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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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and aic air pours in overnight. and we are talking serious arctic air rolling in here tonight into tomorrow. we'll come back, talk wind chills and wind advisory. and talk accumulating snow again on monday. >> all right, topper. we broke the story on twitter. and here on wusa 9 at noon. the prince george's county teacher's aide, accused of producing child porn and molesting 14 children, had a history of abusing children. a history the school district could have caught with a rigorous background check, but somehow missed. bruce leshan joins us live with details from the school. bruce, this is just troubling. >> it is definitely troubling. and we maybe wouldn't even have to be here, if that rigorous background check had been conducted. a source close to the investigation tells me that deontae caraway was convicted as a teenager, of sexually abusing another child. he said the details are too graphic
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now, juvenile criminal records are usually private, but the most rigorous sort of criminal background checks, if the schools had conducted one, would have revealed it. >> reporter: shell-shocked parents hammered again. by what some see as another failure. >> i'm shocked and upset. i've been upset from the day i heard of this. >> a spokeswoman said the schoolsystem had no idea that deontae caraway had abused a child when he was just 13 years old. seven years before he was hired as a teacher's aide at the elementary school in glen arden. >> they didn't see it. >> how could they have missed it? >> reporter: lawyers say if the schools had used a law enforcement officer to conduct background checks or had asked caraway to sign a waiver, they would have seen his previous history of abusing children. >> so the county doesn't
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one. because there's no way he could have missed that. >> >> reporter: the case against caraway just keeps getting worse. police say they now have found 14 victims. one of them in a new location. the church he attended. he is accused of videotaping children, performing sex on him and on other students at the school. a new lawsuit against the school system says there may be as many as 30 victims. a lawyer representing several of the children says the schools failed them with that weak background check. and by ignoring other red flags. >> this was an open secret that this young man had an unusually and weirdly obsessive interest in the children. he came to school some days, wearing pajamas. he was with the children all the time. he had the free run of the building. and parents and teachers were raising questions with the principal, none of which were answered. >> reporter: again, juvenile criminal records are usually se.
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applying to serve as a police officer, the department would have been able to see that juvenile conviction. and the lawyer for the victim says that school children deserve the same kind of safety and security. live in prince george's county, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> you gotta believe that that is one of the things that will have to change coming out of this. coming up at 6:00, bruce will talk to some of the parents who saw caraway's strange behavior at the school. and say it was obvious and hard to ignore. if you or anyone you know is concerned about a possible victim in this case, law enforcement wants to hear from you. the number to call is 1-800- call-fbi. or prince george's county police. and that number is 301-772- 4930. the accused drunk driver, responsible for the death of montgomery county police officer, noah liotta, was ordered held on a quarter million dollars cash bond today.
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47-year-old elise razzal unco was charged. the 24-year-old police officer noah liotta was on d.u.i. patrol at the time. court proceedings show raluzco had a legal limit twice limit. he also had xanax. prosecutors say he had been ink drinking for nearly three hours at a nearby hooters restaurant. he faces 10 years. and noah liotta's family angrily pointed the finger at hootedders and others saying they were accomplices. >> reporter: this is quite something to witness. noah lion thea -- liotta's father, richard, said he went to the cemetery today to visit his son, to summon the courage to face the cameras. >> that's where i have to talk to my son. my wonderful son, who was
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24 years old. >> reporter: father richard liotta, swinging from profound sadness to anger. as he called out accomplices to noah liot's -- lion thea's death -- liotta's death. including hooters. >> i think businesses need to care. if hootedders really -- hooters really cares, why they -- don't they donate money to the noah liotta foundation that will educate people to stop drunk driving. why don't they do that? that would show me that hooters cares. i haven't seen that. >> liotta then called out liquor lobbyists. and they are calling out a proposal to put interlock devices in the cars of drunk drivers to stop them from in
