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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  March 21, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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right now at 7. surgery is canceled. icu patient is moved. we will explain. a scam, one woman says the local web site ripped her off to the tune of $3000. and a local high schooler striking art on display for millions of americans to see. donald trump's campaign trail stopping in dc right now and a growing trend. being greeted by protestors. good evening i'm bruce johnson. the republican front-runner wrapped up a speech. wusa9 garret haake is at the center for the highly anticipated address. what did you see? >> well, donald trump has st
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were waiting with baited breath. he took cautious applause from a crowd that has never seen this before, a donald trump policy speech. unlike some of the other speakers on the platform, trump was locked down in front of a prompter to get a serious speech and started it off by saying this is not going to be like the other apec speeches we have heard. >> i didn't come here tonight to pander to you about israel. that's what politicians do. all talk, no action. believe me. >> i came here to speak to you about where i stand on the future of american relations with our strategic alli, our unbreakable friendship and culture an brother, the
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democracy in the middle east, the state of israel. that comment notwithstanding and hearing ted cruz being introduced and donald trump gave a standard speech. made fun of president obama. he railed against the iran deal that has been unpopular in this community and talked about the un would not dictate the terms of the settlement. as the author of the deal he would help those two entities make the deal and wouldn't let it be dictated by the un. he was warmly received and one protestor was quietly removed when he first started to speak. but the large scale plan walk out that was supposed to happen in here today never materialized. so for the trump campaign, i think they will declare this a victory in the room here tonight. and we ll
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has any excitement left. garret haake, wusa9. that a lot for that. not many protestors booing and there were others trying to have the voices heard. mola lenghi, what are you seeing and hearing. >> reporter: there were protestors and they have dwindled. not much action. probably a dozen folks left. some holding signs and other flags. a far cry from its peek probably 100 mass of people out here protesting and holding their signs and protesting donald trump's presence and some folks were out here protesting u.s. policies towards israel and palestine and some folks with organized groups and others out here on their
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some folks out here calling for peace. as we said really not much left going on. a couple of folks lingering around but a peaceful process. one thing that there were questions about. and some protestors and other locations gotten out of hand. everybody out here peaceful in terms of no violence and rhetoric. it was not talking about anything like that. things peaceful and a good calm scene. donald trump led journalists through the 200 million-dollar hotel located smack in the middle of
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during the tour, trump mixes business with politics and he was asked about the campaign slogan. >> when you talk about making america great, what era are you talking about when america was great? >> we have had great eras and over the century, we have had great eras but i am talking about right now, america is not great. >> and so that projected five star hotel is months from being finished but donald trump says it will be one of the best in the world. university hospital. a chaotic day because of a pipe that burst. icu patients had to be moved an ambulances redirected and surgeries canceled and a move to other hospitals. we spoke with patients that were upset that they had come we howard to find appointments
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is going on. >> there is another upgrade that needs to be done to get the attention of those in charge of doing something to make things better. >> here is the good news. all services are expected to be back to normal tomorrow. the hospital is now working to find out just what caused that pipe to burst. president obama met with cuban president raoul castro. they talked about human rights and the half century old u.s. trade embargo against the communist nation. chris chris martinez has more. >> president obama and raoul castro addressed reporters. both men said that while the roads towards normalized relations will not be easy it is possible for both of them to work together. castro that means
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u.s. trade embargo. >> the most important obstacle and the well-being of the people. >> president obama said havana must do its share as well. >> i discussed with president castro the ways that we need to take to show that it is ready to do more business. allowing more joint ventures and allowing foreign companies to hire cubans directly. >> cubans that spoke with us see the president's business as a reason to celebrate. >> we are very proud. >> in havana, cuba. chris martinez, wusa9. right now president obama and the first lady are preparing to attend a state dinner in havana and expected to start at 7:30. the obama administration says it will not meet with fidel castro. a
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approve of the relations and those echo this poll. many of the people we talked with feel it is time to do things differently. leaders are looking forward to a direct business relationship with cuba including flights and students foreign exchange programs and sports and health care relationships. i think this is a very good step to move forward and do that. because everybody needs change. >> we can live in isolation. >> discussions can only improve both of our countries. >> the centers believe any business brought in will exploit the cuban people since their president has not vowed to take on more democratic ways. the cherry blossoms are doing fine despite the cold temperatures. the bloom cycle was not affected by the weather. the peak
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expected to begin on wednesday, march 23rd. once peak bloom is reached the blossoms can hang on for four to ten days. going to be cold tonight. winds will die down and everybody will fall in the 30s. 38 downtown and 30 in frederick and 38 in silver spring and 36 in fairfax. we will come back and talk about how quickly we rebound and tell you when the 70s return. promised a chance at love and one woman says she was scammed out of thousands of dollars. the response we got from the local web site later on nine. also coming up security and privacy issues
