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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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south capitol street bridge. riders say they were responsible for the action. they got back on trains tuesday. >> thank god it was fast like that. but 90% of the time, it's not results that fast. we used to could count on crime happening after dark, after midnight. now, it's like you never know. >> we did just get an update, the 24-year-old shot is listed in stable condition at an area hospital. the trains are running here, except for the one that was involved in the shooting. at the anacostia station, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> police moved that train to a rail yard for further investigation. no names released yet on either the victim or the two suspects. new details, and new charges tonight against the teacher's aide in that horrifying prince george's county child porn investigation. deontae caraway is now looking at possible life behind bars, after the feds charged him today wi
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producing child pornography. the six victims range in age from 9 to 11. a prince george's county grand jury also indicted him on a child sex abuse charge. bruce leshan is live outside the u.s. attorney's office in greenbelt to tell us more. bruce? >> yeah, les li. just how twisted was this thing? the u.s. attorney said the child abuser threatened to call the cops on one of his victims. and that's how he forced him to comply and the u.s. attorney said if not for one man, one of the victim's uncles, this child sexual abuse might still be going on. >> all of our child abuse cases -- exploitations cases are horrible. this is particularly bad. >> they found 38 different videos of deontae caraway, abusing the children at their elementary school, their choir, their church, forcing them to submit to sex from him, and to
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other. the u.s. attorney singled out one particular case, to show the devastating betrayal of trust. caraway pulled one of his victims out of class, took him to a dressing room, and ordered him to pull off his pants. when the young boy refused, cara way warned him, he's call the cops and the principal and the child submitted. >> i think that illustrates the evil really that we see in these sort of cases, where a defendant is actively trying to undermine the authority figures that typically children would go to when this sort of thing occurs. >> reporter: caraway's picture of a field trip he took with the picture, remains up on his twitter feed. investigators say parents have to find out what their children are doing on their phones and online. and prosecutors say but for the sharp prying eyes and persistence of the uncle of one of the victims, the teacher's aide might still be abusing the children. >> because of that relative, the victims we know about are
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>> it is hard to convey to you, just how devastating it is for the children in these cases who must be interviewed by us, how devastating and difficult and how painful it is for the parents. >> now, investigators say that this is likely just the start of the charges that they are likely to lodge against the 22- year-old. federal charges are going to be a lot of child porn charges, potentially coming up. the grand jury has to do with just the first victim, the first victim to report. but if he is convicted on these federal charges, he is already looking at a mandatory minimum -- minimum, of 120 years in prison. live in greenbelt, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> bruce, this is just the very beginning of a very long journey. thank you. prosecutors are still trying to decide whether to try caraway first in state or federal
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state's attorney, angela allbrook says she's well aware that victims might have to testify in state court. and she wants to protect them from more trauma, while still ensuring that caraway goes away for a long, long time. >> the southbound side of the u.s. 301 has been shut down for much of the day. and traffic in upper marlboro has been gridlocked by a dramatic three-alarm fire that broke out there. this happened at a fort knox self-storage facility at depot lane. hundreds of people may have lost all kinds of valuable possessions. scott broom there live with a cleanup there. just beginning. >> and the road just reopened. it's been a dramatic day for witnesses. i'm about to show you cell phone video they took of a man they said who appeared to be risking his life, trying to put out the fire all by himself as it was exploding out of control. >> reporter: these are the moments captured on cell phone video, before firefigh
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boiling out of the self-storage unit doors. >> we already called the fire department. >> reporter: and a man witnessed seemed unwilling to back away. he scared away everyone. >> an older gentleman, try to put out the fire himself. >> we just saw flames, and he was trying to put it out. and they encouraged him to get out of there. seems like they wanted to keep going back in there. but we call 911. he wasn't going to be able to put it out. >> reporter: but the fire became a spectacular, stubborn, and dangerous challenge for firefighters from three counties to snuff out. a 175-unit self-storage building, with no firewalls or sprinklers, where flames marched from one possession- packed storage unit to the next, forcing firefighters to cut through steel walls to keep up and pour water on from above. southbound u.s. 101 is blocked for three hours.
