated like japanese americans who were sent to camps during world war ii. today, he said, it is not in his heart to be racist and he apologized to everyone offended by his remarks. the apology comes as the roanoke city council met to discuss his comments. we are going to talk about something positive now. it is the time of year we think about what we are thankful for -- what we are thankful for. we are all sharing what we are grateful for.
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>> we are coming towards to thousand post on the wall of gratitude. the stories are so touching. amanda, wanted to share how grateful she is for her donor,  man who had to die in order for her to live. >> i am grateful for my donor, i have his kidney and liver. if i had not gotten his organs i would not be here today. i can't tell you how sick i was. >> you weren't going to make it? >> no, i wasn't. we all make bargains with god and my was i just want to get a bit better a bit better that they will let me come home and give me painkillers if i needed them. but, i wanted to spend time with my son. two let days later they put me back on the list.
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-- two days later they put me back on the list. my donor died on wednesday, friday night they told me they had a match. >> if you could say anything to him, what would you say? >> thank you. there are no words. it is priceless the gift i was given. i wish it was errcumstances but, it is not, but, i know, that i am living a lif that i can make a difference. that i will always be grateful to him and his family. >> to make the difference he is urging people to consider to be organ donors. we want you to share what you are grateful for.
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you can instagram with the hashtag -- you can instagram with #wallofgratitude. you can also e-mail us at our website. >> it is catching on. thank you. if you want to see the wall of gratitude just go to >> reporter: you can also do it from our free app. a first for the christmas tree. the 75-foot spruce arrived today after a journey. it took it a week to get here. it came from a park in alaska and survived three days in a storm at sea. the christmas tree has been a holiday tradition that started in the 1960s and the lighting ceremony will be december 2. >> it came a long way.
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usually they go to upstate new york or california. >> we are looking at the 3- degree guarantee. i was off yesterday. the midnight temperature messed me up. so we went for a high today of 61 and i felt pretty good. i think this will work. the daytime high was a little bit cooler today. not a bad day. a live look outside this is looking south down wisconsin avenue. a little bit of daylight still left. it is 53 right now. relative humidity at 21%. now is the time to start adding moisture back into your atmosphere of your house. the wind will not be a factor tonight.
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temperatures will fall quickly because it is clear. we have got low humidity so temperatures fall quickly. chilly tomorrow for the football game. 50s during the game. coldest so far will be sunday and monday. the good news, mild and a quiet travel day on wednesday. thursday looks nice too with temperatures in the 50s. which is key if you are trying to deep fry a turkey. 10:00 tonight, 37 degrees in gaithersburg. 43 downtown. 36 in rock field. at 7:00 in the morning temperatures in the 30s. upper 30s downtown. at 10:00, 40s and a little windy. 45 in gaithersburg. 45 in
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leesburg. clear skies but, clouds begin to come in from the south, 1:00 we are at 52. by 5:00 some clouds roll in. this storm put up to 8 inches of snow in chicago. so, the first snowfall of the season for them. 5:00, 50, downtown, 48 in leesburg. by 7:30 temperatures still in the 40s across the board. tonight, clear skies, colder, temperatures fall quickly. 28-38, the wind will become northeast at 10 miles per hour. by afternoon tomorrow clouds begin to come in. still not a bad day. the wind will pick up out of the south east at 50 miles per hour. 30s to start, these are
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downtown temperatures, 38 at 7:00, 52 by 1:00. sunday, we start to get colder, 51. it will feel like it is in the 40s with the wind. it will be in the 40s on monday with sunshine. the 302 on sunshine -- that 32 on sunday is the first freezing temperature of the season. turkey day does not look bad. low 60s with sunshine next friday. after 30 years 30 years in prison jonathan pollard is a free man. the american convicted of spying for israel walked out of a prison this morning. his imprisonment has been a constant irritant between u.s. and israeli relations. terms of his release require him to remain in the states for five
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according to the fbi 60% of shooter attacks are over before police arrived. now, law enforcement agencies are trying to educate the public on how to survive on their own. dc police is one of those agencies. >> the options are to run, hide or fight. >> reporter: that is what you tell people to do? >> it is the best option. >> the rest of that interview is sunday on "60 minutes." united healthcare says it is considering no longer providing insurance coverage to the affordable care act. they are struggling to attract enough healthy customers to offset customers for sick people. they say they will announce a decision
