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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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bernie sanders moves into tonight's debate, with newfound strength from his surprising primary victory in michigan. >> marlie hall has more on both party races. >> reporter: donald trump is showing broad appeal with republican voters as he piles up election victories and delegates. >> the single biggest story in politics today. it's what's happening at the booth. >> trump picked up 58 more delegates, after winning in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. ted cruz won in idaho, picking up 45 delegates. >> there are only two cads that have a credible path to the nomination, a credible path. and that is donald trump, who is 137 delegates ahead of me and myself. >> cruz once again called for marco rubio to drop out of the race. >> thank
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florida, doesn't it? >> rubio failed to pick up delegates but did pick up endorsements from the chicago tribune. still he is trailing in the polls. >> it is marco's last stand in florida. if he doesn't win florida, his campaign is probably over. >> head of political science at university of miami. he said florida should be good to trump and to clinton. >> florida has a lot of older voters and a lot of nonwhite voters. so it's sort of good territory for hillary clinton. >> reporter: he says bernie sanders will probably do well in tonight's debate. but still won't be enough to overtake clinton in the sunshine state. >> former gop presidential candidate says he will meet in the coming days but won't meet with donald trump. >> the 30-year-old man arrested after tossing materials
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the fence. kyle odem allegedly gunned down a senior pastor at coeur d'alene church. police believe he shot at least 10 remingtons, at least six times. odem wrote he thought aliens were trying to take over his mind. >> we put a warrant in the system. how someone with a felony warrant could board a plane, i'm not the person to answer that question. i'm sorry. >> a judge calls him an extreme flight risk and ordered him held without bond until his extradition hearing on april 6th. remarkably that, pastor is expected to survive. tourists were sent running from the white house monday. also in court today. a. >> reporter: released fuerty. investigators seasay he pushed
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barricades that are designed to keep people away from the white house fence am they did charge him with misdemeanor unlawful entry. thousands of people are paying respects to former first lady nancy reagan. house speaker paul ryan was among the mourners who paused at reagan's casket, in simi valley, california. visitors will also be arriving throughout the day thursday. among those attending will be first lady michelle obama. former president george w. bush will also be there. to spotsylvania, pennsylvania. a teenager will face charges for the death of his mother's boyfriend. the sheriff's office said the 15-year-old picked up the weapon as his mom was being attacked. >> there were no outward signs. no protective guards against
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the mother's teenage son so much that he grab a firearm and pulled the trigger. >> reporter: from the outside, everything looked and seemed normal. >> until more than a dozen deputies showed up with lights and sirens. >> i heard the siren. went outside and looked. >> inside, they found john conroy jr., dead of gunshot wounds. they say his girlfriend's 15- year-old son killed him. >> i know it's terrible. i'll tell you that. >> captain jeffrey pierce says the incident began hours earlier, when conroy and his 37- year-old girlfriend, began arguing. it escalated. >> preliminary investigation is showing that mr. conroy physically attacked her. >> it was all in front of her 15-year-old son who found his mother's semi automatic firearm. >> he fired several rounds, striking mr. conroy, and of course he was killed. >> the 15-year-old is in
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degree murder. >> why is this 15-year-old boy charged? >> in the commonwealth of virginia, all homicides, by stat utes are presumed -- stat utes are presumed to be murder. >> the three had lived together for several years, says pierce. >> no matter what the outcome, the family has been severely damaged or destroyed. >> after the investigation is complete, the commonwealths's attorney will decide whether to prosecute or dismiss this case. >> sentencing was handed down today 32-year-old paul thomas was hearded to spend the year and three months behind bars. the baby sister was left alone, while their mother, 31-year-old ashley white drove thomas to work. white was convicted of three counts of abuse and neglect. she will be sentenced may
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top prosecutor, angela altabrook says she is enduring her worst nightmare. two women were killed by ex- boyfriends who had been bailed out of jail by one of the victims. kevin reynolds threatened last month to kill his ex- girlfriend with a gun. but that did not stop her a week ago from recanting the story and even paying the bail to get him out of jail. >> tariqa jones, mother of 3, and stepsister, geleaka harris, gunned down by the same man jones had just bailed out of jail. >> the killer in the case was kevin tyrese reynolds. in a fit of rage, he dragged her on the ground, february 10th, causing bruises and abrasions. by the time it came to a bail hearing, tariqa jones took it all back. the prosecutor's case vaporized before their eyes. ann jones paid to get reynolds out of jail. he went on to kill her and hi -- her stepsister monday night.