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brian min -- hinman. >> i have at least smoke damage, if not water damage. in fact, if they did through the other side -- go through the other side, my stuff is gone. >> reporter: all right. the damage hasn't been calculated yet. thankfully, no injuries here. firefighter investigators have debriefed the man you saw in that video, to try to figure out what was going on. so far, they have not revealed what he said or what they think the cause of the fire is, or why he seems so dead set on risking his life up against a wall of fire. he was not injured. he's okay. reporting live from upper marlboro, where 301 has been reopened southbound. scott broom, wusa 9. >> fire officials say sprinklers would have prevented the catastrophic damage there. but that self-storage facility was built before those sprinklers were required. more showers on the ride home, on this yellow weather alert day. topper shutt is out on the terrace. what are you seeing out ther
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the heavy activity we had was gone. but we had drizzle and wet roads. not going to be a wet ride home. we also want to talk about our flood watch. we have a flood watch for essentially, the entire metro area tomorrow. beginning in the morning and going until midnight on thursday, essentially. we're looking at the possibility of heavy activity, as we get into -- tomorrow evening hours bthis time tomorrow. and then early tomorrow night. here's radar right now, over the last hour. again, not a lot of activity. a little spotty showers, mixed in with the drizzle. it is kind of miserable outside. look at the temperatures. 37 in gaithersburg. only 37 in hagerstown, 43 downtown. we kind of have that cold air wedge again. then we take a look now at live radar. activity to the east side of montgomery county. east side of 270. and a little activity also around the spur and toward the american legion bridge. drizzle and wet roads. now, on the future cast. 6:00 in the morning. more showers, temperatures in the 40s. 8:00,
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by 3:00, we could be looking at thunderstorms. we'll come back, talk about the prospects of thunder. and more later in the week. more on a punishment from a man who ordered from a prison cell. brian mahi was sentenced to prison today plus life without parole. he called in a hit on his uncle to keep him from testifying against him in a double murder trial. despite the murder of niko mayhugh, prosecutors were still able to obtain a conviction. stanley winston, anthony cannon, were sentenced to life in prison. plus 105 years. >> reporter: police pronounced an arrest in a deadly hit-and- run accident. on the first day of the year in southeast washington. 36-year-old ian jerome butts died last month, after being struck by a car at the intersection of minnesota avenue and c street. police to
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old sophia palmer of southeast washington. palmer is charged with involuntary manslaughter. we turn now to the presidential campaign trail, and republicans in nevada get to pick their selection for the top of the ticket. >> donald trump has a double- digit lead over his gop rivals, coming into the caucuses. senators marco rubio and ted cruz are battling for second place. >> i'm asking you to vote for me tonight. because i will win. and the democrats know i will win. they spend more money attacking me than any other republican. >> the men and women of nevada who decide. 33 gop delegates are up for grabs in tonight's caucuses. >> we are now just one week away from super tuesday. and tomorrow, president bill clinton will be in georgia. campaigning for his wife and democratic front runner hillary clinton. 22 states and states an
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politics, clinton holds a 17% lead over bernie sanders. and on the gop side in virginia, donald trump leads marco rubio, 28 to 22% among likely republican voters. >> today on facebook, we asked, do you think any of the gop candidates have any chance of beating trump. david wright says, i hope he wins the nomination. it makes the democratic winner in november a 100% certainty. there you go. jim writes, simply, go trump. martha writes, i had once respected this man, until he got involved in politics. he really showed me his true colors. peggy fox taking to the streets tonight. she'll have more in a live report on the way tonight at ix:00. and you can always stay on top of the latest campaign 2016 news with the wusa 9news app. it is your go-to resource this election season. we're just getting started
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on wusa 9news at 5:00. a maryland marine wants to see his daughter graduate high school. and a campaign promise from yesteryear is back on the table. president obama wanting to shut down a notorious prison. if we can weather tomorrow's yellow alert, topper has some good news for the end of the week. but right after the break, we're going to hear from the marine attacked and robbed at d.c. mcdonald's, after cops slapped the cuffs on the teens they say ar
