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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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the chance of thunderstorms and flooding are triggering today's yellow alert. good afternoon. and thanks for joining us. i'm mike hydeck. some of those storms could dump blinding rain, even a tornado in some parts, let's gets gh
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bernstein, who is tracking what is heading our way. howard? >> we have several hours before the worst of the weather gets here. it looks like maybe 3:00, 4:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 at the latest and behind me, here is the outlook from the storm prediction center, the severe weather outlook. there are different grades they give for how bad they think it could be. and for us, we are in the second of four grades, if you will. and i don't count the slight, or the general chance, the marginal chance, but the slight chance here, and then enhanced and moderate. we will be down to richmond fredericksburg, and 95 and 85. and that seems to be a higher threat than what we are dealing with. we are talking about damaging wind gusts and torrential down pours and an isolated tornado in the strongest of storms that we could be seeing late this afternoon and this evening. a big storm, spinning back here, but with all of the weather and in the upper levels of the atmosphere, the winds are going like this and that creates a vacuum and a lot of lift and this is is a tornado watch box. with several severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings across north carolina. and that whole mess is lifting
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and southern maryland, is looking a little warmer. and they have a better chance, in the northern neck, than we do. especially north and west. but we have seen waves of showers, moving quickly to the north, at about 50 miles an hour, so montgomery county here, and boy, mount airy is about to get dumped on here. scattered through frederick and lord county and carol. there is another line of showers not far from front royal and 66 and this is lifting north. over to places like manassas, and just about 15 minutes or so. and leesburg at 12:30. and germantown at 12:48. with the cold air trying to on coming over here, and visibility is an issue. some spots like annapolis with a-quarter mile. along with bwi. and dense fog. warm air, winds, fog should not be a problem. we are in the low 50s right now. but upper 50s to low 60s. late afternoon, evening, that we really got to watch very carefully. i will be back with more and the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >>ha
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wusa 9 app and you can stay ahead of the storm with constant updates and doppler closings and delays and push alerts as well and the best part it is free. the severe weather that ripped across the gulf states is now expected to punish the people in the carolinas. this afternoon before it comes our way. tornadoes killed at least three people, and left a trail of dectstruion, from mississippi, all the way to florida. one twister slammed into a trailer park in covenant, louisiana. causing major damage. there you can see the winds on the video. another slammed into pensacola florida. coming up in 10 minutes you will hear from the survivors of the violent storms. the top trend on the beltway, it is back to normal, after a jackknifed tractor trailer damaged cars and made thousands of people late for work this morning. the big rig slammed into a jersey barrier, and september chunks of concrete, flying near the crash site, on the beltway, near georgia avenue and coldsville road. a fleet of tow trucks were hauled in to haul away the cars that ended up with dents d
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come down around the curve. and a bunch of concrete laying in the road and everybody started piling up. >> and a busted gas tank. and two flat tires and something else underneath, leaking oil, and something else is dragging. >> a rough start to the workday, the truck driver is being treated for minor injuries. fortunately, no one else was hurt in this. two teenagers involved in a shooting on metro's green line will be tried as adults. the judge made that decision just moments ago in the case. against an unidentified 16-year- old male and 19-year-old andre brody. the two were charged with shooting a plan in the back, inside a train, at the ax metro station on -- anacostia metro station on tuesday. investigators believe robbery was the motive. the victim of the shooting did survive. campaign 2016, for republicans, it is now on to super tuesday, in their race for the white house. donald trump was the big winner in the republican caucus. in nevada. 46% of the vote for him. wid marco rubio came in second
