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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  December 26, 2015 8:00am-10:01am EST

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. welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." a tornado rips through part of alabama in a latest of severe weather battering the south. also holiday on hold. fedex races to deliver still-delayed packages. >> more and more places are grounding hover boards. plus they have less than bun second to capture the images they have waited hours for. meet the photographer out to shoot the moon. but we begin this morning with a
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look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> felt like someone was clawing the tin off the house, the roof. >> another round of storms slams the southeast. >> birmingham getting hit with a tornado. >> record highs for the holiday. and weout st snow storms in the forecast. >> snow a huge problem across the pan handle of texas as well as portions of new mexico. >> president obama paid tribute to six u.s.op tros recently killed in afghanistan. >> we never take for granted what all of you do for the am picaneople. >> forced the closure of two major roads in southern california. firefighters are working to bale an uncontained fighters. >> and firefighters in australia are struggling to contain bush fires that have destroyed homes. >> fusurio that fedex didn't
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deliver packages in time for christmas. >> there is your lesson. don't procrastinate. i ill don't think aisle ever learn. >> a astronaut calling from a abovhee t earth. pretty good service. >> and that awkward moment, when you call king james a cry baby and he looks right at you. oh oh, oops. >> a full moon hasn't appeared on christmas day since 1997. >> next time we'll see it is 2034. >> do the math, right? >> "cbs this morning saturday." >> mid court, over durant. oh, merry christmas timmy butler. ♪ and welcome to the weekend, everyone. we hope your christmas was merry. we have some great guests for you this morning, including two
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of the key figures behind to controversial new film concussi concussion. we'll to to bennett omalu, the real life doctor. >> also call him the commander of commander's palestine. he's run new orleans restaurant for nearly 15 years. and he'll bring his stories from the big easy to the dish. and the members of this group called the best newcomer at this years la la plooz. they will perform ahead in our saturday session. first breaking news overnight as more severe weather batters the south. a clean up is under way in north central alabama including the city of birmingham after a tornado struck on friday. flooding is also a big problem. mimissssisissippi i stst. . lou
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were killed during christmas week. >> another storm system is moving across mississippi bringing wind, hail and winds over 40 miles per hour. >> this is bad. this is really bad. >> she came home to no sign of christmas joy. >> this is where i used to live. and it's gone. >> the house she shared with her husband, son and daughter for the past nine years is shattered among a grove of shattered degr trees. her 35-year-old son was the only one home. he's hospitalized with a broken pelvis and cuts. >> could have been worse.
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we could have been planning a funeral instead and we're not. so i'm so thankful for that. >> they searched for mementos. >> pictures of my mom. she passed away in 2010 and i would look at it every night before i go to bed. >> the wilkins' home is among hundreds destroyed by the cluster of deadly tornados. the youngest victim was trapped in a car with his mother and sister. the winds ripped him out of the vehicle. among the six who died in tennessee, three were found in a car submerged in a river. this aerial view shows the devastation of the most powerful storm. it reportedly stayed on the ground for at least 145 miles packing winds of up to 160 miles per hour. rooftops torn off, trees pulled from the earth roots and all.
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barbara williamson was inside her home when it shredded around her. >> i don't know how i'm alive. it's a christmas miracle. >> at the red cross emergency center the christmas spirit was on full display. laverne zin picked out new gifts for her nieces and nephews. >> had the gifts under the christmas tree. they got destroyed. and anything that anybody give them. they are thankful for. the smile on their face, that makes me happy. >> some families have lost everything have yet to return home to salvage what they can. the weather is still too rough. this is one christmas anthony they will always remember. >> a very rough one. thank you mark. severe weather is expected across much of the nation's midsection through the weekend
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and parts of the northeast could get a winter wallop. mary kay is tracking the storm from chicago. good morning. >> good morning to you. we see rain now pushing from the gulf of mexico but this is going to be enhanced. instability ahead but a lot of winter warnings available today. blizzard warning in purple and winter storms in blue. from albuquerque to minneapolis we're going to be dealing with this major storm. the severe threat is in the area in red. the gulf coast states could see tornados today as the wind shear ahead of the system. it's an icy mix behind this but the snow we're focusing on for the texas pan handle. 12-18 inches with white outs and poor visibility there. you can see these waves of thunderstorms building ahead of
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the main system. especially during the day tomorrow into eastern texas. then on the backside of it we're going to see that heavy snow more the texas pan handle wrap through on monday. so this is a long lived storm behind the jet. colder air in salt lake city, 18 in denver. 77 in little rock. 70 in lexington and 42 degrees in chicago. vinita back you do. >> it is going to be difficult for all of these people coming back for the holidays. moolks mary kay kleist, thank you. > fires in los angeles forcing evacuations. parts of the nearby pacific coast highway are closed. rail traffic suspended. >> a massive wild fire burning in southern australia. more than a hundred homes were
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destroyed at that fire raced through a popular coastal area. thousands of people were forced to evacuate. hundreds of firefighters spent christmas day battling the flames, which was triggered by a lightning strike. the fire is expected to burn for weeks during the hot summer in australia. refusing to blink. hours after an air strike, the insurgent group has named a successor. his death could be a major blow in upcoming peace talks in assad's government and rebel groups. >> the crucial peace talks between the assad government and leaders will scheduled to take place in less than a month. he led thousands of fighters and was opposed to isis.