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two teenagers have been arrested in connection with that attack on a marine at a d.c. mcdonald's. wusa 9's stephanie gail hart joining us live --
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gail gailhard. >> the marine is focused on his recovery. police say teens beat him up and robbed him outside of this mcdonald's, 11 days ago. >> reporter: surveillance video from february 12th, shows the brutal beating of veteran chris marquees. it happened outside of this downtown d.c. mcdonald's. police arrested two teens for the assault and robbery. >> i really reenforced my views that we are the greatest country in the world. i think americans are excited. you got your bad apples. but yeah, like this is amazing. >> reporter: the marine believes the attack on him was racially motivated. police continue to investigate. and are looking for a third suspect. 11 days after the attack, marquees is still recovering. >> i'm having problems with my memory. and there was other issues i have. like my speech is slurring, the side of my lip was drooling. that got better. >> but he still has a long way to go. i'
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regiment. and that could last anywhere from a couple months, six months to a year, they said. especially because of how bad the concussion was. >> reporter: markey served in the marine corps from 2003 to 2011. it's what he learned during his service that is helping get him through this difficult time. >> it keeps me from feeling sorry for myself. the war in iraq and afghanistan. i saw my friends get kill federal front of me. i saw them lose a limb. i can't see myself as a victim. it's really hard. >> reporter: doctors encouraged him to drop a class at american university. >> they wanted me to have more time to recover. and they figured too much classes might make that more harder. >> reporter: despite that, he's still on track to graduate in december. >> someone told me this a long time ago, the best type of revenge is to be successful. because it proves everyone wrong. >> his story has captivated the hearts of so many people across
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a person in connecticut who never even met him set up a go fund me page to help pay for his medical bills. the goal is to raise $40,000. and right now, they're just 4,000 -- $4,000 away from that goal. reporting live tonight in downtown d.c., stephanie gailhard, wusa 9. >> it is good to see him doing better there. if you have information about this case, knowing there is a suspect outstanding will call or text the metro police department. there is a $1,000 reward for information leading to that arrest. president obama making a new push to close the terrorist detention center in guantanamo bay, cuba. >> but there is still opposition to the plan for many in congress. >> would be illegal, under current law to transfer foreign terrorist at guantanamo, into the united states. >> i don't want to pass this problem onto the next president, whoever it is. >> under the president's plan, 35 prisoners being held at guantanamo would be transferred to
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the re-- remaining 56 would be housed in a u.s. prison. closing guantanamo would fulfill a campaign promise the president made in 2008. >> it would be illegal under current law to transfer a foreign terrorist at guantanamo into the united states. >> i don't want to pass this problem onto the next president, whoever it is. >> sorry about that. house speaker paul ryan says congress will not change the law to allow terrorist detainees on american soil. >> a little deja vu. crazy video out of louisiana here. three water spouts, line up right next to etch other on lake pontchartrain. this happened as a line of storms passed through the lake. and that produced a tornado warning. that's something else. >> don't see that every day. >> no. >> we have unconfirmed, eight tornadoes in louisiana. one around i-10. exit 171, if you know that area. and also around south tiger bend road. so they are under high risk of severe weather today. but noat
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coast. doesn't quite get up to us because of severe thunderstorms. >> and you got a flood watch for tomorrow. >> a flood watch for tomorrow, too. zoom down into louisiana. you see the red there. that's a tornado watch that is filled in, which covers a good portion of alabama and mississippi. these little boxes are actually tornado warnings. they think a tornado is on the ground. this is a pretty protent system. this is round 2 for us. this will bring showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. in the meantime, generally quiet now. just not the nicest of evenings. temperatures upper 30s and low 40s and drizzle and showers. not the greatest. we'll voom in a little bit. we have a little light rain around silver spring. up toward rockville and oldtown. but nothing crazy heavy at all. because all the roads are wet. because we have drizzle pretty much across the board. so yellow weather alert continues. live look outside. through our michael and son weather cam. 43 now. winds out of the north