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next year. the next time use used shop at the home depot you may want to click on the agency that issues recalls. the home improvement retailer sold home-improvement retailer sold 28 products even after they had been recalled. home depot sold more than 2300 of those items and it is illegal to do that. let's talk black friday. it is only a week away. amazon kicks off eight days to black friday deals. amazon prime subscribers will have access to all of the holiday deals. the company will have a larger lineup of discontinued items also. they may not have made the playoffs but the nationals and the fans have something to celebrate. >> in honor of bryce harper's mvp selection they were out handing out black i stickers today in
5:27 pm
washington. >> it was so wonderful watching him get the award yesterday. he gave a big shout out to the fans, the city, it what -- it was not just his family it was us too. >> a lot of pride in the city over his selection. >> that is the spirit. the victim in this video has a message for the two women. a police officer charged with murder makes his case to get out
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a judge denies bond for the fairfax county police officer who killed john geer. the trial is set next month for adam torres who is facing murder charges. we were in the courtroom this afternoon. >> reporter: the judge denied all three defense motions, he refused to dismiss the murder indictment, change of venue is and denied bond for the man who killed john geer. the family of the accused sat in the courtroom and they walked out not saying a word. can you tell us how your family is doing? the wife of adam torres walks out of the courthouse after seeing her husband accused of murder.
5:31 pm
the defense attorney argued to release adam torres because of the defendants wife is pregnant. there two daughters have not seen her father since he was indicted. prosecutors say adam torres remains a threat. saying, he shot john geer in the chest, killing the man who was unarmed with his hands up in the doorway of his home. they say adam torres' mental state was deteriorating and he had issues at work while dealing with marital issues. prosecutors say it does not make sense to release him before his trial. the defense argues that adam torres is having trouble in jail. he has been placed in isolation because of threats. the judge had no sympathy and would not dismiss the case.
5:32 pm
defense attorneys say they wanted the case out of fairfax because they say the media got it wrong when they described john geer was unarmed. prosecutors say that was exactly right, that he was not armed, that his gun was holstered at least 3 feet away. meanwhile, prosecutors say they are ready for the trial in three weeks. >> the judge is considering allowing cameras in the courtroom. in attorney says fairfax county has three years of experience with video in high profile cases. other media outlets are supporting the request for cameras in the courtroom. police have a new clue in the death of a man in springdale. the homicide unit is sharing surveillance video. it shows the 59-year old traveling in his car
5:33 pm
alone moments before he was shot. police say the investigation revealed he was not traveling with the shooter. someone outside of the car fire that shot that killed him. the victim in this video says, he has forgiven the two women. he tells us that he is actively trying to get prosecutors to drop the charges against the women. he calls the whole thing in embarrassing and humility experience. one of the dancers was arrested. we have new information on an accident in prince george's county. charles fletcher was killed in a crash. police say for reasons that are unclear the driver of a second car crossed the centerline yesterday and hit his car. he was pronounced dead on the scene. the second the driver suffered in on lightning -- the second driver
5:34 pm
suffered long -- suffered non- life-threatening injuries. a group of immigrants walked to end the deportations today. a circuit court has blocks the presidents program so now millions of people live in fear of deportation. >> it is hard for me to imagine how my daughter will grow up if i am not with her. that is the fear that many people have. it is important to keep the family together. >> many of the people at the rally are "dreamers" or their parents. many fear they will be deported. donald trump coming under fire for suggesting a mandatory database should be created to track muslims. jeb bush says he finds it abhorrent that he is suggesting we should register people. hillary clinton is surging
5:35 pm
ahead of bernie sanders. she is a leading the democrats 55-30%. martin o'malley is way back with just three%. the poll was conducted just days after the second democratic debate. this man spent eight years in prison for robbing a bank at gunpoint. after prison he had waited from law school and got married. but he can't get admitted to the state bar, does he deserve a second chance? tonight at 11:00 a look at a bill before congress that gives second chances after serving time. a school assignment involving isis has a lot of parents fired up. celebrities may soon get a vip treatment at an airport. do you remember this? the father walking around vegas
5:36 pm
with the camera pointed at himself? he is going to get another chance. temperatures will fall quickly tonight. by morning we are at 32 in gaithersburg. probably in the upper 20s
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taking a look at tonight's trending stories this is a controversial school project and it has a lot of parents talking. a history teacher assigning school work, the front page lists eight reasons why young muslims should join isis. on the back students are asked to draw a terrorism propaganda poster. school leaders admit the assignment was inappropriate. >> she was just very enthusiastic and wanted students to understand propaganda is not good.