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blocked this legislation. we ved need to do something about joseph f. valerio. he is the chairman of the house judiciary committee in annapolis. >> you're drunk. you're over the limit. you're drunk. you don't drive drunk. that puts everybody at risk. my son is dead because of that. >> liotta called for a boycott of hooters. he was joined at the podium by police chief tom mager here in montgomery county, who called maryland's drunk driving and sentences a disgrace. liotta also asked them to swap their delegates. and in particular, that chairman, valerio, with support of the interlock device. we're getting comments from hooters. and chairman valerio will hear back from you when we report to them. >> scott, thank you for that. i know you can wa
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rich liotta's powerful comments now on our wusa 9 app. an afternoon attack in a popular d.c. barber shop. a dad and his 2-year-old son shot there. it all happened about a mile at national park. at 8th and l street southeast. that's where we find delia gonsalves -- delia goncalves with the latest. >> they have been in this neighborhood 23 years. i just talked to the owner. he's really shaken up. and he said this has never happened before. he tells me, the dad in question used to be a regular at one point. this, however, was his second visit to get his son's hair cut. he tells me that the gunman stood in the doorway and began shooting directly at that dad. >> you take a chance. just taking a chance every time you come out. >> carolyn tinsley bringing her gr
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shop, staferl stopped in her tracks when she heard the news. a dad and 2-year-old son, getting a hair cut at ren's barber shop two blocks away, were shot. >> makes you not want to come out. it's not good that you have to live like that. >> reporter: police say just before 2:00 p.m., three masked men ran into the barber shop at 8th and l street southeast and opened fire. the owner tells us, the suspect spotted the dad, sitting in this green chair, with his son on his lap and started shooting. 10 people in the shop hit the floor. the dad was hit in the legs. the toddler was struck, too. but both will be okay. >> you gotta keep your eyes open a little more. you know? be on alert. be on guard. >> the sidewalk littered with shell casings and evidence markers. detectives say the afternoon attacks is not random. >> pray for my family and grandchildren and for others, like the people who just got shot over there. pray for their family. >> reporter: this community is really shaken up
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what. this shop is still open. i told you, rent has been here for 23 years. in the last 10 minutes we have been standing he i've seen at least five people going inside. people still heading inside this shop to show their support. now, police say there were several witnesses to the shooting, and a getaway car. a white suv with no tags. but they do tell us that car took off from the scene, west on l street. that's the very latest here from navy yard, delia gon calfs -- goncalves, w -- wusa 9. the verdict is not guilty for a male nurse accused of sexually molesting a female patient. jared klein worked at the bowie health center in january 2014. a female patiented she was in the emergency room when he
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touch her arms. prosecutors were disappointed. >> this is something discouraging and disappointing. no one should go to the hospital to receive medical attention and be molested. a former d.c. teacher and track coach pled guilty today to sexually abusing boys at dunbar high school. prosecutors say several boy -- charles young abused several different students at the school years ago. young has been in jail since 2014. he faces several more years behind bars. sentencing is scheduled for april 22nd. two teenage girls were shot and killed at a high school in glendale, arizona. police are not disclosing whether it was a murder-suicide or perhaps even possibly a double suicide. a weapon was found near the bodies. investigators say they are not looking for a shooter. turning to the latest developments now from
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presidential campaign trail. the runnings are -- republicans are focusing on south carolina, the site of their next primary. the remaining are looking to capture the evangelical vote. john kasich is hoping to turn his win in new hampshire to a surprise win in south carolina. >> as we anded after new hampshire, our events are a lot bigger, people are a lot more interested. >> on the democratic sign, bernie sanders and hillary clinton sounded off. the republicans will go again saturday night, you can see it here on channel 9. and he never made much headway, but we learned that former virginia governor jim gilmore has suspended his presidential campaign. we're just getting news here on wusa 9 at 5:00. >> he took everything away from me. and no parking ticket or no parking fine is going to change
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that. >> a grief-stricken prince george's county mother and her message to the driver accused of running down her 2-year-old daughter. new information on when we could have a test for the zika virus. and topper is back with more on tonight's snow showers. the weekend's frigid temperatures. and a snowy start to next week. then right after the break, a potential culprit in that oil slick, fouling
