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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  December 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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right now at 11:00, how about a live look at times square. people from all over the world are there waiting for the ball to drop and the new year to arrive. one man, one woman, and a million of their closest friends there getting a little cold out. exthe citement only building as we approach midnight. earlier tonight check this out. an impressive display of fireworks as london ushered in the new year, the london eye there on the foreground, thousands gathering on the banks, you can see the beautiful blast of color there in front of big ben as well.
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celebrations followed. in rio de janeiro. that they get to ring in every new year in the middle of summer with some studies that would have no party ever that has disappointed. thanks for joining us tonight as we countdown to 2016. i'm adam longo. we begin our coverage tonight in alexandria where the streets are filled with people and the first nights celebration is one of the largest here. we are now less than an hour away from some epic fireworks. let's get straight to ellison barber who is live. are they dancing because they are excited or cold and they're trying to stay war >> reporter: mostly because they are excited. it's been pretty good weather down here. but this is probably the most active place in old town tonight. you can see here behind me a dj is playing, people are dancing, there's a crowd that has been growing since we got here about an hour ago. we are right here in front of the water front.
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but the party is here in alexandria and they started hours ago, since at least seven a number of musicians and bands performed in stores up and down king treatment some of them performed outside we're told in over 100 concerts in oldtown tonight. but right here right now this is definitely the biggest party. there are people here dancing, of course waiting for the big show tonight, which is gonna be the fireworks. they're not going to start for about another hour. but from what you can see here, i don't think that anyone is upset that they're having to wait a little bit longer. >> all right, it looks like fun times out there, thank you. we want to see your photos of these fireworks tonight and all the revelry that will be happening if you are watch something where. we want you to share your pictures. download the app and then post on our facebook page. you can also follow us on instagram. well that chilly air as you heard from ellison barber.
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let's get out to meteorologist howard bernstein with what to expect. if you're about to head out. howard? >> reporter: adam, i put my gloves on for you to know what's going on with the windchills down in the 30s. temps in the 30s and the 40s, but really good news. as we look at first alert doppler, everything is well to the south or just a couple of flake showing up across parts of southern pennsylvania, even out in garrett county just a little bit of a drizzle and lightflakes out. there temps, we're in the 40s. look at all the 30s as you get up towards northwest ohio. the colder air is oozing on in the mid-50s today. you know, that's not going to be the case tomorrow. we'll be stuck in the 40s. right now in the metro 40 from damascus. 40 waldorf f, dulles at 43 along with fairfax. manassas 45. we've got 43 from bowie, upper marlboro 47. we're in the 40s with a little breeze. as we look at future cast for tomorrow morning, you'll notice
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some clouds around. 39 in town, low 30s north and west. we'll see more sun during the afternoon with highs on the first in the mid to upper 40s. adam, i've got a flake on the seven-day, i'll talk about that when i see you next. >> thank you. stay warm and stay safe if you are headed out or home. you can ride for free on metro between midnight and 3:00 a.m. millers coors picking up the bus and rail system to make sure that people don't drive drunk out. there program expected to cost around $165,000. now it will be on metro, you still need to use your smart trip card, but it will not be charged. now the new year's eve celebration in dc actually got off to an early start. ♪ [ music ] a group called spread love kicked things off today at plat same rotation. that's where we asked people about their plans for tonight. >> to avoid driving you're staying home? >> yes, i am staying over.