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wasn't far from the snow today, which is why we about six or seven days ago, thought it could snow. it was close. bus stop temperatures, 34 it 44. another raw day at the bus stop to start anyway. it will be wet. and both commutes look wet tomorrow. and then warmer with thunderstorms tomorrow night. now, when that warm air gets in here, i'm kind of at odds with some of the models. some of the models get its in here by about 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. i'm thinking more about this time tomorrow evening. we shall see. when it rolls through, we'll know it. we'll hear the rumble of thunder. on the future cast, you could probably take a walk after dinner tonight, without too much problem. just drizzle. temperatures in the 40s. 38 in hagerstown. then we get into the morning. a few more showers around manassas. as you head up north on 95, towards d.c., you have showers. become a little more prevalent, as we get into the 9:00 hour now. towards leesburg, winchester, i- 81. especially as you're coming in, i-56 eastbound. an 1
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1:00. i think it will happen. i think we'll make it to 60 by tomorrow night. and more showers, leesburg, back toward cul perrer -- culpepper. and i'll stop it again. that's the model, saying we think it's going to be 59. 59, 60 degrees. that's when we're going to bring in the thunderstorms. i think it will be more closer to 6:00 p.m. than 9:00 p.m. in any event, tomorrow's commute is not going to be much fun. and heavy downpours are possible. and we have the flood watch, which covers essentially the entire metro area tomorrow. on the day planner. 40s to start with rain. maybe we get to 50 by 1:00. but headed for 60. thursday, showers possible. temperatures blustery. temperatures 57. but dress for the 40s. that's going to be generally the temperature as we get into the midnight hour. and 51, breezy and cold on friday. next seven days 57 thursday, 51 friday. cold on saturday and sund
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look at. that warming up monday and tuesday once again. >> not bad, topper. thank you. still ahead, what parents are doing to keep up with their kids as their homework keeps getting harder. hover boards taken off the shelves at a popular retailer. and a price hike for free shipping from amazon.
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five members of the same family are dead, after a shooting and a fire in arizona. police say the gunman shot and killed his own relatives, inside of a house in phoenix. officers were initially called to the home after someone inside reported being wounded. the suspect then opened fire on police and firefighters when they arrived. the gunman was eventually found dead. a spokesperson says the suspect died in a police shootout. the shooter was a son and brother of the victims inside the house. >> let's talk about consumer news now. target is removing hover boards from its website. the retailer says it will stop selling those boards because of safety concerns. and this comes after the consumer products safety commission notified retailers and makers that those scooters are not safe
5:25 pm
meet u.l. safety standards. target says if you purchase a swag way or safety board, you can return them. toys r us will also stop selling them this weekend. free shipping, going up. nonprime members will now have to pay $49 to qualify for the service. amazon prime members who pay the annual fee will still get the free shipping. and facebook rolls out its birthday video camera. the social media site's feature lets you record a 15-second expression of good will. you can even add a frame. for now, though, it's only available on apple's ios. one of the key attractions is opening today. >> not much to see there. the doors were open to tourists this morning. it had been closed since the weekend for repairs. the park service said the closure was because of a contractor who inadvertently
5:26 pm
damaged an el -- elevator control box last week. still ahead. zika, spread through sex. these horses are up for adoption. more on their service to our country. and a maryland father wants to see his daughter's graduation. so why, o, why, is the school telling the marine no way? and on the scene of a death investigation in fairfax county. back with details after this.
