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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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university boulevard. it looks like they made progress there. if we take our traffic cam we will be able to see that in the camera. weather and traffic returns on the 90s. and "wake up washington" starts right now. another warm start for january and we are happy for that. good morning. washington. >> here is what is making news right now at 6:00 a.m. the first votes in the 2016 presidential elections will be cast today and the race for the white house is tighter than ever. >> plus a virginia tech student is under arrest for allegedly helping her track
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star clash mate kill a 13-year- old girl. >> plus, a role reversal, an angry driver takes a speedy cop to task. we will tell you what happens. "wake up washington" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. good morning. i'm allyson rae. >> thank you for waking up with us, i'm mike walter. and the first votes in the 2016 presidential race will be cast in iowa. and hillary clinton are neck- and-neck and ted cruz is closing in on trump. >> reporter: it is indeed a fight to the finish with the candidates fixing their eyes on the white house. they are getting ready for a long day and a long race that begins tonight in iowa and everyone says it is coming down
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to the wire, the stakes have high. you mentioned, voter turnouts will be key because the races are tight in iowa. the polls show both sides are in very tight races. hillary clinton leading bernie sanders by just 3%, that is within the margin of error. and donald trump is polling 5 points higher that ted cruz. and meanwhile, you can imagine the medslinging continues with the top republicans. trumped is blasting ted cruz over a campaign mailing. >> everyone here brings nine other people to the caucuses tomorrow night we will win the caucuses tomorrow. we will win the nomination. and we will win the general election in november 2016. >> voter violation. and it is like an official department being sent to people
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in iowa. that's rete terrible. it is a fraud. >> reporter: trump continuing to pull no punches in the race. that will be a very tight race. the voters will be in caucusing tonight in iowa at 7:00. coming up in the next half hour, more on the democratic race that is proving to be very tight in iowa. back to you. >> thanks. i'm at the liver desk with breaking news. washington, d.c. police are saying one person us shot by an officer this morning. in the 5300 block of clay terrace in northeast about 2:00 this morning. now, police are saying the officer involved was not hurt. the person who was shot was taken to the hospital, but their condition is not known. police are not releasing many details, what we know so far the officer was on parole on his regular beat and not responding to a specific call. the officer happened upon the suspect. it is not clear what led to the
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shooting. police are still on-the-scene. back to you. >> ing all right. two virginia tetch students will be in court this morning for their role of kidnapping, murdering and dumping the body of a than-year-old girl. >> eisenhauer of maryland, and keepers of laurel, maryland, are behind bars without bond in the death of lovell. lovell who went missing last week, and kirill is the neighbor of the eisenhauer family. >> if that is accurate, will i be leary. yes. >> reporter: eisenhauer new madison and used their relationship to abduct and kill her. keepers is accused of disposing the body. violent night in the district. three people were stabbed overnight. two of them at the same location. one of the men did not survive. we are live in northwest where the deadly stabbing happen. what do we know so far?
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>> reporter: well, so far, actually, i just placed a call with metro police department. we don't know many new details at this point. what we do know the partial lane closure happening at 17th and l and also the -- the road closure between 16th and 17th all of that should be cleared out in about one here. -- one hour. this is bar cold restaurant and lounge, this is where the double stabbing happened around 11:30 last night. police are saying one person was stabbed inside of the lounge, and a second man was stabbed outside. one of the man was -- the men was pronounced dead at the hospital. police are trying to determine who is responsible for the situation and trying to figure out if any more people were involved. now, just an hour before that incident happened, seven minutes from here there was another stabbing incident at the 1,000 block of g street,
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that person, a male victim, he -- suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. again, no motive in both stabbing situations has been determined just yet. police continue to investigate. reporting live, wusa 9. >> thank you. police in leesburg are also investigating a homicide this morning after midnight on plaza street northeast and police believe that the victim was stabbed by his stepbrother during a domestic incident. we are hoping to learn if charges were filed in the case. today, lawmakers will gather in luiten county to talk about a plan for opioid use. in 2014, more virginians died from opioid overdoses than vehicle crashes. still ahead this morning --
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all right. welcome back. we have a yellow weather alert today not because of the amount of rain, but the timing between 2:00 and 6:00, so that will impact your drive home for a lot of us. and the futurecast, time it out for you in your neighborhood. areas off to the west between 81 and 95, you could see the heavier rain. but it is light to moderate for the most part. this is 2:00, the yellow colors moving through winchester east of martinsburg the temperatures well above freezing, we're not talking about a chance for snowed to or on wednesday. our second chance for rain. 3:30moving right through 95 and
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then it gets out of here between 6:00 and 8:00. we will track the second chance for rain and also how low we go tonight coming up. larry, over to you. all right. allyson, thanks. 6:11 is your time. and we have to take into account the growing volume around town. 66 and mainly areas traveling eastbound from areas like genesville and front royal, primarily, and also moderate conditions on 50 and the b.w. parkway. weather and traffic return on the 9s. over to you. still ahead -- subway riders in new york city are on edge after a series of thrashing there.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with ingredients like roas tedhazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. make any day a pancake day with nutella - spread the happy! welcome back. this monday morning. 6:15now. so long to the snow.