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nick giovanni with the latest. >> reporter: like one of the headlines in today's washington post put it, it came down to one word in nevada. anger. letting it ride in las vegas. donald trump towered over the rest of the republicans field, in the nevada caucuses. building on a win streak that he doesn't see stopping. >> it is going to be an amazing two months. we might not even need the two months, folks, to be honest, all right? >> trump took nevada in emphatic fashion. with north of 40% of the vote. while marco rubio, and ted cruz, found themselves once again in a race for second place. entrance polls showed a majority of caucus-goers favored a candidate with more political experience sided with rubio. >> 55% of the people did not vote for tunneled trump. it is divided -- for donald trump. it is divided up among four other people and it is helping him right now. >> the final two democratic candidates were discussing the issues at a town hall in south carolina. bernie sanders took aim
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trump, accusing the republican front-runner of racism. >> the birther issue which we heard from donald trump and others, a racist effort to try to delegitimize the president of the united states. can you imagine that? >> republicans now turn their attention to tomorrow night's debate in houston setting the stage for super houston. there is one more pit stop for the primary. and the first stop at the durant art center in alexandria for hillary clinton, for a rally tonight. and nick giovanni, wusa 9. we will have you covered 24/7 with all of the results. all of the campaign 2016 news available. right at your fingertips on the free wusa 9 app. they want tougher drunk driving laws in maryland and they are taking their case to the state capital today. montgomery county police officer noel liotta was killed by a suspected drunk driver and his family is pushing for a law that would
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install ignition interlock devices in their cars for at least six months. police from around the state are supporting them, the family, in annapolis today, they believe if it passes, the law could save lives. fairfax county police are hunting for a killer. 35-year-old baba toonday fabashini was gunned down in a high rise on tuesday. investigators believe the killing was random. as you may know, february is national heart month. there is an 11-year-old montgomery county boy weeks away from surgery that will hopefully save his life. con genital heart disease is not the only thing eric granthal is battling. we have more on how his mom is trying to comfort her son through open heart surgery and keep a roof over his head. >> inside this playroom at children's national health system, eric granthal draws his favorite picture, one that shows special meaning. >> what
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>> they put jesus on the cross. >> and eric who has autism is very spiritual and artistic. passion for art -- >> gospel music and jesus runs deep like his cool haircut. >> what do you love about the drawing? >> i love the lord. >> a good day for the 5th grader who has experienced his share of bad ones. days that kept his mom running back and forth to the hospital. >> for about maybe two years now. eric would complain, off and on, about chest pain. >> chest pains were not the only issue. lung infections would come and go. and shortness of breath. and extreme fatigue would happen often. and after months of complications, doctors discovered eric has con genital heart disease. something no one knew he was born with. >> those diseases can be where there is not enough blood flow going to the lungs or in some cases there could be too much blood flow going to the lungs. >> the con genital heart disease is often progressive, and hard to detect in
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he says the condition is prev lent in patients with other abnormalities. >> in eric's case, they got to the point where it was identifiable, because the heart was getting enlarged. >> on april 13, eric will undergo open heart surgery. the procedure will take two to three hours. and full recovery is expected to take six weeks. eric has met a number of prominent people, including dc mayor mure yell muriel bouzer and asking for prayers. >> reporting from the district, mikea turner, wusa 9. >> and adding to the concern, his mom just lost her job. on the day of the surgeries, supporters wear t-shirts that i am an advocate for eric and plans for a benefit concert are under way to help eric and his mom. brides busted. what investigators found when
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welcome back. more disturbing details, have emerged about an 18-year-old woman arrested yesterday on terrorism charges in australia. police say they found tactical hunting knives and instructions in arabic, details on how to make a detonator for a homemade bomb. bridget namoa was released from jail earlier this month, because of tough new bail rules after the lynch cafe siege, not in effect yet. she is the wife of the terrorism suspect samay badda, arrested last month for plotting an attempt. connecticut prosecutors are trying to throw kennedy cousin michael skakel back in prison. a judge granned him a new trial in the murder of martha moxley. 15-year-old moxley was beaten to death with a golf club back in 1975 when the two were teenagers. skakel was moxley's neighbor in greenwich, connecticut, back then. kennedy has already served 11 years for the killing. prosecutors are now asking