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follow breaking news out of northern virginia. a high-rise investigation out of falls church. >> garrett haake is there live with the latest. garrett? >> reporter: lesli, police were called to the skyline power towers behind me, a little after 2:30 for reports of a discovery of a body. for a while, this was a suspicious death investigation. but didn't take long for investigators to investigators to declare this a homicide investigation. we are now told that the body was that of an adult male, who appears to have been shot to death. the layout of this massive apartment building makes it difficult to get too close. i can tell you, fairfax county police have been on the scene for sometime. and we're expecting an update from them shortly. for now, details very scarce. only knowing now, an adult male shot to death here in the skyline tower building. just near the county line. reporting
5:30 pm
wusa 9. >> we'll see what evolves. right now, a contentious legal battle, between a marine vet daughter and -- father and his daughter's high school. >> the school has banned him after he refused a paper on islam. >> this is the 31-page suit filed in federal court four days ago, against charles county school as well as the principal and vice principal of la plata high school. but it's really the story that began almost a year and a half ago, when kevin wood asked school administrators be allowed a different assignment, when he felt the assignment given promoted islam, over their christ fan faith. >> -- christian faith. >> we believe they should be raible to choose. >> they were -- be able to
5:31 pm
assignment. >> i kind of hesitated. like three, two, one. i was like, no. >> reporter: kevin is a retired united states marine, who fought in the persian gulf, during operation desert shield and storm. over the years, he's watched his buddies die at the hands of islamic extremists and felt there should be a leson on -- lesson on that. they're not teaching that they're beheading people in australia. they're just teaching that all is peaceful. >> it did include teaching the shahadda. which includes write out and profess, there is no allah, a direct contradiction to the woods' family faith. and also that muslim is much stronger than the average christian. the teacher became argumentive, contend his daughter would receive failing grades on any incomplete assignment. wood
5:32 pm
was banned from the school. he said this violates his first amendment right. >> it's eefreedom of your relig are both important. >> it's historical. as historical as christianity, buddhism, judaism. >> we're not trying to challenge other people's views am these are our views and they're trying to challenge our views. >> they did send a statement that they would not comment on the lawsuit. however being they did entrust -- saying that the should take the assignment and shove it up her blank. they also met to discuss the lifting the no-trespass order. >> a lot going on there. >> the school district went on to say that administratoras the la plata high school continue wi remain ready to sit down
5:33 pm
lifting the order. we have breaking news out of texas, on the death of former justice antonin scalia. the district attorney said there was nothing suspicious about the death of the justice. the d.a. rod pontin said that an autopsy was not necessary. because the doctor said he suffered from coronary heart disease, obesity, among others. zika infections, spreading through sex in the u.s., are on the rise. health officials confirm 14 cases involving men who have traveled, infecting women who have not. two of the women are pregnant, which is especially dangerous since zika has been linked to birth defects. meanwhile, a lab in galveston, texas is spearheading the research to find a vaccine. scientists are working on a quick detection test, and
5:34 pm
>> are we closer to a vaccine? >> yes. every single day that people like me and my fellow colleagues on the bench, are one step closer to a vaccine. >> the national institutes of health says there could be a vaccine, but not until the end of 2017. police want to know who is behind a vandalism spree in montgomery county. >> vandals targeted who was behind a strip mall. the front doors were shattered at a dollar store. little caesar's shop and dunkin' donuts. and it apparently was not a first at the shop. >> i feel like this store is targeted frequently. i think this has happened three times in the last year and a half. >> i guess everybody needs their coffee. >> or their doughnut. it's unclear whether it was a coincidence. but a dunkin' donuts was also vandalized this morning. it doesn't appear that a lot was taken during those break- ins. store owners e
5:35 pm
surveillance video with police. a firefighter is recovering from a home is badly damaged after a fire in riverdale. crews arriving on the scene found flames coming from the top floor of the house on oliver street. everyone inside made it out safely. but a firefighter got minor burns after his helmet got knocked off. he was taken to the burn unit of the hospital. investigators are trying to determine the cause of that fire. a car crashed into a day care center. this happened at the rising generations day care center. police say the car crashed into a room, where there were no children, fortunately. the vehicle did punch a hole into an exterior wall. the driver was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. a trial is under way for the second worker, accused of abusing day care centers. prosecutors say 26-year-old kiera nicole sprigs, pleaded not guilty to 57 charges, including misdemeanor assault and battery. she was re
5:36 pm
with another former mini land teacher, sarah jordan. sprigs is cued of abusing 19 people under her care. jordan was convicted in january, and she will be sentenced in may. maryland lawmakers are considering legislation that would overhaul how police are trained and how officers accused of wrongdoing are treated. now, the proposed changes come from a panel that was created after the baltimore riots last year. the recommendations include, giving officers periodic psychological evaluations. and providing the public with more time to file brutality complaints. a new poll, finding a majority of marylanders approve of the way governor larry hogan is handling his job. the republican governor has a 63% job approval rating, that's according to the goucher college survey. 17% do not approve of the job hogan is doing in the heavily democratic state. 5 four 45 people participated in the poll that was conducted last week.
