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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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breaking news of an arrest in the murder of a mother and her young child a prince george's county. police have a confession in the fatal shooting of 26-year-old neshante davis and her 2-year- old daughter chloe. we'll get to that in a moment at first the flood watch in place for much of the region triggering a yellow weather alert.
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afternoon and thank you for joining us and i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein your tracking showers and storms our way. >> no thunderbird possibility later on. flood watch covers entire metro area and areas north. rivers and creeks already in flood stage. combination of melting snow melting quickly with potentially heavy rain. i look at first alert doppler over the last several hours. you see how the line moves to the east and more yellow and orange now especially southwestern the jell-o does virginia. in town light rain. moderate rain setting up to the west. about 20 miles or so moving east. 30 miles an hour and will be in dc around 12:35 leonardtown around 2:22. here is the heavy stuff now. going up to 70 from rockville from germantown into frederick
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county and really filling in in western fairfax and loudon. not so bad in silver spring but won't take long before the heavy rain moves in. it's all over the place and loudon and western fairfax. also towards culpeper. some rainfall rates could be half an inch per hour. the problem we're having his cold air on the mountains. richmond 54. into the 50s and getting into the 60s could be tough. we will come back and talk about the weekend and watching something on next tuesday i will tell you about as well. breaking out of prince george's county this afternoon police have a suspect in custody over the shooting death of a capitol heights schoolteacher and her 2- year-old daughter. neshante davis and her daughter chloe shot to death outside their condo yesterday morning. mikea turner joins us live with the latest. the child's father is the suspect? >> reporter: this is a big
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development in the case. a spokesperson for prince george's police as the father of 2-year-old chloe and police custom. the police chief said the father admitted to involvement in the case. earlier i stop by bradbury heights elementary school where davis worked and talked to parents who are saddened.>> a 2- year-old, she doesn't know anything yet. >> reporter: her youngest daughter is in kindergarten at bradbury heights elementary, a school that will never see neshante davis again. >> they killed a teacher at the school. that's very sad. >> reporter: on tuesday around 7:00 in the morning they found davis suffering from a gunshot wound outsider condo in fort washington. davis and her 2-year-old daughter lived in pinewood hill condos. davis was pronounced dead on the scene and chloe was found close by strapped in a car seat with a gunshot wound. she was taken to a hospital
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where she later died. parents at bradberry elementary are shaken. >> i know it's hurting the kids but they have to deal with it. >> it's sad. it doesn't make sense. >> reporter: prince george's county public schools have a crisis seem to help students and teachers cope with the loss. >> it's easy to kill. i don't know what's going on. >> reporter: police say no charges filed at this time but we will keep you updated as the story develops. mikea turner wusa9. topping campaign 2016 coverage rand paul of kentucky announced he is dropping out of the presidential race. the rest of the presidential hopefuls still setting their sights on new hampshire before voters at the polls next tuesday. donald trump set out a series of tweets alleging ted cruz won the iowa caucuses by committing fraud but admits he may have lost support by skipping last week gop debate and despite his
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third-place finish marco rubio has become the candidate to beat for those looking to be an alternative to cruz a trough taking fire from his opponents. wusa9 has coverage of campaign 2016 on your phone so download our free app to get breaking news, live coverage, and important updates 24/7. michigan stop environmental regulator at capitol hill to face questions about the water crisis in flint michigan. the state's governor is expected to propose the state provide $30 million to help residents pay their water bills. governor rick snyder says flight residents don't have to pay for water they can't drink. the problem started in 2014 from the state decided to quit buying water from detroit and supply the city water from the flint river. blood samples from children uncovered high levels of lead and the fbi launching a criminal investigation. comedian bill cosby
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returned to a philadelphia courtroom today and his attorneys asked the judge to dismiss a sexual assault case against him. the decision rests on a promise of immunity a former prosecutor said he gave cosby's now deceased lawyer. he's charged in the sexual assault in 2004 one former temple university employee andrea constand said cosby drugged and raped her at his home. in the deposition cosby admitted giving her pills but says the sex was consensual. they say crime doesn't pay but in the district staying out of trouble just might. nick giovanni looks at a new bill that would pay residents not to commit a crime. >> reporter: we're talking about fighting crime with cash. an incentive program part of a bill unanimously approved by the dc council. >> everyone else is going around crazy. why not pay someone to be calm? >> reporter: preventing violent crime by addressing what causes of it. that is the basis for kevin