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>> about 50% of these cases, the charges are filed and the witnesses never come back. >> this is the absolute worst- case scenario. this is a nightmare. >> women now fearing domestic violence in maryland can start looking for help, by calling immediately 211. two baltimore school police officers have been charged with assaulting a student. video of that incident went viral last week. it shows one officer slapping and kicking the student. as the second officer stands by. according to charging documents, the witnesses said officer severna bias. saying, quote, you need to smack him because he's got too much mouth. they're determined to rebuild trust between students and police. still ahead on wusa 9news tonight. a controversial pick for the virginia supreme court takes his name out of the running. details ahead. topper? record highs. they fell like dominoes today, bruce. 82, good enough for a record high.
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they viewed him as a tea party hero who waged wars against abortion and obama care be, while republican leaders said he was qualified. more problems tonight for chipotle. shares of the mexican grill are falling after an employee tested positive for the neurovirus. the restaurant was shut down. no customer illnesses as they reported. this latest comment comes as chipotle fights following a series of food scares around the country. >> an overnight explosion. >> it destroyed three businesses. and sent nine firefighters to the hospital. they were actually on the scene when the explosion took place. responding to a report of a gas leak. coming up on
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some kind of drug war going on. farmers are butting heads. there's even talk of security guards. one even tells stephanie ramirez he wants it. >> the owner, larry grows different plant-s like lettuce. he says he's all but ready to start growing medical marijuana. >> i think it's almost criminal that it's not legal. that medical marijuana is not legal because too many people suffer. >> not big. hum drum. >> reporter: with this woman, the frederick county farm bureau would most likely agree, they are fighting a bill that would allow them to grow it in certain areas. >> it's a controlled danger subject. >> their main concern is the criminal activity, he says this could bring. even though crimes online appears to have
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year's numbers but with the population growth alone, he says police are stretched. >> stretch is how the bill's proposal also describes his business. >> it's very tough these days to stay in business. so that opportunity is great. >> gudey says a portion of growth would be for cannabis, oil and medicine. not just this. >> the more people you talk to, the more you hear about. >> eight-foot tall chain-link fence. with reservoir on top. how can it not look like a pen tentiary. >> i would ask how much research have they done? >> i think you have to worry more about heroin around here than marijuana. >> even in it passes here, gudey may not get the license. the state is only handing out 15 state licenses across maryland.
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stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> they left it up to the counties to decide how. frederick county council is expected to vote on that issue in a couple of weeks. a phenomenon in southeast asia last night people in indonesia cheered as they witnessed morning return to night. in some places, the total solar eclipse lasted all of four minutes. and for the first time in 30 years, millions in the u.s. will get to experience a total eclipse in august of next year. and scientists say it will likely be the best observed eclipse in human history. a warm trend. boy, did it bring out people today. we found so many folks enjoying lunch, taking an afternoon stroll or run. you see, folks, they're having a picnic outside. look at the tidal basin. look how gorgeous it is. from tourists to the locals. all kinds of folks are out there, loving the spring and summer-like conditions. >> it's awesome. weather
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shorts, t-shirts. happy to get our tan on. and enjoy the warm weather. hopefully it lasts long. >> it's so nice. back home, it's still kind of crunchy from winter. >> so impressed with how beautiful things are and how nice people are. >> isn't that the truth? people seem to be nicer when it gets warmer all of a sudden. then they start to come out of hibernation? >> you know what else we saw? we saw cherry blossoms, budding. >> they're going to be -- well, they're scram scrambling. >> i was going to say, we're going to get cooler. but 80 from 70. it's going to stay warm, though. >> oh, yeah. it is going to grow and tell you what, we're looking at a weak cold front pushing through. most of the showers will be raked out of the mountains. feeling a little better than it did yesterday. i went 79 for a high at
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national. we shall see how we did. live look outside. michael and son camera, down to 70 right now. dew point is low in the 40s. relative humidity. 39%. pretty dry air mass. and winds out of the south at 13. record highs, likely again tomorrow. in part because they're lower. record high is 78 at national and also at dulles tomorrow. bus stop temperatures. 53 to 56. i don't think the kids need a sweatshirt. cold front comes in late tomorrow night. perhaps a shower early on friday. but i gotta tell you, 90% of friday looks great. high temperatures will be around 70. so it will turn out to be a very nice day. record highs tomorrow. 78 at dulles, set at 2,000. 78 in d.c. setset in 1964. and 76 in martinsburg. all of those numbers a little lower than some of the records that fell today. same air mass. only caveat could be clouds to keep us from records. 10:00 tonight on future cast. 62 in manassas.
