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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  February 11, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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right now at 7:00, charges slapped on a man who killed a police officer trying to crackdown on drunk drivers,. >> temps are low and getting lower. first tonight, parents in prince george's county are squaring off with school leaders right now demanding answers in a child porn case. thank you for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and at judge sylvania woods elementary, police say that 12 children were victimized by deonte carraway. >> reporter: a hot of frustration and anxiety is surrounding tonight's meeting, and no doubt, it will be
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people are still streaming in. in fact, take a look at the parking lot. cars had to park this far away, an indication as to how many people are trying to get to this meeting with children in tow that i have seen. i've talked with a lot of parents, and they have tough questions for school leadersed in especially now that we've learned about a class action lawsuit about a school board and the principal of the school. the suit alleges that the principal shielded concerned about carraway and saw the nude photos and did nothing. >> that would be like ripping your heart out. >> reporter: it hurts. police confirming 12 children were victimized by deonte carraway, forced to engage in child pornography inside the school on a school day. a family has now filed a lawsuit against the school lu
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>> i could see the change in the little boy. >> reporter: how so? >> he doesn't come outside like he used to. >> he was real out going for a kid. that's what he wanted to do in life. >> reporter: who is the 26-year- old carraway beyond the charging document? sources tell us and family confirmed that he attended three years of special education classes in high school. we stopped by the home to learn more with his brother telling me that the family is not ready to talk. however, we can tell you that the family did in fact release a statement saying in part they do not condone this behavior that has, quote, victimized families and brought unimaginable fear and sad tons our community. we do have a crew covering tonight's meeting, and we'll have all the latest developments as soon as they happen, and we'll post them on our wusa 9 app. >> all right. thank you for that, and we'll have the latest on this
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breaking news out of prince george's county. we've learned that a teenager has died in a shooting after police responded to the shooting on james farmer way right by martin luther king high. 18-year-old marcus bogs was found in the house with a gunshot wound. he later died in a nearby hospital. police did not release any details in a possible suspect. new information on a grand jury that has indicted a suspected drunk driver in the death of county police officer noah leotta. luis reluzco is charged in the case. officer leotta was working on a dui control when he was hit when he was outside his cruiser. he later died at the hospital. police say that reuzco was drinking for four
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hooter and then smoked marijuana before climbing behind the wheel. and the harford county sheriffs office has released the names of the two sheriffs who were killed, deputy patrick daily and deputy mark logsdon. daily was shot point blank in a panera restaurant. >> the deputy never had a chance to respond. >> then the gunman took offer and deputy logsdon chased him and died in a shootout. other deputies shot and killed the gunman, identified as 68- year-old david evans. there were two warrants for his arrest, one for assaulting a police officer in florida and a civil warrant in harford county. a series of mistakes nearly led to two trains colliding last week. an out of service orange line traico
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the locations and continues towards smithsonian and ran a red signal on the way and then came face to face on another train on the same track with passengers on board. the train stopped about 200 feet from the train at smithsonian. and the metro suspended the train conductor and transit operator. more snow is possible but that might not be the worst of it. >> that's right. first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is tracking the wind chill. topper? it will get cold and older over the weekend. these are not wind chills, these are temps, 18 in gaithersburg and 19 in fredericks and 21 in fairfax. by morning, most of the suburbs will be in the teens. these are not wind chills. 17 in lee burg and 12 in martinsburg and 16 in sterling and we'll advance again. 6:00 p.m., there are a couple of snow flurries
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showers in the forecast through tomorrow night. right now, not a huge deal. we'll keep you posted in case we have plans for ad from night and maybe a start for valentine's day. i don't know. wind chill, saturday morning at 8:00, 1 below in gaithersburg and 3 below in frederick and 3 degrees downtown. we'll come back and talk about next week's storm, monday and tuesday. and we'll see if that means snow and/or rain. whether or not you're ready for more snow, the snow team is ready to go. crews will start pretreating bridges and overpass, and vdot will be out prepping roads to keep them from getting slick tomorrow. and a cold weather advisory issued by maryland public safety. a top concern is to keep kids from ice-covered ponds. sky9 with