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warm and wet across the d.m.v. today and more melting. over the weekend, great ball of fire. check this out. look at the center of your screen. afireball streaked across the sky above virginia on saturday night. and the images were captured by alexander on a dash cam. the american meteor society is saying hundreds of people on the eastern crucial reported seeing this fireball. it is a very bright meteor. and developing news today we could learn what caused an amtrak train to speed up as it was heading into curve before crashing near philadelphia. it has been eight months near that crash, killed eight and injured two hundred more. today federal investigators will release more information in the case. we turn now to the battle against zika virus, 37 americans have contracted the disease in a dozen states including virginia and
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washington, d.c. four of them pregnant weapon. today the w.h.o. will hold an emergency meeting. among birth defects babies are born with small heads and incomplete brain development. it is believed to spread through mosquitoes. avaccine could be ready by the end of this year. isis has claimed responsible for an attack on a syrian shrine that killed 50. and more people are making dangerous cross the europe. on sunday a boat full of migraines capsized killing 37 onboard. 1400 miles away from the latest deaths in turkey. syrian peace talks should be getting underway in geneva today. but people are refusing to speak to each other. secretary of state john kerry
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is calling participants to seize the time. >> this conflict could easily about gulf the region for left to spiral completely of control. that's what the negotiations in gunebula can prevent. >> the talks will be the first since two rounds of negotiations collapsed in 2014. across america this morning new yorkers are living in fear. in the last weeks six knife attacks on the subway. police have made some arrests and believe other cases may be related. a fatal fight at a motorcycle show in denver may have involved a club of office duty law enforcement. acolorado department of corrections officer fired his gun during the weekend brawl that left one dead and seven others injured. he was a member of the motorcycle group made up of off-
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duty law enforcement. the heavy el nino rain has caused a death in san diego. atree fell down a car. people wearing pajamas to court it is a problem in pennsylvania after a judge not far from scranton, pennsylvania, is saying so many people are wearing pjs he had to put up the sign. it is not meant for people to pay fines or get paperwork, but those who have to appear in this courtroom. ridiculous. >> i see people in the grocery store. flip-flops, socks and pjs. >> you cannot be too hard on the grocery store. >> wait a minute. >> wait a minute. >> a confession. >> my grocery store is within walking distance. so sometimes with one thing you have to run out.
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>> come on, man. >> all right. >> okay. >> well, you know -- >> if you spot her in the pjs take a picture. all right. they are not pjs but i would not say i put on my finest clothes. >> okay. backtracking there. [ laughter ] >> all right. let's talk about our yellow weather alert today. just the timing. a lot of people going back to work today. the kids are back in school. the buses will be out and showers will come down. again not a lot. the timing, the heavier rain is on wednesday. that's our second yellow weather alert for this week. no snow in the forecast, that is good. however tonight i will be concerned about refreezing for areas far north and west it will be coal for several hours. 46, not below freezing right now. the melting continues. a lot of wet roads. the winds out of the south and breezy at times as we wait for the front to approach our area.
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the amount of rape is a good bit of the showers coming on through. nothing too heavy. as we head through the afternoon, the clouds will increase. mild, in the 50s today. and 4:00 showers along 95. the lingers through southern maryland tonight. we will start off with sunshine tomorrow and clouds will increase and mild and near 50. and wednesday, 6:30 we are dry and cloudy. and here are the showers and thunderstorms will be possible. we head to the knicks a-- 60s ahead of the up for and then temperatures plummet on wednesday night through the rest of the week. more typical for this time of the year. not a blast of cold air, but a cool down. 56 for today. 49 tomorrow and then 63, and then the 40s return and stick around for the weekend. larry, or to you. thank you.