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friday's air strike targeted a meeting of rebel leaders just outside the capital. syria's military claims he was killed in the blast but it is unclear whether russian or syrian war planes carried out the strike. russia has been supporting the zaud government with air strikes since septembe iraqi troops are moving closer in their effort to capture ramadi from the islamic state. forces have been moving further into the city which has been held by the islamic state group since last year. the iraqi o what do
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the latest standings mean for the republicans? joining us now to break it down is phillip bump. good morning. if you rook at the latest poll cruz is 4 points behind trump. what happened. >> in the latest poll cruz has moved up into the place that ben carson once held. and ben carson stumbled in the wake of the paris terror attacks. people weren't confident in his ability to handle national security issues. and as he's fallen, trump and cruz have gained support. >> a different poll has the gap much wider for trump. but cruz is now solidly in second place. he's arguing it is now a two man race. >> right. >> is he right? >> no. it ee's still a 200 person race it has been for a while. there are a lot of things at
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play here and national polls aren't indicative of what's going to happen over the long-term. >> what's so fascinating about trump's campaign is that he's doing it without any pollsters, no ad team, no research. do you think that could effect him in iowa? >> he's run an unorthodox campaign from the beginning. and i think he's banking on the grass root support particularly more support from people who don't vote as often. and that could be good or bad. more could come out. or they could end up not voting. so we'll see what happens. >> iowa, traditionally is not a great predictor of who gets the nomination but it can be influential in terms of who gets to stay in the race. if cruz holds on and inwins in iowa, and trump loses how do you think that shapes things? >> new hampshire is only a week
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later. we don't know what's going to happen in iowa. a lot of things can happen very quickly. i don't think trump is going to lose iowa and say i give up. i think new hampshire seven days later is going to be something that allows him to say no i'm still the winner i've been talking about. >> 61% of women national have an unfavorable view of donald trump. how does that effect him? >> i think in the primary it is not great for him. but i think it is more of a general election problem. wrem also strong supporters of the hillary clinton. so they are not going to have a positive view of donald trump. in the primary ben carson had strong support from women and that support has shifted away from trump -- away from carson and not to trump which is a problem for him.
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>> why do you think that is? >> head to head match up, think achblt it usually comes down to partisanship. there are a lot of bernie sanders fans right now who are not going to say i want to vote for hilly clinton. there is a lot of time. >> thanks for being with us this morning. >> my pleasure. >> the veterans administration is still struggling with problems at the hospital in phoenix arizona. veterans are still facing long waits to get an appointment with doctors. as mireya villarreal reports they don't have enough doctors to go around. >> ground zero for the veterans affairs wait time scandal was here at this hospital. a 2004 report detailed how thousands of veterans across the country were put on secret waiting lists. and at least 40 seniors died in
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phoenix since 2013. >> are the problems fixed? >> no. >> it did call for how the v schedules appointments. >> a band aid's been put on this and therefore everything's okay. everything's not okay. they still don't have enough physicians and providers to provide medical care. >> in october the ig reported a new report about critical staffing shortages in the urology department from 2013 to 2014. the leaders did not have a plan to provide urological services and the staffing crisis failed to provide for thousands of patients. >> they killed him. >> that urology department had to defer him to an outside hospital. >> with no doctors in the urology department that were qualified to do that surgery, to remove his prost and his
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bladder. >> debby said it took eight months for the paperwork and everything to go through. and he died. >> they would not discuss his case specifically because of privacy issues but they did send us a statement saying they have reduced the number of patients on the wait list by adding staff to the urology department, by also referring patients out to medical providers that are private medical providers. for "cbs this morning saturday." >> fedex played catch up on chromosom christmas day. dimarco morgan has more on the scramble. >> employees for shipping giant fedex found themselves in overtime playing santa in the air and by ground.
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joann is a grateful customer. >> elation. >> fedex predicted a record breaking holiday season for pick ups and dropoffs. 317 million shipments between blk friday and christmas eve. a 12% jump. plus they didn't predict mother nature's unexpected delivery of more than a dozen deadly tornados across the south including tennessee where the company is head quartered. the company that prides itself with on thyme delivery had towork fast to get distribution offices back home and trucks rolling. jim runs a dessert store in tampa. >> think about the larger companies, how many packages they are doing, it's just
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incredible. >> fedex released a statement. >> as the good thing for when everybody is expected to get it and all of a sudden they get their gift. president obama and there were prayers for peace and calls for compassion on christmas around the world. jim axelrod has more. >> thousands packed the square for the pope's message. he condemned brutal acts of
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terrorism and prayed for end to wars in syria libya and other parts of the world. president obama and the first lady urged americans to follow the values jesus lived. >> caring for those on society's margins, the sick and the hungry. the poor and the persecuted. >> great britain's queen elizabeth joined other members of the royal family at church. the queen offered a message in these times of terror. >> the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. >> and 250 miles up, american astronaut scott kelly sent greegree greetings to earth. british astronaut tried to call his wife but spaced out and called another number. later apologizing on twitter for
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the lady he called by mistake. >> can you imagine getting a wrong number from space? time to show you the head lines. the washington post reported hits jailed correspondent got a rail christmas treat. iranian officials granted him an extended visit with his wife and mother on christmas day. he's been held more than 500 days even though he was convicted on spying charges just this year. the length of his sentence has not been disclosed. arson is suspected in the home of form are president clinton. they also found graffiti spray painted on the ground. no one was injured. the site is operated by the national park service and suffered minor damage. the plunge in oil prices is putting the squeeze on alaska's finances.