5:37 pm
are gathering for a protest at the fbi building in downtown d.c. apple is in a legal battle with the fbi, over the bureau's request to help them hack into the phone of one of the san bernardino killers. 51% of the people responding believe the tech giant should comply with the fbi. 33% agree with apple. trending now. one sure-fire way now not to get a raise. >> and beyonce may get high- profile security when he's out on tour. and we're going to show you what who is behind the wheel of this souped-up hot rod. light dress -- drizzle now, adam. thunderstorms with temperatures in the 50s. we'll come back and talk about how long our yellow weather alert la
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5:40 pm
let's get you to tonight's trending story. if police will protect beyonce on her upcoming tour, perhaps louis farrakhan and his will. >> they promised to protect the singer, if cops refused to do their jobs. the controversy started after beyonce's super bowl half time
5:41 pm
police. the miami police union will vow that the colleagues there would not be providing security at the singer's april show. and they urged cops around the country to boycott her performances. yesterday, we told you about taylor swift and how she donated to kesha. >> today, we're hearing from dr. luke, who claims that kesha is lying about him allegedly drugging and raping her. kesha is trying to get out of her contracts with the producer. in a series of tweets, dr. luke said that it's sad that she would turn a contract negotiation into -- into something horrendous and untrue. this yelp employee wrote a scathing open letter to the company ceo. and it got picked up by media outlets like ours, all over
5:42 pm
world. >> talia james complained that her $12 an hours wasn't enough to live on in the san francisco area. and two hours later, after posting about living on rice and food, she was fired. she said she hoped to get a message out. but instead, she learned she was fired when she couldn't check her e-mail. showing up to mets training camp. driving, something that can only be described as the weirdest bat mobile you've ever seen. it's a custom-made, three-wheel motorcycle. it's got the outfielders number on it. 52. and he's gently easing it up into the parking space. >> i know how much you love race cars. could you get in that? would you get in that? >> i would get in it. i would get a lot of stairs. i don't know how much racing you would do. you know what? yoo when you're w--hen you're in florida. >> so the remale
5:43 pm
for one player came full circle last night. we're going to share his story with you on the web. plus, prince george's county man, who just wanted to make
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tonight, our wusa call for accident action team calls for a man who thought he larged -- lost a large chunk of change to a purchase. >> hugh collins is something of a survivalist. >> i wanted to be more self- sufficient if anything happened to the power supply or the water supply. >> reporter: with that in mind, collins went suffer -- surfing and found this. it's called the air juicer. and it's designed to extract humidity from the air and turn it into water. >> it's can make up to 6 gallons a day. >> it costs just over $600. >> i put it on i -- on my credit card. >> he bought it in august. >> late september, early october. hadn't seen it, hadn't heard anything from them. >> finally, out of frustration, he sent one last e-mail. >> but i will go to
5:47 pm
>> and he did. collins contacted call for action and we went to work. and within a day. >> president of the company. he actually called me and he apologized. >> in a statement to wusa 9, company president robert roz ner called this an isolated incident and he apologized for any confusion. as for collin, the deposit has been refunded. >> i'm so glad we called. we got results really, really fast. >> and collin said he is still going to buy an air viewser of -- juicer of some sort. but right now, he's waiting for a new model that may be coming out soon. go to our website, click on the call for action link. or you can click hot line. two horses that last served in the army's old guard at arlington national cemetery are now up for adoption. we checked up on the case for horses. kennedy and quincy at
