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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  February 24, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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>> if you're not having any success on the road. >> could if be any worse? -- it be any worse? it's not even snow. hard to believe. >> heart of the rush hour. timing couldn't have been worse. >> so there's live radar. what you see is what you get. live in college park. spot. this is now -- this is -- hang on a second. good news. if you're in fairfax county. you're okay. right now. leftover showers. eastern fairfax county. leesburg, you're dry. olney, you're dry, you're fine. but st. george's county, it's going to be rough going for the next couple of hours. really will be. we'll zoom in a little bit. templetemple hill, heavy rain. fedex, heavy rain. these are rainfall rates, 1 to 2 inches per
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more flash flooding is possible, east of town. >> east of 95, coming out of virginia. you can switch it over to tg18. you can just see. these are going to track, as prince george's, and st. mary's, and calvert. we're winding down here in the metro, i think, for the next 20 minutes. 30 minutes. heavy rain should get east of us. but for the folks east of us, this could still be another 1 to 2 hours of torrential downpours. along with that wind threat we have been watching the last couple of hours. >> yeah. we're not out of the woods completely. but we think, 8:00, 9:00, we're probably going to be in pretty good shape. i'd like to go back to 17 for a second. yeah. go ahead and pass that on. i'm going to show the flood alerts on the air right now. and watch as the darker greens, the yellow, is actually a warning. and the blue are actually warning. >> because there are
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wires blocking roads. lights out. really gotta be careful. another traffic advisory for you. this is georgia avenue, near new hampshire avenue. trees and wires down. power is out in the area. the lightings are on flash. so again, if you're out there, if you have to be out there, you really have to be careful. i think we're seeing some of the -- this is georgia and randolph. that's not too far from the area. looks like traffic is moving over there. but again, depending on where you are. this storm could have knocked down a tree. could have knocked down a power line. and you may come up on a light that is not working. and it's dark outside. >> some other areas we can tell you about, that are experiencing problems right now. old georgetown georgetown, you have one lane blocked. germantown road. route 28. trees blocking that intersection as well. in addition to old georgetown road at 495. got trees blocking the lanes there. also, slow going. 13,400 block of hathaway drive. that's near edward
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>> montgomery county fire and rescue. we have been log okinat your twitter feed. looking at a long list of issues in the county. it is a busy, busy night. >> for the last hour, 45 minutes or an hour. numerous -- >> they have a heavy call volume. line already deployed. almost not necessarily 100%. but you know, close to 80% of our units are busy and committed. so number of water rescues, on goldsboro road. that intersection is closed due to high water. did rescue a person out of the vehicle there. did have an honest to goodness flash flood. sundale road. water seems to be receding a bit. some are traveling from vehicles.
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and uptown areas, we have some issues. anywhere along seneca creek. water basin there. we have high waters. and heavy rain. just overwhelmed some of the storm train. -- drain. >> with these water rescues. how high of floodwaters are we talking about? are folks out there dealing with. >> and we have that effect. interest in the beltway now. right near georgia avenue. and stranded in the water. again, doesn't really matter where you are. pushing some of the storm
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it's overwhelming. >> what's the biggest challenge for the emergency responders that are trying to get to all of these this evening. >> well, you know, my personal experience has just been heavy downpours. visibility is zero. so certainly, we need people to stay off the road. they shouldn't be out driving. you know, we have a tornado watch in effect. we have severe thunderstorm warnings, heavy rain, thunder, lightning. just not good conditions to be out. it's going to be potentially very dangerous. and on top of that, the sun is down. ure can't really -- you can't really see the water conditions, and come up on it and hydroplane and get yourself in trouble. stay in. shelter in place. let the storm pass. just get out of the way, with most of our units out. emergency vehicles get out of the way. avoid distractions. but agaie
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folks that are getting themselves into situations where they need some help. >> pete, we have been mentioning the areas of main commuter concerns. about the trees and debris blocking roads. to your knowledge, any reports of debris or trees down on any homes or businesses or possibly reports of anyone injured? as the storm has come through? >> well, we've had a couple of instances where we've had -- first of all. nothing significant that i know about. i've had poles that have been sheared off. wires on the cars that have been occupied. we have a number of trees that branch down into the roadways. and wires down. i haven't heard of any major palpitations. but again, there are numerous, widespread, county wide. and just very dangerous situation. >> and of course, pete, you've been saying, use caution if you have to be out. and if you don't have to be out, please stay in. because your crews and the crews from around the surrounding areas are out fighting the elemen
