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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  February 27, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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hundreds of people in prince george's county may be turning on their faucets and getting nothing tonight. hello, i'm debra alfarone. take a look at what some people were greeted within hyattville this morning. somewhere before 5 a.m., a 16-inch water main break that wssc believes basically exploded, causing that mess and stephanie ramirez tells us it's not over yet. >> this is the hole that almost swallowed at least one car on hamilton street in hyattsville early this morningment six -- this morning. six hours after it was reported, they're still trying to shut down some
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apparently there's a complication with some of the valves not working. this meant some people in the surrounding apartments and condominiums had low water pressure. once all the valves are shut off and repaired, that means some people will be without water and normally with no water, that also means no heat. >> i didn't really want to say frustrated, but concerned. concerned for my residents. >> good thing nobody got hurt. that section is always full with cars. >> reporter: in the meantime, a water station will be set up at a nearby park. stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> both sides of the water main break is closed. we'll keep an eye out and will certainly keep you updated. our weekend might be getting even better. let's find out from first alert meteorologist howard bernstein. >> a little chilly tonight but it was a nice day.
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a really nice saturday. today we had temperatures which managed to get in to the mid and upper 40s. we had 47. so really comfortable with all the sunshine. had a few clouds that came through but they're all gone. really a pretty night. tomorrow, i'll give you the preview here with our day planner for sunday. sun is up at 6:43. we're going to start out in the 30s for the most part, maybe a couple upper 20s. 40s in to the 50s and the afternoon, 62, 63 will do it for us. our average highs, way above us. we start next week mild. we're not done with the cold stuff just yet. i'll have your 7-day forecast in just a few minutes. the democratic primary underway in south carolina. hillary clinton is looking to cement herself with a key voting block while bere
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focuses on super tuesday. craig boswell has the latest on the road to the white house. >> voters headed to the polls in south carolina's democratic primary. hillary clinton has a huge lead over bernie sanders in the polls here. clinton wants to establish herself as the favorite among black voters but some voters see sanders as more relatable. clinton crisscrossed the state all week trying to protect her lead. she, her husband and daughter did a combined nine days. today clinton courted voted in alabama. >> i know there are a lot of people in this state who want to continue the progress we've made. >> reporter: while bernie sanders struggled to gain traction in the palmetto state, he shifted his focus to texas. he spent the day campaigning in austin. >> if all of you come out to vote and you bring your friends and your neighbors and your co-workers, we are
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here in texas. >> reporter: 222 delegates are at stake in the lone star state, the largest for democrats next week. >> stay up to date on everything election. go to our wusa 9 app. hillary clinton supporters gathered at a latin nightclub in arlington today to show their support for the democratic presidential hopeful. senator tim cain joined virginia latino leaders at the latinos con hillary rally to talk about what they say is clinton's long record. those attending say it is time the latino voice be heard. >> i definitely want to show my support as a latino for hillary because i feel like as long as all the different factions come out and support her, i definitely feel like she has the potential to win the election. >> senator tim cain says so far 40 out of 46 democratic senators
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the upcoming presidential election. bernie sanders on the campaign trail in texas today. but his northern virginia supporters held car pools to get out the vote phone banks and canvassing events. on sunday students from sidwell friends will hold a burritos and bernie event at district taco before canvassing virginia voters ahead of the march first primary. a barricade situation in fairfax county. it is over tonight. that suspect surrendered to police. neighbors say the man held his estranged wife inside the home of the 2200 block. in the huntington area of alexandria. the woman managed to get out of the house about three hours later. she was treated for minor injuries. the man walked out of the home a few minutes later and was taken in to police custody. a brazen daytime carjacking in wheaton. at this hour montgomery county police are searching for the car and the
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today in the 11900 block of claridge road. police say that victim was approached by five to seven suspects who strong armed him and took off with his car. he wasn't hurt. police are looking for a golden honda odyssey with maryland tags 7bz9631. the recent child porn scandal at a recent peninsula george's county school has sent shock waves through the communities. monday night we're going to have a special report for parents and families. we recently sat down with three adult survivors of sex abuse. what they have to say is frank and helpful for so many of us raising children or entrusted with their care. >> child sexual abuse is the cruelest crime you could commit on a kid. it's just like murder. you're murdering that kid's heart. >> our special report on surviving child sex abuse airs monday night at 11:00. also join o