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metro riders everything is on schedule this morning. but we're keeping an eye on the water main break in silver springs. they have asking drivers in the area to slow down. too many kind of zoomed past them. so if you're heading out in that direction be on the look out. a lot of progress has been made on the eastbound and wednesday side, but one lane blocked on both sides to slow you down. traveling southbound on 295, no major issues there. this is a live look at eastern avenue. you can see making your way towards the 11th street bridge. and volume will pick up, and once you get past that you'll be good to go. now, a live look in terms of
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your drive times. weather and traffic returns on the 9s. over to you. >> thank you, larry. still ahead --
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welcome back. do you ever get up for work and have a tough time saying good- bye to your dog? >> look at this, ink magazine is saying this is the world's most dog friendly office. cargo, a startup near boston has created a doggie heaven. granted it is a leading supplier of dog travel supplies and accessories for active dogs and their owners. but they have dog friendly cubicles, meeting spaces and baskets of dog toys. all right. look at this, he is called quasi motto, the german shepherd from minnesota has short spine syndrome. the syndrome is so rare he is one of 13 dogs known to have the condition in the world. >> never seen anything like that. >> never. hope he is not in terrible
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pain. >> yeah. he could be happy i guess. i don't know. coming up at 6:30. we are following two breaking news stories.
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it is 6:29. we're tracking weather and traffic on the 9s. >> low pressure >> larry miller has the morning commute. and first, allyson rae.
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>> yes. just showers this afternoon it is about the timing, not how much rain we will see tad for -- today for the yellow alert. 46 degrees. it is pretty mild out there. a lot of melting continues today and the winds are breezy through the morning hours out of the south-southwest for midmorning. and 47 for white okay. and 58 for centerville. here comes the showers, they will be here this afternoon. your futurecast is coming up in a bit. highs today in the mid to upper 50s. another mild one. asecond chance for rain this week. larry, over to you. >> thank you. 6:30 is your time. a few adjustments for the train riders this morning for you.
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it is both on the eastbound and westbound side that we have one lane closed, 15 minutes ago asking commuters in the area to slow down because they had a few go past them at a high rate of speed. another update shortly. over to you. good monday morning. i'm allyson rae. >> i'm mike walter. breaking news overnight. two stabbing investigations underway in the district. the first a double stabbing at a popular restaurant and lounge in the northwest and the second one in the chinatown area. >> and we are joined from the northwest, a busy night for
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police. >> reporter: very busy night indeed. good morning to both of you. if you look behind me, you can see where the double stabbing investigation is underway. areally long night for these guys with the washington, d.c. police department. and two people stabbed on the premises of barcode restaurant and lounge. one man was stabbed inside and a second man was stabbed outside. both of those men were transported to a local hospital for treatment. one of the men at the hospital died from his injuries. now, we're still trying to learn more about the investigation. we're not sure if there was a motive here and what the motive here was as police continue to investigate. again, that happened 11:30. an hour before, seven minutes, about seven minutes away from this location another stabbing happened. aman was stabbed in the street
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in the 1,000 block of good evening, street. that man has nonlife- threatening injuries the motive is unknown. but the suspect is known. ablack male in his 20s as the investigation continues. now, as far as the investigation here, again at barcode restaurant and lounge police are trying to figure out if any other people were involved. if you have information, cop tack washington, d.c. police. and i should mention that there is a road closure here in the 1,000 block of l street. so plan accordingly. you will -- see the road flares. and traffic is moving slowly in the area. so factor that into your schedule before you head out for your morning commute. reporting live, wusa 9. >> thank you. i'm at the live desk. washington, d.c. police are saying one of their offs infrastructure -- officers was
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involved aim shooting this morning. in the 5300 block of claire terrace around 2:00 this morningthismsuch was was taken to the hospital. his condition is unknown. no officers were hurt. the officer who fired the shots was on patrol on his well beat, but he was not responding to a specific call. it is not clear what led to the shooting. the 304 -- 30400 block of clay street are closed. a virginia man charged with supporting isis is due in court this morning. joseph farouq was arrested after trying to travel to syria. and elhassan is charged with trying to help him. ahearing date is not set for elhassan. the first votes in the 2016 presidential election will be
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cast tonight in iowa. >> the winners will hope this vote gets them one step closer to the white house. this is where we are live in iowa. >> reporter: good morning, a fight to the finish. all eyes are fixated on 1600 pennsylvania avenue in hopes to move into the white house. but the candidates are in iowa, a very tight race on both sides. so turnout will be key in determining who wins tonight's race in iowa. the volunteer for the top democrats campaigning door-to- door and making phone calls ahead of the caucuses. hillary clinton lost iowa during her 2008 bid, and polls show that she is ahead of standards be 3%. >> i will stand up and fight for you every single day of this campaign. then when we win, i will fight
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for you in the white house. >> here is a radical idea. together we're going to create an economy that works for all of us, not just the 1%. >> reporter: now, over on the republican side, race is tight there as well. trump is leading ted cruz, but only by 5%. now, the caucus begins tonight add 7:00. and results will be reported using a brand new microsoft app that replaces the phone reporting system that had problems with accuracy. reporting live, wusa 9. >> interesting to see if that is better. apps can have trouble, too. thank you. 6:36. aformer maryland judge is charged with a civil rights violation. robert naly is accused of ordering a sheriff deputy to taser a man inside his courtroom. 25-year-old king was representing himself at a firearms case and a judge ordered him to stop talking.