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tonight. thank you so much for calling in. let us know if there is some other stuff that we need to get across. you be careful out there, too. >> okay. thanks. >> all right. we're going to go to scott broom now? >> we're going to head back outside and check on things. first, we'll check in with top and get an update. okay. we still have the yellow there. that is a severe thunderstorm warning. that's what i want you to pay attention to, actually. so technically, yeah, frederick is under a tornado watch until 11:00. but really, damage -- the danger is over right now. the warnings began encompassing much of prince george's county. and into charles county. and really, even into all of anne arundel county and northern calvert county. let's talk about a couple of things. here's the radar. here's the live radar. heavy rain out bowie. out toward 50. oldtown. straggler, heavy storms still, just hanging back a little bit, west of d.c. but heavy storms also down to the south of laplate a. see
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there -- la plata. see the lightning there? rainfall, good enough for flooding into fairfax county. and that's probably low, on the low side. we still have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for charles, king george, st. mary, and stafford until 8:00. and howard and prince george's, until 7:00. let's go to howard. south of there, pretty heavy storms mentioned earlier. could affect our friends in southern maryland here shortly. >> yeah. but tracking those storms coming from the richmond area, to the north. friends in tapahannic and norman. watch out. see what i'm talking about here. see all of this activity here is to the southwest. and there is a tornado warning on this storm that has been coming out here. got new tornado warnings issued now for westmore land. essex and richmond county. for this storm to the south, which really is packing a punch. west of mechanicsville, have you storms moving in under you. but for
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mary's, and southern calvert. you gotta watch this carefully. going to zoom in and show you a couple of things about it that are concerning me. first of all, if you want to beat the band out of here. and we have been tracking hail with it. and it says that it's a little behind where the storm is. but some of the hail reports here. we're talking about hail over 2 inches in diameter. when it reaches the ground. still probably an inch and a half or inch and three quarters. i believe we're approaching golf-ball sized hail. with this particular storm. that's one of the problems with this storm that is moving in. we also have the torrential downpours that we're just looking at, with this particular cell. still have rainfall rates over 5, 6 inches an hour. 6 to 8 inches an hour. that's an instantaneous rate. had is moving east, 50, 60 miles an hour. and then when we start to look at the velocitieses on this -- velocities on this.
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saw earlier, this is what we're seeing here. on the bowie area. not far from district heights. central avenue is up here. so we're coming in there. that's just that line right through morning side. >> that was the damaging wind for clinton that we were seeing earlier. meanwhile, the other stuff that we're watching off to the south, i'm going to switch and maybe get a different view. wow. look at this. this is what we look at. and this is the tornado warning here that's coming up towards tapa hannic and you see, that is -- i'm afraid, we're going to be very impress said with this in a second here. look at that dote gate-to-gate shear. wind changing direction at 145 miles an hour. if there is not a tornado on the ground with that one, that would surprise me. that one, while it's a doppler indicated, when we see a signature like that, that's the most impressive thing, we've seen or worst thing we've seen all afternoon. >> 360. and just kind of the
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north and the east. and this is what we're concerned about, eventually, affecting us, closer in the northern neck. with humble county, king george. and also, eventually crossing the river into southern maryland. >> that's really impressive. just drove the line up. >> friends in newland. and there's where it is right now. we'll go back. >> this is 15 minutes, i'm going back. >> you can sort of see where it's going. it's going northeasts. -- northeast. and i'll put a cone on this one. i think that's moving 60. >> you take that. and we'll go northeast. these of the areas -- these are the areas. leonard town. 7:thirteen -- 7:13. ine prince frederick, possibly. you gotta take this seriously. >> yeah, this is going to be serious. in fact, this is probably the strongest signature we've seen. you folks around newland and
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track across the river into parts of maryland. you need to sort of get a plan now to go to the basement or interior room. at least interior room and get away from windows. and get pets in, kids in. and be ready. this is going to be an intense storm. if it's not going to produce a tornado, it's certainly going to produce a very, very strong wind. and they do have a tornado warning in effect for that storm. and i suspect an issue further north. >> i gotta imagine, assuming it holes that circulation. st. mary's, especially will be suseptsible of -- susceptible. that. still worthy of a tornado warning. >> actually, just issued a severe thunderstorm warning for st. mary's county. >> they don't think it's going to hold together. >> in advance at this point. >> all right. let's go back to adam in just a second. >> yeah. we've got a water rescue going on right now. i think we can show you some pictures on e