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i am not getting in to any bad situations, i don't want any of my friends to drive. >> i'll be doing tattoos all night. that's all i can do is work. >> what better to ring in the new year by getting yourself inked. for a complete list of local celebrations, plus more information on sober rides. the head of new york's counterterrorism unit says that city is the safest place in the world tonight. there's no credible threat to times square, but there are at least 6,000 police officers as well as rooftop patrols and bomb-sniffing dogs in place. partiers will also be screened with hand held metal detectors. in rochester, new york, the fireworks displays were canceled after the arrest of a man that the fbi says was planning an isis-inspired attack. 25-year-old emanuel lutchman is accused of plotting to attack new year eves partiers inside a
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restaurant. he had been communicating with informant detailing his, "hatred for everything in america." fireworks also canceled in brussels because of a threat of a terror attack there. police in munich have asked people to stay away from the main train station as well as a second station. despite the warnings, thousands of people were still out on the streets of munich at midnight to welcome the new year with fireworks. a luxury hotel going up in flames. that didn't stop a massive fireworks display in dubai just minutes before the fireworks started large explosions could be heard inside a burning 63- story building. and tonight it is still not clear what caused that blaze. >> reporter: massive flames engulfed the address hotel, a luxury high-rise downtown dubai in the united air emirates. people inside said it was chaos. >> the heat was so intense outside. it was unbelievable. just people started to panic, crushing each other, trying to get down the stairs, jumping
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over railings. i couldn't believe how fast it actually happened. >> reporter: the 63-story hotel and condominium is located near the world's tallest skyscraper where tens of thousands gathered for a new year's fireworks display. >> i used to live on the 32nd floor and i spent new year's eve at the address. it is really the place to be. >> reporter: the fire broke out two hours before midnight. officials rushed to evacuate the skyscraper as flames ripped through the building, consuming at least 20 floors in just a matter of minutes. but some residence say that the alarm didn't sound right away. >> the alarm went off essentially when the building was properly on fire. >> reporter: burning debris fell from the building as firefighters raced to contain the blaze. crowds could hear several explosions. >> i just heard a big bang. >> reporter: officials say the hotel's sprinklers and internal fire fighting systems helped to prevent the spread of the flames. despite the fire, dubai went ahead with its new year's eve
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celebration at midnight. authorities are still trying to pinpoint the cause of the fire. the u.s. consulate general in dubai is suggesting that u.s. citizens citizens avoid the area. good news for illinois, the water is starting to recede. this historic winter flooding killed at least 14 people and damaged hundreds of homes. even though hundreds more have been evacuated, that water receding is a sign of home for the new year. well the year 2015 brought protests against police departments across our country. tonight the black lives matter group took to the streets of dc to demand justice in the cases of tamir rice. two young people that died in custody. protesters had threatened to shut down a busy neighborhood, so how did they do? >> reporter: well adam, they specifically targeted a busy part of the district tonight. and in china town as we know that. it is a busy part of town for
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their protest. the strategy here tonight was disruption. but the goal was justice. >> reporter: you've heard it before. >> what? >> black lives matter. >> reporter: these protesters say that you will keep hearing it in 2016 as they will continue to pull up the injustice and action. >> 2016 was not defensive. >> reporter: the group stopped police terrorism. they rallied more than 100 people in china town tonight, temporarily shutting down 7th andth street before marching through the district. >> i hope to interrupt enough people's new years to know that tamir rice should have gotten justice. sandra blaine should have gone justice. >> reporter: on the decision not to indict those who killed tamir rice of ohio and sandra bland of texas. always on the mind of tameka is her role as a mother to her
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three sons. >> it's no easy task. i talk to them, i expose them to what's going on so they are not in the streets being ignorant. but the new year and the old side. >> the same struggle that we're waging today is the same in the civil rights movement and the black lives movement. >> and we are here as long as we need to be here.