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judge to reinstate his conviction. we are under a yellow alert today. howard is up next with the storms on when they could move in. howard? >> yes, we are looking at a little bit of fog right now with the warm air coming in over the ">colder air. the cold river here. we have a break now, it is going to be mid to late afternoon. early evening. that could be the worst time period, for some strong to severe weather. i will have doppler for you, along with the future cast, coming up, in just
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you have heard of drug- sniffing dog, bomb-sniffing dogs and now corn-sniffing dogs. but there are only a few in the entire country. we will show you how these crime stopping canines are sniffing out child porn suspects, ton at 11:00. in our health alert, this noon, you
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believe. researchers have found a link between migraine headaches and irritable bowel syndrome. the study found more than half of patients with migraines and over a quarter with tension headaches also had ibs. the study was presented by the american academy of neurology. new research is out also that can mean fewer hospital visits for kids with asthma. a study finds that children who were sent home from the hospital, with their prescription medications, made fewer visits back to the e.r. the study comes out of boston university. researchers found that almost 40% of pediatric patients were not able to get their prescriptions filled in a timely manner. get up and move, while you do your math. and another new study finds that students who do physical activities, while they are learning math, and spelling, score higher on tests. compared to the students who were sitting at desks. the study appears in the journal pediatrics. and it looked at nearly 500 second and third graders. a plea agreement could come soon in the case
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called kush god. nicholas cunningham heads up the kush god company. until his arrest he been using a fleet of vehicles and a mobile app to deliver food laced with marijuana in exchange for donations. in effect he believes he had found a way around dc's marijuana initiative. >> at this point, we are working out something to where we can continue to grow and continue to do business, because we do more than just edibles. >> now, dc detectives claim undercover agents bought hundreds of dollars in edibles and loose leaf marijuana from cunningham. and his employee as well. a former new york city bus driver is under arrest, this afternoon, accused of hijacking a bus. it happened yesterday, in harlem. police say charita headily became irate when the driver told her to stop smoking and as the driver moved passengers on to another bus, the woman jumped into the driver's seat and took off. >> leaving the keys in the bus, knowing that there was someth
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hospital for an evaluation. she is now facing a charge of unauthorized use of a vehicle, the bus. love is fleeting. the fame love park statue in philadelphia has been moved to a temporary new home. the landmark love sculpture was taken from the home in jfk plaza and loaded on to a forklift. it was moved to dillworth plaza just outside of city hall. when renovations at love park are done, the sculpture will be moved back. people in the carolinas, are bracing for a dose of severe weather, that has already slammed the gulf states. as kenneth craig reports, at least three people were killed, and dozens hospitalized after tornadoes ripped across towns, from mississippi to florida. >> four homes are leveled, on this block in pensacola florida, after a suspected tornado hit tuesday night. >> this couple rode out the storm in a closet. >> and i just pushed her in there, and went in behind her. and when she went
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was glass down there from just opening this door. >> it was just something that you never want to imagine going through. never. >> despite all of the damage, no major injuries are reported in pensacola. and in convent, louisiana, crews are searching for additional victims in this trailer park. at least two people are dead, and dozens injured, after a tornado sent mobile homes flying. >> there are family members calling in, that have not made contact with loved ones. and that they know were in this area. >> another twister, blew the roof off of this gym in prairieville. >> they had about 35 people here. working employees. and people just working out. and they had about eight kids in the day care. so definitely a scary situation. >> the forecasters expect nasty weather to move north. heavy rain, and possible tornadoes are in the forecast, for the carolinas. kenneth craig, cbs news, atlanta. >> and florida's governor is expected to tour the damage in pensacola, coming up later today.