5:48 pm
today. their job is to pull coffins to burial at cemetery. they reported for this duty, eight times a day, every other week. but now, the horses are calling it a career. we caught up with one man, looking to take home one of the animals. >> my horse was just recently in an accident and i had to put my horse down. it would give me an opportunity to ride a horse that has been trained by the military. and i think it would just be just a great, great riding experience. >> the horses are tree -- free to the qualified owners. they will make sure the accommodations at kennedy and quincy's new homes are appropriate. so that 101-year-old water tower at the center of a big battle in manassas, will remain in place. >> last night, the city council voted unanimously to dene a to turn it out. instead, according
5:49 pm
nova, they will try to get it on the historic registry of places. i have an old jungle gym. think i can get that on the red screen? probably not. >> exactly. probably not. our 3-degree guarantee. kind of a tough call today. but we thought we would stay on the cold wedge. which so far, we have. went 46. how did we do? you can download on our app and track that way. it is not very pleasant now. drizzle. a little fog. down to 43. winds still out of the north at 10. the only silver lining here, nothing is heavy. in terms of rain tonight or early tomorrow. but lots of drizzle and showers. here's our radar. the darker green there, let's just say, that's the shower activity, pushing through much of prince george's county, also on the east side of 270
5:50 pm
montgomery county. there's plenty of drizzle around. no doubt about that. we'll zoom in a little bit. a little shower activity as you go past the spur. on the way to rockville. up toward olney. and also, a little shower activity, right around the airport into alexandria. the silver lining, nothing heavy tonight. yellow alert weather once again. 34 to 44 and wet, damp. both commutes look wet tomorrow. and unlike today, where i thought the morning commute would be worse, tomorrow's evening commute will be worse. warmer. future cast, 10:00 tonight. probably don't even really need an umbrella. temperatures, low 40s pretty much across the board. 42 in manassas. 41 in sterling. 49 in gaithersburg. by morning, 6:00 a.m. a little shower activity rolled through. but again, we still have drizzle, across the board. now we're about 41 in silver spring. a little heavier and steadier.
5:51 pm
leesburg, manassas, culpepper. 9:00. then we get into the 12:00, 1:00 thundershower. on -- hour. that's the leading edge. warmer air. should bust through by evening. this is 4:00 tomorrow, more like 6:00. kind of splitting hairs here. look at that. 60 downtown. and yes, the rumble of thunder tomorrow. some heavy downpours are possible. day planners. 40s, 48 by 11:00. maybe 50. maybe 50 by 1:00 p.m. thursday, breezy and chilly. midnight high. 60s dressed in the 40s. cold. temperatures around 43 for a high. next seven day, cold, chilly on saturday. back up to 58 sunday. mid-50s on monday. perhaps some showers and then cold again next tuesday.
5:52 pm
lost the handle. follow up score! >> that was the scene at verizon capitals, scoring the first goal as a capital. it was reviewed. proved to be the game winner for the team that gave richards another chance. richards has only played 15 games. he has a bit of a troubled past. richards was arrested last june at the canadian border, for illegally possessing painkillers. the kings terminated his contract. his career encounters. he was out of the league until the cats signed him in january. and one of the greater parts of last night's goal was the standing ovation of the crowd. and the excitement of his teammates. >> i had to sit here with my luck. it would be disallowed. but i don't know. i mean, the ovation obviously was .