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preparations for ice rescues but we hope it doesn't come to that. greenbelt walkers reacted to it. >> it's not cold yet but i hear saturday will be a real freezer. >> 8 degrees. they'll have to come out to feel it. >> mom has many, many layers. as dad would say, more skins than an onion. >> and pipes have frozen in the past? be aware, and you can track the dropping temps and snow showers any time with the wusa app that's free to download. in prince george's county, a jury is deliberatorring the fate of a nurse charged with sexually assaulting a woman who came to the perjuries room at bowie health have in january 2014. they say while klein administered an iv, he placed his groin in the woman's hand and forced her to touch him. new information at
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hospital center. william brock was charged in the case, accused of firing several shots at a locked door to get in the hospital so doctors could treat what is believed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. he will be transferred to a jail cell once doctors release him. 20-year-old dilshad dosky is in jail, charged with murder last night. he was arrested in the stabbing of 19-year-old shaki phillips. police haven't said what happened. and they are continuing to investigate. the person whose remains were found in a wooded area in manassas was murdered according to the medical examiner. the officials will only say that the victim was an adult male and they are working to identify the remains and how he died. police also tried to track down a suspect. the zika virus
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officially in maryland. the patient got the virus traveling to a country where the rates are high. zika is typically spread through mosquito bites with several dozen cases reported in the u.s. including one in virginia and d.c. but the hot spot is still in central and south america. the virus has been linked to a rare birth defect that causes abnormally small heads in babies. snow smooth sailing in this ship. we'll hear from vacationers that are thankful to be on dry land. >> and a first of its kind program encouraged to help save lives behind bars. yes, he can. a man tired of saying no is
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take a break from campaigning to debate in wisconsin. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will square off for the first time since bernie picked up a win in new hampshire. the debate will be on cbs and youtube and earlier, clinton got help from capitol hill picking up the endorsement of the black caucus. meantime, marco rubio told a crowd in myrtle beach he favors a more respectfulstone, and john kasich simply asked the crowd if they liked him to give him a vote and tell their friends, but shows how that donald trump has a commanding lead in the palmetto street. armored f.b.i. vehicles drove off with the last four hold outs at the refuge in oregon. they surrendered peacefully but a protester threatened to kill himself in a rambling 2-hour phone call that was live
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they are facing conspiracy charges. they seized the refiewnl 5 weeks ago. federal investigators are taking a look at the cruise ship that sailed into the path of a dangerous storm. it returned after a nightmare vacation at sea last night. the royal caribbean ship was battered with 30-foot waves and hurricane-force winds. >> the wind was coming through the doors. we thought it was going to break the glass. we swept on the sofa. >> i was on deck 8 and could see the water coming up the balcony. >> the national transportation saved board and coast guard will be inspecting the ship and company officials are reviewing policies to make sure something like this will never happen again. passengers are getting a full refund and a certificate for 50% off a future cruise if they want to go. >> yeah, if. we've seen the outside and
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first spacecraft to land on the moon. we'll show you what astronauts left behind. >> let's talk about low temperatures tonight. this is a harbinger of what's coming our way, 19 downtown and 12 in hagueers town and 11 in -- hagerstown and we'll talk about the wind chills for monday. and want free money?
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the death of natasha mckenna who died after being shot with a stun gun in fairfax county jail led to big changes. she was veerly mentally ill when deputies tried to transport her but after she was hit with a taser, she died. low-risk offenders with mental illness now have a program to go and receive help instead of jail time. leaders talked about the new efforts and showed off a cries response -- crisis response center. >> we have to move forward. we have other people we have to serve and, we don't want a situation like that to ever occur again.