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obviously not everyone is a part of the movement. we did talk to a couple of folks who were at the protest tonight, just sort of standing on the outskirts of it. they weren't being disruptive, but just observing. the one thing they said they didn't want to go on camera, but they thought that all lives mattered, not just all lives, but the black lives that mattered. and folks that are not on board with it. and live in china town i'm mola lenghi wusa9. >> another movement that mola will be following in to 2016, thank you. tonight a special gathering to remember all of the young lives lost to violence this year in the district. the event was held by the northeast performing arts group. every year for the past 25 years, it has held a candlelight vigil on new year's eve to remember the victims of homicide. >> and each year we've been doing this vigil hoping that it
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will be our last. the first year we'd call a number less than 200. we currently called 65 names tonight. >> one of the goals of the performing arts group to get young people in to arts program and off the streets. word tonight that president barack obama is expected to take executive action next week to expand background checks on gun sales. the bikers that terrorized local drivers on the beltway. and george cas is issuing an apology tonight, why he's trying to run away from comments he made about the walt disney's company handling of star wars. and coming up in sports, >> i've been through the bad parts of my life. >> the most compelling moments of 2015, the capitals playoff
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the so-called rideout created dangerous driving distractions. riders blocked both directions to perform some crazy stunts. here is one of the 911 calls phoned in that day. >> on the beltway 495 headed south towards richmond before route 4 there's a group of about i would say 30 to 50 motorcycle riders. >> investigators have identified some of the bikers. maryland state police are asking anyone that took video of the bikers to send them.
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detectives in prince george's county are after the killer who shot a man as he headed to work. a 51-year-old grandfather named nathaniel powell jr. lived at the apartments in suitland. police say he was walking to his truck about 6:00 a.m. tuesday to go to work when he was robbed and gunned down. powell was a heating and cooling engineer who worked on buildings owned by our parent company. our thoughts and prayers going out to his family tonight. and also here in montgomery county, outrage among poolesville neighbors over the county's effort to shut down the man's labor of love. mark combs spent thousands of dollars to honor his daughter melanie who recently passed away. >> i did it because i wanted to. because i wanted to keep playing. and to do it as a tribute to my daughter who was a huge hockey fan. >> combs let some of the folks play there at no charge.
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the place is a hit for the kids. that is precisely why folks got ticked off when they told him to shut down the facebook page, take down the likes, explaning that the rink is not zoned for public use. but there is hope. they plan to have a face-to- face meeting soon as we will keep you posted. george lucas has apologized for criticizing disney's handling of star wars. in a recent interview with charlie rose on pbs, luke has said he sold his star wars characters to, "white slavers." today he issued a statement saying he misspoke. lucas sold his lucas film company to disney back in 2012 for $4 billion. >> i think that george lucas is going to be okay though. now listen to the forecast though, i would like to place an order for today and five more. >> we will get a few more likes. a little bit more sunshine and people will be happy with. that the weekend looks fine and then next week maybe a little
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conversational snow, but nothing of any substance at this point. you're looking for the big storm. maybe the week after that. something to come together. but there is nothing eminent and if you're a snow lover to get too excited about it. let's talk about the three- degree guarantee. we didn't get very low. we stopped at 50 because of the cloud cover and the fog and a little anxious, but we would stop at 57. we're there. that's 21 in a row. and three weeks worth of guarantees on the number. all right, the warmest decembers in dc just about to wrap up easily the warmest december in washington. 1985 and 1889 the mean temperature was 49.6. this year not even close. we blew past that by a good 5.5 degrees. final numbers will come in obviously in a little while once we know what today's highs and lows are. it won't change much. currently there is a chill in the air. we do have some 30s out in western maryland and west virginia.