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it has governor bill walker proposing a first in the nation oil income tax as the climb in oil production is creating a multiple dollar budget hole. state lawmakers say they will consider the plan. about two-thirds of the budget revenue can't be collected they say because of the drop in oil price us. a british crematorium has become the first funeral home to land a liquor license in the uk. they will now have the option of granting loved ones what's described as the complete sendoff. a sendoff without the need to travel off the premises. and this company says they are going to do it at like all of the 20 sites. i actually don't think wonderful.
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>> yeah. >> about 22 after the hour now here's a look at the weather for your weekend. ♪
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coming up. hover boards are one of the hot holiday gifts. so hot in fact concerns are mounting over the popular toy. we'll tell you the new places the boortds are banned. >> and just before the ball drop, what americans thought of 2015. and it wasn't great. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." wr ♪ ♪ ♪
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and the cleaner-burning natural gas we produce generates more of our electricity than ever before... ...helping dramatically reduce america's emissions. because turning on the lights, isn't as simple as just flipping a switch. energy lives here. the gifts are unwrapped. now some are headed back to the stores to make returns. and where some go, so do the scammers. >> it's never too early to plan your summer vacation. we'll show you picks of destinations you will want to check out in the new year. this is "cbs this morning saturday." fety."
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welcome back to "cbs this morning saturday." one of the holiday's hottest toys but has seen a season of controversy. on thursday a safety alert warns hover boards as car go without following hazardous material regulations is illegal. >> this follows as some colleges are banning hover boards on campus over safety conc.erns >> they are the hottest gift of the holiday season and now they are literally the hottest because they also explode. >> they have become the butt of jokes this holiday season.
8:31 am
but some of these top-selling toys may pose a real danger. >> holy cow. cell phone videos like this one claim to show hover boards burning, here in a washington state mall. a rider from alabama posted this video saying his hover board just caught fire. >> the battery just shot out. >> the consumer products launched an investigainvestigat many consumer reports. and online retailers discontinued. they even made the no fly list. major airlines banned hover boards from flights earlier this month. and the postal service limited shipping to ground transportation. they are concerned about the toy's lithium ion battery.
8:32 am
>> they ignite and catch fire very violently. >> aviation consultant denny kelly. >> the faa probably would ban lithium batteries from airplanes period if there wasn't so much pressure from the airlines not to do that. >> cell phones, tablets and laptops use low wattage lithium ion batteries. but airlines are concerned about hover board batteries. delta pointed to the size or power of the batteries and found that the strength often exceeded government limits for what is allowed on board an aircraft. one manufacture swagway blames cheap knockoffs for the problem saying swagways don't compromise when it comes to using the highest quality parts. the company urged customers to be aware of fake units being sold on the internet. they believe the hugely popular
8:33 am
products could eventually face recall. >> they are considered toys but in fact they are not. so you have a product that doesn't have to meet safety requirements and it's finding its way to the u.s. market. >> for c"cbs this morning saturday" in new york. >> and people will go down the sidewalk and practically run over you now. >> a good reminder for all the people who got one this year. >> coming up. stephen colbert talks to john dickerson about his dream interview. an interview on tomorrow's face the nation. but first, a look ahead at the weather for your weekend. up next we're answering your
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medical questions in today's morning rounds, including what you need to know about statins. we'll discuss the side effects and alternatives for these drugs designed to lower your cholesterol. >> and doctors lapook and flips on how stress effects our body. our body. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." aspartame free diet pepsi. just one sip [ahh] and you're in love. ♪ thwith aches, chills,g. and fever, there's no such thing as a little flu. and it needs a big solution: an antiviral. so when the flu hits, call your doctor right away and up the ante with antiviral tamiflu.
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time for morning rounds. and cbs new chief correspondent dr. lapook and cbs news contributor dr. holly phillips. what are the side effects and alternatives for statins? we talk about statdens all the time but let's talk about what exactly they are and who should be taking them. >> they are very powerful drugs.
