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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. good afternoon and thank you for joining us for the news at noon and i'm mike hydeck
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. investigation into a shooting that sense for people to the hospital and still underway now. learning more about the victims near cedar heights apartment complex in southeast when the shooting happened. it rang out and butler street and mikea turner was there and spoke with residents were very shaken up i this. >> reporter: dc police on the scene on butler street all night and morning. trying to find answers as to why four people, 2 kids the 2 adults were shot. people in cedar heights on edge this morning when they saw this. their development taped off with evidence markers across the block. four people shot outside this complex before 9:00 last night. two men, one teenage boy in one teenage girl a victim. rebecca jackson wasn't around at the time but her 16-year-old niece was a took cover inside with her family. >> they said over 20 shots went out. she hit the ground and hid behind a wall. >> reporter: she says it's heartbreaking and scary.>> it's
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every day and it's terrible and ignorant and unnecessary. >> reporter: carol wasn't around when the shots rang out but her 17-year-old son was inside and it was frightening. >> he said he heard massive shooting, like rifle fire. i immediately rushed home to get to him. >> reporter: police say none of the victims have life- threatening injuries and will be okay. >> as a mother it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: police are looking for the motive and the person who pulled the trigger. >> there is no description of a suspect yet. if you have information contact dc police. prince george's county father who reportedly confessed to killing his 2-year-old daughter and her mother is scheduled to have a bond hearing today. 25-year-old daron boswell- johnson discharge with gunning down neshante davis and the couple's 2-year-old daughter chloe still in her car seat. they were killed tuesday and
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investigators feel a custody dispute led to this. prince george's county police slapped the cops on this woman after a drug-related shooting. she's from upper marlboro and is charged with first-degree murder. police believe she shot and killed 45-year-old gilbert hall in addison heights. he was found with gunshot wounds saturday and died a short time later. they believe it's drug-related. president obama attended his final prayer breakfast as commander-in-chief. for 63 years president suspect the first thursday of february gathering with members of congress and religious followers. it's a rare opportunity a president has to openly talk about his faith. >> it helps me deal with common everyday fears we all share. the main one i am feeling right now is children growing up too fast. they are leaving.
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that's a tough deal. >> all dads say that. the president said in the past these having a tough time having his oldest daughter graduating from high school this year and going to college. martin o'malley out of the race and now democrats bernie sanders and hillary clinton getting ready for the first head to head debate tonight in new hampshire. and the two republican front runners escalate their war of words. >> reporter: republican senator ted cruz met with voters in new hampshire thursday morning. >> we need to defend the second amendment >> reporter: while he continues his war of words with donald trump. >> i don't think people are interested in a temper tantrum. >> reporter: in a series of tweets donald trump accused ted cruz of fraud during the caucuses. the republican party disagrees and made the results official. overnight donald trump tweeted
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again suggesting cruz's test it was a misdemeanor at minimum. >> voter fraud, the politicians are brutal. >> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders preparing for a debate tonight, the first head to head showdown since martin o'malley dropped out of the race. at a town hall last night the candidates continue to spar over which one deserves to be called a progressive. >> you can't be a moderate event a progressive. >> it's hard to see how any of his proposals could ever be achievable. >> reporter: sanders is counting of the youth spoke to wind. >> he understands things are easy. >> reporter: young volunteers also supporting clinton. >> women rights or something secretary collegian believes in and will fight for. >> reporter: 40% of new hampshire voters are not registered in a political party. they can make up their minds primary night.
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>> would like to remind you wusa9 has coverage of campaign 2016 wherever and whenever you want it on your phone so download our free app to get breaking news, live coverage, and live updates. today nicole lovell will be laid to rest. yesterday family and friends joined to pay their respects during calling hours for the blacksburg, virginia girl. her body was found last weekend south of the virginia state line. virginia tech students david eisenhauer charged with her murder and natalie keepers are charged as an accessory in the case. people's -- natalie keepers scheduled to make a court appearance for a bond hearing today. prosecutors say she played a role before and after the death including the disposal of the girl's body. up former disgraced pharmaceutical ceos of lawmakers during a congressional hearing. martin shkreli smirked that members of congress semo to his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination and declined to answer questions. many on
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the panel expressed outrage over his actions when he was head of turing pharmaceuticals. that included jacking up the price of a life-saving medicine from $13.50 a pill to $750 a pill. so far 48 patients with the zika virus in the united states. why florida's governor is the only one to impose an emergency health order. find out why neighbors say this car got stuck on a roof. it's not that big of a deal. a young boy with a past life? i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest, but i thought it would be too expensive.