5:40 pm
>> it she will continue to work at the school but, now all of her assignments have to get the green light from faculty. >> jenny mccarthy clarifying comments he made about charlie sheen after his announcement. she played his love interest on the hit cbs show. on wednesday she said it was scary playing across from him looking back at it now but yesterday she said, that charlie sheen not disclosing his hiv status represent a double standard in the film industry. she said "if an actress has to disclose her business before kissing a costar that actor should be required to do the same." >> do you remember this guy? he only shot himself walking around vegas. it turns out he will get another chance. the las vegas convention authority is paying
5:41 pm
him to go back to las vegas. >> of course they are. >> he is going to get the vip treatment. millions of people watched these clips of him taking in the size with the lens pointed at himself. i guess vegas is hoping the video will go viral. we will see. >> also, something that could be the downfall of us all. the company oreo announced a customer can now pick up this new oreo in the grocery store. you know how i am about chocolate. it has a crumb sugar topping and cream filling. the company tried to do this last year. the brand has been around for 103 years.
5:42 pm
>> it is worth a try. >> it may soon be difficult to interview celebrities at los angeles international airport. they will create a separate building for celebrities, diplomats and other high profile people. according to them celebrities will be able to drive through a lot and take a shuttle to their gate. how nice. the service will not be free. it will cost as much as $1800 per traveler. good luck with that. >> coming up, you will meet two time olympian who spent a recent weekend on merle walters teaching his craft to high school canoe enthusiast. how a group of students in dc are trying to change what we think
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i am peggy fox in spotsylvania
5:46 pm
county where tensions remain high over a plan to build a mosque on that piece of property. you may have seen the video that we showed of that meeting that turned ugly when a man started shouting. since then, there has been support for the muslim community. today i talked to people on both sides. we spoke with a woman who was at the meeting who comes to the defense of the man who was a shouting insults. i will have the story at 6:00. a class is counting the homicide rate almost as closely as of the school days. they know the impact of 148 lives lost. this week they are taking steps to change that reality and the way the rest of us think about their community. >> reporter: these aren't just a random chance or models that would be nice to embrace. >> i heard three shots and my
5:47 pm
cousin was shot. >> reporter: this is real life for the 5th graders at this elementary school, trying to tackle in identity crisis unfolding all around them. >> i want things to change. >> it is disappointing. we had to do this to make the community better. >> reporter: what is the current story that is being told about your community? >> that people are dying. >> reporter: chilled -- fueled by a challenge to change the narrative the students decided they would lead the charge and illuminate the darkest problems illuminating their community with a walk.
5:48 pm
they want adults who are supposed to lead to step up. >> they could coach us. >> reporter: for now, the children are the life guides. tired of the same story. ready to craft a new one. >> we have got to give back. >> when we get home we could help clean up the community. >> reporter: they hope you will be inspired to join them. >> if you are a light and you are shining that is a great example. >> the classmates will gather outside of their school wearing these shirts adorned with lights starting at 7:00 tonight. the students are collecting toiletries to give to the homeless. it is a testament for children who have lost so much to know the value of giving.