8:38 am
before statins it was really tough to get that bad cholesterol down in a significant way. they work by effecting the way the liver metabolizes cholesterol. in terms of who should be taking them, what a raging debate. here is what there is no debate about. if you have a heart attack or --. in everybody else. in terms of preventing. that is the secondary prevention, you already had a problem now to a primary prevention, you are preventing it from happening in the first place. heart attack stroke. there is a lot of debate. the bottom line is as the the personalized decision. and then if you need to you go to the statin explaining the risks and benefits. >> are there side effects that are clearly known? >> yes. the vast majority of people who take statins have no side
8:39 am
effects and no complications but there are people who do experience them. by far the biggest complaint is muscle soreness, muscle weakness, a sense of achiness. there can be liver complications and there also have been some links with memory problems and possibly a link with higher blood sugar that leads to diabetes. the people who are most likely to have side effects are women over the age of 65, people who are on multiple medications for cholesterol and also people who drink alcohol. the reason because statins are metabolized through the liver as is alcohol. and in tandem the liver may not do so well doing both. >> in terms of memory problems, there have been reports of these but when people have done big studies to look at it it hasn't looked like at least a conversation i had said it
8:40 am
hasn't been shown to cause the memory problems and by preventing atherosclerosis in the brain, tony little stroke, blockage of blood vessels, can cause dementia in about a third of cases. the diabetes can raise the blood sugar a couple of points so it can push you over from diabetes. >> on the flipside, there is a balancing act. >> is there alternatives to statins? >> yeah. the first thing i say try to lose weight. i look at what they look like. if they need to lose weight i tell them to lose weight. i tell them to watch their diet. and to do exercise. there are things aside from statins if they don't tolerate statins that can lower your cholesterol. there are drugs that stop the absorption of cholesterol from the intestinal tract. there are others that work in
8:41 am
different ways. and then there is a new brand of medications just being approved that is going to dramatically lower it although the jury is still out on what it's going to do long-term. >> and here is one from jp who wrote, discuss how over work tension and stress can produce physical problems, even disability. this is something we all worry about. we know stress is ubiquitous. and not all stress is bad stress. there is u stress which is good stress around a event like a wedding or arrival of a baby. but then negative stress. exposed to traumatic events or finances or car accidents or even a war. it's wear and tear on our bodies
8:42 am
from being constantly exposed to hormones the body releases when we're stressed. those are fight or flight hormones. and we're supposed to be exposed to them for short periods of time. but not for long periods of time. so chronic stress has been linked to health problems. from heart pressure. diabetes, depression and anxiety. it's about limiting periods of stress. >> how can we counter those effects or really just limit the stress in your own life? >> this is right up my alley. one of very first things ied ask is how are you doing in terms of stress? not just the stresses in your life but how are you reacting to it? and people will say i'm under a tremendous amount of stress but i handle it well.
8:43 am
and when was yours last vacation? three months ago. and oh when was your last restful vacation. and first thing is increasing awareness. then you talk about things you can do. meditation is great. i've been reading about transcendental meditation. doesn't cost any money and people are looking at that. exercise of course. hypnotherapy. psych therapy if you need it. at some point you can get to the point where you say i'm really not handling this well enough and i need professional help. being aware of it is so important. people just aren't aware of it. they come in wound up. >> -- a condition for so many people you don't become aware of it because it is there all the time. >> we have to focus on it as a medical condition and organize our lives around it. we have to schedule down time. schedule family time. schedule time when we know we will not feel our stress in the same way that we schedule
8:44 am
everything else. >> there are even apps now to help with meditation. we're seeing it now people the desire for it and the response. >> and there there is always stress in our life but i this i now with the terrorism stress and all that i think people are peopling it more, reacting popular, saying things maybe they don't more and i think this is the time for us to pull together and i think one of the problems is people get isolated and feel stress and don't reach out. and i you need to embrace community and sport of your loved ones. >> thanks to all of you. coming up. some grinches wait until after christmas to steal. how the gifts returned during the holiday season will cost them billions in the days to come.
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and that is where campbell's fresh-brewed soups. oh, i thought we were talking about babies. made for real, real life.
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mom! ♪ come on take the money and run ♪ ♪ go on take the money and run ♪ the nation's retailers are
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braced for many returns. it is also prime time for scammers. >> a new poll says about 3.5% of all the returns this year will be fraudulent. that is up from 3% last year. the cost to retailers? $2.2 billion. a 3% increase from last year. for more we're joined by jill schlesinger. that is a lot of money. >> yes. $2.2 billion is crazy. and we go back and we say oh this must be a scam at the cash register where someone lifts my information. uh-uh. this is old school. new school. a lot of different stuff. and frankly the retailers are playing whack a mole to get the new scam of the week. it is really difficult. >> and you don't want to ever doubt so you have this tight wire act where someone says i
8:49 am
don't have a receipt. >> and this is a problem. retailers want great customer service. so they want to say yes come in. you are right. but let's look at what these frauds are all about. 90% of retailers say it is just the return of stolen merchandise. and then we have about three quarters of retailers who say they have lightly used items. take a dress. wear it. bring it back. get your money. >> and let me ask you this. how have gift cards effected all of that? >> people will say okay aim going to steal this handbag and then i'm going to go back to the register and say i don't have my receipt. they get issued a gift card. so they sell that gift card on line. they get maybe 80% of the value
8:50 am
but something they never paid for to begin with. >> what you just described seems untrackable. how is there any way to know that for the retailer. >> this is really tough. the gift card one is hard. also ereceipts is difficult. we love to get ereceipts. we're saving the environment. guess what fraudsters are doing. they are creating faux receipts online and going in stores and getting that money back. and we're seeing about two times that amount of fraud from last year to this year. but again we like ereceipts. so the stores themselves are trying to figure out what we can do. you don't have a receipt? we need an id. or you can only return a given amount of items in a year and we're going track you in our system.