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to fios 50 meg or higher internet and phone and get $250 back. call or go online today. small business is better on a better network. breaking right now. an about-face at mount st. mary's college in western maryland. the president of the school just announced that he is reinstated two professors who were recently fired. one of them was an adviser to the school paper that was critical of the paper there --
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newman announced that in the spirit of reconciliation in the season of lent, they will be reinstated immediately. potomac river, samples match those from a dominion power station. we have more on the company's response and more on what the crews actually found. >> reporter: today, do dominion power said they would be happy to take responsibility, if its own review of oil did, in fact, come from its substation. >> my understanding is that they said the materials are consistent. we'd like to form our opinions on that. >> reporter: dominion power planned their own test, after the coast guard revealed degraded fuel was found in a wild fowl sanctuary on the potomac river. the sheen, spotted eight days ago, could be seen on an 11- mile stretch. so far, 21
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mostly canada geese. another 32 have been rescued and rehabilitated. the over coast guard would not link the oil as leftover from a previous oil spill in january. but they did confirm it was the same type. >> we do not know how much actually went into the river. and our bigger concern is what is the overall impact? >> and the coast guard says cleanup could take several more weeks. adam? >> all right. we'll be watching, jan, thank you. if you spot an oil sheen, the coast guard asks that you call the national response center. you can find that on our wusa 9 app. we will talk about the yellow weather alert. topper is talking about a little bit of snow tonight. >> just a little tiny bit. not degree to bring out the impact meter. but with that being said, untreated roads will become slippery, very, very quickly. and we have dangerous wind chills on saturday. and more snow on monday. >> just a weekend of cold love. >> kind
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>> plenty cold right now. you know it's cold when we're talking about a temperature of 29. and more arctic air is coming in later tonight that will make it even colder. that's pretty impressive. winds now out of the south and southeast at 5. winds to the west. that will roll through tonight with the snow showers. here's a look at first alert doppler. these snow showers down into southern maryland, calvert county, saint mary's county, and parts of charles county and st. george's county. those aren't the showers we're talking about tonight. these are the ones on i-81. we talked about this yesterday. the models were emphatic we would have a line of snow showers. and that sindeed, developing right now. these are generally light. martinsburg toward hagerstown. they're moving off to the south and to the east. headed right towards d.c. these are the light snow showers occurring in leonardtown. in la plata and fredericksburg. down toward newland as well. those are moving northeastward. yellow weather alert for the
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snow showers. 7:00 to about 10:30 is going to be the critical time. less than an inch. but as we know, it doesn't take much. that wednesday before the blizzard. dangerous wind chills tomorrow. we're talking about below zero, during the peak heating of the day. and snow monday, mainly rain tuesday. and i may change this. the models are changing a little bit. in terms of the system. not too get too complicated or too much in detail. but one thing is the system is now trying to develop a little further to the east and not become as strong. doesn't become as strong. won't draw up that warm air on tuesday. we shall see. 10:00 tonight, here are the snow showers. essentially from fairfax county, northward to 95 and 70. look at the temps. in the 20s. you know if anything falls, it will stick tonight. so untreated roads, very, very slippery. good news, if you're home by 7:00, you're fine. and a lot of snow showers now into prince george's county, and charles county as well. everything gone, though, by
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some cold air. 13 in hagerstown. 19 downtown. 17 in manas -- manassas, and 16 by sterling. by 9:30, temps essentially are falling throughout the day tomorrow. 17 in leesburg. 16 in silver spring. and by 1:00, maybe we'll climb back into d.c. and la plata. there will be what we call streamers. snow showers, essentially along i-70 tomorrow. frederick, hagerstown, up toward cumberland, best chance for seeing snow showers tomorrow. we're just looking at cold, cold air, wind chills, 5 below to 5 above. here's the day planner. 19 at 9:00. only 21 at 1:00. now, the next three days. it's quiet for valentine's day. just cold. 27. clouds will come in sunday night. here's our snow on monday. i was going to put 32 here and 36 here. i didn't want to confuse
