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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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we are not expecting another blizzard, but we are bracing for what could be a measurable snowstorm. good afternoon, and thanks for joining us. i'm andrea roane. how much snow are we talking about and when will it hit?
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we will get right to allison with the first alert forecast. >> thanks, andrea. that's exactly right. this is not a major storm. this is not going to be a blizzard. it is just a big nuisance for your tuesday. we will see measurable snow for a lot of the area, especially the farther north and west you go. it doesn't seem like it. when you step outside, pretty nice out there. 44 degrees and some sunshine. those clouds will quickly increase though. and the wind is calm. i will tell you what, i was out there and right now it is not calm. it is breezy. we are expecting rain tonight. and then turning to snow. as the temperatures drop. but we have warm temperatures. so we have a lot to overcome. and our snowfall totals are going to be very widespread. we are going to see near six inches for some parts of the viewing area and just a trace, maybe nothing, for some parts farther south. so a lot to cover here. but by 3:00, we are looking at 45 degrees. some showers arrive for the drive home. then it starts to turn to snow. some areas to the north, it is
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all snow and the totals are a little bit higher. a big mess out here through the west and we do have an upstated snowfall map, and i lowered the numbers for some areas, and you want to see that, coming up in just a bit. andrea, over to you. >> thanks, allison. the campaign 2016, now his former boss, martin o'malley is out of the running we learned that the former maryland lieutenant governor anthony brown announced the endorsement of hillary clinton for president. he announced it in an e-mail a day before the new hampshire primary. and donald trump is looking for the first win in the republican race. weija jang reports from man cheffer, new hampshire. >> reporter: donald trust, rallied this morning -- donald trump rallied in new hampshire. the beginning of a busy day. the billionaire holds a large lead in the polls, holding into the primary tomorrow. on cbs this morning, trump fueled his fight with jeb bush. >> every time he attacks me, he melts like butter. >> jeb bush fired back with a
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tweet calling trump a loser, a liar, and a whiner. >> when i got elected -- >> ohio governor john kasich and ted cruz hit the campaign trail early, in a tight race for second place, along with bush and marco rubio, trying to recover from a rocky debate performance over the weekend. the florida senator insisted he did great, despite criticism for being repetitive. >> i think the evidence is, we raised more money in the first hour of that debate than we did in an other debate. >> and towns across the granite state are decked out just like this as campaigns scramble for last-minute support. in all, candidates from both sides have at least 35 scheduled events today. >> we have come a long way in the last nine months. >> former secretary of state madeline albright. >> there is a special place in hell for women who don't help each other. >> all the candidates are
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hoping for help from mother nature, too. snow is in the forecast, and it could impact voter turnout. weija jang, cbs news, manchester, new hampshire. and you can keep up with campaign 2016, any time, no matter what the weather, if you download the free wusa 9 app. we have a politics section with the latest on the candidates, including polls and then tomorrow night's primary results. in other news today, family, friends and supporters of a woman who died while in police custody are gathering for justice. they are holding a vigil and demonstration to mark her death one year ago. activists are gathering at this hour, outside the fairfax county jail. natasha mckenna died days after she was tased during a transfer. and she was suffering from schizophrenia. a vigil will be held at all saints episcopal church in alexandria tonight at 7:00. opening statements began today for the trial of a virginia mother whose son's
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body was found in a septic tank. ashley white of the blacksburg area faces felony child abuse and neglect charges. white, and the child's father, are accused of leaving their 5- year-old son noah and their infant daughter home alone. the boy's body was later found in the septic tank near the family's house. the medical examiner says he drowned. the child's father is also charged in the case. the wife's trial is expected to last about five days. the man thrown from this car in this crash is fighting for his life this afternoon. it happened yesterday evening, along south capital street and southeast, right next to national park. a woman and a child in a second car suffered less serious injuries. investigators are looking into whether any sort of pursuit may have taken place. police pursuits in dc would be a violation of department policy. parts of the potomac river will be noticeably discolored today. that's because coast guard crews near roach's run water shed near arlington conducted a dye test today.