8:51 am
this is an area where they have to be -- >> i'm a serial returner. i return a lot. >> it's part of the game now. >> jill. thank you so much. >> coming up. if late show host stephen colbert would interview anyone past or present? >> you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." fortified. replenished. emerge everyday with emergen-c packed with b vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good everyday? emerge and see. redid you say 97?97! yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh...
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so you can step out with that amopé confidence and shine on! the new electronic nail care system from amopé. save now at aspartame free diet pepsi. ♪ just one sip [ahh] and you're in love. ♪ bringing two talk show hosts together can be risky business. sitting with stephen colbert and among the topics, colbert's
8:55 am
dream interview. >> some asked who would you like to interview. >> oh sure. i guess i'd say is this all there is? is it all here? or is there something after this? is the kingdom of heaven around us? if i'm good, do i get something? i do get to see those people who are gone? do i get to see them again? >> that real? >> i don't put that much in it anymore. i'm actually much more enjoying being with the people that i'm with now. >> yeah. >> what else would i say? how am i doing? i would pull an ed koch on him. >> can i get an interim grade? >> exactly. any.
8:56 am
could --. is it bad to say i think your mom is kind of cute? is that bad? because as a catholic boy, you know, in some ways you are supposed to be as strong as the s centaurian and as soft as the baby jesus. >> so quick witted. all of those responses. that is an interesting interview candidate to pick. >> we can see more with late show host stephen colbert as they reflect on the year that was. and bernie sanders ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ pretty sunrise there. welcome to "cbs this morning saturday," i'm anthony mason. >> and i'm vicininita nair. coming up we'll go into the new film by will smith about devastating head injuries suffered by players in the nfl. >> and trying to capture an image of an airliner in front of the moon. >> and suggestions for the new year vacations. picks for hot new travel destinations. >> we begin with breaking news overnight. severe weather strikes part of
9:01 am
the south yet again. residents in north central alabama including the sticity o birmingham are cleaning up of a tornado. electricity knocked out for about 10 thousand customers. >> at least 15 people were killed during christmas week. survivors are expressing thanks for being alive. mark strassmann is in holly springs mississippi with the latest. >> people in this part of mississippi are bracing for more stormy weather. a forecast of rain, hail and winds of more than 40 miles an hour. some people like this family are already lost everything. this man was home alone. the 45-year-old is now in the hospital with a broken pelvis and cuts. his home is completely gone. his family says they intend to rebuild here. what was a double wide trailer will be replaced with a home and
9:02 am
a storm shelter. other others can't even return to salvage what they can. the weather is pretty rough. a powerful storm front arrives in the nation's midsection this weekend. meteorologist mary kay kleist is tracking it. >> good morning. along the gulf close states tornados responsibles. and the snow is likely for the texas pan handle, a blizzard warning is up. winter storm for the areas in pink and up to the twin cities a winter weather advisory. so this storm is going to effect people from new mexico all the way to minnesota. 12-18 inches of snow is forecast from amarillo and also into lubbock. so this is the focus where we're
9:03 am
going to see those blizzard conditions. then severe weather ahead of the system. we're going to see storms one round first today and then another round during the day on sunday. this could be pretty powerful as it moves up along the gulf coast states. but the cold air behind it, the snow for the texas pan handle. and warm ahead of that with a high of 77 in little rock. >> meteorologist mary clay kleist, thank you. >> a new poll suggests mass shootings and attacks weigh heavily on the minds of american this is year. 68% of meshes say the most important events of the past year were the shootings.
9:04 am
will smiths dr. omalu, he uncovered a degenerative brain disease that effects athletes. it's been confirmed to have effected at least a hundred late nfl players. the movie shows how dr. omalu fought for it all to be known. >> what do you want. >> we want you to say you made it up. >> i made it up? ? >> they're accusing you of fraud. >> in you retract they decline. this all goes away. >> why are they doing this is this. >> they're terrified. they have 20 million people driving their product on a weekly basis, the same way they crave food.
9:05 am
the nfl owns a day of the week. >> dr. ben omalu is with us and the director and writer of conditi "concussion." the nfl was not going to be happy with this story and hasn't from the beginning. did you get push back from the nfl and why did you take on the story? >> i took on the story because it is a zeitgeist issue. i played football through college. i get the power the grace the joy of it all but to me this is an issue that became undeniable. because it faces our children and the world spends super bowls watching this game and while we watching are we complicit. do we become part of the problem instead of just part of the solution? >> it's interesting because in the movie we get this historical narrative and we watch you with players as you continue the search. ten years ago could you imagine the interest? we see people shutting you down at the time of the research? >> not very much and it was
9:06 am
never about me. it was more about my empathy with the players and their families. because i saw how they were suffering in silence and in on security. and i -- believed america was the heaven on earth. the closest as what god wants us to be with our sons and daughters and in light of that experience i wanted to contribute my little part to the advancement of us all as one greater american family. i wanted to use my education and a knowledge to voice for the voiceless to help other people who needed help. >> what was the hardest part for you about the pushback you got? >> the hardest part was i meant well. i had the good will.