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up overnight monday. so not go down monday evening. that should enable everything to turn to rain. maybe turning back to snow briefly on tuesday afternoon. and then snow showers wednesday. cold on thursday. and then if you can make it to next thursday, there's your carrot. 54 with sunshine next friday. >> like the sound of that. topper, thank you. new information now on the efforts to fight the zika virus. health experts saying that a test to diagnosis that moexpweet scweetdo- -- mosquito- born virus. >> right now, only a handful of other places are linked to zika. it is linked to birth defects. humanitarian aid could soon be headed into syria. world powers have agreed to a cease-fire in the war-torn country. a task force chaired by the u.s. and russia, will seek to implement the truce through negotiations. the cease-fire is scheduled to go into effect
5:21 pm
but nato diplomats warn that the agreements are not always respected. today marks the 207th anniversary of president abraham lincoln's birth. [ playing taps ] >> the national parks service and members of the military led a wreath-laying ceremony at the lincoln memorial. there was also a program to celebrate the birth of our country's 16th president. convenient. the ignition in your car could put you at risk. tonight at 11:00, i'll have more on this deadly dangers of this push-button technology. it's a story you'll see only on 9. whole foods pulls out all the stops to get young people into the doors of its new discount store. and a new survey about office romance, as we get ready for valentine's day. but right after the break, a machete-wielding madman goes
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inside of a restaurant.
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right now, police in columbus, ohio, are investigating a vicious machete
5:25 pm
restaurant last night. >> there was a man on the floor, bleeding. there was blood on the floor. there were -- it was awful. just carnage. >> police say the suspect, mohammed berry, stormed in. and then went table to table, striking people at this middle eastern-style rest ranted. barry then took off and was killed after a five-mile chase with police. now, we do know that barry is of somali heritage. unclear if he has any ties to terror organizations. four people taken to the hospital, all of whom are expected to survive. in tonight's consumer alert. uber customers pay a safe ride fee, each time they hail one of its cabs. but now, the company will pay nearly $29 million to settle a couple of class-action lawsuits. plaintiffs claim that that safe ride, quote, just wasn't legitimate because uber never did thorough background checks on its drivers. a judge still has to ape
5:26 pm
the new 365 by whole foods market stores will be a millennial's one stop shop emporium. they can find lower price groceries, get a tattoo. check out cuisine. the company says this whole idea is unique. and 10 of those stores will be open by next year. just in time for this valentine's day weekend, a new survey by career builders shows that more than one-third of workers have had an office romance. 37% of those relationships result in marriage. and 5% left a job because that office hookup broke apart. we should tell you, career builder is owned by wusa 9's parent company, tegna. straight ahead, firefighters battling more than ju flames at this month gromry county count -- montgomery county country club. a 2-year-old girl killed while walking with her grandmother walking across the street. tonight, they want to know yet
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a yellow weather alert tonight. >> it won't be a blizzard. but we will have snow headed our way. you should know about it. meteorologist topper shutt is going to tell you all about it. >> it's a critical time between 7:00 and 10:30. i've got future cast here at 8:00. manassas, a solid line of
5:30 pm
through fredericksburg. and notice the temperatures in the 20s. advance this hour by hour. by 9:00, snow showers across i- 95. if folks are home by 7:00, you'll be okay. if you get a jump on this valentine's day, different story. untreated roads will become very slick very quickly. and most showers, eastward into prince george's county, calvert county and lingering. but already clearing in leesburg, and clearing in manassas. when we come back, we'll talk about low wind chills in the wake of this particular system. and more accumulating snow on monday. >> all right, topper. thank you. it's been nearly a year now, since a 2-year-old girl got hit and killed in a crosswalk in bowie, maryland. the driver hasn't been charged yet. the little girl was crossing route 197, at old chappell hill road, when she was struck and killed. the mother of the toddler has never spoken to the a,
5:31 pm
surae chinn shows you the interview you'll see only on 9. >> whale they're getting ready to place charges against the driver, the mother is angry because these are only misdemeanor in traffic violations. she believes the penalty is not great enough against the driver who took her little girl away. >> it's hard to have something you built your life upon, taken away, so sudden. just so sudden. just with someone not watching the road. >> reporter: mother, destiny barnes, hair freshly done in her daughter's favorite color. last month, 2-year-old dynasty was with her grandmother in the crosswalk and had the "walk" signal. the driver of the van, making a left turn, didn't see them, hit grandma and ran over the little girl. >> she had on a bright pink coat. a bright pink coat. what could you possibly be doing that you didn't see her? >> reporter: dynasty's dad, at the scene last year, distraught and brought to his knees.
