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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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refugees. the u.s. calling on its coalition countries to step up the war in isis. francois hollande says the fight is even more urgent. craig boswell reports. >> reporter: the president and francois hollande say they agree on the fight against isis. >> it must be destroyed and we must do it together. >> reporter: a visit with the president is the first stop for francois hollande. >> assistance has supported french strikes in syria and we will keep stepping up that coordination. >> reporter: the meeting comes 11 days after the attacks hit harris. francois hollande says the united states and pressure will need to work together to fight the group but the obama administration says russia must change its mission in syria to focus solely on isis.
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>> russia is a coalition of two, iran. >> reporter: russia supporting -- and russia supporting syria. >> reporter: francois hollande now heads to germany to look for support then to russia to meet with vladimir putin. >> we must find a solution to the crisis. >> reporter: russian fighter jets have been hitting syrian targets but the administration says the strikes are intended to help aside survive against the rebels. >> complicating the situation, turkey shooting down a russian fighter jet. the jet anchored airspace before it was shut down before the syrian border. video shows two crew members parachuting to the ground. at least one is
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reported dead. turkey says the jet ignored warnings. >> the warnings were made -- we could hear them, the coalition operation center could hear. >> the military also says here in double shot on a russian helicopter searching for the pilot. vladimir putin said the incident would have significant consequences for his country's relations with turkey. prosecutors in paris have file charges against a man who offered a room to the suspected leader of the attacks. the man says he did not know who they were or what they had planned to do. police later shot and killed that suspected ringleader. prosecutors believed he had been planning another attack in paris and that he returned to the concert for all massacre while police were still there looking
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for him. uneasiness in the air tonight at the airport as travelers flocked to the airport are one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. there is a new worldwide travel alert for all americans. andrea mccarron is live from the airport. >> reporter: there is a strong police presence here and right after that travel alert you mentioned, that of course was issued because officials strongly believe isis, al qaeda, boko haram, all plan terror attacks in multiple locations. her expression speaks volumes, she was among the travelers we told about the morning. >> it is a little nerve-racking. it is a shame what is going on in the world. >> reporter: she just got married on saturday. >> we are heading to africa right now. that is not good news to find out. >> reporter: they are headed
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on a safari. >> for us to be scared of going on our only honeymoon is so bad. >> reporter: they are not alone, most people said they were worried about flying. >> i think they are homegrown sort of terrace. they can be living down your street. >> i don't think it is a good thing to overreact. >> reporter: they are not among the anxious travelers. >> i have been aware that things have not been good but i am sure that things are taken care of. >> reporter: you feel safe? >> i feel safe. >> reporter: after 57 years of marriage they take most things in stride. you can see traffic is at a crawl that the arrivals. you may want to leave extra time if you are picking up a loved one. just to be clear, that morning does not
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mean united states officials are urging americans not to travel or cancel their plans just to be extra vigilant in public places. for the record, i hope we did not spoil the honeymooners vacation. reporting live, andrea mccarron, wusa9. >> the state department alert for americans will stay in place until the end of february. tunisian is president has declared a state of emergency following a terrorist attack that killed 15 people. it targeted a bus carrying presidential guards. etsecrofary state john kerry is in the middle east night meeting with the israeli prime minister and the
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palestinian president. the meetings, made a new series of palestinian attacks on israelis, including the murder of an american. john kerry condemned the violence. the governor against efforts to stop syrian refugees from entering virginia. the governor said logic gates weather refugees come to the country in my governors do not have any say in the matter. >> i have no say, the only thing i can do, is to say i don't want the 11 million a year that comes to us for refugee resettlement because if i don't take the money i have to eliminate the position at my department of social services who tracks everyone. >> he said if the state does not participate refugees can still come to face of -- through faith based situations. the governor announces plans to extend express lanes in origin
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virginia. the lanes would go in extra 2 miles south. just a short time ago a short time ago the president awarded the presidential medal of freedom to some 17 people. it is a country's highest civilian honor. among those is barbara mikulski. she is the longest serving women on -- she is a longest-serving woman on capitol hill. >> we are all lucky that she has been with us for such a long time. [applause] >> earlier this year she announced she would retire when her current term ends in 2017.
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coming up, chicago braces for unrest after a city cop is charged with murder. temperatures tomorrow are about spot on average. 56 in leesburg. 53 in silver spring. 55 in fairfax. we will come back and talk about how warm it is going
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the first trial in the for the gray case start next monday. william porter is charged with manslaughter. a judge ruled the jurors will not be sequestered but will remain anonymous. porter is one of six baltimore police officers charged in freddie gary's death. a white police officer in chicago has been charged with killing a black teenager. jason van dyke pumped 16 bullets into laquan mcdonald and a dozen of those shots after the 17-year old was on the ground. prosecutors say laquan mcdonald was holding a knife when he was shot but they say witnesses claim he was moving away from the officer.