5:49 pm
thank you for showing up. welcome. >> i did not want to walk behind you. >> we are looking at a cold weekend but i am going to talk about snow in the midwest. is that so wrong? take a live look outside this is from our the studios looking at wisconsin avenue. temperatures are falling quickly. it is 53 downtown but it is the 40s in most of the suburbs. humidity is at 21%. temperatures will fall quickly tonight. outside you will be in the 30s. breezy and cold for the game tomorrow but drive. not bad. the coldest so far will be sunday and monday. the good news is
5:50 pm
milder and quiet travel day for wednesday and thanksgiving day looks quiet too. let's go to the midwest. maybe 6-7 inches through chicago. a winter storm -- a winter storm warning is in effect. we will keep an eye on that storm. that storm will bring a cold front through your saturday night. we won't get snow but we will be cold. 10:00 tonight pretty cold, 39 in leesburg. 43 downtown. 47 in manassas. at 7:00 in the morning everyone is in the 30s but it is clear. at 10:00 everyone is back in the 40s. by 1:00 the clouds beginning to move into southern maryland that will move across the metro area throughout the
5:51 pm
evening. temperatures 50 downtown but mainly in the 40s. the good news about the clouds they will keep temperatures up a little bit. it gets really cold on sunday night. it will be the first time downtown has had a temperature of three 2 degrees of the season. up to 52 by 1:00 p.m. not bad. sunday is cold, 51, even colder on monday, only 45. the good news is it is 50 on tuesday. low 50s on wednesday. turkey day is 55. 62 on friday. you can golf on friday, the day after thanksgiving. when you are a student at
5:52 pm
the lead learning from your coach is paramount to success. imagine getting instruction from the best of the best while still in high school. diane roberts has more on olympians sharing their knowledge with local teenagers. >> reporter: he is a two time olympian, he spent a saturday afternoon on the course of maryland at a kayaking camp. the kids aren't getting trained by just anybody, their coaches are olympians. he is a two time olympian. rick was his partner for the 2008 games. now they share their knowledge with other kids. >> just be aggressive. i love i love working with the kids because it is nice to know there is someone that will follow me. >> reporter: he is a ninth grader attending the academy so,
5:53 pm
taking part in a learning like this is valuable especially with such accomplished instructors. >> they are the inspiration here. they are like my big brothers. >> reporter: this in junior appreciates what the guys bring to the outdoor classroom. >> it is interesting to hear their perspective. it is usually totally different. it is really good to have the difference. >> it is a challenge but, we tried to do our best with it. there are new people to take her play -- there are new people to take our place as we retire. >> reporter: in dickerson, diane roberts, wusa9 sports. >> a pretty cool story. one of those instructors is in rio right now on the course competing for
5:54 pm
next year -- getting ready to compete for next year. >> it looks like a lot of fun. you don't usually think of the kids doing that. >> a very good story. still to come, americans escape a deadly ambush by terrorists at a mali hotel. also, new information about the whereabouts of the ringleader on the night of the paris attacks. discover the world
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when you have a pressing medical problem do you head to the emergency room or in urgent care center? marley hall find out it depends on what the problem is. >> reporter: a sports injury left him with two fractures. he chose to seek treatment at the urgent care center rather than the emergency room. >> it is great, very convenient. >> reporter: the medical director says urgent care is best for non- life-threatening emergencies. >> a minor cut, or a fracture, or a minor illness. >> reporter: urgent care can do x-rays and some tests but for
5:58 pm
more advanced care experts say go to the hospital, especially if you have symptoms of a stroke or heart attack. >> if you are having chest pain or abdominal pain go to the hospital. >> reporter: to start or -- this doctor says there is some great area. >> maybe you have pneumonia, some of those cases can be managed in urgent care center. some are better in the hospital. rex back -- >> reporter: it is best to use in urgent care center affiliated with the hospital. marley hall, wusa9. >> experts say there is an additional factor to consider. they say people with underlying conditions should also go to the -- should always go to the hospital. islamic extremist strike again. france extend their state of
5:59 pm
emergency. tensions remain high following a public confrontation over a new mosque set be built in northern virginia. good evening i am bruce johnson. a hostage crisis at a mali in -- at a hotel in mali is over now. we have just learned at least one american died in the siege. bystanders applauded troops who helped in a standoff at the hotel in mali. extremists stormed the radisson blu hotel. witnesses say the man shouted "god is great" in arabic. at least 170 people were taken hostage. security forces went door to door and led dozens to safety. as many as 14 of the hostages are american. the president was asked about the siege doing a meeting.
6:00 pm
>> we are monitoring the situation. >> reporter: 20 to us defense employees are all safe. french soldiers and special forces helped in the operation. the hotel is popular with foreigners. two term groups tied to al qaeda are claimed responsibility. terrace also took over mali in 2012. thousands of french soldiers remain in the country. the malian community in washington is reacting to the violence. some gathered today at the embassy of mali. many living in the area still have family in mali and now they are concerned about their safety. >> no one is safe in my country right now. i feel so sorry,


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