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when he denied that, he ordered the electric shock. still ahead this morning --
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all right. welcome back. let's talk about the showers pushing on through for this afternoon. not a a lot of rain, just going to come on through when everyone is getting back on the roads to head home. areas off to the west heavier rain, but light to moderate compared to what we're going to see on wednesday which is our second yellow weather alert day of the week. here we are at 1:30, so any time after lunchtime for areas along 81 you can see the showers push through. so grab the umbrella for today. you'll going to need it likely. here we are at 4:00 along 95 and some pockets of heavier rain, but for the most part very light. this will get out of here by 7:00 to 8:00 and lingering for st. mary's county. we will go through the second chance for rain coming up in
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just a bit. here is larry miller, good morning. good morning, allyson rae and good morning, at home. 6:41 is your time. the volume is causing a slow down on the beltway. primarily in silver springs and college park. 66, mainly from our far western towns like gainesville and front royal. and moderate on 50 and the b.w. parkway. over to you. >> thank you. talk about a role reversal. coming up -- how and why a woman was able to pull over a miami police officer and it
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didn't happen the other way around.
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recognize that music from the serial podcast and the convicted murder will be in a baltimore courtroom this week. the lawyers will introduce new evidence that they say proves their client is innocent. >> he is currently serving a life sentence for killing his ex girlfriend. he will be in court on wednesday. 6:46. time to see what our partners add "cbs this morning" are covering. >> we say good morning to charlie rose who is live in new york with the preview. hello. >> good morning. we have a team of correspondents on the campaign trail in iowa ahead of tonight's caucuses and hillary clinton joins us live and john dickerson looks at the potential outcomes. and the center of the zika epidemic.
6:47 am
we have a report from brazil. and dierks bentley is here to reveal the country awards. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> thank you. a miami woman pulls over a cop who is speeding. she has guts. that is next. >> a mortrist in miami pulls over a police officer who she shot was speeding. now, her pursuit of the police squad car. she was able to get the officer to pullover. >> the reason i pulled you over today, and just want to know what's the emergency. >> i don't know how fast i was going, but i can tell you i'm on my way to work right now. >> uh-huh. >> i donel't bieve i was speeding. >> wow. >> the officer did apologize and said he would slow down. police are saying they will be investigating the officer's actions. that is a very lucky woman.
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>> the opposite way. >> yes. relentless el niño power waves cause erosion in california. >> it is just south of san francisco, the buildings are teaers on the edge. you can see that, they asked drone operators to capture the video and help their scientists take a look at the problem. >> mapping the coasts during the high tide will give us an idea of where the high tides are going and predict things in the future. >> so there are fearly 1300- mile -- nearly 1300 miles along the california or line. and there are homes that are at risk from el niño. they are getting a lot of storms resulting of the el niño that -- pattern that sets up.
6:49 am
southern california got their first dose of good rain, not their first dose, but they were waiting for rain and snow for the mountains and it was on the ugly side. and for us no snow this week. get back to school. >> my son stopped me and said i need a challenge for me brain. it starts tomorrow. >> rain showers threw today and wednesday. and temperatures mild. tonight i will be concerned for areas south and west. below freezing for hours with the water and melting that would be a concern. and everybody else above freezing. this is a nice star on your camera. blue sky there with the clouds moving in ahead of the front. front number one of two for
6:50 am
today. 46 degrees right now. a little of a please out of the south. 13 to 15 miles per hour. and here is our front headed our way. not very significant other impactful, put right when you're trying to drive home. the buses out, the roads are packed and showers come on through. so we'll time it out for you, just after lunchtime for areas along 81. after 2:00 and 6:00 it comes through 95. and pockets of heavy rain. but for the most part it is pretty light. not too big of a deal. i wanted ititia that weather alert. and dry things out tonight and tomorrow it is a little cooler and still above-average. into the upper 40s for tuesday. now, for wednesday, this is our second front of the week and our second yellow weather alert day. this one a lot heavier rain. blinding rain and even thunderstorms. the temperatures reach the 60s ahead of the from.