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and 64 in fredericksburg. by morning, just 50s. 58 downtown. 57 in silver spring. 56 in bowie. and by 9:00, it'sine 60 in cumber -- it's even 60 in cumberland. and 64 in winchester. just crazy warm. and by lunchtime, i think these are low. i think we're looking at temperatures again, 78, 79. certainly 77, 78 in culpepper and fredericksburg. and 77 or so in la plata. by evening, 24 hours from now. it's still low 70s. 72 downtown. 71 in gaightsers burg and -- gaithersburg and rockville. by tomorrow night, this is midnight saturday. you can see clouds rolling in from the northwest. here are the showers. so cumberland and romney and oakland, you will have showers, no doubt. but as that moves southward, pretty much goes away. just a slight chance for a shower. friday morning. mild. low temperatures holding in the 50s on the day planner. 50s ta
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11:00. and 77 by 1:00 p.m. friday, maybe an early shower. but the bulk of the day is fine. near 70. and because the front stays south of us now, we thought it might waiver and come back to the north. we're going to keep saturday night. highs near 70. next seven days, sunday, showers possible. a little better chance of showers and storms monday. but we're 70 again on tuesday. and 74 on wednesday. and a reminder, move your clocks forward one hour before you go to bed saturday night. >> that's good news. >> jan doesn't like that news. >> no, that's not good news. >> terps gotta get their swag back. >> they've got to find something going into this week. i think that's what coach turgeon is kind of hoping. this is a big week for the maryland experience. they look to erase the recent problems. hear what coach turgeon says is most important. plus, free agency is open and active. a look at moves that open up a possible landing spot for
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now, wusa 9 game sports. brought to you by xfinity. it has been a busy day in the nfl. free agency officially opened at 4:00 this afternoon. we saw ravens backup quarterback, matt schaub head back to atlanta. and peyton manning brock osweiler gets signed to the houston texans. get this. for $18 million a year. for four years. yes, that actually happened. houston, who has their own never ending carousel. now, denver is left without one. rg3 has reportedly been added to their list of candidates. and it could be a
6:25 pm
offense to that of former washington coach, mike shanahan. >> before college basketball season began, there was so much hype surrounding the maryland terrapins. they were a favorite to win the conference. preseason big 10 player of the year. however, with the recent struggles and fall in the rankings the past few weeks, all that has really gone away. the terps don't know where they will end up in the big dance. but coach mark terpin is prepared to use their time at this week's big 10 tournament as a learning experience. >> it's a chance to really work on this. i don't know what next week is going to be like. how well we'll do. if we play until sunday night. and have a quick turn around. we don't know. this week is really a workweek, as far as trying to get -- just work on us and make us better. >> now, while the terps get ready for the big 10 tourney. maryland's conference is hosting their tournament here in d.c. our frank
6:26 pm
caught up with nba great david robinson, whose son plays for duke. >> how strange is it for you to be here with maryland colors? >> it's very weird. i got used to that. and it's a little bit odd, thinking of them in the big 10. but you know, that's -- everything is shifting around. college football shifting around a lot. so it's big business now. they've got to get big 10 to reach the east coast somehow. >> finally, how do you handle it as a dad? you compete at the highest level. how are your nerves now? going into this. >> it's a little harder as a dad than it was as a player. at least i had some control back then. it's been fun. and they end up getting to be kind of help or mentor or something. kind of helping them along the way is still fun mefor . i don't worry so much about the wins and losses right now. >> fans love having him here in d.c. big sunday coming up. special game on at 11:30
6:27 pm
the big 10 championship at 3:00. then the brackets get revealed, right here on channel 9 at 5:30. bruce. you and i were pretty close, couple of years ago. i'm ready to take you down this time. >> i will say. i want to see the selfie with frank and dave robinson. >> you know he's next. >> he was such a good sport. such a nice man. ready? one more really warm day. 80. but then we don't fall off the table completely. it's near 70, friday, saturday and sunday. couple of showers early friday morning. keep friday dry. saturday. move the clocks florida -- forward. >> let me see your brackets. >> no way. >> we'll be
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cigna. together, all the way. >> pelley: deep trouble in the south. floodwaters swallowing everything in their path. >> it's a disaster. i feel sorry for these people. >> pelley: also tonight-- he>> t ore'snly one person did well tonight, donald trump. >> pelley: two, actually. bernie sanders pulled off michigan impossible. a decorated veteran accused of attempting to murder a pastor has been arrested at the white house. and the man behind the mania, remembering the fifth beatle. >> those guys, i fell in love with them, really. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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