9:07 am
i only wanted to -- to be american. to stand by as american. and i was extremely disappointed because the experience wanted to steal away that perception i had about this wonderful country. and i refused to let anyone do that to me. so i stood firmly. >> which can't have been easy at that time. >> it wasn't. i won't deny it. it was difficult. but faith makes the impossible possible. >> it's interesting. because even your story, how to two of you met. you were an investigative journalist. i read also several were tapped to try to write this and direct it and it wasn't until it came to you that you said i want to do this. what was your goal? why did you want to do this topic? >> i think that is true. because it took someone willing
9:08 am
to climb inside the beast. not just his life which is one of the most remarkable tales. bennett in many ways is most beautiful idea of the whistle blower i've ever come across including history, film and in a real life. and i wanted to do it because i felt a desire to tell a story well told. and it became undeniable. it felt like a movie that needed to be made. i felt like it found me as much as i found it. >> did the nfl ever contact you? >> no i completed avoided that conversation. we needed nothing from them. and the only agenda that would have been served would have been theirs s ts to find out what w up to. >> is it fair to say that while the problem is acknowledged it's far from solved. >> >> the fundamental thing in whatever human activity you are involved with where your head is exposed to repeated blows, there
9:09 am
is a risk of brain damage, with or without a helmet. with our without symptoms. and this is not anti-football. this is not anti anything. this is about the fundamental truth. >> the structure of the human brain. >> and this movie entertains i is a wonderful movie. at the same time it enlightens. >> gift of knowing. >> exactly. so when you get to that decision it will be an informed decision. >> excellent film. thank you so much. >> "concussion" is in theaters here is a look at the weather for your weekend. ♪
9:10 am
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9:13 am
this 2016 just six days away you might want to begin planning next year's vacation. i love that you did near and far. let's start with far. >> christmas came early this
9:14 am
year to the u.s. dollar. the rand was already a bargain and has now hovering about 15 which means all of that country is a bargain. start in cape town. use that as the hub. go whale watching. the wine regioning. and robin island. that was the island nelson mandela was held for so many years and now it is a park and a wonderful opportunity. and while they can adjust with airfares and hotels, they can't with local currency, souvenirs. as the bargain. >> argentine. >> this is where you should go
9:15 am
right now do your christmas shopping for 2016 now. and of course if you like steak. you are in heaven. there is a restaurant there named -- and the waiters like to amuse you by coming to your table and cutting the steak with a spoon. that is how good it is. and there is tango. go to the neighborhood places. and what's cool. get there about 11:00 at night. watch but don't participate. these people are serious. you will be in orthopedic surgery if you try to get on the floor. just watch. >> last you picked iceland. and this year greenland. why? >> as the earth gets hotter, actoric travel is more popular. the other thing is, if you are a fooddy, don't go there. they don't have great food. you travel between town s on
9:16 am
sled, snow mobile, plane and boat. and you are now part of the adventure. >> and -- >> these are the cars they maintain perfectly. sleeping cars and dining cars. you get to get off along the way. calgary, montreal all the way to toronto. do it. >> are these heavily populated. is it easy to book? >> very easy to book these if you do it early. >> of course 2016 marx "the hunt" -- the 00th -- marks the hundredth anniversary of america's parks.
9:17 am
>> you're really up close and personal and it's great. who wants to stand in line at yosemite and others. go to denali. and that is where you have amazing rapids. great place to go. >> natchez, mississippi celebrating its 300th birthday. >> the oldest settlement along the mississippi. 1 thousand historic homes in the register. the most active number of homes in the united states. you got to check it out. >> a lot to think about. >> and we didn't even get to cuba. >> oh we're going. don't worry. >> cbs news travel editor peter greenberg. up next, the quest for the perfect photograph has these shutter bugs shooting pictures
9:18 am
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if you were up early yesterday morning you piemight e seen this rare christmas day moon. it peaked just before 7:00 a.m. eastern time. the last time this happened was in 1977. the full moon won't make another appearance on christmas day until 20u 34. >> so beautiful. in southern california a group of photographers gather every full moon on the quest for the perfect photograph. >> here we go. >> yeah baby. >>. [ cheers and applause ] >> the misery of missing the
9:22 am
moment is short lived. another chance is about to fly by. on a near full moon this group of photographers tries repeatedly to snap the money shot of an airliner crossing the moon. >> trajectory looks good. >> too low. >> they are amateurs and professionals who jokinginginglr to themselves as lunartics. >> we're trying to shoot art here. basically. we're not crazy, you know, but we are artist. >> speak for yourself. >> raul roa started this meet up two years ago. he was driving home one evening when he stopped and by chance captured this incredible image. repeating it would be the challenge that would develop
9:23 am
into an obsession. >> that looks beautiful. >> nicky is famed photographer nick ut of the associated press. he won the pulitzer after this photo. nick was the second person to join the group. >> get ready nick. >> i'm ready an hour ago. >> trying on just the right shot. >> how does it work when you know the planes are coming. >> well we visually see them in the sky because of their light. >> it is then they raise their long lens which can capture even their heat trails on the planes. >> it's a chase. like a hunt. >> that hunt started four days before this night when raul scouted the ideal location. he was looking for where the moon would rise above the
9:24 am
southern flight path to the los angeles airport. >> here comes the plane. the relative size of the moon is very small so the plane will cross in less than half a second and you have to be ready to capture it right inside of the moon. that is a challenge. >> and the size of the plane. too small it doesn't show up well. too large and it is not the perfect silhouette. katrina brown nows the challenge. >> how many times have you been out to shoot. >> once a month for the year and a half. >> have you gotten the money shot as well. >> absolutely. and money shot video as well. >> we'll see how it goes. oh this looks close. man this close close. >>. [ shutters ] >> oh. >> it was right under? >> just a little wing.