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police in minneapolis have arrested two men suspected of firing shots into a crowd of protesters. five people were wounded as a protested the shooting death of a black man named jamaal clark. that was nine days ago it might be protest have not let up since. prosecutors say it will be up to a grand jury weather to bring -- prosecutors say it will be up to a grand jury weather files to bring any charges. hundreds of airport workers are staging a hunger strike to convince private contractors to raise their wages to $15 an hour. the workers now make 6-$12 an hour as baggage handlers, security line guides and airplane cleaners. coming up, four siblings discover the world
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we have been expressing our thanks for family colleagues and you our viewers, we have
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created the wall of gratitude which you can see rape -- which you can see right behind me. we are asking you to tell us what you are grateful for. your response will go right here on the wall joining messages like this one. this woman is grateful for her mother and she is happy about her siblings and the people who surround her with love. we are turning many of these messages into stories. we have made it very easy for you to post your message on the wall of gratitude. you can treat or instagram, you can tweet or instagram or you can post something on our facebook page. in unusual family reunion underway. four siblings who grew up in different families are now connect for the first time. as peggy fox explains more siblings could be out there.
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>> reporter: they are about to meet their little brother, they never knew existed. >> excited, nervous. >> reporter: they are half this yours and just met a few months ago. julie was at the did when she was a baby. >> i was adopted through catholic charities. >> reporter: she is now 45 years old, 20 years ago she connected with her birth mother. >> she was a young teenager. >> reporter: her birth father never knew she existed. this summer she asked her husband to help find him. she has siblings with different mothers but different father. she found them, children of two separate marriages living in virginia. >> that is him! that is him! >> reporter: now, they are about to meet their little brother, he is in sky high school.
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-- who is in high school. he has just flown in where his newfound older sisters are waiting. >> we were betting how tall you would be. i just want to get to know him back -- i just want to get to know him. i am looking forward to getting to know him. >> reporter: they have already identified another sister in atlanta and they think there are more. >> i have never flown before. this was my first time. this has blown my mind but maybe happy. i could not be more blessed with what has happened. >> reporter: they are four and counting, this family is growing in a most unusual way. peggy fox, wusa9.
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>> the family believes there could be as many as 13 siblings that have the same father. people are hitting the road everywhere. >> the airlines may try but you can't blame it on the weather. let's go to the far west. sunshine in seattle. this is wednesday, 43 in portland, snow in great falls, only 12 degrees for a high. cool but clear, san francisco in the mid-50s. mid-70s in phoenix, not too bad. there are winter storm warnings in effect for much of the cascades. 51 in albuquerque. 43 in denver.
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you are okay in denver on wednesday but it could be different on thanksgiving. a little bit of snow tomorrow, not a big deal. chicago will be fine. the. 70 in dallas. that should not be a problem. 59 at hartsfield airport. 59 in charlotte. tampa will be 79. very quiet to the northeast. 43 in boston. 51 in buffalo. 50 to in detroit. -- 53 in detroit. humidity is at 46%. not as cold tonight. bus stop temperature is 28-43. a beautiful wednesday. a mild thanksgiving and warmer on
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friday. 10:00 tonight 35 in manassas. 40 to downtown. 30 degrees by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. mid-30s downtown. by 9:00 a.m. we are back to the low 40s. lunch time it is really nice. 53 downtown. low 50s in gaithersburg. maybe even 56 towards fredericksburg. a fantastic, i made a fantastic wednesday. we are at 51 by 11:00. it gets better and better. thursday 60 degrees with sunshine. 65 on friday with a few clouds. we are going to keep the chance of a shower on saturday and sunday. back to the mid-50s on monday. one final game for the
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terps? >> a tough season not just for the football team but for their fans too. coming up they get ready to close it out this weekend. this team still has a lot to be proud of despite the record. i will explain coming up in sports. to liana has never given up hope, now she is the one who is
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maryland has one final chance
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to get their head coach his first win and finished this forgettable season on a high note. they have lost eight straight games. this saturday they close out the year against rutgers. not much of anything has gone well for this team this season but the coach says his guys are still playing with heart and he is proud of them for that. >> when you go to far as what we go to under the microscope, a lot of people in life have the opportunity to have their failures be private unfortunately, in sports it is magnified. these are kids that are maturing and i think they have handled it tremendously and i am really proud of them. the soccer team having an incredible season, they just knocked off virginia. sunday they face notre dame in the third. round of the tournament. these programs arey
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one another. >> what now we play another rival in notre dame. i certainly have not forgotten the loss. we also played a good game against them this year. it sets up for a tremendous matchup. >> there was a lot of hype surrounding the washington wizards before the season started. right now they are 6-4 and on a three-game winning streak. tonight's game against indiana will give us a clear picture of how they stack up in the conference. they look to make it four straight. it is something the team is trying not to focus on. >> i am looking at this game tonight. usually when you get a win it helps. moving on to tomorrow night so, that is all we are focused on right now.
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>> washington capitals netminder was incredible last night with 33 saves. do we give justin williams credit for the performance? he fell on top of the goaltender, a scary moment but he turned out to be okay. that was really scary. but, he put up in incredible performance. he was the star of the show. we are fine tonight. we are going to warm up quickly. a little cooler over the weekend with some showers possible. it should not affect the game. >> that is a n
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>> pelley: a russian warplane is shot down after it strays into turkey. >> turkey, like every country, has a right to defend the territory and its airspace. >> pelley: also tonight, a warning about a copycat terror attack in the u.s. > don't be afraid. be aware. >> pelley: a white chicago police officer is charged with murdering a black teenager. and the nation's highest civilian honor is presented to a group of great americans from yogi berra-- >> it ain't over till it's over. >> pelley: to james captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the incident has major implications for the war on isis and peace in europe. the head of nato is calling for calm tonight after


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