5:32 pm
their last conversation. >> she said, mommy, you my best friend. and i said yes, you're my best friend. i always her that. she always told me, i love you to infinity and back. >> reporter: the police report said the driver had items piled on top of his dashboard. it also indicates he failed to stop, until people on the scene, including the girl's father, ran after him. mom can't believe she's waited a year for the 56-year-old driver to pay the consequences in misdemeanor traffic violations. >> he took my child. he took everything away from me. and all he's going to do is get a fine? >> reporter: mom keeps her daughter close and has a message for anyone out on the road, to save one more child from heaven's playground. >> be focused. put 100% in driving. because you would not want your family member or your loved one or someone you truly care about, to be in a crosswalk for 30 co
5:33 pm
you wouldn't want that. you wouldn't. [ crying ] >> reporter: the state's attorney's office plans on filing five charges, all misdemeanors, which include failing to stop for a pedestrian, not exercising due care, and negligent driving. fines range from $110 to $500, with no more than 60 days in jail for one of those charges. >> just a sad story there, surae. the state's attorney's office could not comment on why there were not more severe charges. but we do know that cell phone and speed were not factors. today, prince george's county police announced the arrest of 19-year-old sammy warren. investigators say warren and the victim were at a friend's house am they believe warren accidentally hit marcus fog. fog later died at a hospital. >> warren is charged with involuntary manslaughter and other offenses. >> a commuter alert for you now that is slowing things down on
5:34 pm
county. crews are trying to fix a water main break. officials don't have an exact time when they'll be able to patch things up. tweeting out that the crews are having a tough time with the valves in shutting down the main. probably because of the cold weather. tonight, investigators are trying to figure out what caused a barn fire at woodmont country club in rockville. this fire broke out at about 11:00 last night. montgomery county firefighters battled the flames, along with the frigid temperatures. >> one of the biggest factors is the freezing water, obviously. because we're dumping so many gallons of water on the fire and the mist going around it, it definitely freezes everything around it. >> the barn's roof collapsed in the process. at least 75 firefighters fought the flames. no one was injured. but medical ambulance busters were on the scene to keep crews warm. now to the freddie gray case, where a judge is refusing postpone the trial for three of
5:35 pm
charged with assault, misconduct, and reckless endangerment. one of them is charged with manslaughter. the officers had asked the judge to delay the proceedings until appellate courts decide if another officer awaiting retrial on officers can be forced to testify against them. two prince george's county -- to prince george's county, where officers were handing out valentine's. but they weren't exactly love letters. these cards are reminder for drivers to buckem up and -- buckle up and obey the speed limit. but today's mission had another purpose as well. >> we want to remind people that every time you see the police, that it's not always in a negative situation. that we are out here to help the community. and we are here to serve the community. and we like to remind our community of that. >> reporter: officers say it's a great way to strengthen community relations. pope francis is on the last leg of his trip to mexico. >> the pontiff is schele
5:36 pm
leave cuba at any minute. earlier, he was greeted by raul castro. the meeting at the airport in havana is the first between a roman catholic pope and a russian patriarch. when he reaches mexico, the pope plans to talk on a number of hot-button issues, including immigration. the pope will deliver a mass that can be seen from texas. >> it was on his insistence that the site for the mass be right close to the border. another site was offered to him that would have accommodated more people. >> reporter: pope francis will tour mexico city during his first full day in the country tomorrow. researchers say 85% of mexicans identify themselves as catholics. to england now and the amazing story of a woman who plunged 60 feet onto a bed. it happened at a department store in manchester. and it has a lot of people talking on facebook. shoppers and staff looked on as that woman
5:37 pm
landing on a display bed. now, a spokesperson says the woman suffered only minor hip and spinal injuries. trending now. an aging brady bunch star boasts about her rather active love life. >> can't wait for that. and a presidential candidate cuts ties with an adult film actress. and look what you can expect to see and
5:38 pm
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we are tracking what is trending tonight. how about porn and politics? ted cruz is pulling an ad, after finding out the history of one of the people in it. >> she has appeared in adult films. cruz had the adyanked. the cruz campaign said that lindsey responded to an open casting call. still, the actress said she supports cruz's christian values and is disappointed with the decision. florence henderson, who played mrs. brady on the brady bunch, turns 82 on valentine's day. and said she may have more than one friend with benefits.