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there's literally a car stuck on the side of the road. >> this is the inner loop of the beltway. georgia avenue, at colesville road. we had them on the phone and just made reference to. you can see the inner loop is -- seems like the video was just kind of jarring. it's kind of skipping ahead. but you can't see any traffic moving through there. looks like the emergency rescue vehicles have completely blocked the road there. inner loop in that area, montgomery county. stay away, if you can, as this rescue is under way. >> of course, complicating matters. there's also a report of a house fire, 408, mansfield road. which we think is in silver spring. very, very busy night, for emergency responders in the county and across the area. >> reporter: and not too far from here, if we still had the ability to go to him is scott broom, leaving the area. heading up toward route 1. is scott with us? scott, what are you seeing? >> yeah. i'm with you. i'm with you. i'm good to go. i st
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colesville beltway. i'm running this that direction. i'm in route 1, heading in that backstop. experiencing significant amount of rain. this is not completely cleared. the wind and lightning has lighten said up in the area where i am. still a lot of water around. a lot of flooding rain. right now, for instance. i'm getting, let's say, rims. water here. where some of the storm drains just can't handle the flood. and that's the kind of thing i suspect is likely going on, on the inner loop of the beltway as well. the drain system just can't handle it right now. there's still a lot of runoff. cascading down these roadways. seems like traffic is lightened up out the gridlock stage now. perhaps that's good news for people who are trying to move quickly. sill some -- still some significant high water around. there's, as you have been reporting, still a lot of branches and wires down
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different places. so any kind of decision, siting at work or elsewhere, deciding whether to venteddure out. -- venture out. perhaps because of the speed in which these storms are moving, it wouldn't be a bad idea to sit tight a little longer and just let it clear and give these drains a little time to get some of this water aifer often the roadway -- off the roadway. we'll show you what is going on there. that's what i'm going to try to do. >> visibility there, better than it was in the past 10 or 15 minutes. seems like the worst has passed you by, would you say? >> yeah. in my area, so let's say from silver spring to the east, i'm over here. route 1, college park. the driving sheets of rain. and all of that has let up. so i think that's consistent with what topper and howard's radar is showing you as well. so people are out here driving out and about.
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>> you are so right, in fact, we just heard this huge rumble of thunder. outside our studios here in northwest washington. and the driving rain that was once where you were. is now where we are. and of course, everybody is saying to people, if you don't have to be out, please don't go out. and this is why. downed power lines. flash flooding. people stuck on the side of a road. emergency crews trying to get to them. lights out. and it's dark outside. it is a -- it is an unfortunate stew abrewing out there. >> and now, topper and howard, i know you're watching this doppler-indicated tornado. just on the other side of the river. what can you tell us about that? >> that was right near tapahanac. you can see what i'm talking about here. this one, right approaching tava hafer or -- tapa hannic.
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going on. this thing is locked up. tightened. looking forward to wind speed. over the distance here. that's the pink colors and extra green colors. when you see that, you'll have a strong, gate-to-gate shear. it's an indication potentially, of how strong that tornado could be. or even stronger than that. this is likely. and i don't know if we have anything to confirm down there. but certainly tracking that one. moving off toward the northeast. at about 55, 60 miles an hour. so as yieive watching -- i've been watching this one. first, going to have the folks in the northern neck. if you're in war saw, newland. maybe montros. this is something i would get in my tornado shelter now, or basement if you don't have one. after that, concern is going to f
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thunderstorm watch in effect until 7:45. but this guy, and i'll take it from here. and the direction it's moving. and the speed could be in leonardtown, until 7:16. solomon. 7:30, 7:31. i know things are settling down west of town. but to our viewers east of us and southeast of us. clearly, as topper and i have been talking about. this is the most dangerous thing i've seen on our doppler, first alert doppler, all afternoon, or all evening. i'll just show you there, west of tapahannic. just back it up a little bit here. this is what it is like at 6:40. you did see how it's jumping to the northeast. jumping quickly here. you're going to see it. maybe at that point,. >> this is one of those things. unless it makes a little light turn. sometimes, they will go to the right of the mean flow. and that's the possibility there. >> yeah.