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the fbi. without apple's assistance, the f.b.i. now says an outside party to come forward with a possible way to unlock an iphone used by one of the san bernardino suspects. authorities are trying to determine whether the message will work without compromising data on the phone. the issue of privacy versus security took center stage at the unveiling event at apple. >> we need to decide as a nation how much power the governor should have over our data and overour privacy. >> this is an issue that impact all of us and we will not shrink from this responsibility. >> apple's ceo tim cook came a day before am and the f.b.i. was set to square off in a california courtroom. the government is asking for the hearing to
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after taking this stance there was an updated iphone se that is smaller than the iphone 6. one high school is one of google's competition. 15-year-old ta dea johnson. has been on top of the google home page and celebrates her african-american heritage. she wins a $30,000 scholarship. eastern high school wins $50,000 education grant. an update on a local dog that captured so many viewer's hearts. the bull mastiff dying from cancer has arrived at her new home. the landlord says that the dog could not stay. 144 pounds, it is settling in with new ownerd s anhoped to make her comfortable for the rest
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i'll see you at home. the egg mcmuffin. made with a fresh cracked egg and real butter. only at mcdonald's. i'm lovin it. only on 9 tonight. a cautionary tale about a local dating service from a montgomery woman that says she was scabbed. 52-year-old woman turned to maryland matchmakers for help finding a christian boyfriend. she shelled out $3000 in exchange for the promise of four dates
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she says all she got in return was heart ache. disappointment and just one date. he doesn't believe in god. he doesn't. i couldn't believe it. a spokesman says the company determined a refund is not warranted. the better business bureau has received 46 complaints about the company in the last three years and the consumer affairs division of the maryland attorney general's office has helped to mediate a dozen of the cases. commuter alert for folks that use the mount vernon rail stion. shutting down for two days next week. in the perimeter for the summit. the secret services is shutting it down and trains will run through the station and not stopping to pick up or let off passengers. it starts march 30th
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p.m. it will reopen sometime late friday night. the arrival spring also means the return of black bears to the mid-atlantic region believe it or not. yesterday, a black bear and her cubs were spotted in vienna 7:00 last night and the bear stayed in the area for an hour before leaving. if you see bears, especially a mom and cub, do not approach them. just call your local animal service. good advice. >> who would approach a bear? >> and if you and i see a bear, i just have to outrun you. >> i know. i couldn't resist. >> you can't outrun a bear. >> you can't climb a tree either. >> they are incredible. >> windy this
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>> yes. wind gusts at 39 miles per hour and the worse enemy for the cherry blossoms and once they pop out, you want the winds to settle down. if it happens it will last 7 days or so. okay. the three degree guarantee. i think we are in good shape. we went 52 and a little bit below average. the average high is 58. look at the dew points, relative humidity 27% even though late march and lots of static electricity and your hand are cracking kind of a winter airmass and winds gusting to 30 and this is has of the last hour at 7:00. headlines, winds diminish and cold everywhere. everybody makes it into the 30s. bus stop temperatures 30 to 45. i know not everyone is in school but some kids are. a light jacket a good idea. milder and warmer on wednesday and warmer on thursday. in fact just spectacular. so tonight we are looking the a temperatures
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not too bad. colder tonight when the winds die down, temperatures are really going to be allowed to fall. looking at low temperatures just around. 30 in leesburg. i think that is high actually. looking at 34 in albany and 35 in silver spring and buoy and 35 in fairfax. a chilly start to the morning in terms of high temperature. the good news is that everybody is above average tomorrow. essentially either side of 60, maybe only 57 by the water. and 61 downtown and 60 in fairfax and 60 out towards dumpfrey. a pretty sweet day. taking a walk after dinner. low 40s. 42 in gaithersburg and already at 10:30s in fredericks and upper 30s. by morning, some high clouds coming in. not sold on this but for the most part sunny. looking for 45 in fredericksburg. and by mid-morning ck
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low 40s and by lunchtime, not bad. mid-50s and a bit of a breeze and unlike today, won't be as strong and it will bring up milder air and much warmer air as we get to wednesday and also thursday. by 6:00 tomorrow, about 23 hours we will be around 60s across the board. day planner looks like this 30s and 55 by one p.m. next 7 days, clouds come in thursday and perhaps a thunderstorms thursday night and maybe an early morning shower on friday and great on saturday and sunday. some showers return for easter monday and temperatures go back in the 50s. the car, you will recall came a star during the business and went on display today and st. francis rode around in a sea of cars. he used two of these in the visit and de
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of the cars to the archdioceses. with us in on display in front of saint matthew's cathedral. folks can check it out and take pictures until 7:30 that means you got five minutes to respond. send me a picture. drive with francis over the next year to encourage public service. one of the great collapses in ncaa tournament history.
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now, a side note, texas a and m going to the final four and given up hope. but the aggies did not. roaring back with help from northern iowa's decisions. taking you through the final 33 seconds where northernize was up by 12 and texas a and m got steals. only one three-pointer in the entire come-back. there is an easy layup. this cuts the lead down. >> choking. >> this cuts the lead down to three on this three and then crippling northern iowa. this is how you inbound the basketball. you take your time and you look for somebody that is open which they do and get the baseball pass, 94 feets for the lane and go up five and twelve seconds. >> it is over, right? >> there is still time for texas a&m as they come down and they will hit the layup and cuts the lead now to two plus
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the free throw and here it is. the inbound double that should have thrown in the air and tries to go up the leg and guess what happens? layup tied. overtime and texas a&m win unbelievable. where is the
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inside reese witherspoon's 40th birthday bash. our exclusive looko int hollywood's it crowd lets l the performances, the candid confessions. and who was the last to leave? and chris martin's shocking divorce depression, why friends and family were afraid to leave him alone after his split from gwyneth. >> did justin bieber perform drunk? losing his balancc, slurring, his business saturday rant caught on camera. also tonight, kim fields rehearsal before her dansing dancing debut.


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