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so in the weather tease, holding an umbrella, but not at the moment. >> we have showers here, and there. and heavier rain, steadier rain, stronger storms, which are really pounding north carolina right now, that is wherwe're looking at, later this afternoon and this evening. >> what time, do you think? 3:00 or 4:00 for most of us but it could last, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, the way it is going and looking at all of that area is that is lit up. and the big box, the red box is a tornado watch, parts of north carolina, parts of south carolina and we have all of the yellow boxes on the line. those are all severe thunderstorm warnings, and an isolated tornado warning right now, and this is where we could be looking at later this afternoon and this evening. especially south and east of town, a little bit warmer and we have the waves of showers continuing to push up. and this line, which is west of roanoke now, that we will watch, as it gets up in our neck of the woods, so here is a look closer, and let's look at first alert live dom dop
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doppler with all of the activity moving north. light showers in westminster. lighter showers, from rockville to germantown, and out to the west, another line of showers, martinsburg, charlestown, to between warrenton and haymarket, gainesville. that is lifting to the north pretty quickly. and leesburg, 12:34, and hagerstown, 12:52 and 1:00 in the frederick area. with that line. but that is just the initial rains that are coming in. and with that, we are expecting some heavy downpours, so weather service locally issued a flood watch for just about everybody except for the folks in southern maryland and the eastern shore. consequently you folks have a better chance of the severe weather this afternoon. we are going to get i think into the low 60s. and if not the upper 50s. maybe a little cooler north and west. but wig winds. and some heavy -- big winds. some heavy showers and storms through the evening hours and things settledown tonight. and we set our high for tomorrow just after midnight, close to 60. and tomorrow, dress in the 40s, with the afternoon temperatures
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the cold air, at the ground and warm air is coming over, so the visibility, that is a half mile in quantico. and a half mile at dulles. and quarter mile at bwi and annapolis. i imagine a few delays at the airport at the moment. and you can certainly see, what we call the cold air wedge in place, i don't know if you can see the difference on this. davis is 38. and elkins is 63. 30, 40 miles. i know the elevation is there, but still, that's that and 64 in cambridge. and still 39 in winchester and frederick with a little bit of fog here and there. 53 now. cloudy. a west wind at the moment. and i think that is going to go more south and southeast as the warm air pushes in. and the barometer, if you have aches and pains, blame it on the barometer, pretty low and this is the severe weather threat area, from the storm prediction center. if you missed this at the top of the broadcast, i will show you again, and all of the areas in yellow, they believe, they have a chance of a severe thunderstorm today. and those chances get higher in orange and higher down in the moderate area, from fredericksburg, down to south of fredericksburg, and richmond, and down i-95 and down i-85. and we are talking about
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damaging wind gusts, and a severe thunderstorm. and torrential down pours and even an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out south and southeast of us. and all thanks to a big storm which is to the west, it is quiet. in the middle of the country in and we could see low pressure sitting back here. and one line of strong storms. another line here. it looks like a third line might try to be going around this area of low pressure. which is cold enough, to produce snow north and west. well, it is february. right? it could be snowing. it is not snowing. what we are looking at though, are the waves of showers and storms, for the afternoon and evening hours, and the mild air that is in place, and future cast, trying to keep it south and east of town. and seeing some other models that have it out to route 15 and one of the things that we have to watch for the afternoon and evening. this will start to pull away tonight and as the cold air moves in. it turns over to mountain snow showers, and we just get kind of breezy and cooler tomorrow. so the yellow weather alert, rain and thunderstorms and heavy and severe and 63. and tonight, 48, but that is going to be toward tomorrow morning. rather mild for half the night, at least. and
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north of town and a blustery friday, low 40s. and the weekend, a little chilly, saturday, but much milder sunday and a shower with the front monday and back in the 40s on tuesday. so stay weather-ready today. of course, we will keep you covered here on the web. and on the app. all afternoon and evening.
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campaigns for hillary clinton. >> and underaged alcohol parties and ways to prevent it. >> flying coach in comfort. could this be the future of economy seating? it could happen. topper and i
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>> chelsea: oh, come on. you're not scared of a little thunder, are you? >> summer: no, i'm -- i'm just scared about luca, that what i warned him about came true. [ door opens ] >> adam: [ sighs ] it is not fun out there. and that little bit of snow that we got's already turned into ice. >> chelsea: i'm glad you made it home in one piece. >> adam: me, too. and what are you doing here? you taking refuge? >> summer: no, not exactly. >> adam: well, you can tell me about it over a drink. how's that sound? >> summer: uh, why -- why are your hands shaking? >> adam: huh? >> chelsea: summer said that your father ordered you to kill someone. i -- i told her that's insane. tell me that isn't true.


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