9:25 am
>> and as they were speaking with nancy newman. >> we might have one. >> this could be the one. >> get ready. this could be the one. >> oh time to go home now. >> oh. >> oh. >> oh. >> oh yeah. >> yeah. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> you got it. >> that's what we come for. >> what's that look like. >> look at this money shot. >> you got it. >> everyone in the group got the prize picture of spirit airlines mk-719 from las vegas to los angeles. they waited two hours. >> it's on instagram right now. >> and look it's already got a like. >> yeah. >> what do you want to do next to kick it up a notch? >> two days ago we were watching
9:26 am
the moon we shot two planes consecutively they almost crossed at the same time. so right then and there we decided hey we want to go two planes on the moon. >> it may sound crazy but what's to tell lunartics what to shoot? they are always willing to wait for the next best shot. for "cbs this morning saturday," i'm david begnaud in los angeles. >> what a fun group. >> i love that collective sighing. and the pictures are fantastic. >> coming up four super bowl alumni return to their high school and they came bearing gifts. how the players honored the school where they gotatory start. you are watching cbs th"cbs thi morning saturday".
9:27 am
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this morning we're taking a look at the nfl's honor roll series. celebrating the road to super bowl 50 by visiting the high school players attended. >> the four all hail from the same high school in jacksonville florida and recently brought golden footballs to their alma mater. the nfl films capturing the journey. let's go to william n raines high school. >> they have set the gold standard for high school
9:31 am
success. >> you guys know who these are. brian dalton. ja bar gaffney. lito shepherd. mr. haired carmichael. >> sitting in those chairs, we were able do it. >> you can do it. you can get to this point. >> this is possible. it is possibilities from these chairs that you can do what we've been able to do making the right decisions. >> i want to make give this to coach. proud of what you have been able to accomplish here with these gentlemen. and itch ban number one. >> ichibon in japanese means number one.
9:32 am
>> we've been saying that a long time around here. that's our chant. >> ichibon number one baby. >> to be ichibon number one you have got to play in a super bowl a feat these four accomplished. in 2005 5, dawkins and shepherd, teammates at the eagles made their appearance in jacksonville. >> that was a blessing. that was a blessing, coming home and seeing family. >> what i'm hoping is when guys see us on tv they can say he went to range. hopefully that opens up avenues for guys that, you know, what, it's possible. >> all we trying to do, just get something out of every drill we go. >> boy, it smells like a locker
9:33 am
room. from 15, 16 years ago. i'll tell you what though. these are the same lorbg lockers we had. >> two down from the end. >> when they see this, they can say they did it? i can do this. i think today was powerful to be able to see that a dream can be a reality. it can happen. to . >> to be able to have success on the highest level and then to be able to come back to your school. that's huge. i hope they take this example and run with it. >> ichibon number one, ichibon number one. >> i love seeing them go back. and interestingly. no matter when they go back, when they go back to their high school gym, they're just high school kids again.
9:34 am
watch the redskins eagles to tonight. and now here is a look at the weather for your weekend. up next the dish. torey mcphail's career began when he was just 19. today he is executive chef. what's cooked up for us and details on his line. you're watching "cbs this morning saturday." ♪
9:35 am
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helping you fall asleep and stay asleep so your body can heal as you rest. advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. ♪ tory mcphail grew up in a small town in washington state. when he was 19 he moved to new orleans lured by the history and soul. >> the defining moment came in 2002 when he returned to noshz to take over the position of executive chef of the original restaurant, a title he's held ever since. >> he was named a rising star chef and best chef south by the -- foundation. also co-author of commander's
9:38 am
wildside. chef tory mcphail welcome. >> thanks for having me. appreciate it. >> walk us through what you have brought. >> all kind of fantastic favorites. shrimp right out of the gulf of mexico. creole seasoning and okra and some five pepper jelly. and a show stopper over here. honey roasted beets and sea salt. and the ducks in the middle. direct from the farm. fire roasted and seasoned with any kind of vegetables y'all might have around the holidays but this is fresh carrots, potatoes, fresh herbs. just let the simplicity of the duck shine through. >> i'm looking a at this coffee drink here. >> a little whip cream across the top. a shot of whiskey or some rum,
9:39 am
and there you go. >> ooh wow that's good. >> folks in new orleans have been doing the whole farm to table thing for hundreds and hundreds of years. i think as the last ten years has gotten national popularity but it is nothing new to us. so whatever you have around the farm or community that should definitely make your menu for the holidays. >> and most your ingredients come from within a hundred miles. >> yeah. if i could blindfold somebody and cook them one meal i want the locality of the ingredients to shine through and say wow that is new orleans. that is great food. >> and you have a wonderful development of flavors and such ram r camaraderie. everyone speaks so highly. >> it is a great group of chefs.