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the testing will help identify the origins of the suspicion oil sheen that showed up thursday. booms were laid in the river to contain the spill. the coast guard will update reporters at a news conference later this afternoon. so what did you think about super bowl-50? if you're a denver broncos fan, you are probably still high off the victorious outcome. the odds makers were certain the night would be golden for the carolina panthers. instead, the broncos turned back cam and company 24-10. we spoke with local football fans for their reaction to last night's game. >> a lot of mixed reaction over last night's big super bowl-50 game. many fans of the broncos really excite and some went home disappointed that the panthers lost. >> what did you think about the super bowl last night? >> i thought it was great. my broncos won. >> she is all smiles, charley lucier, a die-hard broncos fan couldn't be happy that the quarterback peyton manning and the team walked away as champs, with super bowl-50, when it
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ended. the final score 24-10. >> peyton, if this is his last year, it is good to go out like that. >> maurice jones is a fan of both manning and cam newton and would have been happy with the panthers quarterback take his first super bowl win but he and others recognize the team's performance was no match for the broncos defense. >> they stopped their powerful offense. and they couldn't do too much. >> if you look at cam newton, the way he played all year, it was something about his game, it was off. >> newton, who has had one of best regular seasons in nfl history had a couple of fumbles and a few sacks last night. and mistakes that some fans say made a difference in the game. >> what the panthers did, i think they came thinking, piece of cake, we've got it, you know and they just -- their fumbles really killed them. >> what about the half time show, with cold play, and bruno mars and beyonce? >> i got to ask you, what did you think of the half time show? >> i loved it. it was great. ♪ >> half time show, what did you
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think? >> great. fantastic. >> absolutely fantastic. >> a double win for lucier whose team walked away with a victory. reporting from the district, wusa 9. >> celebrations and riots broke out in downtown denver after the super bowl. rioters started fires and threw things at officers, and police in riot gear were forced to use pepper spray to try to disburse the crowds. 12 people were arrested. two of them are facing gun- related charges and police in boulder and fort collins reported similar problems. the super bowl was unavoidable on social media last night. the good and the bad and the hilarious. nikki burdine breaks down a few of the highlights. >> social media is all about the super bowl. on facebook, and twitter and instagram. each team was trending with the panthers key pounding and the broncos united in orange. and broncos country. all eyes on lady gaga while she sang the national anthem. her performance got the approval of fellow stars like elizabeth banks and gene simmons.
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>> the half time show, also known as the beyonce bowl, queen b performed with cold play bruno mars but fans couldn't help compare chris martin to the the left shark last year. >> and now this is a viral vine. the only oops from actress henson, who tweeted this, maroon 5 is life to me. that's cold play. and betty white says she taught cam newton everything he knows including how to dab. and people couldn't get enough of eli manning's sober reaction to his big brother's win. and a smiling cam newton congratulated peyton. and the aka, greatest of all time, went hand in hand. and one tweet summed it all up. the denver broncos, ours. nikki burdine, wusa 9. >> and see more of the best of super bowl-50 on our wusa 9 mobile app. coming up, when the news continues, the doctor is in. it is a big week on the dr. phil show, we will talk to dr.
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phil mcgraw about the nicole lovell murder, the local teenager allegedly killed by two virginia tech students. >> the house of tim. emergency workers searching for survivors find tin cans built into the walls of collapsed buildings in taiwan. >> a miracle in the music. after her stroke, she couldn't speak. but now, a major break through. how she found her word
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right now, rescuers in taiwan are sifting through rubble, looking for signs of survivors. from saturday's deadly earthquake. earlier today, three people including an 8-year-old girl, were pulled from the remains of buildings. one woman was found shielded under the body of her dead husband. at least 38 people were killed. when the 6.4 magnitude quake struck. more than 115 are still missing. government inspectors are looking at the construction of the buildings after tin cans were found packed inside the toppled walls. china and russia joined other members of the united nations security council in condemning north korea's launch of a long range missile.