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but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates answer the call already. welcome back. following breaking news now from northwest dc were former dc mayor vincent gray just
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announced he's going to run for a ward 7 seat on the dc council. it was back in december the u.s. than tourney ended its investigation in his 2010 mayoral campaign without bringing charges against the former mayor. he always maintained he knew nothing about a $600,000 off the books shadow campaign that was being run on his behalf. half a dozen staff members pleaded guilty to charges for their roles in that shadow campaign. sources tell us vincent gray determined he has a better chance of winning in his home ward seat which is ward 7 which would be better than running a citywide at-large seat. the ward 7 seat currently held by your vet alexander. democratic primary set for june. if you are sitting in your house playing cards in a car
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comes crashing through your will. that happened in california where a car flew onto the roof of a house where there were people inside. the driver had a medical emergency. here's how the neighbor is reacting. >> it's something to land on the roof. it happens all the time. >> it happens all the time? the houses are built into a mountain and the driver in the hospital and in good condition getting treatment for the medical problem. time now to talk to howard and check out the forecast. >> mild this morning but getting cooler and cooler. lots of 30s in ohio and western pennsylvania. we are down to 48 degrees. cold air plays a role of what kind of precipitation we see tonight.
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in health news today the state of florida now declared a health emergency in 4 counties because of the zika virus. this comes as the centers for disease control confirms the virus is linked to birth defects. don champion has more. >> reporter: florida's emergency health order clears the way for crews to take action against the zika virus like spring for mosquitoes. now at least 48 patients in the u. s. all travelers who brought the virus back from zika stricken countries except for one in dallas who had sexual contact with someone who returned from venezuela. in hard-hit brazil soldiers getting rid of stagnant water in an effort to kill mosquito larva. zika is leaked to birth defects in pregnant women and they
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should avoid travel to countries where the virus is spreading. wednesday cbs news confirmed united airlines offer to reassign certain light crews concerned about contracting the virus in latin america and the caribbean. other airlines are reportedly doing the same. the cdc has actuated -- activated its operations center. >> for zika we have people that are experts in birth defects and reproductive health in one place so they can work on different aspects of the problem. >> reporter: the cdc advising pregnant women to protect themselves if their marital sexual partner has traveled to a country where zika is spreading. the joel knight -- the virus can stay in the blood stream for about a week. don champion cbs news. researchers now complaining that brazil not sharing enough of the samples and data on the zika virus. the lack of data is slowing the effort to develop tests and vaccine so they can stop the spread. in other medical new cdc
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offering advice for pregnant women who get the flu this year. the earlier you take antivirals like tamiflu the better. a new study finds expectant mothers to take tamiflu within two days of their symptoms cut their hospital stay by about five days. research shows pregnant women at higher risk for serious complications or death when it comes to the flu. damage to the brain might trigger the production of plaque and that's a key finding of new research about alzheimer's disease. researchers in the uk found plaque buildup linked to alzheimer's in people with moderate to severe brain injuries. one note of caution, only nine people involved in the study. yale university researchers have proof while the people
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should exercise, men specifically. older men who regularly exercise are less likely to fall and hurt themselves in old age. it looked at hundreds of men between 70 and 89 years old and did not find a similar link in women. just three days away from super bowl 50. you can watch it right here sunday on wusa9. broncos and panthers not the only ones practi. cing a team bringing you the game live on television is hard at work. jamie eustis scott a look behind the scenes. >> reporter: testing graphics is a small part what the cbssports production crew does to get ready for the super bowl. >> what's so impressive as all the monitors. >> reporter: the executive vice president has worked on close to 20 super bowl's. >> we have the bells and whistles known to mankind and sports broadcasting. >> reporter: there will be 70 cameras capturing the sights and sounds including 30 mounted around the stadium for a 360 degree view on top of a camera mounted to a plane and another on at our at great america amusement park. >> this is super high tech.