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mcduffy's proposal to pay residents of stipend not to commit a crime. >> if you want to pay someone not to commit crimes why not make the effort? >> reporter: the villa unanimously passed by city council, city officials identified up to 200 people at risk of committing or becoming a victim of violent crime. they participate in a behavioral therapy program run independently from the police department and if they complete the program and stay out of trouble they get a stipend. the bill was met with mixed reaction. >> i'm floored as long as it's something in terms of not just cash, but maybe a card they can spend on food, clothing, or shelter. >> i guess it would be less problems but is that our taxes?>> reporter: question is where will the money come from? it should cost about $4.9 million over four years and
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mayor bowser hasn't committed to funding it so we're standing by for the answer. nick giovanni wusa9. the program is based on one already in place in richmond california and the reported close to 80% of participants have not been suspected of any crime since joining the program. just four days from super bowl 50 on wusa9. coming up see how huge crowds are making for a big windfall for california bay area businesses. dui terror neighborhood,i feel like
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passengers aboard a plane out of mogadishu somalia are thankful to be safe this afternoon. they survived the fire and explosion that blew a gaping hole in the airplane. the pilot made an emergency landing and somalia's deputy ambassador to the united nations was on board. >> i heard a big bang. smoke erupted. we couldn't see anything for a few seconds. it was a bit scary. >> somali authorities confirm one passenger died after being blown from the hole created by the explosion at 2 others hurt. authorities looking whether a bomb was aboard the plane. look at these happy dogs that south koreans have taken the care of into their own hands. one woman offering to shelter more than 200 dogs in the compound. she stops to pick up dogs roaming the streets and has rescued dogs in danger of being sold to dogmeat arms or restaurants. dogs are becoming popular as pets in south korea just now. under a yellow weather alert
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at our tracking showers and storms heading our way. also some flooding also. >> between melting snow and moderate to heavy rain of real threat for the afternoon. like right now in dc picking up over the next 20 or 30 minutes. more views on first alert
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we're now just four days away from super bowl 50 and you can watch the panthers and broncos go at it right here on wusa9 this sunday. the broncos already lost one player before the big game. police detained rookie safety brian murphy during a
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prostitution sting. he's a member of denver's practice squad and is not charge but the team sent him home anyway. the game features starting quarterbacks with the biggest age gap in super bowl history. peyton manning turns 40 next month isn't saying that he will retire but says he has accepted this season stumbling blocks. with all the different challenges i felt like i had a piece about it the whole time. from being labeled this player or that player, for me i have always viewed things differently and played differently. not in the prototypical way. >> he's the young one, panthers quarterback cam newton just 26 years old going to his first super bowl. the celebrations with him fans while others criticize him as a show voter.
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super bowl a big win for small businesses to work with the nfl in the bay area. jamie yuccas shows how the business connect program change the life of a woman in san francisco.>> reporter: for 10 years this woman opened her bakery to the san francisco public. >> don't act like that one company is around. i'm talking to my brownies. last week she learned the nfl would give her the biggest order of her life. >> i cannot fumble. i cannot fumble this. >> reporter: 2400 bit goods through the business connect program for on-site meetings. the super bowl contracts are worth a lot of dough, more than $3 million went to hundreds of san francisco area businesses. and just because super bowl week started doesn't mean more workers can come in. >> there are still more orders still submitting invoices and contracts. i'm getting requests now and we will tally get up after the super bowl is over.
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>> reporter: the economic impact of super bowls is debated but jason with the host committee says one local businesses on social are hired it's easy to tally what they earn. >> reporter: are you rooting for the panthers or broncos? >> i'm rooting for san francisco. >> reporter: the added business isn't just a win for your bond but also her community. jamie yuccas cbs news san francisco. >> if you're planning an all- day party we have you covered here on wusa9. pregame program starts at 11:00 a.m. leading to the kickoff at 6:30 and after the game catch a special live late show edition was stephen colbert. 4 people being treated for injuries he received in an ambulance crash. a chevy equinox collided with the ambulance and the ambulance was in the process of transporting a patient when the
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crash happened. the second ambulance had to be brought into complete the run. it happened around 7:00 this morning and cause significant delays. a person in texas has become infected with the zika virus through sex. the unidentified person had sex with a person who just returned from venezuela and got sick with the virus. many latin american countries are trying to kill the mosquitoes that carry the disease and hot doors declared a state of emergency after officials registered 3500 cases of the virus in less than three months. pregnant women at most risk and children are usually born with abnormally small heads. millions of americans in the path of severe weather today a day after tornado swept across the south. the outbreak flattened homes and knocked out power in mississippi and alabama. david begnaud surveys the damage in collinsville mississippi. >> reporter: at least 12 tornadoes reportedly tore through the southern u. s. tuesday. this one touched down in scooba, mississippi and made its way to alabama.