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the international body pledged to adopt a resolution calling for new sanctions against the north. but this launch is being celebrated with fireworks in pyongyang. critics believe sunday's launch was a ballistic missile test. north korea claims it launched an observation satellite into orbit but that would still be in violation of previous u.n. sanctions. not again. allison is tracking snow for tomorrow. her forecast is up next. >> well, we have already been through a blizzard. this is nothing. really. i mean it is going to impact your travel for sure. we have a yellow weather alert for tomorrow. and it is kind of coming through in waves. but we will start to see some rain showers tonight. and it changes over to snow. here is a sneak peek of the updated snowfall map and we will go through the details and the updated future cast coming up in just neighborhood,i feel like
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tonight, on wusa 9 news at 5:00, topper has the latest on our changing forecast. ahead of tonight's snow. a dc teacher found not guilty on sex abuse charges wants back in the classroom. and we will talk about one of the most controversial ads played during last night's super bowl. that is tonight, on wusa 9 news at 5:00. for some viewers, it was the commercials that stole the show at this year's super bowl. from cuddly animals, to cute children, and celebrities. the 30 second spots were fighting for the attention of more than 100 million viewers. brian webb reports. >> reporter: the first votes are in. for this year's best and worst super bowl commercials seen by millions around the world. at the top of the list, hyundai's first date spot. starting comedian kevin hart, voted most popular on "usa today" ad meter.
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it was followed by a heinz commercial, with wiener dogs galloping toward mustard and ketchup, to th of the sappy 1970s love song. >> i know. >> and then an ultrasound baby who can't wait to get his hands on some doritos. a 30-second super bowl spot in 2016 fetched up to $5 million. the average cost of an ad over the last 10 years has increased by 75%. >> it is appointment tv. so it is the one time that everybody in america is watching. >> rounding out the top five vote-getting spots for super bowl-50, the trench coat wearing dorito dogs, and hyundai's commercial starring actor ryan reynolds. analysts say this year, advertising executives played it safe, shying away from the outrageous or overall. >> three, two -- >> one sentimental commercial that did resonate with viewers and ad experts, the commander from audi. featuring a retired astronaut,
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and the song "star man" from recently deceased david bowie. >> brian webb for cbs news. >> the ad meter results end a three-year winning streak for anheuser-busch but the beer company had free advertising when peyton manning said he would be drinking a few buds after the game. well, it has been a weekend of partying in new orleans. and not over yet. mardi gras is tomorrow. and some of the huge carnival events leading up to fat tuesday, took place this weekend. and they include the annual parade on sunday with dozens of floats and dance troops. and the reigning monarch with the favorite son anthony mackey. the falcon and the captain america avengers movie series. temperatures are in the low 50s. snow and a stretch of freezing cold for us. not fair. >> it was really cold this weekend. i mean --
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it is not just the temperatures, but the wind. it is always the worse. i hate the wind. you know what? this is not -- you kind of nailed it before. this is not a huge major storm by any means but it is going to be an impact for your travel for sure. and a nuisance more than anything. for tuesday, so we definitely have that yellow weather alert. and we are expecting a trace, up to a few inches, for the district. and where you are going to see the higher totals are areas to the north, where it is going to be a little bit colder, for longer, to support some more snow. we are dealing with a little bit of rain and snow here. so the forecast, it is a little bit more challenging, a lot more challenging, i should say, than that bliz, where we already had the -- blizzard, where we already had the cold air locked in place. it was determining how much snow. now we have to figure out where it will snow, and not just rain, and where is the ground going to be cold enough to see anything commute versus the grassy surface and the roads and lots to go with the forecast. we will have an update on the future cast, in about 20 minutes. check out the wusa 9 app and we will have the updated forecast there for this afternoon before
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topper arrives. 44 degrees right now. pretty nice out there. some sunshine. and the temperatures in the 40s across the board. so as we see our first round of precipitation, later on this evening, it is going to be just rain. and unless you're off to the north, where temperatures will fall to the 30s, and that will be a little bit of snow. so showers push on through and it is after the midnight hour, that around the district, it is a changeover that occur, and right now, we are just kind of sandwiched in between two systems, and this clipper will move on through, and let's see how it is a mess back here. and waves of showers, snow showers coming on through for tomorrow, and in fact, as it starts to develop, a little bit off the coast, we will get some backlash here, and we might each even see more snow to end the day tomorrow. and both impacts will be impacted and not like the blizzard with a steady snow all the time. and there will be periods of snow showers, sometimes more moderate and most of the time, it will be pretty light. so here is the updated snowfall amounts. 1-2 inches for the district. and as we head farther south, that is not much. that's for sure. a lot of rain, and a slushy wet