9:40 am
you absolutely cannot go wrong. >> you grew up in washington state. >> yeah that's right. >> how did you end up migrating from there to new orleans. >> i took some good advice. my uncle was in the raspberry business and we started picking berries for ocean spray. and i went to culinary school. i've always known i wanted to be a fantastic chef. and i took the great advice. you can move to new york city but if you really want to understand fantastic flavor you move to new orleans. it is the only authentic food to america. very very unique. >> and your sauces. >> we have three sauces out in the local grocery stores. and we're also lunching a rum vinegar. and you can find it at
9:41 am
torymechanic fator, i'll ship it right to your door. >> where did it come from for you? >> the kitchen is always center of the house. we group up cooking corn and digging potatoes and hunting and fishing all the time and we just get to do that all year round in new orleans. fantasy weather for sure. >> you have the cookbook, the restaurants, the sauce line. >> i'm thrilled to be the executive chef for 14 years and to follow the foot steps of emeril and jamie and really without those guys i fwhoultdwo be where i am today. it's just been delightful. >> if you could have this meal with any person past or present who would that person be. >> that's a really good question. i'm a huge fan of music too. i guess i could say if i could have an opportunity for this i
9:42 am
would cook for a couple of musicians before they play the world's best show. i would probably cook for janice joplin as she opens for the grateful dead. and maybe elvisand you have to have the beatles as the opening act. yeah. >> up next our saturday session. some aren't even old enough to drink but the members of hippo campus are getting a lot of attention for their music. rolling stone called the best newcomer at this year's lollapalooza. you are watching "cbs this morning saturday" ♪ ♪ i cannot tell what you claim to see -- ♪
9:43 am
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the indie rock sounds of hippo campus, the talented young foursem who's oldest member is just 21. met in st. paul, minnesota and formed a band naming themselves after the memory center of the brain. >> two years later they have released two eps played at south by southwest and built a loyal following. their latest ep is "the halocline" eps "south." now here to perform is hippo campus. ♪ ♪
9:47 am
♪ three leagues down the soft side of where you left my ♪ gold rose crown ♪ you broke down ♪ and left me with a chest hum ♪ a black gun and forty dollars ♪ ♪ chest ♪ a black gun and fort dollars ♪ chest hum a black gun and forty dollars ♪ ♪ ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ♪
9:48 am
♪ street lights talk the same way my mother told me ♪ ♪ i walk the same way my father told me ♪ ♪ back straight chest out just like a soldier ♪ ♪ back straight chest out just like a soldier ♪ ♪ wise men talk the same way my mother told me ♪ ♪ i walk the same way my father told me ♪ ♪ back straight and chest out just like a soldier ♪ ♪ back straight and chest out ♪ ooh ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ♪ ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ♪ you go down south, south
9:49 am
♪ you go down south, south ♪ you go down south, south ♪ you go down south, south ♪ you go down south, south ♪ you go down south, south ♪ you go down south, south ♪ you go down south, south ♪ street lights talk the same way my mother told me, i walk the same way my father told me back straight and chest out just
9:50 am
like a soldier ♪ ♪ back straight and chest out ♪ a-ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh [ applause ] >> don't go away. we'll be right back with more music from hippo campus. you are watching "cbs this morning saturday". plaque psoriasis...
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because it's never just a cough. ♪ ♪ i'll rise up
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♪ i'll rise like the day ♪ i'll rise up ♪ i'll rise unafraid ♪ i'll rise up ♪ -- monday on cbs many morning we'll look at what are expected to be the hottest tech trends of 2016. have a great weekend everybody. we'll see you in the new year. did you want to say that? sorry. >> happy new year. we leave you with new music from hippocampus, "dollar bill." ♪ ♪
9:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ gold on the roof ♪ gold on the roof ♪ of your home ♪ of your home, oh oh ♪ a manchester wind ♪ fragile and thinner ♪ a boston clove ♪ shake it i say for me honey ♪ you shake it i say for my loving ♪ ♪ you go on your own ♪ on your own, own
9:56 am
♪ with a fitful of heart ♪ and a pocket full of stars ♪ with a fitful of heart ♪ your heart ♪ with a fistful of heart ♪ and a pocket full of stars ♪ with a fistful of heart ♪ gold on the roof ♪ gold on the roof ♪ of your home ♪ of your home ♪ all dressed in lace ♪ the mark of a sinner ♪ a dollar bill ♪ the manhattan dinner ♪ shake it, i say,
9:57 am
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