5:53 pm
the teammates. they have been real supportive. and it's been a while since i've scored a goal of any importance. so it was definitely nice. and obviously, the ovation was pretty special, too. >> means a lot to him for sure, coming in here. i think he would probably like to get there a little earlier than he did. and you know, it was probably a really long summer for him. and sure is nice for him to get that. especially the game winner. >> but it gets better. as richards headed back to the locker, responded to a young kid, wearing his number 10 jersey, who just wanted a high 5. but he gave the kid his stick. the game-winning stick. the look on the boy's face, okay at -- look at him. he was quoted as saying, that moment made alex a fan for life. >> you bet. >> just his look of excitement. but i mean, this team is gaining fans left and right. they've won more games than any other in 57 games than any other team in h
5:54 pm
they're st been so exciting to watch. >> gain the fans, keep them. no fair weatherness. >> hard core fans. but a great kind of comeback story for mike richie. >> thanks. coming up at 6:00 with bruce and jan, investigators uncover more disturbing evidence against the school volunteer, facing child porn and other charges. also, at 6:00, we're just a week away from the june primary. looking at whether anyone can beat republican front runner donald trump in the commonwealths. new school curriculums are so hard, ev
5:55 pm
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man parents -- many parents are back to class. >> jamie yuccas found out, even the parents of kindergarteners need a refresher. >> starts with addition and subtraction. these moms and dads are learning computer reading skills. >> can you teach mom? >> sometimes. >> joanne sera cine is back in class with her kindergartener, nicole. >> we now get the understanding of how they're being caught, so we can help them better not get frustrated. >> school districts across the country, offer the classes for free. teachers say they're very popular. this one on long island had more than 60 parents, eager to participate. >> did you ever think you would have to go back to school to help your kids with
5:58 pm
i finished my masters degree like five years ago, i figured that was it. >> it's not just learning the technology. parents need a refresher. because reading and math are being taught so differently right now. >> what do they call the thing -- >> the number of bonds. >> the school started this to help parents learn more about the common core curriculum, which sets national standards for english and math. but now, they touch on a variety of topics. >> we're trying to reach out to parent to say the standard way that we learn is no longer that way. so we need to bring you in with us. bring you into the fold and help you, so that you're successful at home and supporting your child. >> reporter: that's why parents are prepared to continue their education. >> if they're moving at the pace that they're moving now, in circht garten -- kindergarten, i can only wonder what it's like in second and third grade. >> cbs news, north bellmore, new york. >> just wait until they
5:59 pm
fourth grade. >> experts say the biggest differences in teaching are technology and how students now learn visual yuly. and they added that neither are likely to go away. right now, at 6:00, new federal charges against a prince george's county teacher's aid, accused of child porn and child sexual abuse. >> republican presidential front runner donald trump is leading in the polls. but can he pull off a victory in virginia. and shots are fired, on board a metro train. >> good evening, everybody. i'm bruce johnson. >> and i'm jan jeffcoat. teacher's aifd, de -- aide, deontae caraway. feds have just charged him. and a county grand jury hearthas just indicted the 22- year-old, alleging multiple counts of sex abuse. bruce leshan is in green belt with new details in this horrifying case. bruce? >> and one of the key priorities th
6:00 pm
now is trying to determine if deontae caraway shared any of these brutal child sex videos on the internet. they are also trying to determine with the police, whether he had any help. although at this point, there is no evidence that he did. >> reporter: prosecutors say if deontae caraway is convicted of the federal child porn protection charges, they have just launched against him. he will spend a mandatory minimum, a minimum of 120 years in prison. but many more charges may yet be coming. they say they have already found some 38 graphic videos. of caraway, forcing children into sex with him and with each other. a total of eight victims so far, over the course of at least five months. much of the abuse inside judge civilania -- sylvannia woods' elementary school. >> it is hard to convey to


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