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wusa 9. we're going to have an expert on hand to answer questions monday night. and we want you to have a chance to join in that conversation. finally the dc streetcar rolls down h street northeast with passengers onboard. what they're saying tonight. >> and hollywood rolls on in to dc for filming this
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for a cup of coffee just because you're a woman. so why does congress think it's ok that women get paid 20% less than a man for doing the same job? i'll fight for pay equity, to protect planned parenthood, choice for women, and expand paid and family leave. now some politicians will belittle this as a women's agenda. more proof that we just need more women in congress. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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the day has come, dc streetcarsre
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it's a long time and over budget but now the streetcars are carrying passengers. >> i think it's wonderful. we can jump on this streetcar, go where we need to go, jump back on and go home. >> reporter: for the first time in more than 50 years, streetcars are picking up passengers on h street in northeast dc. there are eight stops along the 2.4-mile stretch between union station and oklahoma avenue. >> been a long time coming but i think it's going to be good for the community. >> reporter: the streetcar can go as fast as 50 miles per hour but realistically it will go 10 to 12 miles per hour and carry up to 150 people. there's still no fare box installed. they're still trying to figure out what to charge people. >> free for six months. >> reporter: that might be a minor issue considering all
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last year streetcars crashed in to moving and parked cars. they were told to fold in theirs before getting hit. dc streetcars could go down as one of the costliest and worst planned projects. >> they say they take 30 minutes to ride it. i can walk it in 30 minutes or less. >> $200 million later for 2.4 miles. was this all worth it? >> i think so. i think it was an important investment. we certainly would have preferred to have better execution and the project up and running earlier. >> reporter: like it or not, the streetcar has plans to expand and is here for now. >> aboard a moving dc streetcar, wusa 9. >> that streetcar will run every day except sunday for their hours of operation, we have everything you need to know on our free wusa 9 a
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probably going to love tomorrow. howard has that full forecast coming up.
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a hollywood movie crew in the nation's capital this westbound. they shot some scenes for the upcoming movie, jackie. the movie about jackie onassis stars natalie portman. are you a natalie portman fan? >> you should have told me she was in town. >> she'll be out and about no doubt because it will be nice tomorrow. >> natalie, if you're watching, call me. [ laughter ] natalie, great weather just for you. >> can i have some great weather as well? >> you can all
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i'm giving great weather away like oprah. you get great weather. you get great weather. here's a look at our temperatures right now. not a bad evening, 45 degrees. winds out of the southwest. that's a warm direction for us with the humidity only 39%. so we've got dry air. that will allow temperatures to cool off in to the 30s. 39 already in winchester. in the 20s in the mountains. great ski day up there. you've got to get out before the season ends. short season too. 42 at andrews. 41 in gaithersburg. manassas in the 30s. walder at 31 degrees. looks good on the weather camera. weather headlines, a gorgeous sunday. yes, we're going to be in the 60s. low to possibly middle 60s tomorrow. keep in mind the average high is 51. hold the applause. she's very excited about that. please make some out door plans if you can. this is not much of a
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front. temperatures will only be knocked down a few degrees. nice and mild tuesday. back above 60. wednesday morning seems to be the most likely that we're looking at a threat for rain. then friday we're going to have to watch because right now we've got a couple models. one said storm is going to be way down here. another has a storm here friday. that would be the european, with enough cold air. we'll see. long time out. it's way out there. today we had sunshine. a few clouds here and there. really this high pressure down in alabama is going to be our friend the next couple days. winds get more southwest and westerly. bringing out the milder air toward. what we're looking at right now, just chilly air in place for tonight in to sunday morning. you don't see any clouds really. we're looking really good tomorrow. mild southwesterly winds. cool spots on the bay, right near the river. you may not get out of the 50s. rest of us should be in the low to mid 60s. tomorrow evening, not as cold either. southwesterly winds ahead of a front. f
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2:30. pittsburgh, seeing the rain. seeing the rain approaching areas in eastern kentucky. there could be just enough moisture to squeeze out a shower monday morning but this thing will quickly scoot away so by monday afternoon we're back looking pretty good here and we'll be good again on tuesday. so the forecast, it's a good one. tonight, 28 to 36. clear, partly cloudy. not as cold as this morning with a southwest wind. 5, maybe 10. tomorrow morning, sunny. chilly start. then we're going to warm quickly. 30s and 40s, 50s by lunchtime. on our way to the low to mid 60s in most spots. spring-like tomorrow. maybe a little bit of a breeze southwest 10 to 15. if you're going to be out on the bay, small craft advisories in effect in the afternoon. as we head toward monday, early shower, breezy, around 60. nice and mild. low 60s. as we head toward midweek there's that rain chance. don't forget to vote out in the primary. weather will not cause you any problems. colder for the second half of the week and we'll watch f