5:41 pm
that's fantastic. henderson said you should do whatever it is that makes you happy, as long as it is not hurting you or anyone else. the biggest night of music is almost here. ♪ [ music ] >> she had us at "hello ," for sure. adele returns to the grammy stage to perform a song from her smash record 25. taylor smith is up for seven awards. kendrick lamar leads the pack with 11 nominations. chris stapleton and alabama shakes all up for awards, too. >> it's going to be an amazing night. i think people will be -- i think they'll be blown away. >> gaga is slated to give one of the night's most highly anticipated performances. a tribute to the late david bowie. the 58th annual grammy airs live monday night, right here on cbs.
5:42 pm
music fans who missed out on the original woodstock. and subsequent reboots may soon's a chance to reexperience the magic. >> bringing hundreds of thousands of people to sullivan count ne1969, say -- county in 1969, say plans are in the works for another reunion. an overseas event is possible as well. still no word on potential performers. for professionals professionals and college teens. uniform and equipment are often donated. so what happens to that gear every year? it's the subject of our game on varsity profile. that's on the way. >> and the high cost of valentine's day, may have you seeing red. plus, we tag along with cupid's helpers on
5:43 pm
(elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan.
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heading to the bank for a lone tomorrow? -- loan tomorrow? how much are you planning to spend on valentine's day? lovers will spend an average of $147 each. >>
5:46 pm
could set you back $500. one expert says it is behind only christmas, back to school and mother's day. >> seems like there are a lot of people who say, oh, this is a setup holiday. it's a hallmark holiday. >> men hate it. because they feel obligated to top themselves. women hate it because they always hate the gifts they get. or it somehow doesn't live up to their expectations. so nobody is happy. >> restaurants want their share, too. in some cases, they have doubled the price of dinner for the night. and with valentine's day, just two day away, the rush is on to get the flowers out of the door and delivered on time. >> nikki burdine spent the day with some of the busiest in the business. potomac wholesale. >> always delivered with a the loof joy -- lot of joy. >> reporter: delivering flowers to the unsuspecting is the best part of jeff king's job. he always gets the same response. >> thank you very much. are
5:47 pm
>> this morning, we started about 3:00. but for the last four or five days, we've been going 24/scerch. >> it's -- 24/7. >> it's the busiest time of the year for the floral industry. >> we have tulips, hyacinths. >> reporter: if you're looking for flowers, this is the place to be, with thousands of blooms and more than 500 different types to choose from. >> a lot of flower shops. need more roses. need some more tulips. need everything. >> but if you procrastinated, have snow fear, there's still time. >> buy flowers, buy flowers and buy more flowers. >> in silver spring, nikki burdine, wusa news. >> once you do get flowers, they recommend filling a vase with room temperature water. cutting off the leaves at the bottom and cutting them in stems at an angle. but most importantly, this weekend, don't leave
5:48 pm
outside. >> i trust you all have ordered said bouquets, done what you needed. i'm putting you on the spot just in case. >> we can't reveal those secrets right now. >> you need to get it ready by sunday. >> we can't reveal it. >> right here. >> we'll say we're in pretty good shape without going in specifics. >> excellent. >> we're in pretty good shape, if you like arctic air. an arctic blast tonight. and good snow showers. then looking at the possibility of more snow on monday. right now, one thing at a time. 29 outside. dew points pretty low. 10s, relative humidity, 45%. nothing will fall from the sky right now. it's just simply too dry. winds south/southeast at about 5. here's the radar. and this is interesting because just in the last hour, the area of snow showers has expanded from win clefter step down -- winchester
5:49 pm