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it leveled homes and left a path of destruction that stretched across both states. in rankin county mississippi firefighters rescued eight people from rising floodwater. >> i saw it coming down this way and i knew we would be okay. >> reporter: willie jackson and his family had as a tornado hit their home. >> it's right there! >> reporter: the tornado that hit collinsville mississippi whiffed across the first baptist church and the pastor said he heard the sirens blaring and brushed his family to safety. he loaded his wife and son in this white suburban and pulled alongside the church taking the wall would protect the vehicle. you see what happened to the window. the family of waste into the church and hid under a desk. the same storm that fuel tornadoes in the south created blizzard like conditions across the plains. the whiteout condition in southwestern minnesota prompted a travel ban while more than a foot of snow fell in parts of nebraska.
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no reports of injuries or deaths related to the tornadoes in the south. as for today from tallahassee north to delaware the real threat is flash flooding. david begnaud cbs news collinsville mississippi. today is a yellow weather alert day. now here is wusa9's first alert weather. >> the alert to the same system coming our way but with rain. >> we may get a couple thunderstorms out of it. when the system gets here it changes. it's dynamic. in mississippi and alabama yesterday that cause problems but here potentially flooding rainfall and snow melt combining for the afternoon. first alert doppler the last three hours the stream of moisture moving southwest to northeast. why moving at 30 miles an hour and will take several hours to get through us. rainfall rates about half an inch when does happen inch an
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hour or more. the line of heavier rain about to get to dc. putting a timer on it at 30 miles an hour when i checked it was washington in a few minutes. fredericksburg 12:58. leonardtown 2:40. you can see just north and west through much of montgomery, howard, frederick, login counties moderate to heavy rain and the orange on the map is not just the rain. we have dense fog also. give yourself a lot of extra time if you are traveling the next few hours. the afternoon rush will have a great impact. towards leesburg down 15 into gainesville and manassas picking up with the rain and good kid -- and clip towards culpeper. outside visibility keeps dropping and the clouds are dropping as well.
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we're not making 60s today. maybe upper 50s and reign heaviest now between 5:00 or 6:00. it will linger later in southern maryland. showers overnight especially east of i- 95 but not as heavy as this afternoon. with the snow melts and rain the flood watch gets further southbound i-95 toward prince william and spotsylvania county. we can get an inch to 2 inches of rain and that goes until tomorrow mornings. the streams, creeks, and rivers the real problem. we have mountains to the west and the clinician to the east and the cold gets stuck in a ledge. leesburg pike 41. fredericksburg 52. project still in the 30s. cold. the shallow and talked to erode . with the warmth coming over the cold and the fog is becoming a problem.
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visibility's earlier found to 1 quarter of a mile at dulles airport. this will be a problem i think the next few hours. kind of dreary out there. 48 degrees at lunchtime in washington feels like 40 cents with the west, southwesterly wind at 5 mi./h. tail end of the line where we see the heaviest weather but still comes through us and the timing looks like the next 2 to 4 hours the worst of it. by 5:00 the heaviest stuff down towards other st. mary's county and continuing to pull away by reidsville at 7:00. showers here or there overnight especially east of i-95. tomorrow morning start with mostly cloudy skies but end up being partly to mostly sunny by the end of the day. yellow weather alert today and rain and chance of storms. windy and highest elevations tonight upper 30s to mid- forties. tomorrow 52. colder friday.
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to night on wusa9 news at 5:00 the latest on the arrest of a father who allegedly confessed to killing his little girl and her mother prince george's county. new details to expand the school year. of people across the area make the days brighter with 15 minute healthy sessions. tonight on wusa nine news at
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5:00. today we have reign heaviest time this afternoon with fog so give yourself extra time and hopefully flooding will be minimal. that's it for wusa nine news
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