6:51 am
once the front comes through it temperatures will plummet. 7:00in the morning even off to the west, not in our area from this front could be giving severe weather. so by 2:00 heavier rain and thunderstorms. it gets out of here pretty fast and the temperatures dip down. not a blast of cold air but to the chillier side. 56 today. 49 tomorrow and 63 ahead of the front on wednesday and then the 40s into the weekend. larry over to you. already talking about the weekend. love it. adisabled value blocking the shoulder on the dw parkway southbound. it was an hour ago i told you a large pothole in the area. so watch out for that.
6:52 am
you can see the heavy volume on the southbound side. no accidents or incident, just volume. you need to account for that adding a few extra minutes to your morning commute. 10 will do you just fine. starring at prince william parkway and working your way up to 395. a13-minute commute this morning. eastbound on i-66, starting, make your way to northeast here at constitution avenue. and southbound on i-270, no major issues this morning. the bulk of the volume stars to ease up a by closer to the beltway. over to you. >> thank you. we are less than a week away from the big game, super
6:53 am
bowl l is coming up this sunday. celebrity crush time, check out the pants on cam newton. stealing the show in san jose. the panthers and broncos arrived in california ahead of super bowl sunday. both teams are gearing up for the big game that you can catch here on wusa 9. >> all right. the tiger pants. >> getting ready to go to a banking meeting. and cam is a whole different ball of wax. good morning. yeah. be aware. any very aware of how many selfies you take it could be bad for your relationship. the more couples take selfieathize more risk they can be. people who take a lot of selfievise a really great body image and very self-confidence,
6:54 am
that could actually be a deterrent in your relationship, who gets more likes kind of filters in and jealousy of the fun things your partner is doing, and taking selfies and -- you're not in their selfie, it could be selfie destructive. so just keep that in mind. >> a lot of stuff going into it. >> how do you get around that? what do you do? take a selfie with allyson, i have to pest one with me and why wife a minute later. >> you should always take, it is like taking a selfie with lady gaga. >> hello. >> she has gone to one name, too. just andrea. >> that's it. >> andrea. >> all right. tommy, we'll be watching. getting back to you tomorrow. going once, going twice -- gone. $82,000. >> we are talking about the high bid the winning bid for
6:55 am
the pope mobile. yes. the black fiat car was sold at the philly auto show this weekend. the new owners chaplain autogroup, they are going to put it on display that their chrysler dealership. er forget the bumper-to-bumper traffic and sail into town on a gondola. they are studying to get across the potomac river. it will be run along the key bridge. it would provide fast transit. >> talk about thinking outside of the box. that's really interesting. 6:55. raj week is extended into wens because -- wednesday because of the snow last week. that means the three course dinners for $35 will not be ending. they are hoping that people will make reservations now.
6:56 am
>> the only thing that could mess up the gondolas would be windy days. allyson. washington, d.c. police are investigating a double stabbing that happened last night. they have been out here for seven hours. investigators are still inside of barcode ron and -- restaurant and lounge. around 11:00 two then were stabbed. and seven hips -- minutes from here another man was stabbed. reporting live, wusa 9. live outside of the white house where the road to the white house begins in iowa.
6:57 am
we're looking ahead to tonight's iowa caucuses the race is tight. trum leading cruise by 5, and hillary clinton ahead of sanders be 3. back to you. we have showerses for today, this afternoon between 2:00 and 6:00. tonight areas farg north and we for refreezing. tomorrow night bad, 49 degrees. 63 ahead of the front on wednesday. two chances for rain. wednesday rain and thunderstorms. the west of the week is okay. >> all right.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, february 1st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." the moment of truth in iowa. caucus day is finally here. we are on the campaign trail. plus interviews with hillary clinton and donald trump. the zika virus may be declared a global emergency. dr. jon lapook reports from brazil, the epi center of the growing pandemic. and country star dierks bentley is here today to unveil the nominees for the country music awards. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. you have a lousy record. 16 yeandrs a you haven't picked a winner. please, pick a winner this


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