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today because of the diversion program. after struggling with bipolar disease for years, he has been episode free for some nine years and is helping others with mental illness. images from the first spacecraft to land on the moon was at the land and air museum. they have not been seen in years. experts say that all of this helps to provide new insight on what it was like to travel to the moon and back. >> the experience can be online so anybody in the world will have access to the model to spin around and they will be able to download data, and that means people with 3d printers, online printing services can have their own 3d print of the module. >> the museum hopes to have the interactive 3d model on the web
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very cool. a largo father of 3 has come forward to claim a prize from last month's $1.6 billion powerball drawing. he is 40 years old and get this, calls himself mr. blessed, not bad considering he won $1 million. since winning, mr. blessed has set up a college fund for his children and invested in his home maintenance company. there is still one more $1 million ticket. >> that's pretty blessed. $1million? >> and get your house in order and you're blessed if you're a friend of this guy. >> i want to be blessed. we're looking at cold air tomorrow and colder air saturday and sunday. the 3-degree guarantee, feeling pretty good. i was reading a little low on
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we'll talk about the high tonight at 11:00, and you can track us by downloading our free app. you could watch us right now on your phone. a live look outside. down to 25 already, and the dew point is a goose egg. the winds are gusting to 24, and they will diminish overnight but it's fairly cold and low temps will fall in the teens everywhere. bus stop temperatures, 12 to 25, no wind chills. the snow showers, we're tracking snow showers on friday night and snot sure why d.c. has mobilized all the clouds and cars and trucks, but whatever. and then light snow on monday and mainly rain on today and kind of a two-pronged event. i think we'll have a burst of light snow on monday and it could cause problems on the roads, and then rain on tuesday that could end as snow on today. 10:00 tonight, futurecast, 18 in gaithersburg, and 21 in manassas and
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fredericksburg. morning, generally clear and cold. 12 in martinsburg. 16 in sterling, and 14 in hagerstown and 17 in rockville and silver spring. and mid morning, clouds roll in from the south and west and 23 in culpepper and 22 in manassas, and by afternoon, high and mid-level clouds roll in. notice no blue blobs except over in way west virginia and generally, temps in the upper 20s and low 30s. snow showers along i-81 and futurecast has updated itself and changed its mind. a line of snow showers along i- 81 tomorrow. and it will work into the metro area. not all of make it, but snow showers possible throughed from night and 9:00, the futurecast with a couple of snow showers around gaithersburg and temps in the 20s. the temps will fall all day on
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10:00 in the morning on saturday. 1 below in gaithersburg and 2 below in frederick and feels like 5 below in hagerstown. and 5:00 it feels like 3 downtown and 8 in fredericksburg. just prepare for negative wind chills on saturday to single digits, minus 5 and 10 above. day planner, 27 by 11:00 and 31 at 1:00 p.m. and still dry at 1:00 p.m. snow showers on possible on saturday, and put the arrow down there. the midnight temp, so dress for single digits. 26 dry and the next seven days, light snow on monday. maybe light snow late sunday night and rain maybe ending as snow in the 40s and snow showers on wednesday, cold, and temperatures upper 30s wednesday and thursday of next week. >> a cold weekend. who knew man's best friend could make for a dance
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>> this is darlene's canine dance class, dancing with the dogs, and evidently, it's easier than it looks. she and her partner, pharoah, has been dancing together for six years and she said it has brought them closer. >> just the connection, the bond with your dog, he wants to please you. it's just wonderful. it's just wonderful. >> the canine training association will be hosting a world canine freestyle organization event this summer that topper is very interested in, evidently. for more information, you can download the free wusa 9news app. >> teach an old dog new tricks, whatever floats your boat. [laughter] a lesson in love from a connecticut couple married 83 years, one of the most popular stories on social media. read the tips on how
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said that they have agreed to allow help for areas devastated by civil
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tonight lamar odom walks. we have the exclusive first video. kloe kardashian's ex just months after a near fatal drug overdose. lamar moving gingerly through his new york hotel, while he attends kanye west's fashion show. >> what motivated the nba star to board the plane. >> kris jenner gives us an update. >> are you at all concerned that this was too much too soon? >> a hot couple and even hotter gossip. breaking news from bieber's rumored girlfriend. are kate hudson and nick jonas taking it the to the next level? the four-hour candle lit d what with with know tonight. >> and our grey's anatomy


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