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even front royal are down in the 30s. most of us in the low to mid- 40s, still 50 way south of virginia. down towards here. in dc at this hour, 46. there's a little bit of the windchill. feels like 41 in town. windchills ranging in the lower 30s to the lower 40s with the northwest wind at 9 miles an hour. so we're going to start the year and the month dry and chilly. quiet weekend on the way. just a little bit cool, you know, seasonably so. flurries and snow showers monday evening with the cold air coming in monday and tuesday and in fact tuesday the the temperatures will stay in the 30s. we will barely get up to 40 on monday with a lot of high clouds coming in from the west southwest. yeah, there is nothing suppressing weather wise for the next couple of days. the 30s tonight, partly to mostly cloudy and chilly. for tomorrow morning, clouds, some sun, some on the chilly side. then in the afternoon, more sunshine. you still need a jacket though. mid to upper 40s in town and
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the lower 50s south and the low 40s north of hagerstown and cumberland. sunday 49. monday only 42 and watch out late monday for maybe a flurry or the snow shower, a cold tuesday. back in the 40s by midweek. >> we will take it, thank you. we have seen the shenanigan. >> it is my favorite night of the year as we get to look back on 2015 with a lot of good. and a lot to remember and sit back and relax as we will take you on a journey back in time for the sports year of 2015 as we will also check in on these guys. and all they do is win, win, win. but ♪
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find the lowest prices of the season. save $600 on the #1 rated i8 bed, plus no interest until january 2018. know better sleep with sleep number. on paper a 10th consecutive victory that seemed like a shoe in, right? carolina is sitting about 20 points behind washington in the standings. a new year's eve shoe-in, adam, that's what i'm calling this. that is why you never really rely on shoes to determine the outcome of the sports. a skate-in. they are dampening it up today.
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and nicholas backstrom, oh nicky you so fine. tieing it at one as they are falling behind in desperation mode late, extra ice behind. but no goalie. yeah. open net. and the nine-game winning streak is over. as they will win 4-2. big college football day, of course. let's start, clemson ou fans are getting in to it in the d thirtequarr as they would say this is my ride and the gun and hunter renfro says these are my hands and then they would pour it on late. on to alabama and michigan. look at this catch right here. he pins it to the back of the defender here. look at it, the replay there, yeah they make the catch, the game ain't over, but it's over. alabama is up 31-0. and so tee minus about what 35 minutes? and for sports fans a lot of
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things are happening in the span of the calendar year. so much so that it is easy to forget what made us cheer, gasp, get angry, or even cry. let us jog your memory here on 9 sports. take a look at the sights and sounds of dmv sports in 2015. what a roller coaster ride for the dmv sports fans in 2015. it was great theater. a man battling alcohol demon is hired by washington. >> i've been through the bad part of my life. >> reporter: the early returns are positive. it is better and the team sits on the press of this of the playoffs. it was his magic as max scherzer became the sixth pitcher to throw two no hitters in a season. >> max scherzer has the no hitter. >> helpless batters wore their entrees. and across the celebration was the dessert as we would witness the young star come of age.
11:26 pm
john wall approving the jump shot. and to transform his game from one dimensional speed demon to polish the all star as we saw athletes etch their names in to the history books. the most rushing touchdown in division i football history. >> he'll get. there >> reporter: while bryce harper powered, snapped, speeding his way to a historic mvp season. deep to the right. see you later! we saw the truth. paul pierce set us free with magical last-second heroics. >> did you call the bank? >> i called game. >> reporter: we saw them literally. john wall broke his hand in the eastern conference semifinals. dc sports fans are still wondering what if. >> and we saw the cat less than two minutes away.
11:27 pm
before seeing it all. >> we saw the best in sports. tyler adams, the georgetown senior sidelined by the ailment his freshman year to give medical clearance. and finally we saw what it looks like when a young star headed for meteor sites comes crashing back to earth. >> not so much what somebody didn't do, but what they have done. >> dc sports in a nutshell in 2015. happy new year everybody. whoever thought we would be saying that. what a year, man, looking great now. you never know
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not too many chances for
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short sleeve weather. >> it'll be cold and wintery when we start that way with the the temperatures in the upper 40s. through the weekend quiet and cold and saturday milder. in fact i'm thinking monday afternoon and monday night with a few flurries. really cold on tuesday. back in the 40s. so you're right, no more short sleeves. >> we've had a really good slow introduction in to winter. take a look from midtown manhattan as they are getting manhattan as they are getting ready to ring in 2016. there's a place online where you always get more than you pay for. brands you love, at prices that work for you... anytime. maxx life!
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