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>> reporter: there will be 16 of these pylon cameras that mark each quarter of the end zone. the 13 production trailers on- site and levi's stadium brought in a month ago. the set is still getting its finishing touches. this is where the hosts will be sitting super bowl sunday and they are the ones who have to embrace the technology. >> i hope it's made me a little smarter on tv.>> the technology gives some information he can analyze and make it interesting visually. >> reporter: beyond the broadcast the commentators also have to connect with fans and social media. >> its overwhelming for the old- timers. >> reporter: to make sure there is super coverage for the tens of millions of fans tuning in to super bowl l. jamie yuccas santa clara. >> it's not surprising but astonishing. the game clock is 60 minutes but adding pregame coverage,
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time outs, penalties, halftime show, commercial breaks, analysts are expected to be on for more than seven hours. sounds like snow coverage. san francisco bay area teeming with security ahead of the game and 1 million sightseers in the san francisco area before the game. to keep them safe security in place on the ground, in the water, and in the air. police using high-tech equipment to search for explosives and to watch for suspicious activity. >> it's about identifying the lone wolf before he or she attacks. >> it makes you feel safe. you feel like you are in a foreign country. >> it sends a message that we will be protected. >> super bowl sunday 70,000 fans packed the stadium and authorities say while there have been no threats they are taking no chances when it comes to the safety of the fans and players. if you're planning an all-day party we have you covered on wusa9.
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pregame programming starts at 11 am leading up to the kickoff at 6:30 and after the game catch a special late show with stephen colbert live. let's talk about weather. everyone says a big storm next week and you are thinking what? >> tiny store monday into tuesday. install look like they are coming together well for that. we may see a little bit of wet snow tonight if you are on the eastern shore near st. mary's or the northern neck a chance for wet snow of an inch or less. we have a lot of clouds here today and hard-pressed to see the sun as temperature steady and slowly drop off later this afternoon. west north, northwesterly winds 10 to 15 but now sustained at 20 miles an hour. that has called us down.
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when we got to work this morning and mike and i worked the morning show and we get here at 3:00 temperatures still above 50. we're down to 48 in town and temperatures holding steady in the mid-40s for most of the area north and west. lots of clouds out there and winds north of 20 making it feel like 41. humidity 56%. tonight a little snow east, south as well. shouldn't be a big deal and temperatures above freezing. mainly grassy areas. we might have slush on the roads but not too bad. nice weekend ahead and temperatures rebound off to 40 saturday and 50 sunday. snow chance monday afternoon into tuesday but the storm looks weak and disorganized. moisture flowing in from the gulf of mexico across north florida and georgia and eastern areas of south and north carolina. clouds having a tough time
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moving east and a couple showers now to the northern neck in southern st. mary's in cambridge and oxford. two cast shows activity not too much other than a stray shower or two. tonight moisture works its way up. futurecast says it has all of this as wayne at 1:00 in the morning. i think it will be cold enough it will be wet snow and we could get that minor of accumulation. a bigger hit across new york, long island, southeastern new england where they are talking about 6 inches or more like tomorrow afternoon. maybe even rhode island and southeast massachusetts. the snow map, you see a trace to an inch to the eastern and southern counties. outside chance that someone sees a slushy 3 inches. next week the 850 malabar temperatures are about a mile up
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, one shot of arctic air sunday morning heading towards new england. another shot dies down into monday. a called shot next weekend jet stream takes a big dip and cold enough to support snow. the area is not quite there for the dc region. it might produce a storm that hits new england or southeastern canada but around here doesn't look like it will be a big storm. could we get an inch or two monday or monday night? yes. but not enough to cause problems. not seeing a blockbuster storm coming out of this. that would be sometime monday afternoon and evening into tuesday. even possible to have snow showers into wednesday. 50 degrees and hanging out in the upper 40s the rest of the afternoon. sunshine far west. tonight in the 30s and a few 20s and cold spots. tomorrow 35 and blustery. saturday seasonably chilly upper 40s. sunday low 50s looks good for super bowl sunday and transfer snow in the evening monday
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that's real estate, redefined. coming up this evening on wusa9 news at 5:00 we just learned the judge denied bail for the virginia tech student natalie keepers who is charged with being an accessory in the death of 13-year-old nicole lovell. also at 5:00 new information in a maryland couple accused in a terrible case of child abuse and also from a man who crashed a sheriff's campaign fundraiser and bragged about it on facebook and then live in san francisco with a preview of some of the newer super bowl
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commercials. it will be chilly and a big snowstorm next week. thanks for joining us for the news at noon
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