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concern. you folks have some time. to get a plan, interior rooms? get a mattress in the booth bathtub. if you have an interior hallway bathroom. this is by far and away, the strongest we've seen in terms of signature and in terms of organization and howard mentioned, wound up, spin. and that's what it's all about. is spin. and rotation. and this has it. so at the very least, we're going to see 67-mile-per-hour winds from this storm. and possibly a tornado. we go back to the cg17 for a second. and give you the big picture again. and essentially, where you see the back edge, the left side of the yellow, you're done with the severe weather. okay? if you're in this yellow, that's the severe thunderstorm warning. and howard mentioned now, under the warning in la plata, and much of charles county, and st. mary's county, and calvert county as well. howard, i think -- is that a tornado
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in calvert county? >> not yet. >> not yet? >> i think that's the color and the velocity deal. that's a little sliver. >> severe thunderstorm warning. >> the watch goes until 11:00. but again, gaithersburg. frederick, manassas. you're done. but you folks folks from southern maryland. northern neck. please, have plans, go to the basement, go to interior rooms. stay away from windows. and protect yourself from flying debris. because that is really the main danger. okay? flying debris. that's why we stay away from our windows. now, let's talk about radar. here we are. this is live. heavy rain. big boom of thunder here a minute ago. and heavy rain again. right now, on the weather terrace. no hail at this time. this is pushing off to the east, though. still a mess in silver spring n. bowie, college park, oldtown. down 301 and route 5. we'll zoom out a little bit now. pretty good mess as you're traveling north on 95, between d.c. and ba
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rainfall, up to 1 to 2 inches across most of the metro area. that has prompted the flood warnings. and still plenty of warnings in effect. still have the severe thunderstorm warning in effect. until 7:00. that includes calvert county, howard county, prince george's county, and also a different one. also until 7:00. this is charles county, and king george, and st. mary's. but this is the one where concern could be turned into a tornado warning. we will certainly keep you posted on that. zoom in really heavy rain right through the district. around pennsylvania avenue, and pushing off to the east. out 214, and also out route 50 toward bowie. bladensburg, on our tropical storm tracker. heavy rain now. 7:02. another minute or so, it will be heavy rain there as well. these are trees down. wind gusts. had wind gusts up to 60, 70 miles per hour. around germantown. reports of hail. anywhere from dime-sized to
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that meets the criteria of severe thunderstorm. farther south. around fredericksburg and just north. we had reports of confirmed tornadoes. that is the red. so they have a history of severe weather. yes, this is the same system that produced all the same systems a couple of nights ago. these other warnings. -- these are the warnings. this is the blue here, a flash flood warning, which means flooding is occurring. any time you see the word "warning ," it means it's occurring. a watch means it can occur. but a warning means, take cover, it is occurring. so look at all the warnings, the flood warnings, for most of the metro area, is still on tap for us. and it will take a while. the threat of severe weather will wane long before the flood warnings recedes. and the floodwaters recede. so, you know, by 9:00, i think we're done with severe weather. but may take until midnight or 1:00, to get the streams back in thei
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the road. so big-time flooding out to western, loudoun county. and probably rock creek, closer to town. probably flooding as well. here's the radar. and i should hear the future cast. by 7:00. essentially, east of 95, for us. but right across 95, get into howard county, northward and baltimore. and points north around westminster. and by 8:00, see this line? think this is going to be that second area of heavy weather that is now just to the southwest across the river. and kind of on the doorstep of the northern neck. and i think this is going to hang a little longer into southern maryland. so charles county, southern charles county, mare -- st. mary's county. 8:00, 9:00. by 9:30, anything of any consequence across the bay. yeah, couple showers here and there. by 9:30, we are done with severe weather. and by 10:30, you already see should clearing -- some clearing. again, the yellow. that is a severend