nothing too heavy yet. these are the light snow showers moving away from maryland because of the pressure off the coast. it's moving away. this saturday beginning of the arctic front. and this is what we're going to track the sno snow showers. >> you see a bright white. a little activity. everything pushing off to the east and southeast. and still some pretty good snows down toward leonardtown, newland and not snowing anymore in reedville but it was just a few minutes ago. yellow weather alert tonight for snow showers. how much? less than an inch. time frame, 7:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. it will be kind of a quick hitter. but if you're out, maybe trying to get a jump on valentine's day, be careful. if roads are untreated, they'll get slick quickly. dangerous wind chills tomorrow. and snow on monday. mainly rain on tuesday. but i think certainly monday is going to be the worst day of the two. colder air is going to be in place. moisture is going to roll
5:50 pm
the day on monday. not exactly hammer time. but significant accumulating snow on monday. 10:00 tonight. here's future cast. and here is the snow. really snow showers, right through the bread basket here. either side of 95. gaithersburg, d.c., back to fairfax, tyson and laplata. you get out of here quickly. and by tomorrow morning, 7:00, we're in the teens primarily. and that's the real temperature. it's not even factoring in the winds. and by 9:30, we're still in the teens. 14 in frederick. 12 in hagerstown. only 18 in manassas. 1:00, 18 now in silver spring. 20 in fairfax. and 5:30, we're about 20 in dumfries. and there will be streamers, little areas of snowshowers tomorrow. but primarily north of town. i-70, frederick, hagerstown and back toward cumberland. let's talk about the wind chill forecast. 6:00 tomorrow, feels like it's 1 below in gaithers burg. 1 below in frederick.
5:51 pm
6 below. and by 3:00, still feels like it's 3 below in hagerstown. so limit your time outside tomorrow. and watch the pets. all right. day planner. 19 at 9:00. 20 at 11:00. only 21 at 1:00 p.m. now, sunday, valentine's day, quiet. just bitterly cold. 27. snow on monday. temperature about 32. but going up all night. next seven days. we'll keep rain in for now tuesday, ending in snow. snow showers on wednesday. cold on thursday. and there is some hope. mid-50s next friday. now, wusa 9 game on sports. brought to you by xfinity. if you play a sport like this in volleyball, you probably buy your own equipment. for professional and college teams, uniform and equipment are often donated. now, what happens to that gear every year is the subject of our game on varsity profile. diane roberts has more on a local organization, hoping to level
5:52 pm
>> piles and piles of sports equipment fill a silver spring warehouse. about 25 this 30 high schools in the baltimore, washington region, have helped fill these shows. max levin keeps track of it all, founder of leveling the playing field. trying to prove the chance low income kids have to be involved in sports. >> just to know that kids out there are not having the opportunity bothers me a little bit. sndz. >> spending money on sports equipment is a luxury many families can't afford. >> he's here to make a donation. >> we caught up with leveling the playing field operations manager, donating volleyball. alexis black is one of the 80,000 kids the nonprofit has impacted. >> it means a lot. because some people can afford some of that stuff. >> levitt got the idea for his 3-year-old organization, while an equipment manager in ll
5:53 pm
donated by big name sports apparel companies. schools had to make room for the new by sacrifices the old. -- sacrificing the old. >> you would take everything off the shelf and throw nem in a dumpster. i'm like, that sounds absurround. can't be the -- absurd. can't be the most efficient thing to do. >> takes in donations. like these volleyballs from the classic hill volleyball classic. the generosity does not go unnoticed. >> i appreciate it and thank you very much. >> reporter: diane roberts, wusa 9 sports. >> what do you want to do? bump stet spike? >> -- set, spike? >> there you go. >> don't break the camera. >> not a smart idea. one of those impromptu things. start breaking equipment. >> nobody is calling us to give a place on the team. >> that's good, though. go to see they're doing that. >> it is. second life. which is as