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model is on to something. >> thank you. >> enjoy your sunday. a search and rescue dog named kaiser is feeling the love tonight. the german shepherd just had surgery on his knees to repair tears that he received for all his hard work searching during disasters including the 2014 washington state mud slide. the back story is kaiser's owner sarah clark couldn't afford the surgery. but after a story aired on our sister station kgw in washington state, people donated to a gofundme account appropriately named knees for kaiser. it raises the thousands clark needed. she said she's grateful and now he'll be able to keep searching and rescuing for at least the next five years. >> good story. the maryland terps are searching to get back on the winning track. terps on the road trying to stay near the top of t
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maryland men's basketball has had high expectations all season long. big 10 title was a goal, and perhaps a national title. but first thing's first. terps got to get things right as they slip to number 10 in the country visiting purdue this afternoon. melo trimble and the terrapins trying to stay in the title hunt. the lay-in in transition as the boilermakers up early. really good down the stretch. terps trying to rally. makes it a 3-point game. two and a half left. maryland down. 5 trimble, another poor shooting game. not here. 3-pointer makes it a 2-point game. rally would fall short. the lay-in. maryland goes
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indiana clinches the big 10. with a win on iowa over tuesday. it was senior day for devonte smith-rivera. a little over a minute to go. georgetown down 11 with a minute to go. 26 points for the senior. under a minute left. isaac copeland gets the hoyas a little bit closer. makes it a three to make it a two -possession game. time winding down. butler, a gift. fouls copeland on the 3-point shot attempt. copeland makes all three. we go to overtime. but in the extra session butler made one field goal but that was enough. butler wins 90-87. hoyase los again. right now g-town has a losing record. a lot of gold down at smith center. even the coach. howard bernstein in that jacket. taking on vcu. kevin larson, spotting
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three. 28-27. look at tyler cavanaugh going baseline for the throw-down. colonials trail by two. vcu gets the ball to jordan burgess who buries the 3 and rams take the lead for good. gw loses 69-65. like an abc sports jacket. i was just down in viera, florida with the nats. can you tell by the tan? got a little sun. i've been down going on 12 seasons and the one constant has been ryan zimmerman. the z-man, mr. walk-off joined the team as a rookie in '05. signed a big deal four years ago. but he's looking to get healthy this season and be the player he used to be when he drove in 100 runs a season. >> some of it is unlucky. some of it is not changing things earlier when i should have. it's hard to do that until
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adversity comes up. unfortunately humans wait to do things till it's too late but we learn the hard way most of the time. i feel great now. nothing crazy. just doing everything we can and making more of a conscious effort to just be on the field and if i'm on the field i feel like i have a lot of good years left. >> he's only 31. perhaps that could by the case for the nationals. you may know him as julianne hough's fianci. the capitals have placed brooks laich on waivers. he could be picked up by another team or go to the minors. looks like he's always been a classy guy. we wish him the best in the future. good news for the capitals. could see the return of jay beagle. he's been out with a hand injury since last month. beagle was on pace for his best
6:57 pm
points before he was hurt. >> makes you definitely appreciate when you're playing. you definitely get a new appreciation for when you sit out, every time you sit out you really appreciate when you're able to play. you're blessed to be doing this. >> sometimes that's what it's all about. staying healthy. ryan zimmerman, jay beagle. beat goes on. >> absolutely. can't wait for the nats' season to start. i'm looking forward to it. i'm excited. brings good weather. >> let me make a hockey comment. tells you how low the caps are if a guy like brooks laich is put on waivers. it's been a great season so far. weather-wise, more like baseball weather tomorrow. highs in the low, maybe mid 60s. early shower on monday. nice weather tuesday for the big primary in virginia. that's the super tuesday.
6:58 pm
rain then colder toward the end of the week and friday we're watching as the european model says it could get interesting. we'll watch friday. >> you're going from 63 degrees to 38 within one week there. >> february going in to early march. you get that. >> i'll take it because of the 63. you can get updates any time on our app. we'll see you back here at 11:00.
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>> axelrod: this is a campaign 2016 update. i'm jim axelrod. breaking news from south carolina. cbs news projects hillary clinton has defeated bernie sanders in today's democratic primary. it is a big win for clinton in the first-in-the-south contest for the party's nomination. our [uprojection is based on ext polls and interviews conducted throughout the day in south carolina. exit polls suggest african american voters and women were major forces behind clinton's victory. let's bring in nancy cordes, who is in columbia, south carolina. good evening, nancy. reporter: hi, jim. and the clinton campaign says that her victory here is a sign that she can dominate in the south, and that she can dominate with minority voters, which is going to be key three days from


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