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snow. it is up here where it is going to be a lot colder and that's where we are going to see more significant snowfall, right near the mason-dixon line, and 5:30 tonight, showers push on through and a lot of drive through the drive home. and see how it is already snowing here, it is still 35 degrees. so not much will accumulate on the roads just yet but the grassy surfaces for sure. as we head through the overnight hours, see how it breaks apart, and still snowing for first thing tomorrow morning for areas to the north. as we head through the day, periods of snow showers pushing on through. and watch what happens, later on in the night, and we have a big band, a burst of snow, coming on through, for the evening. and if this doesn't happen, we are going to see a lot less snow, if that low pressure kind of pulls away a little bit faster. we won't see the extra snow add on to the totals. if it does, we will see a couple of inches as the map projects for the district. and off to the north. so here is the first alert live doppler. tracking this for you throughout the next couple of hours. and on the wusa 9 app. 37 tomorrow.
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and behind it, we will probably drop the temperatures a little bit more, into the 20s. not making the freezing mark for the rest of the week. we'll be right back. kathleen matthews: too many nights,
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i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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on an all new dr. phil today show, a self proclaimed fat guy was 560 pounds and unhappy with his weight. so he decides to do something unexpected, go on an epic bike ride across america. something about this story just doesn't smell right.
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and wednesday, dr. phil devils into a story that -- delves no a story that gripped our area. the murder of nicole lovell allegedly by two virginia tech students and dr. phil mcgraw joins us live from los angeles with a preview. good to talk to you. on wednesday, have you an exclusive with nicole lovell's father and i heard him say he tried to monitor his daughter's actions but doesn't do enough. what more could he have done? >> well, andrea, it is a powerful story and we will hear him say some things that could break this case in a very different direction. parents need to really not worry about invading the privacy of their children. they need to know where they are going. they need to know who they are talking to. children have the knowledge to use the internet, but they don't have the wisdom. we need to provide the wisdom. people just aren't who they say they are on the internet many times. and so these children can get suckered. they can get really pulled in to these false identities. and i guarantee you, he wishes
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that he had done much more. but are you going to hear some things you have not heard before, when we talk about that on wednesday. today, again, are you going to hear somebody putting out a story -- you are going to hear somebody putting out a story, that is inspiring, let's get behind this guy who will ride across america and people are giving thousands of dollars and we will find out more specifics today. >> are there red flags about this guy's claim? >> he didn't seem to be going anywhere. 0.2 miles a day. and six or search hours a day and 0.2-mile a day. unless he is on a stationary bike, something is not right here. so we spent a lot of time looking at scams on the internet. and how people are victimized. and that's why today, and wednesday, we are looking at money scams, and the tragic loss of life on the internet. >> dr. phil, always good talking with you. you can watch dr. phil, right
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here on wusa 9 every weekday at 4:00 p.m. followed by wusa 9 news at 5:00 p.m. have a great day. allison and i will see you tuesday, starting bright and early, at 4:00 a.m. >> dark and early. >> that's right. [ laughter
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>> chelsea: you, victor, noah, luca -- what is going on? i'm not bluffing. no more lies. >> adam: yeah, okay. um -- [ clears throat ] you want the truth? i'll tell you everything. the truth is, i know who was driving the car that sent billy to the hospital. >> noah: do we have a deal or not? >> luca: what happened to the predictably self-righteous noah i'm used to? i mean, did that all go away when you almost killed billy abbott? i mean, one minute, you want to run to the cops and confess, and then 10 seconds later, you want to work with me, stay at newman, and betray your grandfather. >> noah: i'm not about to let


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