5:54 pm
set up after a deadly fairfax police communitiy shooting fears the most important reforms will never be made. also at 6:00, one less republican candidate in the race as the remaining gop presidential hopefuls prepare for tomorrow night's big debate in south carolina. these students have done something no other elementary school has done. successfully build a satellite. i'm mike allen in arlington,
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
students at an arlington elementary school got quite the homework assignment. build a satellite and get it into space. >> nasa says they have become the first elementary school to successfully build and launch a satellite. as mark allen reports, the final week of the mission is just a few weeks away. >> tucked into the back of the library, at st. thomas moore school is mission control. >> we can track our satellite. >> reporter: the students at arlington, virginia, now have a satellite in space. and they made it themselves. >> liftoff. >> it launched into outer space on a rocket in december. and is now aboard the international space station. >> this is the size of your satellite. that small? >> it's even smaller than this. >> that's really small? how can anything work that is that small? >> the tiny object, known as a cube sack, known for its size and shape, is just
5:58 pm
if it works, it will beam back images of earth for 30 seconds, for up to a year. >> going to be amazing. >> felix pellegrino's dad works and came up with the idea. and got the space agency on board. >> they put it in this side of the air lock. >> joe pellegrino thinks this will inspire students to explore the final frontier. >> you're on a recruiting mission? >> absolutely. we need american engineers and scientists. >> building a satellite, even a small one like this, doesn't come cheap. it costs about $50,000. and the school and students had to raise every penny. >> reporter: the school and students are waiting for it to be deployed to the space station next month. to find out if the camera works. >> we did it. and we accomplished something big. >> reporter: it's a lesson that stretches these students' imagination into the far reaches of the universe. mark albert, cbs news, arlington, virginia. >> $50,000 actually sounds
5:59 pm
space-related. now, the exact day the assignment will be deployed, hasn't been set yet. any school can purchase the equipment needed to download the pictures. >> the software translates radio signals into images. it's the same technology used by the apollo missions to send back stunning images, half a century ago. right now at 6:00, wusa 9 has learned the prince george's teacher's aide, accused of producing child porn, had a history of abusing children. also tonight, fear that change is called for in the wake of a deadly police shooting just won't happen. and the coast guard finds the source of the oil spill that killed wildlife along the potomac river. thanks for joining us, i'm jan jeffcoat. >> healthy line. snow showers moving into the area. chief meteorologist topper shutt tracking them on first alert doppler. >> all right, bruce. they've just appeared now back to the west of us. right on the i-81 corridor. which we talked
6:00 pm
nothing crazy heavy yet. but they are intensifying, between hagerstown and win chester. and to where 66 moves to i-81. look carefully. see a little brighter white there. that's the heavy activity. moving to the south and east, essential scially head -- essentially headed down toward the river. future cast has them in frederick, leesburg, manassas. 24 gaithers burg, 27 downtown. if the roads are untreated, they will become slippery, very, very quickly. by 9:00, right through the heart, all the way down through fredericksburg, and all of you folks are under yellow weather alert. and most of the area is under winter weather advisory because of these snow showers will 26 in manassas. 27 in fairfax. and by 10:00, most of the activity, crossing over i-95. the critical hours between 7:30 p.m. and 10:30. when we come back, we'll talk about dangerous wind chills for tomorrow and the more prospect of snow


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