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for essentially the entire metro area. it includes all of charles county. most of charles county. all of calfert county. st. mary's county, and a good portion of prince george's county. howard, the storms back to the south and west, have they intensified or about the same? >> they're about the same. they may have weakened. just some of these storms, whether it's a storm moving northeast at 85 miles an hour. that's a little farther away, than the one we're tracking right now. that looks like it's moving around 50 to 60 miles an hour. then watching it. this will warm up right here, between tapa hannic and montros. i've got it on cg18. this storm in the northern neck now. across the river. severe storm warning. 7:45. i want to switch over to
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wind. maybe -- may not be as impressive. with that looking -- this is still pretty impressive. shears in the 60. >> in the 60 range. >> red away from radar. green away from radar. >> this is not as bad as it was, say, half an hour ago. but there's still a definite, what looks to be a definite circulation here and here. spin being around that -- spinning around that central point. northeast and southeast, tracking off toward the northeast. about 60 miles miles an hour. >> you can see how the blocks are not like a straight line like we had earlier. so now we have a little rotation. but not as intense as we saw earlier. >> like a backup. >> to see what we were talking about. >> this is what we were looking at. and this one, we were looking at values in the -- way up there. 128. even h
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certainly, we start to see these values, when we put it up to now. this is one of the things where you're looking at a storm. you want to see the evolution at this. they are dynamic. they pulse up, and pulse down. we don't see nearly the intensity with this system that we did a little while ago. >> so now we're at fifties. okay? >> not that it can't spin up again. when it gets to the river, sometimes the winds flow around the river. and do weird things. >> and do not let your guard down across southern maryland. we've seen them spin up. this is good news for our friends in said northern neck. but can jump the river. and it can intensify again. and it can also turn a little to the right. so we're not done with that. the good news is, for southern maryland at the time, right now, you're under a severe thunderstorm warning. but the tornado warnings to the south of us, we're kind of concerned ab c
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tornado warnings northeast, king george's, cumberland, and also into charles county. >> got newer lightning strikes, too, coming up. so we'll see -- not that many. it's half a dozen or so. doesn't get too warm. maybe this is just a strong wind event. and not a tornadic event. >> let's hope so. >> let's watch the lighting. as we mentioned all night, that can be an indication of storm intensifying. not always. but it can. and still some big-time rain. flowing flew the district. prince george's county. and big-time rains now. most of charles county. rainfall rates, a little over 2 inches an hour. across a nice bridge. that's going to be a nice bridge, too. >> some of these, 3 to 4 inches per hour. three r3 to 4 inches across mechanicsville, la plata? may be 235. >> yeah. could be.
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>> so, heavy, heavy rain, just hall. flooding is also an issue. [ brief pause in captions to change captioners, please stand by ] >> montgomery county, a lot quieter. prince william, a lot quieter. probability another hour and we have to deal with this, and the high water may last another 2, 3, 4 hours after this. >> we just got brand new information about the deadly tornado in waverly
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county. the state police giving us this information, three people have died. a 50-year-old man, a 26-year- old man and a 2-year-old boy died when their mobile home got destroyed, they were found 300 yards from the remnants of the home and their bodies taken to the medical examiner's service to be identified. folks reported seeing a funnel cloud and a second band of storm warnings, top. >> yeah. when you see cars flipped over, a pretty good indication of a strong storm. >> this is the waverly area. >> these are the storms south of richmond and south of
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affect the metro area through the next hour, hour and a half. >> that's waverly, topper. >> this is where the storm occurred about 2:30, 2:35 this when we got word that have tornado is, southeast of petersburg and south southwest of williamsburg. >> big storms. >> monster storms down 95 past petersburg, big storms there. let's go back to the radar and there is the good line of showers and thunderstorms. good news, montgomery county in good shape, heavy rain northeast pushing eastward and light rain into southern maryland but don't let your guard down just yet. rainfall rates 1-2" common in the metro, and you can see the flat screen and --


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